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CHEER hurt not She was occupied


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
Cheerleading Try-outs -(cheer.txt) - And Judy thought they were
going to test her rhythm and athletic ability. Come to think of it,
she was put through an athletic work-out when the football team came
to try out the new cheerleader candidates. Mm+/f, F/f, f/f, reluc, exhib., humil, oral, anal, video tape.

Cheerleading Try-outs
Judy was starting to get peeved at the other girls. This was a
very important serious thing for her and the cheerleaders were just
fooling around.
She had been in Tiny Spirit (tm) since she was five and her mother had paid thousands of dollars to Miss Bivalve for private cheering
lessons in the last five years. This was to be the start of a wonderful
career and the other cheerleaders were just jumping around chanting inane things.
"We're the girls from Seaman's High- ain't no guy that we won't
try. If you know what to do, we'll let you stick it up our flue!"
That wasn't only dirty, it was a mis-use of cheering. They were
profaning a serious calling. Judy didn't even bother with what they were
saying. It was bad enough they weren't serious about the sacred trust
of being a cheerleader.
Miss Bivalve always stressed how special cheerleaders were. How
they had to give their all to keep their team's spirits up. How a
cheerleader had to be willing to sacrifice for the team.
"Knock 'em to their knees- kick 'em where they pee! Seaman's! Seaman's! seamen for me!"
There was no organization. There were no real cheers. The girls were treating it all as a lark. Judy was getting ready to explode.
"All the way down! All the way down! All the way down his dick! Hey! All the way down! All the way down! Makes you choke and sick! Hey!"
"Endzone! Endzone! That's the goal! Score a touchdown, Up my hole!"
"I thought this was cheeleading trials, not potty-mouth training!"
Judy shouted when she could take no more.
"Oooooo!" came a chorus from the other girls.
"For your information, Miss Wanna-be, our try-outs don't start
until the team gets done with practice," Missy, the head cheerleader,
scoffed. "I guess Miss Bi-sexual never told you about boys, huh?"
Judy blushed furiously. The other girls were giggling and
whispering between themselves. It wasn't going to help to have the head
cheerleader mad at her, but Judy couldn't help herself.
"I know all about boys!" Judy snapped back, "I just don't see why
we can't practice until they come."
"Oooooo!" Missy said in feigned fear, "Since you're so expert,
we'll make sure the boys know all about you when they get here."
It was a lie. Judy didn't know anything about boys. She spent too
much time with Miss Bivalve and her mother and Mrs. Rachmaninoff, her
piano teacher, to go out with boys. Her mother said she was too young at 15. She would do all her mixing with boys after she was a cheerleader.
Their little stalemate was interrupted by a commotion in the
halls. The boys were coming in from practice. Missy gave Judy a self-
satisfied smile and then clapped her hands.
"Okay, girls, it's time to try-out for the team. Everybody follow
me," she said and led the girls out of the gym.
Judy had the immediate feeling of being where she shouldn't be.
She looked around nervously as Missy led them into the locker room.
All of the other girls were grinning and goggling. When she turned back,
Judy blushed again.
The boys were there, taking off their uniforms. As she watched in
open-mouthed amazement, a boy walked by her naked holding a towel in
one hand. She couldn't help looking at the thing swinging back and forth
at his crotch as he walked.
She knew she shouldn't be there. She knew they were all going to
be in so much trouble. She felt a chill as she saw Coach Tackle walk in.
They were going to get it now.
"Hi Missy. These the hopefuls?" he asked without turning a hair.
Judy was flabbergasted. He didn't care that there were girls in
the boys' locker room.
"Yes, Chuck, they're here for the try-out," Missy said, and then
turned and pointed directly at Judy. "And here's one that says she knows
all about boys."
Judy was frozen. She wanted to run, but her legs wouldn't work.
She tried to shrink out of sight, but she could see it wasn't working.
"Hear that Roger?" Coach Tackle said to the star quarterback, "You
boys should have a real good time with one that knows all about boys."
"Gotcha, coach," Roger replied.
He looked at her like she was a cherry pie. He looked at her like
he was the big, bad wolf and she was dinner. Judy started to shiver as
his gaze moved over her body.
"You girls wait right here," Coach Tackle instructed, "The guys will take care of you when they've showered. Right now I've got
something to discuss with Missy."
Judy noticed that she was no longer the only one having cold feet.
Her fearful look was spreading to a few of the other cheerleading
candidates as the first thrill wore off. They were seeing boys naked,
but the boys were looking back and those looks were predatory.
No one was getting the kind of looks Judy was. All of the boys seemed to be regarding her with the same carniverous look as Roger.
Roger made it worse when spoke to her.
"Since you're one of the boys, you should be showering with us,"
Roger said. "Get off that gear and get in the showers."
She was supposed to know all about boys, not be one of the boys,
Judy thought. It was not an argument she wanted to voice. She was sorry
she had said it. She wanted everyone to forget it. It didn't seem to
matter. Now she was subject to a whole other mis-reading. She didn't
move and Roger motioned to two huge boys.
