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CNF 10 video monitor Some them looked


WARNING: The chapters in this story contain
scenes of graphic sex involving lesbianism,
masturbation, mechanical sex acts,
bestiality, and bondage, all with strong
undercurrents of pain, and, if you can
believe it, romance. In code, that is [f ff
fd ffdd mech bd pain rom]. If subject
matter of this nature does not interest you,
do not read any farther.

All events in this story are fictional.
(DUH!) All the characters in this story are
fictional. This is a fantasy, i.e. a place
where physical acts and human responses are
not limited to or necessarily based in
reality. Therefore, some acts and responses
described are physically impossible or
physiologically improbable. Do not try them
yourself, especially alone. This story is
intended for the salacious entertainment of
consenting adults, not as an instructional
manual. Again, do not try to do any of the
things described in this story. You will
injure yourself or your partner.

If you are under 18 years of age, go away.
This will burn your eyeballs.

If material of a strong sexual nature is
prohibited where you are, go away.

By continuing, the reader accepts all
responsibility for any disgust, revulsion,
jail sentences, or pleasure that result from
reading this story.

You have been warned!

That said, enjoy!..:)



Cindy's New Friends

By NightShade.

Chapter 10

Yesterday evening, Cindy had accepted Mary's job offer
to be her new assistant trainer at the kennels. Mary
hadn't explained in detail what her duties would be,
but she was excited to be going to work for such an
extraordinary woman. The offer had been irresistible
to the young girl. Cindy didn't even know how much
money she would be making, but she knew she would be
OK. She liked Mary and trusted her. She sensed they
were very much alike.

This morning, she was on her way to the library to give
her resignation to Mrs. Cross. She was looking forward
to getting away from the shriveled old bitch. Although
Mrs. Cross had never said anything terrible to her,
Cindy sensed no kindness in her. She felt she was a
very mean person inside.

As she rode towards town, Cindy thought back on the
previous day, especially last night. Her heart
thrilled as she thought of Brutus waiting for her at
home. She had been strapped on the bench for hours,
delirious with one pounding climax after another. Her
attentive lover had kept every cell of her body from
head to toe stimulated. When he had finally helped her
release herself from her bonds, she had floated to the
bed hours after her normal bedtime.

They had slept side by side last night, his fur rubbing
and stimulating her sensitive flesh all night long,
giving her the most erotic dreams. It was if she had
climaxed the entire night. His tongue had bathed her
tits in the morning, waking her with her first orgasm
of the day.

She hadn't known she could come just by having her
boobs licked, but then, she thought, "you'd have to
feel that wonderful tongue."

Sensing his Mistress' arousal and climax, Brutus had
politely invited her over to the fuck-bench again,
anxious to please his Mistress again. She had
responded beyond his expectations last night. He was
anxious to show her how pleased he was with her. When
she did not move to the padded bench, he prodded her
legs apart and cleaned up the fluids leaking out. This
stimulation pushed her up over a higher climax and she
grasped the headboard and arched her back, pushing her
crotch into his working mouth.

Wearily Cindy had pushed him away and gotten ready for
work. Brutus' hurt eyes stayed with her as she got
ready. She had finally had to tell him to `SIT/STAY'
so she could get dressed. He had slavered over her
tits, ass and cunt until she could hardly think
straight. He was very good with his tongue.

Thinking about her dog, his talented tongue, his hot
hard cock and all of the sexy things she had done
yesterday made her pussy wet. The horn of the bicycle
saddle pushed her panties tightly up against her clit
and Cindy orgasmed lightly all the way to the library.
She had put them on in an attempt to control herself,
but it wasn't working.

It was with shaky knees that she walked up the stairs
to the office of the head librarian. She had hand-
written her letter of resignation and two-week notice
last night. Timidly she knocked on the door.

"Come in," came the response.

Pushing on the door Cindy walked in and silently handed
the paper to Mrs. Cross. She had only been in this
room once before, and as she looked around, she noticed
some pictures she had not seen before. On her desk,
Mrs. Cross had a picture of a beautiful dog. A
Doberman, if Cindy remembered her breeds. Somehow, the
dog fit the old lady.

