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By Sahebji

My name is Sahebji. This is not my given name but everyone knows be by
this name only. I am a free lance commercial artist. This incident took
place when I was about 30 years old. The names have been changed for
obvious reason and the circumstances modified to suit, otherwise everything
else is as it happened.

Between assignments I decided to visit an old college friend R. Kumar.
His friends called him RK. RK lived in a village not too far from where I
lived. RK was a big zamindar (landlord) having acres and acres of land and
several fruit baghs (gardens) including a mango grove.

One afternoon after lunch I decided to take a walk in the mango grove.
The weather was pleasant. It was overcast and a cool breeze was blowing.
Taking my walking stick and my Polaroid camera I set out. As I walked
around the grove black clouds started gathering and it threatened to rain.
I was not prepared for rain and started looking for some sort of shelter.
Not far away I spotted a gardener's shed with a tin roof, most probably
used for storing the produce during the season. With long steps I moved
towards it when suddenly with a flash of lightning and clap of thunder it
started to rain. As I reached the shed it was raining cats and dogs. To
make sure that the shed was unoccupied I peeped in through the dirty

The sight that met my eyes staggered me. Inside a young girl naked
below the waist and her kameez pulled up to expose her breasts was lying on
a makeshift bed and a young boy without his pants was lying on top of her
pushing. Ah ha some illicit fucking is going on I thought. My brain
started working overtime as I saw an opportunity to taste a local choot
(cunt). I opened the door slowly, which was luckily not locked and softly
stepped inside.

Both of them were so engrossed in themselves that they did not notice my
entry. I took number of pictures of them with my camera. Suddenly I heard
the girl say, "Ramu itni der hogayi tunne abhi tak apna laurda meri choot
main nahin dala, uppar se waise hi dhake mar raha hai (Ramu you are just
pushing without putting your cock inside my cunt)". Ramu said, "Tujhe
maloom hai ki maine pahele kabhi chudai nahin ki hai aur yeh teri bhi
paheli baar hai, iss liye mujhe teri kori choot ka chotta sa ched nahin mil
raha hai (You know that I have never fucked before. You are also doing it
for the first time and I am not able to find your small virgin fuck hole)".
My ears perked up. It was getting better and better. I had an opportunity
to fuck a virgin village belle. As I did not want Ramu to find the hole and deprive me of the pleasure of deflowering the girl I said in a stern
tone, "Ahem, yahan yeh kya ho raha hai? (Ahem, what is happening here?)"

Hearing me the boy immediately got up. I had a brief glimpse of his
fine erection before his cock lost its stiffness out of fear. The girl started to get up but I placed my walking stick on her stomach and said,
"Tu aisse hi leti reh (You keep lying like this)" and she lay back. Both
were very scared. Ramu was a handsome lad of about 14 years of age without
any hair on his body. His crotch was also devoid of any hair. The girl was also about the same age with nice sized tits and a slight growth of
hair round the lips of her cunt like a black streak.

I sat down beside the girl and started to massage her tits and said,
"Ramu tunne barri namkeen chokri phasayi hai (You have got yourself a very
sexy looking girl)". Ramu now nearly in tears blurted out, "Maine isse
nahin phasaya hai. Champa mujhe khud yahan layi hai (I have not ensnared
her. Champa has herself brought me here)". This did not seem right. I
asked him to tell me the whole story. Ramu said, "Abhi haal main Champa ke
bhai ki shadi hui hai aur Champa ne apne bhai aur bhabi ko kayi bar chodete
dekha hai. Chudai main iss ki bhabi ko bahut mazaa ata hai .Tau issne
socha ki main bhi chudwa ke mazaa loon aur mujhe yahan le aayi (Champa's
brother had got married recently. Champa had seen him and her sister in
law fucking on several occasions. The sister in law enjoyed fucking so
much that Champa wanted to taste the pleasures of fucking also and brought
me here)". I looked towards Champa for confirmation and she nodded.
Champa looked familiar to me and I asked her, "Tu Roshan Lal atte ki
chakkiwale ki beti hai na? (You are the daughter of the flour mill owner
Roshan Lal?)". The girl on being recognized was terrified and both of them
started asking for forgiveness and promised never to repeat this mistake

