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This is a work of fiction by a twisted mind. If you are offended by
graphic sexual descriptions of natural and/or unnatural acts, or if you
are underage, don't read any further. Also kids, don't try this at home
without adult supervision.

This story is a fantasy. You have to loosen your clench on reality a
little when you read it. As is the case with most stories in this
newsgroup, in this story all the women are beautiful; gravity has never
touched their breasts nor wrinkles their unblemished faces; the men (the
hero in this story, at least) are hung like bulls and can get it up and
keep it up at will; there are no STDs, morals, or unwanted pregnancies;
and guilt is a four letter word. Most of all, strength of character
doesn't stand a chance against any erotic stimulus, which can be as
benign as a glance. That being said, stick your tongue firmly in your
cheek and enjoy.

The Camp Nurse

Chapter 7. The Party

by NightShade

first posted 4/97; revised 12/98

[The continuing adventures of Chris Mattson, RN at an all-girls
cheerleading camp high up in the mountains out west. Only Chris is a
male. Let the fun continue...]
Three nights later there were 18 fewer virgins in the greater LA area.
Well, 17, actually. On the second night, one of the younger girls
stopped me just shy of that final nudge which would have disintegrated
her maidenhead.

Muffy (yes, that really was her name!) had cried out "Stop!" in mid
stroke and the Skipper was on me so fast it wasn't funny. I hadn't
realized how strong she was until she actually lifted me bodily off the
girl. Who wasn't struggling.

Muffy was lying quietly, tears streaming down her cheeks. The Skipper
quickly checked and confirmed she was still intact, and breathed an
audible sigh of relief. She began to comfort the small girl, stroking
her forehead and cheeks with the back of her hand. The girl reached up
and caught her hand with hers and brought it to her lips and softly
kissed it. Then she launched herself at me in the dark, finding her
target like a Patriot missile. She wrapped her small arms tightly
around my neck, her tears dropping onto my bare shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Mattson," she said softly.

"That's OK, Muffy," I answered. "It's nothing to be sorry about,
though. I wouldn't want to do anything you didn't want to do."

"Oh, but I want to! I really do! I'm just sorry that I couldn't let
you break through it and really fuck me good. I want to soooo bad. But
Daddy will check for it as soon as I get home and if it was gone, he
would get real mad and not let me come back next year."

"He'll check it?" asked the Skipper. I could hear the incredulous
expression that must have been on her face in her voice.

"Yeah. He bends me over the back of the couch, lifts my skirt up over
my head and pulls down my panties. Then he thoroughly examines my
bottom, checking for 'hot spots' with his lips and tongue. He says
those are the most sensitive areas of skin he has and that he can tell
if I have been messing around or been bad."

I couldn't see the Skipper's face in the dark, but it must have been
showing as much amazement as mine at Muffy's tale. But I had to keep
reminding myself that this was her father, someone she trusted. She
believed he was doing what he was doing for her own good, for the simple
reason that he had said so. She had nothing to compare his behavior to,
at least, not yet anyway, as she was just in Middle School. I shook my
head in continued disbelief as she continued.

"First he rubs his hands all over my butt. It kind of tickles and it
makes me itch down there in my cunny. Sometimes he does it for a long
time. He says that that's supposed to show if anyone has touched me
back there. I think he just likes to play with my ass. I'm not
supposed to look back at him, but keep my eyes closed, but once I
peeked. He was standing just behind me off to the side, rubbing my ass
with one hand. His other hand was inside his robe, and it was moving
really fast. The robe fell open and I saw his hand wrapped around his
pee-pee. It was a little bigger that Bobby's, but a lot smaller than
yours, Mr. Mattson! A lot smaller!" She giggled. "That's how I know
he just like to play with my cheeks."

