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CNF 09 video panel when Susan had delivered

WARNING: The chapters in this story contain
scenes of graphic sex involving lesbianism,
masturbation, mechanical sex acts,
bestiality, and bondage, all with strong
undercurrents of pain, and, if you can
believe it, romance. In code, that is [f ff
fd ffdd mech bd pain rom]. If subject
matter of this nature does not interest you,
do not read any farther.

All events in this story are fictional.
(DUH!) All the characters in this story are
fictional. This is a fantasy, i.e. a place
where physical acts and human responses are
not limited to or necessarily based in
reality. Therefore, some acts and responses
described are physically impossible or
physiologically improbable. Do not try them
yourself, especially alone. This story is
intended for the salacious entertainment of
consenting adults, not as an instructional
manual. Again, do not try to do any of the
things described in this story. You will
injure yourself or your partner.

If you are under 18 years of age, go away.
This will burn your eyeballs.

If material of a strong sexual nature is
prohibited where you are, go away.

By continuing, the reader accepts all
responsibility for any disgust, revulsion,
jail sentences, or pleasure that result from
reading this story.

You have been warned!

That said, enjoy!..:)



Cindy's New Friends

By NightShade.

Chapter 9

... "And it's all on tape."

Those words had not been Mary's, nor was Mary aware
that the silent hidden cameras were recording her while
she was in the playroom. Mary had carefully shut down
the video panel when Susan had delivered Brutus to the
main house. She had been so intent on getting together
with Cindy, however, she had not noticed whether Susan
had left the main house or not.

Susan hadn't left the house. Watching her boss walk
eagerly away with the obedient dog, she had pulled a
key from the pocket of her lab coat. She had spent
nearly a week in secret, filing a spare key until she
could unlock the one locked room in the main house.
Susan had been unprepared for the sight that had
greeted her on that first visit to the video room, but
since then, she had installed a hidden override switch
deep in the myriad cables and connections. She could
tap into everything coming into the room undetected as
well as override any security and control the

She had activated the hidden switch as soon as she
entered. What she saw on the monitors was a bare-assed
young girl lying on a padded fuck-bench. Susan was
familiar with these contraptions. There were several
such tilted benches in the kennel for training
purposes, and not for training the dogs. The dogs
didn't need to be tied down.

Susan had started the video recorders as soon as Mary
entered the room with the second dog. She wasn't sure
why she wanted the tape of her boss in a possibly
incriminating activity, but her rationalization for
doing it was to protect herself in case Brutus froze
again and fucked his new owner to death.

In reality, she didn't care if that fucking dog froze
up or not. She knew he wouldn't, or probably
shouldn't, anyway. She knew, better than anyone that
the dog's `problem' was not going to reoccur unless he
was sexually drained for at least a week, maybe longer.
Her mind drifted back to past events..

If she hadn't drained Brutus with her own extra
curricular nighttime activities, the dog wouldn't have
had a problem. Susan wasn't letting the dog fuck her
at night. She knew her tight quim would have been
ripped apart with something that fat stuck up there.
Her fingers were just fine, thank you.

What she and Brutus had been doing every night for a
couple of weeks preceding the incident was a little
experiment, or self-therapy. Susan would sexually
arouse the dog with her hand, a vibrator, or whatever
it took. This would continue until the dog reached his
predictable climax. As the sticky fluid was shooting
out of his super-sensitive cock and making a mess on
the kennel floor, Susan would touch an electric cattle
prod against the pink flesh and watch the dog's violent

It had to have hurt the damn mutt. But he never failed
to respond to at least one sexual stimulus or another.
Towards the end, the only stimulus that worked was the
sight of her in her lab coat lying on the floor on her
face, her ass in the air. The tight fabric over her
butt seemed to set the dog on fire every time. He
would stand over her and rub his disgusting penis
sheath up and down her nylon-covered ass until the
slick pink head and the shaft would emerge. Susan
would then excited him using her hand and jerk him off
several times a night, each of his climaxes punctuated
by a sharp jolt of electricity.

