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CNF 12 extreme effort trying expel the


WARNING: The chapters in this story contain
scenes of graphic sex involving lesbianism,
masturbation, mechanical sex acts,
bestiality, and bondage, all with strong
undercurrents of pain, and, if you can
believe it, romance. In code, that is [f ff
fd ffdd mech bd pain rom]. If subject
matter of this nature does not interest you,
do not read any farther.

All events in this story are fictional.
(DUH!) All the characters in this story are
fictional. This is a fantasy, i.e. a place
where physical acts and human responses are
not limited to or necessarily based in
reality. Therefore, some acts and responses
described are physically impossible or
physiologically improbable. Do not try them
yourself, especially alone. This story is
intended for the salacious entertainment of
consenting adults, not as an instructional
manual. Again, do not try to do any of the
things described in this story. You will
injure yourself or your partner.

If you are under 18 years of age, go away.
This will burn your eyeballs.

If material of a strong sexual nature is
prohibited where you are, go away.

By continuing, the reader accepts all
responsibility for any disgust, revulsion,
jail sentences, or pleasure that result from
reading this story.

You have been warned!

That said, enjoy!..:)



Cindy's New Friends

By NightShade.

Chapter 12

It was more than two hours later when Cindy had
stumbled down the stairs and mumbled her excuses about
going home early to Mrs. Cross. The old lady had been
surprised that Cindy had spoken to her at all. Her
politeness didn't please her. It pissed her off. The
old lady resolved to really hurt, if not permanently
injure the little bitch the next time she got the

Cindy was in serious pain. Nothing was broken - at
least she didn't think so - but her tits felt like they
were on fire. She had seen them in the mirrors
upstairs as she was dressing. There were three heavy
red welts across their firm curves, but she knew the
bruising must go clear to her chest muscles. She had
to step very carefully so that her tits wouldn't bounce
when she walked. She couldn't wear her bra because of
their swollen size and the pain, so they could sway
with the slightest jarring movement.

Her cunny was another matter altogether. It hurt to
stand, to sit, to walk, or to even think. She still
had to ride her bike home, and that filled her with an
ominous dread. If it weren't for Brutus waiting...

She did what she could to make the long ride home
easier for her. She pushed the seat of the bicycle so
the horn pointed down before she started home. She
didn't want any unnecessary contact against the tender
tissue. She also avoided as many of the bumps and
pothole as she could. And she pedaled slowly. Really

The ride home was painful, but therapeutic. She never
realized just how many bumps there were in the road
before. But the exercise of riding the bike had
increased the blood flow to her injured areas, both
upper and lower. That had the effect of clearing the
tissues of many of the toxins that caused much of the
pain. The perfusion of blood through those tissues
also started the healing process. Those drugs she was
being given didn't hurt, either, but Cindy didn't know
about them.

Still, Cindy was young and had a high threshold for
pain. It was a tribute to her stamina and tolerance
for pain that she hadn't curled up in the fetal
position and wished she were dead. She was tough,
tougher than she gave herself credit for. And, as she
had pedaled homeward, one thought was uppermost in her
mind. Brutus.

Even in its injured state, her pussy moistened at the
mere thought of him. But what could she do now? She
knew the poor dog had been cooped up all day and would
want relief when she got home. She couldn't bear the
thought of running through the forest with him, much
less of fucking him with her battered cunny. As much
as she wanted to, she knew it would just be too

Cindy chewed on her problem all the way home. As she
rode, she came up with a solution. She decided she
would try to suck him off. She wasn't sure that huge
cock would fit in her mouth or even enough of it to
satisfy her lover, but she would try. But if she
could, maybe that would be enough for him tonight. She
hoped so.

Little did Cindy know, but Brutus had not been cooped
up in the little cottage all day long. He had had a
very busy day. After she had gone from the cottage
that morning, the big dog had explored the surrounding
areas, marking his new territory with his scent,
lifting his leg on the fence posts, the corners of the
cottage and on every major tree along all the trails
leading into his new territory.

