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CNF 11 hurt this young cunt front


WARNING: The chapters in this story contain
scenes of graphic sex involving lesbianism,
masturbation, mechanical sex acts,
bestiality, and bondage, all with strong
undercurrents of pain, and, if you can
believe it, romance. In code, that is [f ff
fd ffdd mech bd pain rom]. If subject
matter of this nature does not interest you,
do not read any farther.

All events in this story are fictional.
(DUH!) All the characters in this story are
fictional. This is a fantasy, i.e. a place
where physical acts and human responses are
not limited to or necessarily based in
reality. Therefore, some acts and responses
described are physically impossible or
physiologically improbable. Do not try them
yourself, especially alone. This story is
intended for the salacious entertainment of
consenting adults, not as an instructional
manual. Again, do not try to do any of the
things described in this story. You will
injure yourself or your partner.

If you are under 18 years of age, go away.
This will burn your eyeballs.

If material of a strong sexual nature is
prohibited where you are, go away.

By continuing, the reader accepts all
responsibility for any disgust, revulsion,
jail sentences, or pleasure that result from
reading this story.

You have been warned!

That said, enjoy!..:)



Cindy's New Friends

By NightShade.

Chapter 11

Mary was amazed. "This kid is phenomenal," she
murmured to herself. She watched the monitor
carefully, then replayed the last couple of minutes of
the tape.

Cindy's kiss on the gag and her words were clearly
captured on tape.

"The price of these babies had just tripled! A beauty
that enjoys pain, much less dogs, was a rare find,
indeed." Her collector friends would pay premium
prices for these tapes, much more for hands-on time
with her at the fund raiser. If she could keep her
around that long. It was beginning to look like she

She had instructed Mrs. Cross to bring Cindy anything
she needed, and to assist her as she tried out the
equipment. She had her doubts about the old sadistic
bitch, but she intended to keep the librarian under
close observation.

Mary watched as the old lady tiptoed in to the room
with the sleeping girl and placed a soft drink and
sandwich on the floor beside her. Both were laced with
a double dose of the drugs she had been used to

Glancing at the girl, the old bitch looked at the
satiated girl in disgust and envy. Palming her swollen
tit she gave it a not so gentle squeeze. On the
monitor it looked like she had just copped a feel.

However, the straight pin hidden in between her fingers
had jabbed deep into Cindy's still swollen nipple.

"Serves the little cunt right," she thought gleefully

Groaning, Cindy rolled away from the offending hand,
still deep in slumber land.

"Only a little slap and tickle," thought Mary. "Good.
I was prepared to let her go further."

Cindy woke to find the food beside her. She was
ravenous and amazingly relaxed. She looked around for
a moment before she realized where she was and that she
was naked. Going over to her clothes, she picked them
up and folded them neatly, as was her habit. She
pulled her watch out of the pocket of her shift and
looked at the time. She blinked and looked again.

It was only Noon! That entire workout on the machine
and her nap had only taken three hours. Cindy shook
her head. She wasn't sure she could take anything that
complicated or exhausting this afternoon.

As she sat down and ate her sandwich, she suddenly
thought of the perfect solution. That simple machine
on the far side of the building. That should be easy

She jumped up, eager to get to the next task. As she
moved, she noticed her tits were rock hard. No bounce,
either. They were still extra large, but not so

"Must be at least two sizes bigger," she thought,
thrusting them out proudly in front of her. She had no
idea how whorish she looked.

Standing there in the middle of the room, she proceeded
to rub her swollen boobs with both hands. Copying the
action of the rollers she tried to twist them from her
chest. That brought a stab of passion-laden pain into
her pussy.

Next she swatted at them, slapping them hard. No
bounce or jiggle. They amused her and she continued to
stand there for several minutes, pussy juice running
down her legs, until she came.


Dropping to her knees, she grinned to herself. She'd
better stop this fooling around or she wouldn't get to
all the equipment in the next two weeks.