It was dark and cramped in the office, barely enough
room for the small desk and a visitor's chair. There
were some strange sticks in the corner next to the
video monitor. Some of them looked like bamboo, some
of them were more like willow branches, and one of them
was black and shiny and real long, like a highly
polished leather stick. The sight of those objects
started a strange twisting of perverse excitement in
Cindy's gut.

Mrs. Cross, following Cindy's intense gaze, grinned
evilly. "So, you're leaving us. We'll miss you, of
course. I assume you have another position?" she
queried, although she already knew the answer.

She had seen clips of the tapes of Cindy's experience
with the Saddle and the ones with Max and Brutus. She
also knew just how Mary wanted Cindy to spend her last
two weeks: Up in the special room.

"I know you're probably anxious to start your new job,
but I will have to insist that you stay for the entire
two weeks until we can find a replacement for you. I
have a special project for you to work on that should
take just about that long. OK?"

Cindy breathed a silent sigh of relief. Mary has said
the head librarian would probably want her to stay the
two weeks and Cindy needed the money. Besides, she
wanted one more chance to get back into the room
upstairs. That's why she couldn't believe her ears as
old Mrs. Cross told her of the special assignment.

"I want you to go through the equipment in the room on
the fourth floor and make sure that everything is in
working order," she said. "We're having a special fund
raiser next month and everything needs to be just right
for the dignitaries," she continued.

Cindy's mind raced. Two whole weeks! It was more than
she could have hoped for. She wouldn't have to sneak
up there. Two weeks!

Her heart pounding, she asked, "Should I start today?"

"Right now," Mrs. Cross replied, then added curtly,
"You're dismissed."

Cindy turned and left the room. She took two normal
steps and then, with a skip, literally ran all the way
to the heavy door leading up to the fourth floor,
unlocked it and dashed up the last set of stairs. The
door closed silently behind her, the oiled lock
clicking into place and sealing her into the
soundproofed room.

She twirled like a little girl in a doll store, hugging
her arms to her chest.

"Where to start?" she asked herself.

As she thought about Mrs. Cross' assignment, a puzzled
frown crossed her face. "I'm supposed to make sure all
the equipment is `in working order.' I guess that
means I'll have to try it out." A wicked giggle
erupted as she thought of the Saddle in the other part
of the room. "I know that works OK, but I'll have to
try it again later, just to make sure. But I wonder
what else is in here to check out?"

Cindy began a methodical search through the entire
floor. This space was actually larger than she had
thought at first, covering the entire top floor of the
building. There were many small recessed private areas
like the one with the Saddle, each with its own
centerpiece or theme, although she didn't understand
what a lot of them were for. Cindy still had not
noticed the cameras, and probably would have dismissed
them as being for security purposes anyway.

After she had made a complete tour of the floor, Cindy
stood in the center and turned around slowly. Some of
the furnishings in the alcoves puzzled her. They were
clearly restraints of some kind, and Cindy was not sure
how she would test them out. There was that one piece
in the back corner that had caught her eye. She made
her way back to that area and stood looking at the
large strange piece.

"That's obviously where you sit, facing that way," she
analyzed. And if she leaned forward, her tits would
rest in those rubber-looking cone things, although they
looked kind of small for her boobs. She giggled with
an excited nervousness.

Looking closer at the seat she noticed two empty holes
along the centerline. Underneath the seat was an
assortment of hard rubber pieces, each resembling
various sized penises. She selected two mid-sized, but
still rather large, artificial cocks. Bending down she
saw the slots they obviously fit into, and fitted and
locked them into place.

The double dildos underneath the seat pointed up at the
two holes in the seat. A series of clamps and
electrical connections held the sinister looking double
dongs in place. The mushrooming heads were already
coated with a thick lubricant, but she couldn't imagine

A flexible tube ended in a pair of cuffs that were
obviously meant for her wrists, although Cindy noted
that they would have to be behind her back to fit in
them. Remembering the way she had been cuffed at
Sheffield Estates, Cindy shivered with excitement. The
red button on one of the cuffs must be the `ON' switch.

