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CNF ALL video being broadcast from the city

WARNING: The chapters in this story contain
scenes of graphic sex involving lesbianism,
masturbation, mechanical sex acts,
bestiality, and bondage, all with strong
undercurrents of pain, and, if you can
believe it, romance. In code, that is [f ff
fd ffdd mech bd pain rom]. If subject
matter of this nature does not interest you,
do not read any farther.

All events in this story are fictional.
(DUH!) All the characters in this story are
fictional. This is a fantasy, i.e. a place
where physical acts and human responses are
not limited to or necessarily based in
reality. Therefore, some acts and responses
described are physically impossible or
physiologically improbable. Do not try them
yourself, especially alone. This story is
intended for the salacious entertainment of
consenting adults, not as an instructional
manual. Again, do not try to do any of the
things described in this story. You will
injure yourself or your partner.

If you are under 18 years of age, go away.
This will burn your eyeballs.

If material of a strong sexual nature is
prohibited where you are, go away.

By continuing, the reader accepts all
responsibility for any disgust, revulsion,
jail sentences, or pleasure that result from
reading this story.

You have been warned!

That said, enjoy!..:)



Cindy's New Friends

By NightShade.

Initially started in September, 1996. Finished and
posted in July, 2002

Chapter 1

It had been another long, hot day in the Garwood's city
library. The small town's limited budget could barely
afford the 20 or so new books she had catalogued and
cross-referenced that day, much less afford air-
conditioning for a bunch of dusty old books. As she
approached her home, Cindy wanted to do nothing more
than soak in a cool shower and get the feeling of dust
off her. She worked as the underpaid assistant
librarian in the old library. The head librarian, her
boss, was an old, wrinkled, bitter woman. Cindy knew
Mrs. Cross always assigned to her the hottest, dirtiest
tasks. But she really didn't mind all that much. It
kept her busy all day and, besides, this was her very
first job.

Although she wasn't making much money, she made enough
to rent the little cottage she was headed to now. It
helped that the library provided her with a lunch. It
was just two small rooms and a tiny bath, and it was
all by itself way out in the woods. Nobody else wanted
a place so far out. But Cindy had loved it at first
sight. Not just because of the price, either. It was
just the right size for her. And she was on her own,
at last.

She had moved to this picturesque village right after
graduating from a very strict Catholic girl's school.
She had ridden the bus for three days to get to this
idyllic village, all of her worldly possessions in a
nearly empty tattered suitcase. The want ad for this
particular job was buried in with a bunch of other low-
paying jobs, but this one caught her eye because it was
so far away from where she had grown up.

Cindy had never known her parents. She didn't know if
she had been abandoned at birth or if the people who
donated an egg and some sperm to make her had died when
she was little. No one would ever tell her how she had
ended up where she was, and finally, she quit asking.
The only `home' she had ever known was the orphanage
where she had grown up. The people who ran the place
had not been good or bad. They had neither cared for
nor loved the orphans, however. It was just their job
to look after them, and that attitude came through loud
and clear. Now that she was no longer dependent on
them, Cindy wanted to take care of herself.

That was why she had taken the job at the library in a
place so far away. She wasn't really a trained
librarian, but she loved books. They had been her only
consistent friends throughout her entire short life.
All of the other orphan kids had come and gone. So had
all of the caretakers, cooks, custodians, and nuns.
Cindy had stayed. She had either been too old, too
young, too big, too small, too dirty, too WASP,
whatever. After a while, because it hurt so much being
left behind, she had turned to books for companionship.
She had no friends, and didn't want any.

She parked her used bike by the gate to the tiny
cottage and carefully locked it up. Although there was
little chance of anybody stealing it way out here, and
it being a small town where everybody knew each other
and what belonged to whom, it was still her first major
purchase. She had spent her entire life savings on it,
in fact. She just wanted to be extra careful. Had she
given it any thought, she would have thought it odd
that she locked up her bicycle, but had never locked
the doors to her cottage.

Skipping into the house, she shed her sticky clothes
along the way. By the time she got to the bathroom,
all she had on was her panties. Her reflection in the
full-length mirror on the door caught her eye. She
stopped abruptly and stared at her image. It still
took her by surprise a little.

Cindy had been a late bloomer. Very late, in fact.
The boys at the orphanage had made fun of her, as had
the girls. With her straggly dirty blonde hair pulled
back tight from her face and her skinny body, thin arms
and bony knees, she knew she wasn't attractive, or even
just a little cute. Just a scrawny little girl no one

But that was then. And now? Now the people from the
orphanage would not recognize her at all. In the past
few weeks and months, she had filled in, blooming
nicely. She had even grown an inch or two, it seemed.

The girl/woman looking back at her from the mirror was
definitely not ugly, either. She had learned to do
things with her hair in a fashionable way and was
learning - from books - about make up and fashions.
The nearly naked young woman in front of her was
strikingly beautiful, if she did say so herself. Cindy
stuck her hip out to the side in a pose she thought was
terribly sexy. Her stance, once she had put her hand on
her jutting hip, made her boobies pop out and jiggle.

Cindy giggled at the sight of her `new' breasts quivering high on her chest. They, too, had developed
in the past couple of months until they were now about
the size of large oranges. Just about as firm, too.
There was just enough give to them so that they jiggled
slightly as she moved. But they didn't bounce very
much. She glanced back at her discarded bra on the
floor. She supposed there was a reason they had made
her wear one in the orphanage when she hadn't had tits,
and now that she had them, she still didn't know why.
Maybe she would understand when she was old and had two
floppy bags on her chest like Mrs. Cross.

She watched in the mirror as her slender hands slipped
up to cup her perky mounds. She still wasn't used to
the feel of them, though lately she had been having a
lot of practice touching them. She couldn't seem to
keep her hands off them, especially at night. She
watched as the tips of her thumbs and forefingers met
at the point of each breast and squeezed slightly. The
perky, dusky red nipples stiffened willingly at her

Cindy shuddered as the still-unfamiliar feelings swept
through her compact frame, lighting a small fire in her
belly. Lately, those sensitive little buttons at the
end of her rubbery tits had been driving her crazy. It
seemed the more she rubbed them when they itched or
ached - she couldn't quite describe the feeling - the
more they needed to be rubbed. And squeezed. And

And then there was last night! Cindy blushed with
shame as she remembered how wet her pajama bottoms had
been. It was almost as if she had wet herself - which
she was sure she hadn't! All she had been doing was
scratching an itch, so to speak, when she had kind of
blacked out, or something. Next thing she knew her
only pair of PJs was soiled. She had had to spend the
rest of the night in the nude. Her innocent blush
deepened as she remembered the naughty feeling that
experience had given her. Sleeping naked was something
they were not allowed to do in the orphanage. Cindy's
thoughts lingered on that wonderful feeling of wanton
freedom she had felt sleeping like that. "Laundry day
isn't for another three days. Darn!" she thought. And

She continued her self-assessment. Her once slim,
boyish hips were swelling out, curving with the
perfection of young womanhood. She turned her torso
slightly to the side to catch sight of the smooth round
hemispheres of her butt cheeks. The alabaster surface
dimpled slightly as she flexed her butt muscles. It
raised even higher when she flexed like that. Even with
her panties on she could see the entire cheek, because
today she was wearing her special pair of black silk

The pair she wore today was her sexiest pair. Cindy
was saving as much as she could each week from her
meager salary to get more nice things, but this pair
had been her first splurge. This pair was the kind the
fashion magazines said men liked to see women wear.
The tiny spaghetti strap in the back disappeared
completely into her butt crack, totally baring both
buttocks. It had been a little uncomfortable when she
first wore them, but now she preferred them. They were
so much nicer than the ones the orphanage provided.

The tiny strip of cloth in the front had embarrassed
her at first. She had excitedly tried them on as soon
as she got home and it had looked terrible. She had
cried for hours. However, never one to give up, she
read some more magazines and learned about bikini
waxing, and all kinds of other strange things. After
reading everything she could find, she made the
decision to trim her `bush,' as it was called, with a
razor and scissors. When she was done, all that was
left was a narrow strip of curly short blonde hairs
ending just above her slit. Everywhere else was shaved
baby-bottom smooth. The new panties now looked just as
sexy on her as they did on the models in the magazines.
Sexier, maybe.

Cindy moved her legs so that her upper thighs rubbed
together and up against her bald cunny lips. A slight
scratch informed her it was time to shave again. Maybe
she wouldn't get so wet down there this time. The last
time had taken forever, it seemed like, as she had to
keep rubbing it dry with a towel. She considered
shaving in the shower, but wasn't sure if she could or
how to do it. She would have to look in to that at the

She stood up high on her toes, making her shapely
thighs and calves even tighter. All that running as a
child, all the stairs she had climbed at the girl's
school, and now the long bike ride everyday kept her
long legs in great shape. A little pale, maybe, but
nothing a little sun wouldn't fix.

She looked herself over once more in the mirror.

"I'm a fox!" she giggled to herself.

She brought her hands back up to her tits. They
continued to fascinate her and she thrilled each time
she touched them. She was still too inexperienced to
know that that thrill was a natural sexual response. A
bit pronounced in Cindy's hormone-laden body, perhaps,
but still a natural response. She was also beginning
to notice that sometimes after she'd played them for a
while, she would feel a funny itch or something down
between her legs. Like she felt now, and she blushed
once more as she flashed back again on last night.

Riding her bike all the way from the library to the
cottage smashed her poor little cunny down on that hard
leather bicycle seat. She had been itching - aching? -
since she had gotten to work that morning and had been
there all day long. Giving another harder squeeze to
her tits almost made her dizzy. The tingling feeling
between her legs was stronger now. She wanted to rub
it or scratch at it with her finger.

She saw her left hand slipped down her belly to the top
of her tiny panties as if it had a mind of its own.
Her naughty hand insinuated itself underneath the loose
elastic waistband and moved steadily through the soft
downy hair.

Her long middle finger traveled straight to the top of
her bare slit and then hesitated. She had never
touched herself down there, except to clean. But now -
it slipped lightly along the slippery groove -
Oooh,God, that felt good! She needed to rub more.
And harder. She subconsciously noted that it was wet
there and idly wondered if it was sweat from the bike
ride or something else.

Pressing harder, her lucky finger slipped in between
the folds of sensitive skin and she discovered the
wetness came from inside her.

Bringing her finger up to her nose, she inhaled deeply.
The pungent odor of her womanhood was intriguing. She
tentatively touched the tip of her tongue to her
slippery finger.

"Salty and sweet at the same time," she thought. "I
think I like it!"

Sucking her whole finger into her mouth, she savored
the new taste. Her finger made several trips back into
the source as she dazedly watched herself in the

Shaking her head suddenly, she woke herself up from her
erotic daydreaming. She leaned over into the small
bath and turned on the shower to a cool spray. She
stepped into the small enclosure after stripping off
the silky thong panties. The powerful cool spray of
the shower beat down on her creamy white skin, reviving
her from the long hot day. Turning her back to the
spray she tipped her head and let the hard jets slick
her long blonde hair back from her face.

Bracing her arms against the shower wall, she arched
her back and enjoyed letting the pulsing water work out
the kinks from her shoulders all the way down to her
ass. Turning her head so she could see her butt, she
noticed again that the exercise of riding her bike the
past few months had firmed it up as well as her legs.
She was one hard body!

Not that she had ever been fat or overweight. They had
never had quite enough food to fill up on in the home.
But now her ass looked sexy, even to her. Standing on
tiptoe, she flexed her calves and relished the strength
and youth of her long legs. She also noticed that just
the strain of standing like that caused the tickle in
her pussy to start up again.

Turning to face the spray, the jets of pulsing water
began to work on her chest. One of the errant streams
of cool water caught the tiny bud of her nipple at just
the right angle and seemed to try to move it around the
end of her tit. Jolts of electricity went straight to
her brain. And her cunt!

God! The pleasure that that hard stream of water
brought to her nipple was almost unbearable, almost
painful. She experimentally twisted and turned her
upper body back and forth. She managed to stimulate
both of the sensitive nipples with the hard spray.
Several times. They swelled up and puffed out like
never before.

Cindy looked at her erect nipples in amazement. They
looked so sexy sticking out like that. In fact, they
looked just like ones on the tits of the glamorous
women in those glossy magazines she had looked through
the other day.

The thought of those pictures and of what those women
had been doing to each other in them increased the
itching between her legs that Cindy was feeling. It
was more like a burning sensation now, demanding

She had found the pictures by accident a couple of
weeks ago. She had been in a section of the library
where she wasn't supposed to go. She really had gone
in there by mistake, but the old librarian had yelled
at her for a long time and said some awful things to
her. Cindy had been afraid she would lose her job.

The pictures continued to burn in her memory, however,
and since that first time, she had carefully sneaked
back into that room twice more. Both times she had
only had a short time to look at the pictures in the
magazines and on the walls. The photos had excited
her, although she was puzzled about some of the things
she had seen the women in the pictures doing.

Cindy lifted the showerhead down off its holder and
started moving it over her stomach. Moving the
massaging jets over her tummy muscles felt good. She
closed her eyes as she took her time covering her whole
stomach, letting the jet move itself to the next aching
muscle group.

The jet moved dreamily lower towards her pussy as if on
its own. As it neared the juncture of her thighs, the
water was partially deflected by the short soft hairs
of her bush, temporarily blocked from directly hitting
that super-sensitive area.

However, as she continued to lazily move the stream
around over her tummy and then down to her upper
thighs, the twisted flexible hose connecting the
showerhead to the faucet suddenly brushed up against
her aroused nipple. The unexpected, and fairly rough,
contact caused surge of sexual feeling that surprised
the načve young girl. She dropped the showerhead as
she clasped both hands to the offended nipple.

"Damn", she thought as she squatted down to pick up the
water massager. "Clumsy ol' me."

As she grabbed for the mischievous showerhead, the
powerful pulsating stream of water finally found its
mark and shot directly up at her tender cunt, which was
now spread invitingly wide by her squatting position.
Cindy almost fainted from the sensations that flooded
her young body, and braced her arms against the wall of
the shower.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH", she cried.

Still squatting, she finally re-captured the showerhead
and, without thinking, brought it up close to her
screaming cunt. These new feelings were sensational,
terrific, wonderful, and she wanted more, more, more,
and more! She had never, ever imagined she could have
feelings like this. The pulsing water jet played
around her virgin cunt for several minutes, stimulating
the vibrant flesh as never before.

Held in an erotic daze by the dancing water spray
caressing and teasing her splayed pussy, Cindy leaned
back against the wall of the shower and slid slowly to
the floor, her knees akimbo. The magical showerhead
was trapped between the cheeks of her ass with the
showerhead, now at point-blank range, aimed straight at
her clit. Unknowingly, she brought her now-freed hands
to her breasts. Squeezing them lightly and rolling the
captive nipple between her fingers felt delicious. It
added tremendously to the feelings she was having down
there. Squeezing harder and pulling them sharply away
from her body amplified them even more. When she
impulsively pinched both of them sharply, Cindy felt
her tummy muscles spasm and jolts of electricity
radiated out from that little spot just above her cunt to all parts of her body.

"OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH oh oh oh oh oh!"

As the sexual current was still surging though her
body, she squeezed her buds harder and then pinched her
swollen nipples, quite hard. This seemingly painful
pinching intensified the glorious feelings in her cunt.
The pulsing water continued to beat on her clit for
another 15 cunt-wrenching minutes, before she rolled to
her side at last and lay sobbing, gasping on the floor
of the tiny shower stall. Her first intentional, if
accidental, orgasmic experience had drained her, but
only momentarily. Even as she caught her breath, she
felt a sexual charge building in her lower body. Cindy
didn't know what it was she was feeling, only that she
knew this was going to happen again. Soon.

Cindy turned the water off and picked the showerhead up
off the floor. Slowly standing, she stretched her taut
young sex-charged body like a cat wakening from a short

"Ooooohh, that was wonderful," she thought lazily.
"But there seems to be something missing, something

What she had felt just now was good - great, even. But
she sensed deep down that her capacity for this new
sensation was untapped by what she had experienced by
her own hand in the shower.

"Well, you've got to start somewhere."

Chapter 2

Toweling off her quivering body kept Cindy in
a kind of erotic haze. It was as if a switch
had been turned on in her body or brain.
Everything that touched her, everything she
did, everything she thought excited her cunt this afternoon. The rough fabric of her
thick towel reddened her tender skin,
bringing the blood to the surface as she
roughly toweled herself dry. She probably
spent more time than necessary to dry off her
tits, ass and crotch and, by the time she was
through with them, those areas were a bright
blushing red.

Her long, stiff nipples felt raw and
sensitive to the slightest touch. She knew
she couldn't wear her bra while they were
this sore. Even her old T-shirt would hurt.
So she decided to go without a top for a
while, just until they settled down.

Knotting a towel around her waist, she
wandered around the tiny cottage and picked
up her clothes. She had not had many
personal possessions growing up in the
orphanage, so she was especially neat and
orderly with the few she had. She kept her
clothes neat and the cottage spotless. As
she worked, she enjoyed the feeling of her
unencumbered breasts swaying freely as she
moved and bent. As a result, she was
probably more vigorous than usual as she
moved about doing her chores, but she didn't
notice. Predictably, instead of abating, the
internal heat in her young body was slowly
building up.

Looking around at the spotless room, she saw
there was nothing left to do until dinner.
She decided to lie out in the sun for an hour
or so. She started to go get a cover-up, but
then the thought of going outside topless
thrilled her as being wicked and decadent.
Being out in the country with no one around
made her feel secure and safe enough to do
such a daring thing.

Picking up another towel and a tube of sun
tan lotion, she walked out into the small
clearing behind the cottage. The sun was
positioned just right as she bent over and
spread her towel. Her free-swaying breasts quivered slightly as she worked. In this
position, with her bent over from the waist,
her firm young breasts were displayed at
their very finest. The perky nipples pointed
straight down and the full firm globes
swelled slightly as they hung easily from her
chest, swaying gently as she breathed. The
sensual weight of the orbs pulled them down,
swollen, making them seem even larger. She
grinned as she felt the strange heat building
in her loins once again.

"God, no matter what I do, it turns me on",
she thought, as she suddenly realized that
that was exactly what that phrase meant. "I
wonder what else `turns me on'?"

The towel was spread, and she settled herself
comfortably on her back, prepared to relax
and let her tense body calm down in the warm
sun. The knot she had tied in the towel
around her waist dug uncomfortably into her
side. She reached down and undid the knot.
Then, realizing that the loose towel would
bunch up under her butt and be even more
uncomfortable, she pulled the towel off,
leaving her completely nude. This was too
much of a bold step for her, so she folded
the towel into a narrow strip, and laid it
chastely across the top of her legs to cover
her pubic area. She didn't want to burn the
sensitive flesh down there.

The sun tan lotion was cool when she squirted
it onto her stomach. At first she was only
going use enough to do her stomach and arms,
but the coolness of the liquid made her
suddenly tense up. She squirted too much out
of the tube. After smearing it over her arms
and stomach, there was still quite a bit

"Well, I don't want them to burn, do I?" she
asked herself as she began the pleasurable
task of oiling up her boobs.

"OOOOHHHH that's good", she sighed.

She began massaging the pliant orbs in
earnest, completing the task of thoroughly
applying the excess lotion - and then some.
The Aloe in the lotion soothed her raw
nipples, calming them. She derived a great
deal of pleasure just by rubbing the slippery
potion around and around over them.

She closed her eyes and lay back on the towel
as she brought both hands into play, one
slender hand on each tit. Her mind was now
totally given over to the lust in her budding
body. As she languorously stimulated her
tits, her mind drifted and her legs spread
slightly, opening automatically in response
to the erotic thoughts clouding her brain.

She started pinching her nipples as she had
in the shower, experimenting with
increasingly more pressure. When the
tormented buds had grown to their largest
size ever, she pulled on them, stretching
them away from her body. They reacted to
this exquisite torture by giving her immense
pleasure. Without thinking, Cindy curled the
slender middle finger of each hand, cocking
them against her thumbs, and then flicked
them as one would flick a crumb from the
table. Her laquered nails landed very hard
against the sides of her breasts, catching
her nipples squarely. She didn't know why,
but the sudden pain screaming from them
seemed to excite her more than anything else
had yet today, so she did it repeatedly until
they were really too sore to touch. Although
it hurt, - a lot! - the sharp pain
transformed to pleasure by the time it had
reached her cunt.

She was thinking totally with her sopping
cunt now. Nothing mattered to her but the
feeling building inside her. Her erotic
dreams were so far way, she didn't notice at
first that she was not alone in the small
clearing. It was not until she felt the
gentle pressure of hot breath on her smooth
thighs that her fogged brain registered that
someone else was there with her. Cindy's
hands froze in mid pull, then released her
distended nipples to snap back to their
normal excited length.

The very thought that someone was watching
her as she touched herself so intimately gave
her a wicked thrill. She decided to give her
admirer a real show and moved her hands to
display her perfect glistening globes for the
watcher at her feet. No one ever wanted to
look at her before, when she was small and
ugly. That someone found her worth looking
at was a new experience, one she found she
was enjoying very much. . She wasn't scared.
She was too far gone, too close to another
release to be afraid.

The hot moist breath tantalized her young skin as it moved closer to her body. She
didn't want to open her eyes to find out who
was there with her, but she did slow her
hands and focused on the hot breath tickling
the tiny hairs on her inner thighs.

The element of an unexpected presence
gradually wove itself into the fabric of her
erotic fantasy. She let herself imagine a
handsome, rough-handed logger standing at her
feet, watching her. His red flannel shirt was open to expose his broad hairy chest.
His strong square jaw bristly with his
unshaven beard.

He would be a man's man.

Holding her breath as she pursued this
dangerously erotic dream, she imagined his
virile male organ tenting the front of his
faded Levi's as he gazed at her beauty. She
knew intuitively that she would easily excite
a man with the body she had now. From her
biology and sex-ed classes, she knew that
meant his organ, his penis, would get hard
and erect.

Cindy had a very limited knowledge of the
male anatomy and even less experience with
it. In fact, she had only seen the crude
drawings passed around furtively at school -
the ones that caused the other girls to
snigger and guffaw. Cindy had only stared at
it, not comprehending that the crudely drawn
organ was way out of perspective. The fact
that a man with an organ that large would not
be able to stand upright never crossed her
mind. In her imagination, a tool that big
was normal, so, in her fantasies, all of her
lovers had gargantuan cocks.

She imagined her roughshod logger would have
a massive organ, with a swollen helmeted head
the size of a basketball. Silky smooth skin
over an iron hard muscle would throb with
every beat of his heart. He would be
standing there, gazing at her, holding the
shaft with both hands.

Or maybe her lover was a woodsman who lived
deep in the forest and had not seen a woman
in years. He would jump on her, pin her down
and ravish her over and over..

Cindy never got farther than that in her
girlish fantasies. This time, though, she
felt the fantasy would go on. Her tight
young body was just aching for the story to
continue. Her wildly erotic dreaming
increased the wetness in her pussy, a little
trickle running down into her ass crack to
moisten her clenching shit hole.

She felt the towel being gently lifted up off
her loins, moving so very slowly, exposing
her most private parts to the view of the
silent intruder. Wickedly, wantonly, she
inched her legs farther apart as
inconspicuously as possible, drawing her
knees up slightly at the same time. The
puffy outer lips of her vagina split open,
showing her moistened, sensitive inner lips
to her admirer.

Several moments passed with the two of them
seemingly frozen in this erotic tableau. Her
heart was beating wildly and her fingers
started their torment of her ruddy nipples
once more. Cindy kept herself on the edge of
a kind of emotional cliff as she waited for
something to happen.

She heard a slight movement and some

Would the intruder go away and leave her
unmolested? Would he stay? Would he touch
her? Wasn't she pretty enough? Was he even
there? A thousand thoughts sped through her
feverish mind. She was alert to every
sensation invading her body.

A sudden brush of a rough material against
the sensitive smooth skin of her inner thigh
just about made her jump out of her skin.
She was so into the daydream, however, she
wasn't separating reality from fantasy, and
the sudden touch opened up the story line to
new possibilities. She tensed, but didn't
pull away from her lover's advances.

Then there came the first intentional touch.
It was kind of like what she imagined a kiss
would be, if she were ever to get one. This
kiss was down there, on the wrong lips. It
was too wet. The lips weren't smooth either,
but kind of rough, like a tongue. That was
it, it was a tongue. Someone was licking her
down there!

For the second time in ten seconds, Cindy
just about bolted for the cottage. Then she
remembered one of the pictures she had seen
in the library. Two beautiful women had been
kissing and licking each other - down there -
and the expressions on their faces had been
dreamy. She had thought at the time it had
been posed, but now she knew different. As
the tongue touching her vaginal lips became
bolder, skyrockets went off in her head. The
intensely erotic feelings were building until
she thought her whole body would explode.

The burrowing tongue kept on licking her,
lazily swiping from her anus up to her clit
in one slow motion. Cindy shuddered as she
felt the long intruder tantalize her back
door. In her lust-heightened state, even
that turned her on.

She began to notice some strange things, even
through her lusty haze. That long, warm, wet
wonderful tongue was actually too long. Too
long for a human, anyway. And were those
things tickling her tender inner thighs a
beard, or were they whiskers? With a sudden
start she opened her eyes and glanced down
between the valley of her heaving breasts.

It wasn't a woodsman or a logger at all! It
was a Wolf! A big black wolf! With sharp
teeth! She was being eaten by a big bad

She started to turn to run, but froze in
panic. The animal continued to lap
contentedly at her wet hole as she considered
her best move to escape the same fate as
Little red Riding Hood. When she finally did
try to slowly slide her butt back on the
towel and get away from the persistent
licking, she was immediately stopped by a
low, threatening growl. She gave a small
whimper of fear, and gave up all hope of
seeing tomorrow.

At the sound of her terror, the animal raised
its magnificent head and looked at her with
its piercing, intelligent, gentle eyes. As
if reassuring Cindy, the wolf grinned at her,
which exposed most the gleaming sharp teeth
in its mouth. Cindy was hardly comforted.

Lowering its slim muzzle back to her dripping
honey pot, the animal firmly pushed his moist
nose up against her clit. With every hot
breath, its nose would rub against her clit,
driving the poor captive girl further and
further from reality.

As well, being in this close, the slender
tongue slipped past her outer and inner lips
and entered her virgin tunnel. This strange
feeling of invasion drove her to frantic
action. She brought up her knees, ready to
roll over and run into the cottage.

Sensing her imminent flight, the wild animal nipped her lightly on the thigh. Not enough
to draw blood, or even hurt. But it sure
scared the fight out of her. Cindy collapsed
back onto the towel, closed her eyes and
sobbed. She was sure she was going to die.
If not from the wolf, then surely from shame.

She continued to live, much to her surprise.
The animal continued to lick her pussy, to
her growing enjoyment. A couple of sharp
nudges with its nose directly on her clit,
followed by a gentle nip of that swollen
gland with his sharp front teeth, and Cindy
didn't care if she died or not. She just
wanted the feelings she was experiencing to
go on and on forever.

The big wolf pulled back a bit from
tormenting the prone girl using just the tip
of its tongue to tease her sensitive skin.
This gave Cindy a chance to clear her head a
little. Her mind raced over what had
happened. So far, the beast had been pretty
gentle with her, but definitely sexual. She
still had all her fingers and toes. The only
thing she had lost was her dignity, but she
hadn't had much of that anyway. She knew
that what they were doing was not normal,
but, outside of the gentle bite, she had not
been hurt. It did feel good, once she got
past her fear. She was in no position to
argue either.

She thought back to the photo of the two
women. She hadn't known then if what they
were doing was normal or not with her limited
sexual experiences, but later, when the wolf
started licking her, she had dreamed it was
her lover, and she had thought it was

Like it was wonderful now, or could be if she
would let go. Steeling her resolve to
experience the sensuous tide again, she
calmed her fears. The pleasure she felt
increased the more she relaxed, willingly
giving into this new side of herself.

The talented animal had been persistently,
gently, thoroughly, licking the inflamed
outer lips her cunt and her inner thighs.
The glorious sensations were building up in
her pussy like floodwaters behind a dam, just
as they had in the shower, only bigger.

Suddenly, the dam burst. She began to cum,
shaking, screaming out her passion, and
dripping her virgin juices into the waiting
mouth of the animal. Repeatedly she cried
out and spasmed until she collapsed in a
relaxed heap of quivering flesh, her legs
splayed open in a wanton invitation for more.

The huge black wolf gladly accepted her open


Having watched the naked girl exit the cottage into the
bright sunlight, the dog had been released with a
silent hand command. Then, clinically observing the
obscene spectacle, the dark figure noted with a small
surprise the girl's ready acceptance of the dog's
advances. This was an unusual twist indeed. Usually
that kind of unfeigned acceptance took much longer.
Perhaps this new batch of drugs she was getting mixed
in with her boxed lunches at the library increased the
sexual drive as well. If so, it would bear

The dark shadow slipped silently away from the resting
couple, the empty leash clinking softly with each step.
The dog was well trained and would perform flawlessly.
There was no need to watch.

That would come later, when the real debauchery would

Chapter 3

Barely able to open her eyes sometime later,
Cindy at first thought she had been
abandoned, as she appeared to be alone. On
the one hand, she was relieved she was still
alive and that she had not been eaten by the
big bad wolf. Well, actually, she had been
`eaten,' but Cindy was too načve to
understand that play on words. On the other
hand, she was disappointed that her first
`lover' had abandoned her.

She wondered that she could think of such a
wild creature - an animal! - as her lover in
such an off-handed manner, but somehow the
tenderness of the big animal had touched her
deeply. Of course, its tongue had touched
her just as deeply. Yes, it had been her
first lover.

She had been lying semi-conscious for some
time, recuperating from her multiple orgasms
in the warm afternoon sun. The devilish
tongue was no longer plaguing her. She
realized she missed the feeling of that
long, rough tongue exciting her tender
tissues and subconsciously decided right
then and there that she was going to
experience those feelings again, no matter

She raised herself on one elbow to get up
and go back into the cottage. She glanced
around the small clearing. She was not
alone! The big black animal was still with
her, sitting quietly just off the towel by
her feet, watching her with its beautiful
blue eyes.

Taking the opportunity to get a better look
at the animal who had just introduced her to
paradise, she was relieved to notice two
things: First, it was not a wolf, but a
beautiful dog, and second, it was definitely
a "he". He had a sturdy collar around his
neck. Not a wild rabid animal, at least.

She wondered if she could move, now that the
dog was through with his feast between her
legs. She got slowly to her knees without
being bitten or growled at. She knelt
facing the big dog. She reached out a
tentative hand to pet him.

"Good boy, good boy," she cooed. "Nice
doggy." They hadn't been allowed to have
pets in the orphanage, and it showed in her
awkward strokes.

The dog just watched her with those
intelligent eyes, ears alert, a curious
expression on his face.

