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CLUBRULE sucked out the last Sams


Club Rules

By Orestes

This work is copyright (c) 2000 by Orestes. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long as
all author related information and this paragraph remain on
the copies. I don't mind if you send it along to a friend,
repost it to an appropriate newsgroup, or post it to your
adult-oriented web site, so long as you don't charge money
for any of these activities. No alteration of the contents
is permitted.

When my Troy asked me if I wanted to go to the Christian
Youth Club on Saturday night, I wasn't exactly enthusiastic.

" Trust me, it's not what you think, " he assured me.

The house was old, large, and it looked like something
from a picture postcard. We found street parking nearby.
Whoever owned the house, they had a lot of money for
landscaping. Even this late at night, the flowers on the
creeping vines which covered the face of the house seemed to
find light to reflect.

A wooden sign was inscribed beside the door.

' Christian Youth Club, Established 1994' the sign read.

I didn't have any idea that Troy was religious.

He smiled at me, like he knew what I was thinking, and
held the door open. Inside, it was a totally different

This place was all about sex. You could smell it in the
air. Around the large main room, kids around my age were
hanging around, drinking, smoking, and making-out. Everyone
was dressed to kill. Those who weren't making out on the
couches were circulating the room, socializing and flirting.

" What is this place ? "

Troy chuckled. " It's a club, just like the sign says.
The 'Christian' part is to throw off unwanted attention.
It's just a place where people our age can get together
without being hassled about alcohol, drugs, or sex. Of
course, we keep it pretty quiet. I'm sure our parents
wouldn't approve."

I watched as a young couple broke themselves away from
the crowd to go upstairs. When they did, there was a
momentary lull in the conversation as most everyone watched
to see who was going up.

" Where are they going ? " I asked Troy.

" They're going to 'borrow' a room upstairs. "

They chose one of the rooms at the top of the stairs.
There were three other rooms up there, all occupied. The
doors were visible from a balcony overlooking the main room.
I found myself wondering what it would feel like, going up
there, with everyone watching me like that. It would feel
weird, being the centre of attention... and with everyone
knowing what was going on up there.

The place wasn't too crowded. I mingled through the room
with Troy. There were actually a couple of people I knew.

" Hey Jenn, " Allie called out to me. She pushed her way
over to greet me. " I didn't know you were a member. "

" I'm not, " I told her. " I'm here with Troy."

I would have introduced them, but Troy had wandered away
to meet with some friends.

" Oh, you're not a member," she sounded disappointed. "
You really should join. I'll sponsor you, if you want. "

Allie was a friend of a friend.. We were both seventeen
years old, and attended the same school. She was more the
academic type, while I was into the fine arts, so we didn't
really hang out much. Tonight, she was dressed in a skimpy
black dress which showed off her figure really nicely. With
her naturally black hair, pale complexion, and with her
black rimmed glasses, she came off as bit gothic, but she
pulled it off pretty good.

" I never even knew about this place. Is there anyone
else here I might know ?" I asked.

" Maybe, " she looked around the room. " Oh, hey, you
might know Sandy. She's the captain of the grade nine
volleyball team. "

Allie led me over to a group of girls.

" Hey Sandy, " she said. " Do you know Jenn?"

" Oh yeah," the Sandy responded enthusiastically. "You're
going out with Troy, right ? I saw you two come in

I recognized her now too. She was short, perky brunette
whose body had grown up faster than her brains. She was only
fourteen, but she dated older guys, and so she tried,
without success, to hang out with older girls at school.
Sandy had even tried to latch on to my crowd, but she never
quite fit in.

I talked for a while with the girls. It was gossip
really. Everyone seemed to know everyone else in the club.
There was a real sense of community.

The girls concluded that I should definitely join the
club. I was flattered. The club was something different than
school, where I was popular just because, well... because I
was popular. Here, all sorts of people from different local
schools hung around. It was a whole different scene, and I
definitely wanted in.

Troy retrieved me, and we had a couple of drinks at the

Everyone kept a part of their attention on the upstairs
rooms. The action there set the whole social tone for the
club. When I was on that side of the room, and I listened
carefully, I could definitely hear the muffled sounds of
pleasure from behind the doors. That gave me a bit of a
kick. New couples would come in through the front door, and
I would look them over in a different sort of way. I would
sort of imagine what they would be doing when they went
upstairs. It really turned me on.

A couple came down the stairs, leaving a room vacant.
Troy nudged me, "Do you want to go up ?"

