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This is a work of fiction by a twisted mind. If you are offended by
graphic sexual descriptions of natural and/or unnatural acts, or if you
are underage, don't read any further. Also kids, don't try this at
home without adult supervision.

This story is a fantasy. You have to loosen your clench on reality a
little when you read it. As is the case with most stories in this
newsgroup, in this story all the women are beautiful; gravity has never
touched their breasts nor wrinkles their unblemished faces; the men
(the hero in this story, at least) are hung like bulls and can get it
up and keep it up at will; there are no STDs, morals, or unwanted
pregnancies; and guilt is a four letter word. Most of all, strength of
character doesn't stand a chance against any erotic stimulus, which can
be as benign as a glance. That being said, stick your tongue firmly in
your cheek and enjoy.

The Camp Nurse

Chapter 2. The Hike

by Nightshade

first posted 1/97; revised 12/98

[The continuing adventures of Chris Mattson, RN at an all-girls
cheerleading camp high up in the mountains out west. Only Chris is a
male. Let the fun continue...]

As was my practice, I got up at first light. That's just the way my
body clock works. I don't care if I've only had 15 minutes of sleep,
I'm up at first light.

Normally I do my exercise nude in my room. But with all the fresh
mountain air up here, I decided to go outside this morning. I slipped
on a pair shorts and sandals and wandered around the compound until I
found a peaceful clearing overlooking the lake. My routine consists of
my own style of the chinese Tai Chi movements. I had adapted them from
movements I had picked up in the SEAL martial arts training. I used
the exercises as a focusing aid to meditation, preparing me mentally
for each new day. After the movements become so natural and fluid that
I don't have to think about them anymore, I can slip into a really
relaxing state of meditation. With all the beautiful scenery around, I
really got into the meditation that morning.

So when I tell you this next part, you'll have to understand that I
really wasn't aware that all of this was going on all around me, right
in plain view. Janet, the camp administrator, filled me in later that

Anyway, there I was, doing my routine in my shorts and bare feet. My
body glistened with sweat in the first strong rays of the sun, little
wisps of steam writhing up from my heated back in the cool mountain
air, the light playing off my rippling muscles as I moved cat-like
through the slow graceful step of my routine. As would be expected in
a group of 100 or more people, some of the girls were early risers,
too. Apparently, one of those early risers spied me from her window
and quickly woke the others in her room and on her floor. The girls,
ranging from 14-18, as well as the slightly older staffers, slowly
trickled out into the woods surrounding the clearing I was, in wearing
whatever they had on, which in some cases, was nothing. Believe me,
I'm really sorry I missed that, but I was totally focused inward,

Soft, lithe fingers began rubbing and fondling moist cracks and perky
nipples and sensitive clits. Sometimes the fingers belonged to the
body being fondled, sometimes they belonged to the person next to them.
But there was no pussy left un-petted, no clit left un-rubbed, no
nipples left un-squeezed. According to reports, there were as many as
20-50 girls and staffers gathered around my clearing. A good-sized
orgy, if that's what you call 50 cunts and only one cock to go around.
One girl actually humped a tree, letting a low-level branch slip
between her cunt lips and rub along her sensitive swollen inner labia.
She gave a new definition to the term 'tree-hugger.'

The moaning and groaning of all those wanton teenagers did not affect
me consciously, but subconsciously my ears and brain picked up on those
erotic sounds and directed them to the organ most usually affected by
them. You guessed it. My cock-a-doodle-do did. Being in its usual
head down position and unencumbered by jockey shorts or jock strap -
which I never wore, anyway - my prick began to lengthen and swell.
Understand, this is not an unusual occurrence when I do my exercises.
The feelings I get from a good work out are almost the same as I get
from great sex. (I said 'almost', OK?) So a stiff prick didn't
register to my meditating brain.

However, my stiffening wang did register in the brains of the watching
girls. While several of them had sampled it the night before, it had
been dark in my room and, fortunately or unfortunately - you pick -
things can seem smaller in the dark. Those who had swallowed my prick
and then impaled themselves on it were amazed at its size. Those who
had heard about the visits to my room stared in disbelief, envy and
lust. The staffers, who I assumed knew more about pricks than the
young campers, just got plain horny and vowed to get my sausage between
their legs if it was the last thing they did.