Then he had watched the technicians from Sheffield
Manor install tiny video cameras all over inside the
cottage and around it. He was used to these men and
didn't think it strange that they were there. Several
dared to scratch him behind the ears, a touch that he
tolerated from these human males only because it felt
so good. He had only had to snap at one who became a
little too familiar and scratched him under his chin.

The insurance salesman who had stopped by was another
matter, though. Brutus had chased him all the way to
his car, careful not to catch him, barking ferociously
all the way. The dog was proud of protecting his
territory and his Mistress. And just as he had marked
his boundaries earlier in the day, tonight he intended
to mark his Mistress and make her his.

Cindy rode up to the cottage and saw Brutus come
bounding for her. Her heart leaped to her throat as
she saw him for the first time since that morning. He
was so beautiful, so masculine and virile, so graceful
and all hers.

She dropped her bike and hugged the dog tightly around
the neck. He licked her face and hands in happiness,
his stubby tail wagging. His Mistress was home and all
was right in the world.

Watching her lock up the bike and go into the cottage,
Brutus sensed the careful movements in the small human.
She stepped softly, not with her usual bounce. His
unconscious and instinctive observation of his prey
settled him down slightly in his rush to mark her.

Carefully undressing in the bedroom, Cindy stood nude
in front of the mirror. She felt no shame at being
naked in front of the dog, and she observed herself
critically. Her breasts retained their swollen size
from the suction of that wonderful machine. They were
still very firm, too. Cindy grinned.

"They almost look artificial," she thought, "like those
Hollywood starlets."

Her cunny lips were red and swollen, but the pain of
walking was less now, thanks to the exercise of riding
home. Pressing on her tummy with her fingertips, she
grimaced. She was still very sore inside. Brutus
would have to wait tonight.

But Brutus was not going to wait. He saw his Mistress
getting ready for marking and standing with no clothes
on. He moved closer to her and sniffed at her breasts.
His natural senses told him that this part of his
Mistress had been injured in some manner and was sore.
He softly licked the orbs, coating them with the
healing canine saliva, following his inbred instincts.

His Mistress groaned and grabbed his head behind his
pointed ears. He continued to lave the tender flesh in
front of him. Watching her face, Brutus saw water
leaking from her eyes. But she did not stop him. He
continued his gentle massage for several minutes until
she shuddered, and the familiar aroma of female arousal
reached his sensitive nose.

Cindy couldn't believe it. She had cum. Even with all
the pain, the tenderness of the dog's tongue had
brought her to climax. The poor dog had been so lonely
all day she couldn't bear to stop him. And the
pleasure had eventually pushed through the pain.
Actually, she was relieved. In the back of her mind
was the fear that that the machine had broken something
in her and she wouldn't enjoy sex anymore. It had been
a fear she had not wanted to face. She had just
learned of the joys of sex. It would be too much for
her to give it up now.

Right now, however, she had a more immediate task. She
had to take care of the needs of her lover.
Disentangling herself from the dog's attentions, she
went over to the bed and got the two big pillows she
used at night. Throwing them on the floor, she pushed
and shoved Brutus until he was standing over them. He
thought it was a game and she ended up being pushed all
over the room before she got him into position.

"Brutus, STAY," she said in her Mistress voice.

The dog obeyed.

Sliding awkwardly to the floor, she positioned herself
on her back with her head propped up by the two
pillows. Her face was right under the dog's protective
penis sheath and huge balls. Her hips were between his
fore paws and her legs splayed out in front of the
dog's face.

"A non-classic 69," she giggled to herself. "I guess
you'd call this a Sixty-K-Nine." Cindy groaned at her
own bad joke.

Reaching up with her hand, she began to softly caress
the big dog's balls and cock sheath. Brutus pranced
nervously a couple of steps. His new Mistress was
doing something new. He was a fast and willing
learner, though, especially when it concerned sex. The
dog's penis responded to Cindy's fondling by poking the
bright pink head out the protective tube. Lightly
touching the slimy growing length, she ran her fingers
back and forth along the swelling shaft, fingering the
solid balls occasionally.

"Brutus, LICK ME," Cindy commanded from her position
under his belly. She then added, on a whim, "Brutus,
69! 69, boy!"

