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CNF 01 panties she could see the

WARNING: The chapters in this story contain
scenes of graphic sex involving lesbianism,
masturbation, mechanical sex acts,
bestiality, and bondage, all with strong
undercurrents of pain, and, if you can
believe it, romance. In code, that is [f ff
fd ffdd mech bd pain rom]. If subject
matter of this nature does not interest you,
do not read any farther.

All events in this story are fictional.
(DUH!) All the characters in this story are
fictional. This is a fantasy, i.e. a place
where physical acts and human responses are
not limited to or necessarily based in
reality. Therefore, some acts and responses
described are physically impossible or
physiologically improbable. Do not try them
yourself, especially alone. This story is
intended for the salacious entertainment of
consenting adults, not as an instructional
manual. Again, do not try to do any of the
things described in this story. You will
injure yourself or your partner.

If you are under 18 years of age, go away.
This will burn your eyeballs.

If material of a strong sexual nature is
prohibited where you are, go away.

By continuing, the reader accepts all
responsibility for any disgust, revulsion,
jail sentences, or pleasure that result from
reading this story.

You have been warned!

That said, enjoy!..:)



Cindy's New Friends

By NightShade.

Chapter 1

It had been another long, hot day in the Garwood's city
library. The small town's limited budget could barely
afford the 20 or so new books she had catalogued and
cross-referenced that day, much less afford air-
conditioning for a bunch of dusty old books. As she
approached her home, Cindy wanted to do nothing more
than soak in a cool shower and get the feeling of dust
off her. She worked as the underpaid assistant
librarian in the old library. The head librarian, her
boss, was an old, wrinkled, bitter woman. Cindy knew
Mrs. Cross always assigned to her the hottest, dirtiest
tasks. But she really didn't mind all that much. It
kept her busy all day and, besides, this was her very
first job.

Although she wasn't making much money, she made enough
to rent the little cottage she was headed to now. It
helped that the library provided her with a lunch. It
was just two small rooms and a tiny bath, and it was
all by itself way out in the woods. Nobody else wanted
a place so far out. But Cindy had loved it at first
sight. Not just because of the price, either. It was
just the right size for her. And she was on her own,
at last.

She had moved to this picturesque village right after
graduating from a very strict Catholic girl's school.
She had ridden the bus for three days to get to this
idyllic village, all of her worldly possessions in a
nearly empty tattered suitcase. The want ad for this
particular job was buried in with a bunch of other low-
paying jobs, but this one caught her eye because it was
so far away from where she had grown up.

Cindy had never known her parents. She didn't know if
she had been abandoned at birth or if the people who
donated an egg and some sperm to make her had died when
she was little. No one would ever tell her how she had
ended up where she was, and finally, she quit asking.
The only `home' she had ever known was the orphanage
where she had grown up. The people who ran the place
had not been good or bad. They had neither cared for
nor loved the orphans, however. It was just their job
to look after them, and that attitude came through loud
and clear. Now that she was no longer dependent on
them, Cindy wanted to take care of herself.

That was why she had taken the job at the library in a
place so far away. She wasn't really a trained
librarian, but she loved books. They had been her only
consistent friends throughout her entire short life.
All of the other orphan kids had come and gone. So had
all of the caretakers, cooks, custodians, and nuns.
Cindy had stayed. She had either been too old, too
young, too big, too small, too dirty, too WASP,
whatever. After a while, because it hurt so much being
left behind, she had turned to books for companionship.
She had no friends, and didn't want any.

She parked her used bike by the gate to the tiny
cottage and carefully locked it up. Although there was
little chance of anybody stealing it way out here, and
it being a small town where everybody knew each other
and what belonged to whom, it was still her first major
purchase. She had spent her entire life savings on it,
in fact. She just wanted to be extra careful. Had she
given it any thought, she would have thought it odd
that she locked up her bicycle, but had never locked
the doors to her cottage.

Skipping into the house, she shed her sticky clothes
along the way. By the time she got to the bathroom,
all she had on was her panties. Her reflection in the
full-length mirror on the door caught her eye. She
stopped abruptly and stared at her image. It still
took her by surprise a little.