I told them, "Main tumahare maa baap se kuch nahin kahoonga agar tum
dono jo main kaheta jaoon waissa hi karo (I will say nothing to your
parents provided you both do what I say)". Gratefully both agreed. I
asked Ramu whether his cock spurted cum he said no and Champa told me on my
query that she is yet to have her periods. While we were talking I kept
pressing the girl's tits and moving my finger up and down between her cunt lips. I asked Ramu to come and sit on my lap and took his cock in my hand
and moved it's foreskin up and down. Soon he had an erection. His cock
was not bad for a boy of his age. I introduced myself and told them to
look at me as a friend and not like an enemy. They relaxed visibly.

I asked, "Ramu tu chodna chahata hai aur Champa chudna chahati hai?
(Ramu you want to fuck and Champa wants to be fucked?). Both nodded.
"Theek hai" I told them "Main tum dono ko chudai sikhaunga lakin meri guru
dakhshina deni hogi (Okay I will teach you both how to fuck but you will
have to give me my 'teachers fee')". Both agreed. I bent Champa's legs
and pointed out the fuck hole to Ramu. I told him now I will teach you how
to fuck. I took off my pants and released my hard on. On seeing my cock
both of them drew an audible breath. Champa sensing that I was going to
fuck her said, "Sahebji aap ka laurda tau bahut bara hai, meri chotti si
choot main kaise ghusse ga (Sahebji your cock is very large how will it go
inside my small cunt)". I told her "Fikar mat kar, ghuss jayega (Don't
worry it will go in)".

By now her choot was quite wet. I placed my cock on her fuck hole and
gave a mighty push. Half my cock entered her choot. Champa let out a loud
scream of pain "AAAIIIIEEE". It was still pouring outside and the rain was
making so much sound on the tin roof that I was confident no one would have
heard her scream. I gave another hard push and my cock was snugly lodged
in her choot. Champa kept screaming but I kept moving my cock in and out.
After some time her pain subsided and she stared to feel the pleasant
effect of my cock's movement. It was not long before she was enjoying it
and started moving her hips in unison with my hips and moaning with
pleasure. We kept fucking till I shot my-cum inside her and at the same
moment she also came with a loud satisfied sigh, "AAHHHHhhh".

I asked her, "Champa how did you like your fist fuck?" She replied, "It
was nice but I thought it would be better". I told her, "If you are fucked
a few times more then it will get better and better". After the fuck, I
showed Ramu her fuck hole again and he said, Sahebji it looks much bigger".
"Will you be able to find it now?" I asked. "Yes" he replied. "Okay Ramu
now you fuck Champa but do it slowly then you will both enjoy it more".
Ramu got on top of Champa and with difficulty and some help from Champa
found the fuck hole, which was oozing blood and my-cum and entered her. I
sat watching Ramu fucking Champa.

The sight of his bottoms moving up and down and the favorable position
of his ass hole gave me an erection. I spread his ass cheeks and inserted
my finger in it. The tightness of Ramu's gaand (ass hole) made me want to
fuck it. I took some spit from my mouth and applied it on his ass hole.
Ramu in an alarmed voice asked, " Sahebji aap kya kar rahe hain? (Sahebji
what are you doing?)". I told him, " Main teri gaand mar ke apni guru
dakhshina wassool kar raha hoon (I am going to fuck your ass hole and
collect my teacher's fee)".

