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CHLOE1 panties and her hips lifted letting

Chloe from the imagination of California Dreamer 2001, all rights

Critiques invited and responded to. califdrmr@hotmail.com

Generous mom shares nervous boy friend

This story came from a fond memory of a young girl named Elizabeth. She
was the seven year old daughter of a woman I kept company with a while
back. She was/is an energetic bright child. She called me poppy. She
couldn't call me daddy, she'd said, 'cause she already had a daddy.

Elizabeth had two unusual behaviours. She hated to wear panties under
her nightgown and, a confidance from her mother, was a dedicated
masturbator. According to Elizabeth's mom, the sweet little girl had
discovered the joy of Onanism when not quite six years old. I think she
shared this tidbit to warn me that Elizabeth would occassionaly, in an
absentminded way, give herself an energetic rub while lying on the floor in
front of the television.

One evening, just before her bed time, she started giving herself a bit
of pleasure while cuddling on my lap. I couldn't see her technique, but
her hand seemed to rub in a circular motion under her nighty. At her
crucial moment, she made a little chirp followed by a big sigh and was
instantly asleep. I felt honored by her trust as I carried the sleeping
child to her bed.

So the question occured to me. How might she begin her sexual
explorations with a partner?

Chapter 1 Chloe Starts


"Yeah, Chloe."

"Can we talk?"

Her voice was soft, plaintive over the phone. Not her usual high

"Sure can, sweety pie. When?"

"Right now. Can I come over?"

"Sure can, sweety pie."

"Thank you, Burt. I wont interrupt for too long. I know you're busy."

"I'll leave the front door open. Just come on in."

The screen door slammed a few minutes later. I heard half running
footsteps muffled by the rug.

"Hi, Burt." She stood awkwardly in the middle of my home office. Her
head tilted down as she intently studied her shoes. Her hands were clasped
in front, arms straight. She moved her arms behind her back and twisted

"What's up, honey pot?" I chuckled at her. "You're actin' shy as a
church mouse on Sunday mornin'." Unusual for this precocious thirteen year

"About Friday night?"

"Sweety, sit on the couch?"

She sauntered over to the couch, awkwardly casual, keeping her head down
and dropped her butt into it. She grabbed the hem of her short cotton
dress and jammed it between her knees. She still hadn't made eye contact
with me.

"You okay, Chloe?" I asked gently. "With what happened Friday night?"

"Yeah, I guess so. You made me feel really funny, sort of." Her voice

"How's that, sweety pie."

She looked me full in the face now, her chin dimpled and trembling.

She's going to bawl any minute now, I thought.

I stood and walked over to sit beside her. She never took her sad,
beseeching eyes off mine.

"What'sa matta, sweety peety? You not hoppy 'bout some ting?" I patted
her knee.

Baby talk makes her giggle and scowl at the same time. Not this time.

"Oh, Burt. I'm so unhappy. You gonna marry momma and I love you more
than she does. I want you to marry me," she wailed and launched herself at
me. Her skinny arms were locked around my neck. I could never, would
never escape from this sobbing little girl's clutches. Hot tears soaked my
neck and collar.

"Whoa, baby girl. Take it easy. Don't cry. You know I love you too."

I held her tight and rocked her skinny body.

"I wa, wa, want to be your wu, wu, wife. I lu, love you so mu, much."

I pressed her wail against my shoulder, if only to protect my eardrums.

"Come sit on my lap, precious." I tried to lift, her but she wiggled

"Like this," she said and straddled my legs. "Like Momma did."

She grabbed my wrists and placed my hands on her hips.

"Hold my bottom," she demanded. She started rocking her hips, her
volley ball cheeks firm and warm in my grip.

"What was Momma doin'? Your face was all red and funny looking."

She sniffled and wiped her nose on her sleeve.

"You gonna kiss me again, Burt?"

