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CHLOE2 hurt when left for


Chapter 6 Jean's command

In Jean's bedroom, I found her sitting up in bed, wearing a lacy sky
blue something over her shoulders with a closed book on her lap.

"She asleep?"


"She had a nice one."

I looked at her, surprised.

"The door was wide open."

I shrugged and sat on her bed, noticing her flushed cheeks.

"How about you?" I couldn't help a big grin.

"Mmm," she evaded. "Is that for me?" She pointed at the lump extending
down my pants leg.

"Be right back." I dashed into her master bath and washed my face and

She'd left the extra toothbrush in the holder next to hers. A good
sign. I used it while sitting on the pot, peeing, thinking how my
relationship with Jean and Chloe was developing in an odd, twisted way.

"Great," I thought. "Making love with Jean and sharing Chloe's
exploration of her budding sexuality. You are a perv'."

Ablutions completed I hurried back to Jean. As I came into her bedroom,
she threw back the bed covers and scrambled to her knees. She held out her
arms, palms up. I stopped before her, my knees against her bed. I brought
her hands up to my face and kissed her palms before pressing them to my

Her lips quivered, I thought she was going to weep. "You gonna be good
for my baby?" she whispered, her eyes so soft and pleading.

"Yes," speaking with more confidance than I felt. "I'll always try to
give both of you my best."

"You better. You're important to us."

"I know. That's how I feel too. I realized it just tonight. I should
have kept my Irish tongue in my head, though."

"It's okay. No damage. Come to bed, my pony man. I want you inside
me. I need to rub my tits on you."

I stripped and swung into her bed onto my back so she could have her
pony ride.

Jean gracefully swung a leg over my hips and lay on my chest. My arms
went around her waist. She slipped her hands under my shoulders and hugged
me. I hugged back.

"Put it in." she murmured against my mouth.

Her hips lifted as I slid a hand between us. I lifted my cock off my
belly and found her center. She jammed herself down. I yanked my hand
from between us. She lifted slightly and drove her hips hard down.

She raised her head up and looked into my face.

"Fuck her."

She closed her eyes and squirmed her hips around.

"What did you say?"

"When she asks, fuck her."


"She's safe."

"But... She's just a kid."

She lifted again and drove her hips down hard. Her body trembled

"Mmm," she moaned. "Nice in there."

"So very nice."

She raised up and opened her eyes. Her hips were jamming now. Short
hard strokes. She was looking at me and not seeing anything.

"We're coming, Burty," her voice a low growl.

She shuddered a tiny bit and collapsed onto my chest. I humped up into
her gently.

"Mmm, so nice, you holding me."


"Later. I want to sleep while you're still in me."

Minutes later I rolled to my side taking me with her. I moved away and
covered her, tucking the sheet around her shoulders and under her chin.
She looked so peaceful, so vulnerable. I kissed her forehead and went

Chapter 7 Chloe Gets Her Mom's View

Chloe skipped into the kitchen where Jean was emptying the dishwasher.

"Morning, Mom. Did you have a nice time last night?"

"Not too bad, considering. Are you feeling better, Dear?"

"You mean about Burt?"

"Yes, I mean about Burt. Did you enjoy your 'goodnight kiss'?"

Chloe ignored her mother's question except to blush as she poured a
glass of orange juice.

"Mom, tell me 'bout, um, doin' it with Burt. Okay?" She hid her sudden
embarrassment behind a sip of juice.

"Doin' it, Chloe? Hah. That's funny."

Jean knew she couldn't escape.

"What exactly do you want to know?" Adding a little resigned chuckle.

"Everything! I've listened to you two a lot. You obviously have fun
doin' it with him."

"More than you know, dear."

"Burt's not like your friend Arty was. Arty seemed very, um, cool. Uh,

"You're very observant, Chloe, my dear. You're correct, Arthur wasn't
very playful."

"You seem 'happy' with Burt. In bed, I mean. You and Arthur seemed
sort of, um, 'mechanical'."

"Right again."

