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CINDY2 split them please Eight


The following is a work of fiction regarding sexual relationships. If you
feel that it is illegal, immoral, or otherwise improper for you to read
this, then *Don't Read It.*

* * *

*Cynthia Martin*

*Copyright (c) By Morgan, 1991, 2001*

Please note the original copyright date. This story was basically
written ten years ago. As a result, you will likely find obsolete
references. I'm afraid you'll just have to live with it; it's too tedious
trying to keep up with the latest and greatest.

This book is part of the Ali Clifford saga and is a sequel to -- and
much longer than -- _Call Girls._ If you haven't read it, I urge you to do
so. Without having read it, the actions in the first few pages will not
make any sense.

Incidentally, you will find occasional entries, _word_. The reason for
this is that MS Word's Auto Format function puts a word preceded and
followed by an underscore in italics; that's my intent. Similarly, *word*
results in the word appearing in bold face. If you use Word's Auto Format,
it will take care of things; if you don't, you at least know why it's

More of my works are posted on my site <> If you
like it -- or if you don't -- please let me know at <>
My books are now also being posted on <> although at
this writing there are fewer of them than on my site.

* * *

*Chapter 11*

The next morning after their lovemaking, Cindy dragged Dan out of bed.
Along with the Stewarts, they went to church early and then returned home
to another breakfast Cindy prepared. With her heart in her mouth, she made
croissants which turned out to be as light and flaky as Jan's best. She
served them with omelettes which were also masterpieces.

Jan just shook her head sadly and said, "Pete, it's all over. I used to
think I was a passable cook, but there's no way I could do this."

Cindy went over to Jan and hugged her saying, "Oh, you poor thing!
Isn't it lucky you have such a talented house slave? Just think! I'm the
only person that stands between poor Pete and starvation. You _can_ boil
water though, can't you? With the boil-in-a-bag dinners they make now, you
can probably survive," she replied with her eyes dancing.

Jan took the opportunity to spank Cindy but hurt her hand in the
process. She glared at Cindy while she shook her hand; her eyes were
dancing, though, as she said, "Damn it, slave, make your ass soft when I
want to spank it. You hurt my hand."

"I'm so sorry, mistress. But why didn't you tell me you wanted to spank
me?" It was all she could do to keep from laughing as she added, "I'm just
a poor dumb slave, though, not a mind-reader."

"Damn it, Pete," Jan said with a grin, "why aren't there any decent
slaves available any more? I guess the British blockade of the Slave Coast
must really be affecting the supply."

They played in the sun all afternoon. Dan's tan was getting darker
while Jan and Cindy looked like sprites with their golden tans, golden hair
and blue eyes. When Dan gave Cindy the money from the previous evening,
she grinned and said, "Thank you, darling. I appreciate your handling the
financial arrangements. How about if we celebrate by dining at _Chez Nous_
again? I think I can get time off."

Jan was lying with her head on Pete's stomach. She had seen Cindy using
Dan as a pillow and decided it looked like a great idea. Without even
opening her eyes she said, "Beat it! And get out of my sun." Dan and Cindy
again took a shower together. While she was fixing her hair, Dan put the
few things he had brought with him back in his bag.

When they arrived at the restaurant where they had eaten ten days
earlier, they were greeted by the hostess who then went back to the
kitchen. Moments later the chef appeared to personally show them to the
best table in the restaurant. In spite of it being Sunday night, the place
was crowded. As they were being seated, he introduced the hostess as his
wife, Marie, and himself as Marcel Legrand. He retreated to the kitchen
and Marie smiled and asked, "May I bring you something to drink? Marcel
was in such a rush -- you can see we're very busy -- he forgot to mention
that you are our guests this evening."

Cindy looked puzzled and asked, "But why? You already gave us that
lovely cognac when we were here last time. Why should Dan and I be your
guests tonight?"

She replied, "You see how busy we are. This is all due to your help."
She smiled and said, "There is an ulterior... is that the right word...?
motive. He would like to sit with you later to see if you have any other

They ordered dinner and the change was instantly noticeable. The
quality of the food was substantially better than it had been the week
before. Dan ordered a bottle of white wine for them from the very short
wine list. While they were waiting for their appetizers Marie brought out
a small basket with two croissants and stood by the table while Cindy tried
one. It was not very good -- in fact it was rather soggy. She excused
herself from the table. Instead of going to the ladies' room as Dan
expected, she went back to the kitchen.

When she didn't immediately reappear, Dan just shrugged and took some
papers out of his bag and started to review them. After an absence of
fifteen minutes, she reappeared and sat down again. She didn't tell him
what she had done and he didn't ask. A few minutes later, Marcel appeared
with another small bread basket. He signaled to Marie who came over to the
table to join them. In the basket were four croissants. He offered one to
Dan and one to Marie. Dan broke his and the steam came out. It was as
light and flaky as the ones Cindy had baked that morning.

Dan didn't say anything. He watched Marie break one and take a bite.
Her eyes widened and she took her husband in her arms and hugged him,
exclaiming, "Marcel! _C'est fantastique!_ Never have you made such a
thing. My darling, it's superb!"

Marcel just grinned and then kissed Cindy on the cheek, causing her to
blush. "Marie, it's not me. It's this young woman who made them. Have
you ever had better? Anywhere?" Marie admitted she never had.

When the Legrands left the table, Cindy said, "Dan, these kids need
help... financial help. The kitchen is a horror show! No wonder it's
such a problem cooking well. And the wine list needs help, too. Marcel
and Marie have every dime they have scrimped and saved in this place. He
has access to some very fine wines, but no money to buy them. How can we
help them get some money?"

Dan had been enjoying the meal immensely. In fact, the weekend had been
the most wonderful three days he had ever spent. Not only was Cindy the
most beautiful girl in the world but she was also one of the smartest. The
biggest changes were in her attitudes and view of the world. Where
formerly they didn't agree on the time of day, now they disagreed on almost
nothing. He took the opportunity to tease her. Still looking at his plate
he said casually, "Why don't you just lend it to them?"

"Daniel Burke, you're crazy! And you're mean! You know damned well I
have about $80 to my name. The seventy-five from last night plus about
five bucks left over from last week. I could lend them about enough to buy
five pounds of flour!"

"You can do a bit better than that," he replied casually. He reached
into his pocket and brought out a bank document he had intended to show
her. It was a confidential internal credit memo listing bank officers and
their lending limits. They were listed alphabetically by rank. Under
senior vice presidents, Cynthia K. Martin was listed at $50 million, the
highest personal lending limit of any officer listed; the listing for
"current assignment" said "leave of absence." He passed it over to her
without comment.

While Dan was rummaging through his papers, Cindy was trying to puzzle
out how she could get the Legrands $25,000 which was her estimate of what
it would cost to fix up the kitchen and improve the wine cellar. When Dan
passed her the paper she was preoccupied with her thoughts and didn't pay
much attention until her own name caught her eye. She read it and then
reread it. When she looked up at him, her eyes were wide with amazement.
"What _is_ this? Some kind of joke?" she exclaimed. "I'm fired. My
current occupation is slave. What gives?"

"Did you ever resign?" Dan asked quietly.

"Resign? I was fired! As in, 'You're no longer employed here at the
bank.' God, I'll remember Jen's words forever! Then I got violently ill."
She looked at Dan with love in her eyes. "Honey, you missed it. It was
not one of your mistress's better performances. In fact, I was

Dan appeared to be bored by the whole thing. "What's the problem? Are
you sure of the wording? The exact wording?"

She smiled wryly, "I'm absolutely sure. Those words are engraved in my
mind as if they were carved in stone."

He shrugged and said, "I guess that explains it then. You're no longer
employed at the bank. You have been working at Deerfield rather than
downtown Chicago. But you are still a senior vice president and senior
lending officer, though." He looked at her and shook his head, adding, "But
you don't look like most of the senior vice presidents. And I don't know
if they would approve of your preferred attire these days."

"Preferred attire? Burke, have you lost it completely? My attire is my
skin. What do you mean?"

"Usually Chicago Trust Company senior vice presidents are so
conservatively dressed it's disgusting. Honey, you're usually naked."

Suddenly Cindy grinned. "That's okay. Yesterday I hope you noticed the
chairman of the board? Madam Chairman with the bare mound revealing her
beautiful cunt? Let's see... You also saw Jan -- all of Jan. She votes
her parents' shares and her own. That's about 56 percent. Then Jen votes
her shares and the Chapman's. That brings the total to about 85 percent.
Then their sister and brother-in-law, Connie and Chip Cartwright, own
another ten. That gets us to about 96 percent. Since Connie was a
stripper for years she won't complain, either, so I guess I'm okay." She
looked at him with a hurt look on her face although her eyes were dancing,
and added, "Don't you like the way I dress? I thought you liked to have
immediate access to all my bodily openings?"

Dan's face was impassive as he just nodded vigorously. "Cindy, do you
want to do it? Lend them the money?"

She smiled and said, "Hell, the bank can only say no. Let's try!"

It was after nine o'clock and the restaurant had nearly emptied when
Marcel came out from the kitchen. Marie brought over coffee and cognac for
the four of them. Marcel looked at Cindy with respect in his eyes. He
said, "Madame, if you were to open a restaurant nearby, I would close up
immediately. You're the finest chef I have ever encountered. How long
have you and monsieur been married?"

Cindy smiled and said, "We're not. I'm Dan's mistress. Besides, I know
almost nothing about cooking. Actually, I'm a banker."

Both of the Legrands' jaws dropped at her announcement. "A... banker?
You mean, you work in a bank?"

Dan smiled and said, "The fact is Cindy is a senior lending officer at
Chicago Trust Company. In that capacity she has a proposition to make to

Cindy proceeded to outline what she had in mind. Marie, who kept the
books, left the dining room and came back with the financial records.
While they were waiting, Marcel told them the reason for the croissants was
they were thinking of opening for breakfast. When he heard it, Dan asked,
"Have you and Marie had dinner yet?" Marcel said they had not. Dan smiled
at Cindy and said, "Hon, Marcel cooked for us. Would you mind making a
couple of omelettes for them?"

Cindy nodded her head, grinned, and disappeared into the kitchen. Marie
returned with the financial records and Dan started to review them and list
their cash requirements. It turned out that the store next door was vacant
and the landlord had made a very attractive offer to the Legrands to take
it over and join the two shops together. It would more than double their
seating capacity since the kitchen, particularly with the new equipment,
could handle both rooms. Dan made very careful notes as they talked.

Cindy reappeared with onion soup gratinee and a bottle of white wine for
the Legrands. It was like the soup Jan had made her first day she was at
the house and was superb. When the crust was broken, they both savored the
aroma. A few minutes later she reappeared with omelettes, soufleed
potatoes and two salads, and sat down again at the table. After taking a
bite of the omelette, tears came to Marcel's eyes. "Cindy, this is the
finest omelette in the world! You must be an outstanding banker because
you could make a fortune as a chef! No one is in your class. No one!"

Cindy just shook her head and said, "Thank you, Marcel, but it isn't
true. Janice Stewart is far better than I am. She taught me all I know
about cooking which is only a tiny fraction of what she knows."

Then she reviewed the restaurant's financial numbers with Dan. When
they finished, she kissed him softly on the cheek and said, "Honey, if I
had a division I would take you into it as a senior lending officer. No
one can analyze financials the way you do." Finally Cindy said, "Marcel and
Marie, on behalf of Chicago Trust Company I am prepared to lend you
$125,000." She indicated the terms and conditions and then looked at the
two, waiting.

The two young people were dumbstruck. Finally Marie said, "A bank would
lend us money? So much money! But you can't, Cindy. We... We're not
even citizens. No one lends money to immigrants. No one."

Cindy took Dan's hand and squeezed it. "Marie, there's an analyst at
Chicago Trust who spent a couple of years trying to educate me. With some
help from others, what he was trying to teach me finally sank in. You have
wonderful food. Your business has picked up in just the last week. When
you add breakfast service and enlarge the restaurant, you'll do even
better. We would like to help you, if you'll accept our help."

Suddenly, Marie jumped into Marcel's arms and kissed him passionately.
_"Mon cher,_ it's true! The streets in the United States _are_ paved with
gold! My darling, could you imagine this ever happening in France? Could
we go to a bank and borrow five francs?" She sat on his lap and he cupped
his hand under her full breast. Suddenly, both Legrands blushed as they
realized what he was doing.

Cindy got up from her chair and sat across Dan's lap. He took her
breast in his hand and she moaned with pleasure. "Doesn't it feel
wonderful to have your lover squeeze your tit?" she asked Marie softly.

"Tit? I don't know the word, tit," the girl said with a puzzled look on
her face. Cindy grinned and cupped her breasts saying, "Tits, Marie. Or
boobs, or breasts." Since she was not wearing a bra, her nipples showed
prominently under her dress.

The French girl blushed, but then grinned. Finally she just shook her
head and said, "We must close up now. Marcel and I are going to just float
home. Thank you so much. But what do we do now? Do you think we might
get the money? How long does it take? Two or three months?"

Cindy smiled warmly and said, "I think it will be faster than that."
They kissed and left the restaurant. While they were waiting for his
train, she asked, "Did I do the right thing, Dan? I hope that memo you
showed me wasn't someone's idea of a sick joke. Marie and Marcel would be
absolutely crushed!"

Instead of answering directly, Dan replied, "How did you analyze the

"Two young people working extremely hard trying to make a life for
themselves in a new country. Honey, in the kitchen I saw a pile of English
books. They want so badly to succeed. They deserve the chance. The
numbers are okay, I guess, but it's a loan to them, not against their
assets. What would you have done?"

Dan took her in his arms and kissed her. Again she heard bells and felt
the electricity flow between them. When they parted he stroked her hair
and held her close, murmuring in her ear, "Made the loan, of course."

* * *

The next day there was a Board meeting at the bank. It was a scorching
hot day so Janice decided to wear a shirtwaist dress in a light blue shade
that complimented her eyes. At breakfast Cindy told her about the events
of the night before while Jan just listened carefully with her face
impassive. When the girl finished the story she said, "Jan, it will
destroy those young people if I can't get them the money."

Jan smiled warmly and said, "You can. If worse comes to worst, write a
check yourself. Our account can cover $125,000 without any strain. Okay?

Cindy took Jan in her arms and kissed her warmly. "Janice Stewart, I
love you! If the loan goes in the tank, it only adds ten more years to my

"Ten years? Are you kidding? Make it twenty-five. Who ever heard of a
slave making $12,500 a year!" Jan stuck out her tongue and Cindy laughed.

When Jan got to the bank, she took the elevator up to the executive
floor. As she went towards Don Martin's office, the receptionist said, "I
beg your pardon! Madame, visitors must be announced."

Jan stopped short and went back to the reception desk. A beautiful
black girl was sitting there with the regular receptionist sitting beside
her. The regular receptionist, Jean Robbins, was blushing beet red and
looking like she wanted to disappear into the woodwork. The black girl looked up at her attentively and asked, "May I help you? Do you have an
appointment with someone?"

Jan smiled at the regular receptionist and said, "Jean, relax. This
girl is only trying to do her job." She extended her hand and said, "Hi.
I'm Janice Stewart. You must be new here. Welcome to Chicago Trust
Company!" The girl was beautiful. Her skin was the color of light cocoa.
She had lustrous brown eyes and exquisite black hair worn in a
shoulder-length page-boy. "Wow! We must have hired someone with some
judgment in Personnel recently. You're the most lovely thing to appear in
this bank in years."

The girl took Jan's extended hand and was surprised at the firmness of
her grip. She was puzzled. The name, Janice Stewart, was not on any list
of officers. In fact, she couldn't recall seeing the name, Stewart, on
anything. She had spent almost the whole previous night studying lists of
names to try to avoid the kind of situation she had obviously just created.
She smiled shyly, and said, "How do you do, Mrs. Stewart? I'm April
Jefferson, the new relief receptionist."

At this point Jean Robbins said, "April, Mrs. Stewart is a bank
director, along with her sister, Mrs. Chapman. Here comes Mrs. Chapman

Jennifer had been trying to sneak up behind Jan's back. When Jan spun
around, the girls kissed and then Jen frowned at Jean. "Jean Robbins, I
thought you were my friend. I was going to goose my sister and you went
and spoiled it!" She extended her hand to April and said, "Hi. I'm
Jennifer Chapman. I think you have my name on your list somewhere.
Welcome to Chicago Trust!" Turning to Jan she said, "Come on, sis. We're
keeping the overpaid executives waiting." The two disappeared through the
door toward Don Martin's office.

When the door closed behind them, April exhaled loudly. "Wow! What was
that? They have to be two of the most beautiful women in the world. Who
are they? I know Mrs. Chapman is Chairman of the Board, but who is Mrs.

Jean Robbins had finally recovered. She smiled and said, "April, Janice
Stewart controls the votes on about 61 percent of the bank's stock. If you
said she owns the place you wouldn't be far wrong. Incidentally, not only
are they beautiful but they're both smart as hell and the nicest people I
have ever met. Maybe now you understand why things are changing so fast
for the better around here."

One of the first changes made at Chicago Trust was to shrink the size of
the board of directors. Now there was only Jen, Janice, Don Martin, Dan
Burke, and Harry Simpson, the corporate secretary and general counsel.
Because of the small number -- the prior board had numbered twenty-five --
they converted the former board room to a large conference room and used a
small conference room separating Don's office from Dan's for Board
meetings. Jen had given the chairman's office to Don and used the
conference room on the infrequent occasions when she was in the bank on

As they approached Don's office, Mary Thomas rose to greet them. Jan
stopped short and looked at Mary closely. "Mary Thomas, what's happened to
you? You're looking younger and... Are you free for lunch today, by any

The woman was baffled but nodded her head. "Great!" Jan said. "Get us
a private dining room for three people, will you? We'll eat as soon as we
finish with the regular meeting of the Mickey Mouse Club." Mary just smiled
and shook her head. She was becoming used to the irreverence that
characterized the two sisters. She had no idea what they were thinking
about but she made the reservations.

After greeting Don Martin, the three went into the conference room and
Dan joined them. Jan grinned and shook her head. "You look like you got
some sun over the weekend, Dan. Did you go to the beach? And by the way,
don't you ever two-block your tie?"

Dan was tired from his weekend with Cindy. He was wearing a new suit
but, as usual, his coat was off, his shirt cuffs were turned up, his collar
was unbuttoned, and his tie was pulled down. "As a matter of fact, no. I
spent the weekend serving alternately as a punching bag and a pillow. I
did see a great deal of our directors, though," he said with a grin. The
two girls daintily stuck out their tongues and then laughed.

The meeting went very quickly. Don Martin now knew that Janice Stewart
had an MBA in marketing and finance from Columbia and was a Phi Beta Kappa
from Yale. Her sister, Jennifer, was also Phi Beta Kappa at Princeton and
had a Ph.D. in political science. Although she didn't have a business
degree, she knew a great deal of economics. Both young women asked
excellent questions. He knew he had the best board in the banking
industry. When they completed the agenda items and adjourned the formal
meeting, Harry Simpson excused himself to prepare the Board minutes leaving
the four alone.

Dan's hands were folded on the table. He looked down at them and said,
"Don, I think I should resign."

_"What?"_ Don exclaimed. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that I spent the weekend in bed with your daughter. You asked
me to keep an eye on her and I said I would. But I'm sure that's not what
you had in mind. I breached your confidence, so I better get the hell out
of here."

Jan and Jennifer protested. Jan said, "Daniel Burke, you'll do no such
thing! Do you know how much Cindy loves you? That's the correct word, but
it's so inadequate. I know the signs well, and so does Jen. Dan Burke, if
you told Cindy you wanted one of her boobs for breakfast, all she would do
would be to ask you how you wanted it cooked. And I don't want to bruise
your male ego or anything, but she seduced you. And I have never seen a
girl so happy in my life!"

Don asked quietly, "What are your intentions towards my daughter, Dan?"

Dan looked up for the first time and looked directly into Don's eyes.
He said, "Don, I love her more than life itself. I want to marry her. I
want her to be the mother of my children. I saw her with a small baby
Saturday night. She nursed him at her breast and looked gorgeous and
gloriously happy. She wants a lot of kids, too. May I have your
permission to court your daughter?"

Don jumped from his chair and took the younger man in his arms and
hugged him. Then he gripped his hand and said, "Dan, it should come as no
surprise to you to learn there is no one, _no one,_ I would rather have as
a son-in-law than you. When is it going to happen?"

Dan grinned wryly and said, "You better ask Jan that question. She owns

Jan grinned and said, "How about January? Chicago is impossible in
January. You two will love it in Hawaii then." Dan just shook his head.
Then Jan changed the subject. "However, I understand you're using my slave
for unauthorized purposes: making loans. What do you think of the _Chez
Nous_ credit, Dan?"

"I think Cindy is the best lending officer this bank has. And I say
that with my personal feelings for her put aside. Don, with your
permission -- and yours, Jan -- I would like to give her some special
lending assignments. You know, banks are always criticized for not
supporting the local community, and particularly for not making credit
available to small business. The reason is simple. We don't know how to
do it. As bankers, we always retreat to the numbers... and those
companies never have good numbers. We talk all the time about character
loans but we never make any. Janice Stewart, I'll bet you $10,000 Cynthia
Martin can and will."