Her face was so cutely puckered up I had to bite the inside of my cheeks
very hard. A laugh now would be totally inappropriate. I do know how to
stay alive around 'uppity' women. I started pecking kisses on her cheeks,
nose, chin. I heard a snort. The look on her face said I wasn't doing
what she wanted.

"You're not doin' it right," she wailed. "Kiss me like you do momma."

"Okay, little woman. You're gonna get a big one for real," I said in a
soft growl.

I cupped her chin in one palm and squeezed her cheeks between thumb and
fingers. Her lips formed an 'O' and her eyes popped wide open. I had to
bite my cheek again. I pressed my open mouth to hers and softly rubbed our
lips together. I felt a hard intake of air expand her body. I flicked her
upper lip with my tongue.

"Mmm," she hummed. "Mmmm."

She started riding the pony, her little crotch pressing against
something new between her legs.

I released her chin and slid my palm over her small rubbery breast. I
squeezed a tiny rigid nipple and pressed my hips up against hers.


That wasn't a hum, I thought.

I gave her ass a good squeeze and slid a hand down to her bare leg. Her
hips didn't miss a beat. I slipped my hand under her skirt, my thumb
finding her button. I pressed against her and waggled my thumb.

"Mm. Mm. Mm," she was whimpering now.

"Mm," she squeaked through her nose. She pulled her face away and
stared blindly at mine. She was elsewhere.

Her strokes became harder, more frantic. Her crotch was rubbing my dick
a hundred strokes a minute.

"Hunh, hunh, hunh," she grunted with each thrust of her hips.

I slipped my thumb under the leg of her panties.

"Nnnn," she protested the loss of direct contact.

I shoved my thumb down as far as I could, drilling for oil. She 'eeped'
a squeak through her wide open mouth. I think she liked it.

I dragged my sopping thumb up, over and around her clit.

"Oh, Bu. Oh, Bu."

I think she was trying to say my name.

"Mm. Mm. Oh, Bu. Oh buaw," she screamed, lurching her hips hard
against me.

She froze, shuddering.

"Buaw," she howled again, hips fluttering again.

This baby woman was having the best one she'd ever had, I'm sure. I was
dimly aware of the concept. My heated cock was squirting in my pants.

"Gawn. Nn. Nnnaah." I sang baritone to her soprano.

She collapsed on my chest, panting, mewing like a lost kitten. I
wrapped her in my arms, stroked her back and panted right along with her.

Chloe's languid wiggles felt good. She was as limp as a sleeping child.

"Duh," I thought. "She is a sleeping child."

I couldn't resist patting her little butt. First one hand then both. I
squeezed her hard bottom, letting my fingers dig into her warm thighs. She
rubbed her nose against my neck so I kissed her fine hair.

"Mmm," I sighed. She smelled of baby shampoo.

I couldn't resist sliding my hands down her thighs and up under her
light cotton dress. Her skin was so soft, silky.

I fell sideways to lay on the couch holding her to my chest. I got my
legs up and stretched out. She moved her legs together and between mine. I
pulled at her panties and her hips lifted, letting me slide them to her

"Such a cute butt you got, sweetie."

"Thank you, Burty." Her voice so soft as to almost be a whisper. She
clenched her buns.

My fingers and palms explored her curves and hollows.

"Kick your panties off, sweetie."


She shuffled her legs, finally relaxing down onto my chest. She spread
her legs around mine and flexed her hips experimentally.



"Do it again."

"Do what, sweetie?"

She bit my neck and pressed her hips down harder.

"Rub my cunt."

"Oh ho," I laughed, shocked by the unexpected word.

Her arms wiggled between us as she crossed her forearms on my chest.
She raised her head and shoulders and grinned down at me. Her hips were
hunching hard against mine now.

"You will, wont you?" she said softly, seriously.


"Make me come again," she demanded.

I slid fingers over her clenched buns into her crack. She arched her
back to give me access. She was hot and slick.