"You didn't yell naughty words with Arty. Why is that?"

"Chloe, let me get a 'cuppa' and we girls will have a nice 'kitchen'

"Yeay! Super rad! I knew you wouldn't wuss out on me."

Chloe hugged her mom and danced around, giggling.

"Bring your juice, dear. This might take a while." She was grateful for
a momentary respite from her daughter's stressing questions.

Chloe danced to the kitchen table while Jean poured her coffee.

"Mom, I've got so many questions. You know my girl friend Francine?
Well, her mother told her that sex was something you 'did' for your
husband. That it wasn't much fun. Why would she say that? And, would you
believe it, that it's not nice for girls to masturbate. That boys can't
help it but good girls don't do it." She ran out of breath, finally.

"Chloe, calm down. I'll answer any questions you have but let me give
you thoughtful answers, okay? Maybe it's best if I tell a story first.
Can you stop squirming in your chair and pay attention?"

"Okay, Mom. Do it your way. That's fine. Tell your story."

"Well, it's not really a story. It's more like collected observations.
You know I've told you that people watching is important, not just casual
fun, right?"

Chloe nodded her head eagerly, trying to spur her mother on.

"The scariest thing for most people is to be caught looking foolish, I
believe. Mm? So they keep themselves bottled up. They want to appear
'cool' so they don't show how they feel. But aren't emotions the best part
of us? Remember how you felt when you did so well in floor exercise last
year. Your joy came out of you like a starburst. The crowd loved your
emotional display. I'll bet you even got an extra tenth from a judge or
two. And remember how down you were when you fell out of a vault landing?
You were hurting so badly, dear, I almost cried with you. So our emotions
can be the worst part of us too."

Jean paused to let Chloe absorb her words.

Chloe seemed to be thinking hard. "Yeah, Mom. I will never forget that

"How did your emotional display affect other people?"

"When I was happy, the crowd was happy. When I was unhappy, you were

"What general concept do you see?"

Chloe stared over her mother's shoulder thinking hard.

"People share feelings. Both good and bad."

"Yes. Now, tell me what do you think of this idea. You 'controlled'
the audience's emotions when you opened up."

"I didn't feel like I was controlling them." Chloe shook her head.

"Okay, good. I think that when we open up, it gives other people
permission to open up."

"If they want to. Arty didn't want to open up with you. Why didn't he,

"He couldn't break the rules."

"Rules? What rules?" Chloe looked confused.

"Life rules. Tell me some of your 'life' rules."

"Be polite. Uh, look both ways before crossing the street? Umm, no."
Chloe stared at her hands.

"Wait. Always do your best. If something is worth doing, give it your
best shot. Don't waste your life. Is that what you mean, Mom?"

"Close, dear. Those are rules I've told you to follow. How 'bout an
unspoken rule."

"I dunno, Mom."

"Are you going to go to college?"

"Yes, of course."


"It seems right. Maybe 'cause you went to college. And daddy, too."

"Did I ever say you had to go to college?"

"No, not that I remember."

"So you're following a rule that you learned without somebody telling

"I get it. We learn some rules by example, don't we. From what family does."

Jean nodded affirmative, enjoying her daughter's quickness.

"Arthur only had 'cool' examples?"

"I believe so."

"So why couldn't he break rules. Why?"

"He wasn't creative. His training was to follow rules, hm? So he
couldn't really think for himself."

"Wait, I'm confused. Why would people make rules to restrict how we

"Who said, 'I yam what I yam.' and what does that mean to you now?"

Chloe thought for a long minute before answering.

"I get it. Burt grew up with people that shared how they felt. That's
why you're so happy with him, he shares his feelings."

"Pretty much. He draws me out of myself. Or he entices more of me to
come out, sometimes."

"Burt had a good childhood, didn't he? Like you're doing for me, hunh?"
Chloe gave her mother a loving look. "Mom, thanks. And thank you for the
spinach," Chloe cackled.

"Ha, ha. You are quite welcome, dear. Now tell me what you want to do
about Burt."

