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CMPNRS05 hurt like hell last time but



This is a work of fiction by a twisted mind. If you are offended by
graphic sexual descriptions of natural and/or unnatural acts, or if you
are underage, don't read any further. Also kids, don't try this at home
without adult supervision.

This story is a fantasy. You have to loosen your clench on reality a
little when you read it. As is the case with most stories in this
newsgroup, in this story all the women are beautiful; gravity has never
touched their breasts nor wrinkles their unblemished faces; the men (the
hero in this story, at least) are hung like bulls and can get it up and
keep it up at will; there are no STDs, morals, or unwanted pregnancies;
and guilt is a four letter word. Most of all, strength of character
doesn't stand a chance against any erotic stimulus, which can be as
benign as a glance. That being said, stick your tongue firmly in your
cheek and enjoy.

The Camp Nurse

Chapter 5 - The Canoe

by Nightshade

first posted 3/97; revised 12/98

[The continuing adventures of Chris Mattson, RN at an all-girls
cheerleading camp high up in the mountains out west. Only Chris is a
male. Let the fun continue...]
Janet was at breakfast the next morning. She smiled a shy greeting at
me and I noticed she sat down very slowly and gently. I grinned back at
her and she noticed me watching her sit. She blushed a beautiful shade
of pink, then got up her nerve and blew me a kiss across the room. I
don't think any of the campers noticed it, but a couple of the staffers
grinned knowingly in my direction.

I got a call to come up to Janet's office for a 10:10 staff meeting that
morning. I thought the time was odd, but she was a busy woman, and she
had to make up for lost time the day before. I cleaned up for the staff
meeting, and got there on time. Walking in to the outer office, I
didn't see anyone. I went on into the conference room.

Sandra, the mousy assistant, was mousy no more. She stood there in the
room, leaning up against the table. Her hair wasn't in a bun, but hung
in sexy waves around her face and over her shoulders. She was wearing
makeup, just a touch, to emphasize her lips and eyes. But that wasn't
the big change. It was what she was wearing. Or wasn't wearing.

Gone were the tweeds and pantsuits, the efficient business clothes.
This morning she was wearing a half-T that was about two sizes too
small. And no bra. The bottom edge of the short shirt showed most of
her large soft tits that jiggled with each breath she took. And she was
breathing fast.

She was also wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts that were high cut
on each hip and made of a slippery nylon fabric. Even though they were
loose, they clung to her body like paint. It was obvious she wasn't
wearing any underwear and that she was damp in the crotch.

She let me gaze at her for a moment, grinning and blushing at the
visible effect she was having on me. The right leg of my shorts were
bulging out and suddenly became too short to cover all my parts. Sandra
licked her lips when she saw the large purple head pop out into the

She had apparently not yet taken the speed-stripping course at the camp
yet, because she simply launched herself at me from her position at the
conference table. Her arms wrapped around my neck and her legs wrapped
around my waist. She didn't say a thing. She just kissed me real hard
several times, and then just held on. Tight. Waiting.

What was I to do? I struggled to get my shorts down and free the
monster that had grown in my pants leg. She helped me by wiggling
around. She wouldn't let go of my waist with her legs, however, and I
was wondering how I was going to get into her pussy, when the situation
kind of took care of itself. Her loose shorts slipped to the side and
suddenly she was crying in joy as she felt it slide easily into her
cunt. She was even tighter than last night. With the workout she had
had last night and now again this morning, I felt sure her cunt muscles
would be sore. But she didn't seem to mind. I looked down at her face
and her eyes were screwed tightly shut. She was totally focused on this

She was a little heavier than some of the petite little girls and women
I had had ride my cock like that so I turned her around and eased my
butt onto the conference table and supported our weight by leaning
against it. It also provided her with a more stable platform for her
increasingly wild screwing motions. It was when I looked up from
watching her tits bounce and her face contort that my prick jerked and
almost unsaddled the morphed assistant.

Janet was standing just inside the door watching us fuck. My eyes
widened in surprise when I saw her, but then she gave me a smile that
let me know it was OK to keep going. In fact, she gave her own tiny
breasts a squeeze through her tight top with one hand and caressed her
cunt through her shorts with the other as she stood there watching. I
just about came when she seductively licked her lips with that tiny pink
tongue, running it around her lips two or three times. I remembered
what it felt like on my prick and a shiver went down my back.