"It's almost as if you're laughing at me,"
said Cindy. "I wonder what your name is?"

Reaching out with both hands, she caught at
the dog's collar. The tag jangled brightly
as she turned it around to read it.

"MAX," was the only word on the side she
facing her.

"SHEFFIELD ESTATES," was inscribed on the
other side of the tag.

"So, `Max', you live up at the Sheffield
place, huh?"

Max' ears twitched at the sound of his name,
and his magical tongue slipped out the side
of his mouth as he `woofed' lightly. His
head cocked slightly to one side once more.

"You understand me, don't you?" she said.
She began to run her hand down his side,
feeling the soft, thick fur over his
powerful muscles. She moved closer to him,
wrapped her arms around his neck, and hugged
his soft fur against her bare skin.

Max placed his regal head on her shoulder
and patiently allowed this familiarity from
the small female human. He seemed to be
biding his time, waiting for some kind of
signal or command from the naked girl.

His fur was so soft, so thick, so
delightfully ticklish on her skin. Cindy
turned slightly and her bare breasts swung
against the dog's side. Luscious tingles
passed through her chest.

"You're like a living bearskin rug," she
whispered to the stoic animal. She held him
in her arms for a long time, until she felt
the coolness of the late afternoon raise
goose flesh on her bare arms. She was very
thirsty, as well.

Rising to her feet, she started into the
cottage. She remembered the towels with a
snap of her fingers and went back to get
them. Max followed her movements with his
eyes, then, when she finally entered the
cottage, followed on her heels.

Feeling the soft brush of fur on her thigh,
Cindy sighed. What had happened to her
should have distressed her, and she knew it.
She had enjoyed it, more than she wanted to
admit to herself. She wanted to be mad at
the dog, at her dog, but couldn't be. He
was just an animal doing what came
naturally, right? She couldn't blame
herself for what had happened, either.
Besides, it had felt so good. It couldn't
be really wrong, could it? She would just
have to watch out and not let him get to her
again. But it had felt sooo good. Well,
maybe they could do it just a little.

Going over to the sink, Cindy got herself a
glass of water. She had lost a lot of
fluids with her activities out in the sun,
and she was thirsty. A sharp "woof" from
Max caught her attention.

"Want some water, boy?"

"Woof", Max barked.

"You really do understand," she marveled.

Getting a large plastic bowl, she filled it
with cool water and set it on the floor for
him. She watched him lap up the water with
his talented tongue, his muscular frame
attracting her once more and she found
herself petting him. Leaning over him, she
ran her hands down his sides, over his ribs
and his firm mid section. Over and over she
petted and caressed him. On one of her more
vigorous sweeps, her hand brushed up against
the male equipment hanging between his legs.

Curiosity got the better of her and, as he
didn't snap at her or move away, she
continued her exploration of his genitals on
the next pass, this time lingering to
explore softly. At first, it was just
there, a tough-skinned, thick, fuzzy-haired
tube and two huge balls.

Max stood quietly during this intimate
inspection, not wanting to interrupt his new
fuck-toy's tender exploration with her
innocent hands. He could smell she had
never been marked before, or at least for a
long time, and he was anxious to be the
first to mark her. He had had others like
her before, though, and knew he had to be
patient and let her get primed and ready
first. Smoothly, he sat down on his
haunches and turned his hindquarters to
expose his genitals to her.

"So, you like that, don't you boy," she
cooed, grinning mischievously at him.

Bolder, now that she had his cooperation,
she grasped the thick dark tube gently with
her whole hand and began stroking with more
vigor. It seemed to stiffen and swell in
her hand.

"OOOOOHHH," she gasped.

She gently stoked the thick skin until the
bright pink head of his sex organ poked its
head out. Wide eyed and fascinated, she
pulled harder and faster on the dog's
slippery pink meat, coaxing it completely
out of hiding. The lewd sight of the
throbbing organ was having a strangely
thrilling effect on her own body. The tight
little buds of her nipples popped back up to
their excited state. The itch in her crotch
was back, too, now worse than ever.

"OOOHHH Max, boy. I need you to lick me.
Lick me, boy."

Oddly, though she didn't think about it at
the time, that appeared to be a command the
dog understood. With another "woof" he
lowered his head and prodded her knees
apart. Knocked off balance by his prodding,
she rolled on her side, face to face with
his still growing penis. She never lost her
tender grip on the slippery organ.

Max's insistent nose urged her willing legs
to open wider. She was completely exposed
to the dog, and she had the tiniest of
second thoughts. The first swipe of his
rough tongue brought all the good feelings
flooding back to her.

Cindy hesitated for a second longer,
reflecting that this time she was not being
forced to do this, but that she had actually
asked Max for it. Any second thoughts she
may have had vanished with the second long
lick of his skillful tongue.

This time, because of his position over her,
Max' tongue was moving from top to bottom
and her clit was being stimulated at the
beginning of each glorious swipe. At this
rate, she knew it wouldn't take her long to
climax, and she rolled over onto her back in
anticipation of her pending orgasm.

Max smoothly rose to his feet as she rolled
and skillfully managed to keep his erection
in contact with her hand. Cindy's hand
automatically curled and grasped the slick
pink flesh. Max's standing position now
brought the tip of his dog cock right in
front of her face.

"What a beautiful penis," she thought,
although it was the first erect penis of any
species she had ever seen. So soft, yet so
hard. Just as she had imagined. A burst of
passion surged through her as Max' tongue
slipped between her cunt lips, and she
released her hand from the dog's prick.

Max stopped licking her and turned his head
to look back at her. He deliberately moved
his hind feet to a position on each side of
her head and suggestively pushed the narrow
tip of his long prick against her lips.

"Keep licking, come on boy, come on, keep

Max just wagged his prick in her face in
answer, slapping it against her cheek

"What do you want, boy?", she asked. The
dog's organ was brushing her nose, the musky
smell sending illicit thrills down her

"Oh, that would be dirty," she thought as
she realized what the dog wanted from her in
exchange. But if it would get Max to lick
her, it would be worth it, wouldn't it? She
was torn.

A sudden nip by Max's sharp teeth on her
inflamed flesh answered her dilemma.

"OOOOUUUCCCHHH", she cried, more in surprise
than pain, and, as her mouth opened wide,
the head of the dog's cock slid neatly into
her mouth.

"MMMMFFFF," she squealed in mock anger. The
swelling, slippery dog meat filling her
mouth muffled any words she could have said.
As she half-heartedly tried to spit out the
invading member, she noticed that the taste
was curiously pleasant. It was like nothing
she had tasted before, but she knew she
could like this. Tangy, interesting. It
didn't taste like her own juices, but it was

The sensation of the smooth cock sliding
into her mouth was not bad, either. It was
wickedly exciting, even if it was perverted
to do with a dog. It felt so good and,
besides, who would know? She wouldn't tell
anyone, and for sure, Max wouldn't talk!

The next lingering swipe of Max's tongue
removed all doubts from her mind.
Electrifying jolts exploded from her
massaged clit. The blinding sensations
flooded through her, and she automatically
started to suck on the warm cock in her
mouth. She tipped her head back a bit,
arching her back, trying to make the angle
more comfortable. This way she could suck
more of her new toy into her mouth. Max
lowered his body even more, urging all of
the stiff cock into her suctioning mouth.
The firm narrow head banged up against her
tonsils once, twice, and the third time it
slid past that soft barrier and went down
her throat.

Cindy stiffened in panic at this unexpected
intrusion until she found she could breathe
around the shaft. Once she finally stifled
her gag reflex, she found she actually
enjoyed the feeling of the slick cock going
up and down in her throat.

Max reared back and pulled his prick out of
her throat so that only the head was in her
mouth. Clamping down hard with her lips,
she increased her suction on the tapered
head of the dog's prick. She instinctively
kept her sharp teeth away from the tender
flesh in her mouth.

Her vigorous sucking on his cock head
apparently pleased the big dog, as he
started to lick her cunt with renewed
energy. Gradually the thick knot at the
base of his cock began to swell up to its
full size. Thinking quickly, she wrapped
both her hands around the long shaft of the
prick in front of her face. Max began to
fuck his hips in and out, fucking her face
and throat with abandon. Cindy kept up the
strong suction as best she could and
tightened her grip on the shaft.

Max was still licking her slit, occasionally
using his lower jaw to put pressure directly
on her excited clit. His fucking motions
became faster, then almost frenetic, until,
with a yelp, he drove his hips forward and
began spewing thick white cum into her mouth
and down her throat. If she hadn't had a
good grip on the knot, it would have hit her
in the mouth, perhaps even hurting her.

Cindy didn't know what was happening, but
his cock was planted firmly in her mouth and
she had no option but to swallow the small
flood of sticky fluid. Besides her body was
reacting to the dog's orgasm with one of its
own, helped along by the sharp teeth gnawing
on her puffy little magic button. She was
going entirely on her basic instincts as she
sucked and swallowed. Only a little bit of
the thick cream escaped to dribble down the
side of her cheek.

Max allowed the thrashing human to calm down
before he stopped caressing her dripping
slit. It was time for him to go home, but
he patiently waited for her to go to sleep
before he left her side, as he had been
trained to do. His Mistress would need him
soon. As the female he had just marked fell
asleep, he quietly got up and padded out the
still open door, leaving the naked human in
an exhausted slumber on the kitchen floor.

Max headed obediently home, somewhat
dissatisfied. He had left his mark on this
new toy, but not as he had intended. He had
never known a female human who would allow
him to mark their mouth hole until much
later. It was almost as if this new fuck-
toy didn't know what to do. But any deeper
pondering of the recent events was beyond
the mental capability of the handsome dog.
He was already thinking of tonight's
playtime with his Mistress.

With a final quick look back at the still
form in the cottage, he disappeared into the
lengthening shadows of the surrounding
forest. He would see this human fuck-toy
again, of that he was sure.


Quan-Loc hung suspended from a low branch
where he could observe the small cottage in
the woods. His coloration and surgical
adaptations hid him from all eyes, ears and
noses, even those as keen as the dog that
passed within 5 feet of him.

Quan-Loc was a baumkind, or "tree child,"
the result of years of systematic genetic,
surgical and pharmacological mutilations,
going back even before the war time
atrocities of the Japanese. Many
generations of failures had died when the
adaptations forced upon them had failed to
integrate into their bodies. Life in his
part of the world was cheap.

His people, an isolated primitive tribe deep
in the jungles, had adapted to tree living.
As a result of thousands of years of
biological selection, the largest males in
his tribe were only 3 feet tall, and most
were much shorter and lighter. When the
tribe was first discovered by marauding
tribes, they were initially not thought of
as adults, but a tribe of children. Thus,
the first German missionaries to visit the
area had called the tribe "Baum Kinder."

It was an invading chinese warlord who first
saw their value as observers or spies.
Small, quick, agile and preferring to be off
the ground, they quickly became coveted for
their usefulness. Because of their small
stature, it was easy to overlook their
humanity, and the inevitable ruthlessness of
human nature soon lead to their captivity,
near extinction, forced breeding, and
finally, surgical experimentation and

Quan-Loc, like his brothers and male
cousins, (females were raised for breeding
only) had been surgically enhanced for
climbing. His most visible features were
two rows of 3 inch spikes from each of his
wrists to his elbows and from each of his
knees to his ankles, angled in such a way as
to maximize his climbing capability. These
spikes were normally retracted into sheaths
under his skin. By flexing certain muscles,
he could move them out, like claws. Of
course, he lost the function of two fingers
and two toes to achieve this, but the
scientists felt this was an acceptable trade

The spikes were not metal, which is
notorious for causing infections and being
rejected by the body. Instead, the
scientists had developed an almost
indestructible ceramic powder and silk
material that was similar to Western carbon
fiber materials. The molecular thin edges
and points of these "ceramasilk" spikes
could find purchase in every surface known
to man, except polished titanium. Quan-Loc
could climb up any building every build,
including those with all glass window
surfaces. His claws, as he thought of them,
also made lethal weapons, if a baumkind was
ever cornered.

His most radical adaptation, however, was
the least visible. It was also the most
recent, having stemmed from the extensive
use of dogs by the Americans during the Viet
Nam war. A massive development and
experimentation program had resulted in
hundreds of dead baumkind. The end result
was a mind-boggling leap of evolutionary
development, but whether that leap was
forward or backward was dependent on your
view of Human Rights.

Quan-Loc was one of the first of these new
breed, for that is precisely what he was.
Between the genetic tinkering in the labs on
a chromosomal level, intra-uterine chemical
manipulations, and further surgical and
chemical mutilations immediately following
birth, Quan-Loc was, for all intents and
purposes, invisible to detection by anything
other than the most sensitive infrared

Genetic tinkering had removed his sweat
glands, making him undetectable by smell.
The resulting skin from that and some intra-
uterine chemical agents was thicker, more
like a leathery hide. He required
moistening when first born, but eventually
the skin developed a toughness that
prevented moisture loss. It also hardened
eventually to a point he would be unable to
move, or even breathe, but Quan-Loc had been
spared that information.

Genetic tinkering had also lowered his body
temperature. In fact, he was nearly cold-
blooded, adapting his body temperature to
the ambient temperature. This had made him
much more fragile physically, but nearly
impossible to detect by a heat signature.

The hide-like skin had proven useful in
another way, as well. Immediately after
birth, two subcutaneous tubes were formed
that ran down his cheeks and neck to a point
in the back of his head just below the base
of his neck. There the surgeons formed a
large subcutaneous pocket. Small slits,
like gills were created and repeatedly
opened and re-opened until scarred
permanently open.

When the tubes, pouch and gills were ready,
Quan-Loc's nostrils were sealed and re-
routed into the tubes. He was trained from
that point on to breath out through his
nose, in through his mouth. Inhaling
through his nose was now fatal, as there was
a toxic chemical absorbent in the pocket
that "cleaned" his breath of carbon dioxide
and other detectable chemicals. Small flaps
in the tubes acted as one-way valves, but
these were not foolproof.

Quan-Loc was the perfect information
gathering machine. Small, undetectable, and

There was one other small piece of
information that Quan-Loc was not made aware
of - puberty was fatal. Scientists were
working feverishly to determine which of
their manipulations it was that caused the
males to go berserk and then, well,
literally explode from the uncontrollable
blood pressure spike, but for Quan-Loc and
his cousins, their first hard-on would be
their last.

Blissfully unaware of that information, Quan-
Loc prepared his report in the abbreviated
code he had been taught. A push of the
button sent a burst transmission to the spy
satellite that, thanks to the incredible
stupidity of the Clinton administration, the
Chinese military had finally been able to
launch last year.

Waiting silently for his instructions, Quan-
Loc watched the small cottage for any
further movement. A slight vibration
signaled the receipt of his new instructions
- return to base.

Like a memory, he moved quickly through the
trees toward the special trailer hidden deep
in the woods. No roads or paths lead to the
small building that had been dropped into
place during the night by helicopter. Only
his keeper lived there with him, a wizened
old man who prepared his food and cleaned up
after him. Quan-Loc grinned to himself as
he thought of the old man, who was terrified
of his claws. Maybe he would cut him again
tonight. It was so fun to watch him bleed
and hear him yell.

But what would you expect from a 10-year old psychopath?

Chapter 4

Cindy spent the next week on edge, unusually fidgety
and quiet. She awoke from her deep sleep every morning
feeling sexually satisfied for the first time in her
life. Even sleeping on the cold hard kitchen floor
that first night had not put a dent in her good
feelings. Only the niggling guilt about having done it
with an animal bothered her, but only just a little
bit, at first. The people who made up those silly
morals had never met her Max.

The whole week she kept a constant lookout for Max,
watching for signs he had come back. When she was
home, she would leave the door to the cottage open.
When she wasn't at the cottage, she left the plastic
bowl he had used by the back door, always with fresh
water. But there had been no signs of Max's presence.

At first, she pretended she didn't care. She
masturbated in the shower with the showerhead every
morning before work and every evening after work. She
was experimenting more and more with her fingers at
night. She had even penetrated herself in both her
holes at once with the tip of one finger each. The
feelings from that double digit fucking had brought her
to a shuddering climax with an unexpected suddenness.

But it wasn't the same as it was with Max. She missed
the sensual feeling of his rough tongue, the prickly
softness of his fur, his commanding growl and sharp
little love bites. She missed his presence. She
shivered as she remembered the wicked thrill of his
prick sliding down her throat. Then his spastic
climax, the head clamped securely in her mouth, the
savory emissions from his heavy scrotum spewing over
her tongue and down her throat. This was her best
secret, her best memory, ever.

She had not been allowed many personal possessions in
the orphanage. It was not just the lack of money. The
orphans were kept in big wards with no walls, curtains
or locks. Anybody could go through your things. They
often did. Cindy learned quickly that the only
possessions she could truly call her own, those she
could keep safe from the sticky fingers of her fellow
orphans were her secrets and her memories. No one
cared about those but her. No one could take those
from her. The secret memories of Max made her shiver
in delight.

But the big dog didn't come back. Day by day, as they
slowly passed, Cindy resigned herself to the fact that
she would not see him again. She would never again
experience the sexual ecstasy she had felt with him.
That sexual fulfillment she desperately, instinctively

She knew she needed to know more about sex and stuff,
about these sensations she had felt, especially about
how to have them again. Her options for getting that
information were rather limited. She couldn't just go
in and ask old Mrs. Cross about sex with a dog, either.
God, the old bitch would probably have a coronary!
After she fired her! Cindy was too new in town to have
met or made any new friends. Folks here were nice
enough, but everyone Cindy had met already had their
own friends.

The only remaining source she knew of where she could
learn anything was that forbidden room at the top of
the library. If she could just get back in there and
examine those pictures, maybe sneak out some of those
books, she knew she could find out something more about
sex and how to, well, you know!...

She was determined to get back into that special room.
Day by day she tracked the comings and goings of her
boss, biding her time. She kept a close eye on the old bitch and impatiently waited for her chance to get back
up to the fourth floor room.

She finally got her chance. On Friday, Mrs. Cross left
the building at lunch and wouldn't be back until
Monday. A bored temporary helper was watching the
checkout desk. Cindy saw her chance to get into the
room and took it. She let the lady at the front desk
know she would be unreachable. She told her she would
be working in the far corner of the basement for the
rest of the day. The temp would not be able to reach
Cindy on the telephone, so she should just leave any
messages on her cubical door if anything came up. Of
course, the telephone at the front desk hadn't rung all
day and nobody ever came in and asked for Cindy.

The dull-witted temporary worker nodded in a bored
manner. It was the end of the week, it was hot, the
building was stuffy, and nobody was going to come into
this backwater of a library just for the fun of it.

"That little chicky is just too cheerful to have around
for too long," the bored lady thought. "It would drive
me crazy to be that hyper, happy and young."

Once out of sight, Cindy darted to the back stairway,
going up instead of down. Running up the three flights
of stairs left her a little breathless and she
cautiously approached the locked door that led to the
stairway to the next floor. Reaching to her waist she
got the master key that allowed her entry to all the
doors in the building, even this one. The heavy lock
turned quietly, and the door drifted open.

Cindy stepped silently onto the first step, turned on
the light in the stairwell and closed the door behind
her. It locked automatically, but she didn't notice.
She was so excited she also didn't notice the tiny
gleaming red lights of the video cameras that blinked
on when she tripped the silent alarm. The watchful
cameras faithfully recorded her every movement.

A slight musty smell tickled her nose as she tiptoed up
the stairs to the small room at the top. She grinned
to herself as she wondered why she was being so quiet.

"Ol' Mrs. Cross isn't even in the building and the only
other person who is here is four floors down." She
whooped aloud.

Standing at the top of the stairs, she surveyed the
small room. It was just as she remembered it from her
previous visits. She examined it more closely, now
that she had a little time.

She noticed immediately that this room was different
from the rest of the library. Everywhere else in the
building there were ancient wooden desks, harsh
fluorescent lights, hard creaky wooden floors and
uncomfortable chairs. It was as if the designers
wanted to keep people away from the using the library.

This room was different. A lot different. It had
deep, comfortable chairs, soft lighting, thick carpets,
and there were tapestries on the tastefully painted
walls. There were no street sounds audible here, as if
the room were sound proofed. It was also surprisingly
cool. This room drew you in, put you at ease. It was
designed to be that way.

Cindy thought it was strange she never noticed anyone
come up here during the day, but the room was clean
and, as she looked at the dates of the glossy magazines
on display, everything was up to date.

Anxious and keyed up as she was, Cindy closed her eyes
and let the ambiance of the room soothe her jittery
nerves. She took several deep breaths, opened her eyes
and smiled. It worked. She was calmer now, though she
was still filled with an air of expectancy.

Slowly walking around the room, she ran her hands over
the stacks, not really looking at the books or
journals, but just enjoying the feel of the room and
the thrill of pulling a fast one over on Mrs. Cross.
Not having been an adventurous child, she had never
tried to pull anything on the nuns at school. Now she
wished she had. She was literally quivering with
excitement. She never dreamed it would feel this good
to be naughty. All she could imagine was the pain of
the punishments, which had been frequent enough as it

As she wandered around the corner of one of the stacks,
she spied an open doorway she had not seen before. She
ventured through it into another tastefully decorated
area. There were other rooms opening off this one.
There was more up here than she had thought. She
walked around the rooms, getting a sense of the size,
just wandering. She found herself standing in front of
this mysterious object, as if having been drawn to it
by its inner force. She had never seen anything like
it. It called to her seductively, like the rest of the
room, as if it was alive.

"That sure is a weird piece of furniture," she thought.
"Oh, maybe it's a modern art sculpture or something."
She inspected the curious piece closer.

At first, she thought that it was just a saddle sitting
on a series of gears, levers, and springs. The smooth
metal frame gleamed in a lustrous black satin finish.
The various gears she could see were chromed to an
almost painful brightness. The finished product
reflected the high quality workmanship of both the
metal and the leather pieces. The smooth black leather
saddle had a large pommel, but the saddle didn't look
quite right. She hadn't seen many saddles in her life,
though. The pommel on this one looked odd, too. As
she looked at it more closely, she suddenly realized
the thick black pommel looked rather like Max' erect
penis, only this massive thing was thicker and it
didn't taper to a point. The top of the shaft was
really fat and flared, mushroom-like, unlike Max'
narrowed one.

Behind the object, which she still thought was a
sculpture, was a picture hanging on the wall. In the
picture, a woman - a naked woman - was sitting on the
saddle, smiling widely at the camera. There was a kind
of dreamy look in her eyes, Cindy thought.

Imagining herself in the picture, sitting astride the
saddle, Cindy's eyes widened as she realized the pommel
was not really a pommel, but one of those things some
of the other girls at the high school had whispered
about. A dildo, that's what they'd called it! Cindy
had thought the other girls were making fun of her
then, trying to scare her with all that talk about
sticking something that long and hard inside her

She couldn't take her eyes off the shiny black phallus.
It would poke right up into her cunt if she sat in the
saddle. The surreptitious drugs and the erotic events
of the last week had had a profound effect on her
normal inhibitions when it came to sexual things. A
mental image filled her mind of being completely
stuffed full by that huge hard shaft. She couldn't
shake it out of her head, nor did she want to. It sent
a chill through her vibrant frame. Her panties, not
her good ones, Thank goodness, but a sturdy white
cotton pair, were getting damp. The room was suddenly
very warm.

She continued her examination of the machine with
renewed interest. There were two stirrups, one on each
side, and ankle straps on each that would belt the
rider's feet securely into the stirrups. Overhead,
there was a short horizontal bar with a pair of leather
straps hanging from each end. She guessed the bar was
to hang on to for balance. The picture on the wall
seemed to confirm that theory.

Cindy again mentally placed herself in the saddle. She
envisioned herself standing in the stirrups, feet
secured, with her arms reaching up over her head and
stretched out slightly behind it. The wide saddle
would make her legs spread wide, kind of like that time
she had to go to the doctor or when Max had licked her.

She blushed at that thought, getting hotter. She
reflexively pushed out her chest as she imagined
herself in the saddle, hands overhead. Naked. Her
blushing cheeks burned with embarrassment, but that was
nothing compared to the fire that burned in her cunt.
It was then that her body made the unconscious decision
to actually get into the saddle.

Another feature she noticed, but did not even begin to
understand, was a complicated mechanism that seemed to
run off the levers and gears attached to the saddle. A
couple of long black leather rods - riding crops, but
she didn't know that - were attached to a spring-loaded
swinging arm, one in front and one behind the saddle.
The swinging arm in the front was slightly higher than
the one in back.

Although Cindy did not comprehend the relationship, the
motion of the saddle would draw the crops back until
they suddenly released, slicing across the buttocks or
breasts of anyone sitting in the saddle. The insidious
mechanism would do this in an unpredictable manner, and
with increasing force and frequency the longer the
rider stayed in the saddle.

Her sexual curiosity and her raging hormones got the
better of her. Assuming she was alone and unobserved,
Cindy slipped swiftly out of her work clothes. The
scratchy, shapeless shift Mrs. Cross made her wear fell
heavily to the floor, followed by her virginal white
bra and sopping panties.

Breathless with nervous anticipation and with her heart
racing, she reached up with both hand and grabbed on to
the black dildo. Her slender hands could barely reach
around its thick shaft. She put her left foot in the
left stirrup and swung her body up and over the saddle.
Because of the upright shaft in the center of the
saddle seat, she didn't want to lean over too far to
the right to see what she was doing. Feeling blindly
around with her dainty toes, she got her right foot
into the right stirrup after only two tries.

Once both feet were solidly in the stirrups, fastening
the thick belts around her ankles to keep her feet in
was easy, but again she didn't know why she would need
them. The thick leather cuffs tightened comfortably
around her ankles. The heavy-duty snaps gave a
reassuring sound as they clicked into place. She felt
reassured that she wouldn't be falling out if she lost
her balance.

Standing in the stirrups, she grasped the bar with both
hands. It was behind her head and she had to reach
back to get at it. Her posture was just as she
imagined. The position of the bar behind her head
pushed her breasts out quite provocatively. The bar
wasn't that high because she was standing. The straps
attached to the ends of the bar had loops in them and
she checked the picture beside her on the wall. Seeing
how they went on, she slipped her wrists through them,
and then re-grasped the bar with both hands. The worn
leather straps were cool and sensuous on her skin,
matching the feeling around her ankles.

She concentrated on the hard black shaft sticking up
from the center of the saddle. Lowering herself
slightly, she felt the unforgiving tip of that massive
phallus rub up against her tightly closed slit. Her
knees splayed out to the side as she lowered herself
down, but her slit didn't open up. It was as if her
cunt knew what was coming and had clamped its lips
closed like a child trying to avoid a nasty spoonful of
Cod Liver oil.

As the rounded knob massaged her now slippery flesh,
the large bulbous tip teased its way in between the
frightened lips. She gasped and held her breath. It
felt strange, but good, too. It felt right, somehow.
Tingles fluttered all the way up her spine. She
resumed her shallow breathing, but more rapidly now.

Cindy continued to move her hips, rubbing it around and
around, then back and forth and back over her pussy lips, which were getting quite puffy. It felt so
naughty, but ooohhh sooo nice!

Glancing over at the picture, on the wall, she knew she
was supposed to sit down in the saddle. That would
drive the long, fat shaft all the way up inside of her
pussy. A part of her wanted to feel it there, but
another part was certain that something so immense
would rip her wide open, damaging her permanently. It
just wouldn't fit. It couldn't fit. It was just too
long and too fat. Besides, when she had stuck her
finger in the other day, she had felt her hymen. That
would stop anything from going in too far. So, maybe
she could let just a little more.

She lowered herself down on the shaft a bit more and
the bulbous head spread and stretched her elastic lips
wide, then pushed into her resisting tunnel for the
first time. She gasped at the sudden intense
indescribable pleasure. She held on to the bar with
all her strength, shaking from the intense feelings.
She didn't trust her legs to hold her up. She had
never imagined it being like this. The tiny tip of her
slender finger didn't feel anything like this when it
had gone in.

Her cunt lips closed tightly over the flared head and
locked around the fat shaft, as if never wanting to let
go. The elastic tissues of the virgin tunnel were
being stretched for the first time, nerve endings
firing for the first time, sending joyous signals to
her brain.

"OOOHHH, this is way better than Max's tongue", she
thought. "Well, different, anyway," she corrected
herself, feeling she needed to be loyal to her lover.

A little more downward pressure on the sexual joystick
pushed the fat head in deeper. The downward pressure
also caused a soft click to come from the complicated
mechanism below the saddle. The added pressure on the
upright dildo had released the locks and activated the
gears and springs of the whipping mechanisms.
Unfortunately for Cindy, her soft moans of pleasure at
that precise moment had completely covered up the sound
of the click. The activation of the device went
unnoticed by her. Cindy was in for a wild ride.

Her first indication that something was different was
when the saddle tipped forward slightly, throwing her
hips forward. Then it tipped back as she compensated
and she had to thrust her hips forward to keep her
balance. The solid dildo shook back and forth in her
tight twat as she moved. She could sense the
vibrations coming up the solid shaft, coming from the
movement of the gears.

These new sensations thrilled her, shutting down most
of her reasoning mind. She wanted more. Just a little
more. After the first movements she had been
motionless, trying to get a grip on her emotions. Then
she figured, what the Hell.

She urged the saddle to rock faster and faster,
experimenting with blatantly erotic hip motions,
clinging to just the tip of the solid pommel. Her
efforts eased the head of the hard plastic prick in
farther until it rested right up against her intact
hymen. The pressure of the unforgiving material
against the fragile useless membrane caused her a bit
of discomfort.

The pain and pleasure racing through her heaving young body felt as if they were tearing her mind apart.
Never had she imagined it being this good, this
wonderful, even with the minor pain. She was fighting
the natural basic desire to sit down in the saddle and
have this prick shoved in as far as she could get it on
one hand and the fear of the unknown and the pain of
the tearing tissue on the other.

Trying to give herself a little break from the
intensity of the ride so far, Cindy pulled up on the
overhead bar a bit and eased the pressure off her
virginal membrane. She breathed deeply until her heart
rate slowed. She experimented with a few different
motions of her hips. She found that by gently rocking
back and forth on the thick shaft without too much up
and down movement, she could get enough friction to get
herself off without the pain of the fat shaft breaking
through her stubborn hymen and the additional pain of
being ripped in two by that huge shaft plunging into
her depths.

She was well on her way to her goal of reaching her
first climax ever from vaginal penetration when the
first slashing whip caught her square across the creamy
skin on the back of her upper thighs.

Time seemed to stop for Cindy

Her entire being was focused on a narrow 10-inch strip
of searing flesh just below the juncture of her ass and
thighs. She screamed, pulling up on the bar to get
away from the horrible pain.