Chloe looked intently at her mom then bowed her head. Her eyes suddenly

"I don't know what to do," she wailed into her hands.

"Mommy, I really love him but he wants to be with you more than me," she
blubbered, collapsing onto the table top.

Jean gazed sadly at her unhappy daughter.

"We can share him, Baby. I know you love him a lot so let's share him
for a while, okay." She stroked her daughter's hair softly.

"Think about it for a bit, okay? Maybe you can talk with him tomorrow."
"Mom, I don't want to talk with him. I want him to stick it in me."

"Chloe Josephine Houston, that's way too crude!"

"Mom, I hear the sounds you make when he puts it in you. I want to feel
that too. I want to make funny noises too. I wanna get my cookies with
Burt deep inside me." Chloe slapped both palms on the table. "My fingers
aren't enough anymore. I want cock. I mean Burt's cock. How do I get

Jean stared at her daughter for a long moment. She pressed her lips
tightly together and nodded . She'd made a decision.

"Just go for it, Chloe. You'll get what you want." Jean forced herself
to speak calmly. Chloe's unexpected language and intensity were stressing.

"You gonna get married with him?"

"Maybe, dear."

"You love him a bunch?"

"Yes, dear."

"You can share him? Why?"

"'Cause I love you too. More than I love him, sometimes."

"I want to go see him right now."

"Wait until tomorrow then give him a call. Okay?"

"But mom..." she whined.

"You want to scare him off? You should sneak up on him. He might run
away then we both lose him. Do you want to chance it?"


Chloe's eye widened. She was thinking hard.

"You're telling me to seduce him?"

"You've already done that. He's reluctant because of your age so you've
got to take charge."

"Take charge?"

"Yes, give him orders. Boss him around. Get him in a lather and he'll
give in."


"You know, turned on. Like you did last night."

"Oh, yes. That was fun. I mean fantastic. I can't wait for him to do
me again."

"I know. You were very noisy."

"I'm sorry. I'm embarrassed now. I hope I didn't embarrass you."

"Not at all. Actually, hearing you was very stimulating. You were a
great warm up."

"Glad to help. Like you needed it," Chloe chortled through her smirk.

"Go do your chores. Get out of my hair for a while today. Call
Francine and go practice on the little boys at the Mall."

"I don't need any practice. Especially with little boys."

"Yes, you do. Get your hand out of your pants and go have a life,

"Yes, mommy." Chloe's voice was syrupy sweet.

Chapter 8 Chloe Shares

"Francine home, Mrs. Jameson?"

"Yes she is, Chloe. I'll get her for you."

A moment of quiet. Mrs. Jameson was not one to shout through her

"Hey Chloe. What's doin'?"

"Let's go tease boys at the Mall this afternoon. Do ya think?"

"I'll ask. Hold on."

Early teen girls must have a tough time of it. They seem to dress to
attract but their tight eyes say, "Leave me alone." Not all the time,
though. If the parents are elsewhere, the young girls seem to be more
open, more adventurous. Like baby birds at the edge of the nest,
exercising half fledged wings. Blossoming flowers sparkling with morning
dew. Sweet images, yes, but watch them play basketball or volleyball. How
can one not admire and enjoy their delightful aggressiveness and intensity.

"She said it's okay. Come over here first, Chloe?"

"Sure, I've got something to tell you, girl friend. You are going to
wet your pants."

"Oh, goody. Hurry, get your tush over here."

"I'm out the door."

Francine opened the door with great energy.

"Chloe, come up to my room. You gotta tell me all. I know you've done
something outrageous again. What have you done this time?"

The two girls ran up the stairs in high giggle.

Francine slammed her bedroom door shut and leaned back against it,
surveying her very best friend. She narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips.

"Did you get him to kiss you, Chloe?"

Chloe stood there surveying her friends room as if counting the stuffed

"Sort of, Frannie. But..." She stopped, swung around and launched
herself to Francine's bed.