"That feels so good, Burty. Your fingers do it better than anyone

My eyebrows danced a bit, but I didn't ask. I'd explore that later. I
put a tentative finger into her.

"Ooch, that's a big finger," she moaned.

My fingers were splayed across her butt with my rude finger sliding in
and out. I pulled it out and smeared her juice up to her ass hole.

"That's a tickle," she giggled, her eyes getting very big.

I plunged my finger back down and into her, pressing hard against her

"Ooh, Burt," she grunted. "Rub my button. I'm real close."

"Can't, Honey pot. Can't reach it. You do it." I was puffing like an
amateur marathon runner starting the final stretch.

Her arm jammed down between our bellies. I felt her rigid fingers hit
mine when she drove her hips down.

"I'm gonna come so good, Burty. Oh, it's so close," she ground out the
words through clenched teeth.

"Nng. Baw," she howled, her eyes clenched shut, her face bright red.
Every muscle rigid. She convulsed above me as if having an epileptic
attack then collapsed, limp as a rag doll. She lay on me panting and
trembling for a long moment.

"Ooh ooh," she panted. "Good one. Really, really good one, Burty."

I wrapped my free arm around and over her back. She sighed so softly I
almost didn't hear it. We lay there for long minutes before she raised her
head and looked at me. She had such a sweet loving look on her face that I
strained my head up to kiss her. A soft little loving peck on her chin.

"I liked the first one best. This one was bigger, but I liked the first
one more."

"Oh? Why's that, sweety pie?"

"'Cause it was like we were binary stars, whirling round and round each
other, faster and faster."

She paused, a twisted little smile forming.

"Then we went Nova. At the same time."

She seemed delighted that we'd both 'went' at the same time.

"I could feel us, you and me, exploding."

I didn't have any words at this moment. The awesome child/woman cuddled
so sweetly in my arms had rendered me speechless.

"Now I want you to come. Will you squirt in me?"

"Hunh?" Speechless would be my normal state for a while.

"Yeah. Don't put it in all the way. Just a little bit. I want your
sperm swimming around in me."

She swung her legs to the floor and attacked my belt and zipper. In a
moment she had my sticky cock in her hands and was rubbing me the right
way. She covered the head with one palm and wrapped her fingers over it as
if she were plucking a mushroom.

"Momma says I maybe shouldn't fuck 'til I'm older." She tilted her head
and peered at my stiffening cock, eyeing it curiously.


"Cancer of the cervix," she said with great cool.

"Sit up."

I sat up.

"Move over."

I moved over. She dropped down on the edge of the cushion and slouched

"Come here," she said, lifting and spreading her legs.

I wondered how she meant that. Stupid thought.

I swiveled to my knees to kneel between her spread legs. She used two
forefingers to spread her carmine lips.

"Come here. Put it in me."

I smeared my cock head around on her juicy lips.

"Ooh, that feels nice," she exclaimed with enthusiasm.

I pressed the underside of my cock against her and started rubbing up
and down.

"Oh, that's more than nice." Definitely enthusiastic. Her hips began to
grind up against my cock.

I paused at her entrance and pushed.

"Burt, don't go too deep, okay?"

"Okay, Chloe. I wont." I wanted to bury my tingling cock so deep into

I groaned, "I'm getting close, Honey. Rub it for me. Make me come in

Her little fingers gripped me, but didn't move.

"Like this. Up and down."

I started hunching into her, trying not to press too hard against her

"Oh, you're fucking me. Burt, you're fucking me so good." She was
panting and grimacing.

"Chloe, I gotta do it. I'm sorry, honey. I gotta stick it all the way
in you."

I'd lost it, completely. Out of control.

"Yesss. Pah. Oh, pop me!" she screeched.

I scooped my arms under her legs and leaned over her. I could feel her
fingers trying to tug my cock into her. I pushed harder and slid deeper.
She was whining through her nose. I pulled out. She sounded disappointed.
"Now, Honey?"

