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CHICAGO stretch before would inside


ADULTS ONLY (Adult Public Domain -- if file is unaltered)

Please exit now if you are under the legal age for reading adult type
material in your State or region.

By all means, exit now if you do not enjoy reading about very large
vaginas! ***************************************************************

Head For Chicago

I drove into Chicago from Kansas City and was on my way to meet my uncle
who has a factory here. He agreed to hire me to work in his shipping
department and I was to start the next day. I thought I would check into a
cheap motel for the night but first I wanted to go by the factory. At my
21 years of age, I had not worked at many jobs, but had finished one year
of college and hoped to go back for more education after working a couple
of years. I didn't mind leaving Kansas City, as my friends were a bad
influence on me. I had even shaved my head to get along with them and we
partied too much. I lived with my mother who had been divorced since I was
a small child and had no money to help me with education, so I agreed to
try working for my uncle. mother didn't approve of a lot of things I
liked, and even told me I should quit going with the huge heavyset girls I
liked. To me Chicago seemed like it would be a new start for me and I
could start living life on my own.

As I drove through a residential area toward my uncle's factory, I
looked for a cheap motel, but I saw no motels in the neighborhood I was in.
I pulled up to a residential stop sign and ahead of me two houses on the
right I noticed a 'Room For Rent' sign on the front parking. It was an
average frame house and outside the house, sweeping the sidewalk, was about
the largest older lady I have seen. She reminded me of some of my
girlfriends only older, much larger, and much taller. As she swept the
sidewalk, each of her huge hips seemed to jump up and down many inches with
each step. I was fascinated so I pulled into her driveway and said, "I
noticed your room for rent sign."

She was a huge red head in her late forties and gave me a nice smile
when she replied, "Yes I have a room I don't use now, and am looking for a
single occupant. I will show you the room if you are interested."

I thought, 'This lady is interesting with her huge bouncing hips, and I
might get a good price on a room near my uncle's factory.' I then replied,
"Yes, I am from Kansas City and I have to start a new job at my uncle's
factory tomorrow, so I am looking for a place to stay. I was on my way to
his factory very near here, and I saw your sign."

We went inside and the house was very clean and neat. She showed me a
small room with a bed, two chairs, a dresser, a closet and a small tv set.
It had an outside door and another door that opened to a hallway. In the
hallway was another door to a small bathroom with a shower. The end of the
hallway had another door to the dining room. It was nothing fancy, but I
knew it was where I would settle once she told me the meager price she was
asking for rent. I paid her for a week and agreed to her conditions of no
pets, no drugs, and no girlfriends in my room.

She then said, "You look like a nice clean boy to me and that slick
shaved head is really cute! I am fixing some stew and after you go by the
factory I would be pleased to share supper with you. My name is Nellie,
but you can call me Nell. Here is the key to your outside door."

"Thank you Nell, your the first lady your age that admired my shaved
head! My name is Ray. Supper later on would be nice! My uncle is
expecting me now and I need to go by his factory before closing time.
Thank you for the invitation." I then brought in my bags and bounced on the
bed. Then I used the little bathroom before leaving for the factory.

I found the factory less than 3 blocks away and my uncle was cordial,
but rather firm in his requirements for my employment. At least, it was
more than my other jobs had paid. It didn't look to me like I would have a
lot of work to do after spending a couple of hours observing the operation
at his factory. My uncle became more friendly as we talked.

When I got back to my room, I cleaned up and showered, then out of
habit, shaved my head again. My mother insisted I let my hair grow out,
but I'm on my own now. I could smell something good to eat and I was
hungry. I started to watch the little tv set and then heard a knock on the
hallway door, "Dinner is ready!" Her call reminded me of my mother, but
this big lady was somehow very fascinating to me. The last three
girlfriends I had were of larger and larger sizes, but this huge lady
seemed like a quantum jump from their size. I wondered what sex with
someone so very large would be like? Maybe she was celibate, or married?

"I'll be right there," I answered and went down the hallway to open the
door into Nell's dining room. She was not there, but soon I saw a huge hip
squeezing sideways through the kitchen door. It seems she could barely fit
sideways through the doorway as she stooped a tiny bit to clear the top,
and then I noticed she was wearing a shiny skin-tight short and purple
dress. The dress seemed to emphasize her gigantic hips as she approached
the table with a huge pot of stew. Then I noticed how extremely tall she
was when I had to lean my head back to stare up her pretty face. I even
liked her wide and high cheekbones.

"Have a seat Ray. I fixed a salad and some pie, but didn't know what
you might like. I have beer on ice too. I'll bring in a six pack."

"Gosh, I didn't expect such a great dinner, but I want to thank you.
Will your husband or anybody else be here? I will help you set the table."
"I've got it all ready and it's just us tonight. Please have a seat."

I took her advice and sat down while Nell finished setting the table
with what seemed like very huge bowls of stew, a big salad, two apple pies,
and in the middle the six pack of beer. She then pulled two sturdy chairs
up behind her and started to sit on both at once. I had never seen anyone
set on two chairs at once, but I got up and moved behind them saying, "Let
me push your chairs up to the table for you."

"Thank you Ray, you are such a thoughtful boy." I found she could twist
one giant hip forward when I pushed one chair, then scoot the other giant
hip forward when I pushed the second chair. Even when seated she sat
extremely tall, and I could not remember ever seeing anyone so large. She
continued, "Thank you, as you are the first to move my two chairs up for me
since my poor husband died a year ago." I stared at her huge behind for a
few moments. There was something fascinating about her great size that I
would never of believed could sexually stimulate me so very strongly. I
then sat down. I think maybe my mother's domination of me made me
attracted to such great size, even though I never wanted or consciously
desired domination. My mother was big, but nothing like Nell. I thought,
'this attraction is very strange'.

"I'm sorry you lost your husband, but maybe your kids fill in an empty
spot?" I blurted.

"No dear, my little husband was everything to me and I have sort of been
lost since he passed away. He was much older and I now live on savings
from his retirement program. I do some dressmaking for people... as I
have always been so big, and I always sew my own clothing. We were never
able to have kids. I manage to get along if I watch my budget. I buy a
lot of groceries. But tell me about yourself."

"Not much to tell, I am 21 and my mother divorced early. I was her only
child. She was rather poor and always insisted on me doing what she said.
I always did what she said until the last couple of years. I just got
tired of doing everything she said and started having fun. She objected to
my friends and the parties and even my girlfriends. I suppose I just
rebelled and after I went a year in college, I dropped out and tried to
make my own decisions. I could not please my mother anyway and realize she
was right about some things. The friends I chose were not very good people
and I suppose this shaved head reflects some of that, but I decided to
change my ways and started working more and thinking about leaving the
group I ran around with. I still lived at home and mom was always after me
for something. She never ever said 'thank you' to me. She could not see I
was trying to change, so I took this job here in Chicago, and here I am. I
want to turn my life around and eventually go back to college in business

"Ray, I admire your great ambitions, and at your tender age you can go a
long way! Will you miss your friends and your girlfriend?"

"My friends got arrested for selling marijuana and my last girlfriend
moved away, so I have nothing to miss. My mother is OK but I got tired of
her running my life. She didn't approve of my girlfriends either. She
thought they were all too fat and too tall for me, and I suppose just to
spite her I picked bigger and bigger girlfriends with the last three I
dated. But I have no regrets, as I just love the big ones... the bigger
the better I suppose."

"Well too bad you aren't my age then, as I am about as big as they get!"
Nell laughed. "But kidding aside, maybe you would like my sister's
youngest daughter Fran in Ohio, as she is just as large as I am... I
suppose it runs in my family! Seems the women in my family marry men 10
inches or so shorter than them and just a fraction of their weight." She
laughed. "They are all heavyset with a big butt, and I suppose, like me,
we big girls find it hard to get a mate. Fran and I are the largest in my
family though."

"Wow, a girl your size! I sure would love to meet Fran sometime. The
last girl I dated was 6 foot and 325 pounds, and 5 inches taller than me. A
girl as large as you would be extremely fantastic! I never dated or have
even seen such a big girl like your niece."

