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COLDOUT extreme pleasure seeing both their



This work is the intellectual property of the author davidb234 and he
claims the copyright. It may be posted or archived to any free site,
but not to any commercial or pay site or organisation, without the
authors express permission.

Check out my archive at you will find it in the Authors list.

This is a work of adult fiction and contains descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you are under the age
of consent where you reside delete this file immediately. If it is
illegal to obtain this sort of material where you reside delete this
file immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

A story by davidb234

It was cold outside. The snow has stopped falling, and the wind had
dropped, but it was still too cold to want to venture out without a
very good reason. My old cabin was the perfect place to see out
weather like this. The big stone fireplace retained plenty of heat
after two days of fires blazing in it's hearth, this kept the main
room warm through the night when the fire was likely to burn right
down, if not out, and with doors left open, warmed the rest of the
place as well. The kitchen had it's own black cooking range that
produced almost as much heat as the main fire. The attached stable
also benefited from this feature and had I kept a horse in there it
would have been more than comfortable.

My only companion was my uncles old hound dog. He came with
the cabin when I inherited it eighteen months ago, and I guess I
wasn't prepared to have him put down just because he wasn't going to
fit too well into my city lifestyle. In the end I moved house,
leasing my apartment and using some of the cash I had, to install a
generator so I had electricity to run my computer hardware and
satellite communications system. I guess I was now the epitome of
teleworking, and I was really making the most of it. I found I could
do twice as much work with no distractions and sometimes didn't even
differentiate between night and day when I was on a roll. All in all
I was doing very well indeed, making more money that before I moved
here, and finally managing to forget the bitch of a woman I had round
my neck always wanting me to marry her to make our relationship 'more
meaningful'. All she really wanted was to get her hands on my money,
and to be honest I had more than I could ever need on my own. I just
didn't want to share it with a Gold Digger like her.

I'd just got over my second Christmas alone, not wanting to
push myself on to my neighbours no matter how friendly we were the
rest of the year. This was a family time, and I wasn't part of
theirs. I'd almost forgotten why I moved here, except that I was
loving every minute, even the solitude was acceptable because I knew
it wasn't for ever, and would end when the thaw started in about two
months time. As I said, I was doing very nicely thank you, until that
bloody hound dog started to bark. Being old and experienced he had
acquired a number of different barks for a number of different
occasions. I'd managed to learn a few of them, and I actually
recognised the one he was using right now. It was telling me a human
being was outside the door. This was plainly crazy, no human in his
right mind would be out in this weather, not even an old timer like
my uncle went out while it was snowing.

So I ignored the dog, but only for a few minutes, because he
started again, this time more insistently than before. "OK, I'll take
a look" I said, being in the habit of conversing with him at times
like this. I went to the door and unbolted it then opened it a couple
of inches to look for any sign of people. I was about to close it
again and roundly curse the dog for making me get cold, when I saw a
tiny movement a couple of feet from the snow that had fallen from the
roof. I pulled the door closed behind me and stepped over to the dark
heap laying in the snow. It was a boy, he looked to be about mid
teens, and lay absolutely still as if unable to move. I bent down and
scooped him up in my arms, got him through the door and laid him down
in front of the fire while I closed and bolted the door once more.

As he lay there I felt his pulse to make sure he was still
alive, then went and put a pot of soup on the stove to re-heat so I
could get something warm inside him when he awoke. I also put a few
stones in the oven to heat up. I'm no medical genius, but I do know
how important it is to get a cold person warm quickly, and that
laying in front of a blazing fire wasn't the best way of doing it. To
that end I pulled an old pallet bed from the spare bedroom and placed
it in front of the fire, but a few feet away from the best of the
heat. I then made the bed up with extra blankets and got ready to get
in myself, meaning to have the lad sharing my body heat until he
recovered. That's when I got my first surprise. As I removed the
inadequate hooded overcoat he was wearing a cascade of golden hair
spilled out and over HER face. I also saw for the first time that her
lips were blue. As she was still unconscious I slipped my hand
beneath the woollen sweater and felt her abdomen, it was bitterly
cold. That's when I decided to do what I intended originally, and I
quickly stripped her down to her panties, she had no bra on, and
lifted her on to the bed, tucking her side of the covers well under
the mattress, then got in beside her.