She nodded her head vigorously yes.

I pressed into her, slowly. Her eyes opened wide when she felt pressure
against her cherry.

I pushed. She blinked.

I pushed again. Her mouth formed a little "O". Her eyes were dancing
around as if nervously delighted by the new sensations in her belly.

I pulled almost all the way out and watching her face, slowly pushed all
the way into her.

"Aah, feels so good. So deep in me. So tight."

"God, yes."

I felt her vagina twitch.

"Fuck!" she yelled.

I fucked. Out, in deep. Froze there.

"Oh, fuck," she moaned and started trembling, her fingers very busy on
her clit. Her free hand pulling on my hip trying to get me deeper into

"No," she grunted through clenched teeth. "Va."

"Nnn, va," I contributed my grunts, feeling a surge in my crotch.

I fucked out and in, slow and fast, deep and shallow then froze. Sweat
dripped from my face to hers.

She strained her little body, her hips in furious motion. Her face
bright red, eyes clenched shut, teeth grinding behind peeled back lips.

"Nnnn, gahha aiee," she cried out, full voice.

She went Nova taking me with her.

Chapter 2 Chloe wont stop

"Ms. Houston, we gotta a problem."

The phone gurgled in my ear. "What kind of problem, Burt?"

"Chloe and I, well, we have a... situation here, Jean."

"Situation?" she laughed.

"She's insatiable. I'm exhausted. She wont leave me alone. Would you
come help?"


"It's your fault. If you hadn't grounded her for a week..."

"I'll be over in a bit. What's that noise?

"She's pounding on the door again. I've locked myself in the bathroom."

"Okay, I'm on my way shortly."

"Hurry. Please," I said and hung up. Well, pressed the off button.
Can't hang up a walk-about phone or any phone. I contemplated my situation
and thought about archaic terminology.

"Burt, open the door. Please, Burty."

"I don't trust you, Chloe. Go home."

"No. Open the door."

"Chloe, I wont open the door. I like being able to pee standing up."




"I've got to get some help," I spoke outloud, shaking my head and
starting to feel desperate.

Three or four sixteen year olds might do it. I'll call Rent-A-Stud and
ask for some young strong ones, high on testosterone.

Big sigh.

Nope, wouldn't work. She's only hot for me. Maybe, if I knocked her
up, she'd slow down.

The desperate thoughts of a desperate man.

I heard fingernails scratching at the door.

"I'm taking her home, Burt. You're safe, you can come out now." Jean's

I cracked the door, one eye to the slot. No Chloe. I stuck my head out
the doorway. Not a sound.

Bedroom. Nobody.

Downstairs. Nobody.

Kitchen. Nobody.

Paper on counter.

Hey B. She's not happy and wont talk. Call me tonight. Love J C says
love too

Showered. Ate something. Dressed. Stared at TV. Didn't make sense.
Turned on TV. Boring. Turned off TV. Went to office. Whacked keyboard
space bar. Minimized all windows. Stared at Wallpaper of Jean and Chloe.

Launched ACDSee. Started slide show of Chloe and Jean images.
Remembered how all this got started.

Chapter 3 Early days

"Hi, Jean. How 'bout dinner someplace nice Friday night?"

Her voice a warm friendly purr through the 'phone.

"Yes, all three of us."

"Italian sounds great."

"Seven? Perfect."

I hung up and thought about the lovely Jean Houston. And her daughter.
She, they had occupied most of my free time over the past few months. Met
them at a company picnic a friend had dragged my lonely butt to. I had
been in 'tween mode. 'Tween the previous lady friend and the next one.
Since divorced by my college girl friend, all my relationships seemed to
start with a sizzle and end with a fizzle. I just didn't seem to meet the
kind of woman that could hold my interest more than year or so. "I'll die
a lonely old man" had been my theme song.

