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CNF 08 thick shaft ballooned with blood


WARNING: The chapters in this story contain
scenes of graphic sex involving lesbianism,
masturbation, mechanical sex acts,
bestiality, and bondage, all with strong
undercurrents of pain, and, if you can
believe it, romance. In code, that is [f ff
fd ffdd mech bd pain rom]. If subject
matter of this nature does not interest you,
do not read any farther.

All events in this story are fictional.
(DUH!) All the characters in this story are
fictional. This is a fantasy, i.e. a place
where physical acts and human responses are
not limited to or necessarily based in
reality. Therefore, some acts and responses
described are physically impossible or
physiologically improbable. Do not try them
yourself, especially alone. This story is
intended for the salacious entertainment of
consenting adults, not as an instructional
manual. Again, do not try to do any of the
things described in this story. You will
injure yourself or your partner.

If you are under 18 years of age, go away.
This will burn your eyeballs.

If material of a strong sexual nature is
prohibited where you are, go away.

By continuing, the reader accepts all
responsibility for any disgust, revulsion,
jail sentences, or pleasure that result from
reading this story.

You have been warned!

That said, enjoy!..:)



Cindy's New Friends

By NightShade.

Chapter 8

Mary looked over at the two dogs patiently waiting for
their turn with the women. Both had watched the
performance with keen interest. They had witnessed
similar performances in the past and knew their
Mistress was always eager to be fucked afterward.

Reaching behind her, Mary reached for one of the
handles and used it to pull herself up off the bench.
Cindy slid back along the bench and kneeled at the end
of the bench, sitting on her heels. She was still
somewhat dazed from the alcohol and the heady sex.

"Brutus, COME HERE," Mary snapped firmly.

The huge gray dog immediately stood and trotted over to
Mary's side. He was almost quivering with excitement,
in anticipation of marking his Mistress. He had not
been allowed access to the Mistress, a fuck-toy, or a
bitch for weeks, and he was ready. It was a testament
to the kennel's discipline and training that he waited
for permission before sating his need on her.

Instead of mating with the huge dog, Mary reached over
to a shelf on the wall next to her, picked up a leash
and snapped it to the thick leather collar around
Brutus' neck. Turning to Cindy, she held out the end
of the leash.

"If you accept this leash from me, you become Brutus'
new Mistress. I would like to give him to you as a
gift for giving me so much pleasure."

Cindy's eyes widened as she appraised the tense
creature. Accepting would mean not coming home to an
empty house. It would mean having a friend that
wouldn't abandon her. She nodded and took the
proffered leash.

"Thank you, Mary." It was all she could choke out from
her constricted throat.

Brutus' attention immediately transferred from Mary to
his new Mistress. He moved to her side and quietly
surveyed his new Mistress. If his broad face could
have showed approval, he would have been beaming.

Not even the scent of Max's newly deposited sperm in
his Mistress's loins disturbed him. He was confident
he would soon mark his Mistress as his own territory
and he woofed in anticipation.

"Brutus is a very special dog, Cindy," Mary continued.
"You will need to know some special commands to have
him do the special things he can do."

Reaching over to Cindy, Mary unzipped the girl's work
shift. Brutus, reacting to this motion towards his
Mistress, took a defensive stance. The only reason he
did not rip off the attacking hand was that it belonged
to Mary. Mary noticed the move, and the restraint, and
smiled. The new relationship was bonding already.

"First, let's get comfortable," she said as she lifted
the shapeless garment over Cindy's head, revealing her
nubile body to Brutus' gaze. Mary then efficiently
stripped off her own clothing, having only her dress on
over her own nudity.

Cindy looked up at the older woman, marveling at her
beauty, not understanding that she herself was just as
desirable. The smooth classic lines of the woman's
hips curved in to a waspish waist that somehow
supported two large firm breasts in perfect proportion.
Long, dark hair fell over her shoulders and covered the
tops of her breasts so that the dark red nipples played
peek-a-boo with Cindy.

From where Cindy was kneeling on the floor, Mary's
stocking-clad legs seemed to reach up forever, to meet
just below a smooth flat tummy. She had already seen
Mary's pussy up close, but now she noticed that the
small patch of hair covering her mound was trimmed
short and neat, much as her own was.