"Nahin nahin meri gaand mat marna (No no don't fuck my ass hole)" Ramu
said and wanted to get up. I told Champa to hold him tightly and got
behind Ramu and placing my cock on his ass hole gave a push. The head of
my cock entered and the second shove saw it fully inside him. Ramu
screamed louder than Champa had done when she had lost her virginity. I
told Ramu my cock is already inside and he might as well enjoy the
sensation of fucking while getting his ass hole plugged. Ramu had no other
choice and restarted his in and out movement.

When he pushed his cock inside Champa my cock was half out and when he
withdrew, my cock was fully inside and his cock half out i.e. with one
movement he was fucking Champa and getting his own ass hole buggered.
After some time Champa was sighing loudly with pleasure, Ramu felt his
pleasure and shuddered and I filled his gaand with my-cum.

I asked them, "How did you enjoy this mode of fucking". Champa said,
"It was great" and Ramu said, "My both ends enjoyed it very much". I asked
Ramu to get some rain water from outside and wash my cock. I then laid
Champa flat on the makeshift bed and glued my mouth to her choot and
started to lick and suck her clit and told her to take my lund in her mouth
and suck it. Champa was enjoying herself and she kept bucking her bottoms
against my mouth and kept pressing my head with her hands to her choot. By
the time I spurted my-cum in her mouth, which she eagerly swallowed, she
had amid lot of groaning and moaning come three more times.

I then made Ramu suck her cunt and she sucked his cock. When this was
over I asked them to pose for a photograph. At first they were reluctant
but with veiled threats I got them to agree. I stood them absolutely naked
next to each other with Champa holding Ramu's erect cock and Ramu fingering
her cunt. Few minutes later I showed them the photo. They were surprised
that the results were available so quickly.

It had stopped raining. As it was getting late, I told them to go home.
"I want to see you both tomorrow here in the shed at the same time" I said.
Ramu was game but Champa was reluctant. I told her, "Do you want me to
send this photograph to your parents? Do you know what will happen to
you?" She said, "My father will kill me". I said, "You decide, is it not
better to come here and enjoy some more fucking or you want to die". At
last it was agreed that we would meet here the next afternoon at 2 p.m.

Next day I bought a small bottle of Vaseline on my way to the shed and
therefore got a little late in getting there. On arrival I found Champa
and Ramu were busy fucking. They apologized for starting without me. I
told them, "It is all right go on continue". I took off my pants and
caught hold of Ramu's hair and raised his head, "Ramu take my lund in your
mouth and suck it. Remember to swallow my spunk when it comes". He was
very reluctant. I tugged harder at his hair and out of pain he opened his
mouth to yell. Seeing my opportunity I pushed my cock in his open mouth. I
said, "Ramu either you suck my cock and drink my-cum or I will penetrate
your gaand with my cock again but this time without spittle".

The threat worked and he started to suck my cock in earnest. As
yesterday we all three came together. I told Champa it was time that she
paid her 'guru dakhshina'. In a low voice she asked me, " Kya aap meri bhi
gaand marenge jab ki aap meri choot chod sakte hain? (Will you fuck me in
the ass also even though you can fuck my cunt?)". I told her it was a must
but she should not be too afraid as I have brought some Vaseline to lessen
the pain of the first entry. She resigned to her gaand's fate.

I placed her in the 'gaand fuck' position. While applying Vaseline on
her gaand I inserted first one then two fingers in it and rotated them to
dilate it. She enjoyed this maneuver and said as much. I told her fucking
in the ass hole is not that bad and after a few times she would enjoy it. I
placed my cock on her brown wrinkled hole. I told her to brace herself for
some pain and not to scream like she did yesterday.

Today it was not raining and some body could hear her scream. I pressed
in the head of my cock and she winced with pain and shouted "AAIIIEEE it is
hurting" but not too loudly. I told her to relax as the worst is over. I
pushed my cock fully inside and after a few pushes the pain abated and she
said. "Sahebji it is nice but I like fucking in the choot much better". I
was now fucking her gaand with short hard strokes and rubbing her choot
with my hand. Her gaand was tighter than her choot. I came much earlier
than I had wanted to and filled her gaand with my-cum.