Susan wasn't a true sadist, even with this apparent
evidence to the contrary. She was extremely fond of
almost all the other dogs in her care, even to the
extent of sucking them off on occasion. She understood
the way they thought - that she was just a fuck-toy to
them, and how they needed to mark territory and so on.
But she was truly and deeply afraid of Brutus.

He was a gentle dog, easy to handle and she was
pathologically terrified of him. Her shocking him was
just her way of dealing with her terror. Not a good
way, but that was what she had done. She had not
anticipated that the abused dog would freeze like he
had. Susan had been in the room during the entire
training session. However, she had not been aware
Brutus had been pounding the poor girl for two hours
until the brutalized lab assistant had bitten Susan's
clit in a final act of desperation to get her

It had been a routine training session. She had
strapped the naked girl onto the fuck-bench and brought
out the tired hound. The glistening white raised
buttocks brought the desired response from Brutus, and
he had mounted the fated girl at the `FUCK' command.

Susan had then dropped her lab coat and her panties and
settled herself directly in front of the assistant.
That particular assistant had always done a wonderful
job eating her out as she was assailed from behind.
She had been somewhat resistant at first, both to
fucking dogs and eating pussy. After her first eight-
hour day strapped onto a fuck-bench, however, she was
more than willing to do the latter as long as she got
the former.

Susan shook her head to clear it. The erotic scenes in
the video screens in front of her were just winding
down. Mary and Max had just finished together and the
young girl and Brutus were settling down to what Susan
recognized as a quick second fuck.

Susan focused her attention on the active couple.
Suddenly, she sat up and adjusted the zoom on one of
the cameras focused at the girl's ass. The fading red stripes from the riding crops were still plainly
visible on her pale cheeks. Susan's heart beat faster.
There were other stripes on her chest, just visible on
the outside of the one squashed tit she could see.
This was almost too good to be true!

She let the fucking conclude before switching off the
recorders and pocketing the tapes. She would have to
take a chance that nothing more of interest that would
happen, and she needed to get back to the kennel.
Besides she had enough.

The scenes she had just witnessed were hot, as was her
pussy. That they showed her arrogant boss in a
compromising position didn't hurt either. Susan cursed
at Mary again for not finding her a replacement lab
assistant. It had been too long since she had had a
good pussy licking, and she was horny as hell.

She ogled the petite blonde collapsed on the floor
under her new pet, imagining her expressive mouth
clamped over her hairy lips, her small pointed tongue
flipping over her clit. Susan grinned at her response
to that image. She added fresh red stripes on that
tender skin to the mental picture. Wonderful!

She couldn't stand it. Her hand plunged between her
legs and lost itself in the hairy juncture. Her
panties were not just damp, they were wet! It had been
too long. That little blonde would make a good
replacement, she decided. She already liked dogs and
Susan bet she could be trained to like pussy, too. She
patted the tapes in her pocket. Maybe Mary could be
persuaded to hire her, with some encouragement.

A little protection never hurt, either.


Cindy came back to her senses gently, as relaxed as she
had ever been in her short life. Never! Never had she
imagined it would feel so good. The wonderful
fullness; the length, the width of that silky hot
shaft; the exquisite pain of the knot stretching her
vaginal walls to the splitting point; nerve-endings
firing, exploding for the first time in her mind.
Lights, sounds, smells, tastes and tactile senses
flowed into a single fantastic memory embedded
permanently in her brain. It aroused her when she
touched that memory with her thoughts, and would for
years to come.

She looked up to see Brutus standing guard over her.
He was her lover, her protector and she felt a
connection with this dog she had never had with a
human. He was her family. A tear of joy welled up and
trickled slowly down her cheek.

Brutus, standing vigil over his sated Mistress, saw the
tear, and understood. He tenderly bent his huge head
to her face and wiped the lone tear with the fur of his
own cheek. He emitted a low rumble, so soft, so
intimate, only Cindy - and Max, with his enhanced
canine hearing - heard him. It was like the croon of a
mother to her baby, and Cindy was pleased.

Mary saw the tear, as well, and understood, but from a
different perspective. Her plan to split Cindy from
Max had worked. That she had provided the orphan with
the one thing that she had never had, the one thing
that she desperately needed wasn't important to her.
She had Max back, all of him, and that was all she
cared about.

