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CHLOE3 movie emotions First shock then

Chloe from the imagination of California Dreamer 2001, 2002, all rights

Chapter 12 Jean makes her decision.

"Hi, Mrs. Jameson? Can I speak with Francine, please? Oh, would it be
okay if she had spaghetti with us tonight?"

"I think she'd enjoy that, Chloe. I'm sure she'd prefer your mother's
dinner to my leftovers. I'll find her for you." {br} {br} {br}

"Hey, Chlo-jo. You want me to come over now or wait for dinner time?"

"Now, if you can. We have to talk about stuff. You know what."

"Him, right? Okay, about a half hour and I'll be knockin' on your

Chloe informed her mother that Francine would be joining them for

Jean nodded. "Good. I want to find out if she's as 'cool' as you say
she is. A bit of duress might tell us a lot." {br} {br} {br} Chloe heard a
double rap on her bedroom door as Francine entered with her usual bouncy,
self confident step. She was smiling so big her cheek muscles must have

"Hey," Francine said with a cheery chirp, "what's cookin', good lookin'?
Any more adventures with Burt, funny girl?"

"No, not really," Chloe sighed sadly, trying to sound disinterested.
She didn't want to lie to her friend, and tried to mask her face, but a big
blink and small quick smile gave her away.

Francine's face took on a knowing look.

"I don't believe you." Francine's voice a playful warning sing song.
"You're holding out on me." Her slit eyed smirk held askance.

Chloe's head dipped. "We had a talk." She said, her voice low, forcing
herself to sound as if she were unhappy.

"About what? Sex?" Francine was excited again, and started bouncing on
her toes.

"Oh, Francine," Chloe wailed, "he could go to jail!"

"What? What happened? Did something bad happen?"

"Nothing baad happened. I went over to his house and started crying as
soon as I saw him. I felt like such a dweeb, but I couldn't help it. I
felt so unhappy."

"Why? You were all alone with him. That was an opportunity!" Francine
didn't have to elaborate. She gave her friend a melodramatic look of

"Yeah, and I messed it up, big time. I'm bawling like a baby,
blubbering how much I love him, and he feeds me baby talk. Gaah! He
probably thinks I still wear diapers to bed."

"He knows better. You're acting so weird. You goofed it acting like an
idiot. Man, oh man, that sucks. I would have been on him like an octopus.
He would've thought I had four arms and four legs." Francine giggled.

"Yeah, maybe, but you don't love him. You're only thinking with your
crotch. You've spent what, twenty minutes with him? I have feelings, you

"Well, maybe you're right. I'm not all bent and twisted about him.
But, remember, you talk about him all the time. You keep telling me how
sweet he is to you. Doesn't talk down to you, but like you're an adult and
all. I may not have spent much time with him, but I like what you say so I
want some of him too. If you can play with him, why can't I?"

"Francine, you just don't get it, do you? I'm 'in love' with Burt.
Jeez, if he asked me to make a baby, my legs would come up so fast I'd
backwards summersault right off the bed. He's not just a play toy. Am I
getting through to you? Can you think about something besides waving your
legs in the air?"

Chloe's face showed such glaring anger that Francine stepped back as if
fearing a physical attack.

"I don't want to talk about it anymore. Help me set the table."

Chloe ushered Francine into the kitchen. Behind her back, she gave her
mother a thumbs up.

"Hey, Ms. Houston. Something smells really good, and I'm hungry enough
to eat road kill." Francine inhaled deeply.

"Sorry, Francine. This is vegetarian Sunday so no road kill available.
Glad to hear your appetite is good 'cause we have a mile of spaghetti and a
heap o' garlic bread." Jean spoke with controlled enthusiasm.

Chloe pulled plates out of the cupboard. "Do you want me to put the
plates in the oven, mom?"

"No, just put them on the table. Francine, there's a salad in the
fridge. Would you, please?"

"Sure, Ms. H."

Chloe carried the plates to the table as Francine bent into the

"Here comes the spaghetti. Hot stuff, comin' through." Jean sang.

Jean forked big piles of noodles and sauce onto each plate.

The table was set, the hot garlic bread piled in a basket, three women
began twirling their spaghetti with fork and spoon.

"Let's say a little prayer, girls."

Both young women looked up, blurting in unison, "What?" An odd request
in this secular household.

"Let's give thanks for having good noodles and a good man in our lives."

Francine blushed and fidgeted, reacting to the inclusion. Chloe just
watched her mother, feeling a detached calm, not really surprised she was
mounting the attack so quickly.

"Francine, you've met Burt. Well, I think he's going to ask me to marry
him." Jean shivered and hugged her elbows against her sides. "Isn't that

"How do you know, Ms. Houston?" Francine looked and sounded distressed,
as if sensing a possible lost opportunity.

"Well, he's been so attentive to Chloe..." Jean stopped to bite into a
garlic bread slice.

Francine's eyes popped open. If she could open her eyelids any wider
she'd have eyeball garnish on her spaghetti.

"And me," Jean continued. "If I even hiccup, he sends me flowers. My
office is full of 'em. Sometimes he doesn't wait for an excuse, he just
sends them. Whenever he gets the urge, he says." Jean took a little breath
and let it out slowly between pursed, slightly smiling lips.

Francine was starting to relax when Jean spoke again.

"If Chloe asks him for something, anything, he gives in to her."

Poor Francine. Jean hasn't given her time for a single bite.

"In fact, he seems almost eager now," she stressed the word, "to give in
to her."

Chloe so quickly stuffed her mouth with spaghetti that half the strands
draped past her chin.

"Eat your spaghetti, dear. I thought you were hungry."

Francine stared at Jean for a moment then dropped her eyes to her plate.
She seemed surprised, as if the plate had appeared by magic. She lifted a
fork full to her mouth as Jean upped the ante.

"Are you sexually active, Francine?" Jean spoke lightly, as if she were
asking an equal, not a thirteen year old young woman.

Chloe couldn't help but grin big at the expression on her friend's face.
Francine had her first bite of spaghetti halfway into her mouth when her
bulging eyes had snapped hard left to Jean's face.

"Chloe and I have been discussing sexual issues, and I'm curious if your
mother has brought it up yet."

Jean faced Francine directly and lifted her eyebrows, smiling slightly.

Francine removed the untasted noodles from between her lips. Preceding
her words with a gulp, "My mother would..."

"Eat, dear. Eat. We'll hear your answer after you've put a noodle in
your tummy." Jean's tone now slightly suggestive.

Chloe's eyes narrowed. She wondered if her mother were alluding to a
different kind of noodle. She made an unconscious head shake.

Francine dutifully found her mouth with her fork with her eyes locked on
Jean's face.

Jean turned to her daughter and asked gently, "Are you paying attention,
Chloe? You haven't said a word."

"Yes, mother," she drawled. "I've been listening, but you haven't left
an opening for me to say anything."

Chloe watched her mother squint ever so slightly and twitch an eyebrow.
She understood the non-verbal communication instantly. Jean was telling
her, "That's how you do it." Chloe nodded her head several times and turned
to her meal. She was lifting her fork when a question occurred to her.