I looked around nervously. This is what everyone was
expecting. From the moment we had come in, everyone knew
that we would eventually wind up upstairs. Everyone did. It
was an unspoken subtext to all the flirting and gossip going
on in the room.

" Yeah. "

I could feel the eyes of the room following me as I
climbed the stairs. How could I go up there in front of all
these people ? They knew exactly what I was going up there
for. Did they imagine me doing it, like I had when I saw
other couples go up ? Did they imagine me sucking Troy's
cock? I didn't look back.

Troy found an empty room for us. We went inside, and Troy
locked the door. I was so horny that I couldn't wait to get
Troy's pants off. I backed him against the door, dropped to
my knees, and unzipped him. One of his hands came down and
gently took hold of a tuft of my shortly cropped blonde

I had never been this aggressive with sex. Everything
about the club made me horny as hell.

I worked his penis free from his underwear, and gently
began to lick around the head. My hand encircled the shaft
of his cock as I slid it into my mouth. I could tell by the
sounds that he was making that he was enjoying this as much
as I was, but a couple minutes later, he pulled his cock
free of my lips.

" Come on, Jenn. I want to see that beautiful body of
yours. "

I would have done anything he said. My pussy was so wet.

Troy pulled me to my feet and reversed our positions. He
pushed my back up against the door, and as he kissed and
licked my neck, he unbuttoned my blouse.

" God, you have a great body, " he said, cupping my tits
in his hands. I had always considered myself a bit of a tom-
boy, but in the last couple of years, I'd filled out a lot
more. I still didn't have large breasts, but I certainly
wasn't self-conscious about them any more.

One of his hands pushed down the front of my jeans. I
gasped as his fingers moved under the silky material of my
panties. I unfastened my belt to give him better access.

First his fingers, then his tongue, and finally his
swollen cock found my pussy.

Almost as soon as he pushed in, I started to lose
control. I was aware of the sound that the door was making
as Troy slammed me against it with every thrust. I could
hear the sounds of my grunting and squealing as my own
orgasm approached. Would they hear me downstairs ? It felt
so dirty. The thought of it pushed me over the edge, and
I'll have to admit to having the loudest orgasm I'd ever

" Oh, please. Make me cum...." I nearly screamed, as I
wrapped my arms around Troy's shoulders and held on with all
my strength. My legs hooked around behind his thighs as he
continued to pound me roughly against the door through my
orgasm. He had me completely off the ground. He kept up the
pace for another minute or two, while I just held on for the
ride. With a final violent stroke, he pumped his cum into
me. His body remained rigid for a moment longer, and then he
slumped forward, and we slid downwards to the floor.


Needless to say, that wasn't my last time going to the
club. Troy brought me again the next weekend. Allie kept her
word, and helped me apply for membership. She introduced me
to the leader of the club, and owner of the house, Sylvia
Rhodes. I had heard people talk about her. The rumour was
that she was into all sorts of strange sexual practices, but
no one seemed to know what they were. I was a bit

The woman was around thirty years old, and had a really
sexy way about her. She had long, straight brown hair, and
piercing dark blue eyes. She was beautiful. No wonder
everyone was in awe of her.

" Hi Sylvia, " said Allie. We were in a library room at
the far back end of the house. " This is my friend Jenn.
She'd like to join the club. "

Sylvia turned her attention to me.

" Jenn. It's good to meet you. I've *heard* a lot about
you. "

My face went a bit red. There was something about the way
that she emphasised 'heard' that told me she was referring
to my loud orgasm of the previous week. She looked me over.

" I love the way your dark brown eyes contrast with your
hair. You're a really cute girl. I'll bet all the guys are
after you. "

Was she trying to make me blush ? I couldn't think of
anything to say. Luckily, she went on to the topic at hand.

" This club, just like any other, has rules to follow.
Not many, but I insist that they be observed."

" The first rule is secrecy. You will tell no one about
the club. If you bring a guest, and the guest breaks this
rule, you will be held accountable. For that reason, I
suggest you choose your guest carefully. "

She paused, waiting for a response.

" Okay, " I answered.

" Good. " Her smile was stunning. " I have only one other
rule, Jenn. This is a club for couples. Don't come here
alone. If you do come alone, you will be submitted to
whatever punishment I see fit. Do you understand ?"

" Yes, " I replied.

" You wouldn't want to be punished, would you ?"

I paused. Her eyes caught mine.

" N-no, " I finally stammered out.