Jan's face was impassive. She said, "How can she do the analysis? And
speaking of things we don't do, who is April Jefferson? She seems very

Don and Dan looked at each other and Don said, "Jan, that's Dan, too.
She has her degree from a local college and is enrolled in a banking
program nights. Of course our personnel people don't believe she has the
right educational credentials, but we hired her anyway. We're going to put
her in the credit program, but you know what a rat's nest that is. But why
do you ask?"

"Could she do the analysis for Cindy? I'll bet Cindy could train her if
you're willing. I'm sure she would be a hell of a lot better than some
stupid classroom teacher. How about if I drive her out and introduce

Don grinned and said, "It's your money, ladies. What can I say?
Particularly when my chief credit officer says yes. By the way, Dan, what
did Cindy say about your new job? Does she approve?"

Dan looked embarrassed and said, "Don, I didn't tell her. She thinks
I'm still a lowly credit analyst and I like it that way. Can we leave it
like that? She doesn't know I'm buying her condo, either. Do you know
what Cindy is doing? She's reading apartment ads. She intends to be a
wife and mother, so she's trying to work out how we're going to live on
what I make as an analyst." He smiled warmly and shook his head. "God, I
adore that girl!"

They left it that Dan would tell April about the new assignment. Jan
asked him to see if it would be all right for Cindy to drive her home after
dinner... about ten o'clock or so. He said he would find out. Then the
two girls left for their lunch date with Mary Thomas.

The three women were ushered into a small private dining room, one of
several used for important clients of the bank where business could be
discussed in private. After they were seated and had ordered, Mary looked
at them attentively. Jen didn't know what Janice was thinking about, but
she had a pretty good idea. She left it to Jan.

On one hand, Mary was very puzzled. On the other hand, even though she
had been with the bank for twenty years, she had never eaten in one of its
private dining rooms so it was a real treat for her. She was looking at
the two girls and thinking again how incredibly beautiful they both were.
Then she almost fell off her chair. Janice Stewart had just asked her,
"Mary, how long have you been in love with Don Martin?"

"For years," she said quietly. "At least fifteen, I guess." Mary
suddenly turned beet red. "But... but... I never said it out loud
before! Ever. Not even alone in my apartment." The woman's face crumpled
and she began to cry. She looked up at them with the tears streaming down
her cheeks and said, "I'll type my letter of resignation as soon as I get
back." She started to get up from her chair, and said, "If you will excuse
me, I'll leave now."

Jan and Jen kept eating their soup. Janice looked up and said, "Where
are you going? You haven't had your lunch yet."

"I told you. I'm going back to the office to resign," she said as her
sobbing intensified.

"What for? And why are you crying?" Jan asked kindly.

The question came as a shock. It startled Mary so much she stopped
crying. She replied, "Well, I confessed that I love Don Martin..."

"And I love Peter Stewart and Jen loves Steve Chapman. So what? Jen
and I are very much alike. Whenever we think of our husbands our cunts
start running rivers. In my case my nipples become as hard as pebbles and
I immediately think of our most recent lovemaking. I love it and I love
him. Now what does that have to do with anything, least of all why you
would want to resign your position."

"But you're married!" Mary wailed. "That's the difference."

"Oh!" Jan said with a grin. "So when are you going to marry Don?"

Mary looked at her as if she had lost her mind. "What are you saying?
He doesn't even know I'm alive! I'm just a piece of office furniture
except I've been around the office longer than any of the furniture."

"Well, let's fix that, shall we?" The girls talked through lunch. When
they were finished, Jan asked about a health club that was supposed to be
in the building. Mary knew about it. It was very expensive, she said.

They went down to it and Jennifer paid for memberships for herself and
Mary. The girls went and stripped, putting on leotards Jen had purchased
for them at the club's shop. As they changed, Janice noticed that Mary was
very pretty but should lose about twenty pounds; her posture needed work,
too. They took Mary to the weight room and put her on a machine between
them. Mary looked on in amazement as the two young women moved weights
with no apparent effort. She realized they were both in perfect physical
condition without a single ounce of fat on either of their bodies.

They swam in the pool, showered, and prepared to return to the office.
It was almost three o'clock. Jennifer grinned at her sister and said,
"Okay, sis, I guess I have the assignment. I think she'll be a beautiful
bride, don't you?"

"Sure do," responded Jan with a grin. *Chapter 12*

April Jefferson was feeling good when she returned to her desk after an
early lunch. She was scheduled to relieve Jean at the reception desk at
twelve-thirty. She was very pleased with her new job at the bank. The
people were very nice and things were starting to work out for her.
Looking at her desk she found a note to see Mr. Burke immediately.
Suddenly, her heart was in her mouth. _It must have been that trouble with
the two women this morning,_ she thought. _But they seemed so nice! I
hope he'll give me another chance!_

She went to Mr. Burke's office and knocked on the open door. She
really liked him. She had learned that his door was almost never closed.
People -- little people -- from around the bank were always dropping by to
talk with him. He looked up from his desk and grinned. "Hi, April. Come
on in and close the door, would you please?"

_At least he's kind enough to rip my ass in private,_ she thought.
Closing the door, she sat down, sitting up as straight as possible. _Oh,
God she thought, _this makes my tits stick out. What will he think?_ He
smiled and leaned back in his chair. She thought he looked tired and said
so. _What's wrong with me? He'll think I'm offering to take him to bed!_

Dan leaned back and grinned. "That's part of the problem that maybe you
can help to solve. April, you don't want to be a receptionist, do you?"

"I beg your pardon, sir?" she asked softly. Dan liked the musical
quality of her voice. She was a very well-spoken young woman. "I like it
very much. I'm very sorry for what happened this morning. If you give me
another chance, I promise it will never happen again."

"What will never happen?" Dan asked, obviously puzzled.

_There's nothing else to do but tell him,_ she thought. _Here goes
nothing!_ "This morning I challenged Mrs. Stewart at the reception area. I
didn't think I was being rude... At least I tried not to be. I realize I
should have known who she is, but I didn't. I'm going to study the lists
even more carefully again tonight," she said softly.

Dan started to get the picture. He smiled warmly and said, "April, I'm
sorry. I didn't call you in to bawl you out. I asked you in to see if you
would like a new job... one more in keeping with your ability and

Now the girl was shocked. "I beg your pardon, sir?" Then she started to

Her mother had spent her life telling her how ladies behaved and
insisting that she act like one, so she kept her head up straight even
though tears were rolling down her cheeks. "Do you know what it's like for
a black girl like me to have a job in a place like this? Mr. Burke, I'm a
refugee from welfare. I went to city schools in Chicago. I went to a
lousy college. The only job I'm qualified for is to be a cleaning woman,
cleaning offices and washrooms. I guess that's what I'll go back to."

Dan rose from his chair and went around the desk when she started to
cry. He was down on one knee beside her and reached out and held her. It
was the last straw. When April began to cry like her heart would break, he
just held her close, feeling her warm body. As she wrapped her arms around
him and buried her head in his shoulder, he could feel her body shaking
with her sobs. As she began to regain control, Dan reached in his pocket
and gave her a clean handkerchief which she used to wipe her eyes and blow
her nose. Then she realized with a start what she had done. "May... May
I take this home and wash it tonight, please, sir? I'm so sorry... I
guess I'll go look for some other job. Thank you, sir."

Dan was down on one knee. He said, "April, we're having a real
communications problem this afternoon. Look, instead of beating around the
bush, maybe I should just tell you straight out what we have in mind.
Okay?" She looked at him and nodded, utterly bewildered. "April, we would
like to use you in special credit analysis reporting directly to one of our
senior vice presidents. Do you think you would like that?"

"I beg your pardon, sir? I don't think I heard you correctly. Would
you mind repeating what you just said?"

"We're forming a special lending unit under a senior vice president.
She needs help with credit analysis. Would you take the job? She'll give
you all the training you'll need. Are you interested?"

"Credit analyst? Me? Oh, Mr. Burke, I can't believe it! I hoped...
Oh, God, did I hope! I hoped some day I could get into credit, but I knew,
deep down, it could never happen. But you say it did! The answer is yes,
of course. What do you want me to do? I'll do absolutely _anything_ to
get such a job!"

Dan went back behind his desk and smiled. "Great! Now we're getting on
track. Let me start at the beginning now that you know how the story is
going to come out. First, the whole idea was Jan Stewart's. Obviously,
you didn't insult her this morning. She was impressed by you and asked for
you specifically. As you may know, she and her sisters effectively own the
bank. Do you like her?"

"Like her? Good heavens! Mr. Burke, sir, she is a lady -- a real
lady. My mother worked for a family when she was very young. She told me
about them. She's the one who insisted I speak properly and act properly.
She was always saying that was the way real ladies act." Her eyes began to
tear again as she continued, "The other thing she used to say was that real
ladies were kind and understanding. They respect other people. I guess
that's what I think about the sisters."

Dan had been listening carefully. When she finished, he said, "April, I
think you're absolutely right. I didn't think of it in those terms, but I
think you have it right. She is a real lady. In fact, she's really more
like a princess or a queen. But that's another story. You'll be working
with Cynthia Martin. She's the daughter of the president and my fiancee
but she doesn't know that yet. If I look a little tired, it's her fault."

As he spoke about Cindy, Dan's face just beamed. She said, "You love
her a lot, don't you, sir?"

"More than life itself, April. Look, there are a couple of things that
are strange about this job. First, she is, in terms of personal lending
authority, our most senior lending officer. Second, she's shown on the
officer roster as being on a leave of absence. You'll know it soon enough,
so you might as well know it now. She's Janice Stewart's house slave."

_"What?_ Did you say, slave?" April exclaimed.

"I sure did, and she is. I'm sure Jan or Cindy -- it's Cindy, by the
way, not Cynthia -- will explain it to you." Dan's face had been very
friendly and relaxed. Suddenly it became very serious as he continued,
"April, I have a favor to ask. I have no right to ask it, and you have
every right to tell me to go to hell. Your answer has absolutely nothing
to do with the job I mentioned. Regardless of how you answer, you have the
job if you still want it. Understand?"

"Yes, sir. And the answer is yes. I don't care what the question is,
either. What is it?"

"I want you to tell a lie for me. I want you to tell Cindy, if she
should ask, that I'm still a credit analyst. You can admit to knowing me
or not as you chose. She doesn't know I'm the executive vice president,
and I would rather she not know." Dan was looking down at his desk, not
even wanting to look at the girl.

April got out of her chair without thinking and went around the desk.
She kissed him lightly on the cheek and said, "Of course, Mr. Burke. I
thought you wanted something else, like me joining Miss Martin in slavery.
The answer to that's also yes. Do you understand? There is absolutely
nothing I won't do for you, sir. Nothing! I see you love her deeply, but
why is it a secret?"

Dan looked at her and saw the warmth in her eyes. He replied, "April, I
really don't know." He smiled and said, "I guess I'm having fun with Cindy,
teasing her." He explained that Cindy was looking for inexpensive
apartments where they could live and have lots of babies. "We're going to
have dozens, I guess. She adores the little things and I'm sure she'll be
a world-class mother." He grinned and said, "I'm going to work to try to
support the family while she stays home, barefoot, and pregnant with a baby
nursing at her breast. I can see her now, and it will be great!" April
just smiled warmly.

He moved along with the conversation. "There's a stack of files here
for you. I took the liberty of buying you a briefcase because you'll need
one in the job and Jean Robbins said you didn't have one." He pulled out a
beautiful woman-size attache case which he slid across the desk to her.

April opened it and her eyes widened. Inside it was fitted out with the
best hand-held financial calculator available, as well as a woman's gold
Cross pen and pencil set. Files were neatly arranged in a file folder
attached to the lid. She looked at him and asked, "Do you deduct something
from my pay each week until this is paid for, sir? It's absolutely
beautiful! I would never have purchased anything so fine, but I realize
that representing the bank I should look the part."

"April, it's a gift from me. After all, you're compromising your
integrity for me. And one more thing: the name is Dan. It's really all I
ever answer to. When I was in the Marines, I was a platoon sergeant; no
one has ever called me 'sir' and I don't want people to start now. The
files are to review with Cindy. Tell her it's her father's idea. The last
thing is the manila envelope that's in the case. That's all the material
she'll need to close a loan tomorrow." He smiled and said, "I guess that
about does it... Whoops! I almost forgot. Can you stay late tonight with
Cindy? Would it be all right if you didn't get home until about ten?"

"That's fine, sir... Dan. I'll call my mother, if I may. Here's a
quarter for the phone call..."

"April Jefferson, how long have you worked at this bank?"

"Sir...? Dan? For almost six weeks. But why do you ask?"

"How much money have you seen go down the drain in that time?
Thousands? Millions?"

"I don't understand, Dan."

"Young lady, when the bank asks you to work late, the damned least we
can do is pay for the phone call to tell your family you'll be late! Cindy
will drive you home. Now beat it! And don't forget your attache case!
Jan Stewart will be by to pick you up in a bit."

April was waiting just off the reception area when the women returned
from the health club. Jan asked for April and she came right out.
Extending her hand she said, "Good afternoon, Mrs. Stewart. Mr. Burke
said you wanted to see me."

"April, I know damned well Dan told you to call him Dan. I go by Jan,
Janice, or 'you hot cunt.' Very occasionally I answer to Mrs. Stewart.

April grinned and said, "Fine, Jan."

"Let's go. I'm parked downstairs."

They went to the basement garage and Jan reclaimed her car. Soon they
were on their way out to Deerfield. April luxuriated in the leather
upholstery and the feel of the car. She said it was the most beautiful car
she had ever been in. Jan grinned and said nothing. As they drove, Jan
said, "April, I guess Dan probably told you that Cindy is my slave. Did he
tell you why?"

"No, ma'am... Jan, he didn't. He said you or Cindy or both probably

"Jan, I was a prostitute until I got married. How that happened is
another story. Anyway, my biggest customer was a guy named Hugo Bingham.
Bingham hated my guts. My husband and I obtained the manufacturing rights
to a new computer hard disk. We're about to start producing them any day
now. At any rate, we needed money for tooling. I borrowed $20 million
from the bank. My account officer was Cynthia Martin. Less than a month
later, the bank sold the note to Hugo Bingham who immediately called it.
Suffice it to say, I was not happy. He wanted me to return to him as his
slave. We settled his hash but I was not too happy either with the bank or
with Cindy.

"My family bought the bank and fired the chairman. My sister, Jennifer,
bought some notes Cindy had outstanding. She did to her what almost
happened to me. She gave Cindy the choice of immediately paying the notes
or becoming my house slave. That's what she elected to do. Because of
some things that happened, I have come to love that girl. She's the most
courageous person I've ever met in my life. She endured the most agonizing
pain it's possible to conceive without a murmur. Anyway, she thinks she'll
be my slave for about ten years. Please don't wise her up."

Jan grinned and added, "There's one more thing. Please don't tell Cindy
that Dan is the executive vice president. It's his secret. Can you keep
it for him?"

"I already promised him I would, Jan," April replied.

As Jan pulled into the driveway, Cindy was using the lawn tractor to cut
the grass in the front lawn. When she saw Jan had company, she shut it off
and came over to the car. "Cindy," Jan said, "This is April Jefferson.
Your father has assigned her to work for you as a credit analyst. She has
some material to go over with you, and she'll be staying for dinner. You
two can go over her stuff after we eat and then you can drive her home.

"Of course," Cindy replied. She extended her hand and said, "Hello,
April. I'm delighted to meet you." April took her hand in a firm grip.

"What can I do to help, Miss Martin? Mrs. Stewart explained the
situation. I said I would do anything to be able to work with you,
including selling myself into slavery. Can I help you? Please?"

April was wearing a cotton cord suit. The day was very hot -- well into
the nineties. Cindy shook her head saying, "You don't know what you're
volunteering for! Why don't you just wait out back. I'll be finished here
in front in just a couple more minutes. Then maybe you can help me."

She got back on the tractor while Jan escorted April into the house.
She looked around and said, "Jan, this is a small palace! It's so lovely."
She told Jan about her mother and the family for whom she worked. She
said, "This reminds me of something else she said. She said that real
ladies have homes that are beautiful, decorated in good taste, and yet are
very homey and welcoming." She smiled at Jan and said, "I never understood
what she meant before. But now I do. She was speaking about your home and
about you. You are truly a lady!"

"Lady, hell! I'm a partially reconstructed whore," Jan exclaimed.

"No, ma'am. You're a lady. More like a princess or a queen, actually,
but 'lady' is pretty close," April insisted.

Jan looked into the girl's warm brown eyes. She saw tears in the
corners of them but not a trace of sarcasm. On impulse, Jan took the girl in her arms and kissed her warmly. "April, I'm looking forward to meeting
your mother. You're the one who was born a queen or a princess."

April went outside in the back yard and waited for Cindy to appear. She
saw the tennis court and the swimming pool and realized how big the yard
was. It was completely private, shielded on all three sides by woods. It
was beautifully landscaped with beautifully cared-for flowers and shrubs.
Cindy came around after putting the tractor away in its shed. She grinned
and said, "What would you like to do, April? I still have a lot of work,
but it doesn't concern you."

The black girl smiled and said, "It sure does! You're my boss. If
you're a slave, I guess I'm a junior slave. What do the slaves do around
here and where are the slave quarters?"

"That's part of the problem. I'll tell you about it. Let's go." She
took April up to her room.

"Oh, Cindy, this is beautiful!" the girl exclaimed.

"See, I told you I have a problem! We're not treated properly around
here. Everywhere else, slaves get their ration of rice. Here, it's
gourmet dining. Slaves have a right to sleep on the floor. They make me
sleep here. I don't even have an outhouse. They make me use my private
bath!" While she was talking, she was shedding her clothes and then turned
to face the girl.

April's eyes widened and she exclaimed, "Good heavens! Cindy, you have
the most beautiful female body in the world! No wonder..."

"No wonder what?" Cindy asked.

The girl smiled and said, "You know Dan Burke, don't you? He came in
this morning looking like he'd been in a train wreck. I heard someone ask
him and heard him mention a name: Cindy. That's you, isn't it?"

Cindy grinned and said, "I certainly hope so, unless he has two of us."
Then she said, "Were you serious? Do you want to help? You're welcome to
take a nap until dinner." April said she was certain, so Cindy told her to
take off her clothes. "We can't handle banker's clothes. Besides, I'm
wearing the slave uniform around here."

April grinned and stripped. Cindy noticed that the girl's clothes were
inexpensive but very well cared-for. In moments, she was bare. Cindy
whistled appreciatively. "Lady, did I hear you say something about women's
bodies? Yours is exquisite!" She went up to the girl and touched tiny
marks on her abdomen and looked at her with a question in her eyes.

April answered the unasked question. "Stretch marks from my pregnancy.
I'm a mother and like so many black girls, unmarried. Do they show very

Cindy shook her head and said, "April, I pray I can look half as good as
you do after my first child." The girl was slender but with very full
breasts. Her narrow waist flowed out to slender hips and down to beautiful
legs. Her pubic thatch was a small patch of silken black hair above her
nether lips. "Come on, let's go."

They went outside and the two girls worked on the tennis court and then
the swimming pool. When they were finished, Cindy dove in and the girl followed her. April was only an adequate swimmer so after four laps she
climbed out and just watched as Cindy surged up and down the pool. She
looked like a trapped porpoise and moved through the water as fast and as
smoothly a one. Finally Cindy pulled herself out of the pool and squeezed
the water out of her hair. She pulled over two mats and lay down in the

She looked at April and grinned. "Do you lay in the sun? You have a
permanent suntan, I guess."

April said, "It can always stand some improvement." As Cindy lay with
her eyes closed, the girl took the opportunity to study her closely. She
could see tiny lines on her body and realized there were lines paralleling
her slit that appeared to be surgical scars. She asked about them.

Cindy just lay on the mat with her eyes closed. "They are reminders of
my runaway ego," she replied.

"But what are they?" April asked.

"They're whip cuts. The worst doesn't show. It's in my cunt." She
smiled and said, "It circumcised my clit which has turned out to be fun."

"But who did this to you?" April insisted.

"April, I did it to myself. When it was over, I kissed the whip and
thanked the person holding it. I meant it, too. I'm starting to feel
pretty good about myself." Cindy looked up at the sky and estimated the
time. "Come on. We have some more work to do."

They went inside and took turns in the shower. Then they went down to
the kitchen where Cindy started the dinner. As usual, she prepared canapes
and got the materials together for drinks. At five o'clock, Jan came into
the kitchen wearing only her tiny black peignoir. Cindy kissed her on the
cheek and said, "Dressing for dinner, I see."

Jan winked and looked at April. "Good heavens, girl, what a body!
You're magnificent." April had been looking at Jan. With only the
transparent peignoir which ended at her hips exposing her pubic area
completely, she was magnificent and April said so. "I guess I've recovered
from my career as a prostitute," Jan said wryly. Then she grinned and
said, "April, are you game for some fun?" The girl quickly agreed, so Jan
asked her to open the door when Pete came home.