Then I just about started laughing. Here I was, fucking a beautiful
woman who I had just helped, I hoped, the night before to get over a
self image problem, while at the same time fantasizing about another
woman's mouth on my cock. I didn't think it would help Sandra's image
if I laughed, or if she found out what I was thinking, so I made a face
at janet to let her know I knew what she was doing. She grinned
wickedly and stopped fondling herself. She didn't stop watching.

"Uh, Sandra,."

"Call me Sandi. I don't feel like a Sandra anymore. Sandra didn't get
fucked enough. Sandi is going to get fucked a whole lot. I feel like a
Sandi," she interrupted me.

"OK, Sandi," I replied. "What time is the meeting? The real staff

"10:30. I hope I left us enough time. I wanted you to be early. What
took you so fucking long to get here?" She paused. "God, I'm sorry. I
don't know what came over me. Having your cock in my cunny just does
something to me, you know?"

"Don't apologize, Sandi. It feels good being inside you. But do you
think it's fair to the others to have 'special' meetings like this?"

A bit of Sandra came back. "Fair? Fair? Do you think it's fair that
all the other girls get all the attention, that they get picked for the
pep squads? All I ever wanted to be was one of them, but..." She
tapered off and buried her head in my chest.

I kissed the top of her head. I knew what she was going to say, so I
finished for her. ".but you never tried out, did you."

She sobbed, and shook her head. "I knew I wasn't good enough."

I reached down and grabbed her chin and lifted her head up. "And now.?"

She opened her eyes and looked at me. I saw a fire burning in them.
She stopped crying. And she never stopped rotating her hips around on
my cock. "From now on, I'm going to go after what I want. Like this."
She indicated my hard prick by squeezing it with her internal muscles.
"And if that isn't fair, tough shit. They can make their own

I smiled. janet smiled. I kissed Sandi's forehead. "Good girl," I
said. Then I leaned down and whispered to her. "If you want me to come
early, just ask. I will do anything I can for you. OK?"

"Oh, Chris! Thank you! OH! I'm cominnnnnnngggg." Sandi clung to me
like a leech on a cock. I could feel her cunt actually sucking me
deeper into her body. She shuddered and throbbed on my rampant cock for
several minutes and then lifted herself off my tall member.

"Thank you, Mr. Mattson." She leaned down and cleaned my cock with her
tongue and mouth, even sucking my balls clean. Three times. She only
jumped slightly when she felt Janet's tongue cleaning the insides of her
thighs. But the groans she made with her mouth around my prick just
about set me off. janet was hampered by Sandi's shorts, but it was
obvious that both of them enjoyed what was happening. And that it would
happen again, later. Without the shorts.

Sandi paused in her cleaning efforts and looked up at me with a question
in her eyes. I could see the first edges of doubt about her sexuality
creeping back in.

"Both. It's perfectly normal to like both, Sandi. You're an attractive
woman. To both men and women. Enjoy it. And if you find you like it,
go for it, like you just did with me."

Sandi squeezed my cock in response and gave me one of the best blowjobs
I had ever had. She had learned a lot in the last day or two. When she
stuck a finger up my ass and massaged my prostate gland, I surprised all
three of us and filled her mouth with a bucket of cum. She didn't waste
a drop and only had to share with janet because janet immediately kissed
her hard on the mouth and stuck her tongue in to get some of my gism.
They dueled at length before janet pulled back and sighed.

"Think we can cancel the staff meeting, Sandi?"

Sandi groaned. "They're already on their way. We'll have to straighten
up, Miss Crandell."

"Why, Sandi! How can you call me `Miss Crandell,' when I'm standing
here with your pussy juice on my face? Call me Janet, OK?"

The two women hugged. I was forgotten, my semi-stiff cock still hanging
out of my shorts.

"And you," janet said to me, "put that thing away. It's caused enough
'trouble' for now."

The staff meeting was anti-climatic. Although a couple of the staffers
with sensitive olfactory senses did sniff the air and give me a queer
look. Apparently the pungent aroma of Sandi's secretions were still

The rest of the day passed. I would like to say without incident, but
during the morning the intimate fondling and feels by the staff became a
bit more insistent and frenzied. I was in an almost constant state of
arousal the entire day. The engorged head of my cock was clearly
visible and on open display below the cuff of my shorts. Along with
several inches of shaft. The staffers made sure my one pants leg was
rolled up as far as it could go. Julie even slipped her tiny fingers
under the rolled up cuff and pulled out a testicle. I tried to shift it
back in under cover, but after each of the next ones did the same thing,
I gave up. Some thing was up and they wanted it hanging out. Who was I
to fight it, anyway?

