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CNF 02 young body was just aching for


WARNING: The chapters in this story contain
scenes of graphic sex involving lesbianism,
masturbation, mechanical sex acts,
bestiality, and bondage, all with strong
undercurrents of pain, and, if you can
believe it, romance. In code, that is [f ff
fd ffdd mech bd pain rom]. If subject
matter of this nature does not interest you,
do not read any farther.

All events in this story are fictional.
(DUH!) All the characters in this story are
fictional. This is a fantasy, i.e. a place
where physical acts and human responses are
not limited to or necessarily based in
reality. Therefore, some acts and responses
described are physically impossible or
physiologically improbable. Do not try them
yourself, especially alone. This story is
intended for the salacious entertainment of
consenting adults, not as an instructional
manual. Again, do not try to do any of the
things described in this story. You will
injure yourself or your partner.

If you are under 18 years of age, go away.
This will burn your eyeballs.

If material of a strong sexual nature is
prohibited where you are, go away.

By continuing, the reader accepts all
responsibility for any disgust, revulsion,
jail sentences, or pleasure that result from
reading this story.

You have been warned!

That said, enjoy!..:)



Cindy's New Friends

By NightShade.

Chapter 2

Toweling off her quivering body kept Cindy in
a kind of erotic haze. It was as if a switch
had been turned on in her body or brain.
Everything that touched her, everything she
did, everything she thought excited her cunt this afternoon. The rough fabric of her
thick towel reddened her tender skin,
bringing the blood to the surface as she
roughly toweled herself dry. She probably
spent more time than necessary to dry off her
tits, ass and crotch and, by the time she was
through with them, those areas were a bright
blushing red.

Her long, stiff nipples felt raw and
sensitive to the slightest touch. She knew
she couldn't wear her bra while they were
this sore. Even her old T-shirt would hurt.
So she decided to go without a top for a
while, just until they settled down.

Knotting a towel around her waist, she
wandered around the tiny cottage and picked
up her clothes. She had not had many
personal possessions growing up in the
orphanage, so she was especially neat and
orderly with the few she had. She kept her
clothes neat and the cottage spotless. As
she worked, she enjoyed the feeling of her
unencumbered breasts swaying freely as she
moved and bent. As a result, she was
probably more vigorous than usual as she
moved about doing her chores, but she didn't
notice. Predictably, instead of abating, the
internal heat in her young body was slowly
building up.

Looking around at the spotless room, she saw
there was nothing left to do until dinner.
She decided to lie out in the sun for an hour
or so. She started to go get a cover-up, but
then the thought of going outside topless
thrilled her as being wicked and decadent.
Being out in the country with no one around
made her feel secure and safe enough to do
such a daring thing.

Picking up another towel and a tube of sun
tan lotion, she walked out into the small
clearing behind the cottage. The sun was
positioned just right as she bent over and
spread her towel. Her free-swaying breasts quivered slightly as she worked. In this
position, with her bent over from the waist,
her firm young breasts were displayed at
their very finest. The perky nipples pointed
straight down and the full firm globes
swelled slightly as they hung easily from her
chest, swaying gently as she breathed. The
sensual weight of the orbs pulled them down,
swollen, making them seem even larger. She
grinned as she felt the strange heat building
in her loins once again.

"God, no matter what I do, it turns me on",
she thought, as she suddenly realized that
that was exactly what that phrase meant. "I
wonder what else `turns me on'?"

The towel was spread, and she settled herself
comfortably on her back, prepared to relax
and let her tense body calm down in the warm
sun. The knot she had tied in the towel
around her waist dug uncomfortably into her
side. She reached down and undid the knot.
Then, realizing that the loose towel would
bunch up under her butt and be even more
uncomfortable, she pulled the towel off,
leaving her completely nude. This was too
much of a bold step for her, so she folded
the towel into a narrow strip, and laid it
chastely across the top of her legs to cover
her pubic area. She didn't want to burn the
sensitive flesh down there.

The sun tan lotion was cool when she squirted
it onto her stomach. At first she was only
going use enough to do her stomach and arms,
but the coolness of the liquid made her
suddenly tense up. She squirted too much out
of the tube. After smearing it over her arms
and stomach, there was still quite a bit

"Well, I don't want them to burn, do I?" she
asked herself as she began the pleasurable
task of oiling up her boobs.

"OOOOHHHH that's good", she sighed.

She began massaging the pliant orbs in
earnest, completing the task of thoroughly
applying the excess lotion - and then some.
The Aloe in the lotion soothed her raw
nipples, calming them. She derived a great
deal of pleasure just by rubbing the slippery
potion around and around over them.

She closed her eyes and lay back on the towel
as she brought both hands into play, one
slender hand on each tit. Her mind was now
totally given over to the lust in her budding
body. As she languorously stimulated her
tits, her mind drifted and her legs spread
slightly, opening automatically in response
to the erotic thoughts clouding her brain.