They heard the car come up the drive. April was waiting at the door and
opened it as soon as Pete reached it. "Good evening, sir," she said
softly. "I'm Slave April. I'm assisting Slave Cindy this evening." Pete's
eyes bugged as he looked at the beautiful girl standing in front of him.
She seemed to welcome his inspection and said, "I have full tits, sir,
although they're not as firm as the mistress's or Slave Cindy's. Would you
like to feel them? I'm slim and have a firm ass. It's also available for
your inspection. The mistress believes I may be strong enough to become a
field slave someday." While she was going through her recital, her eyes
were dancing.

Pete just shook his head and ran upstairs. He took a quick shower and
soon returned wearing only a pair of shorts. This time Jan went to him and
melted in his arms. He picked her up, carried her into the living room and
sat down in his favorite chair with Jan sitting across his lap.

The two girls brought in the drinks and hors d'oeuvres and both knelt on
the floor with their trays resting on their breasts. Jan took her drink
which was frosting on the outside of the glass and put it between Cindy's
breasts. The girl didn't move; there was just a tiny shudder as the icy
glass came in contact with her tender skin. "Is it cold enough, Slave
Cindy?" Jan asked with her eyes sparkling.

"I think milady will be pleased," Cindy replied in a flat tone of voice
but with her eyes dancing.

The dinner was magnificent. The two girls ate at the table. As they
were finishing, Pete just shook his head. "April, this is torture. Can
you imagine what it's like to sit here looking at three of the most
magnificent pairs of tits in the world? Woman of the house, your lord and
master is horny. What are you going to do about it?"

"Let's go up to the playroom," she suggested, leading the way upstairs
to the master bedroom. The bed was turned down on both sides. Jan
unbuttoned Pete's shorts and dropped them. Following her request, he got
on the bed and she knelt between his legs. "Slaves, your master wishes to
fondle tits. I'll be occupied so he'll use yours."

Pete was in the center of the bed. Cindy got in beside him and rested
her head on his shoulder. His arm came around and cupped her firm breast.
April watched what Cindy did and climbed in on the other side and did the
same thing. Each of Pete's hands was cupping a beautiful tit. Meanwhile,
Jan had gotten between his legs and began to work on his cock. She slid up
his body and kissed him passionately. Sliding down his body, she worshiped
it with her lips and fingertips. Finally she took his cock in her mouth
and started to work on it.

April watched the woman in amazement as she took it into her mouth to
its full length. _Where did it go?_ she wondered. _It can't possibly fit
in her mouth. It's gigantic!_ Jan's head was going up and down as it acted
like a vagina. Finally, the girls could feel Pete's body shake as he came
in a flood. The sexual excitement caused Jan to reach an orgasm of her
own, and she collapsed on the bed. Cindy moved down on the bed to where
Jan was lying sprawled in exhaustion. She started to lick the girl's cunt and tasted her wonderful love juices. April, seeing what Cindy was doing,
went down on Pete, carefully licking his cock and getting the last traces
of his semen. When they finished, the two girls returned to Pete's arms.

Again Cindy had a thought that had first occurred to her when she saw
April nude for the first time. She leaned across Pete's body. April
wasn't sure what Cindy was thinking of, but had a good idea. She met her
halfway, and the two girls kissed. Cindy's tongue darted out and April had
a taste of Jan's love juice that was still on Cindy's mouth, while Cindy
reached across and stroked April's full breasts. The beautiful black girl moaned with aroused passion.

Jan had disappeared from the room and returned while the two girls were
kissing. She had a corona lighted for Pete and a panatella for herself.
Climbing into bed beside him, he cupped her breast and she moaned softly.
"Why don't you slaves entertain us? Drink each other's nectar."

Cindy whispered quickly to April who first looked startled but then
nodded. Cindy lay on her back and April knelt over her face with her legs
spread wide exposing her cunt to Cindy's mouth. The girl leaned forward
and Cindy's legs came up to wrap around her neck, raising her cunt so the
girl could reach it with her mouth and tongue. Cindy's tongue darted out
and began to probe the girl's vagina. She found her clit and licked it,
then bit it gently with her teeth. April shuddered as she had an instant
orgasm -- the first of her life. Meanwhile her mouth was active in Cindy's
love box. Her eyes opened wide when she saw the cut Cindy described that
ran across her clit. She tongued it and bit it with her lips, being
rewarded with a flood of cuntal juice which she carefully licked up. The
two girls maintained it through what seemed like dozens of orgasms until
they both collapsed. Jan and Pete had been watching and were just shaking
their heads.

Finally, they left the room and returned to Cindy's. Cindy gave the
girl a pair of shorts and a tank top and put on similar clothes herself.
Going downstairs, they cleaned up the kitchen quickly and then sat down at
the kitchen table. April told her what had happened during the day.

Then she changed the subject. "Cindy, first, thank you. I have never
in my life gone down on a woman. If someone had told me to, I would have
vomited at the thought. However, if my first sexual experience had been
with you, I would probably be a lesbian. You have a delicious cunt!" The
girl smiled wryly and said, "Isn't that a terrible thing to say?" Then she
looked at Cindy with a question on her face but with her eyes dancing.
"There's only one thing. I thought white girls were supposed to taste like

"April, your cunt is delicious, too! I think Jan called it nectar, and
yours is." She grinned at the girl and asked, "But why doesn't it taste
like chocolate? I thought all black girls did. Regardless, I loved it!
Now, can we play banker just like the big kids?"

April retrieved her new attache case and put it on the table. Before
she opened it, she just looked at Cindy and said, "I told your father I
would do anything for the opportunity to work with you. I was only
thinking of the opportunity of getting into lending. Now I see that I was
more right than I could possibly know. Cindy Martin, you're a wonderful
person. Do you know something else? You don't treat me like I'm black.
I'm not talking about discrimination, either. I've had the experience of
seeing the nice people check off the little box that says 'Black'. I can
see another tick mark on some chart somewhere for affirmative action. You
treat me like a person. You seem to be interested in me; you kid, you joke
-- you're just very nice. I'm really looking forward to this." The girl became very serious and added, "Cindy, I'm going to ask you for a favor.
It's a very big one but it's within your power to grant. Will you grant me
my favor? Please?"

Cindy smiled softly and said, "Of course, April. Anything. What's the

"Promise to fire my black ass out of your unit and out of the bank if I
don't hack it." She looked into Cindy's eyes and waited. She saw an
expression of shock and then... love?

Cindy stuck out her hand and said, "It's a deal. I promise to fire your
black ass if you don't hack it. I also promise to see you get the biggest
damned bonus in the bank when you do, though. And I'm sure you will."

"Cindy, thank you. I should warn you, though, I don't know very much.
The schools I went to through college were uniformly lousy. You've heard
how bad the Chicago schools are? The stories you hear are the truth toned
down in the interests of believability." She reached into her new case and
took out the envelope Dan had given her.

Cindy opened it and found the loan documents for the Legrands along with
a check for $125,000. It was ready to go. All she had to do was sign it
as lending officer and authorized signatory. She also found a smaller
envelope and opened it. It contained the results of pre-employment tests
given to April at the bank. The IQ was reported as 140, the low end of
genius. Other tests were similarly impressive. She asked April to come
around the table and look. She showed the numbers to the girl and said,
"April, you can do it, and I'm sure you will. Now let's get going."

They spent an hour going over the loan files. Cindy had a pad and made
a list of things she wanted April to do for each one. There was a machine
shop, a grocery store, a dry-cleaning establishment, and an auto repair
shop. April took careful notes. When they were finished, Cindy said,
"April, do you understand what I want? How long will it take you to get
this stuff and finish the analyses?"

"I'll have it done by Wednesday morning, first thing," the girl replied.

"You will like hell! I just gave you at least a week's work young lady.
What are you trying to do? Kill yourself? Don't forget, your little boy needs his mother, too."

April just looked at her steadily and repeated, "Wednesday morning. Do
you want me to bring them out to you? Could... Could I rent a car? I
have a license."

"April, you said you know Dan Burke. You do, don't you?" The girl nodded her head. "Tomorrow, see Dan. Tell him I said you need the full
array of lending officer plastic. Oh, and tell him to get you business
cards. We'll start you as an assistant vice president. Is that okay?"

April's jaw dropped. "But you can't! That's... that's an officer. An
officer of the most prestigious bank in Chicago. I can't be an officer!"

"Slave April, you're now an officer! Shall I get out the whip? You saw
what it can do. I'm an expert on the receiving end, but I think I can
figure out how to use it from the handle end, too. Do you want to try me?"

"No, I guess I don't. But I want you to know a couple of things,
Cynthia Martin. First, I love you. There's nothing I won't do for you,
understand? Absolutely nothing! The second thing is I won't fail you. I
give you my solemn oath on that. You have just stuck your neck out for a
slum nigger. Why, Cindy? Why did you do it?"

Cindy's eyes were bright with tears. She said, "April, I love Dan Burke
very much. We used to fight all the time -- I mean constantly! It's very
simple. He was completely right and I was totally wrong. He said you lend
to people. That's our job. To lend to people you have to learn to judge
them. I'm doing that. I judge that you're an outstanding person and will
be an outstanding loan officer for Chicago Trust Company. The fact that
you're female and black has nothing to do with nothing. I'm judging you as
a person, April, and you passed the test with flying colors.

It was getting late. It was already almost eleven and it was an hour's
drive to April's home in Chicago. Cindy checked her watch and said,
"April, please call your mother. I'm sorry it's so late. Your little boy is going to miss you, and I don't want your mother to worry." The girl smiled and placed the call.

They went out, got into Cindy's little car and headed south. "This is a
beautiful little car," April exclaimed. "And the seats are so comfortable.
They're special, but I don't know just why."

"They're Recaros. They claim to make the best sports car seats in the
world. It's kind of fun, isn't it." They sped south, headed downtown and
then went to South Chicago.

It was obvious April was embarrassed by where she lived but didn't say
anything. When Cindy pulled in to the curb where April indicated, there
were a number of men standing around. It was a very hot night as they
immediately realized when they got out of the air-conditioned car. April
nodded towards the car and the biggest man just returned the nod. She had
seen a light on in their apartment and knew her mother was still up.
"Cindy, I know it's late, but would you like to meet my mother? I know she
would love to meet you."

"I would love to, April. Lead the way."

April led the way up to a third-floor apartment and rang the bell. It
was opened instantly by an older black woman. She looked younger than
Cindy expected, appearing to be in her late thirties. She hugged April and
kissed her, then extended her hand and said, "I'm Mary Jefferson, April's

"I'm Cindy Martin, Mrs. Jefferson. I'm very pleased to meet you. I
apologize for keeping April out so late. However, she has just been
promoted to a new position at the bank and I guess I'm her new boss. I
needed to brief her on her new duties, but I'm very sorry it took so long."

"Mother, Miss Martin is a senior vice president of Chicago Trust
Company. I'm working for her. She says I'm now an assistant vice
president, but I don't believe that." She smiled at her mother and said,
"Do you suppose we could have some tea? It's a long drive down from
Deerfield and Miss Martin has to go right back. I wanted her to meet you,

Mrs. Jefferson hurried into the kitchen while April went into the
bedroom. She came out holding a sleeping baby boy in her arms. She
whispered, "This is my son, Cindy. He's a year and a half. Isn't he
handsome?" The baby stirred and opened his eyes. Instead of crying, he saw
his mother and smiled. She held him close and kissed him softly. After
the baby nuzzled her shoulder and went right back to sleep, April put him
back in his crib.

A few minutes later Mary Jefferson was back with tea cups and then
carefully set the table for three. She went back to the kitchen and
brought back a teapot and a small plate of cookies. The women sat at the
table while Mary gracefully poured.

April looked at her mother and tears came to her eyes. "Mother, do you
remember telling me how good people lived? What their homes were like? I
didn't believe you. Now I do. I was in such a home today. Mother, it was
exactly like you described it. The woman, Mrs. Stewart, _owns_ the bank.
She really does! But she's so beautiful and kind. She treats me like a
person -- like she's really interested in me. Thank you, mother, for
trying so hard to teach me."

Mary Jefferson had been looking at Cindy closely. She spoke to April
while looking at Cindy. "What do you think of Miss Martin, April?"

"Mother, she and Mrs. Stewart could almost be twins. They have the
same color hair, the same eyes, and are almost the same height. I guess
Mrs. Stewart is slightly taller. Oh, and Miss Martin's hair is longer.
Isn't it beautiful?"

"That's not what I meant, April," Mary said softly.

"Mother, she is a lady. A real lady. Exactly like you described: a
gentlewoman. Is that what you were asking?"

"Yes, dear, and you're right, of course. Miss Martin, it's a real
privilege to have you visit our apartment. Thank you for giving my
daughter her opportunity. I'm sure you won't be disappointed."

"Mrs. Jefferson, I'm sure you're right. I have only known April for a
few hours, but I love her. I really do. I'm looking forward to working
with her." The women talked for a while longer and then Cindy got up to

When April walked with her back down to her car, she nodded at the big
man who had been joined by two others. It was obvious they had been
watching Cindy's car to be sure nothing happened to it. Cindy opened the
door and heard April whisper, "Thank you, Sam." She drove off and April
went back to the apartment and found her mother waiting for her. "What did
you really think, mother?"

"Honey, I think you're absolutely right. She is a real lady. She has
been hurt, hasn't she? Physically, I mean."

"Yes, mother. Tortured, I think. I have seen her naked, though, and I
can't imagine a more perfect body. She's in love with another officer at
the bank who is a wonderful gentleman. I'm sure they're going to be very
happy together." *Chapter 13*

The next morning Jan went into the office of Illinois Technologies with
Pete. Cindy learned they were planning to change the company name to The
Peters Drive Company. By now she had become so expert in cleaning she
finished her work in the house by ten, and then put on a pair of tight
Levi's and a chambray shirt she borrowed from Jan. As a result of her
workouts on the gym equipment, her own clothes were now all too tight in
the shoulders and too full on her hips. Getting in her car, she drove to
_Chez Nous._ Since the restaurant had not yet opened for lunch, she knocked
on the door and waited.

She was greeted by Marie whose face instantly turned apprehensive. When
she said she had come about the loan, Marie ran back to the kitchen and
returned with Marcel. From the way she was holding on to his hand, it was
easy to see she was frightened. Marcel took her to a table and Marie
brought over coffee. She sat next to Marcel and held his hand again, as if
trying to draw strength from him.

"What... what's the problem, Cindy? Do they need more information? Or
did they just say no?" Marcel asked nervously.

Cindy reached out her hands and held Marcel's free hand in her left and
Marie's in her right. Then she smiled and said, "I apologize. I know how
important this is to you and I'm sorry it took so long. I have your check
here with me. If you'll loan me your pen, there are some things for you to
sign and then you get your check."

The Legrands were stunned. Marie stammered, "Our check!? You mean,
they said yes? They really did?"

Cindy's eyes were moist as she said, "I said yes, Marie. I said it on
Sunday. I have the authority to lend a great deal more than this. It's
important for you to understand that I'm lending to you and Marcel. The
money is for your wine cellar, to fix up the kitchen and that stuff, but
it's not why the bank is making the loan. I'm making the loan to you
because I believe in you two. Do you understand?"

She opened the manila envelope and pulled out the papers while the two
just looked at each other. Marcel just shook his head. "Do you mean,
Cindy, that Dan was not teasing us? You're really a senior banker? But
you can't be! The way you dress..."

Cindy looked down at herself and then asked, "What's wrong? I'm
dressed." Then she grinned and said, "Oh, damn! I forgot to wear my
senior-banker suit. Don't worry about it. The money spends anyway." Then
she looked crestfallen although her eyes were dancing as she added, "I
didn't think I looked *that* awful."

Marie jumped up from her chair, came around the table and hugged Cindy
saying, "Oh no, Cindy! We didn't mean to hurt your feelings. You are
_magnifique!..._ magnificent, no? We're so very sorry. It's... it's just
that in France... Well, there are no bankers like you in France. None!"

She took them through the papers and explained them. In minutes they
were all signed. Finally, Cindy took out the check, signed it and gave it
to them. She smiled and said, "In a short time, I'll be back to see you.
I'll want you to think about using Chicago Trust Company as your bank. I
hope you'll give us serious consideration."

This time the Legrands were just wide-eyed. "Do you mean... Chicago
Trust Company would like us as... as customers!?" Marcel exclaimed. "But
that's silly! It's only for the biggest companies and the wealthiest

Cindy smiled softly and said, "Marcel, in case you didn't notice, I just
gave you $125,000 of my bank's money. You're a customer of Chicago Trust
right now whether you like it or not." The Legrands just beamed and said
anything they had or would ever have would go to Chicago Trust.

When Cindy left, she felt great. She didn't even wait to go home.
Instead, she found a pay phone and called Dan at the bank. He answered on
the first ring, "Burke." She didn't know that he had kept the extension he
had when he was in financial analysis as a special line on his new phone.
Mary Thomas was instructed -- and, in turn, told all of the other
secretaries -- that if it were answered it was only to be "Credit Analysis,
Dan Burke's phone." Cindy was the only person with the extension number; it
was not listed on any bank directory.

"Dan, it's Cindy," she said softly. "I called for two reasons: First, I
wanted to thank you for the most thrilling three days of my life. I love
you, darling. The second reason is to tell you I delivered the check to
the Legrands. I couldn't even wait to get home to call you. Honey, it was
my greatest day in banking! Those two are so happy, they're floating. I
feel so great about the bank and about myself. That's what you have been
trying to tell me for so many years, isn't it?"

Dan smiled as he listened to her voice. "It is great, isn't it? Cindy,
you've changed, you know. You're the nicest person on the face of the
earth and I love you so much. I really do. I'm just sorry I have trouble
telling it to you face-to-face. It sounds so dumb to me when I say it.
Cin, I really do love you. Did you mean what you said a few moments ago?
About loving me?"

"Isn't it pretty obvious? By the way, I was assigned the most
delightful person the bank has hired in years, April Jefferson. Do you
know her? She knows you, and I asked her to see you this morning. Did
she? She needs all the paraphernalia of a bank lending officer.
Incidentally, Dan, can I get you in my unit? First, I want you. You're
the finest credit analyst in banking. Second, I'm trying to promote her to
assistant vice president and she's only been in the bank six weeks.
Darling, it's not fair to you! It's just not."

Dan smiled to himself. When Cindy's call came in, he had emptied his
office of a group of senior lending officers so he could talk to her in
private. Then he said, "Look, Cindy, let's face facts. You claim to be in
love with a guy who has made a career of stepping on people's toes around
this place. Your father has been able to keep me here, but he can't afford
a revolution. I'll tell you what I think I can do, though. If you need
help on analysis, I can probably spring loose to assist. Fair?"

"It's better than nothing," she said, "But it's not fair. I'm going to
talk to Jan and Jennifer. They'll fix it!"

"Honey, please don't. I thought you were getting used to having a
low-paid analyst as the father of your children?"

"Damn it, Burke, you're being screwed! And I don't want anyone to screw
you, do you understand?" she exclaimed. "Except me, of course," she added
in a small voice. "What about the officership for April? Will it go

Dan laughed and said, "It just did. Incidentally, I hope you know it
requires the approval of the Board of Directors to elect an officer? The
Board was polled by phone and it was unanimous. She has personal lending
authority to $500,000. That was your father's idea. He's a great believer
in having people sign their own names."

He laughed again and said, "Hon, if it's okay with you, we're only
giving her a car-rental credit card today. Your father says there's a
messenger coming out with material for Jan this evening. He'll bring the
rest of the gear with him. He wants you to give it to her and I think it's
only right. Incidentally, do you really like her?"

"She's a wonderful person, Dan. Beyond that, though, she's going to be
a great lending officer." Her voice changed timbre as she asked, "Will I
see you this weekend, honey? I miss you terribly. It's funny. I only
sleep really soundly now when my head is on your shoulder."

Again Dan chuckled. "I'm glad to hear it. I, on the other hand,
scarcely get any sleep at all. If you're not assaulting me sexually, you
keep me awake with all the noise you make."

"Noise?" she protested. "What noise? I certainly don't snore, Daniel

"No, Cynthia Martin, you don't snore. And I'm teasing you, too.
Actually, honey, you do make noise, though. You make the most wonderfully
warm happy noises deep in your throat. Remember the Chatty Cathy doll?
You pulled a string and she would say something? With you, I just squeeze
your boob ever so gently and I hear those wonderful noises."

"Wonderful, Daniel Patrick Burke! I'm like a windup doll. Except
instead of pulling a string, you squeeze my tit! Thanks a hell of a lot!"

"Cindy, is there an Irishman lurking on your family tree somewhere?"

"If you're asking me if there is any Irish in the family, the answer is
hell, yes! A lot. Why?"

Again he laughed, this time with gusto. "Honey, there had to be! With
your temper... Oh, well, I guess that's why Irishmen are usually big. We
have to be to survive our wives. Darling, life with you won't be dull!
But back to your kind invitation, I would love to come out, if you still
want me. How about if I bring some string?" He laughed and hung up, just
as she was about to explode again.