The front swing arm released just then and sent its
crop slashing towards her. That blow landed across the
middle of her stomach, just above her tight
bellybutton. Screaming, now twisting, trying to get
away from the second attacking implement, she
reflexively let go of the bar to move her hands in
front of her tender breasts and protect them from any
further pain. In her surprise, she forgot where she
was, and with her lust-weakened knees already bent to
lower herself on the vibrating shaft, Cindy dropped
straight down into the saddle.

A loud silence filled the room.

It took a long agonizing moment to fully realize what
she had done, but the sudden fullness in her lower body
accompanied by a sharp tearing pain brought the full
reality of her situation crashing in on her
consciousness. She had impaled herself completely on
the huge artificial cock.

She let out a long piercing scream that tapered off
into a series of deep sobs. Those gut-wrenching sobs
subsided rather quickly, however, to be replaced by a
low animalistic guttural moaning. The pain in her
pussy had been intense, but, as the now-buried dildo
continued to vibrate softly against hypersensitive
nerve endings, short-lived.

After she had sat motionless for a few minutes, her
hands dangling from the leather straps overhead, she
realized she hadn't died, and that she probably
wouldn't die. As the pain/pleasure coursed through
her, she decided she didn't want to die right now,
either. She was strangely anxious to see what else
would happen. Curiosity and the cat, and all that.
The pain was now forgotten, replaced by a fullness only
a woman can know.

Still not fully understanding the mechanism that
activated the whips, Cindy began to gently rock back
and forth in the saddle, this time with more of the up
and down motion she had avoided before. This was much

Slowly at first, and then with increasing speed and
vigor, she built up a rhythm that fucked the dildo
completely up into her newly violated cunt. The
burning pain from the first two cuts of the crops was
lessening as it spread out. In fact, there was a warm
glow along the red stripes where they had struck.

"It must have been the surprise," she thought. "It
doesn't hurt so badly now."

The second slashing strikes came just as Cindy finally
reached her first vaginal orgasm. These blows
surprised her, too, but not as much as the first ones
had. Surprisingly, she discovered they didn't hurt as
much as they intensified her orgasm. Perplexed and
gasping, she rode on.

She slowly began to understand the connection between
the motion of the saddle and the release of the crops.
The idea that she could control her painful fate in
some small manner pleased her. In a kind of perverse
way, sure, but it pleased her just the same. This time
when she rocked her hips to activate the gears and
levers, she did so with deliberate intent.

She was excited about fucking herself to another climax
with that solid log sloshing around in her cunt, but
realized she shivered even more in anticipation of the
next lashes. When the slashing blows finally came,
they thrilled her with a perverse warmth she had not
expected. The rear whip landed squarely across the
fleshy rounded part of her ass, leaving another perfect
red stripe above the last two. The slashing front crop
landed just under her swollen nipples, giving her a
heart-pounding sense of what was to come. Or cum, in
another sense.

She screamed through an incredible cum into the silence
of the soundproofed room. She kept rocking eagerly,
desperately, picking up her pace. The fourth and fifth
pair of slashes came closer together and considerably
harder. Each pair elicited a bigger and better climax
than the one prior.

Cindy discovered if she raised her butt or leaned
slightly forward, she could partially control the
general area on her ass or tits the crops would fall.
As she chased after the next big `O' she felt building
in her center, she became increasingly frantic in her
fucking motions. The lashes began to fall non-stop,
they started landing on top of previous strikes,
leaving painful spots that would hurt deliciously for
days, reminding her of this ride. She was beyond
caring. The prick in her cunt was going wild with the
non-stop actions of the saddle. She was going to come
again. This was the big one. She felt it building
from the tips of her toes all the way up to the roots
of her wavy blonde hair. She didn't fight the
sensations, but let them overwhelm her with sensory

With one terrific final slash directly across her
swollen nipples, she stiffened her back sitting
straight up in the saddle. Her back arched tightly and
she scooted back in the saddle, mashing her clit
between the solid prick and the base of the saddle.

WWWWWHHHHHAAAAA!!!!!" she cried out to the empty room.

Trembling, dripping sweat, and almost unconscious,
Cindy sat motionless, allowing the saddle to stop
moving. After a minute or so, the vibrations in the
thick dildo faded away. Shortly thereafter, she heard
a soft click from underneath the saddle and the machine
locked solidly back in place. With a few tentative
motions she found the saddle to be rock solid. She
wasn't altogether sure if she was happy or sad about

Wearily she reached up to loosen her wrists from the
leather safety straps that had automatically tightened
when she let loose of the bar. Then she bent down to
release her ankles. She stood up off the saddle,
swaying a bit unsteadily. The huge prick made a soft
sucking sound as it pulled out of her tight twat. It
had been a wild ride for the ex-virgin.

As she sank to the ground, exhausted, she realized she
was now a `real' woman. She grinned to herself and
sighed contentedly.

Another memory, another secret. Another contented


The woman Max knew as his Mistress watched the full
color video being broadcast from the city library.
Monitors and recorders were catching the action from
all sides. High quality audio and video.

"It is truly amazing just how predictable these young girls are," Mary Sheffield thought as she watched Cindy
finally begin to stir and get dressed.

"Put something forbidden in their environment, make it
challenging to get to, give them an opening, then sit
back and watch them fuck themselves silly. That silly
girl went to that room like a moth to a flame. Of
course, she did have a little help from those amazing
new drugs." She grinned at the stack of VCRs busily
memorizing Cindy's adventure in the library. "This
tape is going to be a dandy when it's edited."

Mary had been surprised by Cindy's choice of
`entertainment.' It was almost as if she hadn't known
what the actions of that particular machine were. If
she had had to guess, she would have guessed that this
petite little girl was about as innocent as you could
get. If she hadn't been from that particular city and
girl's school, Mary would have bet the girl had been a
virgin when she had walked into the room. The chances
of staying a virgin in that city were like finding a
live cat in the large kennels on her estate. One might
wander in on occasion, but it sure didn't last long.

There were several machines and diversions in that
special room to choose from, of varying levels of
sophistication or `kinkiness'. Most of the devices, if
not all, had a component of bondage or self-bondage,
for those who liked to go solo. Some, like the Saddle,
added an element of discipline or pain. The pain
inflicted was always measured and built gradually,
pushing, but not breaking the `victim's' limits. Most
of the devices were designed to accommodate the female
anatomy, although several of the special visitors to
the library were male. The minor adjustments necessary
could be made in just a few minutes.

The "Saddle," one of her guest's favorites, was a bit
more sophisticated than she had thought Cindy to be.
But the girl had clearly enjoyed herself, riding crops
and all. That came across the tapes loud and clear.
She had ridden that particular machine longer than any
first-timer Mary had seen.

"Yes, this one has definite potential."

Mary was amused to see the young girl being extra
careful not to put her bra or panties on over her
freshly whipped flesh. Cindy finally pulled the shift
over her head and stuffed the unused undergarments into
her pockets. But even that loose garment tortured her
tender flesh. Her low groan was clearly audible to
Mary in the control room, as had been the girl's entire
erotic performance.

"That rough material must really irritate her tits,"
she thought. Mary didn't think much of Mrs. Cross'
fashion sense, but this time there was a good side to
something the bitter old woman had done. "That girl is
going to have a painful ride home." A devilish grin
crossed her beautiful face. "Oh, yes, I'll bet I can
make that a very long and painful ride. I think I'll
arrange to meet her - feel her out, so to speak." Mary
groaned at her bad pun as she started to pick up the

Mary continued to watch as Cindy stopped to clean the
saddle, and, much to the amazement of her hidden viewer, did much of the cleaning with her tongue and
mouth. Mary's hand hovered in mid-air, all of her
attention now on the fellating girl in the monitors.
Cindy engulfed a large portion of the shaft in her
cleaning efforts, swallowing more of it than could
possibly fit in her mouth. "God-damn! The little slut
likes to deep-throat!" Mary exclaimed. It was also
obvious the girl enjoyed the taste of her own juices.

It was only when Cindy cleaned up the base of the dildo
with her white panties that Mary saw the spots of red blood on the white material.

"Damn, she was a virgin!" Mary swore, now really
confused. "Who is this little bitch?"

Mary thought back to Cindy's first tentative movements
in the saddle. She remembered how the nubile young girl had only allowed the tip of the shaft into her at
first - until the first lashes had landed on her
flawless flesh. Mary quickly rewound the tapes to that
spot and watched carefully as the girl impaled herself
again in instant replay. Then in slow motion. It was
so obvious now. Mary wasn't sure where the girl had
learned her oral technique, but it was clear she was
truly an innocent. If her performance had been real,
then she was looking at a natural.

It also meant that Max had not fucked her last week.
Maybe that explained his over-eager attempts to please
his Mistress. But she herself had seen the dried
crusty flakes of sperm on his belly fur. Mary watched
the girl use her mouth on the hard black phallus in the
saddle, the light slowly dawning.

Mary sat thoughtfully for several more minutes,
watching the tapes of the young girl from several
different angles. There was something special about
this one, something vaguely familiar, something.

Then it hit her!

Cindy reminded Mary of herself, although she was loath
to admit she had ever been that gullible and naive.
This called for something a bit more drastic, a change
of plans. More anxious than ever to meet the pretty
blonde, the scheming picked up the telephone and made
several calls, the first to the library where Cindy


Quan-Loc had observed Cindy's performance from a perch
outside the building. His view of her actions may have
lacked the audio portion, but he had been within five
feet of her impalement and had intently observed
everything that had happened. Knowing only what his
instructions were and what he was to watch for, he
dutifully coded his report and sent it off into space.
His owner would be pleased. The first objective had
been achieved.

Chapter 5

When Cindy managed to make her way back down to the
front desk, there was an `Urgent' message waiting. The
Chairperson of the library's Board of Directors had
called for Mrs. Cross while Cindy had been unavailable,
and from the message it was clear that she was angry.

As Cindy read the message, her heart began to pound and
her knees almost gave way. She was to take a package
from the library to a person named Mary Sheffield at
the Sheffield Estates. Mrs. Cross herself had called
later to make sure Cindy remembered to deliver that
package on her way home tonight. In fact, she was to
leave as soon as she could.

Sheffield Estates! The name sent shivers up and down
her spine. Max lived there! The thought that she
might see Max was the only thought in her mind.
Nothing else mattered. Not Mrs. Cross, the bumps, the
bruises, or the rapidy darkening evening sky. Only

The estate was located out of town at an angle slightly
away from where Cindy lived, but there was a shortcut
from the far side of the estate property through the
woods over to her cottage. It was a narrow path she
had used once or twice before. It was probably the
same one that Max had used to visit her. It was safe,
even in the dark, but it was very bumpy.

The temporary worker at the front desk was just walking
out the door as Cindy came downstairs from collecting
the books Mrs. Sheffield had wanted, giving her a
dispirited wave without even looking around. She had
passed on the messages, and couldn't wait to get home
to her tape-delayed Soaps. Fuckin' nuisance, having to

Cindy picked up the package from the front desk, and
carefully locked up the library. Gingerly getting on
her bike, she checked the directions to the estate and
started on the long ride to where she might see Max.

She rode along that afternoon in an erotic daze. Every
tiny bump in the road jarred her bicycle seat into her
sore ass, reminding her of her ride on the machine.
Even the tiny cracks in the pavement sent a thrill
coursing through her, flooding her mind with memories
and her cunt with juice. She subconsciously began to
look for as many potholes and bumps to ride over as she
could find.

The pedaling, bouncing and swerving to find the bumps
caused her bra-less tits to swing erratically, her sore
nipples rubbing against the coarse fabric of her work
shift. Shock waves rocketed up and down her spine with
every tiny scrape against the rough material. The
puffy little buttons were gluttons for the titillating
punishment, reaching out from her breasts like brave
little soldiers on the long ride.

As she approached the estates, she also was approaching
another breathless climax. It seemed almost routine
for her today - almost! Pedaling the bike had worked
her thighs back and forth and over and over. Each
cycle of the pedals put considerable pressure on her
swollen clit.

She had discovered on the trip to work a couple of days
ago that squeezing her thighs together when she pedaled
would trap that tiny bud of flesh between them. If she
leaned forward over the handlebars and kind of sat on
the horn of the bicycle seat at the same time she
squeezed her thighs together, she could make her slit
feel funny - but really good. The next day she had
tipped the slender bicycle seat upward to make it less
obvious to passersby that she was pressing the horn up
against her cunt and clit. She was learning so many
things, never mind that some of them did not seem

Now, however, without her panties to prevent
penetration, the upturned tapered horn of that bicycle
seat was acting just like a short prick. Her juices
had lubricated the smooth leather of the seat almost
before she had left the library parking lot.

She was riding with her heart in her throat as she
approached the gates to the mansion, so close to the
edge of her next cum. She needed just a little more
time. The estate driveway had speed bumps in front of
the gate that were high, and, not being prepared for
them, the front tire of the bike hit the first one
harder than she meant it to. The horn of the seat
drove deep into her cunt.


The back tire hit the first bump just before the first
tire hit the second.


There were six speed bumps..

She was still shaking from her orgasm as she managed to
brake to a stop. Slowly extricating the horn of the
seat from her pussy, she walked her bike over to the
gate and buzzed the house on the intercom.

"Hello," came the metallic voice after a short wait.

"Hi. My name is Cindy. From the library. Mrs. Cross
was to deliver a package to you tonight, but she
couldn't make it." she said shakily. "She, uh, she
sent me."

"Come," said the voice shortly.

Cindy giggled at the irony of the lady's choice of
words and started up the drive as soon as the gate had
opened far enough to let her push her bike through.
'Cum' was one of the new words she had learned about
just this last week from one of the less naughty
magazines kept in the 'mature' section on the second
floor. Pretty tame stuff compared to the fourth floor,
but educational for Cindy, nonetheless.

The first thing Cindy noticed about Sheffield Estates
was the long row of kennels along the far side of the
house. The house was beautiful and classic, the
grounds were immaculate and lush. But it was the
kennels that drew her attention. There were about
fifteen dogs that she could see and they all looked big
and strong. Without exception, they were all males and
they all were watching her with a quivering intensity
as she slowly rode up the drive. It sent a shiver
through her, almost as if she and the canines could
smell the other's pheromones over such a distance.

"That's where Max lives." She focused on that thought,
on her lover. "I hope I get to see him."

Mary watched the young girl ride up. She noticed Cindy
staring intently in the direction of the barking dogs
on her ride up the hill.

"I do hope she isn't afraid of big dogs," she frowned.
Mary misinterpreted Cindy's rapt attention for fear.
"I'd hate to lose her at this point. Well, we'll just
have to take it as it comes."

Cindy rang the bell and stood back from the door,
continually glancing towards the kennels. Her hopes of
sighting her long-absent lover were high. Her heart
was pounding and her breath was fast and shallow. The
door swung open and a stirringly beautiful - and
vaguely familiar - woman stood before her.

Cindy's heart stopped its rapid beating. Of course!
She had seen this woman before, and she knew exactly
where. She was one of the women in the pictures where
they were licking and sucking on each other's pussies.

She blushed as she imagined the stately woman before
her in that lewd embrace. The two women in the
pictures had had their mouths and tongues in between
each other's legs. You could see their tongues
sticking in and everything! The mental image in
Cindy's mind inserted her own image into the picture,
just she and this woman standing before her, doing
those things to each other..

Then Cindy saw him, and her expression changed to one
of pure innocent lust.

Mary again misinterpreted Cindy's look. She constantly
had men and women stare at her. Although it never
failed to excite her, it became tiring after a while.
Her thoughts about Cindy were, ironically, almost
identical to those in Cindy's mind. This young girl attracted to her.

Mary did not know that Max had padded silently up
behind her. She was totally unprepared for Cindy's
lunge toward her.

Mary was bringing up her arms to ward off the charging
teenager, when she heard Cindy squeal "MAAAAAAX!" The
look of puzzlement on her face was priceless, but
neither of the other two in the entryway were paying
much attention to her.

The big dog was completely engulfed in the love-starved
girl's arms. He looked up at his Mistress with what
could only be a guilty face and a sly grin. Mary
guessed immediately that something had gone on between
them, even if he hadn't fucked her. Whatever it was,
the girl had obviously enjoyed it - and wanted a repeat
performance. Mary returned the mischievous grin and
nodded her approval. Max's tail quickened its pace.

"Oh Max, I've missed you so much. Why didn't you come
back to visit me? I left water out for you everyday.
Oh, Max, it's so good to see you. You feel so good.."

The words poured out of the kneeling girl before she
realized what she was saying.

"Well, hello to you, too!" said the dark-haired woman,
with a grin. "I'm Mary. I see you two already know
each other."

Sheepishly, Cindy got to her feet, but kept her hand
firmly, possessively on the dog's head, petting him
between the ears.

"Uuuhh, yeah," Cindy started. "Uuhh, Max came to visit
me one day. I live over across the valley." She
pointed in the approximate direction of her cottage.
"He must have taken the short cut and stopped by to get
a drink of water." she faltered. Cindy was a poor

"Yeah sure," Mary thought. "A drink of water, and a
bite to eat, I'll bet. And you loved it!"

Mary knew what Max liked. Hell, she should. She had
given him all of his special training personally.
"Shit, dogs are just like men. They will fuck any
hole, anywhere anytime," was what she told her
customers. It wasn't the kid's fault Max had seduced
her. Besides, unlike a man, a dog always came back.

She decided to let her off the hook. "You have a
package for me?" Mary reminded her.

Cindy reached into her pocket and reluctantly pulled
out the parcel. Once it was delivered, she had no more
reason to stay. As the awkward parcel came out, her
bloody, soiled panties slipped out unnoticed by her
onto the floor.

Mary smiled to herself. "So young, so načve, so
gullible, so beautiful. There ought to be a law.."
She stopped herself when she realized that there
probably were a couple hundred laws against what she
had planned for the girl, but that hadn't stopped her

"Why don't I get you a drink and you can refresh
yourself before you head back?" Mary asked her. "You
must have had a long ride out here."

"That would be nice, Thank You," Cindy answered
quickly, not wanting to leave Max. She wasn't sure
exactly what she wanted to happen - especially here in
this stranger's house, but the nearness of the dog drew
her like a magnet.

"Let's go down into the playroom," said the older woman. "I can get you something from the bar down

Mary led the way into a room at the bottom of a short
stairway and opened the heavy door. She went over to a
bar recessed into the wall and poured two large drinks.
A discrete tip of a bottle with clear liquid and
Cindy's drink was loaded with an extra kick of alcohol.

"Cheers," she said, toasting Cindy. She watched as
Cindy hesitantly sipped at her drink, and then, liking
the taste, swallowed it down in one gulp.

"I don't drink much," said Cindy, holding out her glass
for a refill. "These are good. What are they?

"These are Margaritas," said Mary. "My own mixture."
She poured Cindy's glass to the brim, again with the
extra-lethal mixture.

Cindy drank the second drink down like it was a soft
drink and put the empty glass on the bar.

"I, uh noticed the speed bumps on the way in. Are they
new?" Cindy mentally kicked herself. She wasn't good
at small talk, but she was making a real effort to drag
out her visit. Max was right there beside her and she
couldn't bear to leave yet. But speed bumps..?

"Well, yes, they are," Mary replied with one eyebrow
raised. She hadn't a clue what Cindy was talking about
or where she was headed. "I, uh, I needed to slow down
the delivery trucks.

"Say, Cindy, why don't you make yourself at home here
and visit with Max for a while. I have to make a
couple of phone calls and put this package away."

Mary winked at Max and nodded slightly. That was her
signal to him that it was 'OK' to play with the new
fuck-toy any way he wanted. He would not have to wait
for permission to use her.

Max woofed eagerly and gave a small jump of excitement.
His mistress didn't willingly let him mark other female
humans very often. His feet stuttered on the floor in
eagerness. He could smell that this one was already
aroused. He was anxious to get started.

Mary grinned. "She must really be a hot one. Max
never gets that excited." She felt a dark jealousy
take root in her heart. She could not let this
relationship grow anymore.

As Mary left the playroom, she flipped the hidden switch that activated the video cameras that covered
every inch of the room in any light. Smiling
contentedly to herself, she proceeded up to the control
room to watch the show that she knew was going to

.or she didn't know Max.


Tan Chew, or 'Joe Tan' to his Occidental colleagues,
read the latest dispatch from Quan-Loc he had received
over the hidden channel on the spy satellite. Not even
his older brother, Tan Phoc, knew about that special
channel, much less the chinese military. It was his
own personal communications channel, and each of the 12
spy satellites the chinese military would launch into
orbit in the next two years had one or more hidden features.

Joe was Number Two son in a relatively unknown family.
Unknown, that is, outside of the inner circles of the
Chinese government. Inside those circles, the Tan
family was the equivalent of the entire Western
military-industrial complex. In typical Oriental
fashion, the chinese had realized the need for such a
research oriented complex. They also realized the
inevitability of the profit, greed and corruption that
the existence of such an organization would generate.
They therefore correctly reasoned that with this
massive complex in the hands of one family instead of
many different families, the total amount of the profit
and corruption would be contained and would be less
overall. The Tan's, although not of pure chinese ancestry, were chosen for this dubious honor.

As Number One Son, Phoc had been trained to run the
huge complex, negotiating contracts and setting
production goals. His education had been entirely
Chinese, and he distained anything Western. Except
blonde women. These excited his jaded passions as
nothing else, but none had survived their first and
last night with him. It was his secret, closely
guarded. As far as he knew only one other person, his
best spy and his procurer, knew of his secret. His
other secret, that he had viciously murdered his father to accelerate his assumption of the family leadership
was widely known. Phoe went so far as to encourage the
spread of that secret.

Joe, on the other hand, had been educated in the West,
graduating at the top of his class at Princeton. The
course of his postgraduate work confused his advisors,
as he took advanced courses in several different
scientific disciplines, from aeronautics to
astrophysics to microelectronics. He excelled at all
the different disciplines, driven by a hidden force
that pushed him into biochemistry and pharmacology,
metallurgy and economics.

After seven years of attending seemingly random courses
from the leading experts in several Universities
throughout the West, Joe had suddenly gone home to head
up the research and development sections of the Tan
family's vast interests. And immediately began to
chafe under his brother's unimaginative leadership.
But such was the life for a Number Two son. To all
outward appearance, he was living the life of a prince,
no want or desire unfulfilled.

Currently he was flying east over the vast deserts of
the American Southwest, headed for a small obscure
airport in one of the landlocked middle states. He had
had to divert to San Francisco briefly to take care of
some business, but, glancing down and smiling a self-
satisfied grin, that business was now complete.

He wasn't sure if the small girl sitting by his side
knew just how big a role she had played in the
diversion, but he guessed she didn't. Her family had
been the primary contact with Western businesses for
the Tans, as well as the base of their industrial
espionage. The girl's mother had made the mistake of
secretly sending a family portrait to her parents when
the girl had been two years old. That had been 5 years

Joe had acquired that portrait 3 years ago, never mind
how, and his first glimpse of the perfect china doll
features of the little girl had sealed their fate. It
had taken him three years, but he had finally
maneuvered Phoc into calling for her family's
extermination. There were no half-measures in this
business. Because of his Western contamination and the
sensitivity of the task, Joe knew he would be called
upon to carry out the sentence. Best of all, none of
the scurrilous and false reports could be traced back
to him. They had all come from his brother's own spy
within Joe's organization.

The little girl's future was all mapped out, though she
was unaware of that, just as she was unaware of the
role Joe had played in her family's fiery and horrible
deaths. Joe and Liu, his bodyguard, had unexpectedly
called to visit the girl's family. He was 'Uncle Joe'
to her and she had given him a big hug before greeting
him formally, as she was being trained. As usual when
he visited, he stayed with them at the family compound.

Last night he and Liu had gone from room to room, duct-
taping mouths, hands and feet, accounting for all of
her family - aunts, uncles and cousins included - as
they worked silently into the wee hours of the morning.
Liu produced another body about the size of the seven-
year old from her large carry-on bag. With the body
count complete, Joe had burned the sleeping section of
the compound to the ground, killing all inside.
Without a remorseful thought, Joe and Liu had then
spirited the sleeping girl to the airport and were now
headed for the second part of the trip. She would
never be missed.

For the next five years, until she was 12 or 13, the
little girl would be pampered beyond any Western
imagination. Her days would be filled with tutors,
nannies, cooks, maids, and so on. But no other
children. Although she would be one of five girls in a
special building, none had any idea of the others. Few
even knew of the building.

These girls were the One Year Girls, known by that name
because of their expected life-span after they went to
live with Joe. Only one, Liu, had survived longer and
that was because she had tricked the new One Year girl into taking her place on the night of her execution.

One Year girls were educated and trained for the sole
purpose of bringing pleasure to Joe. No one else. At
around age 11, the girls were begun on a heavy regimen
of the drugs he had begun providing to Mary Sheffield.
These herbal drugs enhanced and accelerated the girl's
sexual development, physically and mentally. By the
time the girls were 12 or 13, they were fully developed
physically, and primed and ready to explode sexually.
Usually the girls had to be kept restrained to keep
from taking their own virginities, something Joe
coveted above all else.

For two nights each year, the rookie One Year girl and
the veteran One Year girl would spend time together.
With Joe. By the end of one year with him, there was
little left that the One Year girl hadn't experienced.
Certainly nothing Joe could think of had been omitted
and he was very perverted. The veteran girl would
bring the rookie to Joe's bed, arouse her and then hold
her down while Joe deflowered her in one mighty thrust.

He loved the screams of pain that that sudden
impalement caused them and would inevitably ejaculate
very quickly. As the screaming subsided, turning into
silent whimpers and then sighs of pleasure as their
years of training and conditioning took over, Joe would
find himself hard once more. It had never failed to
arouse him to a second bout. He would look for and
find the look of pride, of fulfillment the deflowered
girl received from having made him ejaculate into her
body. This was what they lived for, what they had been
conditioned for, what they had longed for this past

The next night would be a repeat of the first, being
led into his room by the older girl, seduced and held
down by her. This time, however, his target would be
her virginal anus. This time the screams didn't stop.
There were no sighs of pleasure for her. Joe often was
able to penetrate her tender orifice three or four
times that second night, especially if she kept
screaming. Often bleeding, the young girl would be
sedated and carried back to her quarters, left alone
for three or four nights to recover.

The third night, the veteran One Year girl would come
to Joe alone. She would be quickly stripped and bound,
an activity she was used to by this time. Then she
would be lead to an underground compound, taken to a
large round room with observation windows all the way
around, tied by a rope around her neck so that she was
positioned on her elbows and knees and left then alone.

To the veteran One Year Girls, this forced doggy
position caused them no alarm, as Joe had used and
abused them repeatedly over the past year for his
entertainment, including breeding them with all manner
of animals and machines. Usually these girls did not
realize the danger they were in until they saw the
crazed eyes of the mature male baumkind rushing towards
them in a mating frenzy. Some of the more fortunate
girls were facing the wrong way when the small door in
the wall was opened and they never saw their death

This ceremony they were a part of was a reward for the
outstanding services allowed to one baumkind agent each
year. For all of their pain and suffering, they got
the opportunity to try to copulate. Joe figured the
mature males were going to die shortly anyway from the
dangerous levels of hormones released into their system
by the onset of puberty, so he devised this secret
ceremony as an incentive to one group of his
organization while solving a messy little problem in
another at the same time. Dead girls didn't spread
secrets. And after one year, they became jaded. He
preferred the fear and innocence of that first year.

He had come up with this solution early on in his work
with the baumkind, when the first genetically altered
specimens had reached puberty. At first no one had any
idea what was happening in the lab, but the horny
little bastards were running around rutting with
anything that had an orifice, with fatal consequences
for the fuckees. Gender didn't matter to the
screeching little devils, nor did the hole even have to
be animate. Joe had witnessed the rape of several Coke
bottles those first few frustrating months.

Autopsy reports on the mutants had indicated high
levels of testosterone as well as multiple ruptured
arteries in the lungs, brain and penis. The arterial
ruptures were the cause of death for the baumkind
males. Their chosen mates, however, had all been
ripped to shreds by the razor sharp claws. Joe had
finally contained the problem with massive doses of
steroids, dampening the sexual development of the male
baumkind. This had two benefits. First, it gave him
about 3 to 4 more useful years from the little buggers.
Second, by carefully creating a myth about the new
ceremony, he gained an almost religious-like devotion
from the secret agents. He hadn't lost one yet.

He gazed once more at the porcelain-like child in the
seat beside him. She was sitting quietly, her trust in
her 'uncle' complete. The passions that this fragile
little girl and others like her excited in him was his
deepest darkest secret, one he considered a weakness,
but one he couldn't control. He had gone to great
lengths to isolate this part of his life, but, even as
he knew his brother's uncontrollable secret passion for
blonde women, so too, he feared his brother knew of his
secret. In his brother's place, he would have.

Joe felt that secrets were weaknesses. He also knew
that weaknesses could be exploited.

Chapter 6

The strong drinks were quickly getting to Cindy. She
was a novice drinker and the extra alcohol punch in
them worked fast. On an empty stomach, it was even
more potent. She had not eaten since breakfast - she
had been `busy' at lunchtime - and it had been an
exceptionally exhausting day for her. Then the machine
on the fourth floor had put her through a real workout,
dehydrating her slender body of a lot of fluids, and
finally the long, sweaty ride after work had been
mostly uphill.

She stumbled slightly as she wandered around the
strange room, examining the plush furnishings. She
recognized the normal pieces of furniture, like the
tables, chairs and lamps, but a couple of the items
scattered around the room had her puzzled. She walked
over to the one closest to her to get a better look.

The top was a low padded bench with one set of legs
quite a bit shorter than the other end. Consequently,
the 3-foot long bench, placed perpendicular to the
wall, sloped down towards the wall. Two stainless
steel horizontal handlebars, about 4-6 inches long and
a bit less than an inch in diameter, were embedded in
circular indentations about two inches into the wall.
They reminded Cindy of the safety handles you would see
in a modern bathtub, just a little deeper. The handles
were about two to three feet off the floor, well above
the lower end of the bench that they bracketed. The
strange handles were the only indication of its
intended function. The entire bench was bolted to the

She stood swaying at the elevated end of the board,
studying the strange arrangement. Curious, she leaned
forward to grasp the handles. With her legs straight,
it was too far to reach. Between the alcohol in her
system and Max `accidentally' bumping her behind her
knees at precisely that moment, she found herself lying
flat on her stomach with her knees on the floor,
kneeling over the end of the bench.

The tilt of the board and the extra padding over the
higher end of it pushed her ass up high in the air.
Her knees were awkwardly spread and held wide apart by
strategically placed curved dowels at mid-thigh and
knee level.

The fall winded her briefly and any sudden movement of
her head caused her alcohol addled vision to spin.

"I'll jus' res' a minute," she thought. "Jus' one

Looking blearily around her as she rested, she again
noticed the peculiar handles she had been trying to
reach when she had fallen. Reaching up with one hand,
she grabbed on to one of the recessed handles.
Although it was embedded into the wall, she could reach
it easily and wrap her fingers all the way around it.