"Mom, how old were you when you first had sex? I haven't met a freshman
boy yet that isn't half putrid. The upper class boys don't seem to know I
exist." She stuck out her lower lip in a cute frowning pout.

Jean smiled at her daughter's exaggeration.

"In high school. I understand, it is difficult find a decent boy. I
chose a nice boy, smart and a little shy. The shy ones are very

Jean turned her attention back to Francine.

"Have you had a talk with your mother, Franny?"

"No, she wont talk much about sex. She gave me a broad hint that 'nice
girls' don't masturbate or even think about sex. I don't think she enjoys
it like... like..." Francine stuttered when she realized she was about to
say, "Like you do." She continued with, "Most women." Her eyes dropping to
her plate as if she were embarrassed to be so open.

"So, Franny. Tell me. Do you like it?"

"I've never done anything except with..." Her mouth didn't close as she
glanced at Chloe.

Jean waited just a short moment.

"Have you two been, um," Jean paused again, "practicing together?"

Francine's face was instantly blood red.

"Nn, no!" she half shouted, her eyes wide with shock and embarrassment

Jean ignored her discomfort.

"Many young girls do. I did when I was your age. I had a 'best girl friend in the whole world'. We talked about everything and tried most of
it together. Let me tell you, we enjoyed ourselves immensely. You needn't
be embarrassed."

Chloe's head swung back and forth between the two a few times. She was
amused by her usually cool friend's extreme flush, and her mother's
cheerful offhand delivery. I've got such a cool mom, she decided.

"If you decide it's time, just tell your mother you need a Gyno
appointment. You don't have to explain why in this state. Then ask for a
90 day shot." Jean smiled and gave Francine a hint. "Do you cramp?"

Francine shook her head. The light in her eyes showing she understood.

"Chloe and I had our little visit not long ago. Now she can make
choices and not worry about pregnancy. I've advised her against, but I
believe she's very mature for her age. It's her decision."

Chloe unconsciously rubbed her upper arm. That needle had stung.

"More noodles?" Jean asked and stood. Both girls nodded so she went and
brought the pan of spaghetti to the table. Behind Francine's back she made
the thumbs down gesture to Chloe, and put an exaggerated 'I'm sorry'
expression on her face.

As Jean forked spaghetti, she smiled at Francine.

"I'm very pleased that you and Chloe are best friends. You are such a
sweet young lady, Franny."

Jean looked at Chloe with a "Do you understand?" expression.

Chloe nodded her head and sighed softly. She studied her friend's still
flushed face thinking, "There's got to be a way."

Chapter 13 Chloe explains her position

The young ladies were a little more sedate after dinner was finished and
cleared. Francine's usually bouncy walk and bubbling laughter weren't in
evidence. It could have been the two helpings of spaghetti, the salad and
bowl of Rocky Road ice cream. Not to mention a half dozen pieces of garlic
bread the growing girls had consumed.

They assumed the classic position; Sideways across Chloe's bed, belly
down, stockinged feet in the air.

"I'm going to ask my mother to take me to our Gyno. She's a nice lady.
I'm sure she'll fix me up."

Chloe gave her friend a sad look while shaking her head.

"I'm not going to fix you up so you wont be needing that shot. mom told
me that if anyone saw us, he'd be in jail, I'd be in Juvi, and she could be
disbarred. I'm not going to 'mess around' with him."

A bit of a lie in one sense. She felt so seriously in love with Burt
for the relationship to be merely a 'mess around'.

"Oh," Francine moaned. "This sucks. Sucks big time. Shit, shit,
shit." She looked steadily at her friend for a long moment, her face
twisted into a major thoughtful scowl.

"I've a little tickle that you're not telling me everything. You look
different tonight. You act different."

Chloe sucked in a slow deep breath and shrugged.

"When mom said he could go to jail, that was a pretty good whack to the
head. Then she hit me again with disbarment. I can't screw it up for two
of the three people I love most. Maybe that's why I seem a little
different." Chloe's voice was calm, sounding firm and confident.

Francine leaned her head on Chloe's shoulder. "Ohh, that's so nice. I
love you too, but you know, I'm really disappointed. Wait, you told your
mother? About Burt?"

"We share everything, Franny. You know that."

Francine missed the fleeting grin.

"When I came back from Burt's this afternoon, I went straight to her
bedroom, and told her everything. Not every detail, but, you know."

"No, I don't know. If I told my mother I'd like to do the deed, she'd
lock me in the closet or kill me or both. I can't talk to her about sex
stuff. She freezes up. Your mom is the coolest. Oh, it's late. I'm
outta here."

Francine crawled off the bed and found her shoes. As she slipped them
on, she looked up at Chloe with a sweet smile.

"Thanks for saying you love me. That made me feel really good. You
know I love you too."

Chloe leaned down to peck at her dearest friend's cheek.

"It's just you and me, pal." And mom and Burt, she realized.

A few minutes after Francine left for home, Chloe found her mother.

"Mom, that was so neato. You had Francine so flummoxed. She's usually
the coolest, but you had her stumbling in seconds. I almost feel sorry for

"Don't be, dear. It's for the best. If she lost her composure when her
mother questions her, we'd all lose. We have to protect Burt and
ourselves. Besides, he's not our toy to pass around like a party favor."

"I thought for a second that she was on to me. She's very intuitive."

"Adds stress to your life, doesn't it, hiding your feelings from her.
You handling it?"

"Yeah, so far. Do you plan to ask Burt to move in with us? Any time

"Haven't given it a thought, but it's an interesting idea, though. Why
do you ask?"

"I'm worried that his neighbors will see me, um, visiting. They all
have those Neighborhood Watch decals on their doors. Somebody might get
suspicious. God, why is this so complicated?" Chloe delivered that last
statement with peevish annoyance.

Jean gazed thoughtfully at her daughter. "Chloe, broken rules and lies
are heavy weights. Each one a stone in your backpack. Soon, you become so
weighted down that all you can see is the dirt in front of your feet. You
strain so hard that you can't lift your head, and revel in the beauty
around you. One of life's lessons, dear."

Chloe's response was a nod and a big sigh.

Chapter 14 Chloe, the seductress.

"Mom, I'd like to make dinner here tonight for Burt." She raised her
eyebrows at her mother.

Jean glanced at her daughter over the rim of her coffee cup. They were
in the kitchen, dressed to start their day.

"Fine, dear. Remember, I'm flying south this morning. Probably wont be
back until eight or nine tonight. You can have him all to yourself for a
few hours." She watched her daughter's face light up.

"Oh, goody. I'll save some dinner for you if you want a snack when you
get home."

"Don't bother. I'll have eaten." Jean took a last sip of her coffee
before upending the mug in the sink.

"Okay. Bye, mom."

"Bye, dear."

Chloe was reaching for the phone as Jean left. She punched the memory
dialer, and waited, a lazy little smile of anticipation warming her face.
She heard his cheery hello, and a little shiver ran through her body.

"Morning, Burt. How's it going?" She spoke with such warmth, the
refrigerator she was leaning against should have started its cooling cycle.

"I'm good. Would you like to have dinner here with me tonight? I'll
feed you blackened catfish, New Orleans style."

"She'll be home late, probably eight or nine, so it'll be just us."