She stood there on the street looking at the telephone receiver.
Finally, she just grinned, shook her head, and put it back.

That evening, as promised, the messenger from the bank brought out all
of April's materials. The next morning she heard the crunch of gravel as
April come up the driveway. She knew it was April because the car was
being driven so slowly. It was clear that the girl was being very careful.
April came up the walk and Cindy opened the door for her and gave her a
kiss. As usual, Cindy was naked.

When she closed the door, April gave her a light pinch on the ass. Then
she said, "I've heard of tight asses before, Miss Martin, but yours is as
tight as they come."

Cindy stuck out her tongue and said, "Thank you, Miss Jefferson. Is
that what they taught you in school regarding getting along with your
superiors in business? Pinch their unprotected rears?"

April was a picture of wide-eyed innocence and she made tears come to
her eyes as she said woefully, "Miss Martin, I told you the Chicago schools
were lousy. You mean we're not supposed to pinch the boss? But I'm sure I
have something about it in my notes, somewhere!" Cindy just laughed. April
followed her up to her room and waited while she took a shower and dressed,
again putting on her Levi's and chambray shirt. The girls went down to the
kitchen and Cindy poured coffee for them.

Taking the package delivered from the bank, she changed her demeanor.
"April, I have some things for you. I was asked to give them to you
personally." She first gave her engraved business cards which said, "April
Jefferson, Assistant Vice President, Chicago Trust Company," along with the

Cindy put out her hand and said, "April, let me be the first to
congratulate you. You were elected an officer yesterday by unanimous vote
of the board of directors. I don't know if you know it or not, but it
takes a vote of the board to elect an officer. The reason is officers have
the authority to commit the bank. You have personal approval authority to
$500,000 per loan. It's not given to everyone nor given lightly. Do you

April was just shaking her head, stunned. She whispered, "Do you mean
I'm an officer of the bank? A real one!?"

"You sure are," Cindy replied, "And the approval authority is real, too.
It means you can lend up to half a million dollars on your exclusive
say-so. Incidentally, there may be a few noses out of joint. You skipped
the rank of assistant treasurer. And your salary is now $60,000 per year."
She grinned and said, "That was Jan's doing, I found out. She said
otherwise she would have to pay you overtime for last night, and she
_hates_ paying overtime." She then gave the girl her cards including a
corporate American Express card. Cindy was having fun watching the girl who could not believe her good fortune. It made Cindy feel very good just
to watch her. She noticed that April had dark circles under her eyes; she
was obviously very tired.

"Let's get to work, April. How are you coming on your assignments?"
Cindy asked.

The girl smiled and opened her case. In it were neatly labeled files
for each of the loan applications. April took the files out and, one by
one, reviewed them with Cindy. Inside each folder was the list of
questions Cindy had raised on the application, the answers, and a neatly
written recommendation for action. They went over the recommendations one
at a time.

When they finished, Cindy leaned back in her chair and said, "Wow! You
did it. April, I wasn't kidding on Monday. I did give you at least a
week's worth of work and many officers would take a month. I was serious
when I asked to review your progress. Never in the world did I think you
would have it all done! It's great.

"Now, young lady, it's crunch time. You're a lending officer. Do we
lend? If so, why? If not, why not? Incidentally, none of them is looking
for even half a million, so these are all yours. What are _you_ going to

April just sat there, stunned. Suddenly, the authority given to her
began to sink in. _I can say yes or no. Me! All by myself. That's what
Cindy is waiting for. Oh, my God! What do I do?_ she wondered.

She took the file on the grocery store first. "I lend the money to
these people. The owner is Korean and his whole family works in the store.
They have fair prices and excellent produce. The loan will enable them to
expand. They are good people." She looked at Cindy and waited for
questions. Instead, Cindy just nodded impassively and asked for the next

"On the dry cleaner the answer is no. I asked around and their
reputation is mixed to poor. The quality of their cleaning is not very
good. I don't think they're aware of air-quality problems with
dry-cleaning solvents, either. I'm not sure they care that much about
their customers." She looked directly at Cindy and said, "I think it's some
kind of a front. I don't think they need the money and I'm not giving them
any." Again Cindy nodded and asked for the next file.

April sat up even straighter in her chair as she opened the file on the
auto repair shop. She looked defiant as she said, "The analysis says no,
but I say yes. The owner is an ex-con; he learned auto mechanics in
prison. Two other ex-cons work with him. They do beautiful work at fair
prices. They're respected in spite of their backgrounds. Incidentally,
they served time for armed robbery, burglary, and auto theft respectively.
They're all black and it's a black neighborhood. They were turned down by
the SBA on moral grounds. Sam wants the money to buy a new lift and an
engine diagnostic machine. The total is $85,000 and I will personally
guarantee the note." She looked at Cindy who just nodded and asked for the
last file.

"This one I don't know about. It's a machine shop and I don't know
anything about them. The numbers look okay and the owner checks out okay,
but I need to know more," she said.

Cindy spoke for the first time. She asked quietly, "What do you need to

"I need to look him in the eye," the girl responded.

Cindy still didn't say anything. Asking April to wait in the kitchen,
she went to the library, called Dan, and again he picked up at once. She
was so excited, she bubbled, "Dan, I love you! And I love April! That
girl is so good! Here's what I want you to do..." She gave him the
information on the Korean loan for $125,000 and the loan to the auto repair
shop for $85,000. She asked for the checks to be ready within an hour;
they would drive by the bank. Then she said, "Dan, the lending officer is
April Jefferson. She's using her personal authority. Honey, she has the
knack! Honest, she does. Do you have any more Aprils hiding there? I'll
use them." They talked a few more minutes and made arrangements for the
weekend. She returned to the kitchen and returned the files to the girl.

April looked like she was waiting for the ax to fall. She had a
handkerchief in her hands which she was twisting in her fingers from
nervousness. Cindy realized she was being cruel so she grinned and said,
"Thank you, April. That's taken care of. The checks will be ready in an
hour. How about if we go by the bank, get the checks, have some fun, and
then look at a machine shop? Dan tells me Dad has some more files for us,
too. Are you game?"

The girl looked at Cindy in utter amazement. "But... But... But what
about the loans?"

"Honey, you just made two and rejected a third. What's the big deal?
That's your job."


"I told you, April, you have personal authority to $500,000. Those two
loans are yours. Do you understand? Your analysis was unbelievably good,
by the way. How were you able to do so much so fast?"

The girl beamed at the praise. She reached out and hugged Cindy and
kissed her softly, whispering, "Oh, God, thank you. Cindy, you have done
everything you said you would do. I just didn't believe you or believe it
could happen to a girl like me. But you made it come true."

"No, April. You did. There's a great deal of very hard work in those
files. I'm so proud and so happy for you." She grinned at the girl and
said, "I'm thinking of a new uniform for our unit. It's what I'm wearing
now. What do you think? I don't think that lovely cord suit would last
six seconds in a machine shop. Care to join me? I'm sure we wear the same
sizes -- except for your oversize tits, of course."

April was now relaxed and she grinned, "Look, honkie! I can't help it
if you're flat-chested. My man likes his woman to have tits he can grab
hold of!" Then she shook her head and said, "Cindy, that's the worst lie I
have ever told in my life! Flat-chested? Even I can't buy that one."

The two girls went up to Cindy's room. April quickly stripped and put
on an outfit identical to Cindy's. It fit her perfectly. They drove the
rental car to a local outlet where April turned it in, then stopped at a
store for a belt for the Levi's and a pair of moccasins. The girls then
headed downtown. Cindy waited in the car while the black girl ran in to
the bank. She was back in fifteen minutes, grinning from ear to ear. She
looked very cute in her tight jeans.

When she was back in the car, she couldn't wait to tell Cindy what had
happened. "I ran into one of our more pompous young officers -- an
assistant treasurer. He was appalled at my attire and was going to take it
up with personnel. Then your father came along. He pointed out that,
first, I outranked the guy and an apology was in order. Furthermore, he
happened to know I was going out to see about a loan to a machine shop and
my dress was most appropriate." She smiled warmly at Cindy and added, "I
really like your father!"

She gave Cindy directions to the grocery store. They found a place to
park and the two girls walked in. By now Cindy's tan was almost as dark as
April's skin. They were a lovely pair, one with silky black hair and the
other a golden blonde. They entered the store and asked to see the owner,
Mr. Kwan. A man about forty years old came out from the back room,
looking very attentive. April extended her hand and shook hands with him.
She said she was from the Chicago Trust Company and they were there to talk
about his loan application. He ushered them into his back room where a
corner served as his office.

April then introduced Cindy and said, "Mr. Kwan, we're here about the
loan application you filed with us last week."

"Ah, so. You need more information. What would you like to know?" he

"No, sir. It's not that at all. The bank has approved your
application. I have your check with me. We're looking forward to working
with you and I want to thank you for your business," April said quietly.

The man's jaw dropped. "Approved? But... But who approved it?
Chicago Trust Company? There must be some mistake. That bank doesn't lend
to small stores... To immigrants." He stammered and shook his head and
added, "I only filed an application Chicago Trust because the SBA requires
bank loan rejections before they will consider helping. It's all a

At this point Cindy entered the conversation. "Mr. Kwan, there is no
mistake. The loan was approved by Miss Jefferson here. She's an assistant
vice president and approved it herself. She exercised her personal
authority. She'll be your contact at the bank if there are any questions."
Cindy smiled warmly and continued, "I'm a senior vice president; Miss
Jefferson works for me. I came with her only to assure you that we do want
your business. After all, everyone in the United States came from
somewhere else -- or their ancestors did. This even includes the Indians.
Are there any questions? If not, Miss Jefferson will ask you to sign some
forms and then give you your check."

The poor man was stunned. Finally he pulled himself together and ran to
tell his wife. The woman came back along with three teenage children.
With great ceremony he introduced his family to the officers of a major
bank that was lending money to them. While Mrs. Kwan hurried off to
prepare tea, her husband signed the loan papers and April took out the
check. Using her brand new Cross pen, she signed the check and passed it
to him.

"But you... you can sign an official check?" A girl... and black?" he

Cindy said quietly, "Miss Jefferson is one of our brightest young officers. April, please give Mr. Kwan your card so he'll know how to
reach you." April took one out of her brand-new card case and gave it to
him. Mrs. Kwan returned with the tea and served it with ceremony. The
boys brought chairs for everyone. The Kwan's oldest child was a girl,
Nancy. When she joined them, her father showed her the check and April's

The girl's eyes widened. She asked diffidently, "Miss Jefferson, you
look quite young. You have been to graduate school?"

April smiled warmly and said, "No, Nancy, I have not. I came out of the
Chicago schools. I've been at the bank for only a short time. However,
I'm convinced that the bank is a wonderful place for someone who is willing
to work." She nodded towards Cindy and said, "Miss Martin is also quite
young. She does have a graduate degree. She also has the highest personal
lending authority in the bank. If you're interested, when you finish
school, please call me. We're expanding our activity with small business
and I'm sure you could help us." She smiled warmly and shook hands with the
family. Finally, Cindy welcomed them as customers of Chicago Trust

When they were back in the car, Cindy asked, "Well, how did it feel?
You made your first loan."

The girl was leaning back in the seat with her eyes closed. They were
headed towards her neighborhood in South Chicago. Still with her eyes
closed she said, "Fantastic! The family was so happy! Cindy, I think I
did the right thing. What do you think?"

"Honey, I told Dan I thought you're on your way to being the best
lending officer the bank has ever had. That's what I think. By the way,
tomorrow, write a letter to the dry cleaner denying the loan. They're
tough to write sometimes. Would you like me to do it for you?"

"No, thank you. I can do it." She opened her eyes and looked at Cindy
and asked, "Could you have dinner tonight with my mother and me? I think
we will want to celebrate. Do you think Jan and Pete would mind? I would
love it if you could. There are a couple of nice places we could go."
Cindy agreed and said she would call Jan later.

Following April's directions, Cindy pulled up at a small auto repair
place. It was obviously converted from a service station and the apron was
used to park cars awaiting repair. As April got out, a big man came out
from the service bay. Cindy recognized him as the man who had looked after
her car on Monday night. April wasted no time. She shook hands and
introduced Cindy who thanked him for watching her car.

He said quietly, "That's a mean machine. We don't want anything to
happen to it. What brings you ladies down this way?"

April said, "Sam, I came to give you the loan you applied for at our
bank, Chicago Trust Company. Can we go into the office and handle the

The big man was stunned. He said, "April Jefferson, that's not nice!
You're a good girl, and that's the first mean thing I have ever heard you
say. What's got into you, child?"

April just walked into the office leaving Sam sputtering on the apron.
Cindy walked in and found a chair to sit on while Sam reluctantly followed
them inside. April still had not said anything. She placed her case on
his cluttered desk, moved some papers to the side and laid out the loan
agreements. Sam just watched.

In a flat tone of voice she said, "Sam, sign at the marks and date it
today." She gave him her pen which he looked at quickly and then signed.
Now he had an amused expression on his face. He was playing along with her
little joke. She checked the signatures and then took out the check,
carefully signed her name and gave it to him. "Thank you for your
business, Sam. I want to welcome you as a customer of Chicago Trust

It was as if someone had hit Sam behind the knees. He sagged to the
floor and sat there looking at the check. He murmured, "It's an official
check, made out to me for $85,000. And you signed it, April! What's going
on around here?"

"Mr. Smith," Cindy interjected, "it's real. April is an assistant vice
president of Chicago Trust Company." Turning to April she said, "You better
give Sam one of your cards." Turning back, she continued, "April works for
me. I'm a senior vice president and division head. I want you to know
that this loan is being guaranteed personally by April. In spite of the
SBA turn-down, she thinks you're going to make a go of it. The bank is
backing you and she's backing the bank. In other words, Sam, she's
trusting you. Are you going to be worthy of her trust?"

In the meantime April had handed him one of her cards. He looked at it,
studied it, and then jumped to his feet. He ran into the shop and came
back a few moments later with his two men. One of the men with him had
also looked after Cindy's car. Sam Smith quickly explained what had
happened. Then he asked Cindy if he could have the keys to her car. She
gave them to him, looking puzzled.

Sam was now beaming. He just shook his head and finally said to Cindy,
"It is Miss Martin, isn't it? That's the name?" Cindy nodded. "Miss, I've
known April Jefferson for years. In spite of everything I've done -- and
I'm sure not proud of it -- she's trusting me. Is that it?"

"Yes, Mr. Smith, that's exactly it," Cindy said. "I want to join April
in welcoming you as a customer of Chicago Trust Company."

Sam looked around outside the building and then returned. "This is
really on the level, isn't it?" The girls nodded. He shook his head again
and added, "Usually, the only way things ever happen around here is with a
TV crew around recording the good deed for the evening news. There is
none, is there? This is a straight business deal, based on trust. You're
trusting me." To their amazement, the big man -- he was almost six feet six
-- sat down and started to cry.

April jumped up and knelt on the greasy floor beside him. She hugged
him and asked, "Sam, what's wrong? Did we hurt you in some way?"

He looked up at her. In spite of the tears, there was a beaming smile
on his face. He said, "Get up child! You'll ruin your clothes with this
grease." She said it was why she was wearing jeans. He continued, "It's
the first time in my life anyone has trusted me with money. April, I will
repay it on time and in full. I can't thank you enough!"

Then he went and got coffee for the girls. They drank their coffee,
chatted, and then got up to leave. As they went out the door, the Mazda
was being backed out of a service bay. It had been washed and Sam said the
oil had been changed. Everything else was fine. He was insulted when
Cindy offered to pay him. The three men waved as they drove off.

They found the machine shop and walked in. The owner was a big man named Henry Kowalski who spoke with a heavy Polish accent. When April
introduced herself and then Cindy, she made sure quickly to give Henry a
card. Cindy took the lead. She said with a smile, "In spite of our
appearance, Mr. Kowalski, we're bankers. Miss Jefferson gave you her
card; I forgot to bring mine. I'm a senior vice president and division
head at the bank. You have requested a loan of $250,000 for new tooling.
Frankly, neither Miss Jefferson nor I know a darn thing about machine
tools. Nevertheless, we have come to talk about the loan. Will you show us

When Henry took them into the shop, the girls noted that everything was
very clean and orderly. Kowalski gave them safety glasses and showed them
the machine tools and how they worked on metal. There were two Poles and
two black apprentices working. The two workers spoke little English. They
went back to the office and he explained exactly what the new tools were
used for and how they would be used in the business. As they were talking,
a pretty young woman came in who was introduced as his wife, Trudy. She
kept the books for the company. When the four sat down in the tiny office,
it was apparent Kowalski was very uncomfortable. Finally he said with a
note of sadness, "I'm afraid you cannot loan us the money. We understand.
Trudy and I are not even citizens. You can see my two countrymen do not
speak English very much, and I don't speak it very well. We were hoping,
is all."

April caught Cindy's eye and slowly nodded twice. Cindy surreptitiously
made a "thumbs up" sign. April rose and held out her hand. "Thank you for
your time, Mr. Kowalski. It has been very interesting. Chicago Trust
Company is prepared to lend you the $250,000 you applied for. If you still
wish to go ahead with the loan, I can be back with a check tomorrow. Is
that soon enough?"

The Kowalskis were stunned. They looked at each other and then at the
girls. He stammered, "But the committees... the paperwork..."

Cindy said quietly, "The committee, Mr. Kowalski, is Miss Jefferson.
She's making the loan to you on her personal authority. She has just
committed the bank. The decision is official and final. I hope you'll
accept our offer and become a customer of Chicago Trust Company."

"But... she can commit the bank? By herself?"

Cindy smiled and said, "She sure can. So can I, and in even larger
amounts of money than she can. It's the way we like to work at our bank.
Do you think Poland has benefitted from its bureaucracy? Scores of people
filling out forms and signing them, sending the people everywhere for one
more signature or one more stamp. Has it been good for Poland?"

He gathered his wife in his arms and kissed her. She started to cry
with happiness. He then kissed each of the girls and said, "I knew it
would be wonderful for us if we could get to the United States. You have
made it more wonderful than we ever hoped." He looked at the two girls and
added, "That's another difference. You must be the two most beautiful
bankers in the world. Thank you so much."

Cindy asked for permission to use the telephone. She called Jan at the
office and explained she had been invited out to dinner. Then she quickly
told her about the events of the day. Jan said, "Cindy, I couldn't be
happier! And I get to use my beautiful kitchen and cook something good for
a change.... I think we'll have hot dogs. I don't always burn them too
badly." She chuckled and hung up.

The girls headed for April's apartment. It was nearly four
o'clock. *Chapter 14*

When they reached April's apartment, Mary was out with the baby. The
girls sat at the kitchen table while April skimmed through the mail. She
came to one letter, opened it and quickly skimmed it. Then she crumpled it
in her hand and started to cry.

"What's wrong, honey," Cindy asked. "What was in that letter?"

The girl looked up and said, "It's that time again. I hate it!"

"What time? What do you hate? Who is the letter from?"

"It's from Ron Jackson. He's my baby's father. He's Ronald Jackson,
Jr. It was a great concession for Ron to acknowledge paternity... as if I
ever slept with another guy. He sends $100 a month in child support."

"'That time'? What time?" Cindy persisted.

Tears were flowing form April's eyes. "Ron plays football. Have you
heard of him? I doubt if you have."

"There's a Ron Jackson who plays free safety for the Bears. That Ron

April was startled by Cindy's knowledge. "That's him. The defensive
players have a beauty contest with their women every year at the end of
training camp. God, it's awful. It's like a slave auction with each guy
pointing out the best points of his girl. We're all naked, of course.
They give demonstrations fucking us in front of all the others. We're
supposed to like it, I guess."

"How have you done?" Cindy asked quietly.

"I won the last two years. Ron is assuming I'm going to defend my
title. Last year he featured the milk in my tits. He had me feed Ronnie
way before we left. He wanted my jugs to be loaded with milk. Then he
made me drink brandy and offered my milk to his teammates. He said it was
a Brandy Alexander. It went on all night, with two of them hanging on my
tits while Ron fucked me when he thought of it. The previous year I was
three-months pregnant. He demonstrated how to fuck a pregnant woman. It's
absolutely disgusting!"

"Why do you do it?"

"It was a condition of his admitting paternity. Now I'm stuck with it,
I guess."

"The hell you are! April Jefferson, you're a queen and you let that
bastard treat you like a slut. You detest it and he can't really like it.
Just tell him no!"

"But Cindy, I think I still love the son of a bitch! I can't help it...
I do."

Cindy could see that April was miserable. Finally she asked, "What
leads up to it? What do you do?"

The girl looked startled. "Mom will take care of Ronnie while I move in
with Ron. It's the way it's worked. Why?"

"Why do you move in with him?"