"After he gets done with his hands, he brings his face down next to my
bottom and feels it all over with his lips. Since he can't get his lips
inside my ass crack, he uses his tongue in there. That makes me tingle
even more, and I usually get really wet. He always yells at me that I
am going to make a mess on the couch, but I can tell he isn't mad. Then
he licks up all the juice, sticking his tongue all the way up inside me.
That's when he checks to see if I'm still a virgin. With his tongue.
His licking me down there really makes me excited. Once he touched my
crazy button down there and I got so excited something happened. I got
a really big light in my head and my body just tensed up, kinda. I got
so tense I farted right in Daddy's face, and some of my shit went right
in his mouth. I heard him groan real loud, that time. Daddy pretended
to be mad, but I saw afterwards that he had shot his stuff onto the
backs of my legs and all over the back of the couch. I didn't know what
it was until later when I was with Bobby from next door and he showed me
what happens when a man shoots off. Daddy always keeps me bent over the
couch for a long time, until he groans. Then I know he is done with the

All this time Muffy had been sliding her tight forbidden cunt around and
around the head of my stiff cock. It was driving me crazy.
Occasionally, she would press the shaft between her cunt lips and slide
all the way down to the base and back up. This usually caused her to
stutter and stammer, what with all the direct stimulation to her clit.
Gradually she had lubricated my entire dick with her cunt juice. I held
onto her spongy tight little ass cheeks which had been so well examined
by her father and let her move as she wanted. Suddenly, in the middle
of her story, she lifted up and tilted her pelvis towards me. She
settled her tight little ass hole over the tip of my monster cock and
let herself slowly be impaled on it. She kept a death grip around my
neck. So I kept one on her ass. Fair's fair!

"Will you take my virginity in that hole, Mr. Mattson? Would that be
OK. I know it's not the real thing, but do you mind? That way I can
say I'm not a virgin anymore, but Daddy won't know. OK?"

I didn't trust myself to say anything. This luscious 12 or 13 year old
was half way down my cock, stuffing it into an extremely warm and
wonderful place, and she was asking me if it was OK? HELL YES I wanted
to shout. But she was dead serious, and I didn't want to embarrass her
by laughing, which was my next impulse.

Fortunately the Skipper stepped in and saved the day. Or night.

"This time is for you, Muffy. You don't have to do anything at all.
Mr. Mattson and I would never say anything to anyone about what happens
here. You just do what you feel like."

Apparently, she felt like getting fucked up the shit chute, because
shortly thereafter she was down to the root. Muffy was the only new
girl to get all 10" the first time. That alone made her stand out. Her
seeming lack of distress at being crammed so full was another matter.
As she started to lift up and down on me, she took an arm from around my
neck, grabbed one of my hands and placed it over her cunt, in between
us. Then she re-attached herself to my neck. I made a fist with my
hand and let her rub her clit up and down across my knuckles. She
seemed to enjoy that a lot. She finally continued her story.

"The last couple of times Daddy examined my boobies, too. Once, when he
spent so much time taking the temperature of my nipples, I was sure he
had found out that Bobby next door had played with them that afternoon.
But he didn't say anything, just that he would really have to keep a
good eye on them for a while. He seemed real concerned about the lines
my bra made in my skin, so he told me not to wear one around the house.
Only a T-shirt and some panties. He bought me some real small thin
shirts. They rub up against my nipples and make them stand out. I
think he likes to look at them like that. And now I don't even wear
panties around the house. Daddy likes to examine me all the time now,
but especially at nighttime. And now he examines me in his bed. I have
to get up on my knees and lay my head down on the mattress. It feels so

This last statement caught me by surprise. Did she know her Daddy was a
pervert? As she continued, she answered my question.

"I know now what he is doing. I'm not really stupid, but I was only 5
when he started the examinations. And I really like them, too. But I
wish he would just fuck me and get it over with. I love my Daddy, but I
want to fuck other guys, too. But as long as he checks with his tongue
I don't dare." She paused, and sighed.