"Six is good but come a little earlier if you can, and please call

"Great. Love you. Bye."

Chloe had her chore list to take care of. She sang and danced the
vacuum around the living room and dining room. She skipped from room to
room collecting the debris of daily living. When she was satisfied with
the neatness level, she went shopping for her man's dinner, feeling so
grown up, so adult. One very happy young woman.

Chloe glanced at the clock. 4 P.M. She had gazpacho and Greek salad
cooling in the fridge. The catfish was peppered and ready.

"Now, time to get the dessert ready to serve," she spoke to her
reflection in the kitchen window, smiling brightly.

She ran to her shower, stripping clothes on the way. She shampooed
twice, scrubbing her body with a loofa as the conditioner did its magic.
She paid special attention to her 'personal' place, of course. Probing
gently to check for any soreness.

She stood naked in front of the mirror, drying her hair. After pinning
it up in a tight swirl behind her head, she appraised her body with a
critical eye. Her belly was flat, her thighs almost muscular. She nodded
her satisfaction and twisted to check her butt. A nice ass, but maybe a
little too much of a good thing. She frowned slightly and grimaced. The
bad news had been saved for last.

"I don't have any tits," she pouted. She covered her protruding nipples
with her palms, and glowered at her face in the mirror.

"Come on. Grow, dammit!" she demanded, pulling on her nipples so hard
she winced.

She turned sideways, and stuck her chest out, hands on hips.

"Well, at least I've a little something there." She wrinkled her nose
and danced to her room to dress.

She selected high cut, white cotton briefs, didn't even think about a
bra, a knee length, navy blue full skirt and a sleeveless white silk button
front blouse. She knew exactly what kind of impression she wanted to make;
Woman, not girl.

Before the mirror, she held her mother's single strand pearl necklace to
her throat. She nodded thoughtfully, and, after a momentary fumble,
fastened the clasp behind her neck. She toed into black high heeled pumps,
also her mothers so had much higher heels than her usual. She was ready to
cook for her man.

Her phone rang just before 5:30. She was so startled she almost leapt
from her chair. She'd been reviewing and editing her 'thank you' note to
Burt. It had to be perfect before she shared it with him.

"Hello," she said into the instrument, a little breathless, aware of her

"Hi, Burt. Are you early?"

"Good. Everything is ready. Come now." A tingle of anticipation
tickled her.

"Oh, yes. I love you. Bye."

She clicked the printer icon and set two copies. When the first page
ejected, she rolled it into a tight cylinder and tied it with a red ribbon.

She checked her appearance in the mirror, smoothing her skirt over her
hips. She pursed her lips and frowned.

"I don't think I need these," she said to her reflection. She slid her
panties down her thighs and tossed them onto her bed.

Chapter 15 Burt comes to terms. Let's listen in on his thoughts.

I am staring at my phone like it's an alien invention, an artifact from
a far away planet.

"What have I gotten myself into?" I asked it. The phone did not
respond. Annoying.

Chloe and Jean. Jean and Chloe. My mind was bouncing back and forth as
fast as a tennis ball at a Wimbeldon doubles final. We need to have
another talk, Chloe and I. A very serious one. We can't make love again.
I mean have sex. Shit, I had it right the first time. I love that little
girl. Sorry, Chloe. Woman.

I've been ready for dinner with Chloe since mid afternoon. It has been
impossible to focus on anything but her as I felt the anticipation grow
stronger. All I need is flowers. Why do I need to bring her flowers?
Need? Yes. Shit! Jean said accept it. She didn't realize how difficult
it would be. How meandering the path.

Christ, I'm not living my choices. I'm letting society's lowest common
denominator rules direct my life. That's not me. Or is it? Shit! Jean
is my sea anchor. She keeps me steady, pointed in the right direction.
Chloe is...? A delight, an unexpected gift from her mother? A gift that's
diverting me from... What? Ah! An ordinary existence. Like the nice guy
next door. He mows his lawns, drinks his beer, watches his sports. What
does he have in his life? A nice job, a nice family, maybe contentment.
And he's a major boor. No, that's too harsh. Make that just a bore, a pot
bellied lump in his hammock. Is that our destiny?

Shit! What's that Latin phrase. "Seize the day?" Yeah, carpe diem.
You don't seize the day between thumb and forefinger. You wrap your arms
around it. Grab it by the tail. Scream out your joys, your fears. You
only die once. Flip that. You only live once. Do not go quietly...

I love that little girl. Why? What's the difference between her and
her mother. Physically, very little. Jean is calm, contemplative,
cerebral - to use someone else's descriptor. Chloe is...? A joy. No, SHE
is joyous. She says wow. Her eyes quickly widen with excitement when...
Whenever she trips over something new in her world. And that's happening
more and more often. That's her beauty, her appeal. She's coming out of
her cloistered child world with eager wide eyes. No fear. Damn, how'd she
learn to do that? Her momma, of course. Got it. It's her self
confidence, her high self esteem. When she wants something, she goes for
it. Damn, Momma. You're good. Damn, Burt. You are one lucky bastard.

Chapter 16 Burt and Chloe come into balance

I had to hesitate for a moment at the entrance to Jean and Chloe's
house. I straightened my tie and checked that the flowers were not in
disarray. Taking a deep breath, I poked at the doorbell button. Missed.
Poked again, and heard chimes from within the house. The door swung wide
immediately. I didn't recognize the tall woman dimmed by the screen door.

"Um, hi there. Is Chloe...?" The woman's wide smile took away my words.
She pushed the screen door open slightly. As I pulled the screen open, the
woman turned and walked away. I followed her, feeling nervous,
disoriented. Who was she? Were there other guests? I hadn't considered
that there would be others.

I stared at the woman's slim neck as I followed her into the living room
where dozens of candles warmed with flickering light. The woman turned to
face me.

"Are those for me?"

"Chloe? My god! I didn't..."

She interrupted. "Red roses? No one has ever given me flowers before.
And you bring me red roses. A lover's bouquet. Ah, I like that message.
Very much."

She stepped close, and took my face into her hands. Her kisses soft,
sweet, loving.

"Mmmm," someone sighed as my arms tightened around her.

Chloe pulled her head back, and bent her neck to rest her forehead on my
shoulder. I put little kisses on her neck, just under her ear. She
trembled and made a little gasp.

"You goose bump me," she whispered. "I don't want to stop but..."

I silenced her with a soft little kiss.

"I love you, Chloe. It feels like a warm, golden glow of joy inside of

"I love you, my sweet Burty. I'm feeling like a meltdown is happening.
My legs are so weak I'd fall if you weren't holding me."

"I'll hold you forever," I breathed into her ear. Or for as long as you
want me to, whichever comes first.

"Kiss me again then I have something for you to read."

I kissed her deeply, almost getting lost in the feel of her slim warmth
in my arms, her warm soft lips. We both ummed a soft moan. Was that her
heart I could feel pounding against my chest, or my own?

"Here, read this now while I finish dinner." She pushed away from me and
presented a white cylinder. The red ribbon caught my attention. This
document is significant, I felt immediately. I took it from her hand
carefully as if it might sear my flesh. I felt her pull the roses from my

"May I bring you a drink, Burt? I have Scotch whiskey and White

"The Zin will be fine." I could use a scotch about now, but didn't want
to scramble my brain. Any more than it already was.