Dipping his head, Brutus watched the long slim shapely
legs of his Mistress spread open wide, placing her open
quim right under his lowered nose. He had understood
the first command. Licking he knew. The second
command was new to him, but if it meant that Mistress
would play with his prick and balls, he liked it.

As Cindy opened her mouth and allowed the extra-long
shaft between her lips and down her throat, Brutus
growled deep in his throat in pleasures he had never
felt before. As he vigorously started to lick
Mistress' holes, he committed the command `69'to
memory. This was something they hadn't taught him at
the kennels.

The shaft disappeared down her throat as Brutus jerked
slightly. Cindy thrilled at the feeling of the
slippery tool sliding past her tonsils and deep into
her gullet. Her experience with the machine earlier in
the day had taught her to time her breathing and not to
panic. Three and four times the hot shaft delved into
her throat. Remembering how big the knot of his prick
got, she reluctantly pulled back until just the tip and
part of the shaft was in her mouth. She grabbed the
base of the shaft with both hand to prevent the knot
from going into her mouth. If it swelled in there, she
would suffocate.

Sucking on the head of his hard cock and fisting the
shaft with both hands drove the dog wild. His slurping
became maniacal and forceful, driving Cindy to the
first of many climaxes. The knot at the base of his
shaft suddenly responded to the sexual stimuli of her
hands and mouth and bloated to its large size.
Thankful that she had the foresight to keep it out of
her mouth, Cindy relaxed from worrying about it and
gave in to the dog's talented tongue.

Cindy, suddenly in the throes of another climax, re-
doubled her sucking efforts and finally, rolling her
eyes up into her head, gave in to the wondrous feelings
of mutual oral sex.

Several shuddering, thundering peaks later, Brutus
began to jerk his prick in spasms. He had been trying
to fuck back and forth as usual, but without his knot
locked into Cindy's mouth, he couldn't move as
forcefully as he wanted to. Her pistoning fists and
sucking mouth did provide him with a new sensation. It
felt good to him, but the idea of reaching climax
without motion was a concept that wasn't programmed
into his genes. Now, at the end of his ability to wait
any longer, he needed to move, and he nearly gave Cindy
whiplash with his saddened jerky motions.

His cock head had swelled in preparation of spewing his
cum and it filled her mouth to capacity. She had to
stretch her mouth wide keep her teeth away from the
tender skin of the shaft. Her jaws were so stretched.
All she could do was hang on to the shaft and suck.
Which she did. And then came the flood.

Most of the cum went down her throat. A bit of it came
out her nose. The torrent shooting from him was
tremendous. Four, five times the dog's prick spasmed
and still he pumped more jism out of his hard cock.
Cindy watched the balls tense up each time. It was a
beautiful thing to her. This was her dog, her lover.
She was in heaven!

As quickly as it had swelled, the blood filling the
cock head receded. The organ escaped the confines of
her mouth and she lazed back and watched as the head
hung outside the sheath, slowly receding into its
protective cover. His swollen knot looked huge up
close like this. She shuddered to think that something
that big could fit up inside of her.

Brutus had stopped licking her pussy when he had come.

"Good boy," Cindy crooned, reaching up and petting his
sides. "Good boy."

Brutus woofed in response. He had pleased her and he
was happy. And he had marked his Mistress, although in
a new and different way. It was confusing to him, in a
way, but the ends justified the means to him. Life was
simple. Mission accomplished.

The next day was Saturday, and Cindy was glad she could
recuperate for a couple of days. She was really
looking forward to spending the whole two days at home
with her Brutus.

"Two whole days," she thought lazily as she stretched
luxuriously in her bed. Two days of her new lover all
to her self. Being fucked on demand. Who would have

Brutus slept in her bed as he had the night before.
The touch of his fur had pricked and tickled her all
night long. The erotic dreams she had dreamed kept her
nipples poking out all night long. And now, as she lay
with her back to his belly, she snuggled back against
the still animal.

Her knees were drawn up and as she scooted back, the
sheath of his prick nuzzled into her ass crack. The
feel of that stout organ poking her there gave her an
idea, and she wiggled her hips down hard on the thick hairy sheath.