"I don't think Fran has done any dating, but she is now 20, almost 21,
maybe a year younger than you. I just hope you marry whoever you like, and
forget about your mother telling you who is right to marry. Eat some more
as you are not eating a fourth as much as I am. I may eat this pie, and
you can have a whole pie too, if you wish."

I was fascinated to see Nell just eat and eat and after most everything
was gone, she brought out another 6 pack of beer. As much as I love size,
I was beginning to wonder if I could make enough money to feed a girl the
size of her young niece.

After the huge meal, Nell said, "I have a big tv in the living room why
don't you watch it with me?"

We went into the living room and I noticed a table with a large top that
was made of extremely heavy wood. It had a sewing machine and a towel on
it. There was also a slick wooden mannequin head on one end of the table.
There were two open-side heavy chairs like those at the dining table. They
were pushed together side-by-side for Nell to sit on near the sewing
machine. There was not much else on the big plush rug that covered the big
floor, except for a big tv and a huge couch across from the TV.

"Sorry my living room is so bare, but I don't like lots of furniture
even if there is room for more. But come sit on the couch next to me."
Nell implored. Nell filled up most of the couch and I could not believe
that the top of her hips were as high as the back of the couch. I was
squeezed between her and the other end of the big couch, but I don't mind,
as I love the feel of her soft wide hip squeezing against me.

Nell turned the tv on to a music channel with the volume very low, like
she would rather talk. We chatted about things we liked and disliked and
after awhile, Nell laid her huge hand on the back of my shaved head and
said, "I love the way you shave your head, it reminds me of my late bald
husband. It feels as slick as my wooden mannequin head on my sewing

I looked at the wooden head and noticed it had no wig on it saying, "My
mother has one almost that size she uses for her wig."

Nell at first didn't reply, as she stared the mannequin head,. then
said, "Sometimes I use it for making a hat," and smiled, as she just
continued rubbing her big hand over my slick head."

I then asked, "Nell, do you get lonely?"

"Yes Ray, you could never know how lonely I get. My little husband was
the only one that could ever keep me happy. That is him in the picture on
the TV."

I looked at the tv and the picture showed an amazing disproportion
between the two, with him looking like he was at least a foot or so,
shorter than big Nell. He appeared about a third as wide as her. I
commented, "Well he looks like he might be my height or shorter, but he was
a nice looking man. Maybe you will find someone else now that he is gone."

"Ray, he was the only man that I will ever be able to find. He knew
what I liked and he was always happy to please me. I am afraid no other
man would understand my needs."

"Well Nell, even with our age difference I am very strongly attracted to
you, so you must not understand men that well. I am sure there is someone
else who would love you." I then laid my arm behind her, but I was unable
to reach the other side of her wide hips, so I just rubbed the flesh of her
giant behind. That part of her was up as high as the couch back. I never
dreamed any lower body could be so big. "Nell, even though you sit so high
that my head only comes up to the level of your breasts, I don't mind
looking up to you. I even feel a great attraction toward you. I am sure
other men would be attracted also."

"Ray, you are such a sweet boy and I am also attracted to you, but our
different age and my body condition would not allow us more than just some
heavy petting. Only a man like my husband would be right for me," as she
squeezed me very firmly against her huge hip.

"Well Nell, I look to be his size or bigger and I know how to please a
woman. I have had some pretty large girlfriends and with my last one I was
even too small for her, but I found ways to please her very much."

Nell pulled me over to her chest and just held me between her huge
breasts. Nell sat so much higher than I do, I had to stand up to kiss her.
I unbuttoned her blouse and then her bra. Her breasts were the largest I
had seen and I played with them a long time by squeezing them over the
sides of my head and by sucking on her large nipples. She then unbuckled
my belt and pulled my pants down to give me some great oral service. She
sure knows how to give head! I put my hand inside her dress and rubbed her
clitoris which was the largest I had felt. She would allow this, but would
pull my hand back when I tried to lower it to her vagina. In spite of my
stimulation of her clitoris, she did not orgasm. After awhile, I asked
her, "Can I fuck you and give you an orgasm?"

"No Ray, I have great trouble getting the stimulation that makes me
orgasm, and I am much to large for you. The only partner I could do that
with was my former husband. I am just glad I could service you. I
appreciate your offer." Then she held me to her breasts again and kissed

"But Nell, I know I could give you an orgasm. The last girlfriend I had
was so huge I had to use my hand inside her along side my penis. I will
try that for you. She loved that."

"Ray, you have already rekindled my sex, and the offer is erotic to me,
but I know myself, and besides you must get some rest for your new job.
You run along now to your room, as I have some work to do on my sewing

I looked at her sewing table and there was one only a towel on the
middle of one side. The sewing machine was on another side, and the
mannequin head sat on the middle of another side... but I could see
nothing that appeared to be sewing, or any work in progress. I had never
seen a table before that looked like it weighed six times what her big
dining room table weighed, but the wood was massive. Then I noticed a big
coil of rope against the wall near the mannequin head side of the table and
asked, "Wow that is a really big rope there."

"Yes Ray, it has one end my husband attached to a couple of studs inside
the wall for strength. That way it is strong and I can use it to pull
myself up from sitting."

"That sounds like a good idea Nell, but for your size I notice you get
up and down very easily, and get around much faster than I would have
thought possible." I then thought to myself, 'It might have been better to
have the rope near the two chairs at the table as turning that heavy table
would be a chore' but I didn't say that.

"Sometimes I use that rope Ray, but now I have some things I must take
care of. Thank you as I loved our wonderful visit this evening."

I went back to my room and then heard her lock her door at the end of my
little hallway to her part of the house. After about ten minutes, I heard
distant thud like sounds over and over about every twenty seconds apart and
the sound lasted for about another ten or twenty minutes. It sounded like
something shaking the wall of the house and I even noticed some muffled
sounds of a voice in the distance. This seemed strange to me as Nell must
be doing 'something', but it was not sewing clothes. I watched tv and went
to bed early to be ready for my new job.

Early the next morning I was up and could smell bacon. Soon there was a
knock on my door and a voice that said, "Ray, I fixed enough breakfast for
both of us if you would like to eat."

"Sure Nell, I am hungry and smell something good cooking." Nell had
prepared a big breakfast of eggs, bacon, pancakes, biscuits, jelly, juice,
and coffee. I ate until I was full but Nell just kept eating and eating. I
suppose when you are a woman six and a half feet tall and weighs maybe 650
pounds, you have to eat like that. I still could not believe how big her
hips were, and how they hung over the outside of those side-by-side chairs,
as she sat at the dinner table.

"Ray if you wish I will let you eat meals here for a price near my cost.
I would not charge you except I have to make ends meet!" she laughed.

I agreed, as her food was great and I needed to start saving my money
for education. Then I went on to my new job.

At the factory, I found that the work required punching a time clock and
what I had to do was extremely simple... just packing items for shipment.
The factory was even close enough to walk there and back, and I could save
money on gas. The work sure was easy, but it was rather boring. My uncle
was very friendly and wanted me to learn ever part of his factory
operation. After about two months, he even asked me about decisions to hire
and fire employees.

During the next three months I got to know Nell better, and she kept me
happy with oral sex anytime I wanted it. I would also try to stimulate her
by rubbing her big clitoris, and I could tell she liked it, but she never
had an orgasm. During the following weeks as I got to know my uncle better
he would always take me out to lunch with him as he had no family. I
certainly like him. He keeps showing me how all the operations of his
factory are managed and done. To me it seems rather simple and I think I
could even run the place by now. Nell keeps me satisfied and gives me
great head. So far, I have not even looked for a new girlfriend. Today we
were setting on the couch and I tried rubbing her clitoris which got very
hard and big, but she would still not let me put my hand down to her
vaginal opening. She would let me completely undress her and play with her
huge breasts and body, but when it came to using my hand on her vagina, she
would pull it back and say, "That won't get me off, but your attention
makes me hot and I love it."

"Nell, you should let me try, as I feel bad that you have given me great
orgasms for months, but I can't do the same for you."

"Don't fret about it Ray, I am very happy with our arrangement and love
your affection."