She took a step towards me, and put her arms around me.
My heart skipped a beat. Her body felt so close to me. Her
cheek was up against mine.

" Welcome to the club, " she whispered in my ear. Her
lips brushed mine as she released me from the embrace.


Troy and I went to the club each of the following three
Saturdays together. The sex we had there was always hot, but
I found myself enjoying the social aspect of the club even
more. Allie and I had become great friends. We even hung out
together at school. Sandy had tried to tag along a bit, but
she was a bit on the immature side, so I always found a way
to ditch her.

When we were at the club, Allie and I were the centre of
the social scene. On the rare occasions that Sylvia came out
to join the group, she always made a point of spending some
time talking with Allie and I, which I don't suppose hurt
our social status one little bit. After she left, people
would always gather around us to speculate about her. She
was mystery that everyone wanted to figure out, but no one
was brave enough to address directly.

" Do you think she's a lesbian ? " one of the girls

" I heard she was into bondage, " speculated Allie. Allie
seemed to like that idea.

A girl who was new to the club piped in. " She told me
that if I came alone, that I would be punished. What does
she mean by that ?"

" I heard that she tied a girl up and spanked her for

" I'll bet she makes you have sex with one of the guys, "
another girl suggested.

And the speculation went on. No one seems to have
remembered it ever happening. I kept my mouth shut.
Something about the way Sylvia had said 'punishment' had
really gotten to me. Each time one of the girls suggested
yet another form of punishment, the image of Sylvia
punishing me came into my mind. The image would always make
me horny.


I was furious. Troy had been screwing around on me. After
the totally mind-blowing sex we'd been having at the club,
it was a real surprise. I heard the rumour at school, and
Troy was silent when I confronted him over the phone.

" That fucking creep, " I swore to myself, as I sat in my
room. " I'm going to fucking kill him."

In truth, I didn't know what I was more angry about; that
he was screwing around with Gina Cruz, or that I no longer
had a date to go to the club with. I'd been stewing over it
all through Friday evening, and now that Saturday was here,
I was at a loss for what to do.

There wasn't a guy I knew that I'd really want to take to
the club. Even if I did have the hots for a guy, I would
come across as a total slut if I called up a guy tonight and
brought him there to have sex.

A sinful thought was nagging at me.

I tried not to think about it, but her voice kept
returning to my head.

' You wouldn't want to be punished, would you ?' she had

I remembered the tone of her voice. It was almost a

And then I had paused before answering.

But I couldn't, could I ?

I banished the thought again. Why did it make me so horny
? It had been this way the whole afternoon. I argued with
myself that I simply couldn't show up without a date. Sylvia
would punish me. And as soon as I thought about the
punishment, I would hear her voice again.

' You wouldn't want to be punished, would you ?'

Everyone talked about the punishment at the club, but no
one knew what it was. A spanking over Sylvia's knees - I
blushed at the thought - but I don't know why I dreamt about
it. Maybe she would do it in front of everyone. I would die
of embarrassment. If I stopped to imagine it, my body
rebelled against me. It told me that I needed to go. I tried
again to banish the thoughts from my mind.

My hands shook as I picked up the keys to my car.

On the way over, I thought of a hundred reasons why I
shouldn't be doing this. I have no idea what she'll do to
me, I reminded myself. It could be anything. My pussy was
wet with anticipation.

I parked out front, and then sat in my car for a couple
of minutes. I saw another couple going into the club. I
really wanted to be in there. I wanted to see my friends.
How bad could the punishment possibly be ?

With that, I mustered all of my confidence, and took my
first steps.

Another rush of doubt hit me as I came through the door.
I was no more than a couple of steps into the room, when the
attention of the crowd turned towards me. Conversation
stopped. My face went red, but I continued walking. I walked
through the whispering crowd to the hallway that led to
Sylvia's study. I knocked quietly on her door.

"Come in, " she called.

I entered.

" Hello Jenn, " Sylvia stood up from her chair. She set
her book down on the arm of the chair. I wondered if she
knew about me and Troy.

" What brings you here ?"

I could barely choke out the words.

" I came alone tonight."

" Did you ?" She was smiling. My legs were melting.

" Yes. "

Her eyes were locked on mine. " I see. It looks like you
could stand a little punishment after all. "

" Yes ma'am."

She walked towards me. I froze. She walked around behind
me. Her hand was on my ass. I felt her lips at my ear. "
What kind of panties did you wear tonight, Jenn ?"