Mary let the two cuddle in silence a while, then
cleared her throat.

"Cindy? I would like you to consider something. I
know you are already working at the library, and I
wouldn't dream of taking you away from there, if you're
happy with it. But I would like you to consider
working for me, here in the kennels. I need an
assistant trainer to help me train my dogs. I can see
you get along well with animals, and they seem to like
you. What do you say? Would you like that?"

Mary had experience keeping a straight face, and she
had to rely on all of it during that speech. Cindy
didn't even notice the innuendoes or double meanings.
She just looked thoughtful.

"I think I would like that, but I don't want to leave
them without help at the library. Mrs. Cross is
already so harassed, it wouldn't be good to ask her to
do more work. Then she would be really mad. What do
you think I should I do?"

Mary grimaced at the mention of the head librarian,
Mrs. Cross. The old woman had been a thorn in her side
since she had arrived as unwelcome excess baggage as a
mother-in-law. Mary had divorced her husband within a
week. But their union had been fruitful in one regard
and her heir, her son, was ensconced in a private
boarding school in Switzerland. She didn't bother him
and he didn't bother her or his father. She visited
him occasionally, and he made his annual Christmas
visit, alternating between the two sterile homes, if
you could call them that. But it worked out best for
them to be apart. Like she and her ex-husband. It had
been obvious to both Mary and her ex-husband
immediately that the marriage, as much as they were
enamored of the idea, wouldn't work. They had split amiably and they had remained friends. Close friends.
Intimate even, on occasion. But the old bitch of his
mother just kept hanging around.

She had had the gall to try to get money from Mary on a
regular basis, based solely on the now defunct
relationship with her son. Instead of giving in to the
familial extortion, Mary had arranged the job in the
library just to get her off her back, but she also made
sure she was underpaid. The old witch made just enough
to pay the rent and eat and a little extra. Mary had
hoped the miserable situation would make her go away.
Instead, it just made her meaner.

Mary had been `interviewing' a prospective employee in
a situation very similar to the oral exam she had just
given Cindy. Mrs. Cross had barged into the playroom
unexpectedly. Although the entire town knew Mary was
bisexual, including her `ex,' she had let the rude
intruder blackmail her into a little pay raise and let
her `control' the room on the top floor of the library.
It was a relief to Mary to give her that
responsibility, as she needed someone on-site who would
keep the place clean. She couldn't let just anyone up
there. It made the old hag feel important, gave her a
sense of power. Maybe too much power, in retrospect.

In addition, Mary also let her demand one of her dogs.
Mrs. Cross had no idea what the dogs were trained to
do. Mary grinned maliciously as she remembered how
preoccupied and subdued the old woman had been for the
next several months. Donovan, an extremely intelligent
Doberman, was one of her best-trained, and persuasive,
students. She estimated it had taken the dog less than
24 hours to screw the shriveled bag.

Mrs. Cross had acted like a dumb, love-struck teenager
with that beast. Mary looked at the girl in front of
her and decided it would be an insult to Cindy to
compare Mrs. Cross' behavior to hers. No, Mrs. Cross
had behaved like a fresh-fucked nymphomaniac who
couldn't get enough. Donovan had put up with cute
little sailor suits among other things. The two of
them had even worn matching outfits in the Labor Day
Parade. Mary shook her head. She couldn't even begin
to think what that noble dog had to put up with in
private. She was going to have to make it up to him

Mary had had to draw the line at bringing the dog to
the library, and the old bitch had not liked that at
all. Rather than getting mad at Mary, she seemed to
focus her anger at the library. Even now, Mrs. Cross
was a lot less of a pest around Mary than she had been,
but she didn't have to work for her as did the poor
girl sitting in front of her. Screw Mrs. Cross. Mary
wanted this kid close by.

"Well, Cindy, it's customary to give two weeks notice.
Don't you think that would be enough time for her to
find and train a replacement for you?" Mary was
already formulating a plan to fully develop the raw
sexual talent latent in Cindy. A plan that would take
just about two weeks to complete. A basic training
camp of sorts for the načve vixen that would stretch her limits, among other things. "You could give her
your notice tomorrow, and then start here in a couple
of weeks. What do you think?"