There after we fucked sucked and licked each other on every afternoon
till I had to go back to town. Before leaving I gave the photographs to
Champa and asked her to destroy them except the last one for which they had
posed and I said, "I will like to keep this one as a memento of the
enjoyable times we had passed together". She gratefully accepted them and
destroyed them there and then.

I also told her what to do and how to act on her wedding night so that
her husband does not suspect that she had already given her cherry, which
was his due, to someone else. After fond farewell we parted. Ramu came to
the railway station to see me off. I told him to fuck any girl he wants
and as much as he wanted to but he must ensure that they do not get
pregnant and get disgraced and are driven out of the society. Another
thing never tell anyone about your experience with any girl under any
circumstances not even to your best friend this could lead to the same
result. He promised and thanked me for the advice and teaching him how to
fuck. I told him not to worry he had paid for the lessons with the cherry
of his gaand. We both laughed. The train started to move and I waved good
bye to him asked him to say my good bye to Champa.

About ten years later, on the occasion of RK's daughter's marriage, I
again visited RK. His house was full of guests. Among the ladies of the
village I saw Champa and asked her, "How are you?" She said, "I am fine. I
have got married in the meanwhile. Sahebji please don't say anything about
what happened in the mango grove". I assured her that I had no such
intention and her secret was safe with me. I asked her whether the wedding
night went of without any problems. She smiled and said all went well. I
did exactly as you had told me, "When my husband came to me I tightened my
lower muscles. My husband was so eager to fuck me that he roughly rammed
his cock inside my choot. I screamed so loudly, much louder than when I
had actually lost my cherry to you, that it not only convinced him of my
being a virgin but also all other household members who heard my scream".

During the wedding one evening, Champa introduced me to her husband. In
the conversation her husband asked me since when I knew Champa. I told him
I had met her 10 years back in RK's mango grove on a very rainy day. She
was with a friend and we took shelter from rain in the gardener's shed. We
had spent a pleasant few hours together till the rain stopped. Champa who
was looking at me with a worried expression suddenly she smiled I as
finished my ambiguous remark. I winked at her and said good bye to them
and mingled with other guests.

One day while walking in the bazaar I met Ramu. After exchanging
pleasantries I asked him how the fucking game was going on. He said, "I
continued to fuck Champa for another six months and then her periods
started. Thereafter she did not let me fuck her. I begged her and I even
promised her not to fuck her in her choot but only in her back hole but she
still did not agree". She said, "In a weak moment I might let you fuck my
cunt and I could be in trouble".

A very clever girl I thought. "Then what are you doing for a choot
nowadays?" I asked. He said "Last year I had a stroke of luck. My father had sent me to a young widow's house to deliver some provisions, which she
had ordered. When I got there I knocked but got no reply. I found that
the door was not locked and I entered. Inside I found her fast asleep.
Her sari had worked its way up and part of her shaven choot was exposed.
Seeing this sight my cock became hard and throwing all caution to the winds
I quickly put my mouth on her choot and started to lick it furiously. She
woke up with a start and said, "Kaun? Kya? Chordo mujhe. Kya kar rahe
ho? (Who? What? Let me go. What are you doing?)" And started to
struggle. I did not stop but continued to suck her clit. After some time
the good feeling came over her and she started to moan with pleasure and
pushing her hips against my face and begged me not to stop. She kept
repeating that she had not enjoyed herself so much since long. I stopped
licking and sucking her cunt only when my jaws started to ache. In the
mean while she had come at least four times".