When nothing happened, she reached out with her other
hand and grasped the other handle. She had to stretch to reach this one. She gripped both bars and pulled
herself up, intending to get up and continue with her
inspection of the room. Her body was stretched between
the wall and the end of the bench, over which she was

Her back was arched, lifting her head and breasts clear
of the board. Cindy peeked down the front of her
gaping neckline at her hanging breasts. The stripes
from the machine whipping them were clearly visible.
She giggled at the thought of showing herself to
someone else like this. She wiggled her shoulders and
watched the pliant orbs jiggle provocatively.

"Nish tits, lady. Tha' looksh good enou' to eat!
Gotta' get me some a tha'." The crude remarks of a
little horrid man who had accosted her last week in the
bus terminal came back unbidden to her mind. A bit of
perverse pride filled her. They were nice to look at.

Her stretched posture also shaped her ass into a curve
that would make a whip-wielding man or woman wish for a
bigger whip and a lot more time to use it. Even the
thick fabric of the shapeless work shift could not hide
her beauty.

The expansion of the pneumatic cuffs in the wall was so
silent and sudden, Cindy did not know she was captured
until she heard the hard clicks of the metallic cuffs
imbedded in the expanding rubber and felt them
tightening around her wrists. Even drugged, Cindy
realized she was in a very vulnerable position. Terror
welled up in her, and she gave a small whimper.

At the sound of her helpless cry, Max moved up silently
next to her face and licked her cheek lightly, as if to
reassure her. It seemed to work. Cindy gave a small
sigh of relief, rubbing her cheek against his.

"Max is here and everything will be OK."

She felt Max go around behind her and sniff along her
left leg. His nose was cold and wet and Cindy felt
comforted by his touch. Only when he slipped his snout
up under her dress and sniffed higher between her
thighs did she begin to worry. Not about what he might
do, but that Mary might catch them.

"I can't let him do this. I want him to, but Mary
might find out. What would I do then?" Cindy worried.
She was more afraid that Mary would learn her secret,
than what that secret was. In her awkward position,
however, Cindy could not do anything to stop the dog from doing whatever he wanted.

Satisfied she could not get away, Max went back around
beside the helpless young girl and got up on the bench
beside her with his forepaws. Reaching down with his
sharp teeth, he grasped the cumbersome dress about half
way up the girl's back. With a sharp sideways yank of
his head, he pulled the hem of the dress up over the
girl's upright ass and well up on to her back out of
his way. Her perfect moon-shaped ass was now
beautifully exposed.

"Oh Max, no no noooo.," she cried, but only half-

The large dog returned to his position behind the girl and placed his snout directly against her exposed sex.
His sensitive nose told him the girl had been aroused
recently, but not marked by man or beast. He licked up
the savory secretions dripping down the girl's thighs,
and then licked them out of her hole. The sex-juices
of a female human were a special treat, each one a bit
different flavor. It never failed to excite him,
stirring a primitive animal lust deep within his
psyche. Not the rutting lust brought on by the scent
of a real bitch in heat, but a burning lust to
dominate, to subjugate, to mark the human fuck-toy deep
within her body.

Max butted his snout sharply against her tight rosy
sphincter. He was sure this female had mated recently,
but he could not smell any male scent that marked her,
human or otherwise. Maybe this one was like Mistress,
and mated by herself. That made it even better, as he
would be the first to ever mark this territory

The scent of the young woman in heat spread out so
invitingly before him easily aroused the virile dog.
He was trained to respond and to respond quickly. With
an excited bark, he mounted the perfectly positioned
target, his pink cock sliding out to its fullest

There was just room on both sides of the bench for his
huge paws. His rough forelegs put increasing pressure
on Cindy's ribs until he gripped her tightly. Anchored
firmly in front, he moved slowly forward until his cock
touched the lightly protesting girl's slippery slit.

The narrowed tip slipped in easily. Cindy was spread
so wide that her gash gaped a little and the dog was
able to get almost an inch inside the tunnel before she
realized he was in her. She renewed her protests and
bucked her hips up and down in her attempts to shake
him off. These futile motions only had the effect of
seating the burrowing cock deeper and more firmly
within the steaming hole.

She lowered her head in frustration, shame and
unfulfilled lust. A tear formed in the corner of her
eye, but before it could fall, she caught sight of her
breasts. The sight amazed her. Before, they had been
free, swaying with each breath. Now, however, with the
dog's forepaws clamped tightly in behind them, forcing
them in and forward, and her bulging boobs looked
awesome. She had never imagined her tits could look
like this.

Like the tits of the lady in some of the other photos.
Her tits had had rope tied tightly around them, making
them balloon and bulge, looking painful and beautiful
at the same time. Now it was her tits that were
compressed together, and as good as it looked to her,
it felt even better. But it was only the dog's
forepaws, not ropes, and it wasn't enough. Not quite

Cindy raised her face to the ceiling and gave a lust-
filled cry of frustration that sounded to Max like the
howl of a long lost ancestor. He responded with a
fierce howl of his own, his primitive blood boiling
with a lust he had never experienced before with
neither fuck-toy nor bitch. Not understanding his
lupine ancestry, not really giving a fuck either, Max
re-focused on the task at hand. With a powerful lunge
forward, he buried his long hard prick to the hilt,
raising the elongated cry of his current mate several
octaves to an ear-splitting scream.

Cindy felt the solid balls at the bottom of the dog's
thick shaft slam into her pubic area. The force of
that first thrust would have knocked the wind out of
her normally, but her hips on the edge of the bench
stopped the forward motion of her body short. What
that total impalement did do was to clear her head

She felt full, but not as stuffed as she had earlier,
sitting on that machine in the library. She also
automatically cataloged the differences between the dog penis plunging in and out of her at that moment and the
solid rubber phallus from earlier. Fat flared head on
one, narrow long head on the other. Shafts about the
same length, but one was pretty much the same width top
to bottom, the other tapered slightly wider towards the

She paused, a puzzled expression crossing her face.
She was missing something, something important. She
thought harder. Her mind wandered over the events of
the day in the library. That wasn't it. It had
something to do with the first time she and Max had
made love - or made lick, anyway.

She remembered how his tongue had felt on her pussy.
This was just as good, but different. This had
penetration, but not as much friction on her clit. He
had penetrated her mouth, too, she remembered. She
loved how it had felt going into her hot mouth and down
her tight throat. She squeezed her rookie muscles to
make her cunt tighter for her lover's cock.

She remembered holding his huge bulge that had
ballooned at the base of his cock in both hands, not
even coming close to wrapping around it with both of
her hands. It had been so hot, so knobby, so.HUGE!

Cindy's eyes flew open as she remembered the sudden
swelling of that knot, right under her nose. It had
terrified her then and it would kill her now if it grew
inside her. She quickly shifted the position of her
hips, trying to deny the dog the deep penetration he
needed to lock with her.

Her unexpected hip movement came just as the knot
expanded - into thin air. This left Max' cock
unanchored in the cunt-hole as he was accustomed. A
most unsatisfactory way to fuck, but the show must go
on. His rapid thrusts into the slippery cunt had to be
shortened as a result so he wouldn't pull completely
out. He was used to having the knot hold him in so he
could flail away, focused only on marking his toy.
This time he had to take care stay in and it took away
from his experience.

Cindy didn't notice if anything was taken away from his
experience or not. As far as she was concerned, she
had died and gone to Heaven. His stiff cock had felt
good by itself. But with the first slam of that hard
knot against her pudendum, fireworks had exploded in
her head and hadn't stopped. The clitoral stimulation
that was missing prior was now added into the mix, and
it was a heady mixture.

She was lying over the edge of the bench. Her
attention-craving button was trapped in mid-air a mere
breath away from the friction provided by the surface
of the bench. The blood-engorged knot pounding into
her from behind smashed her clit forward into the
unforgiving bench, trapped between the proverbial rock
and a hard place. Heaven, indeed!

Max' hind feet did a little dance as he pounded away at
Cindy's pussy. He was getting the hang of this now.
It had only taken 20 minutes or so of rapid thrusts
interrupted by careful repositioning so he wouldn't
slip out, followed by more rapid thrusts. Although he
knew he would mark her successfully, it would be
incomplete, unsatisfactory for him.

It was entirely satisfactory to his fuck-toy. The
petite girl under him had gripped his cock five or six
times tightly, actions he had become familiar with when
marking his Mistress. He always got an extra reward
after a session whenever that happened, even if it
happened only once. He growled deep in his throat as
he felt her squeezing him again. It was almost as good
as being locked, but not quite. He took advantage of
the additional resistance and made a couple of really
wild stabs at his hot target. The reaction of the fuck-
toy was to grip him tighter still, and he pounded away
with abandon.

With a small `yip,' his thick streams of cum flooded
into Cindy's cunt and oozed down her legs in twin
streams. His shuddering frame rested heavily on her
back as the strength of his orgasm weakened his abused
hind legs. The tongue that had brought her so much
pleasure a week before lolled out of his mouth and
bathed her sweaty neck with cooling drool.

Her glazed eyes hooded over, the alcohol reasserting
its influence over her conscious thoughts. She dully
thought as she passed into oblivion, "Gotta get me one
a' thesh doggies! Yup, gotta get me some a tha'!"

Max licked his cum off her legs as she dreamed the
dreams of the innocent.


Phoc grumbled to himself as he looked at the mountain
of paperwork sitting on his desk. He was beginning to
resent the thousands of decisions he had to make every
day, the myriad details that were important enough to
come to his attention. What the Hell was he paying all
those Vice Presidents for, anyway? Muttering, he
picked up the folder marked 'Urgent.'

And promptly burst out with a string of profanity that
would have been unusual on the docks of Shanghai, much
less in a boardroom in Beijing.

What was so fucking important about another 200 grams
of SP-X59 that he needed to know they were fucking
missing? This was a fucking problem that just wouldn't
fucking go away. Every fucking week it seemed, there
was another 200 or so grams missing from one of the
fucking production lines. And it was never even in the
same plant. First in Hanoi, then the plant in
Manchuria, then the plant in Shanghai and so on. If it
was all from the same place he would have been
concerned. If there had been any movement of personnel
that correlated to the missing explosives, he would
have been concerned. But there wasn't. It wasn't like
you could do anything with 200 grams, either. Blow up
a car, maybe or remove a stump. OK, maybe you could
blow up a tank or a small building, even, but so what?

Phoc sighed and tossed the folder into the out box, as
he had done for the past year or so, ever since this
unexpected bonus gift his brother, Chew, had presented
him with had gone into production. He would love to be
able to blame this on his brother somehow, and
eventually he would find a way, if it ever leaked out.
But his brother had been as loyal and industrious as
ever. More than expected, and Phoc was not one to kill
the golden goose. Besides, Chew was being very closely
monitored. He would know before anyone if he had to
worry about his little brother.

Though he would never admit it to anyone else, to
himself he had more than once regretted gutting his
father on their yacht and tossing his body, still
screaming, to the waiting sharks. He wasn't ready for
all of this, this, this fucking paperwork. The only
thing he had ever seen his father do was smoke cigars
with the politicians. Phoc had yet to be invited to
anything other than the mandatory banquets, and then he
was seated with the peasants. That had never happened
when his father was alive, and Phoc hated them all for

That's why this new explosive was so important to him.
Chew had naively given him the key to his legacy. When
the new product was announced, he would be the one to
get the credit. He would have huge stockpiles, ready
and waiting for shipment to the their vassal states of
Viet Nam and North Korea, as well as to any of the
terrorist organizations that could pay for it.

"X59," as it was called, was the perfect explosive,
and, in relatively small amounts, could do massive
amounts of destruction. Pound for pound, it was nearly
equivalent to a low-yield nuclear bomb. Only without
the fall-out. And nearly undetectable by the usual
methods. According to his brother, the explosive
wasn't based on any of the usual nitrates or
permanganates you would expect. Therefore, you could
carry it in your hand and walk through airport
security. Chew had done it twice, just to prove it
could be done, both times asking the security personnel
to use the chemical sniffer on the bag containing the

Detonation was by remote control. You could burn the
stuff in a fireplace and it would just melt all over
the bricks. You could hit it with a hammer and it
would just bounce off. But give it three short pulses
of a certain frequency and you'd better hope you were
far enough away to survive the shockwave.

So what good was the missing X59 without the
detonators? That's where Phoc had concentrated his
security. He knew where every single detonator was.
Everyday. Without them, or the information to build
one, not even the devil Americans could steal enough
X59 to be of any use.

Still, he hadn't done nothing about the missing
explosives. He had sent the Triad goonsquads into the
plants, and starting with the production supervisors,
had questioned anyone with any chance of knowing
anything about the missing product. Unfortunately, not
many of them had survived the interrogations and he had
learned exactly nothing. He had even visited each of
the sites himself. Last time he had insisted on Chew
accompanying him to check out the equipment personally.

Phoc grinned at that memory. Chew had wanted to spend
that time with his little China Doll and had been quiet
and sullen the entire trip. Chew had shown Phoc the
proper respect, of course, but his personal discomfort
pleased Phoc to no end. It pleased him even now as he
thought back on it. Making him crawl around the
production lines like a regular mechanic had put the
egotistical little sibling in his proper place, too.

Phoc sighed. This was a problem that wasn't going to
be solved tonight. Maybe it was just what all the
production managers said it was. Maybe it was just
normal production losses. Chew insisted it wasn't, but
what did he know about manufacturing, anyway? Of
course you could scrape everything out of a test tube,
but a three-ton production vessel?

Phoc took another look at the pile of paper and turned
out the desk light. His contact in Customs had told
him he was going to arrange for one of the Swedish
tourists to get detained and miss her flight home. His
inquiries had turned up no family to speak of and, by
not letting her contact the Swedish Embassy until
Monday, Phoc would have all weekend to entertain
himself with this unfortunate tourist. If she didn't
survive until Monday, well, then the Embassy would have
one less problem to solve.

Phoc had already forgotten about the X59 before he
closed his office door.

Chapter 7

Mary watched the hot action from the control room,
amazed at what she was seeing.

"Just how stupid can that girl be," she asked herself.
"Or is she really that načve?"

She had watched as Cindy had walked straight to the
whipping board and gotten herself stuck into Max'
favorite fucking position. She looked down at her
watch. Max had been going at her for almost 25 minutes
now, and the girl's face was contorted into a mask of
pure lust. Any hesitations she may have initially had
were gone now, swept away in a tidal wave of emotions.

Her initial actions hadn't given any indication of her
experience in sexual things, and that was probably due
to the alcohol fogging her brain. When Mary saw that
cute little flip of her hips to avoid being locked
together with the dog, she was positive Max had gotten
to her before today. Of course, that didn't jive with
her being a virgin, however.

Max's actions were speeding up, going wild, indicating
he would soon be finished. Mary leaned instinctively
forward to watch the climax. She focused on the girl's
face. She could just imagine what Cindy was feeling.
The narrow tip of that wonderfully long cock head would
just about poke into the uppermost areas of her vagina,
possibly bumping into the mouth of her uterus. Mary's
hips unconsciously began to mimic the rhythm of the
bizarre couple in the monitors. Her heated loins
literally dripped with passion.

Then there was the swollen knot, nature's lock ring.
Thinking about that hard bulge pounding into the
restrained girl made Mary's pussy water. She watched
with jealousy-filled eyes as the long, hard prick
pistoned in and out of the ecstatic girl's pussy with a
speed that a mere human male could not hope to match.

Max was a glorious lover, and Mary didn't like to share
him. It was obvious to her that the relationship
between this girl and Max was special, or could be very
easily. Cindy and Max must have formed some sort of
bond on that mysterious visit. A bond that Mary would
have to break, and she thought she knew just how to do

The dog's haunches began to jerk in an irregular
manner, so familiar to Mary. The girl arched her back
and called out Max's name as she would a lover's. Both
lovers climaxed at the same time, and collapsed limply,
she in her bonds on the bench, the dog on her back.
Their labored breathing slowed as the glorious after-
glow of great sex suffused their tired muscles.

"Well, I see she enjoyed that," Mary grinned. "I
wonder what other pastimes our little innocent would
enjoy?" Her cunt watered just thinking of what she had
planned for the little minx in the playroom.

As soon as Max began spurting his strings of cum into
her, Cindy had climaxed with an intensity Mary had
rarely witnessed. Of that, Mary was sure. This
confirmed her resolve to break up the relationship that
was beginning to form.

For the second time that day after watching the girl climax, Mary reached for the telephone. This time,
however, she made the call to her head dog trainer.

"Susan? Bring Brutus up to the house. I think I just
found a new owner for him."

"Yes, Miss Sheffield. But, uh, are you sure you
should? I mean, you know what happened the last time."

"Susan! Don't question me!"

"Yes, Miss Sheffield. I'll have him there in five

"Make it three." Mary was horny.


Cindy was lying on the bench, totally exhausted. She
wasn't even aware of the way she was exposed. She
didn't care. She had just been fucked! Her first
time, and it had been fantastic.

She didn't give a second thought that she had just
performed one of the sickest perversions known to man or woman, or dog, for that matter. All she knew was
that Max was her friend, her lover, and she saw nothing
wrong with her actions. It was only natural, right?

This twisted logic going through her mind was partly
due to the powerful drugs Mary had been giving her in
her lunches at the library, partly due to the strong
drinks and partly due to the wonderful new feelings of
being filled with a hot stiff cock for the first time.
There was no guilt, no shame. Just a wonderful glow
from her climax and the knowledge she wanted more - as
soon as she could get it.

She heard the door to the room whisper open and lazily
turned her head. Mary was standing there looking at
her with a queer smile on her face. Cindy stared back
blankly, too sated to be embarrassed.

Mary moved gracefully into the room, and Cindy heard
Max growl sharply, as if issuing a challenge. She
heard an answering growl from somewhere behind Mary.

"Max, SIT! STAY!" Mary commanded in a firm voice.

Max immediately relaxed and sat where he was. He
watched his Mistress intently and quietly.

Mary moved over to where Cindy was restrained and, as
she moved to the side, she revealed the largest dog Cindy had ever seen. His head, when raised, came
almost to Mary's shoulder.

"He wouldn't even have to stand up to lick your tits,"
flashed through Cindy's head.

The dog was a dark gray color with a brilliant white
star-shape on his chest. His head was well formed with
brilliant blue eyes as intelligent and alert as Max'.
His chest was broad and well muscled, tapering back
beyond Cindy's view. The only thing she could see back
there was just the underside of the huge protective
tube and massive balls of his male organ. From what
she could see, the size of the new dog's equipment
would make Max' large organs look ordinary.

Cindy thought foggily that he must be a Great Dane.
With the emphasis on `Great.' She snickered at that

"Brutus, SIT! STAY!" Mary commanded again.

"So, his name is Brutus," Cindy thought. "Very

Mary moved to Cindy's side and rested her hand in the
tousled blonde locks. It was a tender caress,
conveying emotions Mary was surprised she was feeling.
Cindy responded positively to the touch, moving her
head into the contact, seeking more. To her
disappointment, Mary broke the gentle contact.
Instead, she stepped between Cindy's outstretched arms,
straddling the bench with her ass to the wall.

Looking up from her forced position, Cindy could only
see two legs from the knees down. She heard a rustle
of fabric and Mary sank down to sit on the bench in
front of Cindy's head, her knees splayed invitingly

Cindy didn't realize what she was seeing at first as
she rested her chin on the bench. Mary's dress had
ridden up, assisted in great part by Mary, so that it
rested above her waist. Underneath her dress, she wore
a pair of charcoal thigh-high nylon stockings and
nothing else. Cindy had a clear, unobstructed view of
Mary's private parts. It was beautifully framed.

As she realized what it was she was looking at, Cindy's
alcohol-fogged brain didn't object to this intimate
revelation. She thought back to the exciting pictures
she had seen of Mary and that other woman. Now, it
looked as if this beautiful woman was going to let her
do the same thing! Cindy eagerly strained her head
forward, towards the sitting woman's crotch. A whimper
of frustration escaped her as her quivering tongue was
stopped short of its goal. She was still trapped in
place by the tilt of the bench.

"My, my, what an eager beaver," Mary quipped. "Don't
tell me you've done this before?"

"No, I've never done anything before," Cindy answered.


"Well, only with Max," she confessed. She didn't think
what she had done with the machine in the library
counted, even if it had taken her virginity. Or had
she given her virginity to the machine? The drinks
were still in full effect, and she wasn't quite
coherent. She had no inhibitions left, and the words
spilled out of the innocent girl like a flashflood in
an arroyo. Starting with just a little trickle, she
soon began telling this woman she had only just met
everything she had ever none, or, more correctly, not
done. She did not even realize she was giving up her
most precious secrets. Her precious memories.

Cindy related all the events of that first afternoon at
her cottage with Max, not leaving out any details.
Mary became increasingly excited as she listened to the
tale of seduction this innocent little girl related to
her. Her erotic tale filled in the gaps in the story she did not know.

Cindy told Mary about seeing the pictures of Mary and
another woman in the library, how they had excited her,
and how pretty and sophisticated she thought Mary was,
both then and now. Cindy admitted she wanted to be
just like Mary. She continued to relate the unusual
loss of her virginity on the Saddle machine earlier
that afternoon.

Her explicit description of her throbbing climaxes as
the riding crops lashed her tender body, especially the
thrill that had consumed her when the last blow landed
directly across her distended nipples, filled Mary's
mind with images of white flesh and angry stripes,
throbbing penises and clits, and sweaty bodies
straining for conclusion. Overwhelmed, Mary had a
sudden unexpected climax that shook her, and not just
sexually. It had been a long time since she had come
without tactile stimulation, and now this wisp of a
girl, too green even to be a novice, had touched her
psyche, stroked her libido to sensual overload. She
had not sensed this heightened sensuality in the girl.
Max had, however, and had been drawn to her as he was
to his Mistress.

Mary looked over at Max and smiled, giving him another
special signal. Max woofed back, his chest expanding
with pride. He had pleased his Mistress, he was sure.

"Cindy," Mary addressed the girl. "You know that Max
is my dog, right? Mine?" Cindy had been quite for a
while, her story winding down with her telling of the
events that had just occurred in the playroom with Max.

Cindy nodded, her gaze fixed into the dripping crotch
in front of her face. She had seen the increase in
fluids and had smelled the heady scent coming from the
excited woman, but wasn't aware that it was her telling
her story that had made them flow.

"You are a very special person, Cindy. Max is very
particular, and it is obvious he likes you. It is just
as obvious you like him, and, well, I can't have that.
Rather than have you and him sneaking around behind my
back, I think I can help you by letting you keep Brutus
for me for a while. I'll introduce you to him in a
moment, but first." Mary slid her crotch closer to
Cindy's face ".I need you to suck my pussy."

Cindy again leaned forward to try to taste that
dripping nectar that was so close but so far away.
"Help me, please?." she whimpered.

Mary quickly reached over and pushed a small button
that released Cindy's wrists, as anxious as the girl.
The freed girl promptly dove forward into the aromatic
crotch in a frenzied, if inexperienced, flurry. It was
so soft and warm, flowing with juices. The salty taste
tingled the back of her throat as she sucked the whole
of Mary's pussy into her mouth. Cindy continued to
suck hard, trying to get as much of the beautiful woman
into her mouth as possible.

"Easy, Baby. Easy. Just lick me a little, Cindy. Use
your tongue. Oh, YESSS! Now, stick it in meeee.
Yeah, like that. OOOooohhh, yeessss."

Under Mary's gentle tutelage, Cindy's tongue came out
of her mouth and assaulted the paired lips of the
sopping pussy, gaining skill with each instruction.
Practice made perfect, and Mary, somewhat selfishly,
let the girl practice all she wanted. Cindy twirled
her tongue around and around, driving Mary wild with

"You're a natural pussy-licker, Honey. Keep it up.

The tip of Cindy's tongue found the small hard lump at
the juncture of her vaginal lips. Touching it lightly
brought a jump of pleasure from Mary as she drove her
crotch into Cindy's face. Continuing her salacious
tongue actions, Cindy flicked the tip back and forth
across the small bud and was surprised to feel it grow
even larger. Catching it between her teeth, she pulled
gently on the sensitive nubbin. She was rewarded with
an increased flow of pussy juice that made her stop
biting and swallow several times.

Mary slowly collapsed against the wall, totally
relaxed. "This little bitch isn't bad. A natural sex

"Oh, what a feelin' to be eaten.."


Quan-Loc was frustrated in his attempts to find out
what was going on in the big house with the dogs. His
owner had warned him to report any contact between
these two people and he wanted to find out more.

He saw a third woman take a huge animal into house from
the kennels, rushing to pull on her lab coat as she
raced towards the door as if her requested presence had
been unexpected.

Then, nothing. Quan-Loc debated whether to send his
message now or wait. Sensing no urgency, he decided to

Chapter 8

Mary looked over at the two dogs patiently waiting for
their turn with the women. Both had watched the
performance with keen interest. They had witnessed
similar performances in the past and knew their
Mistress was always eager to be fucked afterward.

Reaching behind her, Mary reached for one of the
handles and used it to pull herself up off the bench.
Cindy slid back along the bench and kneeled at the end
of the bench, sitting on her heels. She was still
somewhat dazed from the alcohol and the heady sex.

"Brutus, COME HERE," Mary snapped firmly.

The huge gray dog immediately stood and trotted over to
Mary's side. He was almost quivering with excitement,
in anticipation of marking his Mistress. He had not
been allowed access to the Mistress, a fuck-toy, or a
bitch for weeks, and he was ready. It was a testament
to the kennel's discipline and training that he waited
for permission before sating his need on her.

Instead of mating with the huge dog, Mary reached over
to a shelf on the wall next to her, picked up a leash
and snapped it to the thick leather collar around
Brutus' neck. Turning to Cindy, she held out the end
of the leash.

"If you accept this leash from me, you become Brutus'
new Mistress. I would like to give him to you as a
gift for giving me so much pleasure."

Cindy's eyes widened as she appraised the tense
creature. Accepting would mean not coming home to an
empty house. It would mean having a friend that
wouldn't abandon her. She nodded and took the
proffered leash.

"Thank you, Mary." It was all she could choke out from
her constricted throat.

Brutus' attention immediately transferred from Mary to
his new Mistress. He moved to her side and quietly
surveyed his new Mistress. If his broad face could
have showed approval, he would have been beaming.

Not even the scent of Max's newly deposited sperm in
his Mistress's loins disturbed him. He was confident
he would soon mark his Mistress as his own territory
and he woofed in anticipation.

"Brutus is a very special dog, Cindy," Mary continued.
"You will need to know some special commands to have
him do the special things he can do."

Reaching over to Cindy, Mary unzipped the girl's work
shift. Brutus, reacting to this motion towards his
Mistress, took a defensive stance. The only reason he
did not rip off the attacking hand was that it belonged
to Mary. Mary noticed the move, and the restraint, and
smiled. The new relationship was bonding already.

"First, let's get comfortable," she said as she lifted
the shapeless garment over Cindy's head, revealing her
nubile body to Brutus' gaze. Mary then efficiently
stripped off her own clothing, having only her dress on
over her own nudity.

Cindy looked up at the older woman, marveling at her
beauty, not understanding that she herself was just as
desirable. The smooth classic lines of the woman's
hips curved in to a waspish waist that somehow
supported two large firm breasts in perfect proportion.
Long, dark hair fell over her shoulders and covered the
tops of her breasts so that the dark red nipples played
peek-a-boo with Cindy.

From where Cindy was kneeling on the floor, Mary's
stocking-clad legs seemed to reach up forever, to meet
just below a smooth flat tummy. She had already seen
Mary's pussy up close, but now she noticed that the
small patch of hair covering her mound was trimmed
short and neat, much as her own was.

As Mary turned to face Max, Cindy saw a pair of
crescent-shaped ass cheeks that were a perfect
compliment to the rest of her perfect body. The creamy
skin was unblemished, perfect in its texture, no
dimples or cellulose. Mary worked hard to keep herself

Mary sat down beside Cindy and motioned her to get off
her knees and sit on the floor on her butt as she was
sitting. Cindy nimbly obeyed, putting her feet
straight out in front of her, spreading her feet about
a foot apart. She copied Mary's posture and raised her
knees, letting them fall out to the sides. She put her
arms behind her for support.

"Good," said Mary. God, she loved those Margaritas,
but she wasn't altogether certain that she would have
needed them with Cindy. She took the opportunity to
examine Cindy's splayed pussy up close. A tiny strand
of dog cum trickled out of the rosy opening. With a
jerk of her head, she motioned Max to her.

"This is the first command, Cindy," she instructed.
"You must be sure to use a firm tone of voice when you
give this, or any other command," she continued.

Leaning back on her elbows she looked at Max and firmly
said, "Max, LICK ME!"

Max obediently dipped his head and began to service his
Mistress. Her already sopping pussy was a treat for
him. He truly adored his Mistress. Her abundant
juices were evidence to him that he had pleased her and
were part of her reward to him.

"Now, you try it, Cindy," Mary told her.

Brutus' eyes were bright as he watched Max lick his
former Mistress. He was impatient to get acquainted
with his Mistress, to taste her essence, but he stayed
obediently still.

"Brutus, lick me," Cindy ventured weakly, as she again
copied Mary's posture and leaned back on her elbows,

The dog started, then stopped at the sound of his name,
unsure if she had commanded him or not.

"Say it like you mean it. Say it like you want it,"
Mary instructed with a shaking voice. Max's tongue was
working wonders on her cunt. She didn't compare it to
Cindy's, or any person's tongue because they were
different, but Mary was positive she liked Max' tongue

Cindy took a deep breath, steadying her nerves.
"Brutus, LICK ME, NOW," she barked.

Immediately, Brutus moved between her legs, lowered his
head and began to lick her swollen cunt with his broad
rough tongue. The spunk Max had placed there didn't
bother him as his acute senses of taste and smell could
identify the true scent of his aroused Mistress.

Cindy snapped back her head and hissed her breath out
in sensual overload. The gentle dog licked her from
her anus to her clit, completely covering the private
area. The rough texture of his broad tongue was like
wiping her genitals with soft sandpaper. Every nerve
ending in her pussy came alive again.

After five or six long slow licks up her perineal
surface with the broad surface of his tongue, the
trained dog began to use the edge, wiggling the broad
muscular slab vertically into her slit. Then his
tongue began sliding up and down the sensitive flesh,
sending Cindy crashing over the edge into a cum-
squirting climax.

Mary was watching the action next to her as best she
could. Having had more experience with Max, she could
pay some peripheral attention to her surroundings and
not be as totally absorbed as was the innocent girl next to her. But Max was a good pussy licker, and Mary
went over the top shortly after Cindy, finally
distracted from her voyeurism.

Both women collapsed to lie flat on their backs for a
much-needed respite from the assaulting tongues. Their
dogs continued gently licking during the orgasms to
bring their Mistresses as much pleasure as possible,
just as they had been trained. Then they stopped and
sat back, patiently waiting for the next command.