A curved bar up above where her head would be would
move down and hold her chest tight against the rubber
cones. Looking forward, she saw a smooth cup where her
chin would rest. That strange protrusion would have to
go into her mouth and those straps would go around her
head. Cindy realized she would be quite immobile once
she had everything fastened down and the thought of
being so restrained made the juices flow in her already
hot pussy.

The other parts of the device didn't concern her right
now, she thought. There was just a stiff leather strap
on either side behind the machine, under the chest area
there were some suction tubes and rollers and then that
stringy leather thing hanging back behind her. There
were also mirrors at odd angles positioned over, under
and all around the device.

"Well, I might as well get started," she said, as she
clinically started to remove her clothes. "I guess
I'll need to be completely undressed for this one."

Mrs. Cross watched Cindy's movements from video monitor
in her office. Disappointment clouded her wrinkled
face. "Well, I can't use my babies this time," she
thought, glancing over to the whips and crops Cindy had
not recognized. "But soon. Soon."

She grinned evilly as she saw Cindy start to strap
herself into the menacing device. "It's a killer
machine, my dear," she called out to Cindy silently.
"And you'll soon know why."

Cindy had settled herself into the broad seat. The
design of the chair separated her ass cheeks widely,
exposing her tightly puckered anal opening. Her knees
were well spread on each side of the massive center
console. Leaning first to one side and then the other,
Cindy fastened the heavy canvas straps with the Velcro
tabs tightly over her calves and thighs. The tabs fit
through D rings and cinched down firmly.

Wiggling her butt to fit her bottom securely against
the hard seat, she leaned forward. Arching her back so
she could see better, she pushed her chin against her
throat so she could observe as first one tit and then
the other pressed into the rubber cones. The tough
elastic squeezed them firmly but gave little by little
as she continued to lean forward and finally pushed her
breasts completely into the cups. Finally they were
completely seated in the restricting cones.

She looked up and saw the fat phallic plug right in
front of her lips. Opening her mouth wide she tried to
get the huge chunk into her mouth. It strained her
jaws but she finally got the plug into her mouth. Her
lips formed a tightly stretched "O" around the base of
the gag and the hard rubber filled her oral cavity
completely, nudging her tonsils in the back.

Reaching up and around her head, she awkwardly got the
restraining straps over her head and fastened tight.

"I'm glad these are Velcro," she thought, "That makes
it easier."

Looking out for the first time, she noticed the oddly
positioned mirrors that allowed her to see herself from
all sides, even though she couldn't move her head at
all. She saw the tight rubber cones hugging her tits like a second skin. Her smooth white ass was perched
on the broad seat. The tube with the wrist cuffs
rested lightly at the small of her back.
She reached behind her for the wrist cuffs. Struggling
to get first one hand in and then the other, she
noticed that the cuffs rotated independently. Finally
ready, she stopped for a minute to wonder if she wanted
to actually turn the strange machine on. She looked at
all her reflections in the mirrors.

"It seems to be in OK order," she thought. "Maybe I
should get out now. But no, Mrs. Cross had said to
make sure it was in working order. That means I'll
have to try it out."

With that thought, Cindy fumbled for the button on the
wrist cuffs and switched it on.

The first thing that happened was a slight vibration in
the center console. The powerful little air pump that
ran all of the various pneumatic devices on the machine
began humming nicely.

"It tickles," giggled Cindy.

First, the powerful pump inflated the wrist cuffs and
secured them behind her back.

"Well, it seems to be working. I guess I can turn it
off now." She grabbed at the button and pushed it
again. The little pump just kept humming.

"Darn," Cindy thought. "I'll just have to wait it

While she had been struggling for the button, the
overhead bar lowered and fitted over the tops of her
shoulders. It continued to push her down until she was
firmly pushed into the rubber cups and against the hard
seat. The bar kept her back completely bare while
still holding her firmly in place.

Cindy shivered with a little dread, knowing it was too
late to do anything. But even with her fear, her cunt began to water with the illicit thrill of the unknown.