"If you need some help, Dave and Ben will help you," Roger said.
She had decided to co-operate rather than be stripped, but the
two boys didn't give her a chance. One tugged her sweater over her head
and the other pulled down her skirt. They continued to take her high and
low with sweater boy pulling at her bra and skirt boy yanking off her panties.
She was all but naked when they let her take off her own saddle shoes and bobby socks. She hadn't had time to consider her predicament
in the flurry of being stripped. When they pulled her up from taking off
her shoes, the full impact hit her. They were looking right at every
private part. All the boys, lots of boys, were looking right at the
sparse hair on her pubis and seeing her sprouting breasts all naked and
right out for them to look at.
They had even worse plans for her. Dave and Ben pulled her into
the showers where another dozen naked boys were soaping and rinsing off.
"She's one of the guys, help her out," one of them said.
Judy was passed from boy to boy and they rubbed against her all
over, soaping her with their bodies. She began to feel hard things poke
her when the boys pressed against her. She had her eyes clamped shut and
was afraid to look and see what they were. She had a feeling it had
something to do with sex.
"Don't you want to see the guys?" came Roger's voice next to her
Judy kept her eyes closed and shook her head. Behind her she felt
something hard and round sliding between the soap-slick cheeks of her
ass. Hands came up and massaged her breasts.
"Then I guess the guys will just have to look at you," Roger said.
Judy opened her eyes automatically as she was pushed out of the
showers. The try-outs were getting started. Shari, the other varsity
cheerleader at the try-out, was herding the other hopefuls towards the
weight room. The other girls were just as naked as Judy.
"This one told me she just wants to show off," Roger said from
behind Judy.
The boys reacted with a practiced air. One of them closed the
wings of the machine and Roger set Judy on the seat. His hands pressed
down on her shoulders and the other boy let the thigh machine open. Judy
turned many shades of red on her way to sunburn glow.
Her legs were spread wide and Roger kept her tipped back so her
sex was opened for everyone in the room to view. She tensed her legs
against the pads, but the machine was set to far more weight than her
thighs could bring together.
"Wait a minute now," Shari spoke up.
The boys seemed to be shuffling toward Judy as a mass. They
stopped and looked at her. Judy had a brief flash of gratitude towards
Shari. It lasted until Shari completed her thought.
"I think the other girls deserve a chance to provide an appetizer
before you get to the main course," Shari said.
The other three were huddled in a corner, covering themselves with
their arms and standing face to face to cover their nudity. They tried to ignore Shari. Shari wasn't going to be ignored.
"We don't want little girls on our squad," she started out
derisive. "All the cheerleaders have to try out for the team. If you
want to wear the colors of Seaman's high, you better show me that
you're worthy."
The three girls peeked back at Shari.
"Come on girls, they've all seen it now. You're acting like
children," Shari cajoled. "I want to see some guts. I want to see you
girls dancing for these boys and I don't want to see a limp dick in the
The girls began to move grudgingly. Shari was whipping up into a
first-class oration and they had to so something.
"Feel how sexy it is to make 'em drool for you," Shari urged.
"That's what being a girl is all about."
Shari was doing her own bump and grind as she exhorted the girls,
albeit fully clothed. Alison started to sway a little and dropped her
hands to her sides. Then the competition kicked in. Kelly and Chris
moved over so they surrounded Judy and they were soon trying to out-do
each other in shamless butt-shaking and lewd moves.
"That's it, girls," Roger congratulated, "Get 'em all hot for our
little friend here."
Judy had know about such things for some time- in a sorta, kinda
way. boys did things to girls and it had to do with the places between
their legs. She still had never seen an erect penis until Roger's voice
prompted her to look around and there was one inches from her face.
She looked away quickly, but her gaze shifted to a sea of the
stiff, bobbing things standing out on every boy in the room. She knew
they wanted to put them inside her.
Her classmates seemed happy to dance now. The boys were hooting
and calling out for them to bend over and point themselves this way and
that. The ravenous boys seemed to excite the girls to more intimate
displays of their emerging charms for the appreciative crowd.
"Dave, somebody, come and help me out," Roger called out.
Judy felt the transfer to other hands holding her in place. Roger
walked around until he was standing between her wide-stretched thighs.
She couldn't help looking down at the sturdy rod that curved up towards
her vulnerable crotch. It looked huge and dangerous.
"You going to start already?" Shari said with disappointment in
her voice.
"There's plenty of us for the fun to go on and on," Roger said.
"I've been spoiling for this one since I was butt-cracking her in the
"You're not going to do it to me, are you?" Judy asked fearfully.
"You want to be a cheerleader?" Roger asked.
Judy nodded, biting her lip.
"This is the inititation. No virgins on the Seaman's cheerleading
team!" Roger announced.
Judy closed her eyes and turned her head. She immediately opened
them and looked back. Someone was rubbing her vulva. Roger was holding a
tube in his hand.
"You didn't think I was just going to jam it in there and pop you,
did you?" Roger asked. "We're not animals. I don't want to scare you or
It tickled. It tickled in a very dirty way as he rubbed lubricant
all over her pussy. It was possible that this was something she could
enjoy- in other circumstances.