"Just before I came to camp I almost got him to plug me. He was doing
his examination on his bed and had kneeled up behind me. I felt his
pee-pee on my butt. I know that was it, because his hand was wrapped
around it and he was slapping it, kinda like, on my ass. I jiggled my
butt around and he must have let go to grab at it because all of a
sudden I felt it between my legs right at the entrance to my hole. I
leaned back and it slid right up inside me, but he got scared and
started shaking. I think he spurted up inside me, too, because I was
awful wet that night. But when he check with his tongue, I was still a
virgin. But next time I'm going to trick him. I'll tell him he can
check me better if I'm bending over him. Then I'll trip and fall or
something and land right on his pee-pee. One way or another I'll come
back next year and fuck you good, OK, Mr. Mattson?"

She shuddered with her final climax from the ass fucking and my
knuckles, got up, gave me a peck on the cheek and said, "Thank you, Mr.
Mattson." How she walked out I'll never know.

The Skipper leaned over and handed me a wet rag to clean up. "If you
want to order in a gag or two for next year, I'll understand," she said,
and then burst into a quiet fit of laughter.

So, you see, technically speaking, there were only 17 virgins less after

Three days and three fuck-filled nights later, the last helicopter-full
of campers lifted off, leaving the staff waving at the retreating
machine. The goodbyes, particularly as each nightly visitor came for
their last scheduled visit, were poignant, tender, and energetic. I got
no sleep, as the schedule seemed to fill the entire night. Each goodbye
ended in an orgasm and tears. I felt bad for them, but most of them
would be back next year. They swore they would be. The older ones were
the worst. They would be graduating and wouldn't qualify to come back.
I kept all of the notes with their telephone numbers, addresses, and
their promises of love and showed them all to the Skipper at the end of
every night. She worked her special magic with the heart-broken girls
and each one left camp with a satisfied smile on their face. I didn't
want to know how she consoled them. I liked what I imagined she did too

There still remained several days of hard labor for the staff cleaning
up the camp and getting ready for the next session. The days passed in
a blur of activity. I was assigned to a different staffer each morning
and then again, a different one in the afternoon. Somehow the tasks we
were assigned to do never took that long and that left plenty of time
for other activities. Such as fucking. I always asked them if they
wanted to do something else, like go for a walk, just talk, cuddle,
anything. They only wanted to fuck. Being the gentleman that I am, I
bowed to their wishes and desires and tried my best to fuck their brains
out. You know, it never got boring, either, doing the same thing day in
and out, in and out, in and out.

The evenings weren't boring, either, as the visits continued. But I
noticed that the bodies lying in bed with me were a bit mature, and
there seemed to be something a bit more urgent about their lovemaking,
as if they were anxious for me to cum with them. The visitors now also
wanted to do a lot more kissing and holding than the campers had done,
and liked sex in different positions, rather than just sitting on my
cock and playing bronco buster. Most liked the missionary position and
made me take it slow and steady. But they all, without exception,
wanted it doggie style, too. That way they wanted it hard, rough, even.
They really groaned and moaned when I first entered them from behind and
I could get really deep inside them. Several wanted it up the ass, too.
From their tightness and shortness of breath, I knew it was the first
time that way for most of them. Only Julie took me in without a
whimper. I asked the Skipper about the differences in the staff's
behavior, as I noticed she was behaving the same way.

"I'm not sure. Maybe because it's finally sunk in that this session is
coming to an end, and they're going to have to go back to their normal
dull lives. I guess we're all realizing we're not going to get laid as
well or as regularly as we have been. So, being the greedy bitches we
are, we're storing it up." She snuggled in close and held on to me

"Is that what you're feeling, Skipper? Like it's going to be over? Do
you want it to end?"

She didn't answer me, but I felt her hot tears on my chest. Her sadness
touched me deeply and I resolved to try to make her happy. It took me a
while, but an hour later her ecstatic screams filled the night air. At
least she had forgotten her sadness for a bit.