"Okay, sit and read. I'll be right back."

When she returned, I'd read most of her words. As I finished the last
few sentences, Chloe moved close, and paused for a moment. I was so
absorbed, I ignored her as she knelt in front of me.

After completing the last paragraph, I looked closely at her face,
noting she seemed stressed, but trying to smile it away.

"After I called this afternoon?"

Chloe nodded her head, not smiling.

"I thought about you. And your mother." My words came out slowly,
almost a whisper.

Chloe's chin dimpled and trembled.

"My relationships with the two of you. Hm? My wonderful loving
relationships with the pair of you."

Chloe's eyes brightened, her lips trembling into a small hesitant smile.

"I decided that whatever the two of you want from me, you shall have it
as best I can give. I accept your terms and conditions with three minor
change requests."

Chloe nodded her head. I took the glass of wine from her hand, sipping
to wet my dry mouth.

"You and your mother... No. You and Jean are equals in my heart. I
love you both with equal intensity and depth so she will take priority over
you only because she is an adult. The second change is, I want you to add
an escape clause. If, at any time, for any reason, you feel the need to
break off our physical relationship, you must tell me immediately. You
must not be worried about my feelings, yours have the priority." I made a
tight little grin at her serious face and lifted my eyebrows. "And last of
all, and maybe most important, I want you to date. You need to be
involoved with and understand your generation."

Chloe nodded her head slowly.

"All right, if you think I should have an escape clause then maybe you
should too."

"Fair enough. So, are we unanimous in this?"

Without taking my eyes off her face, I carefully placed the wine glass
on the end table. I had a premonition that her response would be intense
and quite physical. I watched her sit back onto her heels, her shoulders
slumping. She tilted her head back, letting out a soft breath through her
nose, a smile flickering to life.

"Chloe, why are you on your knees?" I felt a small disappointment that
she didn't leap onto my arms.

"I was prepared to beg on my knees if...if." Her words stumbled to a
faltering halt. "But it's not necessary. You have never disappointed me,
Burt. I believe you never will."

She made a bright smile, and rose gracefully to stand over me. "Would
you like to keep me company in the kitchen. Our dinner is almost ready."
She held out a hand for mine. I held her hand for a moment before lurching
to my feet. I started to bend to kiss her, but she stepped back and turned
towards the kitchen. She seemed to stride with gentle confidance. At the
doorway she hesitated, turning slightly. There was a half smile on her
lips, her eyes gleaming with anticipation. Or was it invitation. I
stumbled toward her.

"Did you like the Zin? Momma said the shop owner recommended it
highly." She pointed toward the forgotten glass on the end table.

"Oh, yes. It's quite nice," I lied. I had no memory of its flavor, not
with the taste of Chloe's mouth still fresh on my lips.

{br} {br} {br}

Chloe's deft fingers, graceful hands held my eyes. She dropped the
catfish filets to sizzle in the oil, and turned to the fridge with a
graceful spin, as if she were dancing for me. Her skirt swirled about her
thighs and knees. She bent to retrieve plate and bowl from the fridge.
Her butt was so cute. The memory of it in my hands just yesterday made my
palms tingle.

"Chloe, you are so beautiful. Your energy is..." I struggled for a
moment to find the right word. "Provoking."

She grinned at me as she strode with long legged grace to the table.

"Thank you, sir. Maybe because I've had lots of vitamin B." Her eyes
sparkled mischieviously.

I laughed with her.

"You don't mind if we have dinner in the kitchen, do you? I'm feeling
sort of," a small smile flickered, "cozy tonight."

She turned and bent slightly to place her burdens on the small table.
Her blouse tightened across her back and waist causing me to suck in a lung
full of air. She heard, and turned her head slightly to peek at me, just
one eye visible.

"You are staring at me, Burt," Her soft smile inviting, "like you want
to eat me up." Her smile slowly grew wider.

"Mmm. Chloe you are so beautiful. I don't think you've ever looked
so... delicious."

She stood tall and turned to face me, her broad smile warming my bones.

"I'd kiss you, but the catfish will be ruined."

She seemed to float across the the room, her eyes locked on mine.

She turned to her task, flipping the filets expertly. She seemed to
hesitate for a moment as if making a decision before turning her face back
to mine.

"This will be ready in just a moment. Sit, please. I will serve you."
She pointed to the far side of the table with her spatula held high, an
imperious gesture.

I carried my wine to the designated chair, to stand watching her. Her
head was bowed over the pan, arching her long, slim neck. My lips warmed
when I thought of kissing her there.

Talk about infatuation, I had it bad. Not just with Chloe. If Jean
were here, I'd be in total sensory overload.

"Chloe why did you write that note?"

"Mom's request."

"No surprise, that." I should have known. An attorney's attention to

"Would you like to live here, Burt?"

"Hadn't thought about it, Sweetheart. Why do you ask?" I couldn't help
let great surprise show in my face.

"I'm nervous about your neighbors." She scooped a filet onto a serving
platter. "They all seem to have Neighborhood Watch decals in their
windows." She scooped again. "And the commute is a waste of time." She
flashed a quick leer at me.

I expected a giggle, but realized I'd heard not a single one this

The meal was delicious, the contrasting flavors a delight. When I
complimented her, she thanked me with a gracious smile.

"It was a pleasure, Burt. Now let's talk about you moving in with us,

"Dearheart, your mother and I should discuss that. Don't you think?"

"Majority rules," she grinned. "Anyway, she wouldn't mind, I asked her
already. Will you think about it?"

"We'll need a bigger house, Chloe. Your mother has an office and so do
I. That's four bedrooms. Very expensive."

"We could get by with just three, couldn't we?" she replied calmly,
yielding only a fleeting smirk.

"That would not be acceptable, Dearheart." I felt a little glare in my

"Burt, will you teach me all about... " Her cheeks flushed slightly as
she hesitated. "Oral sex."

My mouth fell open.

"Chloe, we've plenty of time to explore..."

"I've been practicing," she interrupted, grinning widely. She leaned
forward, eager, it seemed, for the adventure to continue.

"Chloe..." My eyelids were starting to cramp.

"On a cucumber, of course." Her grin now evil. She was fully aware she
was in control of the moment and she loved it. "What does semen taste
like, I wonder?"

Chloe regarded my discomfort cooly. She appeared quite poised and
confident, not yielding a clue that she was suppressing a giggle with all
her strength.

I stared hard at Chloe. I know my mouth was hanging open. My eyebrows
were squeezed together so hard, it hurt. Then it hit me, like topping a
ridge, and viewing a new panorama of valleys and peaks, a new vista of

"Don't interrupt me this time. You are not the little girl of yesterday
afternoon, are you?" A rhetorical question. "You're much different tonight
than you were yesterday. Did something happen between now and then?
You're so damned serious I feel like I'm with Jean tonight."

Chloe's face was a movie of emotions. First shock then amazed awe then
amusement. She started to giggle, hiding her mouth behind a hand.

"Chloe?" I asked her, trying not to laugh.

