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CNF 14 girl felt straps being placed over


WARNING: The chapters in this story contain
scenes of graphic sex involving lesbianism,
masturbation, mechanical sex acts,
bestiality, and bondage, all with strong
undercurrents of pain, and, if you can
believe it, romance. In code, that is [f ff
fd ffdd mech bd pain rom]. If subject
matter of this nature does not interest you,
do not read any farther.

All events in this story are fictional.
(DUH!) All the characters in this story are
fictional. This is a fantasy, i.e. a place
where physical acts and human responses are
not limited to or necessarily based in
reality. Therefore, some acts and responses
described are physically impossible or
physiologically improbable. Do not try them
yourself, especially alone. This story is
intended for the salacious entertainment of
consenting adults, not as an instructional
manual. Again, do not try to do any of the
things described in this story. You will
injure yourself or your partner.

If you are under 18 years of age, go away.
This will burn your eyeballs.

If material of a strong sexual nature is
prohibited where you are, go away.

By continuing, the reader accepts all
responsibility for any disgust, revulsion,
jail sentences, or pleasure that result from
reading this story.

You have been warned!

That said, enjoy!..:)



Cindy's New Friends

By NightShade.

Chapter 14

Waking up after her short deep nap, Cindy found herself
free of all restraints and lying on a soft couch. It
was more like a doctor's examination table, really.
Groggily, she couldn't remember it being on the fourth
floor, but maybe she had missed it. Without moving,
she allowed her senses to explore her surroundings.
She thought she was still on the fourth floor - she
still smelled the erotic leather, rubber and machine
oils that were becoming familiar to her. A scent of
silky hair, soft breath and smooth skin behind her told
her that Mary was probably close by, too. Relaxing
back into the soft cushion, Cindy stretched and curled
into a small ball. She felt as contented as a cat with
a full stomach lying in a pool of sunlight.

"Hey! Sleepyhead! Get a move on! We've still got the
rest of the floor to do," came Mary's loving voice.
The thought of doing more naughty things with her new
best friend stirred her into action.

Getting up, she saw that she was in a room she didn't
recognize. But it was definitely on the fourth floor.
It was indeed an examination table, complete with
stirrups and a large overhead articulated lamp. Small
tables were set up in the tiled room. One next to the
exam table had a lot of tubes and things. The other,
next to the wall had some food on it.

She went over to the second table and prepared a light
lunch for herself. Mary already had a plate and was
just finishing up. There was a small pitcher with the
drink she now recognized as Margaritas sitting in the
cooler. She was parched and had finished one tumbler
of the soothing drink and was well on her way to
finishing the second glassful when Mary walked over to
the table. Gently she took the plate of food from
Cindy's hand.

"I don't think there will be any time for you to eat,"
she said quietly.

Cindy looked at her to see if she was kidding. Mary's
voice sounded strange, like she was sad or something.
Cindy, as usual, misread the signs and accepted her
tone for one of seriousness.

"Oh, OK. I'm sorry I slept so long. My own stupid
fault if I have to miss lunch."

Mary guided the gullible girl back to the exam table.
The sedatives in the drinks she had just consumed where
going to hit her hard in a couple of minutes and Mary
would just as soon not have to carry her. Too much

Cindy began to sag against the older woman as they
approached the table. She was barely able to get up on
the high cushion before her muscles all seemed to lose
their strength. She watched in drugged silence as Mary
sterilized a long needle and then punctured the lip of
her dainty little belly button right at the apex. From
a jewelry box she watched the woman take out a
glittering jewel and insert it through the new
piercing. The adornment fit perfectly, as if it had
been designed for her.

Next Mary rolled Cindy over on to her stomach. The
unresisting girl felt straps being placed over her
wrists and upper shoulders. Her legs were also
strapped down after her knees were pulled up under her
stomach. Cindy was kneeling on the exam table, ass
high in the air.