Sandi and Diane approached me after dinner on the last evening.
Tomorrow we would all be ferried back to civilization. All the work had
been done. There was a lighter mood among the women I couldn't quite
put my fingers on. As usual, I was the last to know.

"We'll see you at 7:30 for the costume party, OK?" Diane said.

"Party. What party?" I was right. The last to know. Again.

"Every session the staffers have a blow-out party to celebrate the end
of camp. It's fun! Don't worry about a costume," Sandi giggled, "I
have already arranged for it."

"Will it fit me?"

The two visibly struggled to keep from laughing hysterically. Finally,
Sandi managed to get out "It will fit. Just meet us at the door to the
practice hall at 7:30." The two burst out in laughter as they walked
away, having to stop several times to lean up against the wall for

I met them promptly at 7:30 in front of the huge practice hall. They
were both drunk, or at least real tipsy, which surprised me, as janet
was a real stickler for the no alcohol rule, and I didn't think there
was any in camp. But there apparently was a cache hidden somewhere, and
it had been well depleted by these two. They were also both completely
naked and had a hand in each other's pussy. My presence didn't seem to
embarrass them at all as they continued to plow each the other's furrow
with busy fingers.

"Weeellll, Hellllooo Mishter Mattson. I hope shyou are - OH, OH, OH,
YES!!!! Damn tha' was a good one, Sandi. You do have magic fingersh,
lover." Diane shuddered, shook herself, and then continued. "I hope
you are feeling well tonight. You are going to be the guesht of honor,
did shyou know tha'?" She giggled and then kind of slid down the wall
into a twitching heap on the floor. Sandi's fingers had worked their
magic again.

Sandi looked down at Diane, grinned, licked her fingers clean and then
grinned up at me. "I never did it with a girl before," she whispered in
a loud voice. "Before this afternoon, that is." She just kind of stood
there swaying, lost in her own world. I was tempted to just let her
stand there swaying. It was a lovely sight as her soft up-turned boobs
jiggled a little with each change of direction. But I was curious about
the party.

"About the party, Sandi. Do you have my costume? I don't have anything
with me."

Both girls thought this was hilarious. After several minutes, after
Diane had struggled back to her feet, they silently brought their other
hands, the dry ones, out from behind their backs, where they had kept
their surprise hidden. I thought they had been diddling their ass
holes, but Diane had a blindfold, and Sandi had a pair of handcuffs.

"Thash it!" Diane announced. "You got everything else you need right
there." She clasped her palm right over my crotch. Her other hand took
the handcuffs from Sandi. "I think thes'ul fit, huh, lover?" She
doubled over laughing, her metal capped boobs bobbing wildly.
Apparently, this action sent her over the top as she collapsed into a
twitching heap again, moaning and rubbing her own cunt.

I looked at Sandi, who seemed more sober. "That's it? Kind of kinky,
isn't it? By the way, where did these come from."

She looked right at me with her blurry eyes. "They're mine. I, uh, I
use them sometimes." She gradually realized what she had said, and
began to blush, even as drunk as she was.

"Why, Sandi, you naughty wench. You never cease to amaze me." She just
grinned. "So what's really going on tonight?"

"It's a special party tonight. But it's special because of you. All
the girls know you don't have anywhere to go after camp, so tonight you
get to pick who you want to stay with till the next camp."

When my cock hadn't been engaged, I had vaguely wondered what I was
going to do after the camp was over, but I figured I would work that out
as I went along. I was really hoping that janet would arrange
something. Apparently she had, but not like I wanted. Typical Janet.

"Well, then, I pick you, Sandi."

She dissolved in a quivering mass of giggles. "Oh, damn. You can't,
lover boy." She really sounded as if she regretted having to turn me
down. "My husband wouldn't understand." She giggled again. "I'm going
to have enough explaining to do as it is, don't you think? I mean, he
always wanted me to be sexier, and more aggressive. Boy, is he going to
get his wish, and then some. All thanks to you, Mr. Mattson." That
last, softly spoken sentence was direct not to my face, but to an area
just below my belt, which she was busily undoing.