I wanted to kiss her but she sat so high I had to stand up and lean
forward. When I stood and approached Nell to kiss her, I accidentally
stepped on Nell's big foot and quickly she pulled it back. She pulled my
foot out from under me, and I fell back to ketch myself onto the sturdy
sewing table. I knocked over my can of beer. The beer ran all over almost
reaching the towel that covered the middle of one side of the table. But
the beer mostly ran around the base of the mannequin head and off the table
onto the thick rug. Nell said, "That's OK, just use that towel to wipe it
up." I picked up the towel and to my surprise, there was a round hole under
it that was about 9 inches across and was in the exact middle of one side
of the big heavy table. I mopped up the beer on the table and saw beer
still dripping off the edge of the table. As I mopped up around the base
of the mannequin head I tried to move it, but it was solid and would not
move. I leaned over to look under the table and get the beer off the thick rug. The big table was high enough I could easily crawl under it to clean
the rug. As I crawled under the table to clean the rug, I noticed that the
slick wooden mannequin head was mounted with huge screws attaching it
firmly to the table.

"Nell, I never saw a table with a 9 inch round hole in it before. Does
that help you with sewing?"

"No Ray, that is a hole my husband had in this table when he made it for
me. I just never filled it in after he died as I don't need it. He liked
to make things, and he made this table very strong. You get a good rest
now, and I will have breakfast ready for you in the morning."

That night I left my hallway door open and about fifteen minutes after I
got back to my room I heard the same repeated thud sounds over and over
like I had been hearing off and on for months. This time they were louder,
as my hallway door was open. I wondered what it could be. I could hear a
moaning noise and wondered if Nell was ok? Always before, I heard Nell
lock her door at the end of the little hallway that led to her part of the
house, but tonight I had not heard that door lock. Something had to be
shaking the walls to make the recurrent thud noises, and I could not resist
looking to see what was going on. I slowly opened her hallway door and
peeked around it through the dark dining room and looked toward the
illuminated living room. All I could see was part of one wall and I
noticed that the big two inch rope was now standing tight and each thud
noise, which was much louder now, was caused by a tightening jerk on that
rope. The rope had one end mounted into the studs in the wall, so with
each pull it shook the house with a thud noise. I could not believe that
Nell would be jerking on that rope over and over, but now I could hear a
low moan with each jerk of the rope.

As I started to enter the dining room I could see Nell was still totally
naked and it appeared that she was bent forward. Both her hands were
behind a big knot in the rope as she pulled. She appeared to be starting
to sit on the heavy table, and as she lowered her bottom toward the table
top, she would then pull tightly on the rope, followed by a very slow rise
back up about seven or eight inches higher. Then I noticed Nell slowly
relaxing her pull on the rope and gradually settling her bottom back down
with an extremely slow downward and smooth pace. Only as she started back
up did she pull hard and make the thud noise. This was weird. Why would
she sit up and down, and do so extremely slowly? Then it dawned on me!
The mannequin head was at that end of the table, and was under her. I
thought she must be trying to press down on top of it over and over. Maybe
that is the way she gets off as she is moaning. Then I noticed she sat
down too far to just sit on the top of the head. I squatted down in the
dark dining room to see from a lower angle... and to my total amazement I
noticed that the head was going up into her vagina.

As I watched, my penis became very hard and I was totally fascinated
with Nell's masturbation. With each squat, I could see the head slowly
slide up into her vagina until the neck was inside her, and then with a
thud like sound she would pull, and then just as slowly Nell would raise up
7 or 8 inches so that the head slid out to the level above the eyes and
only the top and forehead were still inside her huge vagina. It seemed to
slide back and forth very easily and Nell pulled the rope about every
twenty seconds which allowed her to move just the right distance. It was
the most erotic thing I ever saw! I thought that a real head would have
just enough time to get a very deep breath about every twenty seconds
before Nell slid her vaginal opening back down over the head to its neck
level. I had heard that maybe one couple in a million do head insertions,
whenever the woman is very huge, and Nell certainly was huge. Suddenly I
heard a loud grunt and I knew she was having an orgasm! She stopped and
seemed frozen for about a minute with the whole head insider her vagina. I
could hear her panting. Nell then pulled enough on the rope to stand up,
and as she stood, there was a slurping suction noise as the head pulled out
of Nell's vagina. She then took the towel off the 9 inch hole near another
edge of the table. Then Nell appeared to use it to very tenderly wipe off
the mannequin head, as though it were a live person.

As Nell turned to sit on the couch, she screamed, "Ray, Damn you! You
were not supposed to see this! I thought I locked my door!"

"Nell I am sorry, but I heard you moaning and thought you were in
trouble!" I went to her side and sat by her on the couch saying, I would
never tell anybody. Besides, what you were doing made me jack off, as I
never saw anything so erotic and stimulating ever."

"Ray, I just knew the way I got orgasms would totally turn you off! I
am very surprised you liked it and could jerk off while watching!"

"Nell, it was the most exciting thing sexually I ever experienced...
just watching that head sliding inside you and staying in there about
twenty seconds, and then you raising back up to let it breath, just like it
was alive, was even more exciting. I wish it had been me!"

Nell did not say a word, but leaned over and encased my head between her
huge breasts for a long time. I was in heaven. Finally she said, "I never
thought anyone but my husband and I would even think about such activity,
much less enjoy it."

"Nell, let me guess, did your husband cut that 9 inch hole in the table
so he could be like the mannequin head?"

"Yes Ray, when we first married I was very young, but so I was still way
to large for him, so he would fist me with both his little hands. I could
at first orgasm sometimes that way. He kept trying to stretch me larger
because that made me orgasm, and I loved the stretching. Then for awhile,
he found that if he pressed his knee up inside me I could orgasm that way.
We used that method for about a year, and I was getting where I wouldn't
tighten up much with my orgasms. When we first married, my vagina would
tighten very much with orgasms, but later on, it only did a little. After
awhile, no matter how big something was, it would come back out in a minute
or less as I quit tightening up much after orgasms. I knew I was big
enough for a whole head, even very shortly after we married, but I didn't
tell my husband for fear of trapping his head inside. I was afraid my
opening would tighten around his neck. I knew that could be very
dangerous. After I quit having tight spasms with my orgasms, one day after
he used his knee into me very deeply, I couldn't resist telling him about
my fantasy. I had been admiring his bald head and ask him to just try his
slick bald head into me just a little way. He was very good to do anything
I asked him, but he was a little scared. I promised not to swallow him and
then he rubbed the back of his head into me about up to his nose. I had
the greatest orgasm ever. After that he built this heavy table so he could
sit under it and put his head through that 9 inch hole. With the rope, I
could adjust the depth and time he was inside me easily. We did this for
35 years and nobody but us knew about it. I sure miss him, but this
mannequin head I attached to the table helps a little if I try to think
about him when I use it."

"Nell, I read about other couples that do this, but only maybe one in a
million couples do."

"Ray, I never heard of anyone but my husband and me who even thought
about it. I am amazed you would even want to try it!"

"Not only would I want to, it would be the greatest thing I ever did...
I wish we could do it right now!"

"Ray, my big cunt craved you ever since I saw your cute little bald
head, you keep it so slick and it reminds me very much of my late husband,
bless his soul. But I would never ask you to do this, should you have even
the very slightest reservation about doing it."

I could tell Nell was getting very excited about the thought, and I then
began to feel a little frightened. I wanted more than anything to feel my
head sliding in and out of that huge cunt, but wondered if it were
dangerous. Then I gathered my courage and said, "Nell lets do it right

I think I never saw a big mouth smile so big as Nell smiled as she said,
"Great, help me turn the hole side of this big table toward the rope wall."
Nell must be very strong, as she moved ahead of me and turned the table
using one hand before I could get there to help. I then pulled with both
hands after she already turned the table, but I could not eve budge it as
it weighed hundreds pounds, but maybe less that Nell's 650 pound bulk. I
suppose moving Nell's big body around and slowly pulling her 650 pounds up
and down with that big rope made Nell stronger than a weight lifter.