My pussy was so very wet.

" White lacy panties, " I answered.

" Do you think I will like them ?"

My body shuddered involuntarily in sexual anticipation.

" Yes."

" Show them to me."

It was just like I imagined. I was on my knees in front
of Sylvia. I was wearing only my bra and panties. My hands
were in leather cuffs behind my back. The only difference
was that Sylvia wasn't spanking me. Instead, she was
stroking my hair.

" Do you want me to spank you, pet ?"

" Yes... please." There was so much desperation in my

" Maybe, if you do a good job, I'll spank you at the end
of the night."

At the end of the night ! How long did she plan on
punishing me?

She snapped a collar around my neck, and attached a
silver chain. A tug on the chain told me to follow her. To
my horror she was leading me, wearing only my underwear,
back into the main room. I stopped conversation for the
second time of the night, as everyone watched me walk in
behind Sylvia.

All of my new friends were there. I was so ashamed that I
couldn't look at them.

" Our good friend Jenn, " Sylvia announced, " has broken
the rules of the house, and she has agreed to accept
whatever punishment I give her."

All eyes were on me. Sylvia continued.

" Since Jenn has broken the rules of membership, she's
going to have to make it up in service to the other members.
I will bring her upstairs, and she will spend the rest of
the evening using her mouth and tongue to help couples to
'clean-up' after sex. I will be there to make sure she does
a thorough job of her cleaning duties. When you are ready
for her, just open your door a crack, and I'll bring her

I couldn't believe what she was saying. What exactly did
she want me to do ? How could I possibly go into a room
where a couple had just finished having sex, and use my
mouth to clean them ? The very thought was almost more than
I could stand.

Sylvia pulled my chain, and I obeyed, even though my mind
was still spinning with what she had announced. She led me
up the stairs. I felt so exposed, with my ass covered only
in my little white panties. The people the bottom of the
stairs must have been getting quite a show. When we reached
the top of the stairs, Sylvia tugged my chain downwards,
forcing me to drop to my knees.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear again.

" Who do you think it will be first, little one ? They're
thinking about it right now. They're thinking about how sexy
it will be to have you there to lick them off after they
fuck. All of your friends are thinking about having you lick
and suck their cocks and pussies. "

She knew exactly which buttons to push. Although my chest
was pounding in panic, my pussy was quivering with

I didn't see who went into the rooms first. I was afraid
to look. One after another, all four rooms were occupied. I
was so close to the doors that I could hear the sounds of
their bodies slapping together, and all the other sounds of

Then there was a click. One of the doors was left ajar.
Sylvia pulled on my chain.

I followed her into the room. I recognized the couple. It
was Sam and Ricki, a couple I had met on my first night at
the club. I knew that Sam had been checking me out since we
first met, but I had always pegged Ricki as the jealous
type. I hadn't thought that she would allow him to get
anywhere near me tonight. That illusion was quickly

" Put it in her mouth, " Ricki told her boyfriend. She
sounded excited.

He rose from the bed. A tug on my chain brought me down
to my knees in front of him. His limp cock, still slick from
Ricki's pussy, was level with my face.

My mind wondered if it was too late to back out now, but
my mouth didn't hesitate. I licked the head of his penis
first. His sperm was still oozing from the end of his cock.
I usually didn't swallow cum for my boyfriends, but I had a
feeling that Sylvia wasn't going to give me any choice. I
lapped it up hungrily.

For a moment, I found myself wondering what the situation
must be like for Sam. Here he was, having his cock cleaned
in my mouth, while his girlfriend watched enthusiastically,
and while Sylvia stood there holding my leash. I sucked the
whole thing into my mouth. It tasted strange to me. The
tastes was of Ricki's pussy, I reliazed. I shuddered at the
thought. His cock began to swell up again in my mouth.

" That's enough, " said Ricki. I was relieved that she
was jealous enough to stop him before it went any further.
He pulled his cock from my mouth. Ricki almost shoved him
out of the way and took his place standing in front of me.

" My turn, " she said. I never thought Ricki would go for
this sort of thing.

I looked up at her sloppy pussy. Sam had really filled
her up, and while she had been watching me clean his cock,
his cum had begun to leak out of her pussy and down the
inside of her thighs. I paused. There was no way I could do

Sylvia thought otherwise. The gave a sharp tug to my
chain, and pulled my face forward.

" Lick it up, " she commanded.