"Ok, then I pick Janet," I continued.

"Sorry, Stud. Doesn't work that way." My shorts slid down my legs. I
kicked them off. "You have to pick the girl during the party."

"OK. Let's go in. I'll pick Janet." I started towards the door. I
stopped short when she firmly grasped my balls. It didn't hurt, but
I'll be damned if I was going anywhere without them.

"Nope, Stud. It doesn't work that way, either," she said. Diane looked
up and saw my cock jutting out, got to her knees and began to suck on
it. "You have to wear that" - she pointed at the blindfold - "and
these," she held up the handcuffs. "Whoever you pick to go home with,
that's it. We all agreed. Everybody but Diane and me are in the
contest. You can only use your mouth and your thingy to identify who
you pick."

I thought about it. "I have some questions, Sandi, before I agree to
this hair-brained idea. First, will the girls have clothes on?"

"Nope. We'll be starkers. You'll be wearing more than anybody with the
blindfold and cuffs," she answered.

"OK. Next, I know why you can't let me go home with you. But why not
Diane? I just might have picked her, given how well she is doing what
she's doing to my cock right now." I looked down at Diane as I spoke,
but kept my hand firmly behind her head so she couldn't let me out of
her mouth. Or her tight throat. Her eyes were closed and she had a
dreamy expression on her face. The only indication that she had heard
me was an impish wrinkling of her nose accompanied by a slight squeeze
of my balls with her soft hand.

"Diane thought it would be too easy for you to identify her. She has
the biggest boobs in the camp by far. And they have metal tips, thanks
to you. That would be kind of a dead give-away. So she volunteered to
be on the cleanup team with me."

"Cleanup team?" I asked. This was getting more and more confusing.

"Yeah. She will clean you up after each girl, and I get to clean up the
girls." She blushed as deep as I had ever seen her at that.

"I'll bet you're planning on enjoying it, too, aren't you, Sandi?" I
teased her. For the first time since she had come out earlier in the
camp, she started to withdraw into her shy shell again. I reached over
to her and gently grabbed one of her aroused nipples. I squeezed it
firmly as I used it to pull her up close to my side. I lifted it up,
bringing her up onto her tiptoes. She gasped, trying to catch her
breath. Leaning down, I kissed her nose.

"It's all right with me, Sandi. You should enjoy anything that brings
you or others pleasure. But make sure you don't forget about me
tonight, OK? Maybe you and Diane could trade off...?" She nodded.

"Now, two more questions. Do you have the keys for these things?" I
indicated the handcuffs.

"Oh. They're a trick set, only for show." She showed me how they
worked by clicking them on herself behind her back and then releasing
them in a very practiced manner. I grinned wickedly at her and she
blushed again. She had used them a lot.

"OK. Last question. Is janet one of the contestants?"

That sobered her up. I was serious about this and she knew it. "Yes,"
was all she said.

"Then let the party begin!" I said. I took off my shirt and let her put
the cuffs on my wrists behind my back. I tried to find the secret of
getting them off, but I couldn't. Sandi had used them a lot! Diane got
up off the ground to place the blindfold over my eyes. I bowed a bit to
let her reach up. It also gave me a great view of her gorgeous tits as
they flattened slightly as she raised her arms. She noticed me looking
and took her time. Grinning at me, she finally put it in place over my
eyes. It was a good one. It was comfortable and I couldn't see a
thing. I heard the doors open and we walked in, one beautiful naked
girl on each arm guiding me. My 10" prick pointed the way.

A silence settled over the room. Then one of the girls whistled.
Lewdly. Others joined in, and soon we were marching into the party to
the tune of a raunchy band. I was slowly paraded through a tender
gauntlet of female flesh. Hands caressed my chest and ass as I passed,
but no one touched my prick. Honor among thieves, I guess.