I said, "When I noticed you using the wooden head Nell, I should have
realized then the hole in the table was for the live version. Now I know
why the rope is not closer to the twin chairs, as you get up and down from
them just fine!" Nell and I both laughed.

Nell then brought in some wet and dry towels to use and said, "I feel so
much wetness just thinking about this, that we don't need any lubricant." I
checked under the table to see how to sit with my head through the big hole in it. Nell said, "I see no problem, but just let your weight pull your
head back out if I get too tight or if you're in too long... there should
be no problem. My late husband invented this and it works great!" I
wondered what I was getting myself into?

Under the table I noticed her husband had cut deep grooves for his
shoulders to fit up as high as possible, and this allowed his neck to stick
up through the very thick wood above the hole with the base of his neck
near table top level. I got a pillow and it was really quite comfortable
to squat on my knees under the table. I tested my head through the big
hole and there was plenty of room. I noticed the edges of the hole were
round and polished slick to do away with any sharp edges. When I put my
head through to test it, Nell exclaimed, "Wow, that looks like supper all
over again!" and laughed.

I blushed and asked, "Is there anything I need to know about this before
we start?"

"Ray, you will be able to talk to me when I slide your head partially
out to breathe deeply, but I like to keep you inside a longer time when I
orgasm. Just hold your breath. I will yell 'NOW' so you will know when to
take that longer breath. Just think of it like swimming under water when
you hold your breath. My husband and I always did it this way."

I then got on my knees under the big table and put my head up through
the hole. It didn't take Nell any time at all to be there, as I think she
could hardly wait. When you look up and see an ass wider than two big
chairs above you, it is a little frightening, especially knowing it will
soon swallow you. I could see her labia were standing apart as she started
to lower herself and her vaginal slit opening looked to be open six or more
inches front to back when I looked up. I then made my head level as the
opening in that very wide bottom centered on my head. I then knew it
didn't have much more to stretch before I would be inside. As Nell began
to sit down, I felt her opening and her labia touch the top of my head. To
my surprise, her opening and her labia pressed upward fairly easily. It
seemed that my head was pushing up into her pelvic opening, without even
opening her vagina very much.

Then Nell said, "It may take a few sits to relax my vagina I am so
excited. In the meantime, your head will just push up into my bone opening
before I stretch open more." Nell then lowered herself more and it got
dark, but I could feel her ring of vaginal opening still at the very top of
my head. Her opening did not feel to be sliding down over my head much and
the pressure was getting much stronger. I then heard Nell say, "Damn I got
so excited I have trouble relaxing." I could still breathe, as my head was
only inside her pelvic bones and not in her vaginal opening. Nell then
pulled up and down and as she did, with each lowering I could feel the
opening of her vaginal ring sinking more and more over the top of my head.
I though with such a wide pelvic opening she could probably even sit
sideways to swallow me. Her vaginal ring was now sliding down to about an
inch above my ear lobes and when she pulled up, there was a loud suction
sound if my slick head broke the vacuum seal of her vaginal ring. At first
I would give to each downward stroke, but then I stiffened and let the
vaginal ring slide more and more over my head, and I sunk into her deeper
with every stroke. It was as though she were relaxing very fast and the
opening was sliding down a lot more. There was a lot less pressure now
that my head was going inside, as the pressure before was against the
opening ring, and with it open, there was not a lot of pressure at all
except from the sides of the opening vaginal ring. To me this was the most
erotic part, just feeling the sides of the ring sliding over my head deeper
and deeper.

As she rose up, I said, "Nell, I will hold my breath for thirty seconds
if you will just stay down the next time you sit."

I took a deep breath and heard her say, "Sure Ray," and then felt her
sit even more firmly as her opening ring slid to the middle of my forehead.
Everything was very dark and silent as she just stayed in one place and
even though she didn't move up or down, I felt the opening ring of Nell's
vagina slowly sliding down toward my eyes. Then I could feel my ear lobes
push downward as the ring started moving over my ears and eyes. It was the
longest 30 seconds so far in my life as I just felt her vaginal ring moving
down down over my face as she finally relaxed... then I felt it touch my
nose, and then it swallowed my nose. After my nose, it moved very fast and
slid on down over my mouth and then my chin all the way to my neck. I then
felt I was completely inside a vagina even though it was just my head
inside Nell. When the 30 seconds was up, I was ready to breath and Nell
was pulling on her rope. As she rose, her vaginal ring drug very tight
around and across my face like my head was pulling through a large rubber
band, but it was so erotic I could hardly restrain from having an orgasm. I
resisted the urge and heard Nell say, "Are you OK?" as she pulled up enough
that her vaginal ring was again around my forehead. She continued, "Now I
am open and it will be easy to slide up and down over your head."

"Sure Nell, I am fine. I love this. Just use my head as your big
dildo." Nell was right. Each slide now was smooth and did not have the
marked pressure felt before her vaginal ring relaxed and opened up. The
next few slides in and out were pure heaven! Soon my ear lobes would not
even push down much when she came down as she slipped her vagina over my
head very easily. I loved the feel of her opening ring sliding up and down
over my head and face. I even tried licking her G-Spot when I was inside

Then I heard Nell yell, "NOW!" and I knew to take a deep breath. Nell
then slid my head all the way inside and I could tell she put her full 650
pounds down on the table top but I did not feel the weight as her vagina was relaxed open and I had just slipped deep inside her. Suddenly I could
feel her opening contract some around my neck but it was not tight. It was
an eerie feeling trapped inside a big vagina with no air, but very very
erotic nonetheless. In the next few seconds everything was perfectly quiet
except I could feel the pulsating of her opening ring around my neck from
her orgasm, and I could hear and feel Nell's heavy panting.

Also I could hear her rapid heart beating in the distance. I was about
to try pulling my head out as I needed to get a breath when she pulled on
the rope and at first the vaginal rim caught on my chin, but rapidly the
ring slid on over my chin and face to let me out enough to breathe. I
thought Nell would then pull my head out, but she only rose up until her
vaginal ring was around my forehead. Then she continued to start lowering
and raising her vagina over my head again. She would slowly slide my head
into her and then slowly slide me back out. I had a window of time to take
a deep breath, as she seemed to time the total cycle to about twenty
seconds. I just love the feeling of her opening ring sliding slowly back
and forth over my head and face and found it the most erotic thing of my
entire life. Some times I would even exhale after my nose and mouth slid
inside her vagina and this would make a loud blurbing sound as the air
escaped from around my head. It also felt very strange as air filled
around my face before it pushed on out of Nell's opening below my head.
When I tried to breathe with my head inside I could not get air as the
walls of her soft vagina just pulled against my nose or mouth.

I liked pushing air out after my whole head was inside Nell, as the
noise and the feeling of it was erotic. After sliding my head in and out
of her for awhile, Nell yelled "NOW!" again and I was less scared this
time. After using me for several orgasms, I was feeling very erotic and put
my penis in my hand the next time Nell yelled "NOW!" This time I had a huge
orgasm while Nell was very still as I held my breath just listening and
feeling her panting, with me trapped inside her big vagina. It seemed like
forever before Nell pulled upward to let me breathe. That very time was
Nell's final orgasm, and she then rose all the way up.

My head made a loud slurping vacuum sound, like pulling away a big
toilet bowl plunger, as I popped out of her vagina. Nell went to the couch
and I followed. She already had her towels in her hand and used the wet
one first and then dried my head off. Nell said, "I always loved doing
this with my husband and sometimes even licked his head clean after sex.
He loved that. Fucking your head was just as great as with my husband,
maybe better... as it has been so long since I had a real head." Then Nell
leaned over onto me almost crushing me with her huge body and breasts. We
then went to her big bed and I played with her huge body and breasts a long
time. After a last good night kiss, Nell said, "Maybe I can find a way to
keep you here with me without swallowing you whole." and laughed loudly.

During the next forty days, every day Nell and I did the head swallowing
and I am now a total addict. I would never want anything else as this is
so very stimulating to me. I have been having orgasms out of this world
even without oral sex, and Nell is in heaven too. She is being very good
to me and I love it. I am learning how to do things with my head inside
Nell's big vagina to make her orgasm easier. I think I will try using a
breathing tube I read about once on the internet, to keep my head totally
inside her vagina for a much longer time without having to hold my breath.