"After I had stopped, she took my face in her hands and kissed me
passionately and said, "Dear boy, you have given me so much pleasure. You
deserve a reward. Tujhe iss tarah choot chaatna kissne sikhaya hai? (Who
has taught you to suck and lick a cunt like this?)'. I told her, "Kissie
ne nahin. Aap ko iss tereh lete dekh kar mere dil ne kaha tu iss ki choot
chaat aur maine aap ki choot chatni shuru kar di (No one. Seeing you lying
this way my heart said to lick and suck your cunt and I started to do it)".
Then she asked me, "Tunne pahele kabhi kissi ko choda hai? (Have ever
fucked anyone before)". I told her Nahin (No)". "Chode ga? (You want to
fuck?)". I told her, "Yes". I hope you will forgive me but remembering
your advice I thought it was best to lie. I endorsed his decision.

Before I proceed further let me tell you something about her. Her name
is Shanti. She is slim and very pretty, many times prettier than Champa.
Her husband died about three years back and since then she had been without
the services of a cock. She is about 30 years old with real nice hard tits and a wonderful figure. She has not had a child. Her choot was also quite
tight. I don't know whether it was because she had not fucked for so long
or because she did not get enough cock from her husband. She undressed me
and took my erection in her hands and said, "Ramu you have a nice long and
thick lund. I will enjoy taking it in my choot".

"She then laid down flat on her back and asked me to get on top of her.
I tried not to show too much knowledge about fucking and she guided me
through my first fuck with her. After that day I have been fucking her on
regular basis. I fuck her, lick her cunt and she sucks my lund and drinks
my-cum". "Tunne abhi tak usski gaand nahin mari? (You have not fucked her
in the ass hole as yet?)" I asked. "No I tried many times but she would
not let me, saying men only fuck the gaand of other men and not girls. I
could not tell her that you had loved to fuck Champa's gaand".

"Ramu your experience has given me a hard on. I would very much like to
meet this lady and fuck her," I said. "Sure. When I tell her that your
laurda is much larger than mine, she will beg me to introduce her to you.
She has many a times told me that she loves big cocks up her phuddi.
Promise me that you will fuck her in the ass and get her to let me do the
same" he said. "Done" I said. "Bring her to the shed in the mango grove
tomorrow at 2 p.m. in the afternoon and if I am late don't start without

Punctually at 2 p.m. the next day I was there and found both Shanti and
Ramu waiting for me. Ramu introduced me as an old friend from the city.
Shanti came straight to the point and said, " Ramu keh raha tha aap ka
laurda bahut barda hai (Ramu tells me that your cock is very big)". "Tu
khud dekh le (See for yourself)" I invited.

She opened my zipper and put her hand inside and pulled out my lund.
"Baap re baap yeh tau sachi bahut barda hai (Holy cow, it is really very
big)" she whispered in awe. I pulled her to me and undid her sari and laid
her down on the makeshift bed. I then rammed my cock in her already wet
and dripping cunt. "OWW", she shouted, "Dheere dheere karo, bahut lag raha
hai (OWW do it slowly, it hurting me a lot)". "Tujhe barde lundon se
chudwane ka showk hai. Ab dil khol ke chudwa. Ronne se ab kya fayeda (You
are fond of getting fucked by big cocks. Now get yourself fucked to your
hearts content. There is no sense in complaining now)" I told her.

After some time she got used to my size and started to enjoy herself.
She was moving her hips up and down and kept saying, "Haan Sahebji, khoob
chodo aur zor se chodo. Bina ruke mujhe sare din chodete raho etc. (Yes
Sahebji, keep fucking me, fuck me harder, fuck me all day long without a
pause etc.)". This went on for some time and soon I came to the short
strokes. Sensing that I was about to come she said, "I am also nearly
there don't stop. A little more, AAHHHh" and came. At this moment I also
shot my seed inside her. She told me this was the best fuck she had ever
had in her life.