It didn't help matters any when I started stroking my meat, slowing
bringing it to its full potential and right out in the open. Hey, it
feels good! And I really wasn't aware of the audience. I'm really
kind of a shy guy. Honest! I don't like to get it on in public. But
during part of my routine I focus on just my stomach and back so my
hands don't have anything to do. They just kind of did what came
naturally, and began working on my cock.

Now this is something that seemed odd to me when janet told me all of
this. (By the way, she was getting hotter and hotter during our
meeting. I noticed she wasn't wearing that bra-thingy she had on the
day before and that her large engorged hard pink nipples were clearly
poking through the tight thin cotton T-shirt she had on this morning.
I wondered if her tits were sore from last night....) janet seemed
amazed that I could keep stroking as long as I did and not blast off.
I told her I had always been what you would call a 'late bloomer' or
something. I can get hard and stay hard for almost two hours before
coming. For a long time I thought all guys were like that. But I had
always asked myself two questions.

The more you stroke it, the better it feels, right? If so, then why
blow it so soon if it feels so good?

Janet got outright agitated when I told her how long it takes me to
come, and I almost thought she was going to ask me to prove it. Right
there on her desk. With her. But she didn't. Her assistant, who was
beginning to really annoy me, came in and interrupted the meeting at
that point.

The first wake up bell at 5:30 had roused most of the campers and staff
from their erotic pastimes, and so, by the time I had finished at 5:45,
most of them had left. I smiled shyly at the couple of campers still
remaining, slipped on my sandals and went back to take a shower in my
room. I had no idea the spectacle I had put on until I got hauled into
Janet's office right after breakfast. Which is where I learned what I
just told you.

The bottom line she tried to force on me was that I was to be confined
to the dispensary or the dining hall or the training room for the self-
defense classes. Period. Sounded like prison to me, and I told her
so. She started raving about me corrupting all the young girls.
Normally, a gentleman doesn't fuck and tell, but since I technically
only fucked the last visitor last night - all the others fucked me - I
felt I could tell her that these young girls had already been corrupted
before I got there. By Billy twice, Tommy, Jerry, Sam, Bob, and
particularly, Daddy. That shut her up. She then asked me to just be a
bit more careful of exposure, as some of the girls were not yet
corrupted, and I did agree to that. But there was something in her
eyes when she saw my prick leap up when she mentioned those uncorrupted
girls that made a lie of her sincerity. Thinking about that gleam in
her eye kept me hard for the rest of the day. Honest!

The next few days passed in a blur. I set up my self-defense course
for the campers and staff. The nightly visits by the campers, and I
suspected some of the staff, continued like clockwork, including the
same final unknown visitor. I was hoping beyond hope that I knew who
the last visitor was. I was really hoping it was Janet. But she never
gave herself away other than to call me 'sailor', which none of the
other campers or staffers did. So I was never really sure. And I had
tried everything I could think of to find out who it was.

The only thing that was unusual during that time that was reported in
the daily staff meetings was the high rate of visits to the nurse. By
the staffers! I had 'had' to examine each one of them at least once,
some twice, and a couple had almost moved into the clinic.

I made meticulous notes of the visits, leaving out of the reports that
none of them had escaped the exam without showing me everything,
including having to bend over and spreading their cheeks to expose
their rosebuds. God, aren't hormones great? Horny chics will do
literally anything! I finger fucked all of them on the pretext of
doing the exam and all of them had at least one orgasm from my fingers.
Two of the horniest ones got two fingers up the ass, but none got my
cock between their legs. I would have liked to say that none got my
cock at all, but one particularly fine looking tiny brunette, Julie,
skinned my shorts off and sucked my cock down her throat before she
even said 'Hello.' And I was wearing a belt and jockeys, just like I'd

What's a guy to do? I let her suck for a while until she got tired,
then gave her a very thorough exam. She was one of the ones that got
two fingers in the ass. It was obvious it was her first time that way,
and she was squealing and moaning the whole time I pumped my fingers in
and out of her back door. And fucking back on my fingers as if her
life depended on it. She had one of the smallest asses of the group of
staffers, and all that exercise she did kept it as tight and firm as
when she was 14 years old. I complimented her on her muscle tone and
firmness and she actually blushed. She was a little embarrassed that
she had had an orgasm from having fingers up her ass, but I told her
some women were built that way and it was normal for her. She actually
believed that shit! And she came back for more later that day.