"Because he wants to fuck me." The girl's face was expressionless as she
said, "That's the correct word, too: fuck. Not make love. Just fuck, as
in fuck my ass off. You know what? He really isn't very good, either. He
just gets himself off and will often go out for a beer with the other studs
who brag about how they just fucked the asses off their women." The girl began to cry like her heart would break. "It's such a disgusting scene and
many of the girls aren't much better than whores, if they're any better at

"April, it's your life. But if it were me, though, I would tell him to
get lost. I would stay right here. If he wants to go out on a date, fine.
Anything else, shove off. He's left you with a lovely baby. But his level
of support compared to what he earns is ridiculous. Honey, why don't you
stop it right now?"

Just then Mary Jefferson returned to the apartment. April brightened
immediately as she told her mother about the events of the day including
her title, her big raise -- she had been making less than $18,000 a year --
and the loans she had made. She finished by saying, "Mom, it's working
out! You said I could make it and I'm starting to. I'm thrilled."

Cindy said quietly, "You are making it, April. Please take the
opportunity and break it off with Ron."

Mary Jefferson became angry and asked, "Did you hear from that bum
again? April Jefferson, your father would roll over in his grave! He died
fighting for his country... to protect us. And to protect that trash.
Ron Jackson needs a good kick where it would hurt him the most. Cynthia
Martin and her father have given you the chance of a lifetime. It's your
opportunity. You don't need his lousy hundred dollars. Please, honey?"

They made arrangements for a neighbor to come and look after the baby
while the three women went out to dinner. The place they went served very
good food and they had a fine time. Cindy saw that, indeed, Mary Jefferson
was a lady. She had been appalled at the degrading acts April had been
forced to perform by Ron Jackson.

Cindy used the dinner to get on April. Finally, she asked, "April, do
you really love Ron?"

"I used to. I did at first, but God, he's changed. He used to be sweet
but now he's all caught up in that macho shit. Remember the other night?
We were used by Pete and Jan, I guess. But it wasn't the same thing -- it
wasn't even close. Cindy, there was love in that room running rivers.
When it ended, I felt wonderful. With Ron and his friends I feel like a
piece of meat. What can I do?"

"Honey, as the anti-drug folks say, 'Just say no!' Make it simple. If
he wants to see you, it will be on your terms. Make him take you out on
dates, to dinner, dancing, the movies. But don't you dare sleep with him!
If he wants to sleep with you -- and if you decide you want him -- I'm sure
you can find a church somewhere." Mary Jefferson just nodded.

"But, Cindy, he _expects_ me to sleep with him," April protested.

"You're wrong again. He expects to fuck you... to get his rocks off.
You said it yourself: He goes out for beers with the boys after fucking
you. Incidentally, do you cum too?"

"Me? Of course not! girls don't..." Suddenly her eyes widened and she
exclaimed, "But we do! Cindy, you and I... we came dozens of times. It
was so great! But... But you can do that with a man, too?"

"With Dan, I've cum for over fifteen minutes straight. Of course I look
like a discarded rag doll when he's through with me... No, that's not
right. I look like a discarded rag doll that's been left out in the rain.
I'm wringing wet, the bed is soaked with my sweat and my cum... I'm
swimming in it."

"But what do you do?" April asked puzzled.

"I change the bed, put on clean sheets and go to sleep on his shoulder.
It's great. Now will you promise? You'll really try?"

The girl looked skeptical but promised that she would. *Chapter 15*

It was late August and the weather forecast was for very hot and humid
weather. There was a director's meeting at the bank so Jan put on what she
referred to as her banker's suit. In the last few weeks she had not seen
much of Cindy except at night and on weekends. She was now fully occupied
with her banking activities. In spite of it, though, she was taking care
of the house and garden, as well as doing all of the cooking.

She had agreed to have lunch with Jen and Mary Thomas again. When she
walked by the receptionist, Jean Robbins gave her a cheery greeting. When
she got to Mary Thomas's desk she stopped short. Mary was beautiful! She
had lost the extra twenty pounds she had been carrying and looked like she
had also lost nearly twenty years in age. Jan just grinned and walked into
Don Martin's office. He welcomed her and they chatted a bit. When
Jennifer joined them, they all went into the conference room.

The directors meeting moved along the way it always did. Jan and Jen
always did their homework. The questions they asked -- which were usually
numerous -- were always sharply focused and to the point. When the meeting
concluded, Henry Simpson withdrew to prepare the minutes, leaving the four

Don Martin moved back from the table and slumped down in his chair.
Then he just grinned at Dan. "Burke, is there a bank board like this one
in the country? And just think, we even get paid! We sit with the two
most beautiful bank directors in the world. But that's not all. They
always keep us on our toes and keep reminding us what we're in business
for: maintaining our strategic focus."

He looked at the sisters and his face became serious as he added, "I'm
being absolutely serious. The greatest service directors can perform is to
hold management accountable: to make sure we know what the hell we're
doing. I don't think there's a board in the world as good as this one.
Thank you for the privilege of working with you."

Jennifer was going to make one of her usual jokes but didn't. Instead
she said, "Don, thank you very much. That's the nicest thing anyone has
ever said to me. I appreciate it very much, and I'm sure Janice does, too.
We're very flattered."

Dan said, "Please don't feel flattered. Don was telling the simple
truth. You two are the best there are. May I thank you, too?" Then he
grinned and said, "Speaking of thanking, Jan, how can I thank you for your
hospitality all summer?"

"Don't thank me, Dan. Thank Cindy. It's been her body that's been so
hospitable to you. But are you ever going to make an honest woman of her?"
She turned to Don Martin and said, "That was not for your ears, Dad. To
you, she's the very model of deportment." She looked at Martin and asked,
"Don, it's none of my business, of course, but what ever happened to your
wife? I've never heard you speak of her."

When Don looked up she saw a look of pain in his eyes. He said, "She
was killed by a drunk driver fifteen years ago. She was standing on the
sidewalk at an intersection waiting to cross the street and got clobbered."
He smiled softly and said, "Jan, thank you for what you've done for my
daughter. There are no words I can say except thank you."

Just then the phone rang in the conference room and Dan answered it. He
listened for a few minutes, told the caller he would call back and hung up.
Then he started to laugh. His laughter grew in intensity until he almost
fell off his chair. When he finally controlled himself, tears of laughter
were running down his cheeks.

The other three were looking at him as if he had lost his mind. "Okay,
Burke, now what's so funny," Don asked. "The least you can do is let us in
on the joke."

While he was laughing, he just pointed at Jan and Don and continued with
his gales of laughter. Finally he controlled himself enough to talk. Dan
wiped his eyes and shook his head saying, "The joke's on all of us, I
guess. It seems word is getting around town about credit availability for
small business at Chicago Trust. An enterprising reporter from the
_Tribune_ just called our public relations people. (We're going to have to
clean house over there, too.) Anyway, since we never said anything, they
didn't know anything. They just regurgitated the usual pompous bafflegab
about how we're a bank for top corporations and wealthy individuals. The
reporter was stunned. Usually, whenever a big city bank makes a $5,000
small-business loan there's a press conference called to announce it." Dan
nodded to himself and said, "I guess that's only fair, too. What's the old reporter's adage, 'Dog bites man is not news; man bites dog is.'? For most
big banks small-business loans are sufficiently rare to rate a press
conference. But at any rate, what do you want to do?"

Jan and Jennifer instantly understood the PR problem. Jan said, "Should
we announce the program and be flooded with applications, or should we just
go along with the word of mouth? Incidentally, Dan, how is the program

"I'm prejudiced, Jan. Because it's Cindy's and I love the girl, I can't
be very objective. However, let me put it this way: She has made over 150
loans in about six weeks. Of course, most of them are not yet due for
their first payment, but I checked this morning, anyway. Over 125 have
been paid. That means people are paying early. It's really funny. Some
of these people come in -- I met a Mr. and Mrs. Kowalski yesterday. He
has a machine shop. For some reason, the guard sent them up to me. They
were looking around the lobby in awe. They came to thank me for the faith
we had in them and to thank us for having such wonderful lending officers.
They couldn't stop talking about the remarkable twins who visited them.
They were talking about Cindy and April, of course.

"Anyway, they wanted to know if the bank had any money left. I assured
them we still had a couple of bucks. They said they have some friends who
they would highly recommend, but they didn't want them to be disappointed.
They gave me all the information and I passed it on to Cindy." He shook his
head and said, "By any measure, it's a smashing success. At least I think
it is."

Jennifer spoke up for the first time. She said, "Dan, I talked at
length to my parents and Steve's, as well as to my sister, Connie. Their
opinions are the same. This program is to be maintained and expanded. Dad
and father Chapman said the same thing. However, they're concerned about
what the bank examiners might say. If there is the least question about
any of the loans, they will buy them at their face value and pay a fee to
the bank to service them. This program must continue at any cost! Does
that convey the wishes of the owners of the bank... or at least 96 percent
of it, or so?"

Dan was looking down at the table top. When he looked up at Jen, she
could see tears in his eyes. He said softly, "What I just heard is the
Cliffords, Chapmans, and Cartwrights are backing the small-business loans
with a 100-percent cash takeout, if necessary. Is that correct?" Jen just
nodded. Dan looked at Don and asked, "When do you think a thing like this
last happened?"

Don got up, went to Jen and kissed her warmly, then kissed Jan. He
replied, "We just witnessed the first time in the history of banking.
Burke, how does it make you feel? This is backing that's utterly without
precedent. The owners of the bank are saying the risk is totally theirs --
not the FDIC's, not the depositors' -- theirs! Ladies, all I can say is,
speaking for Dan and the entire management of the bank, thank you for your
support from the bottoms of our hearts! You make me feel very humble."

They decided to let the PR people continue in ignorance because they
didn't want to make a big deal out of what they were doing. As they were
about to break, Dan asked, "Jan, I have a favor to ask. You know I bought
Cindy's apartment. Could you tell her the buyer is a bachelor banker who
wants it redecorated? Just tell her to do it the way she would like it.
I'll bet my last dime she wouldn't do it again today the way it's done now.
Tell her she'll get standard decorator's fees. Since she's always looking
for money I think she'll take the job. Will you ask her, please?" Jan
replied that of course she would.

The girls left for lunch, picking up Mary on the way out. When they
were seated, Janice looked at Mary and said, "Wow! You're gorgeous. Now
when is the wedding?"

"Wedding?" Mary responded with a grimace, "A better question is when is
the first date." She looked at Jan with a question in her eyes and asked,
"Do I really look all right?"

"Mary Thomas, you're exquisite! Now how are you going about trapping
him?" The woman looked puzzled; she didn't know what Jan was talking about.
Jan continued, "I guess you don't know it, but I used to be a prostitute.
May I give you some tips? There have been more men in my bed and in my
cunt than I can count, so maybe I can help you. First, are you experienced
with men?"

Mary just laughed bitterly. "Experienced? I heard you use the word
'cunt' a moment ago. I hardly know what the word means, let alone what
it's used for. For all practical purposes, I guess I'm still a virgin.
Isn't that disgusting?"

Jan just grinned and said, "I think it's kind of cute. But are you sure
you want to catch him? Because I guarantee you will if you really want to.
Do you?"

"Jan, you could have my breasts for breakfast if I could catch Donald
Martin. I adore the man." The woman grinned wryly and shook her head.
"That's a problem, though. In fact, it's a conundrum. Right now I would
happily trade my breasts for Don. On the other hand, when I get him he
would probably want to use them for the first time ever. What should I
do?" There was a puzzled look on her face but her eyes were dancing.

Jan said she would take care of it. Jen signed the check and they went
down to the health club. This time, when they worked out, Mary was using
the same weight loading and doing as much as they were. They swam nude and
she realized the older woman had a perfect figure, with a small patch of
curly pubic hair. Her breasts were full and very youthful-looking with
tiny tip-tilted nipples like a nineteen-year-old's. Jan just shook her
head sadly.

Mary's eyes widened with concern. "What's wrong, Jan? What did I do?"

Jan grinned and said, "That wasn't for you, Mary. It was for Don. The
poor soul doesn't have a prayer! It's going to be like shooting fish in a
barrel." Again she shook her head sadly. "Mary, it's going to cost you
your hunting license, you know? What you're going to do meets anyone's
definition of unsportsmanlike conduct!"

Instead of going back to the office, the women went to a fine department
store. When Janice asked her about underwear, Mary just shrugged. She
wore serviceable briefs and bras. Jan wrinkled her nose and bought a
number of very low cut bikinis that didn't fully cover Mary's pubic hair.
Then she bought three bottles of expensive musk oil in the largest size the
store had. Carefully, she explained to Mary exactly how to use it and what
to do. Before leaving her she said, "One more thing: When you get back, go
to the ladies room, put on a new bikini and throw away your bra. Your tits are absolutely gorgeous. Flaunt them! Now get with it, and good luck!"

Mary blushed when she heard what Jan said. Then she whispered, "But
Jan, my nipples will show!"

"They sure will, won't they" Jan agreed.

* * *

Late the next morning, Janice received a call from Mary Thomas. The
woman was bubbling. "Jan," she exclaimed, "It worked! Oh God, did it ever
work. I'm utterly destroyed, but I feel like I could conquer the world."
Jan asked what happened and Mary said, "I did exactly what you said.
(Incidentally, all my bras are going in the trash tonight.) I drowned my
slit and my boobs -- Don calls them boobs -- with the musk oil. We were
working late, as usual, and I asked Don to come over to my desk for a
minute. There was some dumb thing in the typewriter I was working on. He
leaned over me to read it and got a whiff of the musk oil, or me, or
whatever. Anyway, he asked, 'What's that wonderful fragrance?' I said it
was probably me and if he kissed me, he might like it even better.

"He did, Jan, and it was exactly the way I've dreamed it for fifteen
damned years. There were bells and electricity and I just melted. I felt
a wonderful wetness in my cunt -- that's what he calls it so that's what it
is. Then I kissed him again, got up, went into his office, locked the door
and took off my clothes. When I slipped off my skirt, I was only wearing
that tiny bikini you made me buy. He reached out his arms and I came to
him. Oh, Jan, he took me and took me..." She sighed and continued, "We
went to his apartment and it went on all night."

She laughed and added, "Today was the first time in twenty years I wore
the same outfit two days in a row. I felt so deliciously wicked! All the
girls on the floor just look at me. I feel so proud. It's a riot! I'm
the CEO's secretary and one of the most senior people in time of service,
so no one dares to say anything. So they look at me and I just laugh. Oh,
Jan, I feel so great! Now I know what a cunt is for!"

"Mary, I told you. By the way, I won my bet. You got him into bed with
you the first night."

"What did I lose? Am I your slave now, too? I don't mind, of course.
I'm just asking," she said with a merry little laugh.

"I'll deduct it from your wedding gift," Jan replied. "Incidentally,
was there any discussion of marriage?"

"There sure was. That's another reason I called. Don wants to know if
he can rent your slave tomorrow evening. He wants to get married a week
from Saturday. He claims we've lost almost fifteen years already and he's
not prepared to wait another fifteen minutes. Anyway, he wants to ask his
daughter's permission at dinner. Dan will be joining us. Can you spare

"That's the silliest question I've ever heard! Of course. What time
and where?"

"Could she come by the office? Her father would like her to see his
office and I would, too. Is that okay? At six?" Jan agreed immediately
and Mary raised another question. "Did you have a chance to ask her about
decorating Dan's apartment?" Jan said she had and Cindy was looking forward
to it. "Maybe you could suggest she borrow Dan for a couple of hours late
tomorrow afternoon. She can try out her decorating ideas on him. Is that
possible?" Jan said she thought it was and hung up.

That evening, when Cindy got home, Jan passed on her father's invitation
to dinner the following evening. Cindy was excited so Jan said,
"Incidentally, since you're going to be downtown, why don't you see if you
can borrow Burke and try out your decorating ideas on him? He's male and a
banker. Does that make sense?"

Cindy grinned and immediately called Dan. They agreed to meet at her
old apartment at four o'clock. Then she continued to prepare dinner. In
spite of her work schedule with the bank, she refused to allow Jan to do
anything that she considered to be a slave's duties.

The next day at four she found Dan sitting by the door of her former
condo, waiting for her. She still had her key and opened the door finding
the apartment exactly the way she had left it months before. As she walked
through it, she felt ill. Finally she said, "Dan, what was I thinking of?
This place is absolutely awful! She grinned at him and said, "There's one
thing, though. The carpet is pretty thick. Since everything is going into
the trash anyway, could you take me on it first? This way it doesn't
matter if our juices flood the damned thing." While she was talking she was
stripping off her clothes. In moments she was standing naked before him.

Dan quickly stripped and picked her up in his arms. Then he carried her
to the floor-to-ceiling window and laid her on the carpet. He whispered,
"Darling, your charms are exposed to anyone in Chicago who cares to look.
Does it bother you?"

"Not as long as they can see that magnificent weapon of yours at the
same time, darling. Let them eat their hearts out." Their lovemaking in
the afternoon was wonderful, and Cindy was soon asleep in Dan's arms. He
had taken a blanket from the bed and spread it over them.

At five-thirty, he squeezed her breast and her eyes opened instantly.
He whispered, "Do you want to take a shower or sleep a few more minutes?"

She snuggled closer to him and whispered, "Sleep. I can take a shower
anytime. You can just eat out my cunt later so I don't leak all over Dad's
furniture." She closed her eyes again, and a few minutes later woke up with
Dan's tongue probing her cunt.

Exactly at six, they walked back to the corner office. Don had
correctly estimated that anyone who might inadvertently tip off Dan's new
job would be gone by then. Mary Thomas was sitting at her desk and, when
Cindy saw her, she stopped so abruptly Dan walked into her back. She
looked at the older woman and said, "Mary Thomas, what have you done? You
look younger than I do, and you're simply beautiful. Can we have lunch
together, soon? I want to know what you did." Mary nodded and smiled
warmly as the young couple walked on in to Don's office.

She kissed her father and he showed her the office. Not much had
changed since Horace Paterson had left but now it had a totally different
feel. Then she realized what it was. Now it was a working office that fit
her father like a glove. He was at home in it. With Paterson, it had
always seemed to be more of a stage set. Surprisingly, her father seemed
nervous. When he left the office, he didn't even take his attache case
with him which was a first as far as Cindy knew.

They went to the best restaurant in Chicago with Mary Thomas joining
them, but her father still had said nothing. They were immediately seated,
with Mary sitting at her father's right. His nervousness appeared to be
increasing by the minute.

Don Martin wasted no time. As soon as the maitre d' withdrew, he said,
"Cindy, I asked you to have dinner with me for a reason. I would like your
permission to marry Mary Thomas. I hope you'll approve." His eyes were
down on his service plate and he didn't even look up.

Cindy looked at her father in amazement. He was sitting like a
schoolboy waiting for his report card and expecting the worst. Mary Thomas
was also looking down at her plate with her hands folded in front of her.
Cindy could see her knuckles whiten indicating the tension the woman was
under. Moments passed and the tension built.

Cindy then jumped up from her chair, went to her father, hugged him
tightly and said, "Dad, I'm so happy I could cry. Do you mean after all
these years I'm going to have a mother again? And, Dad, you couldn't do
better. You just could not! Mary Thomas is the nicest person I know."

She kissed him quickly and went to Mary who stood up when she came
around the table. Mary was looking hopeful but there were tears in the
corners of her eyes. Cindy took her in her arms and kissed her. Suddenly,
Mary broke down and started to cry. Cindy heard the woman whisper, "Oh, my
darling daughter! Thank you so much. May... May I be your mother? It
would make me the proudest person in the world to have such a beautiful
young woman as my daughter." As she held her, Cindy realized what a perfect
figure she had. Mary Thomas was utterly exquisite. Cindy returned to her
seat and sat down.

Don Martin signaled the head waiter for the champagne he had ordered.
Before anything else could be said, Mary said softly, "Cindy, you may
change your mind. I must tell you that I have slept with your father. I
let him... fuck me! I did, and I tried to help him as much as I know how.
I have to admit that isn't very much, yet. But I had to tell you, and you
may not wish your father to marry a woman who would do such a thing."
Again, Mary's eyes were focused on the service plate in front of her.

Cindy's reaction took her completely by surprise. She started to laugh
and her laughter grew in intensity. Soon tears were rolling down her
cheeks. She wanted to take Mary in her arms again and hug her. Instead
she just shook her head. She said, "Mary, Dan fucks me so often I can't
keep count. Only it's not fucking, it's making love. I'm sure Dad made
love to you, didn't he? When you kiss him, do you feel electricity? Do
you hear bells?"

The woman was looking at Cindy with surprise on her face while she
slowly nodded her head in response to her questions. Cindy continued,
"When he looks at you, your cunt starts to flood with your juices. You
want to wear a pair of plastic baby's pants so you won't soak your chair,
don't you?"

Now Mary was just grinning and nodding. She said, "You mean I didn't
invent this? It's happened before? Cindy, I love your father so much! I
can't get enough of him, or get close enough to him. I guess that's why I
love it when he's inside me. It's as close as we can get." Mary blushed
beet red and said, "Regardless of where he enters me, too."

"When did it happen, Mary? It couldn't have been very long ago," she

"The night before last. We would have had dinner last night but... but
I didn't get home the night before to change."