Cindy's face beamed at the simple solution. She nodded
her agreement, after childishly conferring with Brutus,
who seemed to solemnly consider and agree with the

"I'll do it," Cindy said. "I'll be here in two weeks."

Noticing she had been naked during the interview, she
blushed prettily. Fetching her dress, she slipped it
over her head, leaving herself naked beneath it. She
was beginning to enjoy the feeling of freedom she got
from not wearing underclothes. The spicy, naughty
feelings were a nice added benefit. She ran her hand
through her long, blonde hair, diminishing the tousled
look. She still looked fresh after what she had just
been through, Mary noted wryly, only just a little
jealous of her youth. At least she had Max back to

Mary quickly went over a list of instructions for
taking care of Brutus. Mary didn't tell her she had
already sent an Estate van to the cottage with enough
dog food for several weeks, as well as brushes and
another special surprise for them to use. She would
let her discover them when she got home.

Finally, somewhat impatient to get home and be alone
with her new dog, Cindy gathered up Brutus' leash,
snapped it back on his collar and retrieved her bike
from the front of the house. It was awkward holding
onto the leash with one hand and steering with her
other, so progress was slow until they worked out a
system. Eventually, she just let the massive dog pull
her. This was his first time out of the compound in
months, and he moved along easily and eagerly, looking
back to her for directions at every intersection.

Not having to pedal on this trip, Cindy settled herself
carefully on the upturned seat of the bike. She tried
to remain standing as long as she could, but eventually
it was just too much. The thick point of the seat
eased its way into her exposed slick pussy. Although
she had just been stretched by the huge knot as Brutus
fucked her, the elasticity of her cunt tightened her
back down so that the thick horn felt as thick as it
had earlier.

It had the same effect on her as it had before, as
well, and soon she was approaching the edge of a
throbbing climax. She couldn't swerve to hit the bumps
as she had on the ride to the estate, but with Brutus
pulling her faster than she normally rode, the ones she
did hit were harder. Her mind began to wander along
lust-filled avenues.

As soon as they reached the shortcut, Brutus picked up
the pace. It was a well-maintained path, but there
were still a lot of bumps. At the bottom of one of the
ravines, Brutus charged headlong through a small stream
that ran across the path. Squealing at the splashing
water, Cindy reflexively lifted her feet off the pedals
into the air, trying to keep her feet dry. Her
delighted squeals rose suddenly a high pitched howl of
climactic passion. Her reflexive action had not only
removed the support of her legs, it had also spread her
pussy wide. She sank down on her only point of
support, the horn of the seat that violated her pussy.

As the invading bicycle seat entered her as deeply as
it could, she howled her climax into the quiet air of
the darkening forest. The erotic sound of her
passionate cry touched Brutus in a primitive way and he
responded to the sweet call of his Mistress with one of
his own.

Cindy was beyond thought and could not give coherent
directions to get them home. Brutus could now pick up
a faint scent of his Mistress on the path, however, and
instinctively followed it to the cottage. Cindy was
barely able to maintain her balance on the bike during
the last mile as she rode with her feet spread as wide
as she could get them. They weren't spread wide for
balance now.

Cindy would have fallen over when he stopped in front
of the cottage if it hadn't been for the gate. With
great care, she eased herself up and off the bicycle
seat, still shaking from the sensual ride home. To
think she was going to take that path every day to work
in two weeks! That was just one more thing she was
looking forward to at her new job.

She somehow remembered to lock her bike to the fence
before stumbling into the tiny cottage. Her head
cleared a bit as she walked up the path, most of the
erotic stimuli removed for the moment. She had
climaxed repeatedly on the ride home, but it hadn't
been the same as it had been with Brutus penetrating
her. It wasn't as fulfilling or as satisfying, and she
was frustrated.

She was also famished. Cindy prepared a small dinner
and sat down to eat. Brutus sat obediently next to her
chair, quietly, but with a doleful look that chided her
gently for forgetting his dinner. He had already
discovered the supply of his food in the large cooler
out the backdoor, but Cindy had not been out there yet.

"What's the matter, boy?" she asked. "Oh! I'm sorry!
I didn't make you anything to eat. Let's see now.
What did Mary say you could have?" She looked over her
own food and offered him some of what she had prepared
for herself.