Today I told her, "Nell, I wish you were my age. I have never had such
orgasms as I have with you. When my whole head was inside you I fell like
all of me is totally inside you, giving me a better orgasm than I ever
thought possible. When I thought that since I live in my mind and head,
that fits totally inside you, You totally surround and engulf me. That is
my most erotic thought, ever! I just feel we are together."

"Thank you Ray, when I feel and think about your head inside me, I also
think your head is really all of you that matters and I have totally
swallowed you. I feel you are mine, and it makes me very hot thinking
about you inside me. Just a wooden head is nothing compared to having a
'living you' inside me. Maybe we can be together until you find a
girlfriend. I even wanted you to find a nice girlfriend and I also had a
big surprise to tell you. But now I may get very jealous."

"Nell, I don't understand, as we can just keep having fun. I love this
new head sex! It has become the most important thing in life for me!"

"Well Ray, I had given up on finding anyone to ever headfuck me again.
Shortly after you started renting here, I told my sister I had a nice young roomer that liked big heavy girls. The problem is that three months ago,
before I knew you liked head fucking, my sister called me and asked me if
she could pay for Fran to live with me here, as Fran wants to attend a
Night School here in Chicago that accepted her. Fran wants to be a medical
assistant and they have night program to teach that. I agreed to keep her
here, and Fran is supposed to be here in 20 days. When you said you liked
large girls, I wanted to keep that information as a surprise, but since I
agreed with my sister about Fran, I found out you like head fucking me.
Now it becomes totally another story. I want you all for myself! I didn't
care if you met Fran before!"

"Wow Nell, I may have gone to heaven with two big women living here.
But I promise we can still do the head thing even if I ever dated your
young niece. I love our head swallowing, and Fran most likely could never
open up like you do to swallow my whole head. As you know I am addicted to
that now!"

"Ray, I am so lucky you came along. I like sex so much that I thought I
would go crazy when my husband died. I now have you, but I know that can
only be a temporary thing. I still hate to loose you. I may call my
sister and tell her I can not keep Fran here."

"Nell, I will tell Fran that you and I are lovers and engaged to be
married, and whether she likes it or not, it won't matter, we can still
both be happy. That way you won't have to upset your sister and your
niece. Besides you said she will go to Night School and we will not have to
bother with her when I come back from work."

"Ray, I suppose I should not be so selfish, and maybe Fran may not even
like you, so I will not call my sister now."

"Well Nell, do what you think best, but I will not stop head fucking you
ever! As long as you want me to do it, I will be here for you. I love you

"It seems sinful for an old gal like me to want a young lad, and to say
this, but Ray, I really love you too, and I also mean sexually!"

During the next few days, I continued to have fun with Nell, and I even
bought a little soft rubber tube to try breathing through. I had read
about this on the internet, but didn't yet have a computer here to look up
the details. I remember that one end was wrapped with adhesive tape to
keep it from pulling out from between the teeth, so I tried that. I put it
in my mouth and tried breathing through it for twenty minutes with no
problem, so I wanted to try it inside Nell. That evening after supper, I
told Nell, "I want to try something a little different so let's lie on the
big thick rug, and use the two chairs by the big table to support your big

"Sure Ray, anything you want to try is fine with me." We made room on
the rug with a chair on each side of Nell's wide body to put one leg up on
each chair and I still had room to lie on my back between the chairs and
Nell's legs. I explained about the breathing tube and Nell said, "How will
I know when you want back out of me?"

"Nell, when you want me out just tighten up your belly and push. When I
want out, I will push up on your inner thighs with both hands, and you can
then strain and push like labor." Nell agreed and I laid on my back between
her huge legs that were propped up on the chairs on each side. Her legs
were wide apart and then I reached back behind my head with both hands and
felt of her labia. I inserted a hand on each side and pulled to spread
them, then I laid the back of my head into the space between her labia.
Usually Nell was quite moist, and sometimes almost too moist, but it seemed
a little dry so I reached up above my head and rubbed her clitoris.
Shortly after doing this and slowly sliding the back of my slick head up
and down over Nell's labia there was more than enough moisture. I then
slid my head side to side a few times.

I had not yet tried any pressure or leaning the back of my head into
her, but when I did, I was amazed at how quickly and easily she opened the
vaginal opening ring. It was as though the foreplay had relaxed Nell and
she was very ready to swallow my head. To me it seemed like it required
very little pressure backward to start sinking my head right on into Nell's
ring and with pressure backward three or four times I was in up to my ears.
This time, even my earlobes did not press forward very strongly as Nell
seemed very relaxed and there even seemed to be very much more room for my
head. I also thought maybe Nell relaxes more lying down. I almost forgot
about my breathing tube she relaxed so fast as I started to sink my head
completely into her vagina. Then I put the tube between my teeth and went
on inside.

Even though there was little tightness to feel the sliding through the
opening ring, I loved the very silky smooth feel of sliding my head into
her. There was a lot of room to turn my head to the sides and lean it back
and forward. Almost immediately, Nell had a big orgasm and I felt her
opening ring throb around my neck. I almost didn't have to used my hand on
my penis to orgasm at the very same time. I could now breathe easily and
knew I could stay inside Nell long as I wanted. I tried wiggling my nose
over her G-Spot and different movements to try to make her orgasm. I
counted six orgasms Nell had before I had another one myself, but on each
of hers I almost had another, until finally I did have another big one. I
did not know how long I had been inside Nell, but it seemed like close to a
hour. After that last orgasm together, soon Nell started pushing and the
pressure was actually pushing my head out of her. I loved the feeling of
her rhythmic straining and the pressure as I was being pushed out. I
wondered if babies feel such pressure when they are born? I helped very
little using my own pushing upward on her inner thighs... as I loved
feeling Nell pushing me out. When I was out, I removed the chairs and she
turned on her side to kiss me. She licked my head and face and we French
Kissed and hugged.

Finally Nell told me, "You were inside me well over an hour by the clock
on the tv and I worried you might get into trouble, but I hated to make you
come out. This is the first time I pushed a head out by simply straining
and I loved the feeling. I think I like it better than pulling up and down
with the rope. I have never had a child, and I thought giving birth to you
was wonderful!" she laughed.

"Nell, I also thought about being born with your pushing, and the waves
of pressure were erotic. I just loved it! I want to do this way of head
fucking you more often, but I also like the other method, so we can try
different things."

Nell and I now had a variety to our sex life. She would also give me
great oral service at times. I thought I was living in heaven. I helped
Nell get the room ready for Fran, but worried of the tensions it might
bring. Tomorrow on Sunday, Fran is to arrive and I had trouble sleeping on
Saturday night with so many thoughts in my mind. My boss must trust me, as
he took me out of the shipping department and made me a manager. I now
order goods and even help him make decisions. I was worried it would be
years getting better pay, but now my salary is quite good. He even told me
he had confidence in me to help him and he wanted to travel more so he
needed someone he could rely on when he was gone. Today I looked at big
used vans with big sliding doors that could haul the big women I may have
to deal with. Life was about to change a lot for me and I didn't know if
it would be for the better or the worse!

Finally Sunday morning is here and we are expecting Fran at any time. I
can tell that Nell is even more worried than I am as she was up very early
and seems edgy. Right on time, an older two door coupe type car pulled up.
It made considerable noise and I could tell it was a very old model whose
type I didn't recognize. I could see the occupant was huge and the old two
door coupe had extremely wide doors and a front seat specially welded much
farther back than a normal seat position. I knew about the modification to
the old car, as Fran got the idea from Nell's car. Nell would not be able
to drive unless she had modified her car. Fran's car was almost identical
to Nell's as it also had to have the seat welded back to allow her to fit
inside. The big door and the extra seat room was badly needed as Fran
filled the front seat and part of the back. However the old car served the
purpose of transporting one very huge girl. I thought Nell was kidding me
when she said Fran was a big as she was... but to my amazement, she was
right. Fran was a big blond, and I mean BIG. She towered over me, maybe
even an inch taller than Nell, and had many of Nell's huge huge features
like her very wide hips.