After a short rest, Mary looked over at Cindy, who was
staring dreamily at Brutus.

"Good," she thought. "Her affections have been
diverted from Max." She was very possessive of her own
big dog. "Now to cement their relationship."

Rolling over onto her hands and knees, she said, "Now
for the next command, Cindy."

Cindy rolled over obediently. She watched Mary crawl
over to the bench she had been draped over earlier and
pull off the cushioned board. She set it on the floor
next to Cindy and pumped a small handle until the
pneumatic legs had raised the board about six inches
off the floor.

"It will be easier if you kneel on this and put your
head on the board for this one, Cindy," she said
maliciously. "Yeah, easier for that brute of a dog to
fuck his prick out your throat," she added to herself.

"Keep your ass up real high," she added, positioning
Cindy with helpful wandering hands. Cindy's nipples,
already at attention, responded to the light caresses.
She wiggled her elevated butt in eager response.
"Yeah, like that, Honey."

Mary got into a similar position, but on the floor.

"Max," Mary said, "FUCK ME."

Even in her blurred state, Cindy thrilled at those

"Could you actually train a dog to fuck on command?
What a wonderful idea! Instant satisfaction anytime
you wanted." Sexy thoughts ran through her mind like
muddy kids on a freshly waxed floor.

Cindy, her head resting on the board, her ass raised
high as her new friend had suggested, had her face
turned to watch Mary. She saw Max approach Mary from
the rear and rise up on his hind legs. Mounting her,
his forepaws grasped at Mary's chest, lightly
scratching her swaying boobs. Cindy's lips tensed
together in awe as she watched the obedient dog stuff
his mistress's cunt with his slick, blood-engorged cock
without hesitation. The entire shaft slid into the
waiting woman. There was no sound except for a long
satisfied sigh.

She watched the copulating couple for a few moments and
saw Mary react to the sudden wonderful swelling of the
knot as the dog locked himself tightly into her pussy.
Mary arched her back and expelled her breath in a
sudden whoosh. She didn't seem to be in any pain, and
Cindy was suddenly desperate to be filled just like her
new friend.

"Brutus, FUCK ME," Cindy cried.

Because of her elevated and submissive position
together with his huge size, Brutus did not need to
mount her. He simply moved to stand directly over her,
and put one of his massive forepaws on each of her
shoulders, pinning her tightly to the board. His cock
had swiftly emerged from its sheath on her command and
the massive organ bumped into her inviting ass.

At first his swaying cockhead lightly probed her anus,
sending forbidden chills through the willing girl. "I
have learned so much today," she wondered. "I wonder
what that would that be like?" Again, there was no
sense of guilt or shame or fear, just willing

Finding the sopping, jism lubed entrance to her vaginal
tunnel on his next try, Brutus urged his massive cock
into her tight sheath with a series of short jerks of
his hindquarters.

Cindy's breath was forced from her lungs by the
invasion of the huge dog's massive prick. Her
inexperienced pussy walls stretched painfully,
eventually expanding to accommodate the over-sized
cock. Nerves that even Max' long cock hadn't touched
fired off, sending their joyous signals to her pleasure

Because of her submissive position with her up-tilted
buttocks, Brutus' cock was perfectly angled to drive
down to the very depths of her womb. Once or twice the
narrow head of his prick actually poked into her
uterus, driving her nearly insane with pleasure/pain.

Suddenly, Cindy gave a sharp intake of breath and a
short yelp of pain.

Mary grinned to herself. "Now you know why we call him
Brutus," she gritted out between her teeth.

Max was fucking her with more enthusiasm than usual.
She had come once already and was quickly building
towards another. Because of Max' recent bout with
Cindy, Mary knew this was going to be a good long fuck.
Her favorite pet always took longer the second time

"Oh God. Oh God, I can't take it. It's so huge, it's
going to split me in two. I can feel it in my throat.
Oh Oh OH OHHHHH." Cindy was out of her mind with the
intense feelings in her cunt.

The massive knot at the base of the cock head had
automatically swelled in response to mother Nature's
erotic stimulus to lock Brutus firmly into the
reproductive cavity of a sometimes-unwilling mate. The
already thick shaft ballooned up with blood to a hard
knob the size of a softball.

Cindy's already stretched pussy walls complained loudly
at this new demand on their elasticity, but slowly the
nerve ending-loaded tissues responded to accommodate
this new demand on them. A tremendous increase in the
outflow of cunt juice helped lubricate the action that
was taking place.

As the pain slackened, Cindy began to pant, just like
the bitch in heat that she appeared. "YES, YES, YES.

Brutus responded to his new Mistress's voice by
speeding up the thrusts of his hindquarters. His
forepaws kept the girl's shoulders firmly planted to
the padded board and he could thrust forward firmly
with abandon. He was excited to be marking her as his
territory and his eyes gleamed with prideful ownership.

He was intent on marking every hole of his territory
before too long. His lunging was spurred on by the
wiggling of the tight little butt he was fucking into.
He took this as a sign he was pleasing his Mistress,
and right now, that was all that mattered.

With a woof and a series of jerks, Brutus began to
flood Cindy's womb. His abstinence had given him a
hair trigger. The seal created by his swollen cock
knot pressing so tightly against her cunt walls forced
the dog cum to flow up the mouth of her uterus into and
completely filling the small space inside her womb.
The unusual feeling of being filled up by a uterine cum enema sent Cindy's senses reeling completely off axis,
and she fainted into a blissful orgasmic haze. Her
eyes glazed over and she went completely limp.

If Brutus had not been locked in, she would have
collapsed flat on the cushions, letting that huge cock
slip out of her cunt. As it was, she was left dangling
like a rag doll on the end of his prick, her shapely
ass pressed up next to his soft belly.

Mary was vaguely aware of the events happening with
Cindy, and sympathized with the girl's adjustments to
the size of her new friend. Brutus had fucked her,
too, but just once, and that had been enough. She was
relieved to see he had flooded her womb. Her last
assistant trainer had met with an unfortunate accident
during the training of that huge dog.

With the assistant trainer, apparently Brutus would
occasionally fail to ejaculate and would just keep on
fucking and fucking, becoming increasingly frantic and
desperate in his motions. Susan, her head trainer, had
had to tranquilize him after he had been fucking the
ill-fated assistant for over two hours with no end in
sight. She had never explained why she had waited two
whole hours before intervening, but Mary had her

Mary supposed that eventually Brutus would have cum.
The sad thing was that she now had to find a new
assistant. The poor girl freaked out every time she
saw a dog bigger than a Chihuahua, although she didn't
walk bow-legged anymore. Mary idly wondered if Cindy
would be interested in the job. She obviously didn't
mind fucking dogs, having just done it with two of
them. She had other plans for this particular bitch,

Finally Brutus' knot relaxed its coital grip on her
pussy walls and Cindy slid down the length of his still
firm cock to settle in an undignified but satisfied
heap on the floor.

Several minutes later, Max sped up his thrusts into
Mary, indicating his coming climax. With a short bark,
he shoved his prick all the way into Mary's twat, got a
death grip with his forepaws mashing her swaying tits together, and spurted his milky white cum into the
waiting, hungry depths of her cunt.

Mary shuddered in a final climax as Max finished. "An
altogether pleasurable day," she thought. "Successful,
too," she added, glancing over at the couple next to
her. They were already going at it again, Cindy having
gleefully given the dog the `FUCK ME' command as soon
as she was coherent.

"And it's all on tape."


Joe, Liu and the small girl landed at a local landing
strip four miles from the Sheffield Estates. The
runway was barely long enough to handle the private
jet, but Joe's pilot was very skilled and made the
difficult landing seem routine.

A nod to Liu and she took the small girl into the
private stateroom in the rear of the aircraft. There
Liu gave her a sedative and tucked her in for the
night. Then, with a shiver of anticipation, she moved
forward to stand before Joe.

Liu had never gotten used to the thrill this man gave
to her. Not since the first time she had seem him, the
day he had purchased her from her family. She had only
been 7 years old, the same age as the little girl asleep in the back of the plane, but she had known that
she had provided enough money for her family to live in
comfort for years.

It wasn't until several years later she had learned the
truth, that soldiers had come the next day and burned
down the village, killing all the inhabitants,
including her mother, father and six brothers.

She knew Chew had had her family killed to keep his
secret. She hated him for that. Yet she still got
aroused whenever he took her, as he had taken her
virginity on that first night, and the second night,
and on countless nights since then. Each time was like
a new rape of her body, each time she managed to feel
forced to accept him, each time she climaxed from being
forced. It was her secret, one that had kept her
alive, longer than any other of his little girls.

Liu knew Chew would take her tonight. He was planning
something, but he would take her. Liu had sent in the
baumkind team two weeks ago. So far she had had to
replace the keeper twice, once because Quan-Loc had cut
too deeply and the old man had bled to death, the other
because the keeper had run from the trailer in insane
terror. It had to have been terror, as his proximity
belt had activated when he was 20 meters from the
trailer. Six needles inside the belt had fired into
his body, each one injecting a 10 time lethal dose of
cyanide into the running man.

He died very painfully.

This was the first use of baumkind outside of Asia.
Liu knew something big was up. She had seen the
reports from Quan-Loc. She knew everything was going
well. She knew he would be harsh with her tonight and
she moistened in anticipation. It would be easy to
pretend she was being forced. It was the only way she
could orgasm anymore. Liu knew tonight she would cum.

Liu was right.

Chapter 9

. "And it's all on tape."

Those words had not been Mary's, nor was Mary aware
that the silent hidden cameras were recording her while
she was in the playroom. Mary had carefully shut down
the video panel when Susan had delivered Brutus to the
main house. She had been so intent on getting together
with Cindy, however, she had not noticed whether Susan
had left the main house or not.

Susan hadn't left the house. Watching her boss walk
eagerly away with the obedient dog, she had pulled a
key from the pocket of her lab coat. She had spent
nearly a week in secret, filing a spare key until she
could unlock the one locked room in the main house.
Susan had been unprepared for the sight that had
greeted her on that first visit to the video room, but
since then, she had installed a hidden override switch
deep in the myriad cables and connections. She could
tap into everything coming into the room undetected as
well as override any security and control the

She had activated the hidden switch as soon as she
entered. What she saw on the monitors was a bare-assed
young girl lying on a padded fuck-bench. Susan was
familiar with these contraptions. There were several
such tilted benches in the kennel for training
purposes, and not for training the dogs. The dogs
didn't need to be tied down.

Susan had started the video recorders as soon as Mary
entered the room with the second dog. She wasn't sure
why she wanted the tape of her boss in a possibly
incriminating activity, but her rationalization for
doing it was to protect herself in case Brutus froze
again and fucked his new owner to death.

In reality, she didn't care if that fucking dog froze
up or not. She knew he wouldn't, or probably
shouldn't, anyway. She knew, better than anyone that
the dog's `problem' was not going to reoccur unless he
was sexually drained for at least a week, maybe longer.
Her mind drifted back to past events..

If she hadn't drained Brutus with her own extra
curricular nighttime activities, the dog wouldn't have
had a problem. Susan wasn't letting the dog fuck her
at night. She knew her tight quim would have been
ripped apart with something that fat stuck up there.
Her fingers were just fine, thank you.

What she and Brutus had been doing every night for a
couple of weeks preceding the incident was a little
experiment, or self-therapy. Susan would sexually
arouse the dog with her hand, a vibrator, or whatever
it took. This would continue until the dog reached his
predictable climax. As the sticky fluid was shooting
out of his super-sensitive cock and making a mess on
the kennel floor, Susan would touch an electric cattle
prod against the pink flesh and watch the dog's violent

It had to have hurt the damn mutt. But he never failed
to respond to at least one sexual stimulus or another.
Towards the end, the only stimulus that worked was the
sight of her in her lab coat lying on the floor on her
face, her ass in the air. The tight fabric over her
butt seemed to set the dog on fire every time. He
would stand over her and rub his disgusting penis
sheath up and down her nylon-covered ass until the
slick pink head and the shaft would emerge. Susan
would then excited him using her hand and jerk him off
several times a night, each of his climaxes punctuated
by a sharp jolt of electricity.

Susan wasn't a true sadist, even with this apparent
evidence to the contrary. She was extremely fond of
almost all the other dogs in her care, even to the
extent of sucking them off on occasion. She understood
the way they thought - that she was just a fuck-toy to
them, and how they needed to mark territory and so on.
But she was truly and deeply afraid of Brutus.

He was a gentle dog, easy to handle and she was
pathologically terrified of him. Her shocking him was
just her way of dealing with her terror. Not a good
way, but that was what she had done. She had not
anticipated that the abused dog would freeze like he
had. Susan had been in the room during the entire
training session. However, she had not been aware
Brutus had been pounding the poor girl for two hours
until the brutalized lab assistant had bitten Susan's
clit in a final act of desperation to get her

It had been a routine training session. She had
strapped the naked girl onto the fuck-bench and brought
out the tired hound. The glistening white raised
buttocks brought the desired response from Brutus, and
he had mounted the fated girl at the `FUCK' command.

Susan had then dropped her lab coat and her panties and
settled herself directly in front of the assistant.
That particular assistant had always done a wonderful
job eating her out as she was assailed from behind.
She had been somewhat resistant at first, both to
fucking dogs and eating pussy. After her first eight-
hour day strapped onto a fuck-bench, however, she was
more than willing to do the latter as long as she got
the former.

Susan shook her head to clear it. The erotic scenes in
the video screens in front of her were just winding
down. Mary and Max had just finished together and the
young girl and Brutus were settling down to what Susan
recognized as a quick second fuck.

Susan focused her attention on the active couple.
Suddenly, she sat up and adjusted the zoom on one of
the cameras focused at the girl's ass. The fading red stripes from the riding crops were still plainly
visible on her pale cheeks. Susan's heart beat faster.
There were other stripes on her chest, just visible on
the outside of the one squashed tit she could see.
This was almost too good to be true!

She let the fucking conclude before switching off the
recorders and pocketing the tapes. She would have to
take a chance that nothing more of interest that would
happen, and she needed to get back to the kennel.
Besides she had enough.

The scenes she had just witnessed were hot, as was her
pussy. That they showed her arrogant boss in a
compromising position didn't hurt either. Susan cursed
at Mary again for not finding her a replacement lab
assistant. It had been too long since she had had a
good pussy licking, and she was horny as hell.

She ogled the petite blonde collapsed on the floor
under her new pet, imagining her expressive mouth
clamped over her hairy lips, her small pointed tongue
flipping over her clit. Susan grinned at her response
to that image. She added fresh red stripes on that
tender skin to the mental picture. Wonderful!

She couldn't stand it. Her hand plunged between her
legs and lost itself in the hairy juncture. Her
panties were not just damp, they were wet! It had been
too long. That little blonde would make a good
replacement, she decided. She already liked dogs and
Susan bet she could be trained to like pussy, too. She
patted the tapes in her pocket. Maybe Mary could be
persuaded to hire her, with some encouragement.

A little protection never hurt, either.


Cindy came back to her senses gently, as relaxed as she
had ever been in her short life. Never! Never had she
imagined it would feel so good. The wonderful
fullness; the length, the width of that silky hot
shaft; the exquisite pain of the knot stretching her
vaginal walls to the splitting point; nerve-endings
firing, exploding for the first time in her mind.
Lights, sounds, smells, tastes and tactile senses
flowed into a single fantastic memory embedded
permanently in her brain. It aroused her when she
touched that memory with her thoughts, and would for
years to come.

She looked up to see Brutus standing guard over her.
He was her lover, her protector and she felt a
connection with this dog she had never had with a
human. He was her family. A tear of joy welled up and
trickled slowly down her cheek.

Brutus, standing vigil over his sated Mistress, saw the
tear, and understood. He tenderly bent his huge head
to her face and wiped the lone tear with the fur of his
own cheek. He emitted a low rumble, so soft, so
intimate, only Cindy - and Max, with his enhanced
canine hearing - heard him. It was like the croon of a
mother to her baby, and Cindy was pleased.

Mary saw the tear, as well, and understood, but from a
different perspective. Her plan to split Cindy from
Max had worked. That she had provided the orphan with
the one thing that she had never had, the one thing
that she desperately needed wasn't important to her.
She had Max back, all of him, and that was all she
cared about.

Mary let the two cuddle in silence a while, then
cleared her throat.

"Cindy? I would like you to consider something. I
know you are already working at the library, and I
wouldn't dream of taking you away from there, if you're
happy with it. But I would like you to consider
working for me, here in the kennels. I need an
assistant trainer to help me train my dogs. I can see
you get along well with animals, and they seem to like
you. What do you say? Would you like that?"

Mary had experience keeping a straight face, and she
had to rely on all of it during that speech. Cindy
didn't even notice the innuendoes or double meanings.
She just looked thoughtful.

"I think I would like that, but I don't want to leave
them without help at the library. Mrs. Cross is
already so harassed, it wouldn't be good to ask her to
do more work. Then she would be really mad. What do
you think I should I do?"

Mary grimaced at the mention of the head librarian,
Mrs. Cross. The old woman had been a thorn in her side
since she had arrived as unwelcome excess baggage as a
mother-in-law. Mary had divorced her husband within a
week. But their union had been fruitful in one regard
and her heir, her son, was ensconced in a private
boarding school in Switzerland. She didn't bother him
and he didn't bother her or his father. She visited
him occasionally, and he made his annual Christmas
visit, alternating between the two sterile homes, if
you could call them that. But it worked out best for
them to be apart. Like she and her ex-husband. It had
been obvious to both Mary and her ex-husband
immediately that the marriage, as much as they were
enamored of the idea, wouldn't work. They had split amiably and they had remained friends. Close friends.
Intimate even, on occasion. But the old bitch of his
mother just kept hanging around.

She had had the gall to try to get money from Mary on a
regular basis, based solely on the now defunct
relationship with her son. Instead of giving in to the
familial extortion, Mary had arranged the job in the
library just to get her off her back, but she also made
sure she was underpaid. The old witch made just enough
to pay the rent and eat and a little extra. Mary had
hoped the miserable situation would make her go away.
Instead, it just made her meaner.

Mary had been `interviewing' a prospective employee in
a situation very similar to the oral exam she had just
given Cindy. Mrs. Cross had barged into the playroom
unexpectedly. Although the entire town knew Mary was
bisexual, including her `ex,' she had let the rude
intruder blackmail her into a little pay raise and let
her `control' the room on the top floor of the library.
It was a relief to Mary to give her that
responsibility, as she needed someone on-site who would
keep the place clean. She couldn't let just anyone up
there. It made the old hag feel important, gave her a
sense of power. Maybe too much power, in retrospect.

In addition, Mary also let her demand one of her dogs.
Mrs. Cross had no idea what the dogs were trained to
do. Mary grinned maliciously as she remembered how
preoccupied and subdued the old woman had been for the
next several months. Donovan, an extremely intelligent
Doberman, was one of her best-trained, and persuasive,
students. She estimated it had taken the dog less than
24 hours to screw the shriveled bag.

Mrs. Cross had acted like a dumb, love-struck teenager
with that beast. Mary looked at the girl in front of
her and decided it would be an insult to Cindy to
compare Mrs. Cross' behavior to hers. No, Mrs. Cross
had behaved like a fresh-fucked nymphomaniac who
couldn't get enough. Donovan had put up with cute
little sailor suits among other things. The two of
them had even worn matching outfits in the Labor Day
Parade. Mary shook her head. She couldn't even begin
to think what that noble dog had to put up with in
private. She was going to have to make it up to him

Mary had had to draw the line at bringing the dog to
the library, and the old bitch had not liked that at
all. Rather than getting mad at Mary, she seemed to
focus her anger at the library. Even now, Mrs. Cross
was a lot less of a pest around Mary than she had been,
but she didn't have to work for her as did the poor
girl sitting in front of her. Screw Mrs. Cross. Mary
wanted this kid close by.

"Well, Cindy, it's customary to give two weeks notice.
Don't you think that would be enough time for her to
find and train a replacement for you?" Mary was
already formulating a plan to fully develop the raw
sexual talent latent in Cindy. A plan that would take
just about two weeks to complete. A basic training
camp of sorts for the načve vixen that would stretch her limits, among other things. "You could give her
your notice tomorrow, and then start here in a couple
of weeks. What do you think?"

Cindy's face beamed at the simple solution. She nodded
her agreement, after childishly conferring with Brutus,
who seemed to solemnly consider and agree with the

"I'll do it," Cindy said. "I'll be here in two weeks."

Noticing she had been naked during the interview, she
blushed prettily. Fetching her dress, she slipped it
over her head, leaving herself naked beneath it. She
was beginning to enjoy the feeling of freedom she got
from not wearing underclothes. The spicy, naughty
feelings were a nice added benefit. She ran her hand
through her long, blonde hair, diminishing the tousled
look. She still looked fresh after what she had just
been through, Mary noted wryly, only just a little
jealous of her youth. At least she had Max back to

Mary quickly went over a list of instructions for
taking care of Brutus. Mary didn't tell her she had
already sent an Estate van to the cottage with enough
dog food for several weeks, as well as brushes and
another special surprise for them to use. She would
let her discover them when she got home.

Finally, somewhat impatient to get home and be alone
with her new dog, Cindy gathered up Brutus' leash,
snapped it back on his collar and retrieved her bike
from the front of the house. It was awkward holding
onto the leash with one hand and steering with her
other, so progress was slow until they worked out a
system. Eventually, she just let the massive dog pull
her. This was his first time out of the compound in
months, and he moved along easily and eagerly, looking
back to her for directions at every intersection.

Not having to pedal on this trip, Cindy settled herself
carefully on the upturned seat of the bike. She tried
to remain standing as long as she could, but eventually
it was just too much. The thick point of the seat
eased its way into her exposed slick pussy. Although
she had just been stretched by the huge knot as Brutus
fucked her, the elasticity of her cunt tightened her
back down so that the thick horn felt as thick as it
had earlier.

It had the same effect on her as it had before, as
well, and soon she was approaching the edge of a
throbbing climax. She couldn't swerve to hit the bumps
as she had on the ride to the estate, but with Brutus
pulling her faster than she normally rode, the ones she
did hit were harder. Her mind began to wander along
lust-filled avenues.

As soon as they reached the shortcut, Brutus picked up
the pace. It was a well-maintained path, but there
were still a lot of bumps. At the bottom of one of the
ravines, Brutus charged headlong through a small stream
that ran across the path. Squealing at the splashing
water, Cindy reflexively lifted her feet off the pedals
into the air, trying to keep her feet dry. Her
delighted squeals rose suddenly a high pitched howl of
climactic passion. Her reflexive action had not only
removed the support of her legs, it had also spread her
pussy wide. She sank down on her only point of
support, the horn of the seat that violated her pussy.

As the invading bicycle seat entered her as deeply as
it could, she howled her climax into the quiet air of
the darkening forest. The erotic sound of her
passionate cry touched Brutus in a primitive way and he
responded to the sweet call of his Mistress with one of
his own.

Cindy was beyond thought and could not give coherent
directions to get them home. Brutus could now pick up
a faint scent of his Mistress on the path, however, and
instinctively followed it to the cottage. Cindy was
barely able to maintain her balance on the bike during
the last mile as she rode with her feet spread as wide
as she could get them. They weren't spread wide for
balance now.

Cindy would have fallen over when he stopped in front
of the cottage if it hadn't been for the gate. With
great care, she eased herself up and off the bicycle
seat, still shaking from the sensual ride home. To
think she was going to take that path every day to work
in two weeks! That was just one more thing she was
looking forward to at her new job.

She somehow remembered to lock her bike to the fence
before stumbling into the tiny cottage. Her head
cleared a bit as she walked up the path, most of the
erotic stimuli removed for the moment. She had
climaxed repeatedly on the ride home, but it hadn't
been the same as it had been with Brutus penetrating
her. It wasn't as fulfilling or as satisfying, and she
was frustrated.

She was also famished. Cindy prepared a small dinner
and sat down to eat. Brutus sat obediently next to her
chair, quietly, but with a doleful look that chided her
gently for forgetting his dinner. He had already
discovered the supply of his food in the large cooler
out the backdoor, but Cindy had not been out there yet.

"What's the matter, boy?" she asked. "Oh! I'm sorry!
I didn't make you anything to eat. Let's see now.
What did Mary say you could have?" She looked over her
own food and offered him some of what she had prepared
for herself.

Brutus seemed to shake his head "No" and signaled with
a wave of his nose towards the backdoor. Amused and
amazed, she followed him out and discovered the
delivered provisions. She would have to thank Mary for
her thoughtfulness.

She quickly fixed him his food as Mary had instructed.
They ate their dinners in silence side by side.
Cindy's left hand never left his soft fur. She loved
the feeling of it as she rubbed it, the strength she
could feel in him, the warmth. She felt more secure
and safe than ever before in her life.

She leaned back in her chair and sighed. For the first
time in her life that she could remember, she was not
alone. Happy tears trickled down her cheeks, dripping
onto her dress.

"What more could I want, Brutus? I am so happy!"

The silent gray beast looked up from where he had laid
down at her feet. Seeing her tears he sat up and
leaned closer to her face. Thinking he was going to
dry them with his cheek as he had prior, Cindy lifted
her face to his. His broad, wet, sloppy tongue caught
her by surprise, and the cottage was filled with peals
of laughter, squeals and the occasional `woof' as the
two young lovers playfully got to know one another.

Romping around the cottage and the nearby grounds in
the dark, chasing and being chased worked up a sweat.
Looking at the clock on the wall, Cindy noticed it was
nearly her bedtime. Reluctantly, she disentangled
herself from her playful dog and went in to take a
shower. Brutus followed along, watching carefully all
that she did. When she got into the tiny shower stall,
he tried to come in as well, but the two of them
couldn't quite fit in. Instead, he camped right
outside, blocking open the door, and watched her as she

At first, having someone watch her take her shower
bothered her. It reminded her of one of the caretakers
at the orphanage. No matter when the girls showered,
that one old man always managed to come around to be
sure no one wasted any water or soap. He never touched
anyone as he had both hands jammed deep in his pants
pockets. The sight of his red face had always bothered

She remembered then that it was Brutus sitting there
watching and she relaxed. The warm water felt good on
her face and she turned around. Tilting her head back
and closing her eyes, she let the water plaster her
hair back against her head. Even when wet, her hair
remained a golden color.

The first shocking flick of his tongue thrilled her to
the core. The light intimacy of his touch was almost
more than her knees could stand. The unexpected gentle
caress caused the fluids to flow in her pussy once
again, lubricating her inner walls, preparing her for

Brutus had seen the drops of water coalescing on the
tips of her nipples. Curious, and more than a bit
playful, he had teasingly touched the droplets with the
tip of his tongue. He was very pleased with his
Mistress' reaction. The scent of her arousal and the
swelling of the three telltale bumps on her body all
signaled to him her enjoyment of his touch. He filed
this action away in his brain as a new trick.
Showering would never be the same for Cindy.

The cooling water brought her back to her senses and
she reached behind her to turn off the water. Leaning
over to the tormenting dog, Cindy kissed him right on
the lips. He responded with lick of his own. As his
tongue touched her lips, Cindy opened her mouth,
allowing the huge tongue in. As it passed her fine
white teeth, she closed them gently, trapping his
tongue in her mouth.

His eyes opened in surprise and he woofed quietly. He
did not pull back his tender tongue from her grasp,
however, but surrendered it to her. The two lovers
stared at each other nose to nose, one wide-eyed, the
other with eyes full of mischief. Cindy gave her head
a tiny shake and released his tongue. She kissed him
tenderly on the nose and moved back a bit. Slowly,
tentatively, she stuck out her own tongue as far as she
could and offered it up to him.

With exaggerated movements, Brutus opened his mouth
wide, bared his teeth and snapped them down on her
proffered tongue. She closed her eyes tight and braced
herself, wondering what was going on. The light
pinching of his sharp teeth caused a quick intake of
breath, but the pressure did not increase. He had
fooled her, and, as she opened her eyes, she could
sense his pleasure at her trust in him, as well as the
amusement of having teased her. There was more trust
than amusement, though.

Her tongue freed, she grabbed her towel and vigorously
rubbed herself dry. Pink from the toweling, her senses
still at a fever pitch, she wandered into the bedroom
behind the dog. She intended to go to bed. She was
looking forward to cuddling with her new partner. She
grinned as she passed the laundry basket and saw her
unwashed nightgown still inside. She was going to have
to sleep naked again. Darn!

Brutus' insistent nudging kept her moving towards the
end of her bed, although she wasn't paying much
attention to where she was going. It was just empty
space between the end of her bed and the walk-in
closet. Only it wasn't empty space anymore, as she
soon discovered. She found herself face down and ass
high over a fuck-bench for the second time today.

"Wha.?" she squealed. It didn't take long for her to
recognize what it was and realize where it had come
from. Thank you, Mary!

Her thoughts were quickly interrupted as Brutus laved
her exposed private area with his long tongue. Already
horny, she quickly forgot all other thoughts but those
of that probing tongue and her exploding need to be
filled with his hard cock as soon as possible. Her
words and thoughts turned incoherent as he focused on
her anal rosebud.

Feeling a little abandoned as he wandered from her
pussy, she blearily looked down at her left ankle as
she felt him nudging her leg with his nose. When she
did not move, he gently grasped her heel with his teeth
and lifted her entire limp leg, placing her knee in a
small hollow higher up on the side of the bench. He
held out a wide strap for her, patiently holding it in
his mouth, waiting for her to gather her wits about her
and help him.

Dumbly, as if in a trance, she took the strap from him
and tightened the Velcro closure around her calf.
Another strap held her thigh tight. Brutus patiently
and gently lifted her right leg into position. She
automatically fastened the straps on the right side and
then, without protest, tightened the wide waist strap
he lifted over her back. When she didn't pull it tight
enough, he grasp the end of the belt and jerked it
tight, forcing the air out of her as she was pressed
down against sloping bench.

The feeling of helplessness, of being bound, appealed
to her lust-crazed brain. All she wanted now was to be
impaled with the throbbing hot meat between her lover's
legs. If he wanted her secured to the bench, she had
no objections. In fact, the tightness of the bondage
heightened her awareness of her exposed posture. She
was wide open, a willing sacrifice to the god Priapus,
the inclined bench his altar.

The silent dog gently grasped her right wrist and moved
it towards her ankle. Looking back, she saw a looped
leather strap, similar to the one that had been hanging
from the bar in the library. She grinned in
recognition. She had to stretch a bit, but she got
first one, then the other wrist through the loops.
Letting go of the straps, she tugged gently to pull
them snug around her wrists. For all intents and
purposes, she was helpless.

Brutus circled his Mistress quietly, pleased she had
complied with his directions. In his limited
experience, he had never used a fuck-toy without having
it strapped down first. To him, this was the only way
to mark them. Of course, this was no fuck-toy. This
was his mistress, and he intended to perform to the
very best of his ability and mark her completely.
After tonight, she would be his territory, and all
would know it.