Cindy had been a late bloomer. Very late, in fact.
The boys at the orphanage had made fun of her, as had
the girls. With her straggly dirty blonde hair pulled
back tight from her face and her skinny body, thin arms
and bony knees, she knew she wasn't attractive, or even
just a little cute. Just a scrawny little girl no one

But that was then. And now? Now the people from the
orphanage would not recognize her at all. In the past
few weeks and months, she had filled in, blooming
nicely. She had even grown an inch or two, it seemed.

The girl/woman looking back at her from the mirror was
definitely not ugly, either. She had learned to do
things with her hair in a fashionable way and was
learning - from books - about make up and fashions.
The nearly naked young woman in front of her was
strikingly beautiful, if she did say so herself. Cindy
stuck her hip out to the side in a pose she thought was
terribly sexy. Her stance, once she had put her hand on
her jutting hip, made her boobies pop out and jiggle.

Cindy giggled at the sight of her `new' breasts quivering high on her chest. They, too, had developed
in the past couple of months until they were now about
the size of large oranges. Just about as firm, too.
There was just enough give to them so that they jiggled
slightly as she moved. But they didn't bounce very
much. She glanced back at her discarded bra on the
floor. She supposed there was a reason they had made
her wear one in the orphanage when she hadn't had tits,
and now that she had them, she still didn't know why.
Maybe she would understand when she was old and had two
floppy bags on her chest like Mrs. Cross.

She watched in the mirror as her slender hands slipped
up to cup her perky mounds. She still wasn't used to
the feel of them, though lately she had been having a
lot of practice touching them. She couldn't seem to
keep her hands off them, especially at night. She
watched as the tips of her thumbs and forefingers met
at the point of each breast and squeezed slightly. The
perky, dusky red nipples stiffened willingly at her

Cindy shuddered as the still-unfamiliar feelings swept
through her compact frame, lighting a small fire in her
belly. Lately, those sensitive little buttons at the
end of her rubbery tits had been driving her crazy. It
seemed the more she rubbed them when they itched or
ached - she couldn't quite describe the feeling - the
more they needed to be rubbed. And squeezed. And

And then there was last night! Cindy blushed with
shame as she remembered how wet her pajama bottoms had
been. It was almost as if she had wet herself - which
she was sure she hadn't! All she had been doing was
scratching an itch, so to speak, when she had kind of
blacked out, or something. Next thing she knew her
only pair of PJs was soiled. She had had to spend the
rest of the night in the nude. Her innocent blush
deepened as she remembered the naughty feeling that
experience had given her. Sleeping naked was something
they were not allowed to do in the orphanage. Cindy's
thoughts lingered on that wonderful feeling of wanton
freedom she had felt sleeping like that. "Laundry day
isn't for another three days. Darn!" she thought. And

She continued her self-assessment. Her once slim,
boyish hips were swelling out, curving with the
perfection of young womanhood. She turned her torso
slightly to the side to catch sight of the smooth round
hemispheres of her butt cheeks. The alabaster surface
dimpled slightly as she flexed her butt muscles. It
raised even higher when she flexed like that. Even with
her panties on she could see the entire cheek, because
today she was wearing her special pair of black silk

The pair she wore today was her sexiest pair. Cindy
was saving as much as she could each week from her
meager salary to get more nice things, but this pair
had been her first splurge. This pair was the kind the
fashion magazines said men liked to see women wear.
The tiny spaghetti strap in the back disappeared
completely into her butt crack, totally baring both
buttocks. It had been a little uncomfortable when she
first wore them, but now she preferred them. They were
so much nicer than the ones the orphanage provided.

The tiny strip of cloth in the front had embarrassed
her at first. She had excitedly tried them on as soon
as she got home and it had looked terrible. She had
cried for hours. However, never one to give up, she
read some more magazines and learned about bikini
waxing, and all kinds of other strange things. After
reading everything she could find, she made the
decision to trim her `bush,' as it was called, with a
razor and scissors. When she was done, all that was
left was a narrow strip of curly short blonde hairs
ending just above her slit. Everywhere else was shaved
baby-bottom smooth. The new panties now looked just as
sexy on her as they did on the models in the magazines.
Sexier, maybe.