Looking up over her shoulder at her lover, she saw that
Brutus had his eyes open and was quietly watching over
her, as he had done most of the night. She reached for
his front leg with her hand and rubbed it.

"Brutus, good morning," she whispered to him.

He nuzzled the top of her head with his nose.

"Brutus, fuck me!" she said forcefully, but quietly.

His new Mistress was a wonder, he thought as his penis
reacted to the command. The slender, slick head of his
massive cock, targeted intentionally at her anus, slid
easily up her asshole and into her dark recesses.

`The tight place!' he thought excitedly. Not since he
was a pup had any of his trainers allowed him to mark
their tight place. He stirred, trying to get purchase
with his hind feet to drive the shaft home. His feet
scrabbled in the sheets and he twisted, starting to get

"Stay, Brutus, Stay," she soothed him.

With a bewildered "Arf," he laid back down.

His prick was filling her up. She had no idea what
would happen when the knot expanded to full size inside
of her, but, as her cunny was still a little sore, she
might as well find out about this route now. Cindy
didn't even think about keeping the knot outside of her
rectum. She had noticed that Brutus didn't get as much
satisfaction without being locked. She didn't give it
a second thought, much less a first.

As she wiggled back into the large dog's haunches,
skewering herself on his expanding member, she wondered
about the recuperation of her body. She had never been
a sickly girl, but the speed with which she was healing
surprised her. Her breasts were still a bit tender,
but she wouldn't faint if they were touched. They were
still as large as they had been, too, but now they
didn't seem swollen and puffy. They were just bigger
and as firm as before.

Her cunt was also feeling better. Some of that was due
in part to the current activities, but she began to
wonder if Brutus' licking her had speeded up the
process. She had heard that the saliva of a dog had
medicinal properties. Of course, Cindy had no way of
knowing she was being 'medicated', so Brutus was the
recipient of all of her gratitude for accelerating her

Cindy began to hunch up and down on the long shaft,
moving up and down several inches. After that
introduction to anal sex the day before by the machine,
she did not experience any severe discomfort or pain.
There was only a wonderful fullness. The erotic stimuli
finally caused the dog's knot to begin to swell. It
was just inside her sphincter muscle and the increased
pressure the swelling caused her to stop her movements.
She held her breath as she waited to see if she would
be torn up, or if her rectal cavity could expand to
accommodate the softball-sized bludgeon.

"OOOOHHHH," she gasped as it filled her back cavity.

It finally stopped swelling and she was crammed full of
cock. She hadn't heard or felt any thing pop or tear.
The pressure was intense, but the pain was bearable.
The pain was completely worth the pleasure her lover
would get, she figured. Cindy tentatively moved back
into the motionless dog, nudging her ass cheeks back
against his haunches, trying to see if she could get
him in deeper or if he was, indeed, locked. The knot
slid in just a bit deeper, the rim of her sphincter
muscle clamping down around the base of the huge knot.
This eased the stretching of those sensitive tissues
and most of the pain dissipated.

She lay still, shaking with overwhelming excitement,
stimulated as never before. Part of her wanted to push
and expel the huge cock as she would a load of shit.
The other part, the bigger part, was going crazy with
erotic urges. She shivered as she felt the dog jerk
his hind quarters, beginning to move his prick back and
forth deep inside his Mistress.


"Arf, Arf." Brutus answered.

Their initial lazy actions developed into a frantic
dance that had them both racing toward their first
climaxes of the day. Several minutes later she tensed,
arching back into his chest. He came just after,
giving her an early morning jism enema. She lay still
in his embrace until his knot had deflated and his
prick slid back up into the sheath. It took a while

"Good boy," she cooed. "Good boy".

The next two days passed by too quickly for Cindy.
Brutus was a stalwart fucker, but she was more than his
match. After an careful exploratory fuck up into her
cunt had confirmed that she was fully recovered and
could resume using it for fucking full time, she had
used the `FUCK ME' command repeatedly during the rest
of that day and Sunday.