Then the campers started coming up to me. They seemed kind of shy at
first, but didn't seem to mind that I was hanging out for them to see.
In fact, several of them copied the example of their leaders and began
fondling and feeling it when they came up to ask me a question. Or
whenever they happened to pass within arm's reach, or could find some
excuse to sit and grind on my lap.

I was puzzled about what was going on. I noticed the campers were
younger, but I figured the older girls all had a class or something.
The innocent faces of the little teenagers enflamed me and I was getting
desperate to fuck something. Just when things would be ready to get out
of hand, one of the staff would come over and take me firmly in hand.
It didn't make me any less horny, but I understood that any fucking to
be done today was at their discretion, not mine.

It didn't help that janet stayed in my line of vision the whole time,
but never let me get close to her. She never touched me. She just
watched the whole teasing process with an amused grin on her face.
Several times during the day I swear she told some of the younger
campers to come over and `torment' me in some particularly soft way or
another. It was hard not to plow those tight cunts when they had me
firmly in the grasp of their small hands and looked up at me with those
delightfully devilishly smiling eyes and asked me the most mundane
question imaginable. I was in heaven and hell at the same time, and I
think janet knew it.

And then it stopped. Like a light going off. Right after lunch. The
girls would come right up to me, stand a smidgen away and not touch.
Time after time. I wasn't sure which was more exciting: The touching or
the tantalizing. It didn't make any difference to me. I was as hard as
a rock, regardless. I was beginning to love these little sex games they
were playing, that janet was directing. It kept everything on a
friendly level with everyone knowing what was going on, and no one got
their feelings hurt.

I knew all secrets had been ripped wide open when the first girl that
night kissed me on my nose and said, "I want what Melody got," and then
stripped and sat on my face. So did the second girl and the third. But
this type of service took longer and it was getting late. The last
several of the nocturnal visitors began coming into my room in pairs.
One would sit on my face, the other would climb onto my cock. Some of
them even began kissing and fondling each other while I was servicing
them. I'm sure a lot of activities continued on back in the dormitory
later on that night. And when they were all done, the Skipper visited

She slipped in and was naked in my arms before I heard her. She was
just suddenly there and, at first I thought it was a dream. But dreams
don't feel that good, and this felt tremendous. We kissed and I tasted
a new flavor.

"I see you had another meeting with Sandi, Skipper."

"Uh-huh. I thought she need a good chewing out." She laughed. "She
didn't seem too upset about it, though."

"Did she do you, too?"

"No, not yet. I don't think she's ready for that. Yet. She really is
a fast learner, you know."

I was silent. "Next time, can I watch?"

I caught a jab in the ribs. "Would that turn you on, sailor?"

"Just imagining the two of you making love to each other gets me hard."
I hugged her to me tighter. "Thinking of you makes me even harder,
though." I thought about how sore she must have been after our last
bout. "What would you like to do tonight? Or do you just want to

"Cuddle? That's for wimps. Unless you can't get it up, sailor. Then
I'll just go back to Sandi. She may be ready by now." She was teasing,
as she was lying directly on my rock hard cock. It must have been
giving her a stomachache, it was prodding her so hard.

"So what's your pleasure, Ma'am?"

She leaned down and kissed my chin. "I want it up my ass," she said
finally in a quiet, but firm voice. "It hurt like hell last time, but I
loved it, too. I'm going to learn how to relax like Julie told me and
take that monster all the way up there. And love every fucking inch.
Do you mind taking me back there?"

Did I mind? She was offering me the finest ass I had ever fucked, and
she wanted to know if I minded? Did she think I was crazy? Hell, no, I
didn't mind. But I didn't want to appear too anxious.

"Umm, you're sure about this? I'd hate to hurt you again. You don't
have to do this for me. I just want you. Just you, anyway."