After several minutes, I was gently guided to a stop with my knees up
against a platform of some kind. I kind of sensed the others gathered
around. What ever was going to happen was going to happen in front of a
crowd. Never one to shrink from a challenge, my cock grew even harder
and began to rise from the perpendicular to the vertical on its own.
That only happened on special occasions. Like with Janet.

"OK, Studly. This is the first one. Oh, they picked numbers by
lottery, in case you wondered. Good luck." Sandi gave my rising cock a
gentle squeeze and urged me up onto the platform on my knees. As I
crawled blindly forward I met a pair of legs, one on each side of my
knees. I grinned. Bending over, I brought my mouth unerringly to a
moist opening between the two long legs. And knew instantly who it was.

I hadn't realized how individual each camper's aroma was because I had
always had the use of my eyes. But subconsciously I had been cataloging
each one by several attributes. One of which was the taste and smell of
cunt juice. And this one had a slight taste of cinnamon and brought to
mind a scene in the rec room. I had been shooting pool by myself one
afternoon when I felt a body, a very firm body, pressing up against mine
as I leaned over the table. I took my time with the shot - I missed -
but all the while getting a tremendous back rub with a pair of small
firm tits. And a ball massage by a pair of very inventive hands. It
felt so good I just stayed in position for several minutes. Gradually,
this limber creature wound her body around mine, legs entwined with mine
and maneuvered her body under mine so she was laying on the pool table.
The dark green felt highlighted the Nubian skin tones of her naked body
as she continued massaging my prick with her supple feet. Not a word
had been said. I slowly made my way down her body with my mouth,
dwelling on all the soft firm curves, bumps, nubbins and depressions
until I met the soft tissues of her secret areas. And smelled cinnamon.
It was a glorious cunt, more versatile than most. She demonstrated some
of her talents for me after we were satiated. Sitting on one of the
corner pockets, she had spread her legs along the bumpers. And had me
shoot a couple of billiard balls at her cunt, which she caught with her
wide-open lips and swallowed them up inside her. Both of them. She
said they acted like Ben-Wah balls, only bigger. She stood on the table
a danced a sexy dance, bringing herself off a couple of times in the
process. I was astounded. I knew they stretched to accommodate large
objects, but that was bigger than I thought. I probed her afterwards,
and she was as tight as before, if not tighter. Amazing.

Blind folded, I caressed that amazing cunt with my tongue. You'd never
think a guy's cock could get up inside that tight hole, much less a
couple of billiard balls. I spent a long time licking and then, when
she had cum at least once, slid up her body so I was laying on her with
my cock fully embedded in her cunt.

"Hello, Cue Ball," I whispered in her ear after I had rocked on her
pelvis for a while. I didn't want to give away my secret.

"Oh, shit. How did you know?"

"Nobody has a pussy as long and tight as yours. But, you know, as good
as you are, I can't pick you. You understand, don't you?"

She hugged me tight and sighed as she used me to get off one more time.
"I know. We all know. I was hoping I could take your big pool cue home
with me and see what we could do with those balls. But, it's Janet,
isn't it?" she whispered in my ear.

I nodded and gently kissed her. She rolled out from under me and
squealed as Sandi began her part of the cleanup. It didn't sound as if
she was stopping her, either. Sandi had made another friend, I guess.
In the meantime, Diane was thoroughly cleaning me off. When she was
satisfied I was clean, which was a long time after I would have stopped,
the next girl straddled my cock. And then the next. And the next.