"Oh, Burt. This has been so much fun. I was acting, playing a part.
Mom did some, um, coaching last night and..." She shook her head and
laughed softly. "I couldn't carry it off for long, but it was sure fun
while it lasted. I was acting like a mature woman, testing myself with
you. Looks like I did pretty good."

"You did very well. I thought I'd lost my little girl."

"You have, Burt. I'm not that little girl any more. I'm a demanding
woman who just can't help giggling too often." She frowned that at me.

"Chloe, please don't try to make changes for me. You've wrapped me
around your pinky just as you are. Don't try to grow up so fast, just let
it happen as it happens. Enjoy your childhood, there's not that much left
of it."

"Oh, I am. I'm enjoying it alright." She delivered this with

"Burt, one or two more questions?"

I nodded, trying not to feel wary.

"You enjoy making love, don't you? Like our time yesterday."

I nodded, watching her face closely. No emotion betrayed itself, she
seemed almost serene behind a slight smile.

"Do you enjoy plain old fucking for fun?"

Her choice of words startled me. Chloe's generation doesn't hide behind
euphemisms, it would seem.

"Of course, but with love I feel a lot more giving, and a lot less like
taking pleasure."

"Sometimes I feel really, really horny. Could you just do me? Make me
come just as hard and fast as possible?"

"Well, maybe. You might have to twist my arm." I flinched away as she
hardballed her napkin at my head.

"It's not your arm I'll be twisting." Chloe gurgled through a wide
smile. "Let's take our wine into the living room. We can cuddle for a

Chloe stood gracefully, holding her hand out to me, her face as serene
as before. Only her bright dancing eyes gave away her excitement.

"Young lady, you are especially beautiful tonight. Wearing your hair up
changes your image completely." I smiled into her eyes. "Your neck looks
so delicious. Can you guess what I want for dessert?"

"Mmm?" She arched an eyebrow over sparkly eyes.

"If I don't get a little nibble of your neck..."

"I want more than a nibble on my neck, I want you to nibble my pussy with gusto. Mucho gusto!" She hid a giggle behind a fist. "I've never
spoken that word to a man before. Pussy, my pussy. You must lick my
pussy, Burt," she chanted. "Before I melt into a quivering puddle on the

"Say clitoris, Chloe. Say it slowly. Let it roll lovingly off your
tongue. Cli-tor-us."

Chloe sucked in air through clenched teeth. "You turkey, I'm going to
orgasm standing here in the kitchen. Let's go do this right."

She yanked on my hand, urging me to stand as she backed towards the
doorway, pulling me towards her, as totally focused as a stalking cat.

Chapter 17 Chloe takes charge

"Sit," Chloe commanded, gesturing towards the couch.

I sat with Chloe towering over me. I watched her nostrils flare as she
regarded me with feral intensity. A little shiver of anticipation went
through me, or was it fear. Both, maybe.

"These damn shoes are distracting," she growled the complaint. "They

"Give me your foot." I patted my knee and leaned forward slightly.

Chloe put her hand on my head and raised her leg, carefully placing the
toe of her shoe on my knee, teetering slightly.

I stroked her slim, bare calf, marveling at the smoothness of her skin.
For a moment I flashed on an African safari kill scene, the hunter standing
proud over my fallen body.

"Burt, look." She pulled her skirt higher and opened her leg slightly.
"Let me introduce you to my dear friend Petunia. She is very pleased to
meet you." She snorted a laugh, tilting her head back for a moment.

"Il gusto es mio, Petunia." I blew a kiss at her sparsely furred arch.
"Any dear friend of Chloe's is my dear friend also," I said, unable to
suppress a small chuckle.

Looking up into Chloe's face, I prized her shoe off, let it drop to the
floor before massaging her foot. I couldn't resist bending to kiss her
instep. I heard a soft pant, so I licked her skin.

"The other one," she murmured. "Hurry, it hurts too."

She quickly switched her feet, placing her other shoe on my knee.

"Oh, I didn't have a chance to say goodbye," I complained, giving her a
mock glare.

Chloes's eyes questioned.

"To our friend Petunia,"

"You didn't give her a welcome kiss either. Maybe she's upset with

"Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. Is there some way I can make it up to
her?" I gave Chloe my most sad and contrite face.

Before she could answer, the phone rang.

"Damn," Chloe blurted and turned away. "You stay right there," she
said, moving quickly toward the kitchen door. "I'll be back," she
forewarned sweetly, "in just a moment." She hobbled a step before kicking
off the remaining shoe.

A half a glass of wine later, Chloe returned looking flushed and
excited. She stood before me avoiding eye contact for a long moment, her
eyes sweeping the floor, not focusing. She took a deep breath.

"Mom wont be back until tomorrow evening." Chloe raised her head
slightly to stare directly into my face. "Wanna stay the night, Burty?"

"I'm glad I took my vitamins too."

"Good," she said as if that were the expected answer. "Now," she said,
"here's my agenda. We're gonna go get naked and I'm going to have my

Chloe's eyes danced and grinning large, she said, "Then you get yours."

"It's your show, Sweetheart," I obliged her.

Chapter 18

Chloe's surprise

"Take your clothes off for me, Burt. I want to watch you get 'nekkid'."
Her lively eyes gleamed.

"Any more curiousities, dear one?" I said with a touch of sarcasm. I
already knew the answer to that one.

I felt a momentary awkwardness as Chloe perched on her mother's bed.
She clasped her hands together in front of her chest, and gave me such a
sweet faced, eager smile. A flash of guilt went through me as I pulled the
tie from around my neck. Her eyes sparkled, and she squirmed impatiently
on the bed while I slowly unbuttoned my cuffs.

"Hurry up, please," she begged.

So, of course, I had no choice but to move more slowly. I took pity on
the excited girl and stepped closer, thrusting my hips at her face.

"Want the fun part?" I croaked at her softly. My throat felt strangely
scratchy and tight.

"Yess," she hissed. Slim fingers gently stroked my bulging fly before
fumbling the zipper down. Slim cool fingers tickled through my pubic
curls. Slim cool trembling fingers fished a half erect penis out into view.
She stared at it as its angle of repose started to move up the scale.

"It's so cute," she marvelled, her eyes wide, her mouth half open. "How
could anyone ever call that a 'weiner'?" She flashed a quick grin up at me
as her finger tips stroked the length.

"I don't call it a weiner. Who calls it a wiener?"

"My girl friend Francine." Chloe leaned forward, and put a little kiss
on me. Just a peck, but it made me jump.

"Hm," she sniffed. "It smells kinda funny." She licked the head, a slow
careful swipe. "Tastes good, though."

"Mmm," I responded with a shiver. I can whimper with the best of 'em.

Chloe leaned back a bit, contemplating my rigid member. I rotated my
hips causing it to sway slightly.

"Hey," she said with delight, and batted my dick with stiff fingers
making it swing back and forth.

"Cool," she chirped. Her fingers circled my dick and squeezed.
"Ready?" she grinned up at me.

"Ready," I gurgled.

"Wait a minute," she said hurriedly. "Let's switch around." She stood
on tip toes putting us almost nose to nose. Cupping my cheeks in each
palm, she said softly, "Burty, Burty, Burty, this is so much fun. Mwa,"
she kissed.