Roger stepped up closer. Her back arched and she pushed up against
the hands holding her as she felt his cock touch her center. She looked
forward to it like getting a shot from the doctor.
Her reticence repulsed Roger as much as it would her doctor. He
eased forward and got on with his business. It didn't hurt at all- at
first. She was unnerved by his intimate access and uneasy with the
feeling of part of him invading her intimate recess.
It was strange and scary to have her lips spread open by this
warm prod. She instinctively sucked in her breath as she felt his cock
slip inside her. Then she wanted to pull even more air into her filled
lungs as he pressed the membrane inside.
She had been filled with tales. She was going to feel like he
ripped open a passage in her flesh, she wouldn't notice it, it hurt like
a third degree burn, it was a pinprick; she had heard all sorts of
opinions about losing one's virginity. In some sense it was kind that
Roger didn't give her time to worry.
Judy jerked so hard as he thrust through her hymen that she
wasn't sure if it hurt or not. She was occupied with the feeling of his
cock moving deep into her no-longer virgin sheath.
"I guess she does know about boys," Roger razzed her, "She didn't
yell or anything when I popped her."
She had been too confused by the embarrassing predicament to cry
out. There was too much to take in to scream. There was a surplus of
first time feelings happening in her belly. There were dozens of
staring faces watching her get fucked the first time. Judy tried to hold
her emotions in to shield herself from her own public display.
She was successful for a little while. She gripped bars on the
machine and held tight as Roger pumped his cock in and out of her. Then
her butt began to move on its own. The dirty tickle she had felt when
he had lubed her vulva seemed to have crawled up inside her. The warm,
hard rod sawing inside her was making her feel all runny inside.
"There she goes... there she goes," Roger crowed as Judy moaned,
"She's a hot one, this one."
And it was over just as she got used to it. She felt Roger's cock
swelling inside her and he pushed it all the way in. She was finding
things to like about having him tight against her and being so filled
when he pulled away and left her feeling sore and empty.
"Okay girls, over here," Shari was directing the others. "Find a
place and open up for yout initiation. That is, if you want to be a
Seaman high cheerleader."
Judy hoped she would feel less alone when the other girls were
laying exposed like she was. She didn't have time to see if that was
true. They were still finding benches when a tall, skinny boy stepped
between her legs and took up where Roger had left off.
Judy felt the soreness more sharply as the second cock slid into
her pussy. She also felt the warm tickle more strongly as her feminine
crevice was filled. It was sweet and sour and got sweeter when the hands
that had been holding her shoulders slipped down to fondle her breasts.
There was no point to struggling. Judy was sure there was no
escape and that they would treat her worse if she tried to avoid them.
She surrendered to them and found that made it better. She could
concentrate on the good feelings of having a cock in her belly.
The second was as brief as the first and left Judy with the
feeling of work undone. She had been moving toward something and then
he stopped. She felt gratitude when the boy that had been fondling her
breasts came around her body and shoved his cock in her.
"It ain't so bad, is it?" he asked rhetorically as he pumped his
cock in and out of her.
"My legs ache," Judy complained.
It was simple for him to compress the wings of the machine and let
Judy pull her legs back. His cock still secured her like a pin and Judy
didn't consider trying to escape. She was grateful enough to put her
legs inside the pads of the thigh machine as let him fuck her in a more
relaxed position.
He caught her calves under his arms and supported them as he drove
his cock in her. That was better. That was very near nice. She could
feel the tickle even stonger now. She could feel him prod the back wall
inside her as he drove stongly into her.
Alas, this boy too left her on the brink of... something. She felt
a great disappointment as he pulled his cock out of her and grinned at
"Not so bad when you don't fight it, is it?" he asked.
It took her a minute to realize it was a real question.
"It's better when my legs don't hurt," she conceded.
Unattended at last, Judy had a chance to sit up and look around.
No one was coming toward her. It seemed the boys had decided as a group
not to buck the long line for Judy. They had split up into three masses
each surrounding one of the other girls.
Alison was on the trainer's table, just right for the boys to step
up and slide their cocks into her. There were tears staining her face
although she wasn't struggling as the boys stepped up, one after the
other, to fuck her.
Judy didn't understand. Alison was always the one talking about
boys and how easy they were to handle if you gave them what they
wanted. Judy thought she would have been happier with that many boys paying attention to her.
Kelly was on the bench press bench, bent double, with a boy squatting over her rump. She was holding her own legs back and obviously
having a much better time getting fucked than Alison.
Judy couldn't see Chris. She assumed Chris was in the middle of
the third mass of boys, but she couldn't see anything. She got up
gingerly, in case someone was waiting to push her back in place, and
tried to see over the boy's heads.
Chris was still hidden. Judy crept toward the group, trying to
see what Chris was doing.
Her quest was interrupted by a shocking sight she saw through the
window into coach Tackle's office. Missy was laying over the coach's
desk and the pot-bellied old man was ramming into her from behind.