Cindy moved her legs so that her upper thighs rubbed
together and up against her bald cunny lips. A slight
scratch informed her it was time to shave again. Maybe
she wouldn't get so wet down there this time. The last
time had taken forever, it seemed like, as she had to
keep rubbing it dry with a towel. She considered
shaving in the shower, but wasn't sure if she could or
how to do it. She would have to look in to that at the

She stood up high on her toes, making her shapely
thighs and calves even tighter. All that running as a
child, all the stairs she had climbed at the girl's
school, and now the long bike ride everyday kept her
long legs in great shape. A little pale, maybe, but
nothing a little sun wouldn't fix.

She looked herself over once more in the mirror.

"I'm a fox!" she giggled to herself.

She brought her hands back up to her tits. They
continued to fascinate her and she thrilled each time
she touched them. She was still too inexperienced to
know that that thrill was a natural sexual response. A
bit pronounced in Cindy's hormone-laden body, perhaps,
but still a natural response. She was also beginning
to notice that sometimes after she'd played them for a
while, she would feel a funny itch or something down
between her legs. Like she felt now, and she blushed
once more as she flashed back again on last night.

Riding her bike all the way from the library to the
cottage smashed her poor little cunny down on that hard
leather bicycle seat. She had been itching - aching? -
since she had gotten to work that morning and had been
there all day long. Giving another harder squeeze to
her tits almost made her dizzy. The tingling feeling
between her legs was stronger now. She wanted to rub
it or scratch at it with her finger.

She saw her left hand slipped down her belly to the top
of her tiny panties as if it had a mind of its own.
Her naughty hand insinuated itself underneath the loose
elastic waistband and moved steadily through the soft
downy hair.

Her long middle finger traveled straight to the top of
her bare slit and then hesitated. She had never
touched herself down there, except to clean. But now -
it slipped lightly along the slippery groove -
Oooh,God, that felt good! She needed to rub more.
And harder. She subconsciously noted that it was wet
there and idly wondered if it was sweat from the bike
ride or something else.

Pressing harder, her lucky finger slipped in between
the folds of sensitive skin and she discovered the
wetness came from inside her.

Bringing her finger up to her nose, she inhaled deeply.
The pungent odor of her womanhood was intriguing. She
tentatively touched the tip of her tongue to her
slippery finger.

"Salty and sweet at the same time," she thought. "I
think I like it!"

Sucking her whole finger into her mouth, she savored
the new taste. Her finger made several trips back into
the source as she dazedly watched herself in the

Shaking her head suddenly, she woke herself up from her
erotic daydreaming. She leaned over into the small
bath and turned on the shower to a cool spray. She
stepped into the small enclosure after stripping off
the silky thong panties. The powerful cool spray of
the shower beat down on her creamy white skin, reviving
her from the long hot day. Turning her back to the
spray she tipped her head and let the hard jets slick
her long blonde hair back from her face.

Bracing her arms against the shower wall, she arched
her back and enjoyed letting the pulsing water work out
the kinks from her shoulders all the way down to her
ass. Turning her head so she could see her butt, she
noticed again that the exercise of riding her bike the
past few months had firmed it up as well as her legs.
She was one hard body!

Not that she had ever been fat or overweight. They had
never had quite enough food to fill up on in the home.
But now her ass looked sexy, even to her. Standing on
tiptoe, she flexed her calves and relished the strength
and youth of her long legs. She also noticed that just
the strain of standing like that caused the tickle in
her pussy to start up again.

Turning to face the spray, the jets of pulsing water
began to work on her chest. One of the errant streams
of cool water caught the tiny bud of her nipple at just
the right angle and seemed to try to move it around the
end of her tit. Jolts of electricity went straight to
her brain. And her cunt!

God! The pleasure that that hard stream of water
brought to her nipple was almost unbearable, almost
painful. She experimentally twisted and turned her
upper body back and forth. She managed to stimulate
both of the sensitive nipples with the hard spray.
Several times. They swelled up and puffed out like
never before.