He ended his inspection at the head of the fuck-bench
and sat down waiting for her command. As he sat, he
leaned first to one side, then the other, licking her
free-hanging breasts. This fuck-bench had two flaps at
breast height that could be lowered, as they were now,
to allow her tits to swing free, or they could be
raised, smashing her tits against the sandpaper-like
surface of the flaps.

Cindy foggily remembered Mary's instructions. She had
to give him a command before he would act. She had to
ask him to fuck her. No. She had to tell him.

She struggled a bit in her bondage, relishing her
helplessness. A long swipe of that rough tongue
scraped across her sensitive nipple. Oh, fuck what
people would think! Brutus licked the other side,
catching her aroused nipple with the entire length.
Fuck them all! He moved back to the first side. Fuck
the nuns! Jolts of sensations went through her nipple
as the seductive dog switched sides again. Oh, fuck
the. No, wait.

"FUCK ME, Brutus!"


Joe and Liu puzzled over Quan-Loc's latest message.
The girl had met with the woman and was now back at her
hut fucking a horse? Liu got the giggles at the
absurdity of that and even Joe smiled. It was
something he had never imagined that innocent young girl would be capable of. It made an amusing momentary
consideration, but nothing more.

Maybe his brother knew something about these blonde women he hadn't yet discovered.

Looking over at Liu's sated form lying beside him, he
doubted that.

But still, a horse?

Chapter 10

Yesterday evening, Cindy had accepted Mary's job offer
to be her new assistant trainer at the kennels. Mary
hadn't explained in detail what her duties would be,
but she was excited to be going to work for such an
extraordinary woman. The offer had been irresistible
to the young girl. Cindy didn't even know how much
money she would be making, but she knew she would be
OK. She liked Mary and trusted her. She sensed they
were very much alike.

This morning, she was on her way to the library to give
her resignation to Mrs. Cross. She was looking forward
to getting away from the shriveled old bitch. Although
Mrs. Cross had never said anything terrible to her,
Cindy sensed no kindness in her. She felt she was a
very mean person inside.

As she rode towards town, Cindy thought back on the
previous day, especially last night. Her heart
thrilled as she thought of Brutus waiting for her at
home. She had been strapped on the bench for hours,
delirious with one pounding climax after another. Her
attentive lover had kept every cell of her body from
head to toe stimulated. When he had finally helped her
release herself from her bonds, she had floated to the
bed hours after her normal bedtime.

They had slept side by side last night, his fur rubbing
and stimulating her sensitive flesh all night long,
giving her the most erotic dreams. It was if she had
climaxed the entire night. His tongue had bathed her
tits in the morning, waking her with her first orgasm
of the day.

She hadn't known she could come just by having her
boobs licked, but then, she thought, "you'd have to
feel that wonderful tongue."

Sensing his Mistress' arousal and climax, Brutus had
politely invited her over to the fuck-bench again,
anxious to please his Mistress again. She had
responded beyond his expectations last night. He was
anxious to show her how pleased he was with her. When
she did not move to the padded bench, he prodded her
legs apart and cleaned up the fluids leaking out. This
stimulation pushed her up over a higher climax and she
grasped the headboard and arched her back, pushing her
crotch into his working mouth.

Wearily Cindy had pushed him away and gotten ready for
work. Brutus' hurt eyes stayed with her as she got
ready. She had finally had to tell him to `SIT/STAY'
so she could get dressed. He had slavered over her
tits, ass and cunt until she could hardly think
straight. He was very good with his tongue.

Thinking about her dog, his talented tongue, his hot
hard cock and all of the sexy things she had done
yesterday made her pussy wet. The horn of the bicycle
saddle pushed her panties tightly up against her clit
and Cindy orgasmed lightly all the way to the library.
She had put them on in an attempt to control herself,
but it wasn't working.

It was with shaky knees that she walked up the stairs
to the office of the head librarian. She had hand-
written her letter of resignation and two-week notice
last night. Timidly she knocked on the door.

"Come in," came the response.

Pushing on the door Cindy walked in and silently handed
the paper to Mrs. Cross. She had only been in this
room once before, and as she looked around, she noticed
some pictures she had not seen before. On her desk,
Mrs. Cross had a picture of a beautiful dog. A
Doberman, if Cindy remembered her breeds. Somehow, the
dog fit the old lady.

It was dark and cramped in the office, barely enough
room for the small desk and a visitor's chair. There
were some strange sticks in the corner next to the
video monitor. Some of them looked like bamboo, some
of them were more like willow branches, and one of them
was black and shiny and real long, like a highly
polished leather stick. The sight of those objects
started a strange twisting of perverse excitement in
Cindy's gut.

Mrs. Cross, following Cindy's intense gaze, grinned
evilly. "So, you're leaving us. We'll miss you, of
course. I assume you have another position?" she
queried, although she already knew the answer.

She had seen clips of the tapes of Cindy's experience
with the Saddle and the ones with Max and Brutus. She
also knew just how Mary wanted Cindy to spend her last
two weeks: Up in the special room.

"I know you're probably anxious to start your new job,
but I will have to insist that you stay for the entire
two weeks until we can find a replacement for you. I
have a special project for you to work on that should
take just about that long. OK?"

Cindy breathed a silent sigh of relief. Mary has said
the head librarian would probably want her to stay the
two weeks and Cindy needed the money. Besides, she
wanted one more chance to get back into the room
upstairs. That's why she couldn't believe her ears as
old Mrs. Cross told her of the special assignment.

"I want you to go through the equipment in the room on
the fourth floor and make sure that everything is in
working order," she said. "We're having a special fund
raiser next month and everything needs to be just right
for the dignitaries," she continued.

Cindy's mind raced. Two whole weeks! It was more than
she could have hoped for. She wouldn't have to sneak
up there. Two weeks!

Her heart pounding, she asked, "Should I start today?"

"Right now," Mrs. Cross replied, then added curtly,
"You're dismissed."

Cindy turned and left the room. She took two normal
steps and then, with a skip, literally ran all the way
to the heavy door leading up to the fourth floor,
unlocked it and dashed up the last set of stairs. The
door closed silently behind her, the oiled lock
clicking into place and sealing her into the
soundproofed room.

She twirled like a little girl in a doll store, hugging
her arms to her chest.

"Where to start?" she asked herself.

As she thought about Mrs. Cross' assignment, a puzzled
frown crossed her face. "I'm supposed to make sure all
the equipment is `in working order.' I guess that
means I'll have to try it out." A wicked giggle
erupted as she thought of the Saddle in the other part
of the room. "I know that works OK, but I'll have to
try it again later, just to make sure. But I wonder
what else is in here to check out?"

Cindy began a methodical search through the entire
floor. This space was actually larger than she had
thought at first, covering the entire top floor of the
building. There were many small recessed private areas
like the one with the Saddle, each with its own
centerpiece or theme, although she didn't understand
what a lot of them were for. Cindy still had not
noticed the cameras, and probably would have dismissed
them as being for security purposes anyway.

After she had made a complete tour of the floor, Cindy
stood in the center and turned around slowly. Some of
the furnishings in the alcoves puzzled her. They were
clearly restraints of some kind, and Cindy was not sure
how she would test them out. There was that one piece
in the back corner that had caught her eye. She made
her way back to that area and stood looking at the
large strange piece.

"That's obviously where you sit, facing that way," she
analyzed. And if she leaned forward, her tits would
rest in those rubber-looking cone things, although they
looked kind of small for her boobs. She giggled with
an excited nervousness.

Looking closer at the seat she noticed two empty holes
along the centerline. Underneath the seat was an
assortment of hard rubber pieces, each resembling
various sized penises. She selected two mid-sized, but
still rather large, artificial cocks. Bending down she
saw the slots they obviously fit into, and fitted and
locked them into place.

The double dildos underneath the seat pointed up at the
two holes in the seat. A series of clamps and
electrical connections held the sinister looking double
dongs in place. The mushrooming heads were already
coated with a thick lubricant, but she couldn't imagine

A flexible tube ended in a pair of cuffs that were
obviously meant for her wrists, although Cindy noted
that they would have to be behind her back to fit in
them. Remembering the way she had been cuffed at
Sheffield Estates, Cindy shivered with excitement. The
red button on one of the cuffs must be the `ON' switch.

A curved bar up above where her head would be would
move down and hold her chest tight against the rubber
cones. Looking forward, she saw a smooth cup where her
chin would rest. That strange protrusion would have to
go into her mouth and those straps would go around her
head. Cindy realized she would be quite immobile once
she had everything fastened down and the thought of
being so restrained made the juices flow in her already
hot pussy.

The other parts of the device didn't concern her right
now, she thought. There was just a stiff leather strap
on either side behind the machine, under the chest area
there were some suction tubes and rollers and then that
stringy leather thing hanging back behind her. There
were also mirrors at odd angles positioned over, under
and all around the device.

"Well, I might as well get started," she said, as she
clinically started to remove her clothes. "I guess
I'll need to be completely undressed for this one."

Mrs. Cross watched Cindy's movements from video monitor
in her office. Disappointment clouded her wrinkled
face. "Well, I can't use my babies this time," she
thought, glancing over to the whips and crops Cindy had
not recognized. "But soon. Soon."

She grinned evilly as she saw Cindy start to strap
herself into the menacing device. "It's a killer
machine, my dear," she called out to Cindy silently.
"And you'll soon know why."

Cindy had settled herself into the broad seat. The
design of the chair separated her ass cheeks widely,
exposing her tightly puckered anal opening. Her knees
were well spread on each side of the massive center
console. Leaning first to one side and then the other,
Cindy fastened the heavy canvas straps with the Velcro
tabs tightly over her calves and thighs. The tabs fit
through D rings and cinched down firmly.

Wiggling her butt to fit her bottom securely against
the hard seat, she leaned forward. Arching her back so
she could see better, she pushed her chin against her
throat so she could observe as first one tit and then
the other pressed into the rubber cones. The tough
elastic squeezed them firmly but gave little by little
as she continued to lean forward and finally pushed her
breasts completely into the cups. Finally they were
completely seated in the restricting cones.

She looked up and saw the fat phallic plug right in
front of her lips. Opening her mouth wide she tried to
get the huge chunk into her mouth. It strained her
jaws but she finally got the plug into her mouth. Her
lips formed a tightly stretched "O" around the base of
the gag and the hard rubber filled her oral cavity
completely, nudging her tonsils in the back.

Reaching up and around her head, she awkwardly got the
restraining straps over her head and fastened tight.

"I'm glad these are Velcro," she thought, "That makes
it easier."

Looking out for the first time, she noticed the oddly
positioned mirrors that allowed her to see herself from
all sides, even though she couldn't move her head at
all. She saw the tight rubber cones hugging her tits like a second skin. Her smooth white ass was perched
on the broad seat. The tube with the wrist cuffs
rested lightly at the small of her back.
She reached behind her for the wrist cuffs. Struggling
to get first one hand in and then the other, she
noticed that the cuffs rotated independently. Finally
ready, she stopped for a minute to wonder if she wanted
to actually turn the strange machine on. She looked at
all her reflections in the mirrors.

"It seems to be in OK order," she thought. "Maybe I
should get out now. But no, Mrs. Cross had said to
make sure it was in working order. That means I'll
have to try it out."

With that thought, Cindy fumbled for the button on the
wrist cuffs and switched it on.

The first thing that happened was a slight vibration in
the center console. The powerful little air pump that
ran all of the various pneumatic devices on the machine
began humming nicely.

"It tickles," giggled Cindy.

First, the powerful pump inflated the wrist cuffs and
secured them behind her back.

"Well, it seems to be working. I guess I can turn it
off now." She grabbed at the button and pushed it
again. The little pump just kept humming.

"Darn," Cindy thought. "I'll just have to wait it

While she had been struggling for the button, the
overhead bar lowered and fitted over the tops of her
shoulders. It continued to push her down until she was
firmly pushed into the rubber cups and against the hard
seat. The bar kept her back completely bare while
still holding her firmly in place.

Cindy shivered with a little dread, knowing it was too
late to do anything. But even with her fear, her cunt began to water with the illicit thrill of the unknown.

The double dildos Cindy had selected and installed were
the next mechanisms activated. Advancing together,
both heads burrowed into their targeted openings.
Cindy winced as her rectum was invaded for the first
time. The heavy-duty lubrication on the head of the
solid prick helped a little, but it still hurt. The
pain was intense at first, but the feeling of being
filled up front and rear made her wiggle her impaled
butt as best she could, facilitating the entry of the
persistent intruders.

Her anal ring was stretched tight by the girth of the
shaft. The double dongs advanced slowly but
persistently until they were fully imbedded in both her
front and rear holes.

Momentarily silent, Cindy heard a soft click as the
machine went into the next mode. The dildos began to
vibrate and squirm inside her.

A screw mechanism inside each of the shafts moved the
heads up and down into her rectum and vagina independently, thoroughly fucking her. They built up
speed until her breath was coming in short fast gasps.
The feeling was glorious and she was going to come

Another soft click told Cindy that something else was
going to happen. She felt a tugging at her nipples and
noticed for the first time the tubes that were attached
to the tips of the elastic cones that held her tits captive.

Any remaining air was being sucked out of the spaces
between her tits and the rubber cones. Her nipples
were sucked into enlarged openings at the tips of the
cones. The low pressure caused by the suction made the
rosy tips swell to enormous size. They were engorged
with blood, sensitized and very painful.

Once the suction was well established, the tubes
retracted downward, pulling firmly on the cones along
with her trapped tits, down and out to the sides. Her
beautiful orange-shaped tits had become elongated cones
with enormous nipples. She stared in wonder at the
strange sight. If it wasn't for the wondrous fucking
she was getting, she would have thought the person in
the chair was someone else.

After her tits had been stretched to their almost
painful maximum length, the hard seat she was seated on
folded up and moved away from her creamy ass. The
result of this was to leave her essentially exposed
from the backs of her thighs all the way to her
shoulders. Only her cuffed hands lay across her back.

As she gazed at her reflection she was excited by the
sight of her creamy white flesh against the dark
coloring of the machine and the dark colors in the
room. It seemed as if she was just floating in the
middle of the room, supported only by twin surging
thick poles that disappeared up her twin holes.

Her abdomen was bare to the point where the band of
rubber from the cones began just below her tits. Her
head was fastened securely by the straps to the frame
and the rubber plug in her mouth filled it so full that
her cheeks were stretched out.

Cindy was beginning to get extremely excited by her
situation. The discomfort had faded and was more than
compensated for by the constant stimulation in her cunt and asshole. She began to drift into a euphoric state.
Her mind was clouded with sexual tension and the
constantly building explosions in her loins. She was
completely relaxed and almost didn't hear the next soft

"Oh, goody," she giggled. "How can it get any better
than this?"

She had begun to instinctively suck on the huge phallic
gag almost from the beginning of her ride and was
further excited now to feel it begin to pulse and surge
like the ones plugging her down below. The gag slowly
pushed against her tonsils until it forced its way
slowly down her throat. Her head had been forced back
at an angle to give the advancing prick a straight shot
down her gullet.

Suddenly, Cindy tensed when she found she couldn't
breathe with the thick shaft blocking her windpipe.
The veins in her neck bulged and she started to
struggle violently. For the first time she was afraid,
really afraid.

The machine had total control of her. It was going to
kill her! She felt her throat constricting trying to
expel the foreign object. Her stomach regurgitated
emptily in an effort to force the blockage from her
windpipe. She was almost to the state of blacking out
when the screw mechanism reversed itself and sweet,
sweet air flowed into her bursting lungs.

Breathing deeply, Cindy focused on the rhythm of the
cock in her mouth. It was regular. She would be able
to time her breathing so she wouldn't suffocate.

Relaxing, she would have breathed a sigh of relief,
except the fat head of latex had stopped up her
windpipe again.

After several minutes of total control by the machine
over her very ability to breathe, Cindy again, to her
amazement, found a perverse pleasure in this control
over her. She had so longed for independence, and to
be on her own, and yet she was experiencing such
wonderful sexual responses in being helpless. Maybe it
was because she had done it to herself, albeit,
unknowingly. Or maybe it was because she simply got
off on all kinds of sexual stimulation.

Cindy's mind was again fuzzing up, now that she had
regulated her breathing. The euphoria was quickly
returning and the last click past unnoticed.

The tube connected to the wrist cuffs began to retract
towards her head, pulling her hands slowly up across
her back. At first she didn't notice, but soon the
pain in her elbows made the panic to raise up in her

By twisting her arms in, she was able to relieve the
strain somewhat, but the tube kept pulling her arms
higher. Wincing from the discomfort, she was able to
twist her fore arms a little more and the pressure
abated somewhat.

"Thank God I wore dresses with zippers as a girl, or my
arms would be torn off!" she thought.

Looking in the mirror, she was amazed to see that her
arms were completely clear of her back, with her wrists
pulled up even with the back of her neck. Her fingers,
when she wiggled them, could play with the errant
stands of hair that escaped the straps holding her head
in place.

Cindy waited for the next click, but even she knew
there was no more the machine could do to rearrange
her. That thought filled her with a kind of tingling
dread. What would happen next? Anything? Nothing?

Cindy waited patiently. She had no other options
really. The overall discomfort of her position was
fading to nothing that mattered as the orgasmic spasms
she had experienced earlier returned. Again she
relaxed, giving in to the will of the machine.

Whether she activated a switch then, or what, she never
knew. All she knew was that the rhythm and speed of
the three cocks plunging in and out of her changed.
The pace picked up, and then picked up again. She had
to breathe quicker and the cocks in her cunt and
asshole swelled from their large size to a huge size.
Their combined actions had pushed her to ecstatic
levels and she screamed into the gag in total pleasure.

The first caresses of the soft leather didn't reach
above her subconscious awareness. The large hanging
leather apparatus in back of her had started spinning,
much like the brushes in a car wash. Spinning slowly
at first, the extra-soft leather straps merely brushed
her skin.

The large multi-thonged whip began to move along the
axis of her body, bringing the straps softly into
contact with her right thigh. It then moved slowly up
towards her head so that the entire right side of her
body was massaged by the softly slapping straps.
Moving over to the other side, the machine positioned
itself above her left shoulder and then proceeded down
to the area behind her left knee. Then it reversed its
spin direction, catching the exposed areas of her
abdomen and latex covered breasts as the straps swung
up from underneath.

Cindy had caught the motion of the rotating whip out of
the corner of her glazed eyes before she noticed the
slight slaps of the leather against her skin. She had
never seen a modern car wash, so she didn't giggle at
the sight. But the slow, ponderous movement of the
spinning wheel fascinated her.

Staring at the wheel as it started its cycle over, she
missed the cruel looking rollers that were being raised
towards her now very tender tits. The first touch of
the paired rollers on the sensitive sides of each
elongated boob made her gasp into the thick plug in her
mouth. Looking down, she saw two rollers on each tit,
softly squeezing the tit between them.

The rollers spun around the axis of the breast, milking
the bloated mammary from the nipple to the base and
back down again. Each time the rollers spun down to
her nipples, the pressure would increase and the
rollers would screw back up around her tits again.

Cindy was delirious. The new conflicting sensations
were bombarding her brain, pleasure shorting out the
pain, pain making the pleasure unbearably good. Her
whole sense of sensation was wacky.

The whipping wheel was also speeding up with each
circuit. The slapping of the soft leather straps was
now a bit harder. The soft leather straps had the
effect of bringing the blood to the surface of the
skin. The repeated soft blows had a numbing effect
that allowed harder and harder strokes to be accepted
by the bound girl, apparently without feeling a
corresponding increase in the pain. In fact, the
gradual build up of the lashes had the similar effect
of a deep muscle massage.

It was, in a sense, a relaxing ordeal, and Cindy was
relaxing and enjoying the sounds of the slapping
straps. Gradually, the straps began to pick up the
moisture from her sweating body, and that added to the
stinging stimulation. All of the exposed skin along
her back, thighs, and abdomen was a deep rosy hue that
would have frightened her if the build up had not been
so gradual.

Meanwhile, the rollers on her suspended tits had not
been idle. The pressure on her tender breasts had
built up, and the disembodied pain she felt now was
because the rollers were at their maximum tension. The
distended nipples were almost flattened inside their
thin rubber covering as the rollers passed over and
around them. The counter-rotating rollers twisted her
tits as if they could be screwed off her chest. Never
having dated a teen-aged boy, Cindy had never
experienced the rough-handed technique some boys use to
turn a girl on that was being reproduced so well by the
machine. Most boys never had the chance to perfect the
technique the machine employed, however. Cindy's tits felt as full as they ever had, with a heaviness she had
never felt.

The rollers stopped their movement just as the wheel
with the straps stopped beating at her exposed body.
The dildos stopped spinning and plunging into her
bottom holes. Cindy sat still, wondering what would
happen next. The quietness gave her a chance to recoup
a little of her sanity.

Warily she looked at the machine in the mirrors. There
was something moving into position behind her. A large
leather strap, the thick one this time, swung out from
behind her and to the left. It landed with a
resounding thwack on her left ass cheek. The warmth
and force of the blow surprised her. She was even more
surprised by her tolerance of that severe a blow. She
could already see the deep red stripe on her ass where
the blow had landed. A movement in the mirror alerted
her to another blow, this time from the right. A
feeling of warmth began to suffuse her ass and pussy.

Cindy didn't see the first strap swinging back around
toward her until it caught her tit broadside. The end
of the thick strap wrapped itself almost completely
around her rubber cover boob. Cindy screamed behind
her gag, the pain intense, and then sobbing, realized
she had climaxed as hard as she ever had in her short
life. The thwack on her right breast confirmed that
the first orgasm was not a fluke.

"Oh God, I'm a freak," she thought. "I like pain.
What will I do?"

Giving in to the relentless machine, Cindy closed her
eyes and surrendered to the perverted feelings in her
young, lust-torn body. The machine continued striking
her first on the ass, then on her tits for about ten
more minutes, although she had long ago lost sense of
time. This beating was the longest and most thorough
cycle of the machine, coming at the end of the
programmed ride. Most other riders of the machine
passed out long before the end. Cindy was conscious
and climaxing the whole time.

Finally, the machine stopped beating her criss-crossed
flesh. A soft hissing sound preceeded a sudden
loosening of wrist cuffs. Cindy wiggled her hands free
and let her tired arms hang loosely by her side as the
blood began to flow in them again.

The seat moved back up to support her ass cheeks and
the duel dildos receded, exiting her cunt with a
sucking sound and a soft plop as the enlarged head left
her gaping anus. She reached up and undid the straps
around her head and eased her mouth off of the rubber

Stretching her sore jaw back and forth to relieve the
soreness, she impishly leaned forward and placed a kiss
on the tip of the phallic shaft. "Thanks for the ride,
boys," she murmured.

Gently moving side to side she extricated her swollen
breasts from the rubber cocoons with obscene sucking noises. As they emerged from their confinement, Cindy
gaped at their new size. They were huge! She
tentatively touched one with her finger.

"OOOOOWWWw," she howled. They were sore, too! All
that suction inside the rubber cones for that long must
have pulled in a lot of extra fluids.

Gingerly leaning down, careful not to brush her bloated
tits on anything, she loosened the Velcro tabs that
held her calves and thighs in place.

Freed from the machine at last, Cindy stumbled to a
nearby couch. Her last thought before falling into a
deep slumber was, "Well, that one works!"


Joe was not happy. Even after viewing the tapes of
Cindy at the library, he was not happy. He didn't want
to have to wait in this backwater town for two weeks.
His languid glance at Mary Sheffield masked some of his
anger, but Liu knew it was there, nonetheless. His
lack of control with this American whore surprised her.
That wasn't normal. This girl must be more to him than
she had originally thought, but why? It was a puzzle
she would have to work out.

"Is there anyway to speed up the process? Perhaps by
helping her yourself?" Joe asked Mary.

"You can't rush these things, Mr. Tan. You wouldn't
want her to freak out suddenly one night, would you?"

His soft smile conceding her argument belied his
frustration. But his message had been sent. With a
terse bow, Joe and Liu left the estate and went back to
the jet.

Two weeks is just about right, he thought to himself.
He could still make it home for Phoc's birthday
celebration. His attendance for this dreaded annual
bash was mandatory.

Chapter 11

Mary was amazed. "This kid is phenomenal," she
murmured to herself. She watched the monitor
carefully, then replayed the last couple of minutes of
the tape.

Cindy's kiss on the gag and her words were clearly
captured on tape.

"The price of these babies had just tripled! A beauty
that enjoys pain, much less dogs, was a rare find,
indeed." Her collector friends would pay premium
prices for these tapes, much more for hands-on time
with her at the fund raiser. If she could keep her
around that long. It was beginning to look like she

She had instructed Mrs. Cross to bring Cindy anything
she needed, and to assist her as she tried out the
equipment. She had her doubts about the old sadistic
bitch, but she intended to keep the librarian under
close observation.

Mary watched as the old lady tiptoed in to the room
with the sleeping girl and placed a soft drink and
sandwich on the floor beside her. Both were laced with
a double dose of the drugs she had been used to

Glancing at the girl, the old bitch looked at the
satiated girl in disgust and envy. Palming her swollen
tit she gave it a not so gentle squeeze. On the
monitor it looked like she had just copped a feel.

However, the straight pin hidden in between her fingers
had jabbed deep into Cindy's still swollen nipple.

"Serves the little cunt right," she thought gleefully

Groaning, Cindy rolled away from the offending hand,
still deep in slumber land.

"Only a little slap and tickle," thought Mary. "Good.
I was prepared to let her go further."

Cindy woke to find the food beside her. She was
ravenous and amazingly relaxed. She looked around for
a moment before she realized where she was and that she
was naked. Going over to her clothes, she picked them
up and folded them neatly, as was her habit. She
pulled her watch out of the pocket of her shift and
looked at the time. She blinked and looked again.

It was only Noon! That entire workout on the machine
and her nap had only taken three hours. Cindy shook
her head. She wasn't sure she could take anything that
complicated or exhausting this afternoon.

As she sat down and ate her sandwich, she suddenly
thought of the perfect solution. That simple machine
on the far side of the building. That should be easy

She jumped up, eager to get to the next task. As she
moved, she noticed her tits were rock hard. No bounce,
either. They were still extra large, but not so

"Must be at least two sizes bigger," she thought,
thrusting them out proudly in front of her. She had no
idea how whorish she looked.

Standing there in the middle of the room, she proceeded
to rub her swollen boobs with both hands. Copying the
action of the rollers she tried to twist them from her
chest. That brought a stab of passion-laden pain into
her pussy.

Next she swatted at them, slapping them hard. No
bounce or jiggle. They amused her and she continued to
stand there for several minutes, pussy juice running
down her legs, until she came.


Dropping to her knees, she grinned to herself. She'd
better stop this fooling around or she wouldn't get to
all the equipment in the next two weeks.

Hurrying into her chosen alcove, she stopped short in
front of the machine. It looked simple enough. It was
an upside down V-shaped leg brace balanced on a pole.
Pushing one of the legs of the V, she noticed the leg
brace spun around like a merry-go-round. The smooth
bullet shaped head sticking up from the center post had
that familiar shape to it. Experimenting with the
pedals in the base of the pole, she was able to raise
and lower the dildo secured to the hydrolic center
pole. It went up to a frightful height. This machine
was clearly built to accommodate tall women, too.

Looking around, Cindy saw a couple of loose items on
the floor. One was a leather hood with a phallic gag
similar to the one she had just encountered. Cindy
felt a surge of pride that she was becoming familiar
with the various items up in this room.

There were also a set of hand cuffs separated by a
length of chain. Looking overhead, Cindy saw an open
hook hanging from the ceiling.

"Well, it looks easy enough. Might as well get

She perched the hood on the top of her head and snapped
one end of the handcuffs to her wrist. Finding the
pedal that locked the legs in place, she climbed up and
placed her feet in the holders. Straps around her
ankles, knees and thighs immobilized her and kept her
from falling forward or back.

The hood was next. The fit was tight, but by pulling
hard, she finally had her entire head encased in soft,
confining leather. The gag didn't fill her mouth up
like the last one had, and she had room to run her
tongue over and around this one. She liked the taste
of the leather and the feel of it against her skin.

Reaching behind her head, she found the ties that
closed the hood securely under her chin. A belt
fastened around her neck and she pulled it tight as
well. A second belt went across her mouth and behind
her head. She pulled it tight and the gag drove in
deeper until it rubbed her tonsils. Somehow, she
thought that that was the way it was supposed to be

Blind now and working by feel, she snapped the other
end of the cuffs to her free wrist.
Swinging the chain over her head she searched for the
hook. The third try caught it and she giggled to

That was easy!

"OK, now what?" she thought a couple of minutes later.
She yanked on the hook and it responded by recessing
into the ceiling, pulling her up by her wrists until
her young body was taut as a bowstring.


And then nothing. So she waited.


Mrs. Cross had almost choked on her tea when she saw
which room Cindy had chosen for her next experience.

"YES, YES, YES," she chortled. She grabbed a couple of
things from her office and dashed up the stairs.

"Finally, I get to give the little bitch what for.
Walking around here, flaunting those tits, that ass and
that face, so happy all the fucking time. God, I've
wanted to get at her for months."

Quietly entering the room she cursed to herself.

"Damn that bitch Mary. Do this, Don't do that."

Mr. Cross was determined to spite her. She couldn't
defy Mary's instructions, but there was a lot that was
unsaid. She had found her loop hole and now she was
going to get her chance.

Putting on the mask that Mary demanded be used at all
times, she stepped softly into the room with the
suspended girl.

"No faces, no sounds and only three lashes," she
mimicked. "What a load of shit!"

She hefted the thick leather horsewhip she had hidden from Mary all these weeks. She was going to get to use
it now, but where?

As she contemplated her target, Mrs. Cross walked over
to the wall. There were several phalluses of different
shapes and sizes lined up on the wall. Cindy had not
seen these. They could be substituted for the one on
the center post.

Selecting one with large irregular knobs and knots all
over its surface, the librarian carefully unscrewed the
smooth one and placed the other one on the post.

"That should give her a thrill."

Expertly stepping on the pedals, Mrs. Cross released
the legs so they would spin freely. Another pedal
raised the knobby dildo to touch the helpless cunt of
the girl.

Not giving her any time to get used to the device, she
quickly pumped the pedal three times, driving it deep
into her pussy about four inches.

All she got out of the young bitch was a muffled

Mrs. Cross pumped the pedal twice more for good
measure, and then, grabbing one of the legs of the
device, pushed hard and started Cindy spinning around.
She stood by and watched as the girl twirled on her
twat, the knurled phallus on the center post grinding
into her cunt with every degree of arc.