Judy was both shocked and fascinated by the sight of the naked
man. There were gross folds of skin hanging off him, but there was
something whole and mature about his outline as he fucked the senior
Coach Tackle was naked except for a pair of shower flip-flops, but
Missy still had her clothes on. Her pleated cheerleader skirt was thrown
over her back and her sweater was rucked up, but she had them on. The
coach stopped thrusting and fiddled around behind Missy. Judy was near
enough the door to hear the conversation.
"No, Chuck, I've told you, I don't do that!" Missy protested.
"Come on, grow up, you're going to get it sometime," coach kept
fumbling ar Missy's rear, "Some man is gong to get tired of your crap
and just ram it up your ass."
That revelation put Judy in perfect position to be the deer in the
headlights. The thought of one of those boy-things going into her ass
made her sphincter clench tight. As the thought ran around in Judy's
brain, Missy pushed up from the desk and turned on coach Tackle. Her
mouth was open and her face in a scowl to say something, but her eye
fell on Judy cringing by the door.
"There!" she pointed ay Judy, "You want to fuck someone in the
ass? Fuck her. I'll take my chances with the men in my life."
Judy could hardly swallow for the lump in her throat. She wanted
to run, but there was nowhere to run to. She stood frozen as Missy
motioned for her to come in the office.
"Get in here, Judy," Missy said sternly, "I want you to do
something for me."
Instead of me is more like it, Judy thought sullenly as she
timidly pushed the door open and stepped in.
"Come right over here. I've got something for you," Coach Tackle
Judy could see what he had for her. It was just like what Roger
had for her when he picked her cherry. In fact, it was a wee bit smaller
than Roger's by Judy's estimation.
It still was way bigger than anything she wanted in her ass. She
stepped forward and Tackle grabbed her hand and pulled her to him.
Her face was lost in his hairy chest as his hands went around her to
grab her buttocks.
"You've got some sweet cupcakes there and coachie is going to make
you feel oh so good," he promised as he groped her butt.
She felt small hugged into coach's body. It only made her more
scared of what he intended to do to her. She was afraid he would hurt her so bad.
"You will at least get her ready?" he half-told, half-asked Missy
over Judy's shoulder.
"What do you want me to do?" Missy was guarded.
"I want you to lick her," coach said, "Lick her ass."
Judy couldn't see clearly what happened, but her sense was that
coach grabbed Missy by the hair and pulled her face down to Judy's butt.
She could feel the man's arms tighten around her as he pulled Missy's
face farther into her butt crack.
"Stick it up in there!" coach was demanding.
Judy felt more trapped than on the thigh machine. Coach held her
in a suffocating bear hug as she felt Staaci's tongue squirm around her
ass. It was creepy and scary and that was without thinking about what
coach had in store for her.
Missy's tongue did go inside her asshole and Judy suddenly felt
drenched in filth. Her inside were crawling around with the way it made
her feel. It was such a dirty place and Missy was licking! her there.
"Okay," coach said, releasing Missy, "My turn."
Judy's focus turned to the hard thing that had been pressing
against her belly. Coach Tackle turned her around and pushed her toward
the desk. Missy was standing there with a sullen look on her face.
Missy was disgusted rather than angry, Judy noted. Judy thought
she saw some relief on the senior cheerleader's face as Tackle bent
Judy over his desk. Judy's heart sank. What coach was about to do must
be very horrible if Missy would rather lick someone's asshole than do
"Now you just hold still and it'll go easier on you," coach Tackle
told her.
It was impossible. Something was pressing on her asshole and it
was instinct to try and get away. He had also given her good advice.
When she jerked in shock to avoid the pressure, the intruder sank deeper
into her ass.
"Struggle all you want. I don't mind," Tackle told her, "I like it
when you wiggle on my dick."
"I can't help it," Judy whined, "It's the wrong place. It feels
"Feels great to me," Tackle said and pushed deeper into her ass.
It wasn't an experience to be understood. It had to be endured
and survived. His cock felt stranger in her ass than Roger's had in the
other passage. There was no tickle involved with the mass stuffing her
rectum and making her feel like she might split in two.
She wasn't even thinking about it being Coach Tackle, who she saw
every day in the halls. Even the fact that he was putting his dick in
her dirty little poop place had receded to the edges of her
consciousness. The very personal feelings of something wrong going on
in the lower half of her body had pushed all the other thoughts out of
her mind.
She breathed very deeply, feeling that it somehow insured she
would live through the ordeal. It was something to hold onto to fight
the feeling of being invaded at the other end.
Coach pushed the rest of his cock into her with a pretty vigorus
shove. Judy grabbed the edge of the desk tight. It was more than she
could take. She was sure she'd burst.
"Jesus Christ, it's tight in there!" Coach Tackle grunted, "I
love it all to hell."
"Can't you take it out now?" Judy begged, "I think I'm going to
Coach laughed. He gave her an instant to think he was going to
relieve her suffering as he pulled his cock back a bit and then rammed
it back until he smacked again on her proffered rump.
"Then let's send you off with a bang," he joked as he started to
fuck her ass in earnest.