I told her better things are to follow. She wanted to know as to what I
had in mind. "Tunne kabhi do lauron se ek saath chudai karai hai? (Have
ever been fucked by two cocks at the same time?)" I asked. She shook her
head. I told Ramu to lie down on the bed and then asked her to lie over
him and take his cock inside her choot. "What will you do?" she wanted to
know. I will put my lund inside you from behind I told her. Astonished
she asked, "Would two cocks enter me at the same time and won't it pain?".
"Yes, a little because it is your first time but don't worry I know what I
am doing. I have done this umpteen of times" I told her.

Apparently Shanti thought I was going to insert my cock also in her
choot along side Ramu's cock. I did not correct her misunderstanding. I
told her to relax and enjoy herself. Ramu knew what was about to happen.
Winking at Ramu I spread her bottom cheeks and saw her small brown puckered
ass hole. Taking some spit I rubbed it on it. She now knew what I was up
to. She said, "Aap meri gaand maroge. Nahin, nahin maine apni gaang nahin
marwani. Mujhe uthne do (You are going to fuck my ass hole. No, no I
don't want my ass hole fucked. Let me get up)" and started to struggle and
tried to dislodge Ramu's cock. Ramu was prepared for this reaction and
held her tightly. She threatened Ramu, "Ramu mujhe chord de nahin tau main
tujhe phir kabhi bhi nahin chodne doongi (Ramu leave me otherwise I will
never let you fuck me again)" but Ramu did not loosen his grip.

Calmly I kept preparing her ass hole for insertion and she kept
shouting, "No, no leave me. I will shout out for help. Please don't fuck
m... OOWWW" she shouted as I pressed the head of my lund inside her virgin
gaand. Another push and full penetration was achieved. She continued to
groan with pain. I told her to relax and enjoy the double fuck and started
to move my cock in and out of her gaand. It felt heavenly as my cock
rubbed against Ramu's cock through the thin partition that separated the
choot from her gaand. Ramu was also enjoying similar sensation.

After some time when the pain had abated, Shanti also started to moan
with pleasure. "How do you like two cocks inside you?" I asked her. She
said, "I could never have imagined that it would be so nice". Stroking
harder, I asked her, "What did you say about Ramu not fucking you again".
She smiled and said, "I had said that in anger and frustration. Dear Ramu
can fuck me whenever he wants. He can fuck me in my ass hole also if he
wants". Another five minutes of in and out movement fetched all three of
us. Ramu shot his cum upwards in her choot, her choot juice ran down on
Ramu's pubic hair and I spurted my spunk in her ass hole.

After we had rested for some time, I asked Ramu to fuck her in the ass.
Shanti did not object and took Ramu's lund up her back side amid groans of
pain. I watched Ramu fucking her and put my cock in her mouth for her to
suck. This time also we all three came together. It was getting late and
as we were dressing Shanti said, "Sahebji double fucking is really very
enjoyable". I told her to enjoy even more we have to have another lund
then you can suck it while the other two cocks are fucking your front and
back holes. This way she could have three cocks in all her three inlets
giving their spunk to her at the same time. She reflected on this
suggestion and said, "No it is better that no one else knows about my
fucking. You know how people talk". I agreed with her.

Thereafter we enjoyed ourselves every afternoon in the mango grove, till
the day I was to leave.

Shanti told me to look her up whenever I was here again. I promised to
do that and we said good bye and parted.

Ramu again came to see me off at the railway station. With a smile he
told me that last night his parents had fixed his marriage to a young girl from the neighboring village and he was to be married in two months time. I
congratulated him. Laughingly, told him that if he found any difficulty in
finding her small virgin choot hole then all he had to was to send me a
telegram I would come and enlarge it for him. He laughed and said, "No
thank you. I think this time I will find it on my own".

The train was ready to leave. I said good bye to Ramu and boarded it. I
never did go back. May be in the future. Who knows?

Thus ended my adventure in the mango grove. Mango groves and other
fruit gardens have many varieties of fruits but the cherries I tasted in
RK's mango grove were the sweetest and more satisfying than any fruit in
any garden of the world. Don't you agree?


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