She lifted herself up and positioned her asshole over the tip of my
cock. She lowered herself gingerly down until about three inches were
inside her. She had pre-lubed her ass with enough gel so that some of
it leaked out and ran down the exposed shaft of my cock, preparing it
for deeper penetration. With a determined grunt she took the rest of my
throbbing prick deep up inside her rectal recesses.

"Was that better?"

"Hey, it's always good for me. Was it better for you?"

"Oh, God! Yesssssss. Can't you feel it? I can't stop the spasms.
They just ripple through me, one after the other. They start at my
shitter and go to my toes and fingers and the tips of my nipples. My
hair feels funny, too, like it's alive. God, I love this. Almost as
much as in my cunt. In some ways, more, too. It's different, like.
And it doesn't hurt now, either."

She still hadn't moved. "Pull up a little and then slide back down,
Skipper. Fuck yourself in the ass." She did, and I slipped my hand
under her open and empty pussy. I let her impale herself on my extended
middle finger as she slid back down my shaft. With my thumb I found and
pressed on her clit. She went wild. I thought my finger would break
she was squeezing it so hard. She was laughing, sobbing, yelling,
blubbering and so on all at once. Until her system finally spent itself
of all her built up tension and she relaxed on my chest.


"What, Skipper?"

"Watching all those girls tease you all day really turned me on. I
didn't realize how much."

"Do you think it was a good idea with the girls? In broad daylight and
all? I mean, what about the exposure? Suppose one of them had been

"Hey, none of those little girls had ever seen a real prick before.
They were curious and had asked me what a man's thing was like, was it
hard or soft, hot, sticky, and so on. I just thought I'd let them have
a chance to see a real good one."

"You mean that those girls were all virgins?" I thought back to how
young they all had seemed to be. And so curious and eager and... She
giggled as my prick seemed to swell to twice its normal size in her ass.

"Well, they are virgins for now. Who knows if they will still be intact
by the end of camp." She slid up and down a bit on my cock. "But before
you get to do any them, I have one more chore for you to take care of.
If you're up for it, so to speak."

"Your cunt?" I asked, hopefully.

"Well, that, too, but I didn't think that was a chore, you bastard!" She
pummeled my chest with her tiny fists in mock anger. "No. I need you
to 'fix' one of the staff. Diane. I don't know what's wrong with her."

I tried to picture Diane in my mind. All I got was a faceless outgoing
blonde with high thrusting knockers. I had heard comments about a
silicone job, but something didn't quite match up with her personality
and a boob job. I also didn't recall her being one of the active
participants of my torture earlier that day. Or of her coming in for an
exam earlier. She was always friendly enough, cheerful, outgoing, well
spoken. But not horny? Give me a break. She was either tremendously
self disciplined or had a wire loose somewhere.

The Skipper was continuing, "I want you to spend some time with her. As
much as you need. I would suggest a canoe trip across the lake, if you
don't mind my suggestion."

"Let's get this straight. You're all right with this?" I asked, still
not believing my luck or this woman's attitude.

"Sailor? Do you love me?" she asked me quietly.

"Yes," I answered immediately. I didn't have to think about it. It was

"Then, I'm all right with it. Do what ever it takes to make her happy,
short of a commitment," she instructed. "But first, roll me over and
fuck my ass off, will you, sailor?"

Always obey the skipper, my training manual said. So I did.

The next day after lunch I wandered down to the docks to find Diane
waiting for me with a backpack. A canoe had already been loaded with
food and a sleeping bag. Just one bag. Diane stared at me hard and
with a bit of a look of distaste or loathing when she saw the single
bag, but she said nothing. In fact, she actually sounded cheerful and
would have fooled me, but I had seen that peculiar something in her
eyes. We loaded the rest of our gear in the canoe and took off across
the glassy lake.

About a mile into the trip, we both began to work up a sweat. We took a
break and removed our sweatshirts. That left me bare-chested and Diane
in the tiniest bikini top I had ever seen. She sure wasn't shy about
showing her body! She was extremely fair, as some blondes are, and I
leaned forward to rub sunscreen on her shoulders. As I touched her, I
felt a twitch or a shudder, as if she reflexively wanted to pull away.
Then she relaxed, looked over her shoulder at me and gave me such a
smoldering look that I would have jumped her right then if it hadn't
been that all the pieces didn't fit right. I grinned back at her,
finished applying the sunscreen and indicated the far shore. I swear
she looked puzzled that I hadn't done anything.