"Come sit here. I'll tell you all about it." Chloe patted the bed in
front of her knees, fast and furious, eager to tell all.

Francine's feet may not have touched the rug.

The two girls sat in lotus position, leaning forward, almost nose to

"So, he kissed you or not?"

"Oh yes and I played tongue tag. It was a tingle, let me tell you."

"Better than when we do it? I'm jealous," Francine pouted.

"Not better, just so different. He smelled so good. He tasted like
wine and maybe chicken. His whiskers scratched my neck. I almost turned
into one big goosebump."

"Wow, damn. Double damn wow. Chloe, you didn't stop there did you?"

"For sure. God, he felt so good laying on top of me, holding me. I

"Laying on top of you?" Francine squealed.

"Well, half way. His knees were on the floor. So.."

"Oh," Francine groaned. "Too bad."

"No way too bad. It was fantastic. He put his head on my chest and
tickled my boobs. That really made Petunia gush." Chloe giggled.

"Oh goddess, Chloe. Me too. Right now." Francine cupped her mound
through her tight jeans. "What did he do next?"

"I rubbed Petunia and told him to put his hand over mine. That got me
so hot I just had to take my panties off so I made him do it. Boy, did he
move quick. He was squeezing my butt and I was polishing Petunia. She was
a very happy pussy. Shit, Francine, I'm juicing all over the place."

"Me too. Keep talking."

"Oh, girl, it was so nice. He was sucking my boobie and I was cruisin'
for a good one when he stuck his big old thumb in me. I went off like a
bomb. I know I rattled the windows I yelled so loud."

"Mmmm," Francine whined in frustration as she squeezed her crotch tight.

"That's all. He held me for a long time and I just floated around on a
cloud. It was so nice." Chloe let out a big sigh.

"Chloe, you are so lucky. I am so totally envious."

"Don't be, Francine. It kinda hurt when he left me for mom. I watched
them later. She really loves him. You know? And he loves her. I wish he
loved me like that."

"He's too old for you, you know that. But for now he sounds like a good
one to practice with." Francine seemed very matter of fact.

Chloe shrugged and sniffed. Her eyes tearing.

"I know, you're right. mom said she'd share 'cause she loves me, maybe
more than him. But he will be my first love, my first lover. That's my
promise. I'm not going to give it up to some pimply boy in the back seat
of his father's SUV."

"Will you share him with me, Chloe?" Francine's voice was nervous but

Chloe started at that idea. "Maybe, after a while. After I get in a
little 'practice' first, okay? Then I'll ask him for you. I guess I can
share too, with my best friend."

"Okay, but when we've had enough practice, after we've put him in orbit
a bunch of times, let's find some boys at school with cars and warp their

"Just their brains, hotty pants?" Chloe giggled, a sly look on her face.

Chapter 9 Chloe's Command

I looked down at the panting red faced child-woman. I felt a sharp pang
of guilt stab my gut. I started to pull away, but quick hands flew to hold
my hips tighter against her.

"No, don't move. You're still hard," she panted through a dreamy smile.
"Leave it in me. It feels wonderful."

I could not disobey Chloe's soft command.

She hunched her hips gently, rubbing her pubic arch against mine.

"Chloe, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do that. I'm so sorry I lost

My cock twitched. It wasn't sorry.

"No, Burt. No, don't feel sorry. You've just given me the most
beautiful moment. You did just what I wanted. Please don't spoil it."

"But, Chloe, I shouldn't have..."

"Burt, please don't. I love you. I loved it. I wanted it, you."

Her little face was starting to pucker up, her chin trembled. She
looked up at me with such a soulful pleading gaze.

"Please, just love me. Please, Burt."

"I love you, sweety pie. You can be very sure of that. But we've got
to talk about this, you know."

"Okay, I know," she said with a touch of resignation. "Just not right

She stabbed my belly with a sharp finger and quickened the pace of her
hunching hips.

"Do it again."

Chapter 9 Chloe Checks in With mom
"You were right, Mom!" Chloe announced gayly as she came skipping into
her mother's bedroom.