She started pinching her nipples as she had
in the shower, experimenting with
increasingly more pressure. When the
tormented buds had grown to their largest
size ever, she pulled on them, stretching
them away from her body. They reacted to
this exquisite torture by giving her immense
pleasure. Without thinking, Cindy curled the
slender middle finger of each hand, cocking
them against her thumbs, and then flicked
them as one would flick a crumb from the
table. Her laquered nails landed very hard
against the sides of her breasts, catching
her nipples squarely. She didn't know why,
but the sudden pain screaming from them
seemed to excite her more than anything else
had yet today, so she did it repeatedly until
they were really too sore to touch. Although
it hurt, - a lot! - the sharp pain
transformed to pleasure by the time it had
reached her cunt.

She was thinking totally with her sopping
cunt now. Nothing mattered to her but the
feeling building inside her. Her erotic
dreams were so far way, she didn't notice at
first that she was not alone in the small
clearing. It was not until she felt the
gentle pressure of hot breath on her smooth
thighs that her fogged brain registered that
someone else was there with her. Cindy's
hands froze in mid pull, then released her
distended nipples to snap back to their
normal excited length.

The very thought that someone was watching
her as she touched herself so intimately gave
her a wicked thrill. She decided to give her
admirer a real show and moved her hands to
display her perfect glistening globes for the
watcher at her feet. No one ever wanted to
look at her before, when she was small and
ugly. That someone found her worth looking
at was a new experience, one she found she
was enjoying very much. . She wasn't scared.
She was too far gone, too close to another
release to be afraid.

The hot moist breath tantalized her young skin as it moved closer to her body. She
didn't want to open her eyes to find out who
was there with her, but she did slow her
hands and focused on the hot breath tickling
the tiny hairs on her inner thighs.

The element of an unexpected presence
gradually wove itself into the fabric of her
erotic fantasy. She let herself imagine a
handsome, rough-handed logger standing at her
feet, watching her. His red flannel shirt was open to expose his broad hairy chest.
His strong square jaw bristly with his
unshaven beard.

He would be a man's man.

Holding her breath as she pursued this
dangerously erotic dream, she imagined his
virile male organ tenting the front of his
faded Levi's as he gazed at her beauty. She
knew intuitively that she would easily excite
a man with the body she had now. From her
biology and sex-ed classes, she knew that
meant his organ, his penis, would get hard
and erect.

Cindy had a very limited knowledge of the
male anatomy and even less experience with
it. In fact, she had only seen the crude
drawings passed around furtively at school -
the ones that caused the other girls to
snigger and guffaw. Cindy had only stared at
it, not comprehending that the crudely drawn
organ was way out of perspective. The fact
that a man with an organ that large would not
be able to stand upright never crossed her
mind. In her imagination, a tool that big
was normal, so, in her fantasies, all of her
lovers had gargantuan cocks.

She imagined her roughshod logger would have
a massive organ, with a swollen helmeted head
the size of a basketball. Silky smooth skin
over an iron hard muscle would throb with
every beat of his heart. He would be
standing there, gazing at her, holding the
shaft with both hands.

Or maybe her lover was a woodsman who lived
deep in the forest and had not seen a woman
in years. He would jump on her, pin her down
and ravish her over and over..

Cindy never got farther than that in her
girlish fantasies. This time, though, she
felt the fantasy would go on. Her tight
young body was just aching for the story to
continue. Her wildly erotic dreaming
increased the wetness in her pussy, a little
trickle running down into her ass crack to
moisten her clenching shit hole.

She felt the towel being gently lifted up off
her loins, moving so very slowly, exposing
her most private parts to the view of the
silent intruder. Wickedly, wantonly, she
inched her legs farther apart as
inconspicuously as possible, drawing her
knees up slightly at the same time. The
puffy outer lips of her vagina split open,
showing her moistened, sensitive inner lips
to her admirer.

Several moments passed with the two of them
seemingly frozen in this erotic tableau. Her
heart was beating wildly and her fingers
started their torment of her ruddy nipples
once more. Cindy kept herself on the edge of
a kind of emotional cliff as she waited for
something to happen.

She heard a slight movement and some

Would the intruder go away and leave her
unmolested? Would he stay? Would he touch
her? Wasn't she pretty enough? Was he even
there? A thousand thoughts sped through her
feverish mind. She was alert to every
sensation invading her body.

A sudden brush of a rough material against
the sensitive smooth skin of her inner thigh
just about made her jump out of her skin.
She was so into the daydream, however, she
wasn't separating reality from fantasy, and
the sudden touch opened up the story line to
new possibilities. She tensed, but didn't
pull away from her lover's advances.

Then there came the first intentional touch.
It was kind of like what she imagined a kiss
would be, if she were ever to get one. This
kiss was down there, on the wrong lips. It
was too wet. The lips weren't smooth either,
but kind of rough, like a tongue. That was
it, it was a tongue. Someone was licking her
down there!