Jean Houston is a thirtyish attorney. Her daughter was anything she put
her heart into. Thirteen years old and a phenom. She'd started ballet at
age five, switched to gymnastics at ten. Drama and volleyball consumed her
high school freshman year. She didn't just read books, she sucked them in
like a manic Hoover.

Jean was five four and slim, Chloe was five seven and skinny. Both were
high energy and smart.

Jean graduated top of her class from Hastings Law School. "Tenderloin
U." she called it. Passed her bar exam the first take and did labor
relations for a very old, big city law firm. Very presentable and
articulate, she did a lot of stand up time in court rooms around the state.
Oh. I'm high thirties and six feet something, sorta skinny. I do
marketing stuff, freelance. My forehead is higher this year than last.
I've considered shaving my hair off or dying it green. Maybe next year.
Yes, I'm annoyed with it.

At seven and a little bit, Chloe opens the door with a flourish. And a
big smile. And a hug. Her shining hair just under my chin. Jean follows
suit but trumps with a kiss.

"You dahlings look faab-ulous," I hammed an imitation Joel Gray.

Two silk clad, bare shouldered ladies spun for my admiration, skirts

They did look good. Bright eyed Jean looked years younger than her
work-a-day self. Her evening makeup gave her a sexy look that made me
tingle. Chloe too, had added a few touches of colour and looked more than
her thirteen years.

More like sisters than mother-daughter, I thought.

I put the back of a hand against my tilted back forehead. "The boys will swoon when they see you two," I gasped.

That got a polite laugh.

"Let's go, I'm stahving," I drawled.

"Where are we going, Burt?" Chloe's face was bright with anticipation.

"How 'bout Wendy's?"

You have absolutely no sense of humour their mock glares informed me.

"Chez Pete's?" A cafe nearby.

Scowls but with twinkling eyes.


Big smiles.

"Andiamo, mi amici." I swept open the door.

"Avanti," chirped Chloe as she stalked regally past, giving me a saucy
look over her shoulder.

"Bravo," Jean intoned as she stroked my cheek, her perfume doing odd and
wonderful things to my psyche and soma.

"Brava!" I sighed softly.

Later, dipping delicious sourdough bread into flavored olive oil and
sipping wine at our table, I could not help marveling at these two
beautiful women. They were both graciously flirtatious. Lowering their
eyes. Quick little sideways glances. I felt so lucky just then. I knew
at that moment I wanted to be a part of their lives for the rest of mine. I
closed my menu and dropped it onto my plate.

"Beautiful ladies, I need to share a thought with you."

I put my hand on Jean's and smiled softly into her eyes.

"The secret of a long and happy life is:"

I put my other hand on Chloe's and grinned at her.

"Two things."

I grinned at both of them in turn.


I watched their faces change from comfortable little smiles to patient
grins. I raised their hands to my lips and pecked each.

"And life with two very beautiful flirtatious women, both of whom I love
with all my heart."

Jean cocked her head and gave me an "Aww, I love it when you're mushy"

I swung my satisfied little smile in Chloe's direction.

A bright blush crimsoned her face. She opened her mouth to speak, but
not a sound came out. Tears flooded her eyes. She covered her mouth with
a fist and abruptly stood. Yanking her hand from mine, she fled.

Jean and I watched her dart around the tables to the restroom.

"Uh, what's that about?"

Jean gave me a "Hey, I hate it when you're stupid" glare. She stood and
strode across the room, following Chloe's path.

Our waiter appeared, bowing slightly. "Is everything all right, sir?"

I glared at the intruder. He straightened up as if he thought I might
be a threat to his physical well being.

"What?" I growled.

"Is everything all right, sir? Will you be ordering soon?"

"I think not. Bring the check." I softened my scowl and he flashed a
small quick smile.

"Better yet, take my card now." I reached for my wallet.

"No, sir. You're a frequent customer so we'll just add a note to your

His smile reappeared. "I hope the lovely young ladies accompany you
next time you dine with us."

He collected the menus and left just as Jean returned to her seat.