My mouth opened, and I found myself reaching my tongue
out to scoop up the stream of mixed cum that was inching
down her thigh. I had never felt so dirty in my whole life.
I slowly cleaned one of her thighs, then I switched over and
licked up the mess on the other one. I was only delaying the
inevitable foray into Ricki's used pussy. Another tug on my
chain convinced me to stop delaying.

I cupped my mouth around the lips of her pussy. The taste
of their mixed juices was already in my mouth, but licking
it from the source intensified the flavour. The smell of sex
was overpowering. Again and again, I ran my tongue along the
lips of her pussy, each time collecting more of the
deposited cum. Ricky was making a contented sound, almost
like purring. I finally pushed my tongue into her hole and
sucked out the last of Sam's semen. She pulled her body away
from me, and I embarrassed myself further by extending my
tongue and trying to follow her pussy as it pulled away.

Sylvia pulled the chain again, and led me from the room
out onto the balcony. The crowd in the room below cheered
and clapped when I emerged from the room. I couldn't hide
it. Surely they could see that my face was slick from
licking Ricki's crotch. A second round of applause was for
Ricki and Sam when they came out of the room. Ricki slapped
my ass as she passed me on the balcony. I lowered my eyes in

Click. Another door cracked open.

It was almost a relief when Sylvia led me into the room,
and away from the eyes of the crowd. That is, until I
realized who was in the room with me.

It was that fourteen year old twit, Sandy, with her new
boyfriend, Kyle. This was too much. I had spent the last
month ditching Sandy at school because she didn't fit in
with my friends. I had even started a bit of a rumour about
her, to try to stop her from hanging around with my crowd. I
couldn't stand the thought that I might spend the next
fifteen minutes humiliating myself in front of this
brainless slut.

Maybe Sylvia sensed my apprehension, because she pulled
my leash in for better control.

" Put her on her back, " Sandy instructed. " I want to
straddle her face. "

Was it my imagination, or was there more than a little
bit of animosity in her voice ? I didn't have time to ponder
the question. Sylvia ordered me to lie face-up on the bed.

Kyle, a black kid from the ninth grade, stood at the side
of the bed stroking his cock. He was hard again already.
Sandy crawled onto the bed. All I could do is look up at
her. At fourteen years old, Sandy had already developed
larger tits than my own. It's one of the things that made
her popular with older guys. That, and her bubbly, air-
headed personality.

She positioned herself with her legs beside my shoulders,
her front side towards my feet. My view of her body was
unobstructed. I could see her perky little ass right above
me. Despite the way the rest of her body had developed , her
crotch was only lightly covered in her first growth of pubic
hair. This is a fourteen year old, I had to remind myself,
who is positioning her pussy over my face.

And then she lowered it onto me. It was only my second
time licking pussy, but this time I didn't hesitate. I
wanted this over with as quickly as possible. Sandy took the
opportunity to get a few things off her chest.

" You think you're so much better than me, don't you,
Jenn ? You tell your friends that I'm not good enough to
hang around with. Ungh, " she groaned as I touched her clit,
" well, now that you're licking my cunt, you aren't so high
and mighty, are you ? "

Her pussy was relaxing and releasing copious amounts of
mixed cum into my mouth. I gurgled as I struggled to keep

" Oh, yeah, you cunt licking bitch. Drink it right from
my pussy. You're not any better than me... you're just a cum
licking slut who's only good for cleaning up my pussy. Ungh,
" I touched her clit again. " oh, yeah, Jenn, you cocky,
stuck-up bitch. How does it feel to lay on your back for me
while I empty cum into your mouth ? "

My pussy was throbbing, and my hips were grinding in
desperation. The humiliation was too much. My tongue pushed
its way through the folds of Sandy's pussy, searching for
more cum to lick.

" Ungh, yeah, Jenn. Suck it down, slut. You like being my
cum-slut, don't you ? You're not too good for me now, are
you ? Of course not. You're just a stuck-up, cunt licking
whore, who can't get enough of licking my pussy. Ungh, " she
squealed. My tongue moved along her clit, and she lost
control. " Oh yeah, I'm really gonna cum into your mouth.
Drink it from me, Jenn. Drink it !"

I sucked greedily on her pussy as the fourteen year old
girl began squirting into my mouth. She rode my face,
bucking and grinding her way through an orgasm. When she
couldn't take the sensations of my tongue anymore, she
pulled her pussy out of my reach. I continued to lick and
kiss the insides of her thighs as she recovered.