Seven times the dog fucked her cunt. In the bed, in
the living room, over the back fence. She leaned
herself over a log on one of their walks in the forest
and he took her there. She also took him up her ass
four or five times, not to mention several times in her
mouth. She taught him the command `BACK DOOR' to go
along with the new `69' command, although she had to
help him aim his massive cock at the tiny opening.

Cindy was almost in a state of perpetual arousal.
There was a hunger for cock, any cock any where within
her that she didn't understand. She loved that her
lover would pound away at her for what seemed like
hours and hours, never tiring in his attempts to please
his Mistress. She didn't understand that Brutus was
quickly tiring out and that it was taking him longer to
recuperate than she was allowing. The last fuck into
her asshole on Sunday night has lasted almost an hour.

For his part, Brutus was tired but happy. His Mistress
was pleased with him and strangely was not angry at him
for taking so long to mark her that last time. In
fact, she seemed to continue to get more enjoyment out
of it the longer it took. All he knew was that he had
pleased her and he was happy. That night, Brutus

So did Cindy.


Eunice Cross was snoring peacefully, too. That is, she
was until she was jolted awake by a slap across the
face. A hard slap, right across her sensitive

"Hello, Eunice," a familiar voice whispered in her ear.
"I've been neglecting you and Donovan too long and I
thought you could help me give him a little refresher

Mrs. Cross struggled to answer, but the gloved hand
firmly covering her nose and mouth prevented any sound
from escaping her. Or air from getting in. It wasn't
until she tried to raise her hands to her mouth that
she discovered she was incapable of moving. Further
experimentation with her legs brought the discovery
that they were restrained, too. Panic seized her brain
and she began an epileptic-like struggle to get free.

Mary Sheffield calmly held her hand over the struggling
woman's airways. It was obvious she wasn't quite ready
to cooperate. In Mary's experience, it would take a
couple of more minutes before the struggling woman
would start to use her brain. In this kind of
situation, it always took near asphyxiation before the
fuckers started to think. It should have been the
first thing they did.

Mary watched the plastic-bound woman flop helplessly
around on the bed. The wide, industrial-strength
wrapping material was ideal for this sort of restraint.
It held tight and left no characteristic markings on
the victim. There might be some odd markings from the
wrinkled and bound nightgown she was still wearing.
There would be no obvious ligature marks, however, to
indicate the corpse had been bound. And she was
looking at a future corpse. Mrs. Cross had pissed her
off once too often.

"Ready to listen quietly now?" she asked the heavily
sweating woman.

A nod in return was all the response Mrs. Cross could
give her, but her brain was now working feverishly,
trying to figure a way out, or what this bitch wanted.
Hate and revenge were foremost in her thoughts, not
that she could have escaped, but Mary could see in her
eyes that the old lady had no idea just how serious her
position was. That suited her fine. It made the
terror almost palpable when they finally did figure it

Removing her hand, Mary stood up from her kneeling
position on the floor. Mrs. Cross finally realized she
was lying sideways in her own bed, her head hanging off
the edge. Her straggly grey hair was hanging limp, the
longest strands sweeping the several dustbunnies that
had escaped from the huge collection she kept under her
bed. Mrs. Cross was not a neat housekeeper.

"Donovan has been a good dog for you, Eunice, right?"
Mary asked deceptively.

Not taking the chance to speak, Mrs. Cross just nodded.

"And he serves you well?"

Eunice thought that was phrased oddly, but she answered
with a nod.

There was a slight pause.

"Do you ever let him fuck you in any position other
than 'doggy style'?" came the next question, and
suddenly Mrs. Cross knew that her dirty little secret
was out. It wasn't until several seconds later that
she put two and two together and realized that her
beloved Donovan would have had to have been trained for
this sort of perverted behavior for him to be so good
at it. It had never occurred to her that there were
several families in this small town with devoted family pets, all big, all males, and all of the wives with
contented smiles. How could she have been so blind?