Jean looked closely at her beaming daughter. She seemed relaxed and
happy, rather pleased with herself.

"So, you had a good time? Did you get what you expected?"

"More, Mom. A lot more. I think I know why parents don't talk about
sex. If kids knew how good it was." She stopped and hid a big giggle
behind her hands.

"Okay, enough. Don't say any more or I'll get jealous."

"We talked about that." Chloe's voice was calm and serious. "And lots
of other stuff too."

"Be sure you send him a nice thank you note." Jean held her face quiet,
smiling slightly.

"Thank you note? Why, mom?" Chloe's expression clearly showed she
thought her mother was suddenly deranged.

"He gave you a nice gift, didn't he? Think you'll ever forget this

"No, I sure wont. But it's weird, isn't it? I mean, what do I say?
Thank you very much for three wonderful ff..." Chloe stopped abruptly,
realizing what she was about to say to her mother. "Fun filled hours."

"No, dear. Tell him you had a wonderful afternoon. Don't be specific.
Tell him your feelings and that you know he loves me too and you wont
jeopordize our relationship. Tell him that you understand that your mother has priority. Got it?"

"You're telling me all I get is leftovers?" Chloe made a big pout.

"I wouldn't say it just that way. I call it relationship management.
You have to establish boundaries. You have to figure out your terms and
conditions and state them clearly to him. Then you negotiate until you
both are in balance. There's more to this than just having sex with him."

"This is more complicated than I thought."

"That it is, dear."

"Damn! I hate it when it takes me this long to figure out you're in
parenting mode."

"Don't feel bad. I snuck up on you," Jean laughed gently.

"Now we should discuss how we arrange a schedule for two demanding

"Three, Mom. Francine asked me to share him with her."

"I don't think the Jamesons would like that very much, Chloe." Jeans
voice very sharp. "I don't either."

Chloe's face reflected her shock at her mother's intensity.

"It's going to be tricky, but we'll figure something out, wont we?"
Chloe gave her mother her most plaintive look.

"Like how to keep Burt out of jail if she informs her parents?"

"But she's my best friend, mom. We do everything together! How can I
leave her out? She wont say a word about Burt."

"Invite Francine to come discuss it tonight. Call and see if she can
join us for dinner. We'll see what we can do. But no guarantees. Okay?
You have to accept my veto if it comes to that. You know Burt will cut you
off if you put him in jeopardy. What he's doing with you is illegal,

"Okay, mom. I can't do anything that will get Burt in trouble. Ever."

"Good. Now, how much have you told Francine?"

"Not much, really. Just that he helped me the other night to have a
nice orgasm. She wont know about what happened today if it might cause

"Good. Let's leave it at that for now. Go call Francine."

Jean thoughtfully watched her daughter's back as she half ran out her
bedroom door. She nodded her head and grinned, remembering her escapades
with her own 'best friend in the whole world' when she had been her
daughter's age.

Chapter 10 Jean Checks in With Burt

"Burt, we have to talk."

The most frightening words a man can hear.

But Jean's voice was sweet and musical in my ear.

"We sure do, dear one. Things got a little out of hand today. How's

"She is one happy little girl, love. You did just fine, apparently.
She had that special glow of a well loved woman, thanks to you."

"I still feel very guilty, Jean. I'm really not too sure about all

"Don't you dare. You spoil it for her and I'll have to be cross with

"But, Jean..."

"No buts. Just love her. I know you do, so give her your love freely
and honestly."

"How can you do this, Jean? What's going to happen to us? That's my
next concern."

"Nothing's going to happen to us. We'll be just fine. You're our man now. You've got a harem to contend with so just relax and deal with it.
You know any man would love to be in your position."

"But I'm not any man, I'm..."

"That's why we love you, silly," Jean interupted forcefully. "We have
two problems. Your guilt and arranging a schedule. We need to agree on
when it's Chloe time, my time and three of us time."

"Three of us?"

"Not that way, silly.

"Thank the gods, Jean. You scared me.


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