God, she was cold, so cold I started to shiver the moment I
touched her. Nothing loth I pulled her close to me, so we were face
to face, and made sure my body was touching as much of hers as
possible. I then put my arms round her back and held her tight. I
don't know what it's like holding a corpse, but this must have been
pretty close. The feel of her icy cold flesh against mine was pretty
creepy, and if it hadn't been for the fact I could feel her chest
moving slightly I'd have given her up for dead. As it was I lay on my
back and rolled her over on top of me, working on the principle that
my body heat would rise and she'd get a greater benefit than if she
lay beside me. After a while I rolled her off me and turned her over
so her back was to my chest, rolled on to my back again rolling on
top of me, and we lay like that for some time, before I needed to go
to the bathroom. When I returned I brought a couple of the hot stones
from the oven, wrapped in some old blanket and placed them at the
bottom of the bed, to act as foot warmers. I also brought a cup of
the hot soup, in case she was able to drink it. As it was I drank it
myself as I sat beside her listening to her laboured breathing. At
least it seemed to me she was taking slightly deeper breaths now as I
lay down again and snuggled up close to her, once more sharing my
body heat with her.

This time I could feel she wasn't quite so cold and her
nipples began to feel quite nice as they pressed into my chest. I
also began to feel her buttocks begin to give a little as I held then
in my hand, pulling her lower body close to mine while my other hand
pulled her chest tight too. I finally began to drift off to sleep,
and was soon dreaming that I was in bed with that cold bitch, feeling
her get colder the longer we lay together. I suddenly woke up, and
saw the fire was dying down, so I got up and stacked it up with logs
so it would last for a few hours more. I got into bed again and as I
took her into my arms I felt her shiver, the first sign of life I'd
seen from her. As we lay there, her shivering and me rubbing her arms
and legs as best I could under the blankets I heard her say "Where's
Jenny?" "Who's Jenny" I replied, "And where was she?" the girl opened
her eyes and said "Where am I, who are you?" I smiled at her as
friendly as I could "My names Jack, and I found you in the snow in
front of my door, at least my dog told me you were there. You were
pretty cold so I've been trying to warm you up. Now, who's Jenny and
where did you last see her?" she frowned and said slowly "I left her
in our car at the end of your track, I saw the sign, and the smoke,
and came to see if I could get some help. You see we got lost in the
snow storm and almost lost the road."

I got up, fetched her some soup and began to dress. "You stay
right where you are, if you need the bathroom it's along that short
passage. There's logs if you need to stoke the fire, but don't get
out of bed unless you have to, you still need a lot of warming up.
I'll be back as quick as I can with Jenny, OK?" she nodded, as I
stuffed my feet into my uncles snow boots, and fastened his old
bearskin coat. I then picked up an extra coat and some blankets
before opening the door and stepping out into the cold darkness,
closing the door firmly behind me. I was about to start for the main
road half a mile away, when I thought about the old sled in the
stable. I dragged it along behind me as I fought my way through the
deep soft snow down to the end of my track. The fact I couldn't see
the track didn't matter, uncle had cut blazes into the trees on both
sides every year, and now they looked like lines of ladders some of
them ten feet high. It took all of half an hour for me to get to the
road, and I saw what had to be the girls four by four under a mound
of wind blown snow. I brushed all I could off the side window and was
glad to hear a tiny scream as if someone inside was frightened.

I tried to open the door but it was locked, not a bright thing
to do under the circumstances, but I knocked on the window and
shouted "Open up Jenny I've come to bring you to a fire." A small
hand struggled to lift the catch inside the door, and eventually I
heard it pop and opened the door and put my head inside. There lay a
small bundle on the seat wrapped up in a mass of clothing taken from
a suitcase laying on the other seat. Very quickly I wrapped Jenny in
a blanket, lifted her out of the car and lay her on the sled covering
her up with the old coat and some extra blankets, I was about to
close the car door when I thought about clothes, and gathered all I
could find, stuffed them into the case and lay it on the sled beside
Jenny. I then decided to spend a moment checking the vehicle to see
if there was anyone else inside. It was empty thank goodness, but I
did see another bag, so I grabbed that too. I then began the trek
back, and made it in less that an hour, dragging the loaded sled
straight in through the door and closing it behind me again.