"I've called a cab. Maybe you should leave now."

She leaned forward and placed her hand on my sleeve. I noticed that her
eyes were slightly reddened.

"She has a very big crush on you, but don't worry," she squeezed my arm,
"it'll work out. You'll see. I'll talk with her tonight about how she's
feeling. Okay?"

I nodded, trying to sort out the implications of her words. We stood
slowly and I cupped her cheek.

"I meant what I said," I mumbled. "I love you."

She nodded and made a short sweet smile.


She just nodded again and pushed my arm in the direction of the exit.

"Tonight," she stated. "We'll see how it goes tonight. I'll call later

I left feeling confused, annoyed and nervous. Confused because who
knows what lurks in the mind of a thirteen year old. Annoyed because I
didn't get dinner. A D'Angelino's dinner, especially. Nervous, 'cause I
knew they were discussing our future together. Or maybe apart. Oh yeah,
disappointed. I'd been looking forward to an evening of gluttony and lust.
Two of seven simple sins for a simple man.

Chapter 4 Jean's Instructions

Random thoughts on the way home.

Instead of D'Angelino's I get Boston Market. Oh, well. While the corn
bread's tasty, the gravy would make my grandmother puke. The over cooked
vegi's are disgusting. At least the roast chicken is not bad. So I'm a
food snob. Bite me!

Weaving a decent humour from stems and seeds, I avoided snarling at the
Boston Market clerks. I walked back to my car with the definite feeling
that they didn't eat their own stuff. They seemed just a tad

The 'phone rang as I dropped my plastic bag of 'food' on the counter. I
said 'food' out loud. That word has a disgusting sound to it, I decided.

"Hello," I barked into the speaker phone. My tone implied, "What the
fuck do you want?"

"Burt?" Jean's dulcet tone.

"Yeah," I said, a bit more gently.

"I got three problems. One little one, two big ones."

"Yeah?" So call me articulate.

"Number one is Chloe. She sobbed her heart out into a Teddy Bear that
her Daddy gave her and that she hasn't touched in years."

"Okay, I see that picture. I think."

"So we talked about her feelings and what she wants. We've something of
a plan we need your help with."

"Okay, tell me about it."

"Not now, big boy. The plan will evolve as we figure it out. We've
just decided on the first steps. Is that okay with you?"

"Sure. Whatever you two want, I'm open."

"Good. Now, I'm hungry and horny. What do you propose?"

"Get your sweet ass over here. I'll fix you right up."

Hey, I'm a guy. We can fix it. We've got technology. Or, in this
case, food and excess libido.

"How long you going to stay snarly?"

Zap. My snarly went poof.

"Thanks, dear heart. Sorry I was taking it out on you. I'm just
confused, disappointed and nervous. Let's talk about it fairly soon after
you come over."

"I'd be more comfortable if you came over here."

I had to think about that. She'd never let me stay the night and my
inclination was to wake up with her in my arms.

"Well, I guess I'm cool with that. I'm on my way."

"No. Wait about an hour then come over. I need to talk with Chloe a
bit more. Okay?"

"See you in an hour."

Almost an hour later the Boston Market bag was on her counter and she
was in my arms.

"You love me, hunh?" she asked, giving me a knowing look.

"Yes'm. I surely do."

"Love me with all your heart?"

"Yes, ma'am!"

"You've loved a lot of women 'with all your heart', haven't you?"

"No, ma'am. Only one, maybe two before you."

She gave me a calculating squint of dis-belief. "Who might they be?"

"My mother, of course."

Jean gave me a questioning look. "Okay," she drawled.

"And my ex."

Her eyebrows went up in invitation. The tell me more look.

"As for my ex, I gave her all my heart 'cause maybe that's what happens
to kids in love."

"Yes?" she hissed, no expression on her face.

"You're really putting me to the test here."

"You'll understand soon, I'm sure. Keep talking."