From the small table next to where Cindy was
restrained, Mary picked up a long flexible tube. A dab
of grease on the end was all the lubricant she used as
she fed the inquisitive probe into Cindy's anus.
Patiently and expertly she worked the long tube deeper
and deeper. The end wormed its way up through her
colon, through the sigmoid section and into the
descending colon. When it had crossed over the
transcending colon and ended up down at the beginning
of the ascending colon, Mary stopped pushing the tube
in. She then attached the other end of the tube to a
bottle of warm soapy water. A twist of the stopcock
and Cindy was receiving a very thorough deep enema.

The warm water rushing into her bowels would have
caused her a great amount of discomfort had it not been
for the sedative she had taken. As it was, it was
still painful. Mary allowed her to defecate with the
tube still in place, the cleansing enema pushing out
all the fecal matter in her system. Another enema
followed, this one with clear water. Again, Mary left
the small tube in place as Cindy spurted out the
speckled solution over the table and onto the tiled

Satisfied that Cindy was free of any major chunks of
shit, Mary removed the empty bottle from tube.
Attaching a cylinder to the free end, Mary activated
the self-contained press, slowly pulling the long tube
out of Cindy as the soft material was squirted in
through the tube. After the four cylinders were
injected as instructed, she pulled the rest of the long
tube free.

Mary completed her preparation of Cindy for Joe Tan by
inserting a long butt plug up her ass. Two metallic
BenWa balls slid easily into her cunt. Then came the
weird part. Thankful that her veterinary background
prepared her for this, Mary took a silk suture and a
surgical needle and sewed the lips of Cindy's cunt together, sealing the balls in. Then, as 4:00
approached, she cleaned herself, the girl and the room
and walked into another part of the building.

At about the same time, Susan, Mary's sneaky trainer,
was approaching the small cottage where Cindy lived.
And Brutus. She wasn't happy about having to retrieve
the dog, but Mary had insisted. She was right, too.
Until the assistant trainer was hired, Susan was the
only person who was available to get the huge dog.

Brutus recognized Susan immediately as she approached
the cottage and sat rigid in the middle of the one room
cottage watching her warily. As did all the dogs in
the kennel, Brutus recognized her short white lab coat
as a symbol of her authority. Without it, Brutus would
not have obeyed her commands.

Brutus, however, associated that coat with something
else, too. Pain, frustration, more pain, cruel torture
and sadism, although he probably didn't think in those
concepts. But he felt them, just the same. So it
wasn't surprising, then, that when she reached out to
snap the leash on his collar that he jerked away,
snapping at her hand at the same time. There were
probably many reasons he did so, not least of which
that he was truly enjoying living with his Mistress. A
leash meant he was being taken away.

Susan snatched her hand back just in time from the
sharp teeth, fear thundering through her veins. This
huge dog still terrified her and his sudden vicious
actions opened a torrent of panic. The leash flew out
of her hand and sailed across the room, sliding to a
halt on the floor beneath the kitchen cupboards.

Without thinking, Susan went over to get the leash. It
was farther under the table than she could easily reach
so she got down on her hands and knees to get a better
reach. It wasn't until she felt the heavy weight of
the hound on her back, pinning her to the floor, that
she realized her error. She had presented the dog with
the very thing she had used to torment him. The short
white tails of her lab coat were stretched tightly
across her ass.

Brutus hadn't hesitated to mount her. Instinct? Fear?
Revenge? Who knows what went on in his mind or why.
But he had her pinned securely to the floor and wasn't
about to let her up. Her short lab coat slid slowly up
over her ass as she was bent over so far, leaving just
her panties protecting her dry holes.

Brutus didn't care if they were dry or not. He didn't
care that she still had her panties on. He lunged
forward. The force of his thrust moved both of the
partners across the kitchen floor towards the corner of
the room. The second thrust moved them closer. When
Susan's head hit the cupboard doors on the third
thrust, they stopped sliding. But Brutus didn't stop
pounding away. He just kept on taking out all his
canine frustrations on the object of his hatred.