Ignoring the bags and the sled I dragged Jenny off it and lay
her in front of the fire, pulling all the clothes off her and
checking to see how cold she was. Luckily she wasn't as cold as the
first one was, but I left her for a moment and went and dragged my
double mattress to lay in front of the fire, made it up with extra
blankets and lay hot blanket wrapped stones at the bottom. "Get in" I
told the first girl as I started to strip Jenny down to her
underwear. "But I'm OK now" she protested, "No you're not, do as I
tell you, and get in before you get cold again." By now I had Jenny
undressed and found she was shivering violently. I almost tossed her
into bed as I got in beside her and hugged her to me as I once more
told her sister to get in beside me and hurry. This time she did, but
seemed reluctant to get too close to me now she was awake. What
changed her mind was when she started to shiver again. Then she
pulled the covers tight to her back and pressed her almost naked body
tight to my back. Damn, that was cold, having a shivering woman each
side of me, even the fact they were both almost naked didn't help to
make me feel any better. After a few minutes Jenny was shivering a
little less so I rolled on to my back and held her close to me with
one arm. The other arm I wrapped round her sister on my other side,
and found she wasn't going to argue the matter as she snuggled up
close to my chest and promptly fell asleep.

I stayed awake as long as I could, and the last thing I
remember before I drifted off was Jenny moving gently beside me as
she tried to get a little closer to my warm body by rolling on top of
me, laying her head on my chest and allowing her legs to fall each
side of my left leg. I woke up when the dog started to lick my face,
his usual morning trick to tell me he wanted feeding, he seemed a
little confused to find me sleeping somewhere different, but soon
adapted and woke me up anyway. Very gently I extracted myself from
between the girls and after stoking the fire I went and found some
clothes before going to the kitchen and firing up the stove. While
the kitchen stove was getting hot I fetched lots of fresh water and
put it on to heat so I could get the girls to lay in a hot bath for a
while before they got dressed. I also placed an old fashioned
cauldron on the main rooms fire to heat more water from the buckets
of snow I brought in through the door to the stable. By the time the
water was hot enough for a bath I'd got coffee bubbling and bacon
frying, producing enough smells to wake my old uncle.

As she sat up I wrapped Jenny in a thick towelling bath robe
and placed a plate of bacon and beans in front of her saying "Wrap
yourself round that Jenny, and I'll let you have a nice hot bath, how
does that sound?" she looked up at me and smiled weakly, "Wonderful
Jack, thanks for saving me last night." I smiled and went back to the
kitchen where Jenny's sister sat wrapped in a blanket sipping a cup
of coffee. I dished her up a plate of bacon and beans, and placed it
in front of her, "Not the Hilton, but it helps to keep you warm from
the inside" I said, and ate the rest from the frying pan as I sat
opposite her. When I was done I went and dragged the big old tin bath
from the stable, making sure there was no straw or droppings in it,
and placed it in front of the fire, where I began to fill it with the
closest lot of water. Jenny watched fascinated as I ladled the water
from the cauldron to the bath, tested the temperature with my elbow,
and dumped a bucket of snow in it to cool it down a bit.

"Right Jenny, in you get" I said as I helped her stand up. As
she hesitated I said, "Jenny, where did you sleep last night?" she
looked at me and gave a shy smile, "I'm being silly aren't I" she
said, "I slept in your bed with no clothes on, so why should I bother
if you help be get into the bath, right?" "Jenny" I said softly "If
you prefer to have your sister help you, I understand, and I honestly
don't mind, but I'll still have to come in to bring more hot water to
keep the temperature up." Just then Jenny's sister came in and Jenny
said "Hi Sue, I guess we nearly came a real cropper last night,
didn't we?" Sue nodded silently and stood there as Jenny shrugged off
her blanket and pushed her pants down her legs and off her feet then
stepped into the hot water, gasping at the temperature as she slowly
sat down. After a couple of minutes Jenny slowly laid herself back
until she just had her head above the waterline, and she gave a loud
sigh of contentment as she relaxed, feeling the heat permeate through
her body.