Later that week, Janet, unfortunately, requested that all illnesses and
visits to the nurse by the staff be routed through her office, and I
could literally hear the groans of dismay. They were going to have to
be more inventive if they were going to get some of my cock, but then,
they were all intelligent women, as I mentioned before.

I suppose I should mention the fact that, while I really like, and
prefer, young, or young-looking girls, I have never had a problem
getting it up for any good-looking woman. Especially the ones that
really want you bad. And I intended to be really bad with each one of
them. But they were going to have to work for it.

Which brings me to the first successful staffer to get my cock.

I finally had a free day. I had been there almost week and the staff
was rotated, 4 days on, 1 day off. Except the nurse, who had 24-hour
duty. But one day a week, when the other activities were light, I was
allowed to get out of camp, sleep late, or whatever, as long as I had
my pager. (Another taxpayer-paid luxury.)

That day I decided to go for a hike. I had seen a cabin or some kind
of structure higher up on one of the neighboring peaks and I decided to
go investigate. I notified the office, packed a backpack full of
safety stuff and food and set off.

It wasn't fifteen minutes into the hike when I sensed I was being
followed. Call it intuition, call it luck, but it was one of the
things that had helped me pass the SEAL training. I could always tell
when someone was on my tail. I stopped for a while to let whoever it
was get close enough so I could tell who it was. I smiled when I saw
the energetic bounce of brunette hair heading my way. Julie. Good.
I'll give her a run for her money.

I'll give the lady credit. She kept up with me over some pretty rough
terrain. It was kind of a game. I would pick what I thought would be
the route that would push her to her max or a little beyond even and
she always came through. I was getting more and more impressed with
her. And a little turned on, too. Which made it a bit more difficult
to walk around, but then, we all have to suffer a little.

Finally I angled my course at the unknown structure and came at it from
around the back and above. It turned out to be an abandon mineshaft
that had collapsed years before. The building was just a huge pile of
rubble that had survived all those years. I sat down on a rock facing
away from the direction she would come and waited for her. I didn't
hear anything for a long time, and then I sensed her behind me.

"Hello, Julie," I said, without turning.

Silence. "How long have you known?"

"Since we left camp. You should have let me know you wanted to come up

I turned and looked at her. She was a mess. Her hair was askew, her
makeup (for hiking?) was smeared from the sweat, and her thin shirt was
clinging to her unsupported tits like saran wrap to cantaloupes. I
thought she had never looked more beautiful and I told her so. She
beamed up at me, all her anger forgotten.

"So now what?" I asked her.

"Uh, well, uh, I was wondering if, ummm, you know,.."

"Julie, just say it."

She looked down at her feet. Kind of shuffled them. Then she took a
deep breath, which did wonders for pushing her nipples even tighter
against her shirt.

"Will you please fuck me, Chris? Please? God, I'm so embarrassed,
I've never had to ask before. Will you do me?"

When she had finished I let her stand there a minute. Her hopeful gaze
faltered, then shattered, and she turned to go, defeated.

"If you really want me to, I will."

I swear, we were both naked in 3 seconds and I still had on my
backpack. I have never seen a woman move so quickly. How she got my
shirt off with my backpack on still bothers me, because it's a great
trick. She had - thoughtfully - brought along a blanket that we spread
to prevent grass stains and settled on it. She attacked me before I
was completely down.

I had had a number of women suck my cock. But Julie could do things
with her throat and mouth that made each time seem like the best time.
She couldn't get it all in, not many ladies can, especially ones as
tiny as her. But there was only a little bit of Mr. Roger not showing,
and she was really trying to get it all down. After several minutes
with no air, she finally pulled off and gulped a huge lung full of air.
I appreciated the motion of those lungs all over again.

"I'm sorry I'm such a poor cock-sucker. I can't seem to get you all
in. Can I try again?"

"Julie. You're doing fine. It's not you, it's me. I'm probably just
too big around and too long for you to get all the way down. But if
you want to try again, please do. I really enjoy it."

She giggled at the compliment and dutifully went back to work. This
time, however, she attacked from the top, kneeling over my body with
her legs straddling my chest. The view was too much to resist, and I
lifted my head and gently probed her dripping pussy with my tongue. I
heard a muffled squeal from her and then I noticed she slid her body
back towards my head a little to get closer to my mouth. I guess she
gave up on swallowing my whole prick because now she couldn't reach.
But I really don't think she cared. I know I didn't.