As Cindy turned around and around the center post, a
spring connected to the hook on which she was suspended
was slowly winding up. When the spring was tight,
Cindy would stop spinning momentarily, and would then
begin to twirl in the other direction. The spring
would unwind in one direction and then wind up again.
The process of stopping could take a long time.

Mrs. Cross watched Cindy spin until she began slowing,
and then, with all of her built up rage, anger and
frustration, she picked up the heavy black leather
horse whip and brought it crashing down across the
luscious top curves of both of the swollen, sensitive
tits of the teenager.

Cindy's body stiffened with the blow.

"AAAAARRRRGHHHH. This wasn't nice at all!"

Her body reacted to the shock and she began a vigorous
attempt to evade any further attack. However, bound as
she was, and with the sightless hood firmly in place,
Cindy had little chance to avoid the second slashing
cut that came up from below and caught her breasts on
the sensitive undersides.


She was crying now.

This hurt! There was no pleasure in this machine at

Her taut body was wracked with sobs and she could taste
the saltwater of her tears leaking into her mouth
around the leather gag.

Mrs. Cross was ecstatic. Her withered body was surging
with a sexual charge she had not felt in years!
Glorious feelings of hate, envy and lust combined in
her twisted mind to feed the perverted pleasures she
had sought to regain with this sadistic attack. She
was succeeding.

She grabbed the heavy whip with both hands, and swung
it like a baseball bat. The flat arch of the whip
whistled through the air and snapped directly across
those obscenely perfect nipples.

"God, that one had felt good" she said to herself. "If
I could just get in one more."

A buzzer sounded two sharp rings as she was winding up
for a fourth strike.

"Damn, that bitch Mary is watching. Well, I can still
hurt this young cunt in front of me."

Timing her move carefully, Mrs. Cross stepped on the
pedals, pumping the center post to its maximum height.
The end of the knobby dildo pushed painfully up into
the furthest regions of Cindy's cunt, bruising her
terribly. Because her feet and legs were tied down,
Cindy had nowhere to move to get away from the huge
plastic shaft and no way to relieve the pressure. She
was trapped in a painfully dangerous situation, and
fear and pain were the only emotions she felt.

Stepping back from her skewered assistant, Mrs. Cross
put both hands on the device and spun it as hard as she

"There," she chortled, "She should spin for about an

Turning towards one of the hidden video monitors, she
bowed deeply to the watching Mary and, rising up,
saluted her with a single raised middle digit.

"Fuck you, too, Mrs. Cross," Mary muttered coldly, her
anger unmasked.

She had not noticed the horsewhip until the old lady
had begun her first vicious blow. By then it was too
late. The second and third lashes had fallen as she
had watched in helpless horror. And now the poor
girl's cunt was being ground to hamburger.

Mary was angry, not only because she was afraid Cindy
would be injured, or that she might lose a money-making
opportunity if Cindy were scared away.

Mary was actually beginning to develop feelings for the
girl, sensing in her a kindred spirit. Mary recognized
something in the teenager that reminded her of herself
at one time. And that stirred and touched powerful
emotions long dormant in the beautiful woman. It would
change what she had planned for the young girl, but
still, it made her mad.

She watched Mrs. Cross saunter defiantly across and out
of the upstairs room.

"Fuck you, too, bitch. Soon, too."


Quan-Loc watched impassively through the window of the
fourth floor as the hooded girl spun slowly round and
round. She looked so peaceful turning around like

As she spun down, the small observer left his post and
headed for his owner's airplane. With the suicide of
the third keeper, he had been allowed to come into the
plane. It was what he wanted all along. The
protector, Liu, was nice to him, giving him forbidden
treats when no one was looking.

She was the first big person to be nice to him and he
felt himself drawn to her like a boy to his mother, a
relationship he had not been allowed to know existed.
All he knew was that she was nice to him.

It was a nice change.

Chapter 12

It was more than two hours later when Cindy had
stumbled down the stairs and mumbled her excuses about
going home early to Mrs. Cross. The old lady had been
surprised that Cindy had spoken to her at all. Her
politeness didn't please her. It pissed her off. The
old lady resolved to really hurt, if not permanently
injure the little bitch the next time she got the

Cindy was in serious pain. Nothing was broken - at
least she didn't think so - but her tits felt like they
were on fire. She had seen them in the mirrors
upstairs as she was dressing. There were three heavy
red welts across their firm curves, but she knew the
bruising must go clear to her chest muscles. She had
to step very carefully so that her tits wouldn't bounce
when she walked. She couldn't wear her bra because of
their swollen size and the pain, so they could sway
with the slightest jarring movement.

Her cunny was another matter altogether. It hurt to
stand, to sit, to walk, or to even think. She still
had to ride her bike home, and that filled her with an
ominous dread. If it weren't for Brutus waiting...

She did what she could to make the long ride home
easier for her. She pushed the seat of the bicycle so
the horn pointed down before she started home. She
didn't want any unnecessary contact against the tender
tissue. She also avoided as many of the bumps and
pothole as she could. And she pedaled slowly. Really

The ride home was painful, but therapeutic. She never
realized just how many bumps there were in the road
before. But the exercise of riding the bike had
increased the blood flow to her injured areas, both
upper and lower. That had the effect of clearing the
tissues of many of the toxins that caused much of the
pain. The perfusion of blood through those tissues
also started the healing process. Those drugs she was
being given didn't hurt, either, but Cindy didn't know
about them.

Still, Cindy was young and had a high threshold for
pain. It was a tribute to her stamina and tolerance
for pain that she hadn't curled up in the fetal
position and wished she were dead. She was tough,
tougher than she gave herself credit for. And, as she
had pedaled homeward, one thought was uppermost in her
mind. Brutus.

Even in its injured state, her pussy moistened at the
mere thought of him. But what could she do now? She
knew the poor dog had been cooped up all day and would
want relief when she got home. She couldn't bear the
thought of running through the forest with him, much
less of fucking him with her battered cunny. As much
as she wanted to, she knew it would just be too

Cindy chewed on her problem all the way home. As she
rode, she came up with a solution. She decided she
would try to suck him off. She wasn't sure that huge
cock would fit in her mouth or even enough of it to
satisfy her lover, but she would try. But if she
could, maybe that would be enough for him tonight. She
hoped so.

Little did Cindy know, but Brutus had not been cooped
up in the little cottage all day long. He had had a
very busy day. After she had gone from the cottage
that morning, the big dog had explored the surrounding
areas, marking his new territory with his scent,
lifting his leg on the fence posts, the corners of the
cottage and on every major tree along all the trails
leading into his new territory.

Then he had watched the technicians from Sheffield
Manor install tiny video cameras all over inside the
cottage and around it. He was used to these men and
didn't think it strange that they were there. Several
dared to scratch him behind the ears, a touch that he
tolerated from these human males only because it felt
so good. He had only had to snap at one who became a
little too familiar and scratched him under his chin.

The insurance salesman who had stopped by was another
matter, though. Brutus had chased him all the way to
his car, careful not to catch him, barking ferociously
all the way. The dog was proud of protecting his
territory and his Mistress. And just as he had marked
his boundaries earlier in the day, tonight he intended
to mark his Mistress and make her his.

Cindy rode up to the cottage and saw Brutus come
bounding for her. Her heart leaped to her throat as
she saw him for the first time since that morning. He
was so beautiful, so masculine and virile, so graceful
and all hers.

She dropped her bike and hugged the dog tightly around
the neck. He licked her face and hands in happiness,
his stubby tail wagging. His Mistress was home and all
was right in the world.

Watching her lock up the bike and go into the cottage,
Brutus sensed the careful movements in the small human.
She stepped softly, not with her usual bounce. His
unconscious and instinctive observation of his prey
settled him down slightly in his rush to mark her.

Carefully undressing in the bedroom, Cindy stood nude
in front of the mirror. She felt no shame at being
naked in front of the dog, and she observed herself
critically. Her breasts retained their swollen size
from the suction of that wonderful machine. They were
still very firm, too. Cindy grinned.

"They almost look artificial," she thought, "like those
Hollywood starlets."

Her cunny lips were red and swollen, but the pain of
walking was less now, thanks to the exercise of riding
home. Pressing on her tummy with her fingertips, she
grimaced. She was still very sore inside. Brutus
would have to wait tonight.

But Brutus was not going to wait. He saw his Mistress
getting ready for marking and standing with no clothes
on. He moved closer to her and sniffed at her breasts.
His natural senses told him that this part of his
Mistress had been injured in some manner and was sore.
He softly licked the orbs, coating them with the
healing canine saliva, following his inbred instincts.

His Mistress groaned and grabbed his head behind his
pointed ears. He continued to lave the tender flesh in
front of him. Watching her face, Brutus saw water
leaking from her eyes. But she did not stop him. He
continued his gentle massage for several minutes until
she shuddered, and the familiar aroma of female arousal
reached his sensitive nose.

Cindy couldn't believe it. She had cum. Even with all
the pain, the tenderness of the dog's tongue had
brought her to climax. The poor dog had been so lonely
all day she couldn't bear to stop him. And the
pleasure had eventually pushed through the pain.
Actually, she was relieved. In the back of her mind
was the fear that that the machine had broken something
in her and she wouldn't enjoy sex anymore. It had been
a fear she had not wanted to face. She had just
learned of the joys of sex. It would be too much for
her to give it up now.

Right now, however, she had a more immediate task. She
had to take care of the needs of her lover.
Disentangling herself from the dog's attentions, she
went over to the bed and got the two big pillows she
used at night. Throwing them on the floor, she pushed
and shoved Brutus until he was standing over them. He
thought it was a game and she ended up being pushed all
over the room before she got him into position.

"Brutus, STAY," she said in her Mistress voice.

The dog obeyed.

Sliding awkwardly to the floor, she positioned herself
on her back with her head propped up by the two
pillows. Her face was right under the dog's protective
penis sheath and huge balls. Her hips were between his
fore paws and her legs splayed out in front of the
dog's face.

"A non-classic 69," she giggled to herself. "I guess
you'd call this a Sixty-K-Nine." Cindy groaned at her
own bad joke.

Reaching up with her hand, she began to softly caress
the big dog's balls and cock sheath. Brutus pranced
nervously a couple of steps. His new Mistress was
doing something new. He was a fast and willing
learner, though, especially when it concerned sex. The
dog's penis responded to Cindy's fondling by poking the
bright pink head out the protective tube. Lightly
touching the slimy growing length, she ran her fingers
back and forth along the swelling shaft, fingering the
solid balls occasionally.

"Brutus, LICK ME," Cindy commanded from her position
under his belly. She then added, on a whim, "Brutus,
69! 69, boy!"

Dipping his head, Brutus watched the long slim shapely
legs of his Mistress spread open wide, placing her open
quim right under his lowered nose. He had understood
the first command. Licking he knew. The second
command was new to him, but if it meant that Mistress
would play with his prick and balls, he liked it.

As Cindy opened her mouth and allowed the extra-long
shaft between her lips and down her throat, Brutus
growled deep in his throat in pleasures he had never
felt before. As he vigorously started to lick
Mistress' holes, he committed the command `69'to
memory. This was something they hadn't taught him at
the kennels.

The shaft disappeared down her throat as Brutus jerked
slightly. Cindy thrilled at the feeling of the
slippery tool sliding past her tonsils and deep into
her gullet. Her experience with the machine earlier in
the day had taught her to time her breathing and not to
panic. Three and four times the hot shaft delved into
her throat. Remembering how big the knot of his prick
got, she reluctantly pulled back until just the tip and
part of the shaft was in her mouth. She grabbed the
base of the shaft with both hand to prevent the knot
from going into her mouth. If it swelled in there, she
would suffocate.

Sucking on the head of his hard cock and fisting the
shaft with both hands drove the dog wild. His slurping
became maniacal and forceful, driving Cindy to the
first of many climaxes. The knot at the base of his
shaft suddenly responded to the sexual stimuli of her
hands and mouth and bloated to its large size.
Thankful that she had the foresight to keep it out of
her mouth, Cindy relaxed from worrying about it and
gave in to the dog's talented tongue.

Cindy, suddenly in the throes of another climax, re-
doubled her sucking efforts and finally, rolling her
eyes up into her head, gave in to the wondrous feelings
of mutual oral sex.

Several shuddering, thundering peaks later, Brutus
began to jerk his prick in spasms. He had been trying
to fuck back and forth as usual, but without his knot
locked into Cindy's mouth, he couldn't move as
forcefully as he wanted to. Her pistoning fists and
sucking mouth did provide him with a new sensation. It
felt good to him, but the idea of reaching climax
without motion was a concept that wasn't programmed
into his genes. Now, at the end of his ability to wait
any longer, he needed to move, and he nearly gave Cindy
whiplash with his saddened jerky motions.

His cock head had swelled in preparation of spewing his
cum and it filled her mouth to capacity. She had to
stretch her mouth wide keep her teeth away from the
tender skin of the shaft. Her jaws were so stretched.
All she could do was hang on to the shaft and suck.
Which she did. And then came the flood.

Most of the cum went down her throat. A bit of it came
out her nose. The torrent shooting from him was
tremendous. Four, five times the dog's prick spasmed
and still he pumped more jism out of his hard cock.
Cindy watched the balls tense up each time. It was a
beautiful thing to her. This was her dog, her lover.
She was in heaven!

As quickly as it had swelled, the blood filling the
cock head receded. The organ escaped the confines of
her mouth and she lazed back and watched as the head
hung outside the sheath, slowly receding into its
protective cover. His swollen knot looked huge up
close like this. She shuddered to think that something
that big could fit up inside of her.

Brutus had stopped licking her pussy when he had come.

"Good boy," Cindy crooned, reaching up and petting his
sides. "Good boy."

Brutus woofed in response. He had pleased her and he
was happy. And he had marked his Mistress, although in
a new and different way. It was confusing to him, in a
way, but the ends justified the means to him. Life was
simple. Mission accomplished.

The next day was Saturday, and Cindy was glad she could
recuperate for a couple of days. She was really
looking forward to spending the whole two days at home
with her Brutus.

"Two whole days," she thought lazily as she stretched
luxuriously in her bed. Two days of her new lover all
to her self. Being fucked on demand. Who would have

Brutus slept in her bed as he had the night before.
The touch of his fur had pricked and tickled her all
night long. The erotic dreams she had dreamed kept her
nipples poking out all night long. And now, as she lay
with her back to his belly, she snuggled back against
the still animal.

Her knees were drawn up and as she scooted back, the
sheath of his prick nuzzled into her ass crack. The
feel of that stout organ poking her there gave her an
idea, and she wiggled her hips down hard on the thick hairy sheath.

Looking up over her shoulder at her lover, she saw that
Brutus had his eyes open and was quietly watching over
her, as he had done most of the night. She reached for
his front leg with her hand and rubbed it.

"Brutus, good morning," she whispered to him.

He nuzzled the top of her head with his nose.

"Brutus, fuck me!" she said forcefully, but quietly.

His new Mistress was a wonder, he thought as his penis
reacted to the command. The slender, slick head of his
massive cock, targeted intentionally at her anus, slid
easily up her asshole and into her dark recesses.

`The tight place!' he thought excitedly. Not since he
was a pup had any of his trainers allowed him to mark
their tight place. He stirred, trying to get purchase
with his hind feet to drive the shaft home. His feet
scrabbled in the sheets and he twisted, starting to get

"Stay, Brutus, Stay," she soothed him.

With a bewildered "Arf," he laid back down.

His prick was filling her up. She had no idea what
would happen when the knot expanded to full size inside
of her, but, as her cunny was still a little sore, she
might as well find out about this route now. Cindy
didn't even think about keeping the knot outside of her
rectum. She had noticed that Brutus didn't get as much
satisfaction without being locked. She didn't give it
a second thought, much less a first.

As she wiggled back into the large dog's haunches,
skewering herself on his expanding member, she wondered
about the recuperation of her body. She had never been
a sickly girl, but the speed with which she was healing
surprised her. Her breasts were still a bit tender,
but she wouldn't faint if they were touched. They were
still as large as they had been, too, but now they
didn't seem swollen and puffy. They were just bigger
and as firm as before.

Her cunt was also feeling better. Some of that was due
in part to the current activities, but she began to
wonder if Brutus' licking her had speeded up the
process. She had heard that the saliva of a dog had
medicinal properties. Of course, Cindy had no way of
knowing she was being 'medicated', so Brutus was the
recipient of all of her gratitude for accelerating her

Cindy began to hunch up and down on the long shaft,
moving up and down several inches. After that
introduction to anal sex the day before by the machine,
she did not experience any severe discomfort or pain.
There was only a wonderful fullness. The erotic stimuli
finally caused the dog's knot to begin to swell. It
was just inside her sphincter muscle and the increased
pressure the swelling caused her to stop her movements.
She held her breath as she waited to see if she would
be torn up, or if her rectal cavity could expand to
accommodate the softball-sized bludgeon.

"OOOOHHHH," she gasped as it filled her back cavity.

It finally stopped swelling and she was crammed full of
cock. She hadn't heard or felt any thing pop or tear.
The pressure was intense, but the pain was bearable.
The pain was completely worth the pleasure her lover
would get, she figured. Cindy tentatively moved back
into the motionless dog, nudging her ass cheeks back
against his haunches, trying to see if she could get
him in deeper or if he was, indeed, locked. The knot
slid in just a bit deeper, the rim of her sphincter
muscle clamping down around the base of the huge knot.
This eased the stretching of those sensitive tissues
and most of the pain dissipated.

She lay still, shaking with overwhelming excitement,
stimulated as never before. Part of her wanted to push
and expel the huge cock as she would a load of shit.
The other part, the bigger part, was going crazy with
erotic urges. She shivered as she felt the dog jerk
his hind quarters, beginning to move his prick back and
forth deep inside his Mistress.


"Arf, Arf." Brutus answered.

Their initial lazy actions developed into a frantic
dance that had them both racing toward their first
climaxes of the day. Several minutes later she tensed,
arching back into his chest. He came just after,
giving her an early morning jism enema. She lay still
in his embrace until his knot had deflated and his
prick slid back up into the sheath. It took a while

"Good boy," she cooed. "Good boy".

The next two days passed by too quickly for Cindy.
Brutus was a stalwart fucker, but she was more than his
match. After an careful exploratory fuck up into her
cunt had confirmed that she was fully recovered and
could resume using it for fucking full time, she had
used the `FUCK ME' command repeatedly during the rest
of that day and Sunday.

Seven times the dog fucked her cunt. In the bed, in
the living room, over the back fence. She leaned
herself over a log on one of their walks in the forest
and he took her there. She also took him up her ass
four or five times, not to mention several times in her
mouth. She taught him the command `BACK DOOR' to go
along with the new `69' command, although she had to
help him aim his massive cock at the tiny opening.

Cindy was almost in a state of perpetual arousal.
There was a hunger for cock, any cock any where within
her that she didn't understand. She loved that her
lover would pound away at her for what seemed like
hours and hours, never tiring in his attempts to please
his Mistress. She didn't understand that Brutus was
quickly tiring out and that it was taking him longer to
recuperate than she was allowing. The last fuck into
her asshole on Sunday night has lasted almost an hour.

For his part, Brutus was tired but happy. His Mistress
was pleased with him and strangely was not angry at him
for taking so long to mark her that last time. In
fact, she seemed to continue to get more enjoyment out
of it the longer it took. All he knew was that he had
pleased her and he was happy. That night, Brutus

So did Cindy.


Eunice Cross was snoring peacefully, too. That is, she
was until she was jolted awake by a slap across the
face. A hard slap, right across her sensitive

"Hello, Eunice," a familiar voice whispered in her ear.
"I've been neglecting you and Donovan too long and I
thought you could help me give him a little refresher

Mrs. Cross struggled to answer, but the gloved hand
firmly covering her nose and mouth prevented any sound
from escaping her. Or air from getting in. It wasn't
until she tried to raise her hands to her mouth that
she discovered she was incapable of moving. Further
experimentation with her legs brought the discovery
that they were restrained, too. Panic seized her brain
and she began an epileptic-like struggle to get free.

Mary Sheffield calmly held her hand over the struggling
woman's airways. It was obvious she wasn't quite ready
to cooperate. In Mary's experience, it would take a
couple of more minutes before the struggling woman
would start to use her brain. In this kind of
situation, it always took near asphyxiation before the
fuckers started to think. It should have been the
first thing they did.

Mary watched the plastic-bound woman flop helplessly
around on the bed. The wide, industrial-strength
wrapping material was ideal for this sort of restraint.
It held tight and left no characteristic markings on
the victim. There might be some odd markings from the
wrinkled and bound nightgown she was still wearing.
There would be no obvious ligature marks, however, to
indicate the corpse had been bound. And she was
looking at a future corpse. Mrs. Cross had pissed her
off once too often.

"Ready to listen quietly now?" she asked the heavily
sweating woman.

A nod in return was all the response Mrs. Cross could
give her, but her brain was now working feverishly,
trying to figure a way out, or what this bitch wanted.
Hate and revenge were foremost in her thoughts, not
that she could have escaped, but Mary could see in her
eyes that the old lady had no idea just how serious her
position was. That suited her fine. It made the
terror almost palpable when they finally did figure it

Removing her hand, Mary stood up from her kneeling
position on the floor. Mrs. Cross finally realized she
was lying sideways in her own bed, her head hanging off
the edge. Her straggly grey hair was hanging limp, the
longest strands sweeping the several dustbunnies that
had escaped from the huge collection she kept under her
bed. Mrs. Cross was not a neat housekeeper.

"Donovan has been a good dog for you, Eunice, right?"
Mary asked deceptively.

Not taking the chance to speak, Mrs. Cross just nodded.

"And he serves you well?"

Eunice thought that was phrased oddly, but she answered
with a nod.

There was a slight pause.

"Do you ever let him fuck you in any position other
than 'doggy style'?" came the next question, and
suddenly Mrs. Cross knew that her dirty little secret
was out. It wasn't until several seconds later that
she put two and two together and realized that her
beloved Donovan would have had to have been trained for
this sort of perverted behavior for him to be so good
at it. It had never occurred to her that there were
several families in this small town with devoted family pets, all big, all males, and all of the wives with
contented smiles. How could she have been so blind?

She shook her head 'No.' It was the first position
Donovan had 'forced' on her all those months ago. She
would never admit that it hadn't taken much force even
then, and since the first time, none. But she had
never ventured beyond being the submissive bitch of the

"Well, then, I guess it's about time that you both had
a change, don't you?" Turning to the silent animal,
sitting in the doorway watching the two women with his
intelligent head cocked at an inquisitive angle, Mary
gave him a silent hand signal. Donovan immediately
stood and came over beside her.

Another signal, and his front paws were up on the edge
of the bed, one on either side of his bound Mistress.
She had never let him up on the bed before and he
growled his satisfaction at finally achieving this
goal. Mrs. Cross felt, more than heard, that deep
throated growl. The dog, though extremely well behaved
still terrified her. This threatening sound pushed her
over the edge of terror and she peed in her panties.
The plastic shrinkwrap prevented the urine from
staining her coverlet, but right now, that was the
least of her worries. That huge ugly thing, that male
member, was right by her face. She wrinkled up her
nose at the strange smell.

"Open wide, Eunice," said Mary. "Be a good girl and
take your medicine," she taunted her mother-in-law

Shocked beyond protest or stunned into obedience, Mrs.
Cross automatically opened her mouth. A command
whispered in Donovan's quivering ear elicited the
expected response, and Mrs. Cross soon found her mouth
jammed full of slimy dog cock. She started to protest,
but the slippery head quickly extended and was jabbing
at the back of her throat. She gagged, not only from
the gag reflex, but from the idea of actually doing
something so repulsive. She started to frantically
struggle in her bonds once more, trying to expel the
invading prong.

She made her last mistake when she tried to cry out for
Mary to help her. The act of trying to make a sound
relaxed her throat muscles enough for Donovan's prick
to gain access. Once in, he plowed forward, shoving
his entire length down her throat. This was something
he had missed, never being able to communicate with his
Mistress to do this with him. Turning back to look
over his shoulders at Mary, he "woofed" in the
animalistic pleasure the warm moist tunnel provided
him. Mary, in turn, placed her hands on his rear
quarters and pushed, seating him firmly in the now
terrified woman's mouth.

It only took a few seconds, but the tight warm moist
stimulation of her mouth and throat had its effect on
the dog. His knot, now totally enclosed by her mouth,
swelled to its full size, locking him firmly in for the
duration. Once inflated, he began to rut in the
woman's oral tract, oblivious to the growing stillness
below him.

As soon as she saw the dog begin to rut, Mary had moved
away to let him fuck at will. She also wanted to watch
the eyes of the old bitch. At first they were closed
in shame, she guessed. Gradually, when the solid prick
didn't pull out and she realized that that mass in her
mouth was the dog's knot, Mary watched as the eyes of
her soon to be ex-Mother-in-Law flew open. She could
tell to the instant when she realized the dog couldn't
pull out and that she was going to die. Her eye bugged
out in extreme effort, trying to expel the dog.

Too late she realized her predicament. Her last
thoughts were sadly of hate and revenge. Sad, but in
keeping with the way she had lived her life.

When the dog had finished and his knot had relaxed
enough for him to slip out of the dead woman's throat,
Mary allowed him to sniff Mrs. Cross' mottled face.
Once Donovan had convinced himself she was now
lifeless, he automatically reverted his attentions and
devotion to his former Mistress, Mary. He had no idea
of his part in his ex-Mistress' execution nor did he
feel any remorse about her demise. Neither did Mary.

Mary gave Donovan the signal that sent the dog out of
the house and through the dark streets back to the
kennels where he was raised. She stayed behind to
remove all traces that she had been in the house that
evening. Pulling back the coverlet, she turned the
corpse so that it lay in the bed normally, placing the
lifeless head in the indentation already formed in the
pillow. A small pair of sharp scissors cut the plastic
free from the body. As she rolled the body to remove
the plastic, the urine Mrs. Cross had released soaked
into the sheets and mattress, exactly where it would be
if she had wet the bed normally.

This was a small town. Mrs. Cross was an old woman.
There would be no obvious reason for an autopsy. The
coroner's report would show that she had died in her
sleep from apparently natural causes.

Slipping out into the comfortable darkness enveloping
the sleeping town, Mary made her way to her car parked
a half mile away and drove home.

Chapter 13

Cindy walked up to the fourth floor room on Monday
morning with a bouncy step, not even noticing the
conspicuous absence of her crotchety old boss. She was
feeling much better and was looking forward to trying
out more of the equipment. Stepping into the room she
stopped short. There was someone sitting in one of the
couches. When she saw it was Mary sitting on the couch
waiting for her, she gave a squeal of delight and ran
to embrace the beautiful woman.

Mary stood up and smiled at her as Cindy approached.
The two women hugged.

"Mary! It's so good to see you," Cindy started out.
"What are you doing here? How did you get in here so
early?" The young girl continued on with a myriad
rapid fire questions.

Whatever it was about Mary that caused her to babble
on, Cindy didn't know. But she had a thousand
questions that just seemed to pour out of her. Mary
grinned down at the excited girl. She had been flushed
coming into the room, as if she was looking forward to
continuing the assignment. That was good. She had
watched the girl and her dog on the video and audio
feeds from the hidden cameras all weekend, so she knew
the girl was feeling better. Some of the girl's antics
had amazed ever her, as jaded as she was. Her sexual
stamina had impressed Mary, too.

"It's good to see you again, too, Cindy," Mary
answered. "Mrs. Cross asked me to help you out with
your assignment. She said you had to go home early on
Friday and that it looked as if you had some trouble
last Friday. Is everything OK?" It was still too
early to report the old bitch as missing. That would
come later, and hopefully, from someone else.

Cindy's hands leapt to her chest, now almost fully
recovered. Apparently it hadn't been as bad as she had
first thought. "It was nothing that won't heal, but I
think that machine over there needs to be
recalibrated," she said, pointing in the direction of
the merry-go-round machine she had used Friday
afternoon. "It hit me all over my titties as I spun
around, instead of on my ass. I think that it would be
better on my backside, don't you? Could you adjust it
if I got back on it?"

Mary shook her head in amazement. "She thinks it's the
machine that is out of whack! She doesn't even know it
was Mrs. Cross. And she wants to get back on the
thing! This is just too good to be true," thought
Mary. Then she said, "Here, let me see if there was
any permanent damage."

With that, she reached over to Cindy and began to help
her undress. Heck, she stripped her.

Cindy was surprised at the assertive actions, but not
all that embarrassed. "Heck, we fucked our dogs side
by side. What's a little nudity between friends?"
Cindy giggled to herself. Besides, she had spent most
of the weekend nude and it was becoming second nature
to her.

With her clothes neatly folded and stacked on the
couch, Cindy stood with her hands at her sides as if
for inspection. Mary spent considerable time poking
and prodding her tits and cunt, not always gently,
asking if this or that hurt. Finally satisfied that
what she had watched over the weekend was real, Mary
said, "Well, it doesn't look like there will be any
permanent damage. Shall we get started?"

Moving toward the room with the spinning whipping post,
Mary took command of the day. Cindy hesitated
slightly, then placed herself in Mary's capable hands.
Cindy followed the commanding woman meekly and
willingly, an innocent lamb to the slaughter.

When Mary entered the smaller room, she turned to face
the nude girl, a pleased smile of anticipation on her
face. Reaching to her throat she undid the clasp of
her long flowing cape. With a flourish, she whipped
the cape off and twirled it towards a waiting coat
stand. The cape swirled around and landed perfectly on
one of the waiting pegs.

Cindy didn't see the cape land. Her attention was
instantly riveted to Mary and what she was wearing.
She was incredibly beautiful. This morning she was
covered in shiny black leather from her neck to her
toes. Her waist was cinched tight, pushing out her
exposed buttocks and breasts. Tight leather framed
these exposed areas, highlighting their whiteness and
making them push out even farther. A hooded half mask
and black leather gloves hung from small hooks on a
belt around her tiny waist along with a couple of short
leather riding crops.

Leather boots encased her shapely legs up to her mid-
thigh and she walked elegantly on the extremely high
heels. Cindy felt a twinge of inferiority as she
watched the sultry movements of her new friend. She
seemed so confident and comfortable. She noted with
embarrassment that Mary's pussy was exposed and the
trimmed bush looked soft and inviting.

"Gosh! You're so beautiful," Cindy gushed. "I've
never seen anyone so beautiful."

Mary nodded silently as she slipped on the long gloves.
They covered her to above her elbow. The half mask was
next. It covered her from her nose up over her head
and fit like a tight cap. Mary's long dark hair was
pulled back into a pony tail and fastened with a strap
on the back of the hood. She turned to face Cindy when
she was ready.

"Come," she commanded.

Cindy moved to her without question. Mary silently
placed her hands on Cindy's shoulders and pushed the
girl into a kneeling position in front of her. Cindy
looked directly up at Mary's gorgeous tits. The nipples
were dark red and erect with excitement.