Cindy looked at her erect nipples in amazement. They
looked so sexy sticking out like that. In fact, they
looked just like ones on the tits of the glamorous
women in those glossy magazines she had looked through
the other day.

The thought of those pictures and of what those women
had been doing to each other in them increased the
itching between her legs that Cindy was feeling. It
was more like a burning sensation now, demanding

She had found the pictures by accident a couple of
weeks ago. She had been in a section of the library
where she wasn't supposed to go. She really had gone
in there by mistake, but the old librarian had yelled
at her for a long time and said some awful things to
her. Cindy had been afraid she would lose her job.

The pictures continued to burn in her memory, however,
and since that first time, she had carefully sneaked
back into that room twice more. Both times she had
only had a short time to look at the pictures in the
magazines and on the walls. The photos had excited
her, although she was puzzled about some of the things
she had seen the women in the pictures doing.

Cindy lifted the showerhead down off its holder and
started moving it over her stomach. Moving the
massaging jets over her tummy muscles felt good. She
closed her eyes as she took her time covering her whole
stomach, letting the jet move itself to the next aching
muscle group.

The jet moved dreamily lower towards her pussy as if on
its own. As it neared the juncture of her thighs, the
water was partially deflected by the short soft hairs
of her bush, temporarily blocked from directly hitting
that super-sensitive area.

However, as she continued to lazily move the stream
around over her tummy and then down to her upper
thighs, the twisted flexible hose connecting the
showerhead to the faucet suddenly brushed up against
her aroused nipple. The unexpected, and fairly rough,
contact caused surge of sexual feeling that surprised
the načve young girl. She dropped the showerhead as
she clasped both hands to the offended nipple.

"Damn", she thought as she squatted down to pick up the
water massager. "Clumsy ol' me."

As she grabbed for the mischievous showerhead, the
powerful pulsating stream of water finally found its
mark and shot directly up at her tender cunt, which was
now spread invitingly wide by her squatting position.
Cindy almost fainted from the sensations that flooded
her young body, and braced her arms against the wall of
the shower.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH", she cried.

Still squatting, she finally re-captured the showerhead
and, without thinking, brought it up close to her
screaming cunt. These new feelings were sensational,
terrific, wonderful, and she wanted more, more, more,
and more! She had never, ever imagined she could have
feelings like this. The pulsing water jet played
around her virgin cunt for several minutes, stimulating
the vibrant flesh as never before.

Held in an erotic daze by the dancing water spray
caressing and teasing her splayed pussy, Cindy leaned
back against the wall of the shower and slid slowly to
the floor, her knees akimbo. The magical showerhead
was trapped between the cheeks of her ass with the
showerhead, now at point-blank range, aimed straight at
her clit. Unknowingly, she brought her now-freed hands
to her breasts. Squeezing them lightly and rolling the
captive nipple between her fingers felt delicious. It
added tremendously to the feelings she was having down
there. Squeezing harder and pulling them sharply away
from her body amplified them even more. When she
impulsively pinched both of them sharply, Cindy felt
her tummy muscles spasm and jolts of electricity
radiated out from that little spot just above her cunt to all parts of her body.

"OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH oh oh oh oh oh!"

As the sexual current was still surging though her
body, she squeezed her buds harder and then pinched her
swollen nipples, quite hard. This seemingly painful
pinching intensified the glorious feelings in her cunt.
The pulsing water continued to beat on her clit for
another 15 cunt-wrenching minutes, before she rolled to
her side at last and lay sobbing, gasping on the floor
of the tiny shower stall. Her first intentional, if
accidental, orgasmic experience had drained her, but
only momentarily. Even as she caught her breath, she
felt a sexual charge building in her lower body. Cindy
didn't know what it was she was feeling, only that she
knew this was going to happen again. Soon.

Cindy turned the water off and picked the showerhead up
off the floor. Slowly standing, she stretched her taut
young sex-charged body like a cat wakening from a short

"Ooooohh, that was wonderful," she thought lazily.
"But there seems to be something missing, something

What she had felt just now was good - great, even. But
she sensed deep down that her capacity for this new
sensation was untapped by what she had experienced by
her own hand in the shower.

"Well, you've got to start somewhere."

End of Chapter

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