We got to the far shore and found a beach in a nice clearing. We pulled
the boat up, unloaded our gear and set up a small camp. I left the
sleeping bag in the boat. When that was done, I unrolled a towel on the
beach, stripped to my bathing suit and called over my shoulder as I dove
into the cool water, "Last one in is a rotten egg!"

She responded to the childish dare. She stripped off her shorts and
joined me in the water. I don't know if it was intentional on her part
or not, but her suit was not meant for water. It was white and flimsy
and turned almost transparent when it got wet, exposing her charms to
anyone who looked. But I didn't. OK, I tried real hard not to, but
would you be able to not look at a nearly naked woman playing in the
water with you? I tried to studiously force myself to look directly
into her eyes when I looked at her. But it was hard. I had thought her
bikini top was small. Her bottoms almost didn't exist. They were
essentially a string around her waist and a second string through her
crotch with a wide patch of thin cloth in the front. That was working
itself farther and farther between her cuntlips as we jumped and
splashed in the cool water. She was as good as totally naked.

It was one of the hardest things I ever did to not take her up on her
blatant offers for contact and, I knew, sex. Somehow, I knew I had to
make her ask for it. Beg for it. Otherwise she would consider me just
another aggressive male.

When we got out of the water, I collapsed on my towel in the sand and
lay there soaking up the warm sun. I had my head turned away from her,
but I could tell by the shuffling and rearranging that she was surprised
we were not doing the dirty deed. I grinned to myself. It was like a

I don't know how long we lay there, but it suddenly got very dark. And
wet. A storm had blown in over the lake and was sitting right on top of
us. Our backpacks were waterproof and everything else but the towels
and us were undercover, but we were getting soaked. I know we had just
been in the water, but somehow this was wetter.

I went over to the canoe and called to Diane. I tipped the canoe over
and pushed her under it, then crawled in behind her. It was quite roomy
underneath, but there was no way we could lay there without touching
each other. I spread the bench cushions on the ground and used the
sleeping bag as a pillow for our heads. We lay down side by side on the
makeshift bed and prepared to wait out the storm.

It didn't stop. It was finally too dark to go back that night. We were
stranded for the night at the other end of the lake.

I think we finally got tired of not talking. I know Diane was not a
normally quiet person, and I have been known to talk as well, on
occasion. I think it may have started when she finally stopped avoiding
me and put her arm up around my neck. It wasn't in passion, but for
comfort. I grinned at her and leaned back and closed my eyes. I think
that was when she started talking. I think she asked me why I hadn't
done anything to her. She knew what was going on at camp, even
encouraged her girls to take advantage of their scheduled visits. So
why had I not tried anything with her?

I had to think about that one. I told her I got a sense that she really
didn't want me to do anything, that she wouldn't have enjoyed it. She
may have expected it, she may have even accepted my advances out of a
sense of duty or obligation to someone or to me, but I didn't think she
really wanted to have sex. Or any contact, for that matter.

Why do they always cry? At least I knew I was on the right track when I
felt the salty drops falling on my arm. But I had no idea how screwed
up this young woman was. Her story was simple, but devastating.

As a little girl, she had always wanted to be a cheerleader. Her
mother, herself a beautiful woman, had been a cheerleader in high school
and had then gotten married early and had Diane. As Diane developed
into the gorgeous creature she was, her mother encouraged her and helped
her as much as possible. Except for two things.

The first was that, for some reason, Diane's mother was convinced that
nipples showing through her clothing was in extremely bad taste and
worse, wicked. So as soon as Diane began to develop nipples her mother
would put tape on them before the games so they wouldn't show. As Diane
got older and her nipples more prominent, she began using heavier and
heavier tape, which not only caused Diane considerable embarrassment,
but was painful to remove. And it wasn't always successful. One night,
after a particularly rousing cheer, the dreaded nipples popped through
the tape. Diane's mother and father had attended that game. Both of
them came onto the basketball court and dragged her home. She was
incredibly embarrassed by their actions.