Fran's most amazing feature to me was that if you only looked at her
from the upper chest up, she appeared to be just a beautiful blond dish
with almost normal features, but from there on down she was maybe five or
six times as big as normal. It was just amazing and I have never seen
anything like it, even in pictures. I thought it was like the top part of
a model girl was just attached to the body of a butt heavy giantess. Her
voice was sweet and she was very polite. I helped move her to her room and
Nell and I had just yesterday moved another big couch into the living room
so she would have a place to sit. When she sat down to rest and chat, she
seemed to fill the other couch as much or more than Nell. She also sat
very high and the back of her butt was as high as the back of the couch. I
could not believe there were two women like this and both in this house. I
had made a pact with Nell to lie to Fran about us. I did this so Nell
would not worry about Fran stealing me away from her as she seemed paranoid
about that. I told Nell I would stick by her and I meant it, but this Fran
was making a new bulge in my pants. When we sat in the living room, I lied
to Fran, "Nell and I get along so well we are thinking about getting
married." I thought that would test her right off the bat.

Fran said, "I really think it is wonderful when two people such as you
two can put age differences aside and just be happy with each other. I
thought it was really neat that Nell and my uncle were 20 years different
in age, and I am so glad that you two are happy with each other. I would
love to be a bridesmaid if you choose to have a big wedding."

At first I thought she was just making smart remarks, but as the
conversation went on, I could see that Fran really meant what she said, and
was just being the sweet girl her pretty face showed. Nell seemed to relax
a little with Fran's further remarks and became more congenial in her
conversation. I was hoping they would get along, and so far the tension I
worried about had not developed.

Fran then said, "you make a handsome groom for my aunt and I expect to
help around here with the cooking and chores as I know my mother is not
paying a lot for my rent."

I said, "I just got a raise and maybe I can also contribute more. It
seems that my uncle here has taken a liking to me and promoted me to help
manage his factory."

During the next few days, Fran did everything she could to help Nell and
even did some painting and clean up work that Nell was going to hire done.
She went to school on week day nights and on weekends she stayed out of the
way except to help with chores and was very polite. She treated me more
like an older man even though we are only a year apart in age. Nell and I
would still have fun at night and I moved out of my room into Nell's
bedroom at Nell's suggestion. I suspect it might be so she can keep an eye
on me around Fran, as there are only two bathrooms with one connecting
Nell's room and the other connecting my hallway. Every time I look at
Fran, I get hot and can't help but think about that enormous beautiful
blond, but I love Nell and she keeps me satisfied so far. I am now paying
for the groceries, and I never dreamed two women could eat so much. It
seems that one outdoes the other in the eating department. Nell does the
grocery shopping in her old modified car. I give her enough money, but she
always saves me the grocery receipts... which look like the installments
for buying a new Lexus. It always takes her about two or three hours to
grocery shop.

After about six weeks things were still running smoothly and Nell and
Fran seemed to get along just great. Fran likes her night school work and
now does most of the cooking and cleaning. She stays in her room a lot
watching tv and reading. When she watches tv in the big living room, she
will fill up her own couch and I will squeeze between Nell's big hip and
that couch's arm. So far I have managed to keep my hands off Fran. Nell
seems to think I am just 'her man'. Today is Saturday morning and Nell got
up excited, as there is a new grocery store opening and the papers
advertise some huge opening sales.

"Ray, I made you a tray here for your breakfast when you get up, but I
am going to the big sale. Why don't you go back to sleep after I get some
money for the groceries that I want to buy."

I seldom am left alone in the house with Fran and that was in the back
of my mind when I said, "Nell here is five hundred dollars, just buy what
you like and bring me back any change."

"Ray, you go back to bed." She kissed me and Nell was gone out the door.
I knew Nell would be gone for maybe three or more hours. I carried the
tray into the dining room and started to sit at the table when Fran's door
to the dining room flew open and a huge hip came squeezing sideways through
the doorway. Fran stooped a little to keep her head from hitting the top
door sill. She was wearing a huge robe that piled up in wads on the tops
of each broad hip as her waist was much more narrow than her hips, and she
was maybe more narrow waisted that Nell, however even their waists were
both huge. I said, "Good morning Fran, I just can't get over how you two
beautiful girls have to stoop a little to get through these six and a half
foot doorways, but I think you are even a little taller than Nell. You two
must think I'm a midget around here being only five seven."

Fran laughed and said, "You must be kidding me, as I really think you
are a cute size. I though I heard Nell's car and wondered what happened.
She seldom leaves while I am here."

"Fran, Nell went across town to a new big grocery store opening. I
think she likes sales... and besides I gave her five hundred dollars to
shop with."

"Ray I think I am blushing as you must know she will shop for hours with
us just alone here." and Fran laughed.

"Fran, don't you trust me?" And I laughed.

"Yes Ray, but I don't know if I trust myself!" and Fran laughed louder.

"Well I must admit I drool whenever I look at your beautiful blond head
and your wonderful big body, but I try to stay loyal to Nell."

"Ray I would never come between you and Nell but I sure am attracted to
you. Maybe someday I could do things for you like Nell, as I know more
than you think."

"Fran, I don't understand, but I would love to take you up on the last
statement you made! Just looking at you makes me so hot I could burst."

"Thank you Ray, You wouldn't believe a nice girl like me gets so hot
sexually. But you see, I know what is going on here. I hear the same
sounds from your room on weekends and I found the other signs too. Maybe
someday I could do it"

"Fran, I have no idea about what you are talking about"

Fran walked over to me and without taking off her huge robe squeezed my
head between her breasts and then bent over to kiss the top of my slick
shaven head. "Ray, sit by me on the couch and I will spill my guts out to
you. I need to tell someone that would believe me, as I have never told
anyone. Not even my mother. I can tell you as you already know all about
it." I followed those huge bouncing hips like a puppy dog after its master
and we sat on the couch.

I felt squeezed even tighter against Fran's huge thigh pressing me
against the end of the couch. It was firmer than Nell's thigh, which was a
lot softer. When she hugged me, her breasts were just as big as Nell's but
a lot firmer also. Fran then continued, "When I was seventeen I stayed
here with Nell and my uncle for two weeks. Very late at night I could hear
the house shake about three times a minute over and over and one night I
slowly opened my door into the dark dining room and watched what was going
on. I was horrified. Nell was sitting on my uncle's head over and over. I
left my door open a crack and sat on the floor. As you can see from that
side of the dining room I could see this table well and as I sat there, it
was just amazing to see my uncle's head slowly slide in and out of aunt
Nell's cunt. I didn't know what to do, but as I watched I could see how
much they both enjoyed it. Soon I got hot myself, I even masturbated with
a huge orgasm. I will never forget the suction noise when his head came
out and how there were blubbering noises when he let out air while he was
inside my aunt's cunt. I really got hot as I had never seen any kind of
sex before.

"I had done some masturbation for years, and even used some vegetables
at home to masturbate. I had started with cucumbers then went to eggplant
and even big squash, I liked it real well and knew I had a much larger cunt that normal. I never dreamed anyone was large enough for an adult head
even though my aunt and I are so much larger than others. I soon realized
I was going to be just like my aunt and figured I would have trouble
finding a boy who liked a big cunt. Since that time three years ago, I
have not dated and have just masturbated. I never mentioned this to anyone
except you. When I came here this time I was surprised to see my aunt had
found another man with a bald head that loved her apparently as much as my
uncle. But still it was hard to believe someone else would do head fucking
as I read how rare that was on the internet. In order to confirm my
suspicion, I would slip around when nobody was in the living room and put a
little ring of talcum powder on the rounded inside edge of the 9 inch hole in the big table. That way I could see when the powder was gone. I
checked every day and I knew how often you and Nell did the head fucking...
at least headfucking using the hole in the table. On weekends when I was
here at night, I could go near your locked door and hear what you and Nell
were doing in your bedroom. I even remember the sucking noise of a head
coming out of her cunt and I heard that same sound when my uncle's head was
coming out. Not much else could sound like that."