Cindy's father had just been watching the exchange with amazement.
Finally Cindy just grinned and said, "Hurry up and get married, mom and
Dad. Someday I'll be released from slavery and Dan and I will get married.
It's great to learn that there will be someone who knows how it's done."

At that point Don reached into his pocket. He took Mary's left hand and
gently slipped a diamond ring on her third finger. She looked at it and
squealed, "Oh, Don! It's magnificent!"

He stood up and she rose, too. In spite of the crowd that was now
filling the restaurant, when he took her in his arms and kissed her, their
passion just flowed between them. Mary had her arms around his neck for
support as her joints turned to jelly. When they finally parted to
breathe, there was applause from the people in the restaurant who had been
watching. Mary then both surprised and delighted Cindy. She just waved to
the crowd. The applause had not bothered her a bit.

When they were seated again, Cindy raised her glass in a toast. She
said, "To my father, Donald Martin: a man -- a gentleman -- who tried to
teach me what it really means to be a banker, and to Mary Thomas: the most
beautiful, kindest and nicest person I know: May you be as happy together
as you deserve to be. Mary, I haven't had a mother for more than half my
life," Cindy continued with tears beginning to run down her cheeks. "I was
only eleven years old when my mother was killed. Dad saw me through
puberty, through dating and through college. He tried to be both a mother and a father to me. Now, though, as I contemplate marriage and all that
means, I can look forward to having a mother to talk to, to counsel with,
to confide in, and to love. Mary, I only hope you'll learn to love me a
little bit as much as I already love you."

Mary had been looking down at her service plate while Cindy offered her
toast. When she looked up, there were tears streaming down her cheeks.
She said softly, "Cindy Martin, I couldn't love you more if I nurtured you
in my womb and nursed you at my breast. I love you, darling daughter, very
much. Thank you for being so generous, so welcoming, and so sweet."

Don said very quietly, "Thank you both so very much." Dan blinked back
tears in his eyes and smiled at both of the women very warmly.

While they were eating dinner, Mary asked Cindy to be her maid of honor,
while Don asked Dan to be his best man. Cindy took the opportunity to ask
her father why it was Dan was still in credit analysis instead of in a
division. Don repeated what Dan had told her previously: "Honey, I love
Dan and respect him. However, when diplomacy and tact were being passed
out, he was hiding behind the door. We can't run the bank by ourselves.
If I tried to promote Dan, there would be a revolution. I did get him a
raise, though. Doesn't that help?

"Incidentally, Daughter, congratulations on the job your division is
doing. It's spectacular. And I have two pieces of news for you: The first
is the owners of the bank are backing your lending with their personal net
worth. I've been instructed to continue your activities regardless of what
the bank examiners think of the credits. They will buy any loans that may
be questioned at their face value and pay us a servicing fee besides, but
we _will not_ call them. Do you know what that means?"

Cindy was stunned. "It means I'm lending their personal money, in
effect. Not the depositors; their own. Is that right?"

"It sure is. I have _never_ heard of that happening anywhere. You
can't get stronger support than that. The other news is I'm assigning a
new girl to your unit, Katherine Chang. She's fluent in about a dozen
languages including three dialects of Chinese, Korean, Polish, Russian,
Vietnamese, and a bunch of others. She's also a mathematical genius and a
delightful girl. Maybe she can extend your culinary abilities." Her father grinned and added, "I have it on good authority that you have learned how
to boil water. And, I understand, you even get it right at least two times
out of three."

He agreed to send Kathy out with April the next day.

Before they left, Cindy joined Mary on a visit to the ladies' room.
While there she told the older woman about sleeping with her head on Don's
shoulder and his hand cupping her boob. Cindy put her hand inside the
woman's blouse and squeezed. Her breast was very firm and full.

Mary just moaned softly and said, "That feels so good, Cindy. Almost as
good as your father doing it." Her eyes flashed as she said, "I can't wait!
And I promise to let you know how your tip works." *Chapter 16*

Cindy heard April's car come to a sliding stop on the gravel driveway at
nine-fifteen the next morning. She heard running steps and was waiting at
the door to open it. April was standing there, breathless. There were
tears in her eyes as she said, "Cindy, I'm so sorry! We came as fast as we
could. There was a mix-up on instructions. Kathy was told to meet me at
eight and not seven. It's not her fault. Please be nice to her? All the
fault is mine, and as the senior I take all the blame."

Looking at her impassively, Cindy asked, "What action should I take,
April? You're fifteen minutes late."

April ran up to Cindy's room and picked up the whip she knew was in the
closet. She ran downstairs, gave the whip to Cindy and then walked out the
back door to the whipping post. Cindy followed her, still without saying
anything. "I think fifteen lashes would be fair, one for each minute.
Could you split them, please? Eight on my back and seven across the front?
Please try not to cut my nipples." The girl stripped off her clothes and
stood with her back to the post and her arms wrapped around it, forcing her
full breasts to protrude.

Cindy took the whip and just dropped it on the ground. Then she took
the girl in her arms and kissed her softly. "You would have done it, too,
wouldn't you? Why? Why on earth would I think of beating you?"

"To show me the meaning of promptness," the girl replied simply. Cindy
motioned her away from the post and spanked her once on her firm bottom.
April squealed and asked, "What was that for?"

"That's for showing off your oversized tits. I'm jealous and you know
it, so it serves you right!" Cindy grinned and stuck out her tongue. April
smiled and began to get dressed again.

A simply gorgeous Eurasian girl was standing in the doorway. From the
look on her face, she was completely baffled by what was going on. Cindy
went over to her with her hand out, "Hi, I'm Cindy Martin. You must be
Katherine Chang. Welcome! Now let's get inside out of this heat."

The girls went inside and gathered around the kitchen table having
coffee. When they were finished, Cindy led the way to the private gym.
She and April had been using it daily for weeks. Kathy watched as the two
girls stripped and started on the exercise machines. As Cindy moved
against the weights, the girl was amazed at both the total weight she was
moving, the ease with which she was doing it, and the extent of the girl's
muscle development. There was no fat at all. After working for five
minutes, she turned and said, "Kathy, this is a game any number can play.
Or do you have a doctor's excuse? Get your ass in gear!"

The girl grinned and stripped off her clothes. As instructed, she was
wearing the "divisional uniform" of skin-tight Levi's and a chambray shirt.
After she stripped, she stood posed for Cindy's inspection. The girl just
whistled softly. She had lustrous black hair, improbably green eyes, and
very full breasts. Her body had the grace and sleekness of a cat and at
five feet six, she was quite tall for an Oriental woman. But except for
her head, she was virtually hairless. Her mound was bare.

Cindy showed her the array of equipment and she began to exercise, too.
After forty minutes, they quit and went swimming. April had improved
dramatically and Kathy was very good to start with. The three moved up and
down like porpoises. Finally they pulled themselves out of the pool and
flopped on mats to dry off.

Cindy looked at Katherine and said, "Do Orientals tan, Kathy? My black
friend here is just soaking up the sun for the hell of it. Do you?" The
girl said yes and smiled. Cindy looked at her and said, "How was the bank
lucky enough to get you? I've seen your credentials and they are
spectacular. What are you doing in the bank, and what are you doing in my

The girl blushed and looked very cute. She spoke softly with an
intonation that was at once very musical yet with overtones of British
speech. She said, "I've heard so much about you, I felt I must try to work
with you. April tells me that you're a slave and she's a junior slave.
Does that make me a second assistant slave?"

"We'll work that out," Cindy said with a grin. "But you interest me.
You said you've heard so much about me. What could you conceivably have
heard? And where?"

"Miss Martin, perhaps it's my Hong Kong heritage, or perhaps it's an
accident of nature. Whatever it is, I have an ear for languages. I pick
them up very easily. It has become a sort of hobby of mine. The nice
thing about Chicago is there are people here in some numbers from almost
everywhere in the world. So I spend weekends in these foreign-language
communities. It was in these communities I began to hear of the 'twins who
aren't.' It seems there are two girls who are the most beautiful girls in
the world. They travel around in a small red car that's now quite famous.
They dress the same, they move the same, they are the same height and
weight. Except one twin is gold and the other is brown.

"It seems these twins are senior executives at the most important bank
in Chicago. Nevertheless, they seek out people to help. It doesn't matter
who you are or where you are. If you're working hard and struggling to
succeed, they will find you and give you the money you need to prosper.
It's the American miracle. The streets are not paved with gold, but there
are the twins. Everyone prays the twins will visit them, someday. It is
said there are guardian angels that look after the twins. They can go
anywhere in Chicago safely. They are revered as living saints."

Kathy smiled warmly and added, "One more thing: They're always reported
as being kind and friendly and warm. Never do they look down on people.
People are always treated with the greatest kindness and respect. I
suppose that's why they are so loved." She looked at Cindy and said,
"Obviously, you and April are the twins. Now that I've met you, I'm sure
the stories are true. Thank you for giving me a chance to be in your unit.
I hope I will be worthy."

Cindy looked at April and said, "Wow! What do you think, partner?"

"She's correct, Cindy," she replied quietly. "I know it's true. I can
see it at home. I can go anywhere, at any time, in complete safety. I
don't have to worry about my mother or Ronnie. It's as safe as church. As
for Kathy, what can I say? She's outstanding... and beautiful, of

Cindy swallowed hard and told the girls what she had learned from her
father. She finished by saying, "Last night I had dinner with my father.
He told me we have the full backing of the Cliffords, the Chapmans and the
Cartwrights. That's about five and a half _billion_ dollars." She
explained what was meant and Kathy started to cry. "What's wrong, hon? I
thought it was good news?"

"Miss Martin, you're telling me that three of the wealthiest people in
the United States are willing to back us with billions of dollars of their
own money so we can help immigrants, blacks, and God-knows-who! Why on
earth would they do such a thing? It's unheard of!"

"It's because they feel they were lucky and want to help others without
making it charity or making a big deal out of it. That's simple enough."
Then she quickly told of the family backgrounds, ending with Janice
Stewart. "This is her house, of course. I adore the girl. She's also the
smartest person I have ever met -- and the most beautiful." She stretched
and Kathy saw her muscles ripple under her skin. She said, "Let's go,
troops. We have money to give away."

Late that afternoon the girls swung by Henry Kowalski's machine shop.
He had recently taken delivery of his new tooling and had asked them to
come by and see it. The girls walked into the office with Cindy in the
lead. When Henry saw her come in, his eyes lighted up like a Christmas
tree. Then he called to Trudy who came running in. After kissing Cindy
and April she quickly retreated. The other men from the shop came into the
office, too. One of the Poles put his hand out and murmured something in
Polish to which Kathy immediately responded. The man looked astonished.

In no time Henry and his two countrymen were all talking at once in
Polish. Kathy held up her hands, smiled, and said something quickly in
Polish. The two machinists took turns with rather lengthy speeches. Kathy
merely nodded. After the first spoke, she translated for Cindy and April
and then did the same for the second.

"The men are delighted to be able to personally thank you and thank the
bank for the wonderful tools they now have to work with. They are the
finest the men have ever seen; they have never worked with anything nearly
so good. Now they will produce to the highest quality standards in the
world! They swore it! It will be made in USA!"

There were tears in her eyes as she finished. She said to Cindy, "These
men are so proud! They told me how hard they're studying English. They
can't wait to become citizens of the greatest country on earth." At that,
she started to cry and Cindy held her tightly. The girl looked up and
whispered, "They're right, you know? It is, and you're the greatest
American of them all. They love you, Miss Martin." With that the girl kissed Cindy softly on the lips and then recoiled in shock. She exclaimed,
"My God! I didn't mean... Oh, I'm so sorry!"

Cindy gathered the girl in her arms hugged her, and kissed her softly,
murmuring, "I'm not sorry at all. It was a delicious kiss, and I love you
already, Katherine Chang. But for Christ's sake, the name is Cindy or Cin
or Slave. It's rarely Miss Martin. Clear?"

The girl grinned and wiped her eyes. Then they were served little
sweets that Trudy Kowalski had made along with coffee. When they left, the
entire staff was in front of the building to wave goodbye. As they drove
off, April said, "Kathy, while you were talking to the Poles, I was talking
to the black boys. First, one is out of reform school and the other is a
school dropout. Second, they love their jobs. The Poles are really top
machinists -- the very best in the world. They're very proud of their
skills and are really working with the boys. The boys are working with
them on their English. They wanted to say thanks, too. Their last words
were that your money is very safe."

The loan volume picked up to such a degree Cindy got April a car like
her own. They needed more transportation and she decided the red GTX had
become a bank trademark. Volume climbed in terms of both number of loans
and average dollar value per loan. Meanwhile, Kathy Chang proved to be
invaluable because of both her analytical and language skills.

Late one afternoon, Cindy met April in a small luncheonette in South
Chicago for coffee. April reported on recent events with Ron Jackson. It
seemed that Ron had been calling. He couldn't believe she was not going to
defend her title. Finally, he waited outside the apartment for her one day
and grabbed her when she came out. It turned out not to have been a smart
move. "Sam Smith took him from behind. He told him that if he ever
grabbed me like that again he would be eating his balls for breakfast."
April grinned as she added that, even though Ron was a football player, he
was a defensive back who stood six feet one and weighed 195. "Sam is six
feet six, weighs about 275, and it's all muscle."

"What happens now?" Cindy asked.

"He asked me out for a date," she replied. "He was sort of cute. Sam
asked me if that was all right with me, and I said I would have dinner with
him if he promised to behave himself." She grinned and said, "He didn't
answer, Sam did. He said Ron would certainly behave himself or it would be
the last thing he ever did in his life. Anyway, Cindy, would you and Dan
join Ron and me for dinner at the Pump Room? Ron's buying, by the way. I
said you would come and chaperon. He doesn't know what the word means, but
he does know he's paying the bill. Will you?"

"Partner, it's a deal!" Cindy exclaimed. "When will we do it?" They
scheduled it for the following night. Ron would pick them up at April's.

The next evening Cindy went over to the Jefferson's. April wasn't home
yet, so she talked with Mary and played with the baby who was already
starting to toddle. April arrived with Dan shortly before five-thirty and
disappeared into the bathroom to shower and change. A little before six
she reappeared looking very nervous. Cindy looked at her and whistled
softly. She said, "April, you look devastating!" The girl was wearing a
new dress she had bought for the occasion. It was perfect on her, looking
at once very demure and very sexy.

Dan looked at her and just shook his head. Mary looked at him with a
question in her eyes. Dan said, "Mrs. Jefferson, all I can say is they
just are not making bankers the way they used to. No one has ever whistled
at me."

Cindy said with a warm smile, "That's just because you're beat up,
battered and generally shot to hell. Aren't you lucky that you keep me in
such a constant sexual daze I don't even notice?" She leaned over and
kissed him softly and lovingly on the lips, making warm sounds deep in her
body while she did.

"Did you hear that, Mrs. Jefferson?" Dan asked plaintively. "Those
noises? I can't get any sleep with her. All I do is squeeze her tit
lightly and she makes those noises for at least the next twenty minutes."

"Right, fink! The Chatty Cathy doll," Cindy interjected, poking him
sharply in the ribs with her elbow. "Mrs. Jefferson, do you recall a
little doll where you pulled a string and it says something? This creep
says he squeezes my tit and I start making happy noises for the next twenty
minutes. I ask you? Then he says he's going to bring out a string next
time, and does! How would you like to be compared to a windup doll?"

Mary Jefferson smiled warmly, held up her hands and shook her head
saying, "You keep me out of this, young lady!" Then she said, "I hope you
two have many children. You make me so happy just watching you. I have
never seen two people as deeply in love or as attuned to each other as you
are. It's truly wonderful to see." With her face serious she added, "Mr.
Burke, I think it's wonderful what the bank has done for April. The
opportunity Miss Martin has given her is beyond belief. My husband fought
and died for this country and there were times I was very bitter about it.
I didn't think black people were given a fair chance. Now I think Tom is
smiling, wherever he is. His daughter is succeeding beyond our wildest
dreams. Thank you both."

Mary had seen a warning in Dan's eyes when she started to thank him.
She didn't know what was happening, but she didn't say exactly what she had
started out to say. When she changed the direction of her remarks, she saw
him relax. He replied, "Mrs. Jefferson, I'm just an analyst at the bank.
On the other hand, I've been around the bank for quite a while now, so a
lot of people talk to me. The talk in the bank now is about the brilliant
young assistant vice president who is minting money for us. No one knows
who she is, where she came from, or exactly what she's doing, but whatever
it is, it's great!"

Just then there was a knock on the door. April opened it and admitted a
very good-looking young man who looked like the trained athlete he was.
She introduced Ron Jackson to Cindy and Dan. Mary Jefferson just nodded.
Dan noticed that both Mary and Cindy's eyes were cold as they looked at
Ron. There was none of Cindy's usual warmth in her greeting; she was very
distant and formal.

Ron Jackson was very uncomfortable. He was wearing a suit and tie and
it was obvious he wasn't used to it. He held the door and they went
downstairs. Reaching the sidewalk, Cindy noticed Sam Smith standing close
by, watching. Ron was driving a big Mercedes SEL sedan that he had
borrowed for the evening. He self-consciously held the door for April who
gracefully got into the car. Dan assisted Cindy and they pulled away
smoothly. Almost nothing was said as they drove to the Ambassador Hotel,
the site of the Pump Room.

When he drove up, a valet parking attendant opened Ron's door while
another opened the passenger-side doors. Seeing April and Cindy, the young man's eyes widened. He motioned to the doorman and instantly they were
greeted like royalty. Ron thought he had been recognized but then he saw
the doorman salute and say, "Welcome to the Pump Room, Miss Martin and Miss
Jefferson. We're honored!"

When they reached the maitre d'hotel's stand, there was a flurry of
activity as their table assignment was being changed. The maitre d'
personally seated them at the best table and asked, "Miss Martin, I hope
this table will suit? You may have any table in the house if you would
prefer another?"

Cindy smiled warmly and thanked him. The maitre d' was black. He went
up to April, extended his hand and said, "My name is Howard Washington,
Miss Jefferson. Thank you for what you're doing. You're a credit and an
inspiration to black people everywhere."

April shook hands and replied, "You're too kind, but it's Miss Martin
you should thank. She's my boss and my inspiration. Mr. Washington, the
credit is hers. She's the one who taught me what little I know. Then
there are the owners and the top management of the bank. Miss Martin's
father is president. They gave me my chance. Please thank them."

The man beamed and said, "Thank you all. Please consider yourselves
guests of the Pump Room this evening. We're grateful you would think to
come here." With that he disappeared.

Ron Jackson had been watching with increasing bafflement. When
Washington withdrew he asked, "What's that all about, April? What's going
on? You're my woman and I have a right to know!"

April sat up straight in her chair and there was fire in her eyes. "The
hell I am and the hell you do, Ron Jackson!" She looked at Dan and said,
"You could tell Cindy and my mother were not delighted to see Ron. Has
Cindy told you anything about Ron and me?"

"Only that he's the father of your little boy. That's about all," Dan
replied quietly.

"Well, that's a good place to start. I was on the pill but Ron made me
stop. He wanted me to become pregnant to prove his manhood!" Turning to
Ron she asked, "Have you had your contest yet?" Ron nodded. "Who won?"

"Kelly's woman. God, was she great! She took three men at once: Kelly
in her cunt and another guy in her ass and a third guy in her mouth, all at
the same time!"

"Dan," April said, "that's the contest. I won the last two years. All
the girls are naked, of course. Last year I had just given birth to
Ronnie. Ron made me drink a lot of brandy and wouldn't let me feed my baby.
By the time we got to the party my breasts were aching with all the milk in
them. But that didn't last long. I was the life of the party! I served
Brandy Alexanders all night long -- from my nipples, of course. There was
usually a smelly jerk hanging from each tit, sucking up a storm. All Ron
did was to fuck me occasionally and a couple of times hit me across the
face because my jugs weren't refilling fast enough -- his teammates had to

"Dan, could you imagine doing that to Cindy? I could imagine you giving
her the brandy. I could imagine her nursing you at her tit." She smiled
warmly and said, "In fact, I could see the idea going through her mind when
I told her about it the first time. Her thought was that it was something
you would enjoy. It would be another way for her to give herself to you.
But a meat market? It would be over your dead body, wouldn't it?"

Dan had been sickened by the recital. He just nodded once and held
Cindy's hand. He lifted it to his lips and kissed it. Still holding her
hand he looked in her eyes and saw incredible warmth and love. Without
making a sound he saw her lips form the words, "Thank you, darling."

Ron was sitting abashed. He said, "But April, that's not it at all.
It's just a way for the guys to have some fun. We spend all that time at
training camp and it's a way to blow off steam."

"Fine, Ron," she said quietly. "Why don't you do what most of your
teammates do, then? Hire someone." She started to say more, then stopped
and started again. "I was about to say I would do it if the money were
good enough, but I stopped. There's no way in hell the money could ever be
good enough. I would die first."

"But why did you do it then?" Ron asked plaintively.