All 24 of them, including the cook, who, against the stereotype, had one
of the leanest bodies in camp. In fact, she was the only one I didn't
identify by smell. Her body was like a young boy's: No flared hips, no
thin waist, no tits. Her musculature was firm. But she was a hellcat
on my cock. And her pussy had little bumps inside it that made fucking
her a unique experience. She hated cunnilingus, so I never got near her

I had thought I would recognize Julie by the unique noise she made when
she came, but I found later she had a ball gag in her mouth - probably
another of Sandi's toys - which kept her quiet. The girls were getting
devious. I wasn't sure how I felt about her obvious relief at not being
picked. Over the last couple of days, she and Diane had developed a
sudden and strong mutual attraction to each other. Julie went crazy
when Diane stuck her swollen clit up her ass. When Julie orgasmed, she
clenched her butt hole so tight that Diane went crazy. Two people who
belonged together, I guess. When I said I would really like to see them
together, Julie grinned, and said that janet had already made
arrangements for them to spend several weekends with her. Apparently
Janet liked Diane's clit, too. Now, all I had to do was identify and
pick Janet.

But as I finished fucking and identifying the last of the 24, I still
had not identified janet -or the Skipper, who I was almost convinced
positively was, in fact, Janet.

"Well, who do you pick?" Sandi asked me. She had cleaned up about 3/4
of the girls and had taken to diluting any juices on my cock with her
own when she cleaned me. Of course, she had to apply the juices
directly from the source, and got fucked in the process, which she
obviously and vocally enjoyed. Diane saw what she was doing and
followed suit. It delayed the contest a little, but no one seemed to

"I can't pick yet. I haven't met all the contestants."

"Are you sure? How do you know? You're blindfolded."

"Believe me, I know. Now, quit playing around and get her up on the

"Her? Her, who?" she asked innocently.

"Janet. janet Crandell. I want to fuck janet Crandell. Now!" I
exploded at her. "NOW, DAMN IT, NOW!" Cutesy was fine but I had had
enough foreplay. I was just getting into being angry when I felt a soft
hand on my arm.

"What's the matter, sailor, don't you like the game?"

I melted. "Uhh, Hi, Skipper." I paused, aware that 26 other naked
ladies I had just fucked and/or eaten were watching us. "So, did you
just get here? I missed you on the platform. Did you turn shy
suddenly? Are you going to take your turn now?"

"Are you sure you want me to? I thought by now you would be tired of
doing it with me. Or with anybody, for that matter."

"Never, Skipper. Don't ever think that. No one could take your place,
uh, in my heart."

"Your cock, yes, your heart, no, huh? That's dangerous talk in front of
witnesses, sailor. That almost sounds like a commitment to me. What do
you think, ladies?" Several voices assented with her.

Shit. Did I want to say it out loud? In front of witnesses? Awww,
what the hell. Yes, I did!

I got down on one knee and the room got very quiet. I couldn't see a
thing, but a gentle hand on my prick pivoted me so I was facing in
another direction. I hoped I was facing her. I leaned forward and
located two very familiar firm breasts. I kissed each nipple lightly.
As I was doing this, Sandi undid the handcuffs freeing my hands. I let
them hang loose by my sides.

"Skipper? I pick you. Forever." I paused. "That is, if you'll have

I felt the blindfold being eased up off of my eyes. The lights in the
huge hall were very dim, but even so, it took a little time for me to
adjust to the illumination. And what I saw were a pair of clear blue
eyes and I knew I was lost. Forever.

"I'll have you, sailor,…" said the Skipper/Janet. "…forever." She
hugged me tightly. "But first, we have to discuss a full-time contract
with you for the rest of this year and next year. You did want to come
back, didn't you?"

I looked at this amazing lady in my arms with a questioning look. Did
she mean what I thought she meant? She just grinned like the cat that
ate the canary and nodded "Yes." She was offering me the chance to fuck
all the staffers, and all the willing campers and all the willing
virgins, and to do them with her blessing. And help, if I knew my
'Skipper'. But best of all, she was offering me herself, and that was
almost more than I could handle. Maybe Sandi could loan us some

As soon as I said, "Yes," the entire room erupted in shrieks and cheers
and pandemonium. The staffers began piling on top of us. janet and I
ended up on the bottom of a huge pile of writhing feminine flesh, my
cock embedded in her cunt, someone's finger in my ass and a tit or two
in my mouth. It was the best fuck of the night.


End of story
I hope you enjoyed it.

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