For the second time in ten seconds, Cindy
just about bolted for the cottage. Then she
remembered one of the pictures she had seen
in the library. Two beautiful women had been
kissing and licking each other - down there -
and the expressions on their faces had been
dreamy. She had thought at the time it had
been posed, but now she knew different. As
the tongue touching her vaginal lips became
bolder, skyrockets went off in her head. The
intensely erotic feelings were building until
she thought her whole body would explode.

The burrowing tongue kept on licking her,
lazily swiping from her anus up to her clit
in one slow motion. Cindy shuddered as she
felt the long intruder tantalize her back
door. In her lust-heightened state, even
that turned her on.

She began to notice some strange things, even
through her lusty haze. That long, warm, wet
wonderful tongue was actually too long. Too
long for a human, anyway. And were those
things tickling her tender inner thighs a
beard, or were they whiskers? With a sudden
start she opened her eyes and glanced down
between the valley of her heaving breasts.

It wasn't a woodsman or a logger at all! It
was a Wolf! A big black wolf! With sharp
teeth! She was being eaten by a big bad

She started to turn to run, but froze in
panic. The animal continued to lap
contentedly at her wet hole as she considered
her best move to escape the same fate as
Little red Riding Hood. When she finally did
try to slowly slide her butt back on the
towel and get away from the persistent
licking, she was immediately stopped by a
low, threatening growl. She gave a small
whimper of fear, and gave up all hope of
seeing tomorrow.

At the sound of her terror, the animal raised
its magnificent head and looked at her with
its piercing, intelligent, gentle eyes. As
if reassuring Cindy, the wolf grinned at her,
which exposed most the gleaming sharp teeth
in its mouth. Cindy was hardly comforted.

Lowering its slim muzzle back to her dripping
honey pot, the animal firmly pushed his moist
nose up against her clit. With every hot
breath, its nose would rub against her clit,
driving the poor captive girl further and
further from reality.

As well, being in this close, the slender
tongue slipped past her outer and inner lips
and entered her virgin tunnel. This strange
feeling of invasion drove her to frantic
action. She brought up her knees, ready to
roll over and run into the cottage.

Sensing her imminent flight, the wild animal nipped her lightly on the thigh. Not enough
to draw blood, or even hurt. But it sure
scared the fight out of her. Cindy collapsed
back onto the towel, closed her eyes and
sobbed. She was sure she was going to die.
If not from the wolf, then surely from shame.

She continued to live, much to her surprise.
The animal continued to lick her pussy, to
her growing enjoyment. A couple of sharp
nudges with its nose directly on her clit,
followed by a gentle nip of that swollen
gland with his sharp front teeth, and Cindy
didn't care if she died or not. She just
wanted the feelings she was experiencing to
go on and on forever.

The big wolf pulled back a bit from
tormenting the prone girl using just the tip
of its tongue to tease her sensitive skin.
This gave Cindy a chance to clear her head a
little. Her mind raced over what had
happened. So far, the beast had been pretty
gentle with her, but definitely sexual. She
still had all her fingers and toes. The only
thing she had lost was her dignity, but she
hadn't had much of that anyway. She knew
that what they were doing was not normal,
but, outside of the gentle bite, she had not
been hurt. It did feel good, once she got
past her fear. She was in no position to
argue either.

She thought back to the photo of the two
women. She hadn't known then if what they
were doing was normal or not with her limited
sexual experiences, but later, when the wolf
started licking her, she had dreamed it was
her lover, and she had thought it was

Like it was wonderful now, or could be if she
would let go. Steeling her resolve to
experience the sensuous tide again, she
calmed her fears. The pleasure she felt
increased the more she relaxed, willingly
giving into this new side of herself.

The talented animal had been persistently,
gently, thoroughly, licking the inflamed
outer lips her cunt and her inner thighs.
The glorious sensations were building up in
her pussy like floodwaters behind a dam, just
as they had in the shower, only bigger.

Suddenly, the dam burst. She began to cum,
shaking, screaming out her passion, and
dripping her virgin juices into the waiting
mouth of the animal. Repeatedly she cried
out and spasmed until she collapsed in a
relaxed heap of quivering flesh, her legs
splayed open in a wanton invitation for more.

The huge black wolf gladly accepted her open


Having watched the naked girl exit the cottage into the
bright sunlight, the dog had been released with a
silent hand command. Then, clinically observing the
obscene spectacle, the dark figure noted with a small
surprise the girl's ready acceptance of the dog's
advances. This was an unusual twist indeed. Usually
that kind of unfeigned acceptance took much longer.
Perhaps this new batch of drugs she was getting mixed
in with her boxed lunches at the library increased the
sexual drive as well. If so, it would bear

The dark shadow slipped silently away from the resting
couple, the empty leash clinking softly with each step.
The dog was well trained and would perform flawlessly.
There was no need to watch.

That would come later, when the real debauchery would


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