We stayed like that for almost an hour. She would suck on my cock like
it was a straw in a thick milkshake, really trying to get me to come.
I was just enjoying the feelings she was giving me. She liked what I
was doing to her, too, because every now and then she would let loose
of my prick, lift up her head and scream in ecstasy. It was really
neat, too, because those screams would echo back and forth between the
mountain peaks for several minutes after each climax. We would sit
there and listen to them rolling back and forth until they would
finally fade away. Then I would get back to work and so would she.

Finally, I started focusing on her ass hole. First I swiped my tongue
over it a couple of times and felt her shudder. But she didn't pull
away. If anything, she pushed back farther and lowered her ass closer
to my tongue. So I stuck it in. Like a little penis. In and out. In
and out. In and out. Harder. Farther. Finally I pulled her upright
so she was sitting square on my face. That way I could stick my tongue
in as far as it could go. I kept up the in and out rhythm of my tongue
in her ass until I heard her screams. These were higher pitched that
the others and even more intense. She farted around my tongue when she
came, but even that smelled sweet.

She started giggling in the middle of her orgasm, not an easy thing to
do. Apparently, she thought farting in my face was funny. I thought
the sight of her giggling and cumming at the same time was funny. So
we both laughed.

She stopped laughing when I lifted her up by her hips off my face and
turned her around to face me. I moved her body down so that she was
poised above my cock. Her eyes got big and there was a little bit of
fear in them, but she reached under her and aimed the head of my cock
into the opening of her cunt, now dripping with the juice of her latest


She nodded.

I gently lowered her down so that my prick was into her about two
inches. Then I let her take over. I took my hands from her hips and
moved them to her tits. We both liked that. Her little nipples were
hard as rocks, but they were as sensitive as big puffy ones. I could
press them to her chest with the pads of my fingers and roll them
around. Julie reacted as if an electric current was being passed
through her body. She shuddered and bucked. He eyes rolled up in her
head and her tongue lolled out of her mouth.

She took in huge gulps of air, trying to get oxygen into her system.
Finally she came back to her senses. She looked down at me.

"Never. Never before. God, what are you doing to me?"

"You want me to stop?" I asked teasingly.

"If you do, I'll kill you!" she said with a grin.

I looked down between our bodies.

"So, are you just going to sit up there, or are you going to ride the
pony, little girl?"

She looked down between her legs and saw most of my prick still outside
of her. She looked back up at me with an almost pleading look and then
let herself slide the rest of the way down until our pubic hairs

"OH. OH. Oh. Ohhhhhh God!" She was still for a minute. Then she
shook her head as if to clear the cobwebs. "Satisfied?" she asked
sarcastically .

"I'm happy if you're happy!" I quipped back.

She rolled her eyes in response. Then she started the rocking motion
that would make my stiff rod stir around in her honey pot. She started
slowly until she got used to the feel, and then she took off. She rode
the rail for several minutes. When I thought she was close to the next
peak, I touched my finger tips to her hard nipples and gently rubbed
them around her chest.

This time she didn't scream. But every muscle in her body contracted
at the same instant, including her cunt muscles. It was great! She
wasn't moving except to quiver and shake, and yet her cunt muscles were
milking my cock like she was kneading bread.

I was beginning to get worried until she suddenly gasped in a
tremendous breath. And collapsed on my chest.

After a while I felt tears wetting my chest and I turned her face to

"What's the problem, Julie? Did I hurt you?"

"Oh God, Chris. I'm so terrible. You didn't cum. But I tried so
hard. What's wrong with me? Aren't I sexy enough for you?"

Can you believe women? You fuck their brains out for two hours and
then they worry they're not sexy! Go figure!

I quietly explained to Julie about how long it takes me to come. She
asked me if I ever came. I said I did. She asked me if I had come
with anyone at the camp. I said I had. She asked who. I chided her
for being indelicate with her questions, but she persisted. I told her
I didn't know, and why.

She was quiet a moment and then she grinned.

"You really like little girls, don't you." It wasn't a question. It
was a statement.

"I like all kinds of girls," I protested.

"But especially the little ones. Like the little campers. Like me."
I was silent. "And Janet...."