"Well, now I'm a grownup. I know what it feels like to really love
someone. It's because of you I figured that out. I admire how you do what
you do. You're ethical and graceful and gentle."

I paused for air and thinking time.

"It's awesome the way you bring people together in harmony. I'm so
totally envious I could spit."

"You hungry?"


"Drum stick?"

"Did I pass?"

She nodded and kissed me, a peck on the lips.

"You did very well. A little flowery, but good enough for now."

She popped the plastic lid from the cold bird and ripped off a leg. The
thigh came with it. She held it out for me. I plucked a tiny shred from
the meat, popped it into my mouth then reached past her and ripped off my
own leg and thigh.

"Okay, I got the message."

"What," I asked, making a goofy smile.

"You're independant and self sufficient and don't need me mothering

"Close. I'm independant, self sufficient and love it when you mother me. It's just not a demand. I'd feel very frustrated if I couldn't 'Do'
for you and I guess you'd probably feel the same way. It's part of really
loving someone."

"You're pretty smart aren't you?"

"Nah. I sell shit for a living. You just gotta be aware of and
responsive to what's goin' on inside people's heads to be successful."

"You know what we've in common?"

"Yeah. Brains. Beauty. Good genes. Healthy libidos. All of the


I nodded, forcing a melodramatic scowl. "Keep it to yourself, okay? If
word gets out, I'm through in this town."

"Will you be serious," she said, with a half smile.

"Can't. I'm starving. There's this delicious roast chicken on the
counter, which I'm about to eat. Then there's this delicious woman here in
front of me..."

"Wine?" she interupted.


I grabbed some squares of paper towel along with the food bag and
carried them to the breakfast table. Jean brought a dark bottle and two
glasses in one hand and the chicken tray in the other.

"What do you think of Chloe's behavior tonight?" she said as I pulled
out her chair.

"Not sure. I can understand the crush, but not her intensity."

"She's intense about everything she does. She's also very competitive."

"So what part do I have in her play?"

"Romantic lead."

"Ha. What part do you play? Wicked witch?"

"Be nice. I'm the occasional friend and confidant, mostly mother and
tour guide."

"I see that. Like I said, I really admire how you do what you do. That
includes your parenting."

"Thank you. I accept the compliment with pride." She had a bemused
little smile on her face. "I try to always give her what she needs."

"I think I see how you've arranged your relationship with Chloe. You're
her reference library. You are almost peers except for her lack of
experience. Since you share your experiences, she makes good judgement

"Which is a long winded way of saying 'Maturity' isn't it?"

"Ah, here's an idea. She went hormonal tonight, didn't she?"

Jean nodded emphatically. "You can hear that egg pop every month. Her
body is telling her to 'breed, baby, breed'."

"That's a cute play on words." I gnawed some chicken and washed it down
with red acid.

"God, this wine needs to breathe."

"My baby needs to get off."

That got my attention. I felt my eyebrows pop up.

"Chloe needs a man. She only has unsatisfying boys to consort with.
Her solitary pleasure isn't enough any more. She wants and needs you."

"Uh, Jean?"

She nodded her head slowly. "Yes. Go kiss her goodnight. Hold her for
a while. Remember she's not looking for a daddy or to be babied. She
hurts so make her feel good. Give her what she wants."

I wiped chicken fat off my face and fingers, stood up and kissed Jean's
upturned mouth, feeling slightly confused.

She grabbed my shirt. "She's my warmup act tonight, Burt. Understand?
I'm trusting you with my daughter's heart so give her what she wants." Jean
jerked my shirt front back and forth to emphasize.

"I... Understand." Thought I did, anyway.

"Come to my bed after."

"Yes ma'am!"

Chapter 5 Jean's Instructions followed

I tapped softly on Chloe's half open bedroom door.

"Would you like a goodnight kiss, sweetheart?"

She was in bed, lying on her side. A book open on the sheet in front of

"Yes, please." Such a sweet little voice.