Mary helped her with the sightless hood first. It was
slightly different than the first one she had worn.
This one was sturdier and had a metal ring in front of
the mouth area. Cindy did not have much time to see
anything before the hood was jerked over her head and
tightly fastened down. She did notice that this one
had a bigger plug that went into her mouth and she
shivered at the similarity to the feeling of having
Brutus' cock filling her mouth.

Mary stepped around behind Cindy and pulled her hands
behind her back. Cindy held them there as Mary took a
long tapered leather sleeve and slid it over both her
hands. She then slid it up both arms simultaneously
and ended by fastening it around the girl's shoulders
with two straps that crossed in front of her chest.
Tightening the laces that ran the length of the sleeve
drew Cindy's arms tightly together behind her back,
forcing her elbows together so that they were touching.
This awkward position pushed her swollen tits way out
in front of her.

Mary helped Cindy to her feet and lifted first one leg,
then the other of the blinded girl into the leg
restraints. Those restraints tightened, Mary then
pushed a pedal at the base that lowered the spring-
wound hook from the ceiling. Reaching up, Mary pulled
the dangling hook down and fed the point through the
metal ring sticking out of Cindy's gagged mouth.

That done, she pumped up the center post, now fitted
with a smooth albeit huge phallic probe, and, with an
amused grin, watched the tip of the dildo touch the
tender tissues of the bound girl's nether region.
Cindy jerked her hips forwards so that the steadily
lubricated advancing tip slipped up into her rectum
instead of her vagina. It was a tight squeeze, and
Mary thought she heard a muffled groan or two as the
prong was seated fully.

"Ready?" she called out cheerfully.

"MMMMFFFF," was the wordless reply.

Standing back from the arc the whirling legs would
make, Mary pushed firmly on the nearest one, starting
the bound girl on yet another wild ride.

Mary watched Cindy spin for a while before walking over
to the assortment of fetish equipment hanging
conveniently on the wall. Selecting a supple whip from
the wide selection on the wall, she moved back to stand
beside the spinning target. Then, she carefully aimed
and let the first slash fall precisely on the place
Mrs. Cross had hit first. Right across the wailing
girl's breasts. The second and third strokes also
followed in order squarely across the tortured orbs.
The only differences from what Mrs. Cross had done was
that Mary had selected a much lighter whip and had not
used excessive force. The blows still stung the out-
thrusting boobs, but did not do nearly the damage.

Cindy had shrieked into the gag at the first strike.
She had been sure Mary would protect her, but it was
obvious the machine was still broken.

"You're right," Mary called out to her, "The machine
needs adjustment."

Cindy breathed a sigh of relief. Mary would fix it.
She could not see the evil excitement dancing in Mary's
eyes as she fooled the načve girl. It was too easy.

Around and around Cindy spun. The misaligned whip
landed the next time on her tummy. Then it lashed into
her sides, three strokes each time. It didn't really
hurt her on these areas and the twirling dildo in her
ass was beginning to feel extremely good, taking her
mind off any pain the whip might cause her.

The next hits landed on her thighs. These seemed to be
harder and then three slashes landed right on her
cunny! Cindy squirmed as the sudden pain flashed
through her. She jerked and twisted wildly, the
unexpected climax elicited by the blows contorting her
bound frame. The machine hit her cunt six more times
before Mary was able to adjust it. Cindy climaxed in
glorious agony each time.

The whip finally found the correct target area of her
ass, and Mary very thoroughly tested the machine eight
or nine times. Cindy took three lashes with each test
and her ass cheeks were crimson when she was finally
released from the spinning frame. She thanked Mary
profusely for helping her fix the broken machine.

"Well," Mary said as they moved to the next room, "I'm
just glad I was here to help you."

Mary was extremely excited from the exertion of beating
the gullible child. She urgently needed something to
satisfy her itching quim. And it was time to take
Cindy to the next level of involvement. Mary walked
over to a clothes rack on the wall.

"Let's see if we can't find something for you to wear,
Cindy. Do you like leather or latex?"

Cindy walked over to the racks of clothing. She
dreamily ran her hands over the soft garments. They
felt so sexy and strong. She hadn't looked too closely
at the fashions, but as she did, she noticed that they
all looked like they had pieces missing. She would
never be able to wear them in public!

Not receiving an answer, Mary made a selection for her.
As if she really had a choice! "Let's go with this
one. It should suit you well."

She held up a hanger with a large article of fetish wear and several smaller pieces of smooth leather.
Taking the first piece she placed it around Cindy's
neck. The collar fit snug after Mary had tugged it
tight. It fastened with a sinister 'click'. Cindy's
eyes watered from the snugness, but she did not

The next two smaller pieces went around Cindy's wrists
and then two more were fastened around her ankles. All
five pieces had sturdy metal rings attached to them.
Cindy had stood passively as the slave collar and cuffs
were put on her. She began to shiver with the
anticipation of the unknown as she looked at the
remaining items. She continued to be non-resistant as
Mary took hold of one of her wrist cuffs, raised it
behind her neck and attached it with a small lock to
her collar. The other wrist cuff followed.

"Lace your fingers behind your neck," Mary instructed.
"It will take the some of the strain off your

Cindy followed her instructions and laced her fingers.
It did feel better and it made her boobs stick out.
Cindy was still amazed at their size and the sensations
they caused within her. Like now, sticking out, they
seemed to beg for attention. The older woman seemed to
know just what she was thinking, too. She shivered as
she watched passively as Mary leaned forward and placed
a kiss on Cindy's lips. Not to the side, either. Lip
to lip, like a real kiss!

"I just wanted to thank you for letting me help you
with the assignment," she said as she moved away
slightly. "You're a special girl and I really enjoy
working with you."

Cindy was surprised. Mary was thanking her? "Oh, no!"
she replied. "Thank you. How would I ever have fixed
that machine without your help?"

Smiling sweetly, Mary again kissed her, this time
deeply and sexily. An electric thrill swept through
Cindy. As the kiss continued, Mary stepped forward
into the restrained girl. Their tits touched, lightly
at first, then rubbing and sliding past each other.
Cindy's posture had forced her orbs to stand out and
Mary teased them with her own tits mercilessly. Their
nipples were standing straight out and dueled with each
others as Mary shimmied her shoulders seductively.

As she broke their passionate kiss, Mary slipped the
huge red ballgag she held behind her back up to Cindy's
mouth. "Open wide, Cindy."

As Cindy had her jaws forced even wider than she
thought she could, Mary pushed forcefully on the ball
until it was securely behind her upper and lower teeth.
There was no way for Cindy to eject the gag. The
leather straps that were attached to each side of the
ball were brought back behind her neck and tied through
a ring on her collar. Mary pulled the straps tight and
forced Cindy's head back until she was looking almost
straight up.

This posture also forced her tits to elevate even more
as her back arched to relieve the strain on her neck.
Mary quickly followed this with a pair of 6-inch high
heels, forcing Cindy's calves into the flexed posture
that had tingled her cunny in the shower. Cindy
remembered that it had been just last week. So much
had happened since then. The enforced stretched
posture worked again this time as she stood balanced on
her toes. She was literally dripping with excitement.

The last item on the hanger was the largest, by far.
Mary took it and wrapped it around Cindy's waist. Even
as narrow as her waist was, the ends of the restrictive
garment were still several inches apart. Lacing sturdy
leather thongs through the eyelets up each edge of the
garment, Mary began to pull the edges of the 16 inch
corset together.

Soon a sheen of perspiration covered both women, Mary's
from the exertion securing the laces and Cindy's
because she was being incredibly squeezed and her
internal organs were rearranging. She was also working
hard not to tip over in those extreme heels. This
whole experience had left her in an erotic fog, her
excitement at a fever pitch. Never had she experience
such tight and total bondage. The feelings the
tightening corset caused to course through her system
were overwhelming. It was, to put it mildly, fucking
fantastic. Better almost than Brutus.

Incredibly, her tits felt even larger than yesterday,
swollen by the compression of her abdomen. The tissues
were being forced from her tummy and crammed into her
chest and pelvic area. It had to go somewhere! The
corset left Cindy's tits, ass and mound exposed,
cinching in only her waist. There were two rings at
the waist, one on each side.

Mary stopped as the edges of the corset finally met in
the middle of Cindy's back. She tied off the thongs
and stepped back to survey her work. Cindy's back was
bowed into a curve, jutting both her tits and her ass
out. Mary reached out and fondled that beautiful butt.
It was still rosy and warm from the lashes she had put
on it earlier, but it could stand a bit more. Mary
felt the warmth come through the supple leather of her
gloves. She slipped her middle finger down the
delicious crack of Cindy's ass and teased her puffy
asshole. A quick slap with her leather-clad hand on an
appetizing butt cheek brought a jerk and a muffled

Mary looked at Cindy and saw her eyes shining brightly.
No tears, just lust and excitement. She led Cindy over
to stand between two posts in the center of the room.
She quickly fastened chains from each post to the rings
on Cindy's corset and collar. The last two chains went
on her ankles and pulled Cindy's feet far apart.

Standing up, Mary said, "I see some things on the wall.
Should I get them to try them out and see if they work
while we're here?"

Cindy "murphed" and bobbed her entire upper body in the

Walking to the wall, Mary pulled down a soft leather
strap. "Start slow and work up to the hard stuff," she

She slapped the butter-soft strap over the perfectly-
positioned mammary glands. A soft sigh escaped Cindy's
nose. She was going to like this, she knew. Mary was
her friend. Mary proceeded to whip her tits until the
numbing effect Cindy had experienced earlier with the
carwash-like whip allowed the use of a heavier riding
crop, and then a split bamboo cane, and finally a heavy
leather paddle on the end of a long handle. This last
one resembled a Ping-Pong paddle with a badminton
handle. The wicked sounds of that paddle smacking into
the full surface area of one breast and then the other
was music to Mary's ears. The outraged nipples
flattened excruciatingly as she hit each one dead
center in turn.

Finally, Mary dropped to her knees. Tipping forward
she ran out her tongue and touched the soft downy hair
that was running with free flowing cum juice. She
couldn't resist the smell and taste of the nectar and
started to lick the bound girl with abandon. She
didn't stop until she had milked two more loads from
the cunt of her victim.

"Now," she thought to herself hungily, "it's my turn."

She released Cindy from the posts and loosened her gag
straps so that Cindy could tip her head forward again.
Cindy watched as Mary went over to another wall and
selected a device that Cindy recognized as a large
curved dildo, but with some straps.

"Shall we try this one next?" Mary asked, holding it
up as she came forward.

She wrapped one of the straps around Cindy's waist and
pulled it tight. Smiling at the gagged girl, Mary
eased the fat part of the artificial prick facing Cindy
up into Cindy's willing cunt. Pushing steadily, she
buried the entire 8 inches of the curved hard shaft
completely to the hilt.

Reaching down, she then grasped a strap hanging from
the base of the protruding prick and ran it under
Cindy's legs, up the crack of her ass and secured it
firmly to the waist strap in the small of the impaled
girl's back. Tugging it tight, the strap caressed the
rosy anal ring, teasing and further arousing Cindy.

"Now you have to try that other end. How about letting
me help again? OK?" said Mary teasingly.

Cindy looked down and saw she had grown a huge prick.
"So that's what a man would look like," she thought.
"But without the tits, of course."

She watched Mary go over to a low bar with a padded
knee rest in front of it. Mary kneeled in front of the
bar, and with a backward glance and smile at Cindy,
bent over the bar. Her flared ass rose gradually
higher in the air and with a slow spread of her legs,
her luscious cunt unfolded to Cindy's hungry gaze.

Almost in a daze, Cindy moved towards the proffered
target, the thick cock swaying and bobbing out front.
It arrived at Mary before Cindy did, and carried with
her forward momentum, it slid into the pre-moistened
tunnel with ease.

The only fucking Cindy had done was with dogs and
machines, and she began to imitate the coital rhythms
she knew. She advanced slowly two or three times
getting the feel of the length of her newly acquired
cock and then, with an unexpected rush, began rutting
in and out of Mary's pussy at great speed and with
great force.

The unusual technique took Mary completely by surprise
and pushed her off balance over the bar. Her knees
drew up and forced her head down and under the charging
girl. Her chin forcefully struck the lower cross bar
of the device and knocked her unconscious. Cindy was
fucking a limp duck, but she was unaware and continued
surging in and out of the pliant orifice with great

The other end of the dildo jammed up inside Cindy was
wiggling deliciously back and forth with her exertions,
driving her wild. She thought this was would be a
wonderful substitute for Brutus on occasion, but she
preferred the real thing.

She gradually noticed she had gotten had no reaction
from Mary. "Maybe I'm not doing it right," she thought
to herself, because if it felt this good to her, she
should surely be getting some sort of response from

Her actions speeded up, charging in and out faster and
with even more force. She began to twist and waggle
her hips as she drove the prick deep into the juicy
cunt poised in front of her.

Still no reaction.

"Maybe Mary wanted it up the ass," she wondered.
Pulling the cock entirely out of Mary's cunt, Cindy
carefully placed the head of it at the entrance of
Mary's rectum. Pushing slightly, the head entered and
then slipped away, sliding up her ass crack and away.

"Well, she didn't move away," Cindy noticed. "I guess
this must be the place!" Positioning the tip with care
once again Cindy pushed forward, this time hopping
slightly to get the right angle. It was difficult to
hop in these shoes, but the added height of the heels
facilitate her task.

"Success!" she cried in to the gag.

The head advanced slowly into the tight dark recess,
lubricated by Mary's own juice. Cindy applied more
pressure and slowly the long hard shaft advance past
the clinging rim. Eventually, the shaft disappeared
and she was tickling Mary's soft ass cheeks with her
own cunt hair.

Mary groaned softly. The sharp pains in her ass had
begun to rouse her. Even with her appreciation of all
things sexual and perverse, taking it up her own ass
was not something Mary particularly enjoyed.
Especially with a cock this size or in this position.

"OOOOHHHHHHH Cindy," she gasped as she began to come
awake. Still not fully coherent, she then began to
babble and sob.

Cindy took these utterances as a positive reaction to
her ass fucking. She started to fuck her rapidly in
and out, again copying again the rhythm of the canine
lovers she had known.

The resulting excruciating pain in Mary's ass blew into
her brain like a cold November gale and she mercifully
passed out again. Her limp body did not resist the
pounding at her rear door. Her adaptive and tortured
tissues began to conform to the shape of least
resistance. Relaxing and stretching, her anal opening
and the rectal cavity beyond began to respond to the
horrific stretching and the rapid motion.

Mary screamed back into consciousness in a full fledged
climax. "Oh, Shit, this is unbelievable!" she
screamed. "It hurts much too good. OH OH OH OH."

Cindy heard her screaming and, slowing her fucking,
jerked the prick fully into the depths of the now-
tenderized bowels in front of her. Once, twice, three
times. Just as Brutus did to her.

On the fourth stab, she fell across Mary's back. Cindy
had been cumming almost constantly the entire time she
had fucked Mary's cunt and ass hole. Slowly she slid
down the sweaty slippery skin of Mary's buttocks and
collapsed on her back on the floor. She shuddered a
couple of times in absolute bliss and drifted off to


Mary was aroused by the sharply acrid smell from an
ampule that had been broken under her nose. Instantly
awake, she looked up at the face of the man she knew as
Joe Tan.

"Thank you for taking my advice to help her yourself,"
he said simply. "Also, I'm sorry to hear about the
librarian's untimely death. A rather interesting use
for shrinkwrap, though. I will have to remember that."

Strangely, Mary was not surprised this man knew of her
nightly activities. Nothing about him surprised her
anymore. She didn't take his comments as a threat,
either. Just as comments from one professional to

"Can you prepare her by 4:00 this afternoon?" he asked
quietly. "My timetable has been moved up."

Phoc had insisted on another joint inspection of the
manufacturing lines, this time in the ceramasilk
factories. Joe had no intention of carrying out those
inspections, just as he had no choice but to answer his
brother's thinly disguised threat should he not be
there in 24 hours. That meant the girl had to be ready

Mary nodded, realizing the futility of arguing. Joe
Tan was paying her way too much money for her to even
think of refusing, and besides she would get to recruit
another new girl to take her place. And a new
librarian, too, don't forget.

Joe handed her a small box with a glittering curved
barbell inside. One end was larger than the other and
shaped just like the ovoid depression of Cindy's dainty
naval. "Please make sure she is wearing that in her
belly button. All the other preparations are to be as
you have been told."

Mary thought back to those instructions. Up until
recently, she had not had direct contact with this
powerful man. It had always been through
intermediates. Trying to trace them back had led to
blind alleys and burned fingers. He had covered the
traces of their contact extremely well. But she had
her instructions.

Sadly, she turned to the slightly snoring girl. 4:00
this afternoon would give her plenty of time to prepare
her for Mr. Tan. But first she had to get poor Brutus
back to the Estates.

She reached for the telephone, gingerly sitting down on
her aching ass.

Chapter 14

Waking up after her short deep nap, Cindy found herself
free of all restraints and lying on a soft couch. It
was more like a doctor's examination table, really.
Groggily, she couldn't remember it being on the fourth
floor, but maybe she had missed it. Without moving,
she allowed her senses to explore her surroundings.
She thought she was still on the fourth floor - she
still smelled the erotic leather, rubber and machine
oils that were becoming familiar to her. A scent of
silky hair, soft breath and smooth skin behind her told
her that Mary was probably close by, too. Relaxing
back into the soft cushion, Cindy stretched and curled
into a small ball. She felt as contented as a cat with
a full stomach lying in a pool of sunlight.

"Hey! Sleepyhead! Get a move on! We've still got the
rest of the floor to do," came Mary's loving voice.
The thought of doing more naughty things with her new
best friend stirred her into action.

Getting up, she saw that she was in a room she didn't
recognize. But it was definitely on the fourth floor.
It was indeed an examination table, complete with
stirrups and a large overhead articulated lamp. Small
tables were set up in the tiled room. One next to the
exam table had a lot of tubes and things. The other,
next to the wall had some food on it.

She went over to the second table and prepared a light
lunch for herself. Mary already had a plate and was
just finishing up. There was a small pitcher with the
drink she now recognized as Margaritas sitting in the
cooler. She was parched and had finished one tumbler
of the soothing drink and was well on her way to
finishing the second glassful when Mary walked over to
the table. Gently she took the plate of food from
Cindy's hand.

"I don't think there will be any time for you to eat,"
she said quietly.

Cindy looked at her to see if she was kidding. Mary's
voice sounded strange, like she was sad or something.
Cindy, as usual, misread the signs and accepted her
tone for one of seriousness.

"Oh, OK. I'm sorry I slept so long. My own stupid
fault if I have to miss lunch."

Mary guided the gullible girl back to the exam table.
The sedatives in the drinks she had just consumed where
going to hit her hard in a couple of minutes and Mary
would just as soon not have to carry her. Too much

Cindy began to sag against the older woman as they
approached the table. She was barely able to get up on
the high cushion before her muscles all seemed to lose
their strength. She watched in drugged silence as Mary
sterilized a long needle and then punctured the lip of
her dainty little belly button right at the apex. From
a jewelry box she watched the woman take out a
glittering jewel and insert it through the new
piercing. The adornment fit perfectly, as if it had
been designed for her.

Next Mary rolled Cindy over on to her stomach. The
unresisting girl felt straps being placed over her
wrists and upper shoulders. Her legs were also
strapped down after her knees were pulled up under her
stomach. Cindy was kneeling on the exam table, ass
high in the air.

From the small table next to where Cindy was
restrained, Mary picked up a long flexible tube. A dab
of grease on the end was all the lubricant she used as
she fed the inquisitive probe into Cindy's anus.
Patiently and expertly she worked the long tube deeper
and deeper. The end wormed its way up through her
colon, through the sigmoid section and into the
descending colon. When it had crossed over the
transcending colon and ended up down at the beginning
of the ascending colon, Mary stopped pushing the tube
in. She then attached the other end of the tube to a
bottle of warm soapy water. A twist of the stopcock
and Cindy was receiving a very thorough deep enema.

The warm water rushing into her bowels would have
caused her a great amount of discomfort had it not been
for the sedative she had taken. As it was, it was
still painful. Mary allowed her to defecate with the
tube still in place, the cleansing enema pushing out
all the fecal matter in her system. Another enema
followed, this one with clear water. Again, Mary left
the small tube in place as Cindy spurted out the
speckled solution over the table and onto the tiled

Satisfied that Cindy was free of any major chunks of
shit, Mary removed the empty bottle from tube.
Attaching a cylinder to the free end, Mary activated
the self-contained press, slowly pulling the long tube
out of Cindy as the soft material was squirted in
through the tube. After the four cylinders were
injected as instructed, she pulled the rest of the long
tube free.

Mary completed her preparation of Cindy for Joe Tan by
inserting a long butt plug up her ass. Two metallic
BenWa balls slid easily into her cunt. Then came the
weird part. Thankful that her veterinary background
prepared her for this, Mary took a silk suture and a
surgical needle and sewed the lips of Cindy's cunt together, sealing the balls in. Then, as 4:00
approached, she cleaned herself, the girl and the room
and walked into another part of the building.

At about the same time, Susan, Mary's sneaky trainer,
was approaching the small cottage where Cindy lived.
And Brutus. She wasn't happy about having to retrieve
the dog, but Mary had insisted. She was right, too.
Until the assistant trainer was hired, Susan was the
only person who was available to get the huge dog.

Brutus recognized Susan immediately as she approached
the cottage and sat rigid in the middle of the one room
cottage watching her warily. As did all the dogs in
the kennel, Brutus recognized her short white lab coat
as a symbol of her authority. Without it, Brutus would
not have obeyed her commands.

Brutus, however, associated that coat with something
else, too. Pain, frustration, more pain, cruel torture
and sadism, although he probably didn't think in those
concepts. But he felt them, just the same. So it
wasn't surprising, then, that when she reached out to
snap the leash on his collar that he jerked away,
snapping at her hand at the same time. There were
probably many reasons he did so, not least of which
that he was truly enjoying living with his Mistress. A
leash meant he was being taken away.

Susan snatched her hand back just in time from the
sharp teeth, fear thundering through her veins. This
huge dog still terrified her and his sudden vicious
actions opened a torrent of panic. The leash flew out
of her hand and sailed across the room, sliding to a
halt on the floor beneath the kitchen cupboards.

Without thinking, Susan went over to get the leash. It
was farther under the table than she could easily reach
so she got down on her hands and knees to get a better
reach. It wasn't until she felt the heavy weight of
the hound on her back, pinning her to the floor, that
she realized her error. She had presented the dog with
the very thing she had used to torment him. The short
white tails of her lab coat were stretched tightly
across her ass.

Brutus hadn't hesitated to mount her. Instinct? Fear?
Revenge? Who knows what went on in his mind or why.
But he had her pinned securely to the floor and wasn't
about to let her up. Her short lab coat slid slowly up
over her ass as she was bent over so far, leaving just
her panties protecting her dry holes.

Brutus didn't care if they were dry or not. He didn't
care that she still had her panties on. He lunged
forward. The force of his thrust moved both of the
partners across the kitchen floor towards the corner of
the room. The second thrust moved them closer. When
Susan's head hit the cupboard doors on the third
thrust, they stopped sliding. But Brutus didn't stop
pounding away. He just kept on taking out all his
canine frustrations on the object of his hatred.

At some point the fragile fabric of Susan's panties lost to the relentless pounding of his cock. The next
thrust buried his huge cock deep within the kneeling
woman, up to the base of his swollen knot. Howling
like his ancestor the wolf, the huge dog immediately
started hammering away at his bitch. His practice with
his Mistress of fucking without being locked paid off
as he assailed the dry cunt below him.

His Mistress had kept Brutus pretty well drained this
past weekend and it had been taking longer and longer
for him to achieve release. Mistress hadn't minded the
endless fuckings and her constant pleasure helped him
achieve his own climax. This time, however, Mistress
wasn't there to stimulate him with her soft mewling and
words of encouragement. Brutus hammered and hammered
at his bitch, each thrust pounding her head into the
cabinet doors. He didn't notice the large pool of
blood under her body until several hours later when he
had finally finished. Sniffing at the acrid smelling
blackening fluid, Brutus returned to the kennels where
he was raised, as Mistress was late and he was hungry.

Mary led Cindy into a well lit room. The sedatives
were wearing off and Cindy was almost coherent, if a
little groggy. The lights hurt her eyes and the pain
of the crude stitches in her labia ached when she
walked. The strange vibrations caused by the fluid-
filled balls in her vagina perked her up, awakening the
now familiar sensations within her. Even the plug in
her ass didn't feel that strange.

As Cindy's eyes adjusted to the bright lights she
suddenly stopped short. Her hands immediately moved,
one covering her privates, the other trying to cover
her breasts. She turned to Mary who was alarmed at her
sudden distress.

"Mary, there's a man here!" Not getting the
reassurance she was looking for, she continued.
"There's a man in here and I'm naked. I've never been
naked in front of a man before, Mary!" Cindy continued
to try to squirm away from Mary's firm grim and to hide
her nudity behind the body of her friend.

Suddenly Cindy felt another cool hand on her other arm,
pulling it gently, but insistently down to her side.
Defeated, she allowed her hands to be placed at her
side and she didn't try to cover her beauty with them
again. She stood still, shamed, her eyes filling with

"So, little one, you are the special girl," said a
soothing voice in her ear. There was just a hint of an
exotic accent, just a hint of dangerous intrigue. "My
name is Liu, and I am going to take good care of you."
Her hands were running over Cindy's body as she spoke,
stirring all kinds of strange and erotic feelings in
the naked girl. Her hand had a familiarity to them, as
if they had caressed her body before. Cindy began to
lean into the feathery touches, yearning for more. Her
nudity was forgotten.

Liu evaluated the girl coldly and clinically as she
touched and aroused her methodically. Her responses
were good, but not as good as an Oriental girl's would
have been. But then, her stamina was higher. This one
would last a long time for her Master. Joe had chosen

Surreptitiously Liu ran the small electronic device
over the girl's body as she touched her. Just as she
had thought, there was a small electronic signal coming
from the girl. Using her small knife, she slit open
the stitches holding Cindy's cunt lips together and
none to gently dug out the metallic balls. Satisfied
that there were no additional tracking devices on the
woman, Liu pulled Cindy over to a waiting table.

As they got closer, Cindy saw the table was actually
two halves of a large box. Each half had a depression
in it, one in the shape of the front of a woman, the
other in the shape of the back. Without question, when
urged by Liu, Cindy stepped into the half shaped like
the front and lay face down.

It was a tight fit but the material had a little give
to it. It pressed in on her swollen boobs tightly
forcing the pliant tissue down into the deepest
recesses of the depressions. There was a tube that
went into her mouth. A center hole in the tube allowed
her to breath.

Cindy did not panic when the back half was lifted up
and fit over her. She was feeling too much ecstasy to
be panicked. As far as she was concerned, the feelings
she was having now were the ultimate. They only
increased when the vacuum pump started pumping all the
air from between her body and form fitting material.
So well was she packed that she did not even feel the
vibrations of the men that moved the carton that
contained her to the elevator, or the bouncing of the
truck as they shipped her to the waiting airplane.

It was only when the plane reached its cruising
altitude that Cindy became vaguely aware of where she
was and the passing of a good amount of time. A small
niggling memory nagged at the corner of her brain.
There was someone waiting, someone she had to feed and
take care of, someone who loved her. But Cindy knew
she didn't have any children, so she ignored the pesky
memory and let the endless flow of her orgasms carry
her onward. She slept off and on for hours,
alternating between the world of erotic dreams and the
erotic sensations the mummification gave her. Both, of
course, were strongly aided by the drugs she had taken

Tan Chew watched out the window as his private jet
descended to land at the private airstrip outside of
his brother's huge compound. Garish, lavish and
tasteless was the universal comment for anyone who had
seen it. A smear on the Tan family's name, it was a
scar on the face of the earth. Joe had watched the
monstrosity take shape by studying photos purloined
from the American spy satellites. It was ugly even
from that far way. The building was visible even now,
and they were miles away from landing. It only got
uglier the closer they flew.

Joe noticed the small van pulling up to the side of his
private plane as they drove away from the airport to
Phoc's palace. He did not see them unloading the crate
with the American woman, but he was positive they had.
It was, after all, a part of his plan.

As expected, his brother cancelled their joint trip
abruptly. Chew respectfully and stoically accepted the
news that he would be taking the trip by himself. Phoc
had other pressing business to attend to. Chew would
be leaving immediately for Mongolia to disassemble the
entire plant piece by piece by himself until he had
figured out the problem. He was rudely excused from
his brother's presence and told he was unthinkably
excused from the birthday party. He would be busy.

Chew rode back to the plane by himself. Not
surprisingly, Liu had finally shown her hand and stayed
with Phoc. Chew had known Liu was Phoc's spy since the
time Chew's agent had returned with the news that Liu's
village had been wiped out. Chew hadn't ordered it,
and there had been no other logical reason for anyone
else to order it. That left a personal reason, and
that left Phoc.

He didn't care how Phoc had turned her. What was
important was to make Phoc think he didn't know about
Liu. It had been hard to overlook some of the things
she had done, but he had done managed it. Now it was
over. She was gone. What did surprise him was the
absence of Quan-Loc, the little baumkind. The tiny
mutant had clung to Liu with both hands - no claws - as
Chew had driven out of Phoc's compound. It was unheard
of for the little agents to develop any affection for
any large person. The scientist in him felt a pang of
loss. It would have been a tremendous breakthrough if
they could study that relationship. But if there was
one, there were bound to be others. They were possibly
on the right track.

Chew was surprised to find his little China Doll
waiting for him. She was alert and well, which was
even more surprising. For all her hatred towards him,
Liu did not drag in others. The little girl smiled up
at him, then settled in for the next leg of her long
trip. She missed the nice lady and that strange little
monkey man but if she needed to know anything, Uncle
Joe would tell her.

The plane was 40 miles out when Chew took the small
transmitter from his pocket. It would take them
several hours to prepare the American girl for his
brother. He had known Phoc would not be able to resist
stealing her from him once Liu described her to him.
Phoc liked to take his time killing them. Brutal
though he was, he was painstakingly predictable.

Too bad he hadn't studied the family history better.
If he had, he would probably have killed Chew in his
crib. Since the beginning of time, even before they
became the industrial arm of the chinese government, it
had always been the second son who ended up running the
Tan family. Always. The first son would take up the
mantle, either by natural death or by force, as in
Phoc's case. And then the second son would succeed
him. Always by force.

Chew pushed the button on the transmitter. Two
kilograms of X59 buried in Cindy's bowels received the
special code from the detonator hidden in her belly
button ring. Everything within a half-mile radius
ceased to exist.

Seismic stations around the world reported a huge
explosion outside of Beijing. The lack of
radioactivity led scientists to suspect an industrial
accident. Little information was available.

Humanitarian aide poured in to the devastated area from
around the globe.

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