At some point the fragile fabric of Susan's panties lost to the relentless pounding of his cock. The next
thrust buried his huge cock deep within the kneeling
woman, up to the base of his swollen knot. Howling
like his ancestor the wolf, the huge dog immediately
started hammering away at his bitch. His practice with
his Mistress of fucking without being locked paid off
as he assailed the dry cunt below him.

His Mistress had kept Brutus pretty well drained this
past weekend and it had been taking longer and longer
for him to achieve release. Mistress hadn't minded the
endless fuckings and her constant pleasure helped him
achieve his own climax. This time, however, Mistress
wasn't there to stimulate him with her soft mewling and
words of encouragement. Brutus hammered and hammered
at his bitch, each thrust pounding her head into the
cabinet doors. He didn't notice the large pool of
blood under her body until several hours later when he
had finally finished. Sniffing at the acrid smelling
blackening fluid, Brutus returned to the kennels where
he was raised, as Mistress was late and he was hungry.

Mary led Cindy into a well lit room. The sedatives
were wearing off and Cindy was almost coherent, if a
little groggy. The lights hurt her eyes and the pain
of the crude stitches in her labia ached when she
walked. The strange vibrations caused by the fluid-
filled balls in her vagina perked her up, awakening the
now familiar sensations within her. Even the plug in
her ass didn't feel that strange.

As Cindy's eyes adjusted to the bright lights she
suddenly stopped short. Her hands immediately moved,
one covering her privates, the other trying to cover
her breasts. She turned to Mary who was alarmed at her
sudden distress.

"Mary, there's a man here!" Not getting the
reassurance she was looking for, she continued.
"There's a man in here and I'm naked. I've never been
naked in front of a man before, Mary!" Cindy continued
to try to squirm away from Mary's firm grim and to hide
her nudity behind the body of her friend.

Suddenly Cindy felt another cool hand on her other arm,
pulling it gently, but insistently down to her side.
Defeated, she allowed her hands to be placed at her
side and she didn't try to cover her beauty with them
again. She stood still, shamed, her eyes filling with

"So, little one, you are the special girl," said a
soothing voice in her ear. There was just a hint of an
exotic accent, just a hint of dangerous intrigue. "My
name is Liu, and I am going to take good care of you."
Her hands were running over Cindy's body as she spoke,
stirring all kinds of strange and erotic feelings in
the naked girl. Her hand had a familiarity to them, as
if they had caressed her body before. Cindy began to
lean into the feathery touches, yearning for more. Her
nudity was forgotten.

Liu evaluated the girl coldly and clinically as she
touched and aroused her methodically. Her responses
were good, but not as good as an Oriental girl's would
have been. But then, her stamina was higher. This one
would last a long time for her Master. Joe had chosen

Surreptitiously Liu ran the small electronic device
over the girl's body as she touched her. Just as she
had thought, there was a small electronic signal coming
from the girl. Using her small knife, she slit open
the stitches holding Cindy's cunt lips together and
none to gently dug out the metallic balls. Satisfied
that there were no additional tracking devices on the
woman, Liu pulled Cindy over to a waiting table.

As they got closer, Cindy saw the table was actually
two halves of a large box. Each half had a depression
in it, one in the shape of the front of a woman, the
other in the shape of the back. Without question, when
urged by Liu, Cindy stepped into the half shaped like
the front and lay face down.

It was a tight fit but the material had a little give
to it. It pressed in on her swollen boobs tightly
forcing the pliant tissue down into the deepest
recesses of the depressions. There was a tube that
went into her mouth. A center hole in the tube allowed
her to breath.

Cindy did not panic when the back half was lifted up
and fit over her. She was feeling too much ecstasy to
be panicked. As far as she was concerned, the feelings
she was having now were the ultimate. They only
increased when the vacuum pump started pumping all the
air from between her body and form fitting material.
So well was she packed that she did not even feel the
vibrations of the men that moved the carton that
contained her to the elevator, or the bouncing of the
truck as they shipped her to the waiting airplane.