She put the book on her bedside table, rolled to her back and held her
arms up.

I knelt at her bedside and she wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling
my face close to hers.

"Thank you for loving us, Burt," she smiled up at me.

"I'd say, 'my pleasure' but it seems so horribly inadequate." I felt a
surge of lovingness warm my soul.

"Will you kiss me and hold me for a while?" she asked, getting to the
crux of her want.

"My pleasure, baby."

She pouted. "You think of me as a baby?" Half question, half statement.

"Sorry, Chloe. It's my conditioning. Sometimes it's hard for a guy to
admit tender feelings with an adult so sometimes I diminish you."

Her lips formed a little "O" as if she had just had a little flash of

"You called me an adult?"

"Yup, sweet little punkin, I sure did 'cause you're very close to being
all grown up."

"You did that one on purpose, didn't you?"

I pecked her mouth so I wouldn't have to answer.

Her arms tightened and pulled me back into a long soft closed mouth

I slid one arm under her shoulders and the other around her torso.

"Mmm," she sighed, her tongue shyly darting against my lips.

I inhaled her sweet breath and sighed back, letting her tongue chase

"I love you with all my heart too, Burty."

"You see how it happens?"


"You called me Burty. You diminished me too."

"I know. It just felt right. I feel like a little girl, all

"Me too. I feel like a lovey-dovey little boy when you hold me like

I kissed her chin, her cheek, her jaw. She took a deep breath. I
kissed her neck under her ear then down the side of her neck to her throat.
She made a long soft 'Aah' through softly parted lips.

"You're turning me on, Burt." She spoke softly as if to herself. "Put
your head down and hold me."

I rested my cheek against her chest and heard her heart thumping fast.
There was a little pebble poking my temple. I nodded my head and she

"You're tickling my boobies. You're giving me the tingles. Raise up."

I lifted my head and she snaked her arm down between her spreading legs.
"Put your hand over mine," she begged.

I moved my left arm around and cupped my hand over hers through the
blanket. I felt her fingers waggling.

"Oh, Burt, this is so nice," she groaned softly.

"Yes. Very nice," I murmured against her throat.

"I gotta take my panties off. Help me."

I slipped an arm under her covers and slid slowly up her trembling
thigh. She made a little whimpering sound when I tugged her panties down.

"Take them off. Take them all the way off." She shuffled her feet free
of her panties and her legs snapped apart, knees coming up.

"So nice with you." She was panting hard.

"Want me to do it, baby?" I was panting too, my cock iron hard against
the side of her mattress. I slid my hand under her leg to cup her
clenching cheek.

"Noo," she moaned. "Shy right now."

"'Kay, baby."

I started nibbling on her nipple through her nighty. I squeezed her
butt and stroked my thumb across her inner thigh up high and close to her
busy fingers.

"Burt," she whimpered.

I slid my thumb over her slick hot lips and found her entrance. Her
body stiffened as I probed into her.

"Gawd," she screeched. Her back arched, her head tilted back, she was
panting through clenched teeth. Her left arm convulsed around my neck.
Then she collapsed, boneless.

"Mmm," she moaned softly. Her legs flopped flat on the bed.

"So nice with you holding me like that."

"Yeah, so nice holding you."

"What did you do to me? I felt a zinger from my nipple right to my..."

"Talk later, baby. Go to sleep now while I'm holding you."


We pulled our arms out from under the covers. She wrapped both arms
around my neck and hugged weakly. I inhaled the faint aroma of her
fingers. A bit later, I rose, letting her arms fall from my neck. She
rolled to her side facing me. She pulled her arms in and folded them in
front, her hands clasped as if in prayer. I bowed over her and kissed her
cheek softly after pulling the blankets around her shoulders.

"'Night, Burt. Wish you would stay here."

"Goodnight, Chloe."

"Love you."

"Love you, sweety."

I brushed her hair from her sticky forehead and clicked off the bedside

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