When they got home, her mother locked her in her room for about an hour
and then flung open the door and stormed into the room. She made her
take off her sweater and bra and then her mom ripped the tape from her
breasts. She then held up two small cylinders. They were about a
quarter inch around and about a half inch long. They were sections from
wooden dowel. Her mother pressed one of the dowels against her right
nipple, forcing it to invert on itself. She pushed until the dowel was
flush with the front surface of her breast and then put a piece of tape
over it to hold it in place. She repeated the process with the other

Diane was in tears. It hurt. Terribly. But her mother said that this
was the only way she could be a cheerleader in public ever again. So
she suffered through it, finally getting so she would insert the
plungers herself before the games.

The second thing that her mother had done to Diane was to instill in her
an absolute fear of any and all pleasurable, as is sexy, feelings. She
had done this by spanking not only her fingers, but her clitoris when
she was a little girl and had been caught by the mother exploring her
own body in the bath tub. Later, when she was older and had been caught
diddling herself she had poured burning hot water, not quite scalding,
over her vaginal area. She had been burned ten times, until she simply
lost the urge to masturbate.

I, for one, was amazed at her persistence. I would have quit after
being burned once, maybe twice. But it did confirm my suspicions that
there was a passionate woman hidden deep in this body lying beside me.
Now, how to dig it out?

"Diane, what can I do for you?" I asked into the darkness. "What would
you like me to do?"

"Nothing. Nothing works. It all just feels like blah."

"Can I at least give it a try?"

She looked at me. "Why? Why bother?"

"Because I care about you. I hate to see you missing that side of your

"But what about Janet? I thought you cared about her."

'DANGER! DANGER! Dive! Dive!' went off in my head. I answered
carefully, but honestly. "I care about janet very much. But she
thought I might be able to help you."

"How? By fucking me up the ass? It doesn't work, I've tried. No,
thank you," she said bitterly.

"That was a cheap shot, Diane."

"Sorry. But I've heard that's what you like."

"I do. But I like all kinds of sex. Including anal. But it's only
good if the partner is willing. Have you ever heard of me forcing

There was a long silence. Finally, "No. That's always puzzled me. If
you had, I could hate you. But every single one of my girls is madly in
love with you. And your cock. They tell me everything, and not one of
them has hinted that you made them do anything they didn't like."

We lay there a while. The rain ripped on our roof, the canoe, and we
could hear the sounds of the forest around us. The waves lapped on the
beach a few feet from where we lay. It was surprisingly warm in spite
of the storm and we were both still in our bathing suits.

"Chris, would you kiss me?" I almost didn't hear her. She had turned
her back to me and I could feel her weeping silently. It was the kind
of thing that women do that just breaks your heart. You'd do anything
to stop them from crying like that.

I leaned over her to kiss her and she turned her head away from me. In
the faint light I could see her flushed cheeks.

"Not there. Down there."

Bingo! She had asked for something she wanted. I held myself in check
so I wouldn't seem to be rushing and began to wander down her lovely
body. I got to her chest and nuzzled one of the swatches of cloth up
and over her breast, baring it to my lips. I suckled on her tit and
sucked out the wooden plunger. Damned if she wasn't still wearing them.
I spit it out.

"Not there, either."

I moved over to the other tit. Sure enough, I sucked another chunk of
wood out of it.

"Lower. Stop teasing me, Chris."

I looked up at her in the dim light. "That's part of the fun, Diane.
You want it. I want it. You'll get it. But it's more fun if you don't
know when. Or would you rather I just attack you?"

"No. No, you're right. God, this is hard. Just- just keep going I

"You sure? I can stop, if you don't like it."

"That's just it. I do like it. Please, don't stop.

I focused on her navel, next. She began to move, but microscopically.
But it was movement.

"Lower, Chris. Suck my thingy. Please stop teasing me."

"Your `thingy'?," I asked her, grinning.

"My vagina and clitoris." She paused. "OK, shit. Suck my cunt! There,
is that what you want to hear?"

"Is that what you want me to suck?" I fired back.

"Yes, damit! Now just do it." She paused, embarrassed by her tone.
"Please, Mr. Mattson?"

The last plea was done in such a little girl voice I couldn't have
refused. And I had no intention of refusing her. I lowered my mouth to
her cunt lips and immediately got my tongue caught under her bikini
bottom. I untied to two sides and drew away the insignificant covering.
I urged her legs up and she slipped them over one of the crossbeams of
the canoe above our heads. It lifted her knees up and out, spreading
her wide open before me. I lowered my mouth back down to her now
exposed box and began to feast.