As Mary turned to face Max, Cindy saw a pair of
crescent-shaped ass cheeks that were a perfect
compliment to the rest of her perfect body. The creamy
skin was unblemished, perfect in its texture, no
dimples or cellulose. Mary worked hard to keep herself

Mary sat down beside Cindy and motioned her to get off
her knees and sit on the floor on her butt as she was
sitting. Cindy nimbly obeyed, putting her feet
straight out in front of her, spreading her feet about
a foot apart. She copied Mary's posture and raised her
knees, letting them fall out to the sides. She put her
arms behind her for support.

"Good," said Mary. God, she loved those Margaritas,
but she wasn't altogether certain that she would have
needed them with Cindy. She took the opportunity to
examine Cindy's splayed pussy up close. A tiny strand
of dog cum trickled out of the rosy opening. With a
jerk of her head, she motioned Max to her.

"This is the first command, Cindy," she instructed.
"You must be sure to use a firm tone of voice when you
give this, or any other command," she continued.

Leaning back on her elbows she looked at Max and firmly
said, "Max, LICK ME!"

Max obediently dipped his head and began to service his
Mistress. Her already sopping pussy was a treat for
him. He truly adored his Mistress. Her abundant
juices were evidence to him that he had pleased her and
were part of her reward to him.

"Now, you try it, Cindy," Mary told her.

Brutus' eyes were bright as he watched Max lick his
former Mistress. He was impatient to get acquainted
with his Mistress, to taste her essence, but he stayed
obediently still.

"Brutus, lick me," Cindy ventured weakly, as she again
copied Mary's posture and leaned back on her elbows,

The dog started, then stopped at the sound of his name,
unsure if she had commanded him or not.

"Say it like you mean it. Say it like you want it,"
Mary instructed with a shaking voice. Max's tongue was
working wonders on her cunt. She didn't compare it to
Cindy's, or any person's tongue because they were
different, but Mary was positive she liked Max' tongue

Cindy took a deep breath, steadying her nerves.
"Brutus, LICK ME, NOW," she barked.

Immediately, Brutus moved between her legs, lowered his
head and began to lick her swollen cunt with his broad
rough tongue. The spunk Max had placed there didn't
bother him as his acute senses of taste and smell could
identify the true scent of his aroused Mistress.

Cindy snapped back her head and hissed her breath out
in sensual overload. The gentle dog licked her from
her anus to her clit, completely covering the private
area. The rough texture of his broad tongue was like
wiping her genitals with soft sandpaper. Every nerve
ending in her pussy came alive again.

After five or six long slow licks up her perineal
surface with the broad surface of his tongue, the
trained dog began to use the edge, wiggling the broad
muscular slab vertically into her slit. Then his
tongue began sliding up and down the sensitive flesh,
sending Cindy crashing over the edge into a cum-
squirting climax.

Mary was watching the action next to her as best she
could. Having had more experience with Max, she could
pay some peripheral attention to her surroundings and
not be as totally absorbed as was the innocent girl next to her. But Max was a good pussy licker, and Mary
went over the top shortly after Cindy, finally
distracted from her voyeurism.

Both women collapsed to lie flat on their backs for a
much-needed respite from the assaulting tongues. Their
dogs continued gently licking during the orgasms to
bring their Mistresses as much pleasure as possible,
just as they had been trained. Then they stopped and
sat back, patiently waiting for the next command.

After a short rest, Mary looked over at Cindy, who was
staring dreamily at Brutus.

"Good," she thought. "Her affections have been
diverted from Max." She was very possessive of her own
big dog. "Now to cement their relationship."

Rolling over onto her hands and knees, she said, "Now
for the next command, Cindy."

Cindy rolled over obediently. She watched Mary crawl
over to the bench she had been draped over earlier and
pull off the cushioned board. She set it on the floor
next to Cindy and pumped a small handle until the
pneumatic legs had raised the board about six inches
off the floor.

"It will be easier if you kneel on this and put your
head on the board for this one, Cindy," she said
maliciously. "Yeah, easier for that brute of a dog to
fuck his prick out your throat," she added to herself.

"Keep your ass up real high," she added, positioning
Cindy with helpful wandering hands. Cindy's nipples,
already at attention, responded to the light caresses.
She wiggled her elevated butt in eager response.
"Yeah, like that, Honey."

Mary got into a similar position, but on the floor.