She let that last statement taper off. I think I might have gotten
away with denying it if my prick hadn't been still buried up to the
hilt in her cunt. But when she mentioned Janet's name, it twitched.
Best lie detector in the world.

Her eyes widened. "Does she know?"

"Know what?"

"How you feel about her."

"How do you know how I feel?" I asked her.

"Women know these things."


"OK. It's in your eyes. Your smile. I mentioned her name, and you
lit up like a little kid seeing the ice cream truck. Plus I just about
got whiplash when your cock jerked. See, I told you, women know these

I groaned. "I'm dead, aren't I."

"What do you mean?"

"She won't have anything to do with me if she finds out about the
campers and the exams and this here today...."

"What makes you think she doesn't already know?"


"Who do you think told me where you were going today?"

"I didn't think about it." Now I did. "Is she really OK with this?"

"I don't think she thought we were coming up here for a picnic. She
even gave me this."

She reached into her bag and started to hand me something. Then she
hesitated. I held out my hand and she shyly handed it over.

"I don't know if I'm ready for that."

I looked at it. It was a tube of KY jelly. Anal lubricant.

I just about came right then. Thinking about that virgin ass hole
squeezing my stiff dork as I plunged in and out...

I jerked her off of me and laid her on the blanket beside me on her
stomach. She didn't resist. But I did notice a small smile play
across her lips as if to say "Gotcha!"

The jelly was in a squeeze tube and I poked it into her butt and forced
some of the cool gel inside her rectum. She shivered as she felt it
slide into her and moaned deep in her throat, like an animalistic
growl. She moved cat-like into a crouch, her shoulders and head
resting on the ground and her hips raised up in the air, weaving
slightly back and forth, an inviting target.

I gently probed her rosebud with my finger and it slipped readily in up
to the second knuckle. Julie moaned and moved back against my hand,
forcing the rest of my finger in. I wiggled my finger around a bit and
then pulled it out.

"Oh, nooooo," she wailed.

I slipped two fingers into her back door and the wail turned into a
moan of such animal lust that several animals in the immediate area
went into heat. I plunged them into her and held them there for
several minutes as she ground her hips back onto my hand. With my free
hand I slicked up my now rampant cock. I let her fuck herself on my
hand for a while and then swiftly I switched my cock for my fingers in
that virgin hole.

"Oh noo EEEEEEEEE, oh God it so biiiig."

And that was just the head of it. I let it set there for a minute,
several, actually, until she grew accustomed to the size. When I
noticed her breathing stabilize and her hips grinding back towards me,
I eased forward a little. To my surprise, she sucked in the whole
thing up to the hilt!

"Julie, are you sure this is your first time?"

"Yeah, I don't think I'd forget something like this."

"Good or bad?"

She was silent. "Neither. This is absolutely fantastic. I haven't
stopped cumming since you slid in. It's like it belongs there, even
though I know that's not right."

"Says who? 'Normal' people who only use it to shit with?"

Julie giggled. And came.

"Fuck me, Chris. Fuck me hard. Fuck my ass."

Julie began to urge me to begin moving with very vulgar words and
actions. She started whipping her head around and moving her ass in
counterpoint. I started to pull out a little bit. Then plunged back

Julie squealed like stuck pig and went berserk. If I hadn't had a firm
hold on her hips she would have wiggled completely off the end of my
cock. As it was, the only way I could keep her under control was to
stand up. It wasn't hard, she weighed less than 100 lbs. and I simply
leaned back and stood up. That forced her completely down onto my
prick, jamming it all the way in. With her supported on my cock, I
wrapped both arms around her thrashing body and held her while she
writhed and wiggled and did all kinds of erotic sexy movements with her
body. When she would begin to settle down, I would torture her by
lightly caressing her ultra sensitive nipples, sending her into even
more convulsions.

I hadn't been paying much attention to my own state, but apparently her
movements were too much for my cock. Suddenly I felt it swell and
begin to spurt sticky white juice into her dark tunnel. This time it
was my screams that echoed around the hidden valley.

We collapsed on the blanket, totally spent, listening to the fading
echoes, relaxing in the afterglow of truly tremendous sex. We were
just beginning to nod off to sleep for a brief post-coital nap, when we
heard raucous cheering and clapping coming up from the direction of the

Julie and I looked at each other in disbelief and confusion.

"Nahhhhh. Couldn't be......"


End of chapter

I hope you enjoyed it. :)

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