"Sit down, I'll finish undressing you." She fumbled at my belt as we
danced around. I dropped my butt onto Jean's bed as Chloe knelt with me.
"Can I take a picture of it?" she asked with a giggle.

"If I can take pictures of your naked body then you can take pictures of
my stick." Thought that would cool her down. Wrong.

"Cool," she chirped again, "later, though." She contemplated the waving
penis for a moment. "God, did I really let you stick that thing all the
way in me?"

"Almost. You had most of it," I sighed as she tugged at my waist band.

"Ouch," I exclaimed, "unbutton my boxers too or you'll break it off."

"Sorry," She pursed her lips tight, and focused on the last button.

I felt a nasty little thrill zip through me. Chloe's pretty face just
behind my waving dick was somehow not lewd, but still a bit of a thrill
watching an excited pretty little girl eagerly stripping the wrapping from
her present.

I leaned back onto my elbows, and lifted my butt so Chloe could work my
pants down to my ankles.

"Look at it!," she exclaimed, fisting her toy. "It's more than cute,
it's awesome."

Chloe, gurgling with delight, made me laugh right along with her.

"Chloe, you are so silly." I stroked her cheek. "I love you, sweetums."

She licked her lips and swiped my happy pecker against her slightly open
mouth for a bit. Her eyes shining, she looked me in the eye and lightly
sucked her plaything deep into her mouth.

"Umm," I grunted, Chloe's head jerked back.

"Did I hurt you?" Her eyes round.

"No, just surprised me. I thought you'd start a little slower, easier."

"Well, I have another surprise for you later." She stood, and looking
down at me, began unbuttoning her blouse. I figured I'd better get out of
my pants, she might not give me time later. It was a struggle to kick off
shoes and shuffle out of the pants without bending down. I wasn't about to
take my eyes off her. She finished unfastening blouse buttons, and
unhooked and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor.

She put a fist on a cocked hip. "You are so slow." She bent to tug at
my remaining pants leg. "It's stuck," she said, sounding slightly annoyed
so I crossed ankle over knee and fished out the cuff. She stripped my
pants, and threw them over her shoulder while pushing against my chest.

"Lay back. Let's sixty nine."

"Can I at least take my socks off?"

"No time for that." She put a knee on the bed, and straddled my hips,
knee walking up my body to plant a sweet downy puss on my face.

"Lick me for a minute, then I'll do you too."

In no position to say no, I obliged her.

"That's so nice, so different. I can feel your stubble scratching."

I licked her clit then sucked it hard. She 'eeped' her delight, but
when I started licking hard and sucking, she let out a whoop, and began
bucking her hips.

"Burty," she cried, "you're gonna... I'm gonna..."

Licking and sucking like the starved sex fiend I'd become, I went for
her nipples with eager fingers. One good tweak, and she fell off the
cliff, shuddering, squeeking between panting breaths.

"Oh, so fast. That happened so fast." She slumped down, and slid back
to peer into my face. "I liked that," she panted. "A lot."

"Me too, you're delish," I grinned at her, loudly slurping her slime
from my lips, rolling my eyes.

"You are so nasty, Burt. I love it."

"Good, now get off me, and suck my cock." I mock glared at her.

"Ooh, gives me shivers when you talk like that. Say it again," she
gurgled, lifting off my chest to collapse on to her back.

I rolled alongside her, slipping a palm over her belly and up her
heaving chest to stroke a small rubbery breast.

"Sorry, honey. That just slipped out. I can't talk dirty with you
quite yet."

"Why, Burty? I liked it."

She made a silly, little girl pout.

Laughing, I said, "'Cause you're still my baby girl, sweet and

"But I wanna be your woman," she whined, slapping my arm. "I've been a
'girl' long enough." Her pout changed to an angry, not so cute, big girl pout. "You have to give me what I want 'cause I'm a girl and you're a man,
and that's the way it's supposed to work," she whined petulantly.

I propped my head up on a bent arm.

"Chloe, I'm beginning to understand something about you. May I share an
observation with you?"

"Not really," she sniffed. "I'd rather fuck." She smiled sweetly, a
little girl smile, even batting her eyelashs.

"You are so funny. I love you." I shook my head. "In all your

"Hmmph." She gave me a slit eyed glare.

"You are a young girl, smack dab in the middle of the transition into a
young woman." I gave her a moment, probably not needed, to absorb the
thought. "Think of it like shedding the restrictions of childhood for the
consistancies and responsibilities of an adult. You get my point?"

"Yeah, seems reasonable."

I sensed forced patience. "The key idea is that you operate in two
modes, childish, or maybe better, child like and adult. When in child
mode, you've got the moves down pat, but when you're in adult mode you tend
to exaggerate so you're often out of balance. Mm?"

"Okay, I get it. You're telling me I'm sort of hyper, right?"

"You got it."

"Well, maybe it's because I'm very in love with you." She raised her
eyebrows at me. "And you excite me."

"Thank you. I love you too, and you excite the hell out of me."

"Good. You wanna jabber some more, or can I suck your cock now?"

"Chloe," I complained, "too crude."

"Sorry, Burty." She put a on contrite, little girl face.

Except for her twitching lips, she looked truly sincere.

"You are such a little actress," I snorted a laugh.

Chloe rolled towards me, throwing her leg up and over my hip.

"I'm not acting all the time. I'm just trying to figure out how sex
between a man and a woman works."

She pressed her lips to mine for a soft little kiss.

"Maybe more than sex." Her brow furrowed, her mouth twisted. "It's
deeper than that. Yeah, It is. I know you love me 'cause I can feel it in
the way you look at me, in the way you put your hands on my body. Love is
built on respect, isn't it? I'm a thirteen year old kid, and you're thirty
something old man. Do you know how strong it makes me feel that you
respect me?"

"Mmmm," I agreed, not about to interupt. She was rolling.

"I feel like a super woman, able to leap tall problems with a single
bound. I feel more alive, more aware than I have ever been, in my whole

Chloe took a deep breath, and forcefully blew it out.

"I want to pay you back for making me feel like that. The only way I
know how is to give you pleasure."

"With your pretty body? With sex?"

"Yes, yes, yes." Each word puntuated with little kiss.

"Did you know that's only half the pleasure you give me? Maybe less
than half."

Chloe's eyes widened in surprise.

"Watching you in action. Watching you execute your life with joy and
energy and..." I kissed her nose. "With eagerness and confidence. That's
my biggest pleasure. Sex with you is a great pleasure, but watching you
learn, and grow far surpasses that."

"You know something? You and mom are a perfect match." She shook her
head. "You're both so..." She thought for a moment, "analytical." She
pressed a soft kiss on my mouth. "But I love you anyway. Now, the next
thing you get to watch me learn is?"

I shrugged, not even tempted to guess.

"How to suck your cock so good you'll think you're gonna die."

"Chloe, I love your ability to focus. Now, get your sweet ass down
there and start sucking."

"Dirty talk again," she cooed, shivering in my arms. "That made my
pussy tingle."

"I'll make your pussy tingle, you little thirteen year old cocksucker wanna be," I growled. Where the hell did that come from? She seemed
shocked. So was I.