I went and did the dishes we had used for breakfast, then
called Sue and asked her to sort out some clothes for her and Jenny
so I could set them in front of the stove and the fire to warm before
they got dressed. When Sue opened the cases it was obvious that they
had no cold weather clothes at all, the closest they came was a
couple of stylish woollen sweaters, that wouldn't keep a sheep warm,
let alone a woman. I went into the stable again, and dragged out the
old chest that held all my uncles possessions. These included some of
his clothes I hadn't got round to throwing away. I rummaged through
the chest and found some old long johns and vests. As uncle had been
pretty small for a backwoodsman these were too small for me, but
might just do the girls until the could get back on the road. I
stuffed then into the oven and went back to see how Jenny was doing
in the bath.

As I walked into the room I saw them with their heads together
talking, until they saw me there. They then stopped as I bent over
the bath and put my hand in the water, shaking it from side to side
an inch above Jenny's pussy that I could see in outline under the
water, "Need any more hot Jenny?" I asked with a smile. She smiled
back and shook her head, "No thanks Jack, I think I better get out
before I turn into a prune." With that she began to sit up, until I
stopped her, "Let me go and get you a towel" I said, and Sue got up
to follow me so I didn't have to come back into the room while Jenny
got out of the bath. I let her have her bit of prudery, and gave her
the towel as I asked "Would you like the bath treatment Sue, it will
do you the world of good, you're still not warm, are you?" she shook
her head, then looked at me and said "Would you mind if I had one on
my own?" I grinned at her and said "Sue, if you want to have a bath
without me coming into the room, that's fine with me. I'm afraid
you'll have to use the same water Jenny had, I'll just top it up with
more hot, all right?"

Ten minutes later I'd topped up the bath with more hot water
and left Sue to have a soak on her own as she requested. In the mean
time I was showing Jenny the thermal underwear I'd found for her and
Sue, and she was about to start dressing when I stopped her and said
"Go in with Sue and dress in there please Jenny, I think she'd feel
better if you did." Jenny smiled at me and picked up her clothes "OK
Jack, I guess you're right" and she left me in the kitchen preparing
food for a midday meal. I didn't usually do this. I had a good
breakfast and then worked through to the evening when I usually
rustled up something quick and easy. Now I'd have to start using some
of the supplies I had stored in the cellar, and probably some of the
deer carcass hanging in the stable where it was cold enough for it to
keep all through the winter. I was just coming up through the
trapdoor with a basket of potatoes and carrots when Sue came into the
kitchen, then screamed as she saw me half buried in the floor.

A second or two later she realised what was what and blushed
bright red at her foolishness. I just looked at her, grinned and said
"Sue, if you keep blushing like that I won't need to have a fire,
you'll keep us all warm." "Beast" she said with a grin, "You scared
me coming out of the floor like that, what's down there anyway?" I
stood to one side, "Have a look" I said, "I won't scream as you come
up." She looked daggers at me then took a couple of steps down the
ladder and looked all around her. "Jeez, Jack, you've got enough here
to last you for months, if not years" she gasped. I helped her to get
out of the hole and said "Well Sue, my uncle always believed in
having twice as much as he thought he needed, in case of emergencies,
I decided to do the same, after all he lasted for forty years up
here, ten of them alone after his wife died, so he couldn't have been
too far wrong, could he?" I put the basket of vegetable to one side
and handed Sue a canvas bucket, took two more with me and went into
the main room where Jenny was just starting to struggle with the full
bath, as she tried to take it outside.

I handed her one canvas bucket, showed them how to fill then
once they were soaked then I opened a window before putting on a coat
and going outside so they could pass buckets full of bath water out
to me for disposal. I'd had a soakaway dug when I moved in, uncle
didn't need one as he never took a bath. I did, regularly, so I
needed to dispose of large quantities of dirty water occasionally,
this is where I emptied the buckets one after another until Jenny
said the bath was empty. I came back in, and stood in front of the
fire for a while to warm up before going to the kitchen and starting
to prepare meat and vegetables for the stew I planned. This would be
easy to make, and would last a couple of days, even if it did get
boring, we wouldn't starve. Having nothing else to do the girls came
and sat at the kitchen table where I was peeling the veg, Jenny
looked at Sue and they both started to laugh. Before I could ask what
was so funny Sue looked at me and said "Jack, you're not really used
to this sort of thing yet, are you?" I frowned at her, "Of course I
am, I've been fending for myself for years." She stood up, stood
beside me and pushed me aside with a flick of her hip against mine,
"I'll bet you have, and all from tins or a takeaway, no doubt. I bet
you haven't had a decent home cooked meal since you got here, have
you?" I grinned ruefully, "To be honest I haven't." I said "Cooking
was never my strong point, I made sure I had plenty of tinned stuff,
and I could always throw a lump of meat on the stove to cook if I
wanted a change."