She shook her head 'No.' It was the first position
Donovan had 'forced' on her all those months ago. She
would never admit that it hadn't taken much force even
then, and since the first time, none. But she had
never ventured beyond being the submissive bitch of the

"Well, then, I guess it's about time that you both had
a change, don't you?" Turning to the silent animal,
sitting in the doorway watching the two women with his
intelligent head cocked at an inquisitive angle, Mary
gave him a silent hand signal. Donovan immediately
stood and came over beside her.

Another signal, and his front paws were up on the edge
of the bed, one on either side of his bound Mistress.
She had never let him up on the bed before and he
growled his satisfaction at finally achieving this
goal. Mrs. Cross felt, more than heard, that deep
throated growl. The dog, though extremely well behaved
still terrified her. This threatening sound pushed her
over the edge of terror and she peed in her panties.
The plastic shrinkwrap prevented the urine from
staining her coverlet, but right now, that was the
least of her worries. That huge ugly thing, that male
member, was right by her face. She wrinkled up her
nose at the strange smell.

"Open wide, Eunice," said Mary. "Be a good girl and
take your medicine," she taunted her mother-in-law

Shocked beyond protest or stunned into obedience, Mrs.
Cross automatically opened her mouth. A command
whispered in Donovan's quivering ear elicited the
expected response, and Mrs. Cross soon found her mouth
jammed full of slimy dog cock. She started to protest,
but the slippery head quickly extended and was jabbing
at the back of her throat. She gagged, not only from
the gag reflex, but from the idea of actually doing
something so repulsive. She started to frantically
struggle in her bonds once more, trying to expel the
invading prong.

She made her last mistake when she tried to cry out for
Mary to help her. The act of trying to make a sound
relaxed her throat muscles enough for Donovan's prick
to gain access. Once in, he plowed forward, shoving
his entire length down her throat. This was something
he had missed, never being able to communicate with his
Mistress to do this with him. Turning back to look
over his shoulders at Mary, he "woofed" in the
animalistic pleasure the warm moist tunnel provided
him. Mary, in turn, placed her hands on his rear
quarters and pushed, seating him firmly in the now
terrified woman's mouth.

It only took a few seconds, but the tight warm moist
stimulation of her mouth and throat had its effect on
the dog. His knot, now totally enclosed by her mouth,
swelled to its full size, locking him firmly in for the
duration. Once inflated, he began to rut in the
woman's oral tract, oblivious to the growing stillness
below him.

As soon as she saw the dog begin to rut, Mary had moved
away to let him fuck at will. She also wanted to watch
the eyes of the old bitch. At first they were closed
in shame, she guessed. Gradually, when the solid prick
didn't pull out and she realized that that mass in her
mouth was the dog's knot, Mary watched as the eyes of
her soon to be ex-Mother-in-Law flew open. She could
tell to the instant when she realized the dog couldn't
pull out and that she was going to die. Her eye bugged
out in extreme effort, trying to expel the dog.

Too late she realized her predicament. Her last
thoughts were sadly of hate and revenge. Sad, but in
keeping with the way she had lived her life.

When the dog had finished and his knot had relaxed
enough for him to slip out of the dead woman's throat,
Mary allowed him to sniff Mrs. Cross' mottled face.
Once Donovan had convinced himself she was now
lifeless, he automatically reverted his attentions and
devotion to his former Mistress, Mary. He had no idea
of his part in his ex-Mistress' execution nor did he
feel any remorse about her demise. Neither did Mary.

Mary gave Donovan the signal that sent the dog out of
the house and through the dark streets back to the
kennels where he was raised. She stayed behind to
remove all traces that she had been in the house that
evening. Pulling back the coverlet, she turned the
corpse so that it lay in the bed normally, placing the
lifeless head in the indentation already formed in the
pillow. A small pair of sharp scissors cut the plastic
free from the body. As she rolled the body to remove
the plastic, the urine Mrs. Cross had released soaked
into the sheets and mattress, exactly where it would be
if she had wet the bed normally.

This was a small town. Mrs. Cross was an old woman.
There would be no obvious reason for an autopsy. The
coroner's report would show that she had died in her
sleep from apparently natural causes.

Slipping out into the comfortable darkness enveloping
the sleeping town, Mary made her way to her car parked
a half mile away and drove home.
End of Chapter


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