"Fran, I just can hardly believe I have found 'two' girls who would like
head fucking when it must be about the rarest of all sex practices. But
you see I love the thought of it as much as Nell; and I love to do it. I
still will stay loyal to Nell even if we ever have sex. Besides there is a
lot of difference between a cucumber and a head! You might not like it or
might not be able to do it."

"Ray, up till now I have only thought about it. There is nobody to do
it with. Since I visited my uncle and Nell, I always use a vivid headfuck
image in my mind to help me masturbate. And as to cucumbers, I quit doing
them even before I was seventeen and had graduated to eggplants and big
squash. I am built like Nell and was too big for a penis even at that age.
Now that I found out about head fucking, I masturbate with much larger
things. I am afraid I will be an old maid, as I would never find a partner
for my cunt size, unless of course you like me. However, right now I am
very much afraid of doing it."

"Fran, I can understand that, as you have never done it but are plenty
big enough with the big hips and that huge pelvis of yours. You would just
have to practice until you are larger and someday then I will do it with
you when Nell is not around." Fran then leaned over opening her robe and
pressed my head between her huge firm breasts and squeezed and I put my
mouth on a huge nipple and felt it get hard.

"I also love your slick shaved head, Ray." And she began rubbing her
huge hand over the top of my head as I relished being between the huge firm
orbs of her breasts. "But Ray, size is not my problem at all. After I
visited my aunt and uncle, when I got home I went from big acorn squash to
three liter pop bottles and soon could totally insert one in me. The
problem was I would then orgasm and after that I could not relax enough to
push it back out... sometimes for a half hour as my cunt opening muscles
would spasm. If I only slid up and down on them like my aunt did uncle's
head, all was well, as I could raise up and get it out, but if it went in
using the blunt end first I would clamp down on the smaller end and
depending on the spasm, it could take a long time coming out. Then I
started asking to eat spaghetti squash and would shop with my mother for
the larger ones. I hope she didn't wonder why I took them to my bedroom!
But I gradually got bigger and bigger ones until some were quite a bit
larger than heads. My biggest fun is swallowing one into my cunt and
thinking it is a big head, then after my orgasm relaxes, I push it out like
having a baby."

"Wow Fran, Nell can squeeze hard over and over and push my head back out
when we both lie on our backs with her big legs resting on chairs at my
sides. I think I love that feeling as much or more than her sitting on the
top of my head like she did your uncle with my head through the table hole.
You are a damn good detective to think of the talcum powder."

"Thank you Ray, but now I have told you about me, I am frustrated. I
want to do a head fuck, but swallowing your head would be like other big
things I masturbate with. Sometimes I orgasm without much spasm, and you
could get back out... but taking that chance could and probably would lead
to your death by suffocation! We can not risk it. When you are at work,
and Fran goes shopping I had nothing large enough to orgasm with... well
until I noticed the wooden head on this table. I knew that Nell was using
it after my uncle died because it is the same table and it is fixed solid
to the table. Also, it was not here when my uncle was alive. I have been
using the wooden head myself, when I can, but I get stuck on it when I
orgasm sometimes for five minutes or more. My muscles often just spasm
after an orgasm, and one day I barely got off the head in time when I heard
Nell drive up!"

"Fran, you don't have to worry, as I already have solved that problem,
as I use a little rubber tube in my mouth and I have been able to breath
inside Nell's cunt once even for an hour and a half without coming out."

Fran then wrapped her arms around me and her breasts, while my head was
between her firm breasts, and squeezed my head so hard I thought my eyes
would pop out saying, "Ray, you have solved a problem I worried about. I
have waited three years to finally realize I can do the very thing I think
about every time I masturbate, sometimes several times daily. Thank you
Ray. I will not take you from Nell, but I sure would like to share you!"

"Sounds great to me Fran, but let me get my little breathing tube and
some lubricant."

Fran was already adjusting the chairs below her for her legs and lying
on her back. "Ray, I make more fluid than anybody, so skip the lubricant.
Do you think we have time before Nell gets back?"

I brought in the breathing tube and started lying on my back between
Fran's huge legs as I said, "No problem, Nell always takes hours to grocery
shop. When you want me out just try straining and pushing and I will help
by pushing up on your inner thighs." It was as simple as that. "I don't
care how long it takes the tightness, coming out will be fun, even if it
takes ten or fifteen minutes." I reached back behind my head to feel labia
even thicker than Nell's to pull apart and rest the back of my head into. I
tried moving the back of my head in little circles, and up and down, and
side to side. There was a great amount of space between Fran's wide inner
legs, so much I could hardly believe it. It was just no time before I
heard the slurping sound of her open cunt as the wetness was just running
down the back of my neck.

It was really slick and so far I had not even leaned back with any
pressure at all. Then I tried a little pressure leaning my head back and
to my surprise, I could immediately feel her opening ring around the back
of my head. With just a little more pressure I was starting to slide in up
to my ears. This time my ear lobes hardly mashed forward much and my eyes
had to be closed as my lids were touching the big labia hanging down above
them. How could such a young girl be so relaxed I wondered, then I
remembered her story about using huge things to masturbate. The feel of
Fran's vaginal opening ring was just wonderful as my head slid inward, so I
tried sliding my head back and forth to only go about three quarters of the
way in and then back out... sort of an in and out slide. This felt even
greater and I must try it with Nell the next time we do this. Then I tried
going in deeper and then my head was totally inside Fran for the first

It was so easy, I tried slipping my whole head back out and it slid out
pretty rapidly with great sensation across my head and face from the
opening ring. I thought I would try this over and over and after a
wonderful feeling of sliding my whole head through her opening ring all the
way to the base of my neck again, I started back out. I was holding my
penis and suddenly we both came just as my head made a loud deep suction
noise as the vacuum broke when the back of my head popped out. I knew Fran
and I both had mutual orgasms when I heard her scream. I leaned my head
back to rest against her opening and the back of my head felt like it hit
on a rock. Her opening had completely closed and would not open any.

Fran yelled, "Sorry Ray I just came and it may take awhile before I can
relax. I never ever had such an orgasm... it was the best of my entire

Fran was panting and I could tell she had a very huge orgasm. "I also
had a really great orgasm Fran. You are just wonderful to headfuck. I
don't mind waiting."

After that about every minute or two, I would try to lean back, but even
though I could feel some opening, there was still considerable resistance
to going deeper. I didn't want to try forcing things until Fran said, "I
would love it if you tried pushing harder." I then pushed very hard trying
to lean my head backward and felt Fran's opening start to cover my head
again, but this time it was very hard to get in and the ring felt like I
was moving through a tight headband as it slowly slid over my head. I was
afraid I was hurting Fran when she said, "Ray, I love the tight feeling.
Just press harder." I did so and my ear lobes firmly pushed forward closing
off my hearing and her ring was quite tight as I went on inside her big

When my nose went inside, the rest of my head suddenly just fell
backward into a big open space inside Fran, sort of like I had suddenly
gone into a cavern. I could still feel her opening ring around my neck
even though the rest of my head felt like it had a huge space to move. I
thought I was very lucky to have inserted my mouth tube for breathing and I
started taking very deep breaths. I began to move my head inside the big
cavern and loved feeling the inner vaginal wall slide over and massage my
face. Fran would tease me with little quick tightening of her abdominal
muscles to squeeze my head, but not enough to start pushing me out. I
tried all sorts of things and whenever Fran would have an orgasm, her
opening muscles would sort of choke me a little, but nothing painful...
just a wonderful feeling. I could still breathe easily. I was having an
erotic experience as great or greater than with Nell.