Brutus seemed to shake his head "No" and signaled with
a wave of his nose towards the backdoor. Amused and
amazed, she followed him out and discovered the
delivered provisions. She would have to thank Mary for
her thoughtfulness.

She quickly fixed him his food as Mary had instructed.
They ate their dinners in silence side by side.
Cindy's left hand never left his soft fur. She loved
the feeling of it as she rubbed it, the strength she
could feel in him, the warmth. She felt more secure
and safe than ever before in her life.

She leaned back in her chair and sighed. For the first
time in her life that she could remember, she was not
alone. Happy tears trickled down her cheeks, dripping
onto her dress.

"What more could I want, Brutus? I am so happy!"

The silent gray beast looked up from where he had laid
down at her feet. Seeing her tears he sat up and
leaned closer to her face. Thinking he was going to
dry them with his cheek as he had prior, Cindy lifted
her face to his. His broad, wet, sloppy tongue caught
her by surprise, and the cottage was filled with peals
of laughter, squeals and the occasional `woof' as the
two young lovers playfully got to know one another.

Romping around the cottage and the nearby grounds in
the dark, chasing and being chased worked up a sweat.
Looking at the clock on the wall, Cindy noticed it was
nearly her bedtime. Reluctantly, she disentangled
herself from her playful dog and went in to take a
shower. Brutus followed along, watching carefully all
that she did. When she got into the tiny shower stall,
he tried to come in as well, but the two of them
couldn't quite fit in. Instead, he camped right
outside, blocking open the door, and watched her as she

At first, having someone watch her take her shower
bothered her. It reminded her of one of the caretakers
at the orphanage. No matter when the girls showered,
that one old man always managed to come around to be
sure no one wasted any water or soap. He never touched
anyone as he had both hands jammed deep in his pants
pockets. The sight of his red face had always bothered

She remembered then that it was Brutus sitting there
watching and she relaxed. The warm water felt good on
her face and she turned around. Tilting her head back
and closing her eyes, she let the water plaster her
hair back against her head. Even when wet, her hair
remained a golden color.

The first shocking flick of his tongue thrilled her to
the core. The light intimacy of his touch was almost
more than her knees could stand. The unexpected gentle
caress caused the fluids to flow in her pussy once
again, lubricating her inner walls, preparing her for

Brutus had seen the drops of water coalescing on the
tips of her nipples. Curious, and more than a bit
playful, he had teasingly touched the droplets with the
tip of his tongue. He was very pleased with his
Mistress' reaction. The scent of her arousal and the
swelling of the three telltale bumps on her body all
signaled to him her enjoyment of his touch. He filed
this action away in his brain as a new trick.
Showering would never be the same for Cindy.

The cooling water brought her back to her senses and
she reached behind her to turn off the water. Leaning
over to the tormenting dog, Cindy kissed him right on
the lips. He responded with lick of his own. As his
tongue touched her lips, Cindy opened her mouth,
allowing the huge tongue in. As it passed her fine
white teeth, she closed them gently, trapping his
tongue in her mouth.

His eyes opened in surprise and he woofed quietly. He
did not pull back his tender tongue from her grasp,
however, but surrendered it to her. The two lovers
stared at each other nose to nose, one wide-eyed, the
other with eyes full of mischief. Cindy gave her head
a tiny shake and released his tongue. She kissed him
tenderly on the nose and moved back a bit. Slowly,
tentatively, she stuck out her own tongue as far as she
could and offered it up to him.

With exaggerated movements, Brutus opened his mouth
wide, bared his teeth and snapped them down on her
proffered tongue. She closed her eyes tight and braced
herself, wondering what was going on. The light
pinching of his sharp teeth caused a quick intake of
breath, but the pressure did not increase. He had
fooled her, and, as she opened her eyes, she could
sense his pleasure at her trust in him, as well as the
amusement of having teased her. There was more trust
than amusement, though.

Her tongue freed, she grabbed her towel and vigorously
rubbed herself dry. Pink from the toweling, her senses
still at a fever pitch, she wandered into the bedroom
behind the dog. She intended to go to bed. She was
looking forward to cuddling with her new partner. She
grinned as she passed the laundry basket and saw her
unwashed nightgown still inside. She was going to have
to sleep naked again. Darn!