The double dildos Cindy had selected and installed were
the next mechanisms activated. Advancing together,
both heads burrowed into their targeted openings.
Cindy winced as her rectum was invaded for the first
time. The heavy-duty lubrication on the head of the
solid prick helped a little, but it still hurt. The
pain was intense at first, but the feeling of being
filled up front and rear made her wiggle her impaled
butt as best she could, facilitating the entry of the
persistent intruders.

Her anal ring was stretched tight by the girth of the
shaft. The double dongs advanced slowly but
persistently until they were fully imbedded in both her
front and rear holes.

Momentarily silent, Cindy heard a soft click as the
machine went into the next mode. The dildos began to
vibrate and squirm inside her.

A screw mechanism inside each of the shafts moved the
heads up and down into her rectum and vagina independently, thoroughly fucking her. They built up
speed until her breath was coming in short fast gasps.
The feeling was glorious and she was going to come

Another soft click told Cindy that something else was
going to happen. She felt a tugging at her nipples and
noticed for the first time the tubes that were attached
to the tips of the elastic cones that held her tits captive.

Any remaining air was being sucked out of the spaces
between her tits and the rubber cones. Her nipples
were sucked into enlarged openings at the tips of the
cones. The low pressure caused by the suction made the
rosy tips swell to enormous size. They were engorged
with blood, sensitized and very painful.

Once the suction was well established, the tubes
retracted downward, pulling firmly on the cones along
with her trapped tits, down and out to the sides. Her
beautiful orange-shaped tits had become elongated cones
with enormous nipples. She stared in wonder at the
strange sight. If it wasn't for the wondrous fucking
she was getting, she would have thought the person in
the chair was someone else.

After her tits had been stretched to their almost
painful maximum length, the hard seat she was seated on
folded up and moved away from her creamy ass. The
result of this was to leave her essentially exposed
from the backs of her thighs all the way to her
shoulders. Only her cuffed hands lay across her back.

As she gazed at her reflection she was excited by the
sight of her creamy white flesh against the dark
coloring of the machine and the dark colors in the
room. It seemed as if she was just floating in the
middle of the room, supported only by twin surging
thick poles that disappeared up her twin holes.

Her abdomen was bare to the point where the band of
rubber from the cones began just below her tits. Her
head was fastened securely by the straps to the frame
and the rubber plug in her mouth filled it so full that
her cheeks were stretched out.

Cindy was beginning to get extremely excited by her
situation. The discomfort had faded and was more than
compensated for by the constant stimulation in her cunt and asshole. She began to drift into a euphoric state.
Her mind was clouded with sexual tension and the
constantly building explosions in her loins. She was
completely relaxed and almost didn't hear the next soft

"Oh, goody," she giggled. "How can it get any better
than this?"

She had begun to instinctively suck on the huge phallic
gag almost from the beginning of her ride and was
further excited now to feel it begin to pulse and surge
like the ones plugging her down below. The gag slowly
pushed against her tonsils until it forced its way
slowly down her throat. Her head had been forced back
at an angle to give the advancing prick a straight shot
down her gullet.

Suddenly, Cindy tensed when she found she couldn't
breathe with the thick shaft blocking her windpipe.
The veins in her neck bulged and she started to
struggle violently. For the first time she was afraid,
really afraid.

The machine had total control of her. It was going to
kill her! She felt her throat constricting trying to
expel the foreign object. Her stomach regurgitated
emptily in an effort to force the blockage from her
windpipe. She was almost to the state of blacking out
when the screw mechanism reversed itself and sweet,
sweet air flowed into her bursting lungs.

Breathing deeply, Cindy focused on the rhythm of the
cock in her mouth. It was regular. She would be able
to time her breathing so she wouldn't suffocate.

Relaxing, she would have breathed a sigh of relief,
except the fat head of latex had stopped up her
windpipe again.

After several minutes of total control by the machine
over her very ability to breathe, Cindy again, to her
amazement, found a perverse pleasure in this control
over her. She had so longed for independence, and to
be on her own, and yet she was experiencing such
wonderful sexual responses in being helpless. Maybe it
was because she had done it to herself, albeit,
unknowingly. Or maybe it was because she simply got
off on all kinds of sexual stimulation.

Cindy's mind was again fuzzing up, now that she had
regulated her breathing. The euphoria was quickly
returning and the last click past unnoticed.