Hurrying into her chosen alcove, she stopped short in
front of the machine. It looked simple enough. It was
an upside down V-shaped leg brace balanced on a pole.
Pushing one of the legs of the V, she noticed the leg
brace spun around like a merry-go-round. The smooth
bullet shaped head sticking up from the center post had
that familiar shape to it. Experimenting with the
pedals in the base of the pole, she was able to raise
and lower the dildo secured to the hydrolic center
pole. It went up to a frightful height. This machine
was clearly built to accommodate tall women, too.

Looking around, Cindy saw a couple of loose items on
the floor. One was a leather hood with a phallic gag
similar to the one she had just encountered. Cindy
felt a surge of pride that she was becoming familiar
with the various items up in this room.

There were also a set of hand cuffs separated by a
length of chain. Looking overhead, Cindy saw an open
hook hanging from the ceiling.

"Well, it looks easy enough. Might as well get

She perched the hood on the top of her head and snapped
one end of the handcuffs to her wrist. Finding the
pedal that locked the legs in place, she climbed up and
placed her feet in the holders. Straps around her
ankles, knees and thighs immobilized her and kept her
from falling forward or back.

The hood was next. The fit was tight, but by pulling
hard, she finally had her entire head encased in soft,
confining leather. The gag didn't fill her mouth up
like the last one had, and she had room to run her
tongue over and around this one. She liked the taste
of the leather and the feel of it against her skin.

Reaching behind her head, she found the ties that
closed the hood securely under her chin. A belt
fastened around her neck and she pulled it tight as
well. A second belt went across her mouth and behind
her head. She pulled it tight and the gag drove in
deeper until it rubbed her tonsils. Somehow, she
thought that that was the way it was supposed to be

Blind now and working by feel, she snapped the other
end of the cuffs to her free wrist.
Swinging the chain over her head she searched for the
hook. The third try caught it and she giggled to

That was easy!

"OK, now what?" she thought a couple of minutes later.
She yanked on the hook and it responded by recessing
into the ceiling, pulling her up by her wrists until
her young body was taut as a bowstring.


And then nothing. So she waited.


Mrs. Cross had almost choked on her tea when she saw
which room Cindy had chosen for her next experience.

"YES, YES, YES," she chortled. She grabbed a couple of
things from her office and dashed up the stairs.

"Finally, I get to give the little bitch what for.
Walking around here, flaunting those tits, that ass and
that face, so happy all the fucking time. God, I've
wanted to get at her for months."

Quietly entering the room she cursed to herself.

"Damn that bitch Mary. Do this, Don't do that."

Mr. Cross was determined to spite her. She couldn't
defy Mary's instructions, but there was a lot that was
unsaid. She had found her loop hole and now she was
going to get her chance.

Putting on the mask that Mary demanded be used at all
times, she stepped softly into the room with the
suspended girl.

"No faces, no sounds and only three lashes," she
mimicked. "What a load of shit!"

She hefted the thick leather horsewhip she had hidden from Mary all these weeks. She was going to get to use
it now, but where?

As she contemplated her target, Mrs. Cross walked over
to the wall. There were several phalluses of different
shapes and sizes lined up on the wall. Cindy had not
seen these. They could be substituted for the one on
the center post.

Selecting one with large irregular knobs and knots all
over its surface, the librarian carefully unscrewed the
smooth one and placed the other one on the post.

"That should give her a thrill."

Expertly stepping on the pedals, Mrs. Cross released
the legs so they would spin freely. Another pedal
raised the knobby dildo to touch the helpless cunt of
the girl.

Not giving her any time to get used to the device, she
quickly pumped the pedal three times, driving it deep
into her pussy about four inches.

All she got out of the young bitch was a muffled

Mrs. Cross pumped the pedal twice more for good
measure, and then, grabbing one of the legs of the
device, pushed hard and started Cindy spinning around.
She stood by and watched as the girl twirled on her
twat, the knurled phallus on the center post grinding
into her cunt with every degree of arc.