Judy couldn't have stopped the howl that flew from her mouth if
she had wanted to. When the cries died out, she was amazed to find the
all-consuming commotion in her bowels hadn't killed her at all. In fact,
it was becoming bearable. She was getting used to it.
There still wasn't room for other thoughts in her head, but the
piston charging in her rear didn't seem so life-threatening. The tickle
never arrived, but there was some horrible certainty in the way Tackle's
cock filled and evacuated her bowels in a dire rhythm.
Judy was seduced by the inevitable surge and the surprising lack
of pain. She found herself feeling fortunate that it was not as bad as
it had been at first.
Coach slammed deep into her and then drove into her again and
stayed glued against her rear. Judy knew something was happening, but
she could only hope it signalled the end of her ordeal.
Tackle left her with a reminder of what she had endured. When he
pulled back, her rear gaped and she felt more open than when she had
been sitting spread-legged in the thigh machine. It felt like there was
an open passage deep into her inner self. The feeling had not gone away
minutes later.
She didn't have a chance to find out how long it would have
taken to fully close. Missy pulled her out of the office to join the
show being put on by her classmates and the football team.
It seemed to Judy like Missy was eager to escape the coach's
office. That contrasted sharply with her attitude when the coach had
first arrived. Judy didn't have long to ponder the change in Missy's
mood. As they stepped out of the office they were confronted with the
group scene surrounding the other hopefuls.
Alison had been abandoned and was balled up on the trainer's
table. Her face was hidden, but Judy assumed she was still crying. Kelly
was still on the bench, only belly down and was gripping the stands for
support as a big boy, probably a lineman, took her from behind. Kelly
still seemed to be enjoying the try out.
Missy dragged Judy over to the mob around Chris. She was kneeling
on someone's kneepads sucking one boy's cock. Another boy made an
awkward attempt to enter her as she knelt. Chris seemed unaffected,
but un-cooperative with his attempt. Judy didn't get to see how long
the boy would continue his attempt at the awkward coupling.
"Fresh meat!" one of the boys called out and the boys looked at
Some very close to Chris, Judy imagined they were the next in
line, stayed by the kneeling girl. The rest turned and closed in on
"She's back door friendly," Missy announced.
For an instant Judy didn't want to be a cheerleader if it meant
existing on the same planet as Missy. She had stabbed Judy in the back-
more accurately, the ass. She had even less time to consider Missy's
betrayal than she did to gauge how long her anus would gape or how
long the boy would try to fuck Chris.
"I'll have some of that." "Bend her over." "Give me some."
She found herself facing Kelly, gripping the stands above Kelly's
hands. The boy at the front of the line pulled open her cheeks and
pressed his cock into her ass. She didn't think to shout. Her only sound
was the whoosh of air from her lungs.
It was the same, not-so-bad, certainly-not-pleasing, feel that
she experienced at the end with Coach Tackle. Judy assumed she had
been made that way forever when Tackle took her anal virginity.
"You take it in the ass?" Kelly gasped up at her.
"I am right now," Judy admitted.
"Didn't think you'd do that," Kelly chattered, "I wish I had the
guts. Doesn't it hurt a lot?"
"Only at first," Judy said.
She felt a little evil not being more specific about the horror
of the first part, but she excused herself for being too occupied with
the dick in her ass to make long answers. It certainly didn't seem to
be the time for girl talk.
Judy was spared the guilt of talking Kelly into taking it in the
ass. Kelly showed no intention of asking for it. Judy was given another
cock to fill the void. It seemed she noticed them less and less as
one boy took over for the other.

Even Alison passed muster. When the boys were only hoping for
another erection, Coach Tackle emerged from his office, wearing gym
shorts with his flip-flops, and called them into a group.
Shari and Missy led Judy and the rest to the front of the room.
"What do you boys have to say about these cheerleader recruits?"
Coach asked the team.
"Hoo-Rah!" the boys came back.
"Are they fit to be Seaman cheerleader?"
"Did you enjoy yourselves?"
"Then hit the showers," coach summed up.
Despite her acclamation, Alison decided not to stay on the squad.
She had become, "too busy", and indeed, the others rarely saw her
anymore. Chris accused her of embarrassment when she was revealed to
be a virgin by the first football player's thrust.
Judy found it no less ugly, but was not going to let it ruin her
dream of being the girl on the sideline with the pom-poms.
She tried to find support from Miss Bivalve. She got more than a
shoulder to lean on.
"Oh, I know, it is so horrible," Miss Bivalve commiserated when Judy
hinted at what happened during the try-out, "But what can one do but grit
your teeth and tell yourself it is only for a little while. After all, the
boys are on the teams and otherwise they become suspicious."
Judy wasn't exactly sure what Miss Bivalve meant by that. Had she
been selected in a try-out? Somehow it was hard to picture her with a man.
And what was there to suspect her of?
Miss Bivalve answered the last question first as she hugged Judy.
Consolement didn't usually involve a hand snaking under a sweater. But it
was Miss Bivalve and it did feel good. It was a private conference after
There was still a mystery that hadn't been solved and Judy felt
that Miss Bivalve was going to give her the answer. The tickle had come
back when she squeezed Judy's breast. At least Judy knew Miss Bivalve
wouldn't squirt and leave her unfufilled.