"Because I thought I loved you and you wanted me to. Now I realize you
can't love me. Ron, you just love yourself. Incidentally, I see you're
having problems on the field. You're getting beaten too often. I don't
know if you're losing a step or if you're giving your moves away. Are you
working hard in practice? Have your coaches said anything? Does anything
show in the films?"

Ron was taken by surprise. He didn't realize April knew anything about
football. As a matter of fact, it had never occurred to him that she knew
anything at all. He looked at her for the first time and was shocked.
Suddenly, he realized how beautiful she was. But there was something else
that he didn't understand. The behavior of the people at the Hotel
Ambassador was completely beyond his experience. They were talking to
girls! Then a new thought occurred to Ron. He asked April, "What do you
do, anyway? I guess I heard you're with some bank. But what do you do?
Clean? Receptionist? What?"

"Mr. Jackson," Cindy replied coldly, "April is an assistant vice
president and lending officer of Chicago Trust Company. She works for me.
She's well on her way to becoming the finest lending officer the bank has
ever had." Cindy was disdainful as she continued, "I've heard of male
chauvinist pigs in my time, but you are the absolute worst!"

Jackson was stunned. "She's... She's an _officer?_ In a big bank?
What is this, anyway? Is this 'affirmative action comes to Chicago,' or
some kind of shit like that?"

"I thought it was, Ron," April interjected, "But it isn't. As a matter
of fact, I consider Cynthia Martin to be my closest friend and confidante.
The first time I reviewed loans with her, she didn't say a word. She just
looked over my presentations and asked me what _I_ was going to do. She
didn't ask what I thought she should do, mind you. Cindy... Miss Martin
asked me what I was going to do. I told her. She still didn't say
anything. I thought it was all over for me at the bank. I asked her what
we were going to do. She said, as matter-of-factly as she could, 'We're
going to pick up the checks, silly. You just made two loans.'

"Ron, I can't tell you how she made me feel right then. I felt I was
ten feet tall. You saw Sam Smith watching you tonight? He has one of the
first two loans. He served time in prison for armed robbery. No one would
lend him ten cents. Chicago Trust Company lent him $85,000."

"April Jefferson loaned him $85,000," Cindy corrected. "It's one of the
best loans on our books. His business is booming now, I'm delighted to
say. And it's all April! Now, Mr. Jackson, what are you doing with all of
your money? Let's forget the $1,200 _per year_ you're contributing to
support your son. That's an utter disgrace, by the way. You're making
something in the neighborhood of six hundred to seven hundred and fifty
thousand dollars a year. How much do you save? What are you going to do
when your career in football is over? What else can you do?"

Ron was shocked. He told them his agent took a lot of it. When April
asked how much, he said it was about half when everything was added in.
She said, "Ron, you need a keeper! You give your son one hundred dollars a
month and your agent about twenty-five thousand! For what?"

Ron Jackson was abashed and said nothing. Cindy and Dan had gone out to
the dance floor. He nervously asked April if she would care to dance. She
rose gracefully from her chair and they went out on the floor. He took her
in his arms and was surprised when she maintained a separation between
them. He looked around and noticed that the busboys and the waiters were
watching them closely. _It's almost as if they're her bodyguards,_ he
thought. The music was slow dance music. He had never danced to music
like this before but found April moved like a dream in his arms. He
whispered, "April, you look absolutely beautiful tonight. I've never seen
you look better!"

She looked at him, smiled wryly, and said, "Ronald Jackson, you have
never seen me, period! You saw a hot cunt. I was a conquest. You made me
do things to myself that are disgraceful and disgusting. I still almost
vomit thinking about some of the things I did because you asked me. I
don't think you have ever thought of me as a person at all!"

Ron didn't know what to say. Finally he said, "April, we play at home
on Sunday. Would you and your friends like to come to the game? Could we
try to start over?" He smiled at her and she smiled back. He continued,
"They are really friends, too, aren't they? Who is Dan Burke, by the way?
What does he do?"

April's eyes sparkled. She asked, "Can you keep a secret? If Cindy
finds out, I'll kill you, understand?" Ron nodded, puzzled. She said, "Dan
is executive vice president of the bank and Cindy's boss. The only thing
is, she doesn't know it. She thinks he's just a credit analyst! And Ron
Jackson, if you even _hint_ at his position, I'll murder you!"

She smiled warmly and moved closer to him. He could smell the perfume
coming up from between her breasts. Ron said, "What's that wonderful
smell, April? Your perfume is overpowering!"

"It's me, Ron. I'm wearing something called musk oil. It enhances
natural smells. It's just me," she said softly. Then she looked up at him
and said, "Were you serious? Would you like to start over?" He said
absolutely yes. She continued, "In that case, fire your agent. Send all
your money to me at the bank. We will set up an investment account for you
and I will pay you an allowance. You'll get $2,000 a month."

He moved away from her and there was an expression of shock on his face.
"April, are you crazy!? The payments on my Porsche are more than that!"

"That's easy enough," she replied, smiling sweetly, "we'll give it back
to the leasing company. I'm sure they'll be happy to have it."

They continued the discussion at the table. Ron fought, but April was
adamant. It was her deal or no deal. Finally, he said with the greatest
reluctance, "Okay, April. It's a deal. But who's going to tell my agent?
I don't have the guts."

"I guess I'll do it," April said. "By the way, there's an agent's fee
you'll be paying. It's 5 percent off the top and goes to Ronnie's
education fund. When the season is over, I expect you to go back to school
and get your degree. We'll talk about a career for you later."

"But, honey!" he protested, "That's a lot of money. I don't know what 5
percent is, but it's a lot of money for a baby."

She again smiled sweetly and said, "There are two points in what you
just said: First, you damned well better learn what 5 percent of your
salary is. Second, education is expensive and getting more so. Your son
is smart as a whip and he's going to get the best education possible.
Daddy, you're paying!" She said, "By the way, I need to see the existing
contract. Do you have a copy?"

Ron sheepishly reached into his coat pocket, pulled out an envelope and
passed it to her. It was the proposed new contract with his agent. April
skimmed it and then read a couple of the paragraphs closely. She whistled
softly and passed the contract to Cindy.

After reading it quickly, Cindy shook her head and said, "Ron, I thought
you used pistols to commit highway robbery. Obviously, I was wrong.
That's the most outlandish contract I've ever seen!"

"What's wrong with it? It's better than most of the guys have. I think
it's pretty good," he protested.

By this time Cindy had passed it on to Dan. When he finished reading
it, he asked Ron, "Are you serious? Is this really better than most of
your teammates'?" Ron assured him it was. Dan grinned at Cindy and said,
"There's a great new-business opportunity I'm going to pass on to your
father. We're going into the sports agency business. Even our normally
extortionate trust division pricing is only a small fraction of this!" He
looked at Ron again and said, "What you're hearing, Ron, is envy. I always
thought our fees for trust services were out of sight, but this guy
_really_ knows how to price. It's an interesting split: You take the
career risks and he takes the money."

April took a small notebook from her purse and wrote for a few minutes.
When she was finished she tore out several sheets and gave them to Ron to
sign. "What's this?" he asked.

"It's my contract as your agent," she replied. It consisted of three
sheets torn from her purse-sized notebook.

Ron looked at it and asked, "When do I get the real one? I'm used to
having a contract."

April just shook her head sadly and looked to Dan for help. He said,
"Ron, it is a contract. It doesn't need to be long or typed or anything
else. Just sign it and Cindy will witness your signature. Someone from
the bank will be in touch with you soon. I was very serious about helping
the other ball players, too. Your contract is the worst I've ever seen and
far worse than I would ever have imagined."

Ron was very quiet for a while. Then he looked up and asked, "There's
something else, though. All the people -- the busboys, the waiters, the
car-jocks -- treat April like she's a queen or something. What's going

Dan looked down at the table and then looked at Ron. He said, "Ron, I'm
an analyst at the bank. April is senior to me, now. However, I have been
there awhile and maybe I have a friendly face." Cindy rolled her eyes and
then grinned as he went on: "People talk to me about a lot of things. The
word on the street is 'the twins who aren't.' They are referring to Cindy
and April. The girls dress alike, they're the same height, and they're
both beautiful girls.

"Cindy is a division head in the bank. Her division is new. It
specializes in what we call character loans. A character loan is one where
you're lending to the person more than to the company. Bankers talk about
them a lot, but no one ever does much. Cindy and April don't talk. They
lend money. Apparently the word is spreading among the minority
communities about them."

He grinned and continued, "Cindy runs around in a little red rocket.
Rumor has it she just got one for April, too. It seems that it's the most
famous car in Chicago. She could leave it anywhere with the motor running.
If anything happened at all, it would be someone turning off the ignition
to save her gas. Apparently, that's what you saw tonight. These people
know what the girls are doing. They may have helped a friend or a
relative. All I know is they are the best lenders this city has ever seen."
He smiled at Ron and said, "Does that answer your question?"

Ron just shook his head. "Do you mean April lends money? Real money? I
thought they just took applications and some committee said yes or no."

"In some banks I guess it works that way. In fact it's the way it used
to be at Chicago Trust until Cindy's father took over the bank. He
believes that people should make loans, not committees. He said one time
that a loan committee is just a device to syndicate the risk. If a loan
goes bad, it becomes the committee's fault, not any person's. Since you
can't fire a committee, nothing happens."

They finished up the evening and Ron drove them back to April's. When
he got there, he moved to kiss her but she just backed away. At this, he
blew up. "April Jefferson, what _is_ this shit? I've fucked your ass off,
girl, and now you won't even kiss me?"

April just looked at him coldly and said, "No, I won't. Good night,
Ron. Send the tickets to me at the bank. And thank you for the evening.
It was nicer than I thought it would be." She got out of the car and joined
Dan and Cindy who were standing on the sidewalk.

They went up to the apartment. As soon as the door was closed, April
broke down in tears and went into Cindy's arms. Cindy held the girl tight
and just listened to her cry, while Dan, like all men, was baffled in the
presence of tears. Mary Jefferson took him over to the table and poured
him a cup of tea that he accepted gratefully.

Meanwhile, April was slowly regaining control. With tear-filled eyes
she looked at Cindy and said, "I lost him, didn't I? I'll never see my
baby's father again! He'll just call me in the morning, cancel the
contract and tell me to go to hell!" She began to cry again, even harder
than before.

Cindy helped her to the sofa, sat down with her, and just held her. She
murmured, "No, you didn't lose him at all, honey. Ron saw you for the
first time tonight. You were absolutely correct in what you said to him.
You were just a hot cunt -- a trophy for his wall. Now he doesn't know
what to make of you, but you're a lot more important to him than you ever
used to be. Can you stay out of his bed? Please?"

"Cynthia Martin, I hate you," April said while trying to smile through
her tears. "Just because you have a man who is a woman's dream, you ruin
it for the rest of us. Damn it, Cindy, there are only two people like your
father and Dan. Mary Thomas has one of them and you have the other. What
are the rest of us supposed to do? We have to make do with ordinary

"Oh, you poor thing! You have the world's most precious little baby to
keep you warm. Besides, have you ever taken a good look at Burke? He's a
wreck. Aside from the fact that when he touches me I turn to mush, I can't
figure out what I see in the guy. April, you're a mother and you're making
$60,000 a year. How am I going to make it being barefoot, pregnant, with
one baby nursing and a toddler pulling at my skirt made from a used flour
sack? Hell, I'll bet you make double what he makes and there will be five,
then six, seven, eight... all trying to live."

April kissed Cindy softly and said, "Mother, would you please explain to
Miss Martin the ins and outs of welfare and food stamps? She's going on
the dole, poor thing."

Cindy's face was sad although her eyes were sparkling as she said, "I
was thinking about serving Dan a Brandy Alexander, but we can't afford the
brandy! What can I do?"

April looked thoughtful and finally suggested, "Use rubbing alcohol?
It's cheaper." Cindy poked her in the ribs and laughed.

The next day, April went into the bank. She was amused at the physical
arrangements. Her office was next to Cindy's -- an office Cindy had never
seen and didn't even know she had. While everyone else in the bank was
wearing the most approved business attire, she was wearing her now-famous
uniform of tight Levi's and a chambray shirt. Kathy Chang's office was
next to hers.

They both used Cindy's secretary, another girl Cindy had never met. The
girl initially resented working for a black female assistant vice president
claiming that she was a senior executive's secretary. April pointed out
sweetly that she had three choices: First, she could remain Cindy's
secretary and work for Kathy and her; second, she could take a demotion and
a cut in pay and become her secretary and handle Kathy's work, too; or
third, she could quit. The girl elected the first option.

April went into her office to call Ron's agent, Jack Scott. Then she
reconsidered and told the secretary to make the call. The girl was very
good at telephone tag. Her phone buzzed; the secretary said Mr. Scott was
on the line. She picked up her phone and said, "Good morning, Mr. Scott.
It's good to talk to you. I'm calling about Ron Jackson's contract. I'm
now his agent and will be taking over his affairs. Please also send over
his Bears' contract and any other contracts to which he is a party."

Scott was stunned. "Who is this? The secretary said something about a
bank, but I didn't catch it."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Scott. I'll have to speak to her about it. She should
speak more clearly. My name is April Jefferson. I'm an assistant vice
president of Chicago Trust Company. I have been named as Mr. Jackson's
new agent." She paused a moment and then added, "I believe you heard the
rest of the conversation."

"But... But that's impossible! I'm Ron's agent. I gave him the new
contract just yesterday. It's all agreed."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Scott. It's neither agreed to nor signed. Frankly,
we're thinking about turning it over to the District Attorney. There are
statutes regarding both theft and fraud. That's the most outrageous
contract I have ever seen in my life. Now, can we keep this pleasant?
Please just send over the materials by messenger this morning. You have
made more than enough on Ron's services to afford it. Are there any
questions?" Scott sputtered but agreed.

Then April called the Chicago Bears office and asked for the general
manager. She introduced herself as Ron's agent and she could almost hear
the man choke. He said, "Did you say you're Ron Jackson's agent? A girl?
I can't believe it!"

"It's true nevertheless, Mr. Clancy. Ron has had a good career with
the Bears. The reasons I called are twofold: First, to introduce myself.
Second, to ask you how Ron is doing. There are two parts to that: First,
the better the Bears do, the better Ron can do. Second, you're in a very
competitive sport. Your players wear out, grow old, get injured. You have
to have a fresh supply. I want to know how many more playing years you
think he has."

"Miss Jefferson, if you don't mind, I would like to call you back. Can
I reach you by calling the switchboard at the number listed for Chicago
Trust Company in the phone book?" Clancy asked.

"Of course you can, Mr. Clancy. I think it's a fine idea, too. Please
do," April responded and hung up.

The phone rang moments later, but April let her secretary answer. She
heard the girl say, "Good morning, Miss Jefferson's office. May I help
you?" A moment later her phone buzzed and she picked up. The girl said, "A
Mr. Clancy from the Chicago Bears, for you, Miss Jefferson."

"Hello again, Mr. Clancy. Thank you for being cautious. Are you
satisfied? While I was waiting for your call I asked my secretary to type
up my agent's agreement with Ron. The original is handwritten and
executed; I could send that along, too. I'm sure you need it for your

Clancy acknowledged and then relaxed. "Miss Jefferson, may I speak
frankly and off the record?" She agreed instantly and he continued, "In
honesty, we're not too happy with Ron. He's getting beaten too badly and
too often. If things don't improve in one hell of a hurry, I'm not sure if
he'll be back at all next year. Is that honest enough?"

"It certainly is," April said. "Thank you for your opinion, Mr.
Clancy. That's about the way I had it figured, too."

"You _did?"_ Clancy exclaimed. "You're kidding! You did say you're his
agent, didn't you?"

"That's right, and I'm also the mother of Ron's son. Nevertheless, I do
watch football games and I think his play is lousy. Not being an expert,
though, I wanted your opinion. You gave it and it conforms to my own.
What's the problem? Let's face it: football -- for the players, at least
-- is hardly a lifetime career. I'm planning for the future for Ron, or
trying to."

"Miss Jefferson, may I ask you a personal question. Are you the April
Jefferson I've heard about? The girl who won the defensive players' beauty
contest last year and the year before?"

"Yes, I am. I was expecting Ron's baby the first year, and had recently
given birth last year. That's how I was able to serve Brandy Alexanders
from my tits. I suppose that's what you were referring to." Clancy said
nothing. "Since then I joined the bank. I didn't see Ron from the end of
the season last year until last night. That's neither here nor there. The
important thing is that I'm now his agent and would like to make certain
arrangements regarding his finances. When would it be convenient to go
over them with you?"

"How about right now, Miss Jefferson?" he asked.

She agreed and drove right down to Soldiers' Field where the Bears had
their office. When she parked, her car was recognized by some men working
on the grounds. Instantly, a man detached himself from the group and sat
down to keep an eye on it. She winked and waved, then ran into the office.
She had just introduced herself to the receptionist when Clancy came out.

He looked at her attire, then looked through the glass doors and saw her
red GTX in a visitors parking spot. Clancy's eyes widened. He stuck out
his hand and said, "Jim Clancy, Miss Jefferson. Won't you please come back
to my office? Would you like some coffee?" She accepted and they stopped
by a small canteen, poured two cups and took them back to his office.

When they were seated he looked at her thoughtfully. April was sitting
up straight in the chair, just looking at him. Finally he shook his head
and said, "It's absolutely none of my business, Miss Jefferson, but why did
you do it? You're a queen or a princess. Why did you allow yourself to be
degraded like that?"

April heard genuine personal concern in his voice and realized he was
not pursuing a prurient interest. She replied simply, "I thought Ron loved
me, Mr. Clancy. I know now I was just used... degraded is an excellent
word. But... But it was even worse than that. He forced me to degrade
myself! I did it. He just asked." With an effort, she smiled warmly and
said, "Enough of that. Would you please call me April? I prefer it. All
my clients do."

He grinned back and held out his hand across the desk. "It's a deal,
April, if you call me Jim." He looked at her and said, "Now I really see
what they mean. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. And you're
one of 'the twins who aren't.' I'm right, aren't I?"

"Yes, Jim, I am. Does it matter?" she asked quietly.

"In one way it does, April. I can be certain you're acting in the best
interest of your client. All I hear on the street are people who are in
love with the 'twins who aren't.' You two have done more that's good for
this city than any thousand politicians around. Incidentally, do you like
football? Would you like to come to a game?"

She grinned and said, "As a matter of fact, I love it. Ron asked us to
come out on Sunday for the first game. We said yes, but come to think of
it, I don't know where he'll get the tickets."

Jim made a call and spoke quietly into the phone. He hung up and
grinned. "The owner, Mr. McCaskey, would like you to be his guest on
Sunday. You referred to several. Who are the others?" April said it would
be Cindy and Dan Burke. She quickly explained who Dan was and the position
Cindy thought he had. Clancy said, "I'm sure Mr. McCaskey would love to
host the executive vice president of Chicago Trust Company. I hear great
things about Dan Burke, too."

April quickly made arrangements for Ron's paychecks and arranged to dump
all the expensive toys Ron had leased. Clancy just shook his head finally
and said, "God! Would our life ever be easier if all the agents were like
you. I'm delighted. But are you prepared for Ron crying when they come
and take his toys away?"

April said, "Jim, I thought about that a lot so I brought something for
you to give him. It's Ronnie's and it usually works with him." She took a
baby's pacifier out of her pocket and gave it to Jim without cracking a
smile. Clancy saw what it was and howled with laughter.

When she rose to leave, he kissed her and said, "April Jefferson, you're
a piece of work! Could I possibly refer other players to you?"

She smiled and said, "According to Dan Burke, we're going into the
business as a service of our trust department. Cindy thinks he's going to
suggest it to her father. The fact is, it was decided by him last night."
She grinned and said, "Please preserve our little secret? It really is
kind of cute."

Clancy quickly agreed and walked her out to the car. The man watching
it rose to his feet and saluted when she came out.

* * *

It was the day before the Labor Day weekend and Kathy was riding with
April as they visited customers and prospective customers. April asked
Kathy what she had planned for the holiday weekend. She and Cindy had
noticed that the girl never spoke of her private life except for her hobby
of visiting foreign-speaking enclaves in the city. The girl replied
quietly that she had no plans.

"Kathy, I happen to know Cindy and Dan are going to be in Deerfield over
the weekend. She does absolutely everything out there. I know it's not
Jan, either. It's Cindy: She insists. I intend to be a slave over the
weekend and do her work for her. Do you have any interest in helping?"

"April, would Cindy mind?" Kathy asked. "I would love to if it was all
right with her."

"Honey, there's one more thing: I'll be naked all the time. Since I've
done it before under far more degrading conditions, it doesn't bother me at
all. I don't think it's fair to you, though." April glanced over at Kathy
and said, "Please forget I said anything, will you?"

"No, April, I won't," Kathy said with more determination in her voice
than she had ever heard before. "I've done many worse things in my life,
too, and I love Cindy. Please?"