"Jack" said Sue gently "Why don't you go and find something to
do while I fix us some food, you don't mind if I go through your
cupboards, do you?" I shook my head, I had no secrets in my
cupboards, or skeletons in my closets for that matter so she could
look where she wanted. I went into the main room and pulled out my
workstation, went through to the generator room and fired it up, then
fixed myself a cup of coffee before sitting down to do some work.
Before long Jenny came and pulled up a chair and sat close beside me,
watching what I was doing, "What's that you're reading Jack?" she
asked, "It's a technical manual, I'm proof reading it to see if there
are any mistakes a spell checker has missed or grammatical errors the
author might have made. What I do is read every word carefully
highlight any errors I find, then send it back so the mistakes can be
put right." Jenny frowned thoughtfully, then said "But doesn't it get
boring doing that all the time, I know it would be for me, and I
wouldn't like to be all alone her for so long." "Oh, I don't do that
all the time, I have other things I do and I'm not always alone, you
know." Just then as if to prove my point my satellite phone rang,
making Jenny jump and give a tiny screech of surprise. "Jack" I said
briefly as I held the receiver to my ear, after all if any one was
calling me I was the only one to answer it. "Oh, hi Dave, what's the
problem?.. Yep, I'll be finished it tonight with a little luck,.. No,
there's been a heavy fall, and I won't be able to get out for weeks,
send it to me by e-mail, I'll get it started as soon as I can, Bye,
speak to you later."

I now had enough work to keep me busy for a week or more, my
agent wanted me to do a rush job which was now going to be more
difficult with me having a couple of houseguests. All this time Jenny
had been sitting by my side watching everything I did and said, even
when I got up to put more logs on the fire she followed me with her
eyes, until I sat back down again. Just then the kitchen door opened
and the most wonderful smell permeated the whole cabin, even bringing
the dog out of his hiding place in the stable to see what was
happening. That's when Sue brought in a tray loaded with bowls of
soup and a plate piled high with lumps of oven fresh bread. "Where
did you find this Sue?" I asked, Jenny kicked my ankle as she said
"Don't be silly Jack, she's just baked it in the oven, don't you know
what soda bread is?" I shook my head, "No, I used all the bread I
brought up with me in the first week, and I don't know how to make
it, so I do without, this tastes really great, you'll have to show me
how it's done, before you leave." Sue nodded silently then went back
to the kitchen with the dog following her looking for scraps of

I finished my meal, then sat down and finished the last bit of
reading I had to do. I then transmitted it via satellite leaving the
connection open so I could receive the incoming message I was
expecting. In the mean time I went and sat in my favourite chair in
front of the fire and picked up the book I'd been reading the
previous night. Jenny came and sat on the floor beside me, resting
her head on my thigh, and her hand on my knee. We were sat like that
when Sue came in bringing the coffee pot to see if I wanted any more.
I had some and thanked her for thinking of me, and she went back to
the kitchen again. As Sue got to the door she called Jenny to come
into the kitchen with her. Jenny returned a couple of minutes later,
this time sitting on the other arm chair, all curled up as if she was
still cold. "You warm enough Jenny" I asked, "Yeah, I'm fine thanks
Jack, I'm just not used to all this outdoor stuff, I'm a big city
girl, you know, space heating and thick carpets." "What city was
that?" I asked as I concentrated on my book, "New York" she said,
"Yeah, me too, until my uncle died and left me this place. I moved in
two years ago and haven't been back since. I do everything by phone
and the Internet, even ordering my fuel and supplies. It's just
great, I really love it here."