It was such a simple idea. Judy was surprised she hadn't thought of
it before. Her body didn't care whose hand was touching it. Later, it was
ecstatic about any tongue probing the crevice of her femininity.
In between, she accepted kisses and returned them. She lightly
stroked Miss Bivalve's hair as her mouth trailed down her torso. Her
mouth did more at Judy's breasts than hands could do. Miss Bivalve brought
her close to the mystery's answer as she sucked roughly on Judy's erect
It was kind of personal, but Judy was not going to stop then. It
felt too good. Miss Bivalve's head moved down. This was another revelation.
Mouths could do what fingers couldn't. What better use for a tongue than
to go to the center of the whirlwind?
And then the mystery was solved. It rose up from the core of her
womanhood like a gathering storm and broke over her like surf pounding
the shore. Waves of sensation ran through her body, one on its
predecessor's heels. There was nothing else in the universe but her body
and the feelings flowing through it.
She grudgingly let go of the tingle and opened her eyes. Miss
Bivalve was hovering over her, her face a foot above Judy's.
"Now didn't that make you feel better about those nasty boys?" the
tutor asked.
"You- you made me feel better than they did," Judy admitted with a
quavering voice.
She wasn't having second thoughts about what Miss Bivalve did. She
was afraid the older woman would ask Judy to return the favor.
Miss Bivalve seemed happy with her conquest. She kissed Judy like
a man would and then stepped away. Judy wasn't convinced that she wouldn't
ask for reciprocation some other time, but she was glad it wasn't then.

It was a different bull session that gave Judy's cheerleading career
wings. Coach Tackle and 'the horsemen', the inner sanctum of the team,
were having a meeting. They shared beer instead of sex, but at the same
time it was more intimate than Judy's meeting with Miss Bivalve had been.
"Well, maybe it is just for me," coach was revising an earlier
claim, "But it's still striking a blow for men everywhere."
Coach seemed positively profound when the boys had a beer buzz. And
he was giving them the low-down on that unfathomable mystery- girls.
"Missy likes you, doesn't she?" he asked Roger.
Roger nodded slowly. Missy did seek him out like a heat-seeking
missle, but he had the feeling she would seek out whoever who was the
"Then it's up to you to get it started," coach said.
It sounded like their heart-to-hearts when Tackle told him he was
the general in the war of football. He had an obligation to the team to
be a leader. He still wasn't sure what the coach was asking, but he
"That new girl, the one that knows boys, she's the one you should go
after," coach explained, "Let Missy know quarterbacks like girls that
take it in the ass."

Without even knowing about Tackle's power play, Judy felt
uncomfortable. Missy was making her life a living hell. It wasn't Judy's
fault Roger kept looking past Missy and staring at her.
He acted like he didn't notice Missy hanging around his neck. He
kept looking at Judy and trying to talk to her. Judy tried to fend him
off. She was polite, after all he was the star, but she didn't do anything
to encourage him.
Nothing stopped Roger from pulling away from Missy and sitting
next to Judy on the team bus. Even though she sat stone still and only
spoke when absolutely necessary, Roger seemed to prefer her company.
Her friends all loved it.
"He likes you, Judy," Chris exhorted her, "Don't let Missy get to
you. She's jealous. That's all it is."
That was fine enough to say when Chris wasn't the one doing extra
push-ups and laps because of Missy's spite. Missy was just as vicious with
her rumors, but Judy had to admit that fewer and fewer girls believed
Missy since they had seen Roger's preference for Judy.
Even Shari was being nice to Judy to balance Missy's spite.
"Head cheerleaders are SUPPOSED to date the quarterback," Shari
counseled, "She's afraid of losing her status to you."
Head cheerleader. Judy couldn't deny that the thought made her head
spin. But she had never expected it to come until she was a senior. That
was the way it worked. She didn't want Missy's position. She didn't want
Roger. She had done nothing to encourge him, but Missy didn't care.
It got worse on Pep Night. Traditionally at Seaman's high, the
cheerleaders (minus one) led the student body in cheers around the
bonfire. The one, in rotation, went under the bleachers and gave the
members of the team a hand job.
No sex, no blow jobs, it was a school event and they were limited
to hand jobs. Anything else had to wait for the night of Pep Night. That
was when players selected cheerleaders and took them home for the night.
Of course Roger took Judy.
"You don't have to do it," Roger told her hastily as he closed the
door to his room, "We don't even have to have sex, but you have to tell
everyone that I did."
It was a very confusing thing to have Roger blurt out. Judy wasn't
sure if she should be relieved or offended. Cheerleaders were supposed to
give the team 'comfort and aid' on the night of the big game. She didn't
understand why Roger took her if he didn't want her.
The story came out slowly. Roger seemed to have trouble referring
to Coach Tackle fucking her ass. He kept calling it: you know, what you
did for coach.