"Max," Mary said, "FUCK ME."

Even in her blurred state, Cindy thrilled at those

"Could you actually train a dog to fuck on command?
What a wonderful idea! Instant satisfaction anytime
you wanted." Sexy thoughts ran through her mind like
muddy kids on a freshly waxed floor.

Cindy, her head resting on the board, her ass raised
high as her new friend had suggested, had her face
turned to watch Mary. She saw Max approach Mary from
the rear and rise up on his hind legs. Mounting her,
his forepaws grasped at Mary's chest, lightly
scratching her swaying boobs. Cindy's lips tensed
together in awe as she watched the obedient dog stuff
his mistress's cunt with his slick, blood-engorged cock
without hesitation. The entire shaft slid into the
waiting woman. There was no sound except for a long
satisfied sigh.

She watched the copulating couple for a few moments and
saw Mary react to the sudden wonderful swelling of the
knot as the dog locked himself tightly into her pussy.
Mary arched her back and expelled her breath in a
sudden whoosh. She didn't seem to be in any pain, and
Cindy was suddenly desperate to be filled just like her
new friend.

"Brutus, FUCK ME," Cindy cried.

Because of her elevated and submissive position
together with his huge size, Brutus did not need to
mount her. He simply moved to stand directly over her,
and put one of his massive forepaws on each of her
shoulders, pinning her tightly to the board. His cock
had swiftly emerged from its sheath on her command and
the massive organ bumped into her inviting ass.

At first his swaying cockhead lightly probed her anus,
sending forbidden chills through the willing girl. "I
have learned so much today," she wondered. "I wonder
what that would that be like?" Again, there was no
sense of guilt or shame or fear, just willing

Finding the sopping, jism lubed entrance to her vaginal
tunnel on his next try, Brutus urged his massive cock
into her tight sheath with a series of short jerks of
his hindquarters.

Cindy's breath was forced from her lungs by the
invasion of the huge dog's massive prick. Her
inexperienced pussy walls stretched painfully,
eventually expanding to accommodate the over-sized
cock. Nerves that even Max' long cock hadn't touched
fired off, sending their joyous signals to her pleasure

Because of her submissive position with her up-tilted
buttocks, Brutus' cock was perfectly angled to drive
down to the very depths of her womb. Once or twice the
narrow head of his prick actually poked into her
uterus, driving her nearly insane with pleasure/pain.

Suddenly, Cindy gave a sharp intake of breath and a
short yelp of pain.

Mary grinned to herself. "Now you know why we call him
Brutus," she gritted out between her teeth.

Max was fucking her with more enthusiasm than usual.
She had come once already and was quickly building
towards another. Because of Max' recent bout with
Cindy, Mary knew this was going to be a good long fuck.
Her favorite pet always took longer the second time

"Oh God. Oh God, I can't take it. It's so huge, it's
going to split me in two. I can feel it in my throat.
Oh Oh OH OHHHHH." Cindy was out of her mind with the
intense feelings in her cunt.

The massive knot at the base of the cock head had
automatically swelled in response to mother Nature's
erotic stimulus to lock Brutus firmly into the
reproductive cavity of a sometimes-unwilling mate. The
already thick shaft ballooned up with blood to a hard
knob the size of a softball.

Cindy's already stretched pussy walls complained loudly
at this new demand on their elasticity, but slowly the
nerve ending-loaded tissues responded to accommodate
this new demand on them. A tremendous increase in the
outflow of cunt juice helped lubricate the action that
was taking place.

As the pain slackened, Cindy began to pant, just like
the bitch in heat that she appeared. "YES, YES, YES.

Brutus responded to his new Mistress's voice by
speeding up the thrusts of his hindquarters. His
forepaws kept the girl's shoulders firmly planted to
the padded board and he could thrust forward firmly
with abandon. He was excited to be marking her as his
territory and his eyes gleamed with prideful ownership.

He was intent on marking every hole of his territory
before too long. His lunging was spurred on by the
wiggling of the tight little butt he was fucking into.
He took this as a sign he was pleasing his Mistress,
and right now, that was all that mattered.