It was only when the plane reached its cruising
altitude that Cindy became vaguely aware of where she
was and the passing of a good amount of time. A small
niggling memory nagged at the corner of her brain.
There was someone waiting, someone she had to feed and
take care of, someone who loved her. But Cindy knew
she didn't have any children, so she ignored the pesky
memory and let the endless flow of her orgasms carry
her onward. She slept off and on for hours,
alternating between the world of erotic dreams and the
erotic sensations the mummification gave her. Both, of
course, were strongly aided by the drugs she had taken

Tan Chew watched out the window as his private jet
descended to land at the private airstrip outside of
his brother's huge compound. Garish, lavish and
tasteless was the universal comment for anyone who had
seen it. A smear on the Tan family's name, it was a
scar on the face of the earth. Joe had watched the
monstrosity take shape by studying photos purloined
from the American spy satellites. It was ugly even
from that far way. The building was visible even now,
and they were miles away from landing. It only got
uglier the closer they flew.

Joe noticed the small van pulling up to the side of his
private plane as they drove away from the airport to
Phoc's palace. He did not see them unloading the crate
with the American woman, but he was positive they had.
It was, after all, a part of his plan.

As expected, his brother cancelled their joint trip
abruptly. Chew respectfully and stoically accepted the
news that he would be taking the trip by himself. Phoc
had other pressing business to attend to. Chew would
be leaving immediately for Mongolia to disassemble the
entire plant piece by piece by himself until he had
figured out the problem. He was rudely excused from
his brother's presence and told he was unthinkably
excused from the birthday party. He would be busy.

Chew rode back to the plane by himself. Not
surprisingly, Liu had finally shown her hand and stayed
with Phoc. Chew had known Liu was Phoc's spy since the
time Chew's agent had returned with the news that Liu's
village had been wiped out. Chew hadn't ordered it,
and there had been no other logical reason for anyone
else to order it. That left a personal reason, and
that left Phoc.

He didn't care how Phoc had turned her. What was
important was to make Phoc think he didn't know about
Liu. It had been hard to overlook some of the things
she had done, but he had done managed it. Now it was
over. She was gone. What did surprise him was the
absence of Quan-Loc, the little baumkind. The tiny
mutant had clung to Liu with both hands - no claws - as
Chew had driven out of Phoc's compound. It was unheard
of for the little agents to develop any affection for
any large person. The scientist in him felt a pang of
loss. It would have been a tremendous breakthrough if
they could study that relationship. But if there was
one, there were bound to be others. They were possibly
on the right track.

Chew was surprised to find his little China Doll
waiting for him. She was alert and well, which was
even more surprising. For all her hatred towards him,
Liu did not drag in others. The little girl smiled up
at him, then settled in for the next leg of her long
trip. She missed the nice lady and that strange little
monkey man but if she needed to know anything, Uncle
Joe would tell her.

The plane was 40 miles out when Chew took the small
transmitter from his pocket. It would take them
several hours to prepare the American girl for his
brother. He had known Phoc would not be able to resist
stealing her from him once Liu described her to him.
Phoc liked to take his time killing them. Brutal
though he was, he was painstakingly predictable.

Too bad he hadn't studied the family history better.
If he had, he would probably have killed Chew in his
crib. Since the beginning of time, even before they
became the industrial arm of the chinese government, it
had always been the second son who ended up running the
Tan family. Always. The first son would take up the
mantle, either by natural death or by force, as in
Phoc's case. And then the second son would succeed
him. Always by force.

Chew pushed the button on the transmitter. Two
kilograms of X59 buried in Cindy's bowels received the
special code from the detonator hidden in her belly
button ring. Everything within a half-mile radius
ceased to exist.

Seismic stations around the world reported a huge
explosion outside of Beijing. The lack of
radioactivity led scientists to suspect an industrial
accident. Little information was available.

Humanitarian aide poured in to the devastated area from
around the globe.

End of Story.


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