As Cindy turned around and around the center post, a
spring connected to the hook on which she was suspended
was slowly winding up. When the spring was tight,
Cindy would stop spinning momentarily, and would then
begin to twirl in the other direction. The spring
would unwind in one direction and then wind up again.
The process of stopping could take a long time.

Mrs. Cross watched Cindy spin until she began slowing,
and then, with all of her built up rage, anger and
frustration, she picked up the heavy black leather
horse whip and brought it crashing down across the
luscious top curves of both of the swollen, sensitive
tits of the teenager.

Cindy's body stiffened with the blow.

"AAAAARRRRGHHHH. This wasn't nice at all!"

Her body reacted to the shock and she began a vigorous
attempt to evade any further attack. However, bound as
she was, and with the sightless hood firmly in place,
Cindy had little chance to avoid the second slashing
cut that came up from below and caught her breasts on
the sensitive undersides.


She was crying now.

This hurt! There was no pleasure in this machine at

Her taut body was wracked with sobs and she could taste
the saltwater of her tears leaking into her mouth
around the leather gag.

Mrs. Cross was ecstatic. Her withered body was surging
with a sexual charge she had not felt in years!
Glorious feelings of hate, envy and lust combined in
her twisted mind to feed the perverted pleasures she
had sought to regain with this sadistic attack. She
was succeeding.

She grabbed the heavy whip with both hands, and swung
it like a baseball bat. The flat arch of the whip
whistled through the air and snapped directly across
those obscenely perfect nipples.

"God, that one had felt good" she said to herself. "If
I could just get in one more."

A buzzer sounded two sharp rings as she was winding up
for a fourth strike.

"Damn, that bitch Mary is watching. Well, I can still
hurt this young cunt in front of me."

Timing her move carefully, Mrs. Cross stepped on the
pedals, pumping the center post to its maximum height.
The end of the knobby dildo pushed painfully up into
the furthest regions of Cindy's cunt, bruising her
terribly. Because her feet and legs were tied down,
Cindy had nowhere to move to get away from the huge
plastic shaft and no way to relieve the pressure. She
was trapped in a painfully dangerous situation, and
fear and pain were the only emotions she felt.

Stepping back from her skewered assistant, Mrs. Cross
put both hands on the device and spun it as hard as she

"There," she chortled, "She should spin for about an

Turning towards one of the hidden video monitors, she
bowed deeply to the watching Mary and, rising up,
saluted her with a single raised middle digit.

"Fuck you, too, Mrs. Cross," Mary muttered coldly, her
anger unmasked.

She had not noticed the horsewhip until the old lady
had begun her first vicious blow. By then it was too
late. The second and third lashes had fallen as she
had watched in helpless horror. And now the poor
girl's cunt was being ground to hamburger.

Mary was angry, not only because she was afraid Cindy
would be injured, or that she might lose a money-making
opportunity if Cindy were scared away.

Mary was actually beginning to develop feelings for the
girl, sensing in her a kindred spirit. Mary recognized
something in the teenager that reminded her of herself
at one time. And that stirred and touched powerful
emotions long dormant in the beautiful woman. It would
change what she had planned for the young girl, but
still, it made her mad.

She watched Mrs. Cross saunter defiantly across and out
of the upstairs room.

"Fuck you, too, bitch. Soon, too."


Quan-Loc watched impassively through the window of the
fourth floor as the hooded girl spun slowly round and
round. She looked so peaceful turning around like

As she spun down, the small observer left his post and
headed for his owner's airplane. With the suicide of
the third keeper, he had been allowed to come into the
plane. It was what he wanted all along. The
protector, Liu, was nice to him, giving him forbidden
treats when no one was looking.

She was the first big person to be nice to him and he
felt himself drawn to her like a boy to his mother, a
relationship he had not been allowed to know existed.
All he knew was that she was nice to him.

It was a nice change.


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