I spent most of the afternoon sorting out new sleeping
arrangements. I told the girls they'd have to sleep on my double
mattress in front of the fire as the bedroom would be too cold for
them. I'd use the single cot in the spare bedroom, with the door left
open it would be warm enough for me. Jenny tried to argue but Sue
persuaded her to let me do it my way. By the time we were finished
doing all this it was time for the stew Sue had cooked up. I have to
admit it was the best meal I'd had in almost a year, I wasn't any
sort of a cook, and hadn't really had the incentive to learn anything
fancier than bacon and beans. This though was wonderful and I
determined to ask Sue to cook a big one for me before they left. As
it was, it was dark and cold outside, and I stacked the fire up,
putting some logs close by so the girls could put them on if they
woke up in the night, said goodnight and went to get into bed. With
the door being open I saw when the girls put out their lamp, just
leaving the rooms lit by the flickering firelight, and soon drifted
off to sleep.

I was awoken by someone shaking me and hissing "Jack, Jack,
wake up Jack, I need your help." I opened my eyes and saw Jenny
standing there in her robe, shaking my shoulder hard. "What's the
matter Jenny?" I asked as I sat up. "It's Sue, she's shivering so
hard I cant stop her, can you come and help me please." I got up and
ran just as I was, with only my shorts on, and looked at Sue as she
lay on the mattress shaking like a leaf in a gale. I then went to the
stove and pulled out a couple of rocks, covered them in bits of
blanket I had ready and carried them to the bed. I slipped the hot
rocks down by Sue's feet and got into bed beside her telling Jenny to
get in on her other side. "Right Jenny now cuddle up tight to Sue's
back, and put your arms round my shoulder to hold her tight between
us. I knew she wasn't properly warmed up, but she wouldn't let me get
close to her to do anything. I can't stand stupid women that think
they're better and stronger than men."

As we lay there Jenny gently stroked my arm, then said
quietly, "Sue's not like that really Jack, it's just that she's
running away from an abusive boy friend who started to hit on me the
other day. We packed all we had in the four by four and drove up here
looking for the only relative she knew we had, to see if we could
stay for a while. That's when we got lost, I nearly ran the motor off
the road in the snow then Sue saw the sign with your name on it, and
in a break in the snow saw the smoke from your chimney. That's when
she told me to wrap up well and she'd be back soon with some help. It
seemed like hours from when she left until you knocked on the window
and scared the life out of me." By now Sue had stopped shivering
quite so much and I scooted a couple of the rocks up her legs to help
warm them up a bit quicker. "To be honest Jenny you're both very
lucky. If my old dog hadn't told me Sue was outside she would have
died on my doorstep. She must have been outside for hours walking up
to this place, and she wasn't dressed for it either. Still she should
soon warm up IF she does as she's told and stays in bed for a while."
With that I lay on my back with Sue laying on my chest and closed my
eyes. I immediately felt a movement and found Jenny laying on my
other side and snuggling up close to me and whispering "That's a much
better way for us to sleep Jack, we can all be warm and comfy now."

I was woken once more by my dog licking me, and opened my eyes
to find I had Jenny and Sue laying snuggled up close to me, their
heads resting on my chest and their uppermost leg draped over my
thigh, both of them had their hand resting on my lower abdomen
dangerously close to my suddenly swelling penis. I also noticed that
Sue wasn't shivering, in fact she felt quite warm, as did Jenny on my
other side. I got up quickly, slipped on a robe and went to the
kitchen and fed the dog, I also stoked the fire and put on a pot of
coffee before returning to the mattress in front of the fire. I
managed to get back in between the girls and pulled then back close
to me, then closed my eyes again as I tried to get some more sleep. I
did, but not for long. I suddenly started dreaming I was laying tied
to a bed, being held down by one gorgeous woman, while another one
was sucking my life out of me through my cock.