The tube connected to the wrist cuffs began to retract
towards her head, pulling her hands slowly up across
her back. At first she didn't notice, but soon the
pain in her elbows made the panic to raise up in her

By twisting her arms in, she was able to relieve the
strain somewhat, but the tube kept pulling her arms
higher. Wincing from the discomfort, she was able to
twist her fore arms a little more and the pressure
abated somewhat.

"Thank God I wore dresses with zippers as a girl, or my
arms would be torn off!" she thought.

Looking in the mirror, she was amazed to see that her
arms were completely clear of her back, with her wrists
pulled up even with the back of her neck. Her fingers,
when she wiggled them, could play with the errant
stands of hair that escaped the straps holding her head
in place.

Cindy waited for the next click, but even she knew
there was no more the machine could do to rearrange
her. That thought filled her with a kind of tingling
dread. What would happen next? Anything? Nothing?

Cindy waited patiently. She had no other options
really. The overall discomfort of her position was
fading to nothing that mattered as the orgasmic spasms
she had experienced earlier returned. Again she
relaxed, giving in to the will of the machine.

Whether she activated a switch then, or what, she never
knew. All she knew was that the rhythm and speed of
the three cocks plunging in and out of her changed.
The pace picked up, and then picked up again. She had
to breathe quicker and the cocks in her cunt and
asshole swelled from their large size to a huge size.
Their combined actions had pushed her to ecstatic
levels and she screamed into the gag in total pleasure.

The first caresses of the soft leather didn't reach
above her subconscious awareness. The large hanging
leather apparatus in back of her had started spinning,
much like the brushes in a car wash. Spinning slowly
at first, the extra-soft leather straps merely brushed
her skin.

The large multi-thonged whip began to move along the
axis of her body, bringing the straps softly into
contact with her right thigh. It then moved slowly up
towards her head so that the entire right side of her
body was massaged by the softly slapping straps.
Moving over to the other side, the machine positioned
itself above her left shoulder and then proceeded down
to the area behind her left knee. Then it reversed its
spin direction, catching the exposed areas of her
abdomen and latex covered breasts as the straps swung
up from underneath.

Cindy had caught the motion of the rotating whip out of
the corner of her glazed eyes before she noticed the
slight slaps of the leather against her skin. She had
never seen a modern car wash, so she didn't giggle at
the sight. But the slow, ponderous movement of the
spinning wheel fascinated her.

Staring at the wheel as it started its cycle over, she
missed the cruel looking rollers that were being raised
towards her now very tender tits. The first touch of
the paired rollers on the sensitive sides of each
elongated boob made her gasp into the thick plug in her
mouth. Looking down, she saw two rollers on each tit,
softly squeezing the tit between them.

The rollers spun around the axis of the breast, milking
the bloated mammary from the nipple to the base and
back down again. Each time the rollers spun down to
her nipples, the pressure would increase and the
rollers would screw back up around her tits again.

Cindy was delirious. The new conflicting sensations
were bombarding her brain, pleasure shorting out the
pain, pain making the pleasure unbearably good. Her
whole sense of sensation was wacky.

The whipping wheel was also speeding up with each
circuit. The slapping of the soft leather straps was
now a bit harder. The soft leather straps had the
effect of bringing the blood to the surface of the
skin. The repeated soft blows had a numbing effect
that allowed harder and harder strokes to be accepted
by the bound girl, apparently without feeling a
corresponding increase in the pain. In fact, the
gradual build up of the lashes had the similar effect
of a deep muscle massage.

It was, in a sense, a relaxing ordeal, and Cindy was
relaxing and enjoying the sounds of the slapping
straps. Gradually, the straps began to pick up the
moisture from her sweating body, and that added to the
stinging stimulation. All of the exposed skin along
her back, thighs, and abdomen was a deep rosy hue that
would have frightened her if the build up had not been
so gradual.

