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CLASSWORK cum soon kept this

<HTML><FONT SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>"Class Work" (Mf, cons, teen, oral, spank)<BR>
<BR> WARNING: This is a complete work of fiction which contains graphic
sexual descriptions and language. Any resemblance between this and a real
event is coincidental. If you are a minor you should leave this newsgroup
immediately. And if you are offended by this kind of material then.....why
the hell are you here?<BR> <BR> I wrote this story. You may save a copy of
it if you like. Please don't change it or sell it or pass it off as your
own work. Nice comments are welcome. Thank you and enjoy.<BR> <BR> NOTE:
This is the second part of a continuing series starting with "The
Baby-sitter's Bonus". It isn't necessary to read the previous story, but
you might like to. Look for additional stories in the future<BR> <BR> <BR>

"Class Work"<BR> <BR>

Copyright 1999 by Velvet Rose<BR> <BR> <BR> It had been about two
months after school started before I got back together with Mr. Simmons.
This year he was at my school teaching freshmans. Since I was a senior all
my classes were on the other side of the campus. We rarely saw each other
at school. On weekends he worked at the bookstore his family owned.
Sometimes I went over there to tease Mark. But I didn't go over too often.
We didn't want to look too suspicious. <BR> <BR> One Saturday afternoon I
was hanging around the back section of the store which was usually empty.
Mark came over with some books to restock the shelves. He came up behind
me and pressed his crotch against me ass. <BR> <BR> "It's been so long
since we've been together Ann," he whispered to me.<BR> <BR> God Mark was
great. He six feet tall, 180 pounds and a slightly muscular body. His
hair was raven black and he had the cutest brown. All the girls in school
had a crush on him, but I've had sex with him. Of course no one else knew
this. Well, one other person knew, but it had to be total secret. He was
a married teacher with two kids and I was a senior in high school. Last
summer I was his baby-sitter. He was really into me, and who wouldn't?
With my soft brown eyes, long auburn hair, slim body, firm butt and a nice
set of tits, I was turning more than a few heads.<BR> <BR> Anyway, last
summer while I was working for the Simmons family, Mr. Simmons would come
home early a couple times a week and I'd give him a blow just. At the end
of summer he sent his family away for the day and we had sex in his den.
Since then we haven't really spoken.<BR> <BR> "Is there anyway we could get
together?" I asked.<BR> <BR> "Well, we can't do it at my house anymore. We
don't gave a legit reason for you to come over. And we can't do it at your
place. With your parents and all. So..."<BR> <BR> "Then I guess that
leaves school," I smiled.<BR> <BR> He a laughed. Then he realized I was
serious. "Anna, no."<BR> <BR> "Come on. Isn't there an assembly next
Friday. Everyone will be in the auditorium. We''ll be all alone in that
big empty classroom."<BR> <BR> "No, it's to risky."<BR> <BR> "But it'd be
fun Mark."<BR> <BR> "Anna, no. We can't," he protested. "We'd get caught.
Maybe after school, but not during."<BR> <BR> "There's a football game
right after school. Just be in your room while everyone is gone and I'll
sneak over."<BR> <BR> I left without letting him answer. This was
definitely a dangerous plan. A student having sex with a teacher during
school in a classroom was *very* dangerous. But that just made it more
exciting. My pussy was just burning in anticipation.<BR> <BR> Friday
finally came. Classes were dismissed to go to the pep rally for today's
big football game. Hung back from all the crowds and hid in a nearby
bathroom. I waited several minutes after it started before I emerged. I
sneaked down the hall and made it into Mr. Simmons' classroom unseen.
<BR> <BR> He was waiting for me at the entrance to the empty room and
locked the door behind me. All the windows were closed and most of the
lights were off. I grabbed his face with both hands and sucked his tongue
into my mouth. He broke away from me and breathlessly told me how much he
missed this. I missed it too.<BR> <BR> "I don't know how much time we have
so we have to do it fast. And quietly"<BR> <BR> No need to tell me twice.
I pulled down his pants and got right to work on his dick. I wanted him to
get hard so he could fuck me. My cunt was burning up and I needed relief.
I bobbed my head back and forth trying to get as much of him into my mouth
as I could. I jacked the remaining inch or two with one hand and squeezed
his balls with the other. Mark's cock was getting harder and I knew he'd
cum soon if I kept this up much longer. I slowed my movements down but he
just put his hand on my head and tried to fuck my face. I withdrew his
large member from my mouth and stood up.<BR>

<BR> "No baby, I don't want you to cum yet," I said waving a finger in
front of him. "I want you to screw me first."<BR> <BR> "But Anna," he
protested "I don't think we should do it here."<BR> <BR> "Why not?
Everyone is at the pep rally. We're all alone here..."<BR> <BR> "You are
bad, Anna."<BR> <BR> I gave him a little pout and a playful shove. He
grabbed my sides and pressed his body up against mine. His erection was
rubbing against my thighs.<BR> <BR> "Maybe I should punish you," he
whispered in my ear. "Yeah, maybe I should just bend you over my knee and
spank you for being so bad."<BR> <BR> The idea of him slapping my butt was
turning me on like nothing before. I felt so erotic at that moment. I
turned my back to him and pulled my skirt up to my waist Then I bent over
Mark's desk to present him with my panty-less bottom. He rubbed his hands
over my soft, white ass cheeks. Then he grabbed a wooden ruler from his
pencil cup and proceeded strike my butt with it. He didn't hit me real
hard, he just stung me a little with it. God it felt good! I had to bite
my lower lip to stop myself from screaming out loud. My tender ass felt
real hot and my pussy was dripping wet. <BR> <BR> Soon Mark finished his
assault on my rear and I heard the ruler clatter to the floor. I felt his
cockhead push against my cunt lips. He entered into me so fast that I fell
flat against his desk. My tits were pressed painfully underneath me. I
held onto the edge of his desk to keep steady as Mark rammed his fat cock
in and out of me and his heavy balls slapped against my legs. Wave after
wave of orgasms washed over me. cum was running down my thighs. I was in
heaven! I wanted to cry out so badly but didn't want to risk it.<BR> <BR>
After a few more minutes of fucking my young snatch he finally stopped. He
took out his cock and sprayed my red ass with his cum. Then he rubbed his
seed into my skin with his prick. My body ached and my ass hurt like hell
but I felt great. Mark helped me up and we kissed again.<BR> <BR> After
cleaning up the desk and ourselves, I kissed him good-bye and left the
classroom. I decided to cut the rest of my classes. I was in no state sit
in a classroom and pretend what happened didn't happen. There was only a
few more periods anyway. I went straight home to shower. So many new
things accrued today. I never even thought about spankings before. At
least not sexually. I couldn't wait to see Mark again. Who knows what we
could do to top this?<BR> <BR> THE END.<BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>

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