With a woof and a series of jerks, Brutus began to
flood Cindy's womb. His abstinence had given him a
hair trigger. The seal created by his swollen cock
knot pressing so tightly against her cunt walls forced
the dog cum to flow up the mouth of her uterus into and
completely filling the small space inside her womb.
The unusual feeling of being filled up by a uterine cum enema sent Cindy's senses reeling completely off axis,
and she fainted into a blissful orgasmic haze. Her
eyes glazed over and she went completely limp.

If Brutus had not been locked in, she would have
collapsed flat on the cushions, letting that huge cock
slip out of her cunt. As it was, she was left dangling
like a rag doll on the end of his prick, her shapely
ass pressed up next to his soft belly.

Mary was vaguely aware of the events happening with
Cindy, and sympathized with the girl's adjustments to
the size of her new friend. Brutus had fucked her,
too, but just once, and that had been enough. She was
relieved to see he had flooded her womb. Her last
assistant trainer had met with an unfortunate accident
during the training of that huge dog.

With the assistant trainer, apparently Brutus would
occasionally fail to ejaculate and would just keep on
fucking and fucking, becoming increasingly frantic and
desperate in his motions. Susan, her head trainer, had
had to tranquilize him after he had been fucking the
ill-fated assistant for over two hours with no end in
sight. She had never explained why she had waited two
whole hours before intervening, but Mary had her

Mary supposed that eventually Brutus would have cum.
The sad thing was that she now had to find a new
assistant. The poor girl freaked out every time she
saw a dog bigger than a Chihuahua, although she didn't
walk bow-legged anymore. Mary idly wondered if Cindy
would be interested in the job. She obviously didn't
mind fucking dogs, having just done it with two of
them. She had other plans for this particular bitch,

Finally Brutus' knot relaxed its coital grip on her
pussy walls and Cindy slid down the length of his still
firm cock to settle in an undignified but satisfied
heap on the floor.

Several minutes later, Max sped up his thrusts into
Mary, indicating his coming climax. With a short bark,
he shoved his prick all the way into Mary's twat, got a
death grip with his forepaws mashing her swaying tits together, and spurted his milky white cum into the
waiting, hungry depths of her cunt.

Mary shuddered in a final climax as Max finished. "An
altogether pleasurable day," she thought. "Successful,
too," she added, glancing over at the couple next to
her. They were already going at it again, Cindy having
gleefully given the dog the `FUCK ME' command as soon
as she was coherent.

"And it's all on tape."


Joe, Liu and the small girl landed at a local landing
strip four miles from the Sheffield Estates. The
runway was barely long enough to handle the private
jet, but Joe's pilot was very skilled and made the
difficult landing seem routine.

A nod to Liu and she took the small girl into the
private stateroom in the rear of the aircraft. There
Liu gave her a sedative and tucked her in for the
night. Then, with a shiver of anticipation, she moved
forward to stand before Joe.

Liu had never gotten used to the thrill this man gave
to her. Not since the first time she had seem him, the
day he had purchased her from her family. She had only
been 7 years old, the same age as the little girl asleep in the back of the plane, but she had known that
she had provided enough money for her family to live in
comfort for years.

It wasn't until several years later she had learned the
truth, that soldiers had come the next day and burned
down the village, killing all the inhabitants,
including her mother, father and six brothers.

She knew Chew had had her family killed to keep his
secret. She hated him for that. Yet she still got
aroused whenever he took her, as he had taken her
virginity on that first night, and the second night,
and on countless nights since then. Each time was like
a new rape of her body, each time she managed to feel
forced to accept him, each time she climaxed from being
forced. It was her secret, one that had kept her
alive, longer than any other of his little girls.

Liu knew Chew would take her tonight. He was planning
something, but he would take her. Liu had sent in the
baumkind team two weeks ago. So far she had had to
replace the keeper twice, once because Quan-Loc had cut
too deeply and the old man had bled to death, the other
because the keeper had run from the trailer in insane
terror. It had to have been terror, as his proximity
belt had activated when he was 20 meters from the
trailer. Six needles inside the belt had fired into
his body, each one injecting a 10 time lethal dose of
cyanide into the running man.

He died very painfully.

This was the first use of baumkind outside of Asia.
Liu knew something big was up. She had seen the
reports from Quan-Loc. She knew everything was going
well. She knew he would be harsh with her tonight and
she moistened in anticipation. It would be easy to
pretend she was being forced. It was the only way she
could orgasm anymore. Liu knew tonight she would cum.

Liu was right.

End of Chapter


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