Meanwhile, the rollers on her suspended tits had not
been idle. The pressure on her tender breasts had
built up, and the disembodied pain she felt now was
because the rollers were at their maximum tension. The
distended nipples were almost flattened inside their
thin rubber covering as the rollers passed over and
around them. The counter-rotating rollers twisted her
tits as if they could be screwed off her chest. Never
having dated a teen-aged boy, Cindy had never
experienced the rough-handed technique some boys use to
turn a girl on that was being reproduced so well by the
machine. Most boys never had the chance to perfect the
technique the machine employed, however. Cindy's tits felt as full as they ever had, with a heaviness she had
never felt.

The rollers stopped their movement just as the wheel
with the straps stopped beating at her exposed body.
The dildos stopped spinning and plunging into her
bottom holes. Cindy sat still, wondering what would
happen next. The quietness gave her a chance to recoup
a little of her sanity.

Warily she looked at the machine in the mirrors. There
was something moving into position behind her. A large
leather strap, the thick one this time, swung out from
behind her and to the left. It landed with a
resounding thwack on her left ass cheek. The warmth
and force of the blow surprised her. She was even more
surprised by her tolerance of that severe a blow. She
could already see the deep red stripe on her ass where
the blow had landed. A movement in the mirror alerted
her to another blow, this time from the right. A
feeling of warmth began to suffuse her ass and pussy.

Cindy didn't see the first strap swinging back around
toward her until it caught her tit broadside. The end
of the thick strap wrapped itself almost completely
around her rubber cover boob. Cindy screamed behind
her gag, the pain intense, and then sobbing, realized
she had climaxed as hard as she ever had in her short
life. The thwack on her right breast confirmed that
the first orgasm was not a fluke.

"Oh God, I'm a freak," she thought. "I like pain.
What will I do?"

Giving in to the relentless machine, Cindy closed her
eyes and surrendered to the perverted feelings in her
young, lust-torn body. The machine continued striking
her first on the ass, then on her tits for about ten
more minutes, although she had long ago lost sense of
time. This beating was the longest and most thorough
cycle of the machine, coming at the end of the
programmed ride. Most other riders of the machine
passed out long before the end. Cindy was conscious
and climaxing the whole time.

Finally, the machine stopped beating her criss-crossed
flesh. A soft hissing sound preceeded a sudden
loosening of wrist cuffs. Cindy wiggled her hands free
and let her tired arms hang loosely by her side as the
blood began to flow in them again.

The seat moved back up to support her ass cheeks and
the duel dildos receded, exiting her cunt with a
sucking sound and a soft plop as the enlarged head left
her gaping anus. She reached up and undid the straps
around her head and eased her mouth off of the rubber

Stretching her sore jaw back and forth to relieve the
soreness, she impishly leaned forward and placed a kiss
on the tip of the phallic shaft. "Thanks for the ride,
boys," she murmured.

Gently moving side to side she extricated her swollen
breasts from the rubber cocoons with obscene sucking noises. As they emerged from their confinement, Cindy
gaped at their new size. They were huge! She
tentatively touched one with her finger.

"OOOOOWWWw," she howled. They were sore, too! All
that suction inside the rubber cones for that long must
have pulled in a lot of extra fluids.

Gingerly leaning down, careful not to brush her bloated
tits on anything, she loosened the Velcro tabs that
held her calves and thighs in place.

Freed from the machine at last, Cindy stumbled to a
nearby couch. Her last thought before falling into a
deep slumber was, "Well, that one works!"


Joe was not happy. Even after viewing the tapes of
Cindy at the library, he was not happy. He didn't want
to have to wait in this backwater town for two weeks.
His languid glance at Mary Sheffield masked some of his
anger, but Liu knew it was there, nonetheless. His
lack of control with this American whore surprised her.
That wasn't normal. This girl must be more to him than
she had originally thought, but why? It was a puzzle
she would have to work out.

"Is there anyway to speed up the process? Perhaps by
helping her yourself?" Joe asked Mary.

"You can't rush these things, Mr. Tan. You wouldn't
want her to freak out suddenly one night, would you?"

His soft smile conceding her argument belied his
frustration. But his message had been sent. With a
terse bow, Joe and Liu left the estate and went back to
the jet.

Two weeks is just about right, he thought to himself.
He could still make it home for Phoc's birthday
celebration. His attendance for this dreaded annual
bash was mandatory.

End of Chapter



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