I woke up just as I felt my insides flowing from me into the
woman's Hoover like mouth. "Aggghhhh.." I screamed as I woke up, to
find Sue was laying on my chest as she was when I went to sleep, but
Jenny wasn't in sight. That's because I felt her laying further down
the bed with my hard throbbing cock in her mouth sucking up the last
few drops of my cum from the end of it. "Jenny, what.." she looked up
at me and said "Don't be silly Jack, I've just given you a blow job,
didn't you recognise what I was doing?" "Of course I did for fucks
sake" I hissed, not wanting to wake Sue who stirring beside me, "I
just wanted to know WHY.." Jenny wiped her mouth on the corner of the
sheet, smiled at me and said softly, "Because I wanted to say thank
you for saving my life Jack, I felt your erection while you where
asleep and decided to see if I could do it without waking you up. It
almost worked, as well" she giggled. Jenny shuffled back up to lay
with her head on my shoulder, "It's not what I wanted to do, but Sue
reminded me we didn't have enough pills with us just now, and we
didn't think you'd have any condoms in stock, so I couldn't ask you
to make love to me like I wanted. This was the best alternative."

I hugged Jenny to me, kissed her on the cheek and said softly
"Jenny darling, you didn't have to think about having sex with me to
say thank you, I promise you." She lifted her head and looked at me
with our noses almost touching, "Oh, I'm sorry Jack, you're not gay
or anything are you?" and she blushed bright red when she suddenly
thought I might be offended at what she'd done for me. I grinned at
her, "No Jenny my dear, I'm not gay, just avoiding women for a while.
Now, as you're awake, how about we get dressed and cook some
breakfast for when Sue wakes up." Jenny nodded, then jumped out of
bed, still only wearing her panties and allowing me to see her
magnificent breasts as she walked to the bathroom to get a wash. I
followed and waited outside until she was done, then went in while
she got dressed in front of the fire. Half an hour later we were
sitting at the kitchen table eating bacon and beans again when Sue
came staggering in and sat beside me.

"I guess I got cold again last night" she stated as she took
the cup of coffee I offered her. "You sure did Sis" replied Jenny, "I
had to get Jack to come and help me warm you up, I got scared when I
couldn't get you to stop shivering. He slept with us all night again,
I couldn't have done it without him." Jenny dished up Sue's breakfast
then began to wash those dished she and I had used, adding Sue's when
she was done. I stoked up the stove again and stacked some of the
rocks back into the oven to take on some heat during the day and be
ready for tonight. "That's a good idea Jack" said Sue as she sat
watching me, "Do you do it all the time during the winter?" I shook
my head, "Not all the time, just when it's very cold, or when I have
a couple of naked women to keep warm" I replied with a smile, "I used
to use them all the time during my first winter, but the dog got too
comfortable sleeping on the bottom of my bed on top of the hot spots,
he never wanted to go outside and was getting too soft. Now he sleeps
in the straw in the stable, and comes and goes through the flap I cut
for him." Sue got up and went to the bathroom and got dressed, she
then joined me and Jenny in the main room, sitting on the sofa in
front of the fire. That's where the bombshell hit us all.

"Right" I said, "How about I try to contact this uncle of
yours, where does he live?" "All I know is that his place is
somewhere along this forest road" said Sue, "We were looking for the
side track where his cabin is. The thing is we only saw one signpost,
all the way up, and that was to your cabin. Do you know of another
one round here?" I shook my head, "As far as I know this is the only
place in twenty-five hundred square miles, you see about twenty-five
miles in every direction belongs to me. My uncle Charlie left it to
me almost two years ago when he died." The girls stared at me and
Jenny asked "What was your uncle Charlie's surname Jack?" "Harris,
why?" Sue started to cry, and I put an arm round her and cuddled her
up close in an effort to comfort her, Jenny laid her head against my
other shoulder as she whispered "That who we were coming to find
Jack. You see he was our uncle too. It seems as if we're cousins, and
kissing cousins too now" and she leaned up and fastened her soft lips
to mine in as warm and sensuous a kiss as I've ever experienced. When
she broke away she said softly "Hello cousin Jack, thanks for saving
my life."

Jenny snuggled up close to me just as Sue stopped crying and
sat upright, then turned to me and did the same as Jenny had done,
only a little more so. When she was done kissing me Sue laid her head
on my shoulder and said softly "I guess it's OK to kiss my cousin as
a thank you for saving my life. I hated the thought of kissing a
stranger, but you're family now, so it's OK." As we sat there warming
our toes Sue asked me to tell her about uncle Charlie. "I can't tell
you very much. I came up here about five years ago with my mother, a
few months before she died, Charlie showed me round the property and
introduced me to the two families that do all the logging, then spent
the rest of the holiday telling me all about his life in the forest.
He inherited it from his father who bought it as commercial tract
from the government in nineteen twelve. He got a couple of friends to
come and help him cut roads and set up a sawmill and began to cut
trees and saw lumber a year later."