Brutus' insistent nudging kept her moving towards the
end of her bed, although she wasn't paying much
attention to where she was going. It was just empty
space between the end of her bed and the walk-in
closet. Only it wasn't empty space anymore, as she
soon discovered. She found herself face down and ass
high over a fuck-bench for the second time today.

"Wha.?" she squealed. It didn't take long for her to
recognize what it was and realize where it had come
from. Thank you, Mary!

Her thoughts were quickly interrupted as Brutus laved
her exposed private area with his long tongue. Already
horny, she quickly forgot all other thoughts but those
of that probing tongue and her exploding need to be
filled with his hard cock as soon as possible. Her
words and thoughts turned incoherent as he focused on
her anal rosebud.

Feeling a little abandoned as he wandered from her
pussy, she blearily looked down at her left ankle as
she felt him nudging her leg with his nose. When she
did not move, he gently grasped her heel with his teeth
and lifted her entire limp leg, placing her knee in a
small hollow higher up on the side of the bench. He
held out a wide strap for her, patiently holding it in
his mouth, waiting for her to gather her wits about her
and help him.

Dumbly, as if in a trance, she took the strap from him
and tightened the Velcro closure around her calf.
Another strap held her thigh tight. Brutus patiently
and gently lifted her right leg into position. She
automatically fastened the straps on the right side and
then, without protest, tightened the wide waist strap
he lifted over her back. When she didn't pull it tight
enough, he grasp the end of the belt and jerked it
tight, forcing the air out of her as she was pressed
down against sloping bench.

The feeling of helplessness, of being bound, appealed
to her lust-crazed brain. All she wanted now was to be
impaled with the throbbing hot meat between her lover's
legs. If he wanted her secured to the bench, she had
no objections. In fact, the tightness of the bondage
heightened her awareness of her exposed posture. She
was wide open, a willing sacrifice to the god Priapus,
the inclined bench his altar.

The silent dog gently grasped her right wrist and moved
it towards her ankle. Looking back, she saw a looped
leather strap, similar to the one that had been hanging
from the bar in the library. She grinned in
recognition. She had to stretch a bit, but she got
first one, then the other wrist through the loops.
Letting go of the straps, she tugged gently to pull
them snug around her wrists. For all intents and
purposes, she was helpless.

Brutus circled his Mistress quietly, pleased she had
complied with his directions. In his limited
experience, he had never used a fuck-toy without having
it strapped down first. To him, this was the only way
to mark them. Of course, this was no fuck-toy. This
was his mistress, and he intended to perform to the
very best of his ability and mark her completely.
After tonight, she would be his territory, and all
would know it.

He ended his inspection at the head of the fuck-bench
and sat down waiting for her command. As he sat, he
leaned first to one side, then the other, licking her
free-hanging breasts. This fuck-bench had two flaps at
breast height that could be lowered, as they were now,
to allow her tits to swing free, or they could be
raised, smashing her tits against the sandpaper-like
surface of the flaps.

Cindy foggily remembered Mary's instructions. She had
to give him a command before he would act. She had to
ask him to fuck her. No. She had to tell him.

She struggled a bit in her bondage, relishing her
helplessness. A long swipe of that rough tongue
scraped across her sensitive nipple. Oh, fuck what
people would think! Brutus licked the other side,
catching her aroused nipple with the entire length.
Fuck them all! He moved back to the first side. Fuck
the nuns! Jolts of sensations went through her nipple
as the seductive dog switched sides again. Oh, fuck
the. No, wait.

"FUCK ME, Brutus!"


Joe and Liu puzzled over Quan-Loc's latest message.
The girl had met with the woman and was now back at her
hut fucking a horse? Liu got the giggles at the
absurdity of that and even Joe smiled. It was
something he had never imagined that innocent young girl would be capable of. It made an amusing momentary
consideration, but nothing more.

Maybe his brother knew something about these blonde women he hadn't yet discovered.

Looking over at Liu's sated form lying beside him, he
doubted that.

But still, a horse?

End of Chapter

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