Judy felt very grown up as Roger, the senior, Roger, the star,
got tongue-tied and groped for words to explain. As he finally made it
clear, she had a deep-down, dark surge of pleasure at the idea.
It would serve Missy right. It was her fault that Judy had to
withstand the ordeal with coach Tackle. Nothing would serve justice
better than making Missy bend over and get it for herself.
"You better really do it," Judy surprised herself at her boldness,
"Otherwise someone might be able to tell."
She wasn't excited by the idea of having Roger put his cock in her
ass, but she didn't think he could bluff through it- as shy as he was
about the subject. And she really, really wanted the plan to work.
Roger resisted the idea. He protested there was something faggy
about putting his dick up an ass. Judy pushed her sweat pants to her
knees. She wasn't wearing underwear.
"Does this look like I'm a boy?" Judy asked, stroking her mount.
As much as he was victim to youthful prejudices, Roger was twice as
easy prey for uncontrollable lust. His cock stood right up confronted with
its target.
"And coach said it's even better in the other place because it's so
tight," Judy told Roger as she turned and showed him her butt.
She might as well said it was nice because it was filled with acid.
Roger was now a puppet of his needs. And right now his need was all about
getting his dick inside Judy and making it shoot off.
"Now you've got to help me out," Judy said, seeing he was becoming
more reasonable.
Coach had never said a word about it, but Judy had been doing her
own research. She let Roger think it was the coach-approved method without
actually saying it. She had him insert a lubed finger and then two, to
open her sphincter for the coming challenge.
Whoever wrote the article on the web was a genius. It was nothing
like the first time. It was still a bit scary to have something so big
invade her rectum, but the going in part was much easier on her.
It didn't seem to lessen the thrill for Roger.
"Oh my god! It's like fucking a Coke bottle," Roger gasped.
Judy didn't want to guess whether Roger knew that from personal
experience. She was interested in his reaction. It was obviously the first
time he put his cock in an asshole and she wanted to hear his honest
"It's so tight I don't think I can hold back," Roger said.
He was already most of the way up her ass. Judy thought she was
ready for him to ram it deep.
"Please fuck me again, okay?" Roger begged desperately.
There was a flurry of dog-fucks and Roger groaned. Judy was confused
until she felt Roger pull back. It was over. It had been mildly
uncomfortable and Judy felt a surge of confidence.
Roger had to be impressed with something that made him cum so
quickly. He'd be able to put the heat on Missy. It was a small sacrifice
to see justice done. And it wasn't that bad, really.
"Gosh! I know what coach means," Roger was ecstatic. "Every girl should let you do that!"
Roger wasn't asking for an opinion. Judy kept hers to herself and
let him chatter while she got him to the bathroom and got him washed up.
She was so mission-directed that she hadn't considered what was coming
When she saw the turned-down bed this time, another realization
struck her. Roger had said he wanted to fuck her. She hadn't considered
the act itself when Roger had first selected her. Then he had distracted
her with his plan, also saying she didn't have to fuck him.
That didn't count any more. He had asked her to do it. The memory
of him standing between her helpless thighs when he took her virginity
wasn't fair to Roger, but it was Judy's only point of reference.
She crawled into bed a little scared of what was coming. Roger
climbed in beside her.
"I'm really glad it's you and not Missy," Roger said. "I think
you're nice."
Judy was bracing for that? Roger was being a real nice guy. And
he was the star quarterback and all the girls in school would be envious
that he had chosen her.
She wasn't scared of being in bed with Roger any more. However,
her nervousness was more than making up for it. Now she was faced with
being a good fuck for Roger.
"Missy is always so bossy, so if you want me to do something else,
tell me," Roger said, not sounding all that sure of himself.
Judy let Roger pull her over and kiss her. She didn't know what to
ask for. The only really successful sexual experience she ever had was
with another woman. She didn't know how to adapt that to a dick.
"You want me to lick it?" Roger asked.
It seemed she didn't have to do much adaptation. Roger's tongue was
a bludgeon where Miss Bivalve's had been accurate as a rapier, but she
felt the same tickle build in her insides. It began to well up and Judy
was glad she was with Roger.
"Keep going, it's feeling great," Judy sighed.
"Wait a minute- not without me!" Roger popped up to say.
Judy thought it pretty selfish of Roger to want to get into the act,
but there was nothing she could do as Roger rolled on a rubber, his
fingers clumsy with haste. She felt abandoned, forsaken and all she could
do was wait for Roger to ease her condition.
"Jezze, it's nice in there," Roger said as his cock slid in to ease
her frustration, "It's a lot better than before."
That was for sure. This time she was glad to feel his cock fill her.
It was scratching the itch inside her while making the tickle stronger.
It was a doubly satisfying kind of process. She found herself praying that
he wouldn't quit again this time.
"Are you close?" Roger gasped excitedly, "All you almost ready?"
Judy didn't know. Her other orgasm had suddenly overwhelmed her.
She'd know it when it happened.
"I can't help it," Roger whined, "I can't hold it!"
Judy felt a sinking feeling at that announcement. Roger shifted into
high gear thrusting his cock into her. Her feeling reversed abruptly. Now
she was going to be taken to the edge and left, she feared.