April smiled and agreed. *Chapter 17*

Early Saturday morning, Cindy was awakened by Dan gently squeezing her
breast. It had become a game with them to see how little pressure awakened
the other. She smiled because she never woke up during the night but
instantly awakened when he was ready to take her. Now she was on her back
with Dan moving between her legs. Quickly he brought her to orgasm and was
keeping her there. She dimly became aware of someone else in the room but
was beyond caring at this point. As usual, she fainted as Dan came inside

When she awakened, she found Kathy Chang standing by the bed. The girl was exquisite in her nudity. She smiled and held out a coffee mug to
Cindy, saying, "Good morning, Slave Cindy! How do you feel this morning?
Since it's the Labor Day weekend, Slave April and I decided you needed a
weekend off. I have coffee for you and breakfast will be served when
you're ready. How do you feel?"

Cindy ran her fingers through her sopping-wet hair and moved to a dry
place on the bed. Leaning back against Dan's shoulder she said, "I feel
like a truck just ran over me, since you asked, and I'm sure I look like a
survivor of a shipwreck."

Meanwhile, April had done the same thing with Pete and Janice. She
marveled at the way the two were so attuned to one another. Pete took a
shower with his wife and then left her alone with April who said, "Mrs.
Stewart, I have never seen anything like that in my life! How do you

Jan stretched and grinned, saying, "April, I couldn't feel better! What
a way to start the weekend. On the other hand, what a way to start any
day! And it's Jan, not Mrs. Stewart. Remember? Now that my brain is
getting in gear, April, what are you doing here, anyway?"

April told her that since it was Labor Day, Slave Cindy should have some
time off. She and Kathy Chang were substituting, and breakfast would be
served soon. Since the weather was supposed to be sunny and very hot, Jan
padded downstairs nude. She found everyone was naked, including the men.
They ate a wonderful breakfast the two girls had made and were quietly
sipping coffee.

April was looking at the scars on Cindy's loins. They were fading fast
but were still visible. Cindy had never told her what had happened, but
had said only that it was her own fault. She raised the question again,
and Cindy ran her fingers over the scars. She told them about the dumb bet
that Jan and Pete had pleaded with her not to make and its outcome. April
and Kathy just looked at her in amazement.

Kathy said, "Are you saying, Cindy, that a man can get you to beg for
release? That's silly! I've been worked on by experts and it's never
happened to me."

"The only orgasm I have ever had in my life was with you, Cindy," April
chimed in. "And that's only because you're a woman and know how we're

"Are you two innocents saying it can't happen to you?" Cindy asked? The
two girls looked at each other and then nodded in unison. Cindy looked at
Jan, rolled her eyes and shook her head sadly. Then she said, "Jan, do you
feel like starting the weekend with a bang? I'll make a bet with you.
Fifty dollars against another month on my indenture. The bet is that Dan
can get one of the girls begging for release before Pete can."

She grinned at Dan and kissed him softly. "The big lug is really coming
along, too. You have heard of Irish foreplay, haven't you? 'Brace
yourself, Bridget'? Dan is really learning." She grinned at Jan and asked,
"Do you want to make the bet? Frankly, it will make my agony worthwhile to
see a couple of volunteers go through what I went through."

Jan reached over and shook her hand. "It's a bet, Slave Cindy. Now,
which guy gets which gal?" They flipped and Dan got Kathy while Pete would
work on April.

The two girls were excited about the prospect while the men looked at
the two luscious bodies. Dan looked at Pete and said, "The things we're
forced to do sometimes: being forced by our wives and mistresses to handle
other women." He looked at Kathy's perfect body with her remarkably full
breasts and shook his head. "Pete, war is hell!" They agreed that since
the day was so beautiful, they would play by the pool.

They all went out to the pool and pulled up the mats. Pete and Dan had
talked and decided to get revenge. Since Jan and Cindy had used them as
pillows all summer, they agreed that since they had to do all the work for
their women's bet, the women would be the pillows for a change. Cindy lay
down across Dan's mat and he rested his head on her belly. Although he had
shaved that morning, when he turned his head and nuzzled her satin skin he
scratched her with his beard stubble. She winced and looked at Pete and
Jan; Pete had done the same thing.

Jan lightly stroked Pete's cheek and sighed, "The things we have to do
for money, Cindy. Isn't it awful?"

The two men laughed and the women grinned. Responding to instructions
the two girls knelt alongside facing the men. Cindy grinned and just shook
her head sadly as Dan began to move his fingers lightly across Kathy's
body. The girl's skin was smooth and as soft as satin.

Kathy didn't know what to expect. She had never fully told her story to
anyone at the bank, nor, indeed, to anyone else in the United States.
Cindy and April thought she was from Hong Kong and indeed that was where
she had been when she was able to get an entry visa for the United States.
Actually, she was a native of Shanghai where her mother had been a
prostitute. She had taken her small daughter south and later died in

Kathy, while only ten years old and an orphan, had her first sexual
experience. She was enslaved by the North Vietnamese and was used with a
prisoner. She still remembered him vividly: an American who they believed
had information of value to them. He had been hideously tortured, and the
Vietnamese used Kathy against him. She was made to fondle him and sexually
arouse him without allowing him release. Several times she was beaten
bloody when she gave him the release he needed so desperately. And finally
she managed to take him inside her just enough to lose her virginity. It
was the closest she ever came to cuming and was the last time she had ever
been close to a man. Remarkably, she had never used her body since, even
on occasions when she was starving. She was amused because she knew she
was physically incapable of achieving orgasm.

Dan's fingers continued to move lightly over her body. It felt so good!
She was kneeling in the bright sunlight with people she really liked. Dan
and Cindy were talking quietly about the apartment Cindy was working on; he
seemed totally unaware of what he was doing. At his request she spread her
knees farther apart making her slit more available to him. But he seemed
to ignore it. To the extent he was concentrating on anything, it was her
breasts. His touch was so gentle and soothing! She found she loved it.
Once in a while, his fingers would move to her slit and fondle her. It was
like the touch of flower petals: It was so soft and light; it was as if she
was imagining rather than feeling.

Strangely, she found that she was breathing faster. Her nipples had
hardened and she heard herself making small noises she was completely
unaware of. Dan was returning to her cunt with increasing frequency now
and she was amazed to find she was now wet there. When his fingers entered
her cunt now, she made soft welcoming noises and tried to move her loins to
take him into her even deeper. _What's happening?_ she wondered. _This
feels so good!_ She could feel a strange sensation in her loins she had
never felt before. She felt as if he were taking her up a wonderful
mountain; she desperately wanted to reach its crest. Glancing over at
April, she saw the girl with her eyes closed and her back arched causing
her magnificent breasts to protrude still more. Her nipples were engorged
and she was moaning softly.

Kathy could feel herself reach the crest. She screamed as she achieved
release. But she hadn't. Dan had stopped. She realized her eyes were
closed, and she opened them with a start. She looked at Cindy who was
propped up on her elbows, watching.

Her friend just shook her head sadly and murmured, "Fun, isn't it?"

Kathy tried to return the smile but couldn't. It hurt too much. Dan
began to move his fingers again. This time it was much faster climbing the
mountain. To her astonishment, when he touched her nipple, she screamed in
pain and ecstasy. She couldn't believe it could have become so sensitive!
He continued to work on her with unbelievable gentleness. Now she realized
she had truly become a sexual plaything. He was just playing with her!
Yet he somehow seemed to know exactly what she was feeling. She lost count
of the number of times she reached her crest. She tried to look at April,
but couldn't bring the girl's face into focus. Her whole being was
concentrated in her loins.

Astonishingly, she realized she was weeping. Although she was still
upright on her knees, tears were flowing from her eyes in a continuous
stream. She was sobbing and didn't know it! She was saying things but she
didn't know what. Finally, at her highest crest, Dan stopped again.

It was the end! She screamed, "Please release me, Dan! Oh God, please!
You must." She collapsed face down on the mat with her knees under her
body. Now she was crying like her heart would break. She didn't know what
she was saying or doing. All she could do now was feel and all feeling was
in her cunt.

Again, he touched her nipples and again she screamed. Her scream rose
to a wail as she cried, "Don't Dan! Oh, please don't! It hurts so much."
She could feel her tears pouring down on the mat as he took her back up her
mountain. She was just babbling now. Again she was at the crest but this
time he took her over! Her loins started to shake and fluid started to
pour out of her poor cunt in an increasing flood. She didn't know what she
was doing. She even forgot where she was. All she knew was she was
feeling an exquisite sensation in her loins that didn't stop.

Moments after Kathy started to spend, Pete had April over the edge.
Both girls were in the same position. Cindy and Jan could see the sexual
juices pouring out of the two girls' cunts in a flood. Cindy winked at Jan
and said softly, "I win! That's fifty dollars and all it cost me this time
was a belly chafed by Dan's whiskers. It was a lot easier than the last

Jan just shook her head but said, "I love you, darling Cindy."

Meanwhile the men had the two girls in continuous orgasm. Minutes
passed and Dan could see Kathy was about to pass out. Her loins were still
jerking involuntarily; the girl was shaking herself to pieces. Dan pinched
the girl's clit, and that did it. She collapsed in a dead faint. He
turned, kissed Cindy softly, and asked, "Do I get half? I had to do all
the work."

She raised an eyebrow and said, "Since when do you call that work?
She's exquisite, isn't she?"

He just nodded and smiled. Then he got up, went inside, and returned
with two light blankets. April hadn't fainted. Pete had let her down
slowly from her crest and was now gently caressing her beautiful buns. She
was just making warm happy noises. She had carefully stretched out her
legs and was now lying face down on the mat. The fact that she was lying
in a pool of her own juices didn't seem to bother her a bit. Jan took the
light blanket and lay it over the girl. Then she kissed her softly on her
cheek. April just murmured happily and went to sleep.

Cindy gently straightened Kathy's legs and covered her, too. Then the
four went over to the tennis courts leaving the two girls asleep.

When the wetness Kathy was feeling finally awakened her, all she could
remember was the most extraordinary set of sensations. She opened her eyes
and realized where she was. She saw April lying nearby and got up to go to
her... or tried to. Her leg collapsed under her. It was as if the
muscles in her groin wouldn't work any longer. She lightly rubbed her
abdomen and found she hurt. Her muscles were so sore! Finally, she got to
her feet and went over to April.

The girl was just awakening. When Kathy's shadow came over her, she
looked up, smiled weakly, and asked, "Who won?"

Kathy sat down quickly and said, "I think Cindy did. How do you feel?"

"Like a truck ran over me." April replied ruefully. "How do you feel?"

"Not that good," Kathy replied with a grin. Then she said, "Just
remember, Assistant Vice President Jefferson, who got us into this. I just
follow the lead of my seniors."

"Right!" April grinned. "And how many times has Cindy told you to think
for yourself? You just followed me right over a cliff! I hope you learned
something. I know I did."

Kathy became serious and asked, "What did you learn, April? I learned
I'm still a woman. That's worth a lot to me. How about you?"

"Pete made me cum. I didn't think it was possible. Believe it or not,
Kathy, the only other time I ever did was with Cindy eating my cunt," April
replied softly. She looked up at the girl's face and said, "Can you
imagine? A girl like Cindy eating a black girl's cunt? It was utterly

Kathy helped April up. The girl rubbed her groin and said woefully,
"I'm not sure childbirth was this bad. I think I was in better shape an
hour after Ronnie was born." Then she grinned and said, "But I feel great
in a strange sort of way." The two girls hobbled over to the tennis court.

Jan saw them come over and said, "And what are you two slaves doing?
The least you can do is wash off the pool deck. Then go to the slave
quarters and take a shower. You two are wrecks!" Kathy saw Jan's eyes
dancing as she gave them the orders.

They washed off the deck and their mats and then went up to Cindy's
room. Kathy was pensive and April asked her about it. The girl looked at
her with her eyes bright. "April, please don't take it the wrong way, but
could I find out what a black girl tastes like?"

April looked at her and smiled softly. "Provided I can find out what an
Asian cunt tastes like, too."

The girls grinned and climbed on Cindy's bed. Kathy took April in her
arms and kissed her lips. The girl was wonderful, and she lightly stroked
April's breasts and body, while April caressed hers. In no time the girls were licking each other's cunt. They were both surprised at the amount of
vaginal juices they were licking up. When they finished, April said, "Why
don't you taste like soy sauce? I thought everything chinese did?"

Kathy grinned and said, "Why don't you taste like chocolate? I thought
all black women did."

The two laughed and April told her it was the same thing Cindy had said.
They shared a shower, washed their hair and went back to the pool. April
set up the barbecue and began to cook hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch.
Kathy went inside and brought out beer in an insulated chest, as well as an
Oriental salad she had made.

She watched the two couples in utter amazement. Here there were six
people, all naked. The men just stroked their women who purred like cats.
After lunch to her surprise, Dan took Cindy on the lawn. She watched as
Cindy first took his magnificent sex in her mouth, then spread her legs
wide to welcome it inside her. It was the most beautiful thing she had
ever seen.

About two o'clock, there was a call from the house. It was Don Martin
and Mary Thomas who had driven out from Chicago. Don saw that they were
all nude. Kathy turned beet red as she realized she was naked in the
presence of the president of the bank. Don just shrugged and began to
undress Mary. When he was finished, she undressed him and they went over
to the pool.

Cindy went up to Mary and kissed her warmly saying, "You look great,
Mom. I hope you don't mind our homemade nudist colony?"

Mary replied, "Honey, a few weeks ago I would have passed out in shock.
If someone said I should take off my bra, let alone all of my clothes, I
would have died of shame. Now I guess I'm proud of my body. Your father likes it and I hope you do, too."

"Mom, if my friends knew how beautiful my mother is they would not
believe it." She grinned and said quietly, "But unless you want to hear a
grown man cry tonight -- and be unable to have you touch him, let alone be
able to enter you -- you better put some sun protection on him. For that
matter, unless you really want a fried ass and fried boobs, you better get
him to put some on yourself, too." She grinned at Mary and said, "I wonder
what fried boobs would taste like, anyway?"

Mary returned the grin and replied, "Better than broiled buns, I think.
Thanks for the tip."

A little later, Jennifer and Steve Chapman arrived. The group spent a
lazy afternoon swimming. At the end of the afternoon, they had a series of
swimming races. To everyone's surprise and Jan's chagrin, Cindy won at
1,000 meters. Dan had used a stopwatch and timed the race at a respectable
time for an AAU race. Pete won among the men.

Jan said to Pete, "See what happens when you work my fingers to the bone
at the office? I get beaten in my own pool! By my own slave! What is the
world coming to? My God! The next thing you know, she'll be wanting her

Later, they served dinner cooked outside. When Mary Thomas came up to
Kathy, she looked at her and began to laugh. The girl was wearing a light
windbreaker... and nothing else. She looked at Mary with her eyes
dancing, but with a rueful look on her face. "I can't help it. I'm cold,"
she said.

"Did you ever think of clothing?" Mary asked.

The girl brightened and said, "My! What an original idea! I'll have to
think about that." Then she said, "We've never met before, ma'am. I'm
Kathy Chang."

Mary smiled warmly and took Don's arm saying, "Darling, there's someone
here you need to meet. This is Katherine Chang."

Don put out his hand and Kathy took it in a firm grip. He said, "Kathy,
I'm Don Martin. I guess you work for me. I hope you'll pardon my...
informal attire? Anyway, it's a great pleasure to welcome our newest
assistant vice president. Like April, you now have personal lending
authority of $500,000. Recognizing her experience, though, we're upping
her to $1 million." He smiled warmly and said, "All I hear are truly
outstanding reports about you. Thank you for joining us."

To his shock, Kathy's face crumpled and she ran to Cindy, sobbing like
her heart would break. Cindy was shocked but took the girl in her arms and
held her while her shoulders shook with her crying. "Please help me,
Cindy," she cried. "I can't be an officer. I just can't."

Mary looked at Don meaningfully. He retrieved his clothes and slipped
on his pants and a shirt. As he did he saw Dan doing the same thing. They
went over to where Cindy was sitting on the grass still holding the girl in
her arms. When Dan took her in his arms, Cindy ran to get dressed. With
one hand he zipped up the jacket the girl was wearing and waited as her
sobs faded. Then he asked softly, "What's wrong, honey? Why can't you be
an officer of the bank?"

The girl looked up and there was a look of near-terror in her eyes.
"Because an officer is a respectable person. I'm a fraud! You think I'm
from Hong Kong. In one way, it's true. But I'm really from Shanghai. My
mother was a prostitute and I was a whore. I even worked for the North
Vietnamese. You can't want a whore like me. You just can't!"

Jan Stewart overheard what Kathy said. She looked at the two men meaningfully and they withdrew. She took the girl in her arms and held
her. Kathy looked up and saw great warmth in her eyes. Jan said, "Kathy, I
was a prostitute, too. Only I didn't do it to live; I did it just for the
money. You couldn't have been very old. How old were you when you were a

The girl whispered, "I guess I was just a whore. I had sex to try to
survive. I never got any money.e Sometimes I would get a few grains of

"How old were you?" Jan persisted.

"I was almost ten when it began. I guess it lasted until I was
thirteen. Then I escaped. I made my way north and finally I swam to Hong

"You poor thing," Jan cried. "Katherine Chang, you're going to be an
officer of Chicago Trust Company, do you hear? My God! A child survives
in a war-torn land -- several, in fact -- and manages to reach the United
States. She gets an education and performs brilliantly. She's one of the
most exquisitely beautiful women its ever been my fortune to lay eyes on.
Her performance as a lending officer is outstanding." She turned Kathy's
head and made the girl look at her. She said, "Katherine, what's it going
to take to get you to accept the promotion? I will not accept no as an
answer. Do you understand? How about an immediate cash bonus of 100
percent of salary? Will that do it?"

A kaleidoscope of emotions passed over Kathy's face. She said, "Do you
mean you want me in spite of all I have been? I can't believe it!"

"No, Kathy. You misunderstand," Jan said with great warmth in her eyes,
"It's _because_ of everything. What you achieved is beyond human
understanding. The obstacles you have overcome... I can only stand in
awe. Isn't the bonus big enough? I'll double it."

Kathy just slowly shook her head. Then she hugged Jan tightly and said,
"Oh God! Mrs. Stewart, I can't thank you enough! No wonder Cindy is your
slave. May I be your slave, too? I can't tell you how honored I am to be
offered such a position. Of course, a bonus is out of the question. I'll
accept the position, though. I won't pretend I understand why you're doing
this, but I'll take it. Thank you."

Finally it was settled. When the people started drifting home, April
gave Kathy her car to use. She was staying overnight and was going to the
Bears' game the next day.

* * *

Sunday was also bright and clear but not as warm as the day before. A
cold front had come through and the temperature was only in the upper 70's.
Dan, April and Cindy all squeezed into the little car and drove to
Soldiers' Field and up to the special clubhouse gate. As a sort of joke,
April and Cindy were wearing their "uniforms." The combination of the car
and the girls' dress caused them to be immediately recognized. They were
waved into the special parking area and greeted by Jim Clancy. He escorted
them up to the owner's box high above the field.

There, the three were warmly greeted by Mike McCaskey, owner of the
Bears. When he was sure Cindy wasn't looking, he winked at Dan with whom
he served on a couple of civic committees. The girls sat down to watch the

To Clancy's surprise, the three guests were genuinely interested in it.
Dan and April focused their binoculars on Ron whenever the Bears defense
was on the field. Late in the second quarter, Dan whispered something to
April who nodded. Then she said, "pass," then "run," then "pass," then

Clancy had been watching with increasing interest and surprise. Finally
he said, "Would you please tell me what you're doing?"

April put down her binoculars, smiled at him, and said, "I was just
calling the play Ron was set for. He's tipping it every time. Jim, if Dan
and I can see it from here, it's damned certain the quarterback a couple of
yards away can!" She then explained what Dan had picked up. Jim watched
for what she had told him. He didn't need binoculars. The three started
announcing the play Ron was expecting in unison.

Then Jim went to Mike who was talking with Cindy and explained what they
had just found. Jim then picked up the phone and called the defensive
spotter in the press box. He relayed their findings to the bench.

Jim just shook his head and asked April, "How much do we owe you? My
God, how could we have missed it? Maybe because it's so damned obvious, I
guess. Now let's see what happens."

When the defense came off the field, they saw the defensive-back coach
take Ron aside and speak to him. With the binoculars, April could see the
expression of amazement on Ron's face. Then she could see him get mad.
The second half was totally different. Ron had made the Pro Bowl two years
earlier, but in the second half he played even better than he had in his
Pro Bowl year. He made six unassisted tackles and intercepted two passes.
He was named the defensive player of the game.

April, Cindy, and Dan were waiting for him when he came out of the
locker room. April went up to him and kissed him softly on the lips. When
he tried to take her in his arms, she backed away. She smiled and said,
"That's enough of a reward. Hell, it was only one decent half of football
in the first game of the season against a nothing opponent. As a matter of
fact, a kiss is too much."

Ron just shook his head but took them out to dinner at a small Italian
place. They had beer and spaghetti and then parted. April took a cab home
while Cindy and Dan went back to Deerfield. Ron was left standing on the
curb without even another kiss.

To be continued...

* * *

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