I went slowly. Something told me I would be there a while, but at that
time I had no idea how long that would turn out to be. Diane's cunt was
dry. Well, not dry, but not wet, either. As I licked and sucked and
poked and prodded she would occasionally sigh, but other than that,
there was no response. Occasionally she would shift to another position
to get comfortable, but there was not orgasmic response from her. But
she never asked me to stop either. Of course, if I had been in her
place with a guy willing to eat my pussy all night long, I wouldn't have
asked him to stop. I guess.

Anyway, that was exactly what I did. I ate her all night long. Of
course, it didn't seem that long as I was busy doing what I love almost
more than fucking. But first light came and we were still at it. I was
beginning to think it was hopeless. Then it started. The first change
came about 6:00 am. Suddenly, I got a reaction out of her.

"Ooooooohhhhhh. God, Chris, look!"

I raised my head. "What happened?"

"My nipple popped up! All by itself! God, it feels so different. So

An hour later the second nipple popped up. They were fantastic,
standing about an inch out from her large firm breasts, standing stiff
and angry red in the morning light. She was staring at them in

"I never thought I'd see them again." She spoke of them as if they were
old friends who had gone away. In a way, they were.

"Diane, kiss them," I instructed her.

While I went back to work in her pussy, she did that incredibly sexy
move women do and cupped her breasts and brought them up to her lips.
Her pointed little tongue sneaked out of her mouth and flicked against
the right nipple. She stiffened and arched her back. She flicked her
tongue against the left one and stiffened again.

I had lifted my head when she stiffened the first time. As I bent again
to my task, I got another huge surprise. And I do mean huge. Her clit
had stiffened as well and popped up. It was about the size of my little
finger. It was a good two inches long or longer and about as thick. It
took a little convincing on my part that it wasn't a male cock, and I
sucked it into my mouth. I got a little squeal. I sucked harder and
rimmed it with my tongue. I got a louder squeal. I bobbed my head up
and down on it, sucked it and nipped it with my teeth. She came. A
small, short, tiny shuddering orgasm, but she did come.

I licked up her flow of cum juice and began tongue fucking her in
earnest now. Even though my jaw was sore and my tongue was beginning to
ache, I kept going. At eight o'clock she had her second orgasm. Still
nothing to write home about to Mom, but for her it was earth shattering.
When she finished trembling, she lay still. I continued petting her
cunt with shriveled fingers and a tired tongue.

Suddenly, she lifted those strong cheerleader legs and raised the canoe
off of us and kicked it out of the way. She grabbed my ears and pulled
me up to her so we lay face to face, with me on top of her.

"Fuck me, Chris. Fuck me now."

That was going to be easy to do, as when I had slid up her body, my hard
cock had partially penetrated into her pussy. A slow thrust of my hips
buried it to the hilt.


I had expected some reaction, at least. She didn't even sigh or
anything. I looked down at her face. It looked like she was gritting
her teeth.

"Hey, Diane, relax! I won't tell your mother if you enjoy yourself.
But don't quit on me now!"

She glared at me reflexively, defensive of the attack on her mother.
But then she smiled as she realized her teeth were clenched. Her face

"It's so hard for me to let go. And this has never worked before. I'm

"I know. Just take your time. I'm in no hurry."

"What about all those young girls who didn't get their turns last night?
Don't you want to get back to them and their tight pussies?"

"What? And miss out on this fantastic piece of ass?" I gave a sharp
thrust into her cunt. This time she gave an imperceptible groan.
"Besides, they'll just be hornier when we get back. There's nothing
like a horny woman."

She gave a short laugh. "You're a baaad boy, Mr. Mattson!" And then she
started moving her hips on her own, experimentally at first, trying to
fuck herself on my cock.

I have mentioned it takes me a long time, about two hours, to orgasm and
that I can stay hard between bouts. So when I say I came three times,
that calculates out to a six-hour fuck session. But by the end of those
six hours, she was finally beginning to come alive. I heard moans and
groans and she was beginning to shriek when she came. But I was just
about at the end of my strength. I was thinking of renaming the place
to Camp Raw-Raw-Raw.

When she pushed me off of her and rolled me onto my elbows and knees, I
didn't resist. When she kneeled up behind me, it still didn't register.
The slick finger up my ass got me wondering what was going on, and when
she bellied up to my ass, I began to squirm. I wasn't into this. I
told her so. She told me she wouldn't tell anyone, but that if I let
her do me, she would let me do her. I was still unsure, but by that
time I felt the slender shaft of her clit slide into my ass. She
groaned. It was too late. I was deflowered.