Suddenly things changed. I felt a strong continuous pressure and my
body jerked toward my right, then to my left. I could hear Fran trying to
talk quickly but could not hear a word as it was totally muffled. Frans
right leg came down onto the side of my body and I was being jerked around
by my neck inside her tightening opening ring. Suddenly I felt a pull on
the rubber tube in my mouth and there was no air for awhile. I had to bite
down to keep the ring of adhesive tape from pulling out from between my
teeth. Fortunately the pulling stopped and I could breathe again. Then I
felt a hard blow to the left side of the top of my head like something hit
Frans belly above my head. Fran jerked me around by my trapped neck and
her muscles were very tight, not only her vaginal opening, but her
abdominal pressure squeezing on me. At one point, I thought the side to
side jerking would break my neck. It was as though all hell had broken
loose at least from a headfucking standpoint. Suddenly the jerking around
and the distant talking was quiet. I felt Fran's leg moving away and soon
everything was back like it was before the huge activity. I was very
thankful as for a moment I knew I would soon die without my breathing tube
and the very tight opening around my neck. Fran went back to the little
teasing tightening of her belly muscles and I relaxed and tried moving my
nose over her G-Spot.

I could hear and feel Fran starting to breathe faster and harder and
suddenly something slid over my penis. I felt down and it was a head there
with long hair, and the head was giving me a blow job. What the hell!! I
just relaxed and very soon with my nose working the G-Spot and the blow
job, Fran and I both had a tremendous orgasm. I rested for awhile and just
breathed very fast through my little tube. When Fran pushed I moved my
hands up to her inner thighs and I could feel the tightening around my neck
relaxing a little, but even with the pushing and straining by both of us,
there was not much movement. Suddenly there was a very strong feeling of
pushing right on top of my head over and over every time Fran strained, and
the opening ring started to slide up over my chin and to my mouth, then my
nose caught on the ring for a couple of pushes, then the tightness of the
ring just went away and there was the pleasant but firm feeling of sliding
on out of the ring of Fran's cunt.

When I came out there was a wet towel that rubbed my head and then a dry
one and I opened my eyes to see Nell drying me off. I knew it was her even
before I looked. Both huge girls started kissing me and then they got me
between their bodies and squeezed me between four breasts at once until I
was about to look for my breathing tube again. Finally both girls plopped
onto their own couches and I just sat naked on the thick rug while they
smiled at me.

I was the first to break the silence, "What happened!"

Nell smiled and said, "The damn store was closed due to a gas main
break, and when I unlocked my front door, guess what I found! This sweet
hussy headfucking with my man!"

Fran smiled and said, "Yes but after she beat me up, kicked me in the
belly, and we fought for another ten minutes, I then told her about our
agreement that I would not try to take you away from her and how I saw her
headfucking with my uncle once. I told her I only wanted to share you with
her sometimes."

Nell smiled again and said, "I knew I was in 'deep shit' one day when
Fran forgot to clean my mannequin head after she used it. This damn hussy
saved your life as I was about ready to pull your umbilical cord out of
your mouth and choke her with it, but then I realized that I am an old wench myself and could never have you all for myself... not in the long
run anyway. To make a long story short, we made a compromise to 'SHARE'
you if it's OK with you. We both can love you... I have no qualms about

Fran sat there looking like the cat that just swallowed the mouse and
said, "After what we did, I would share you even if my share was one to ten
and I found out I came out on the short end of the sharing stick! I know
for sure we both love you Ray!"

Nell then laughed and said, "Yeah, and if you ever get stuck being born,
I can save your ass by pushing on Fan's belly like I just did to help push
you out!"

"Girls, let me talk, I love you both equally and always we'll share
together if that's OK with you. I will then be there and be a good husband
for you both as long as we live, so help me God! We can't marry on paper,
as bigamy is not legal, but I promise my commitment will be even stronger
than a marriage on paper. I promise to share everything three ways. But I
want you both to promise me to never fight and all three of us will be as
one. If you agree right now, this will be our marriage pact. Let me try
to word this so we all can remember it." I fumbled awhile for the right
words, and then:

"As a member of this marriage between Ray and Fran and Nell I swear to
be faithful and agree to hold sacred my vow that is, 'all for one and one
for all until death do us part'... I swear with God as my witness!"

Nell said, "I think I like this better as you can't run around on me as
Fran will beat you up, and if you run around on Fran, I will beat you up!
Let me think how this goes:

"As a member of this marriage between Nell and Fran and Ray I swear to
be faithful and agree to hold sacred my vow that is, 'all for one and one
for all until death do us part'... I swear with God as my witness!"

Fran smiled and said, "I got it now and I will remember it:

"As a member of this marriage between Fran and Nell and Ray I swear to
be faithful and agree to hold sacred my vow that is, 'all for one and one
for all until death do us part'... I swear with God as my witness!"

We all laughed and then I said, "That was a short marriage ceremony but
as far as I am concerned from now on we all three are married to each other
and we have finalized it before God! Our marriage license is just as
binding even though it is a verbal one we each hold in our hearts. I am so
happy and I love you both equally." Then we all hugged and kissed.

Nell yelled, "Well now that we are all married, we need to eat as I am
starved. I have no Champaign, but have lots of cold beer. Also, there are
cases of beer for our party stacked in my kitchen that will soon be gone!"

Fran exclaimed, "I second the motion and we both have you out voted Ray,
so now we feast and then our party really gets hot!"

Nell popped in, "After we gorge ourselves on food and drink, Ray you are
in trouble. Fran and I will flip a coin to see which end of you I get to
swallow first and which end Fran gets to swallow!" Then we all laughed!

Finally I found heaven. As time went along I was amazed that three
people in the same home could get along so well together. I love spending
time being shared between the two women that I love as much as life itself.
They both adore me. What more could a man ask for. But things got better,
then got worse, and then got much better. My uncle made me director of his
entire operation as he was a bachelor with no children. My salary was now
wonderful. My uncle started taking trips while I ran the business. One
day while he was gone, a policeman came to the plant and asked to speak to
me. He said, "I know this will be a shock but we got a call from Mexico
and I had to come over to give you the sad news. Your late uncle was
driving from Saltillo to Mazatlan' along a high embankment in the Sierra
Madre mountains and his Cadillac went over a high cliff. He fell to over a
thousand feet below."

It was horrible news, and I was shocked, but I steadied myself and told
him I would take care of having the body shipped back for burial as my
uncle had nobody else but me and my mother left. I then checked with his
attorney and was told I had been made administrator of his estate and that
his Will left everything he owned to me. I was surprised my mother was not
in his Will but the attorney said, "No, you are it!" After the burial, I
decided to keep the factory for awhile, but there was some cash, a few
million dollars in stock, and some land and other property that made me
running a factory unnecessary. I know it's worth millions, but I will take
my time selling it and get the best price. Everything belonged to me, but
out of the goodness of my heart, I gave my mother a check for five hundred
thousand dollars, and kept the rest of the estate.

She complained about the girls I lived with, but after I gave her the
check, for the first time that I remember, my mother said, "Thank you Ray!"

I kept the news of my good luck and my inheritance to myself until now.
The girls were beginning to worry about me loosing my good job and
rightfully were worried about finances. I wondered what they would say
when I told them I owned the factory. After the attorney got the huge
estate settled and the final decree signed, he turned everything over to
me. I took today off. This morning I went to an auto dealership. I bought
a huge new van to haul the wives around, and gave the dealer a check. I
looked back for a last look at my old car and drove away. I then drove to
a great real estate agent. He asked what I wanted and I said, "Something
big and expensive." He took me to a huge home on the North Side of Chicago.
He said, "Just down the block is a Frank Lloyd Wright Home, but it is
not for sale."

The big home was a steal for a bit over a million dollars and I gave him
a down payment check. I then told the agent I would use him to sell my
uncle's big home for me.

I then drove home and just as soon as I got inside, I broke the news,
"My uncle left everything to me! We now own the factory and have lots of
property, cash and valuable stock. Now, suddenly we three lovers are all
very rich! Wives, I want to take you over to see our new home on the North
Side. I think you will like it, so hurry and get into our big New Van that
I just bought for you!"

The wives were too big to turn back flips, but after they quit
screaming, and dancing, we got ready and left. On the drive over I said,
"You sweet things will love the big swimming pool and the high doorways.
Now you girls will not have to stoop down to get through doorways. But the
bad news is, your big butts... that I love so much... will still stick in
the doorways, unless you turn sideways!" We all laughed.

When we arrived you would not believe the hugs, squeezes, and kisses I


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