"I'm sorry. That was much too crude. I apologize."

She rolled to lay half on me, almost nose to nose.

"Don't be. You pegged it, me, I mean. I'm exactly that, a cocksucker wanna be." She laughed softly. "By tomorrow morning, I'll be a fully
fledged Burty cocksucker." She pecked my lip. "And proud of it." She
grinned. "Ready?"

"Oh, if I have to," I groaned.

She bared her teeth, and tried to bite my nose.

"By tomorrow morning, I hope to be a fully fledged Chloe cunt licker," I
said, dodging her fangs.

"You always say the right thing at the right time, Burty," she said as
she scrambled into a sixty nine position.

I stroked soft hands from her smooth butt up to her shoulders, nuzzled
the soft skin of her inner thigh. I could feel her warm breath on my rigid

"Burty, tell me when you're about to come, okay? I want to watch."

"Sure, Sweety."

I felt her warm fingers pry my cock off my belly. God, I was stone
hard. Her little tongue lapped the drooling slit then she slowly, ever so
slowly, slid her lips around my heated, purple cock head.

"Mmm," she sighed, sounding very pleased with herself. "I like this,"
she mumbled.

I rewarded her performance with a clit suck.

"Mmmmf," she snorted, her hips snapping down, crushing her pussy against
my face.

Hey, I know when to reward good work.

"God, Chloe," I groaned against her muff. "You must have seriously
damaged a few cucumbers." I sucked her clit, and tried to beat it to death
with my tongue. Her head lifted, warm fingers squeezing my dick, she


I felt her shudder and tense.

"Wait," she said, her voice tight. "Not too fast. God, you do that so
good." Her hips trembled slightly, rocking slowly. "I want you to come

I felt cool fingers cup my balls, a warm tongue lick the most sensitive
spot on my body, warm soft lips suck down my dick, her tongue licking
faster. I heard a soft gagging sound, deep in her throat. I retracted my
hips as she pulled off and coughed.

"Big, isn't it?" Chloe stated, her voice sounding proud.

"Yeah," a soft voice replied.

Soft warm lips enveloped, lapping tongues lapped, cool fingers caressed
my balls, warm fingers stroked my shaft. The nursing mouth took more and
more of me. Chloe giggled.

"You can take more than I can."

"What the hell?" I yelled against Chloe's sliming, hairless pussy lips.
I struggled to roll her off me. She spread her legs, and fought back.

"Stop, Burt. Let us do this," she yelled. laughing and pinching my

"It's just Francine. She wants to learn how, so stop fighting me."

"Francine?" I bellowed, having gotten my nose out of Chloe's crotch.
"Francine? Get off me, Chloe. Right now." I rolled her onto her back and
half sat up. A naked, kneeling Francine looked up at me, a huge grin
splitting her face.

"Can I suck your cock some more, Burty? Please, pretty please."

I felt my bulging eyes trying to escape their sockets as I turned to
Chloe, my jaw flapping.

"Chloe..." I began, but she interrupted.

"If mom can share so can I. Francine and I do almost everything
together, so..." She gripped my half hard cock in her little fist and aimed
it at her friend's face. "C'mon, Franny, it's still your turn."

"Chloe, what are you doing?" I groaned, sensing irate mothers and
sheriff's deputies, rattling their handcuffs, eager to provide a virgin
bride for Bubba.

"What are WE doing, you mean." She put an impatient disgusted look on
her face. "We are trying to have sex here. Did I cut off your air supply
for too long?"

Francine leaned forward, and blew a gentle stream of cool air against my
shrivelling dick.

I sat up, and grabbed Francine by her upper arms. She stood, putting a
pair of pink conical breasts right in my face. I blinked, my jaw flapping
again as I gaped at her body.

"You like my little titties, Burt?" she cooed, twisting to push one at
my face. "Wanna?" she asked, arching her back. "I like to have my titties

Chloe knee walked to get behind me. She wrapped her arms around my
waist, and nibbled my ear.

"Go ahead, Burt. Suck her titties. She loves it." She slid her palms
down my belly. Small warm fingers found their target, my reinflating cock.

"Jesus, you two are a pair," I groaned.

"You can say that again, Burt," Francine said, chuckling softly. She
leaned forward, pressing a rigid, puffed nipple against my lips. I sucked in the turgid nip, biting gently, my hand slipping over her rounded belly
to her soft tuft of pubic hair. I kneaded her other breast and slipped a
tentative finger into her crease.

"Ah, yes," she cried softly, her hips thrusting forward.

My finger slipped easily into her wet slickness. Her hips began a fast
rythm as she fucked herself on my finger.

"Give her a good one, Burt," Chloe cried into my ear.

I didn't have to do a thing. Francine was well into her pleasure.

'Yuh, yuh," she huffed, her face contorting.

I bit her nipple harder.

"Gaaaahd," she screeched, her hips snapping forward. "Unnn, so good."

Francine fell forward, her forearms on my shoulders. I wrapped her in a
hug else she'd have fallen to the floor.

I stood, and turned, laying her out on the bed. She grinned up at me,
her soft face reflecting her satisfaction.

"Fuck me now?" she asked, widening her legs. "Please, Burt," she
whined, lifting her knees high and wide, slim fingers prying her carmine
pussy lips wide.

I looked at Chloe. She nodded her head rapidly

"Chloe," I said, knee walking to between Francine's spread thighs.
"Suck me for a moment, please."

Chloe scrambled around Francine's flushed little body, bending to slide
about half my stone hard dick into her mouth. I let her suck for a moment,
stroking her hair.

"'Nuff, Sweety." I pulled my hips back, and looked into Francines eager

"Ready?" I asked her, knowing full well she was more than ready.

"Hurry," she whined, her expression pleading.

I smeared my cock head around, stirring her juices. Francine whimpered
softly. I aimed and leaned forward onto stiff arms, looking down into her
wide eyes. Her lips parted slightly as she panted. I thrust my hips
forward, sinking about half my cock into her.

"Ahh," she screamed softly, her neck tendons standing proud as she
arched her back. I held still, just keeping hard pressure on her, letting
her settle before retracting and slamming into her. She grimaced, her eye
lids clenched, her tight lips puckered. I started fucking her slowly, full
strokes riding high, letting my pubic bone slam into hers, mashing her
clit. Her arms snaked around my neck, pulling me down onto her. Her finger
nails digging into my shoulders.

"Un, un, un," she grunted with each impact. I felt her body tensing,
the pitch of her grunts rising.

"Oh, it's... Oh, it's," she cried. "There!" she screamed, her tense
body flopping and jerking under me. I gored into her, pushing down, and in
as hard as I could. With one last jerk of her body, she collapsed, limp. I
bent and chewed her nipple.

"Mmm, mmm," she whimpered, her vaginal muscles clenching.

Careful not to come out of her, I got to my haunches, and turned my eyes
to Chloe's wide eyed stare.

Her lips moved but no words came for a moment.

"You fucked her," she said softly, as if amazed I could do such a thing.

"She didn't ask me to make love to her," I shrugged.

Chloe stared at her friend's face.

"Franny?" she asked softly. "You okay?"