"Keep doing that! Don't stop!" she babbled as Roger fucked her to
the brink.
Her climax was all the stronger for her lack of faith. It burst on
her with the same energy as Roger was using to slam his cock into her.
And then she wished he would stop, as his belly kept pounding her over
sensitive clit during the resonance of her orgasm.
Roger stopped with a jerk and a shudder and the most animal of
groans. After a few still seconds he moved his cock slightly in and out
with a sigh in her ear.
"That was really great with you cumming and all," Roger said, "You
did cum, didn't you?"
"Yes Roger, my first time ever with a boy," Judy said.
She wished she could take it back. To her it sounded like an
admission about Miss Bivalve. She needn't have worried. To Roger it
sounded like a noose of committment. Her first. He wasn't sure how to
feel about that.

Missy wasn't sure how to feel about the crowd gathered in Coach
Tackle's office.
Coach had to be there, of course, but Judy was the last person she
wanted to have watch her and she didn't see how Miss Bivalve fit into the
picture at all.
"It's not like I'm being punished or anything, is it?" Missy asked.
"It's not punishment at all, I'm doing you a favor," coach said,
"You did come to me and ask, didn't you?"
"You knew I would," Missy scowled, "You set all the boys against me.
They made it pretty obvious what I'd have to do to get another date with
anyone on tne team. But what are they here for?"
"To give you a choice," Miss Bivalve said.
She slipped down her gym shorts and Missy gasped. Right where a
decent woman had nothing at all, Miss Bivalve had a cock. Then Missy
realized it was a rubber one on some kind of belt.
"Coach Tackle and I struck a bargain to make it as easy on you as
we can," she said. "We agreed that it's only important that you- open up,
as it were."
Missy continued to stare at the cock hanging from Miss Bivalve's
crotch in dismay.
"So, would you rather have a man back there or an atificial object
that might feel, perhaps, like an examination?" Miss Bivalve asked.
Judy knew Missy's decision before she spoke. It was written in the
twisted expression with which she regarded Miss Bivalve. Missy wasn't
ready to go that native.
"Okay, Belinda, she's made her choice," Tackle said, dissolving into
gleeful laughter.
"So what's so funny?" Missy scowled, sire they were laughing at her.
"You've got a friend, you've got a friend," coach chortled as he
danced a jig.
Miss Bivalve was more somber. Her lips were pulled into a tight line.
"We had a bet, and I lost," she said.
Judy found her part. Miss Bivalve reached down and pulled off her
pleated skirt, but not her panties. She took off the harness and strapped
it on Judy.
"Just be gentle with me," she said as she bent over the coach's
Coach was still laughing as he pushed Missy down beside her. He
threw up Missy's cheerleader skirt and yanked her underwear to her knees.
"Come on girl, side by side, you and me," he said to Judy.
The situation was too clear for Judy to be mystified, but she still
needed a moment to soak in the wonder. When she stepped up to the desk,
she saw coach had his thumb in Missy's ass up to the palm. He handed her
a jar of lube.
At least he was being that nice, if you could call it that. Missy
didn't sound like she appreciated the digit rummaging in her rectum. She
was whining and grunting as coach moved his thumb around.
"I say, let's do it together," he said when Judy had spread a gob
of the gel on Miss Bivalve's anus.
It seemed very like she was the one pushing coach Tackle's cock into
Missy's ass. Watching the thick shaft disappear into the cheeleader
correlated with the feeling she had pushing the dildo into Miss Bivalve.
It was kind of spooky, but Judy liked the idea.
"Judy!" Miss Bivalve cried out when Judy mimicked Tackle's thrust
into Missy.
It was her only outcry and she didn't ask for Judy to go easier.
Judy fucked Miss Bivalve just as she saw him fuck Missy. She was staying
in the illusion that she was raamming the cock up Missy's ass.
Coach Tackle lasted much longer than Roger had, but it still wasn't
much time. Missy slapped on Miss Bivalve's ass like the coach and paused
as Tackle delivered a load into Missy's bowels.
Missy had gone and coach was in the shower when something occured
to Judy.
"Coach said you had a bet," Judy said. "What happened if Missy
chose the dildo?"
"After I did her, I'd do him," Miss Bivalve said with a wistful

Missy became quite happy with Ben, a linebacker with the biggest
dick on the team, when Roger was reluctant to let her come back.
Judy and Roger continued to pursure the elusive simultaneous orgasm,
though they didn't really mind the joy of the pursuit.
Kelly began to get into some pretty twisted things with the defense
involving groups and leather.
Chris became everyone's favorite suck slut, and, although she did
learn to entertain both front and rear, remained dedicated only to oral
sex and Miss Bivalve.
Shari was removed from the squad two days after the season was over
when 'Lockerroom Slut' surfaced at the school and it was discovered she
was the star.
Coach Tackle began dating 'Balcony' Brewster, a local exotic dancer,
which led to memorable post-game celebrations and a diminshed demand for
cheerleaders to satisfy his lusts.
Go Seamen! Bust the Trojans!


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