"Oh, God. That feels great! Ooohhh, you're so tight. It's like you're
sucking on it and squeezing it and OOOOHhhhhh! YYYYeeessssss!"

Diane didn't stop thrusting even as she came and it led her to her next
climax, and then again. Finally, she leaned over my back, rubbing her
now firmly erect nipples into my straining back muscles. She reached
around and grasped my still hard cock. She had lubricant in her hand
and it was a tremendously good feeling as she jerked me off while
fucking my ass. To say I didn't enjoy it wouldn't be true, but I didn't
think I would do it again. But the feeling of her hard breasts pressing
into my back and her hand slicking up and down my prick only augmented
the strange feeling of being invaded from behind. It felt good, but I
didn't come.

After her fourth or fifth building climax, she pulled out. She knelt
down as I had been and offered up her ass to me. It was gorgeous. Full
and round, her fleshy orbs quivered with the spasms of her last orgasm.
I didn't have to be invited twice. I brought the head of my rampant
cock to her tiny tight pink orifice, and pushed it in. She grunted, but
did not pull away. I stopped and rested until I felt her begin to push
back, taking in the rest of my shaft. I slowly eased forward. She
expelled her breath in a great big whoosh and began to immediately lunge
back and forth on my cock. Her head was whipping her long blonde hair
into a tangled frenzy. Her boobs were jiggling like mounds of firm
Jell-O. She fucked herself for a while and then froze.

The whole forest got strangely quiet. Then I heard a sound like I had
never heard before. It started out as a high pitched whine that slowly
dropped in pitch. It was just like the sound that the WWII bombs made
when they fell from the airplanes in the old movies. As the sound came
into normal range, it changed to a Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop sound,
each whoop rising in pitch at the end like the song of the whooping
crane. The whooping finally faded. I realized that the sounds were
coming from Diane. And that she had just about squeezed my prick off
with that climax.

"Wow! Do it again, Chris. I want to do it again! That was great!"

The second time came sooner, but the noise she made was the same. After
this one she pulled off my prick.

"We'd better get back now, Chris, or we'll never make it back before
dark. It's getting late." She was energized from her orgasms and looked
as fresh as when we had started out. All those sleepless hours before...

I looked at my watch. It was about three o'clock in the afternoon. We
still had about three hours to get back. We loaded the canoe and pushed
it into the water. I started to get in the back as before, but Diane
had other ideas. She directed me to lay down on my back the floor of
the canoe with my legs up and over the sides. She got in and straddled
my cock, letting it slide up into her cunt. She shoved off and began to
paddle towards the camp. With each stroke, she shifted the paddle from
one side to the other. As she shifted, she would lift up on my cock and
then plunge back down. After a while she looked down at me.

"Well, don't just lay there, grab onto my tits!" Of course, I complied.
She paddled a bit longer and then sang her climax song again. The canoe
coasted for a while. She panted, trying to catch her breath. I could
feel the tension leaving her body as she became more and more relaxed
after each cum. And she got more energy. She lifted up and let my cock
slip out of her, and I thought that was the end of it. But she reached
down and held me upright and then settled back down, this time letting
me slide up her shit chute. She turned and paddled away from the camp
this time, like a sail boat would tack into the wind to make headway.
She paddled and fucked herself until she sang her song again, and then
she shifted me back into her cunt and paddled back towards camp.

Back and forth we tacked all afternoon, the cries of the falling bombs
and whooping cranes resounding up and down the hidden valley throughout
the journey home. For my part, I held on to those smooth orbs as long
as I could, but eventually gravity, the gentle rocking of the boat as it
meandered back to camp, and the lack of sleep got the best of me. I
must have passed out and gone to sleep. Not the worst way to go, if I
do say so myself.

The bumping of the canoe against the dock roused me slightly from my
sleep and I looked up into the concerned faces of the staff leaning over
looking down at me as I lay in the bottom of the canoe. In my best
Ricky Ricardo impression I looked up at janet and said' "Oh Lucy, I'm
hooome." And immediately went back to sleep.

Mission accomplished.


End of chapter

I hope you enjoyed it. :)

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