"Mm, hm," Francine moaned, her eyes slitting open. "More than okay."

"Franny," I said, patting her slim thigh. "Squeeze."

"What?" she asked softly, her eyes not quite focusing on my face.

"Squeeze your cunt muscles."

I felt her clench, and my half hard cock began to slither out of her,
then the head popped out. God, I love the feel of that.

"Hey," she chuckled, "that felt so weird."

"Chloe, let's get her cleaned up so she can go home."

"But, Burt," Chloe whined, "Can't she stay over?"

I shook my head.

"You and me have lots of unfinished business. I don't want her around
for that."

Chapter 19

After a shower and dressing, Francine came and sat in my lap, laying her
head on my chest.

"Thank you, Burt," she said softly. "That was wonderful. I'll never
forget it."

"Me neither, Franny."

"When can we do it again?" she said tilting her head back to stare up
into my eyes, a pleading expression in her big pretty browns.

"We'll talk about it," I said, trying to let her down gently. I had no
intention of ever doing her again.

I patted her firm butt, and kissed her cheek. Her hair smelled of
lavender, her cheek soft and warm under my lips. I felt my resolve weaken
for a moment.

"Go say goodnight to Chloe, Honey." I patted her butt again as she got
off me. Well, maybe just one more time, I thought.

I could hear the girls' giggles, and their chirping laugher as I went to
get a beer. In the kitchen, I found the half empty bottle of Zin on the
counter, and poured two glasses.

Chloe padded up behind me on bare feet, wrapping her arms around my

"Did you like my surprise, Burty?" she purred.

"Yes, sweety, but we shouldn't do her again, you know. She's not

I lifted my arms, and spun slowly in Chloe's embrace. She had the
oddest expression on her face.

"Family?" she questioned.

"We're hangin' our asses out on a limb with her. Don't you think? If
she let's it slip what we do, we're dog doo doo."

"She wont. That's why I called her after mom called. She's too smart,
and very intuitive. She just about had us figured out. I know she'd never
rat on us, but I thought that getting her involved was good insurance." She
looked up at me, her expression softening. "I thought you'd be a little
more gentle with her. You fucked the shit out of her."

"Honey, let me tell you a little something about men. We don't have
enough blood supply to operate a brain and an erection at the same time.
Remember that. It might keep you out of trouble someday." *

"Speaking of trouble, did you come in her?" Chloe's face tightened with
concern. "She's not protected, although she's safe at the moment."

"No, I didn't. You get everything I've got. You and your mother.
Frannie's not family, remember."

"She is to me, Burt." She leaned back to stare into my eyes. "She more
than a sister, even." She lifted her eyebrows.

I stared hard at her as her intent jelled.

"You two are lovers?" I squawked, absolutely surprised.

"Welcome to the women of the 21st century, Burt," she said, laughing at
the shock on my face. "Welcome to the 'extended' family. You now have
three women to adore. Merry Christmas and happy birthday."

She leaned away, pushing her hands against my chest, giving me a soft
little grin.

"Burt, we have some unfinished business, I believe."

She slid a warm palm down my chest and belly to grope my limp noodle.
She backed away, tugging me along with her.

"Mmm," I sighed. "If I have to."

* Attributed to Robin Williams.

Chapter 20

Jean glared at me across her kitchen table, her lips working as she
absorbed the news.

I sipped wine and watched, fairly certain how she'd respond.

"I'm gonna ground her ass," she growled. "For two weeks she gets no
Burty. That'll teach her to break our agreement. Franny too."

"You're the boss, Jean, but I disagree." I kept my face soft to not
reflect my surprise, but let my eyes narrow.

"Argue your case," she said as she leaned back, crossing her arms under
her breasts.

I matched her body language, leaning back away from her, crossing my

She smiled a tight little smile.

"Our first confrontation, Burt?" she purred, as if relishing the budding
event. Her eyes danced with anticpation.

I led with feinting jab.

"I feel you're being awfully self serving. Don't you get enough of me?"

"Too much, occassionaly," she parried with a body blow, a bit low.

"Uh, oh," I thought, "This is an emotional issue for her."

"Honey, I love you with all my heart, and certainly respect your logical
mind." I danced away from her frontal assault. "But sometimes..."

I pause for affect, watching her tilt her head, trying to guess my

"Your emotional responses are great fun to watch."

"Like right now? You think I'm responding emotionally, not logically?"

"Are you worried the girls will divert me from you? That I'll love you
less, give you less?" I leaned forward, put my elbows on the table, and
rested my chin on laced fingers. "What is it that I give you that's most

"Uh, no," she responded, a little too quickly. She turned her face
away, as if searching deep for an answer.

"Tenderness," she replied, bringing her eyes back to mine, a small smile
twitching her lips. "I've never had such tenderness from a man, and I
dearly love that."

She put her elbows on the table, and rested her chin on laced fingers.
We were almost nose to nose.

"Well, I think Chloe's good behavior should be rewarded."

"Good behavior?" Jean frowned.

"Yes, she knew what she wanted, and went after it. A bit deviously,
yes, but I'd no way go along with her if she'd asked. She was well aware
ot that, and planned accordingly. I'm inclined to foster that kind of
behavior. What say you?"

"I rule against. She's been like that her whole life, but not only did
she break our agreement, she was sneaky in doing it. That is not
acceptable behavior. Not in my book of rules. She's grounded for two
weeks. Final sentence."

"I accept your ruling." I thought for a moment. "And your issues." I
grinned at her. "I must say, I'm a little worried about surviving the next

"You needn't worry. She has a fall back." Jean's grin snapped across
her face. "She and Francine can keep each other happy, I'm certain."

"Damn," I laughed, "you don't miss a thing, do you?"

"Nope," she said with a big laugh, shaking her head.

Chapter 21

Well, dear reader, that brings us up to date.

As you may remember from Chapter 2, I had to be rescued from my bathroom
by Jean. Fourteen days of no Vitamin B put Chloe in a desparate state
despite Francine's TLC.

Jean was sympathetic, and Chloe apologized, promising to tone it down.
As a reward I took her to dinner at a posh French restaurant. She was
dressed to the nines, elegantly coifed and made up. The Maitre D' gave her
beautiful face a long look, even looking back over his shoulder after
seating us. I'll be discrete and describe our late evening activities as
intense, vigorous and... Well, I'll just leave it at that.

Her summer vacation starts soon, and I've promised to take the two young ladies on a short holiday. We haven't decided where exactly we want to go,
but I'm not going to leave the state. Something about crossing state lines
with minors, et cetera. We'll probably just beach it for a week. I wonder
if they'd be up for a nude beach. We'll find out.

Jean and I, in the mean time, are settling in. We've discussed sharing
a house, but haven't made the move yet. We may take some time this summer
for a trip of our own. A week or two in Hawaii may determine our future
living arrangements. I just want to marry the woman, but, cautious as
ever, Jean prefers to move slowly. Once burned, twice cautious, she

Oh, and Francine. She whines a bit, sitting in my lap occasionally,
pleading for another go, but I just don't feel it's reasonable, given the
intensity of my feelings for Jean and Chloe. She is an agressive sweety,
though. She just might have her way, one of these days.

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