My breathing was ragged with sexual excitement. I almost
whined when Sandy dismounted me, and began to get dressed.
Her boyfriend Kyle had been stroking himself as he watched
the scene from the near side of the bed. He leaned forward
now, his hand jerking rapidly around his cock.

" Clean this up, bitch " he told me, as he squirted his
cum across my face. One strand landed on my nose, and across
my cheek. The next one dribbled onto my forehead. Finally,
he just rested his black cock on my lips and allowed me lick
the rest of his sperm from the tip and underside of it.

Sylvia pulled my chain, forcing me again to my feet. My
body was immersed in feelings of sexual excitement. I was on
the balcony again. The crowd below clapped and whistled when
she brought me out. With my hands cuffed behind my back, I
couldn't even wipe off the fresh semen which was now running
down my face. The humiliation made my face burn, but I could
only think of one thing. What I really wanted more than
anything, was another cock or pussy in my face.

I didn't have to wait long. Another door was already
cracked open for me. I did three more rooms in quick
succession. My dignity was no longer an issue, as I licked
clean three more cocks, and cleaned out the pussies of two
of the girls. One of the girls declined my services, as they
had used a condom, but she did allow her boyfriend a full
blow-job in addition to making me suck the cum out of the

There was a brief pause in the action after those three
couples. I was a total mess. My face and neck were coated
with sexual juices. I knelt at the top of the stairs and
waited for the next room to finish.

To my dismay, the next room turned out to be Troy, and
the girl who he had been screwing around with, Gina. I
couldn't believe the spot I was in. Not only had I placed
myself in a position to be utterly humiliated to the whole
membership, but now, I was getting ready to give tongue
service the guy I had dumped only a day before, and the
floozy he was cheating on me with.

Troy didn't waste any time. He slapped his limp cock up
against my lips. I felt so very used as I opened up my mouth
and sucked it in.

" How does it taste, Jenn ?" He asked me.

Different. There was a strange, unpleasant taste
surrounding his cock that hadn't been there wit the other
guys. What was it ?

Troy went on to answer my silent question.

" Gina let me fuck her up the ass tonight. We both
thought it was a special occasion. "

I almost gagged. I was sucking the taste of Gina's ass
from the cock of my former lover. It was degrading beyond
anything I had imagined. He worked his cock around the
inside of my mouth for a while, and then had me lick his
balls for good measure.

Gina was next. She sneered at me as she positioned her
ass in my face. She bent forward slightly, and put her hands
on her ass to pull her cheeks apart. I could now see her
newly stretched ass hole, slick with Troy's cum. I felt that
I reached a new level of perversion as I stretched my tongue
forward to clean it.

" Lick my ass good, " Gina commanded me. After cleaning
up and down the crack of her ass, I pushed my tongue into
her loosened hole. I tried not to think about the taste in
my mouth. Her body pushed back into my face.

" Oh my god, Troy, she's good at this. She's really
getting up there deep. Oh god, " Gina groaned.
" She sucking it all out of me, I can feel it going. It
feels so good."

I could feel it too. I couldn't believe that licking her
ass was giving me so much pleasure. It was the humiliation,

" You wouldn't believe it, Troy. Your girlfriend is
really licking the hell out of my ass. I think she really
likes the taste of it. "

She was fingering her pussy now, and getting really close
to an orgasm.

When she came, I could feel her asshole clench repeatedly
around my tongue. I couldn't get enough of it, and continued
to lick her ass until she took it away from me, and got
herself dressed. I needed more.

" No hard feelings, huh, Jenn ? " Troy said, as he left
the room with Gina.

I spent the rest of the night going from room to room,
swallowing as much cum as I could get my lips onto. I didn't
even think twice when it turned out to my best fried Allie
in one of the rooms. At that point, she was just another
cum-filled pussy to me. She came really hard.

In the end, we ran out of time before we ran out of
willing couples. It was past midnight, and Sylvia didn't
want me to get into too much trouble with my parents. She
brought me back to her library room.

I knelt before her again, waiting for the promised
spanking before I left. This is what I had expected from the
start. She pulled down my panties, and began to spank each
of my ass cheeks with her hand.

" I hope you learned your lesson tonight. "

The slaps felt so good on my ass.

" If you were to show up alone again next week, I'd have
to punish you more severely."

Her hand reached between my legs, and found my wet pussy.

" You wouldn't want to be punished, would you ?"

I paused. And then my orgasm came.


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