"Over the years he bought more parcels of forest from people
that couldn't make the grade, and ended up with the whole twenty-five
hundred square miles of forest timber to cut. Where he was ahead of
his time, is that he planted two trees for every one he cut down, and
he always left half a mile of uncut trees between half mile wide
swathes of logging. Over the years the got a long term plan of
rotational logging that gave then a good income and allowed each
section of cut forest to recover and grow on for at least fifteen
years before it was cut again. Some was even left for thirty years.
This year they'll be cutting a section that will have been cut three
times already, and by fall will be replanted for the third time. To
be honest Charlie told me it was like money growing on trees, all we
had to do is not get too greedy, lumber will always be needed, and we
could spend the rest of our lives growing it."

"After that first visit I came up every year during the summer
vacation, it made a nice break from college, and I got to know more
and more about what happened during every season, especially the
winter when almost nothing happened because of the snow. I spent part
of one winter here, that was the year before he died. The next thing
I knew was getting a letter from his lawyers asking me to come up and
see them. I took a few days off work, came up and found I'd inherited
the whole thing, from forest to logging and lumber operations." I
paused for a moment then said "What I can't understand is why you
never got a mention in the will. His legal people told me they'd
searched for any other relatives a year or so before but never found
any. How come they missed you two?"

"I suppose because when mom died we moved around a lot, mom was
Charlie's youngest sister in law, and she died in a car wreck three
years ago leaving the two of us alone. I was only nineteen, and Jenny
was just fourteen. The authorities were going to take her away from
me and put her in a home, so we skipped town and I found a job and a
small place to live. Jenny looked after the apartment while I was at
work and I gave her lessons as best I could at nights. It worked
great for a while then a guy I went out with found out about Jenny
and started to give me a bad time and began to hit on her because she
was young and a vir.." Sue stopped then Jenny laughed and said "Yes
Jack, I'm a nineteen year old virgin. Believe me it hasn't been easy
to stay that way either. Sue did a great job protecting me until it
was almost too late and we managed to get away from that animal."

As I held them close to me I felt them both shiver at the
thought of what they'd escaped. "So what was your mothers name?" I
asked. Sue looked at me and said "Sarah Harris and she married a John
Browning, why, don't you believe what we're telling you or
something?" I grinned at her, "Don't be so touchy, this is the first
I've heard of you, Sue told me her father had walked out on the
family ten years before. From then on her mother had to struggle to
bring up two girls, finally losing her life in an accident coming
home late from work one night in a friends car. "We've been alone
since then, finally deciding to try to find uncle Charlie and see if
he could help. I guess we're not even that lucky, are we?"

"Oh, I don't know" I said softly, "At least you found the right
place, even if the person you were looking for wasn't here. At least
you're with family, and not some stranger, why you even kissed me, so
I can't be that strange" "He's got you there Sis. I don't mind
staying for a while, at least we're safer here than we would be back
in New York, we can't get mugged here, we've got nothing Jack wants"
and she burst into a fit of the giggles that surprised her sister. I
looked at the clock, saw it was still only four in the afternoon and
got up and went to the phone. "What are you doing Jack?" asked Sue.
"Well, at risk of pissing you off, I'm going to prove to myself
you're telling me the truth, then I'm going to see what I can do to
help the two of you out. How does that grab you?" Sue shrugged her
shoulders, "I don't care what you do. I told you the truth, that's
all I know." I stepped up to stand close to her, lifted her chin with
my fingertips and placed a tender kiss on her lips, "Sue my dear,
didn't you ever learn that you should only believe half of what
people tell you, and then only when it's been proved right. I don't
disbelieve you my dear, I just want to have it proved to me, beyond
reasonable doubt, all right?" she nodded "I guess so" the she went
and sat beside her sister and leaned back on the arm of the sofa.

I found the number of Uncle Charlie's lawyers and when I got
connected related what Sue had just told me, "Can you find out if
it's right. If it is I reckon they should have at least some of old
Charlie's money, they're family after all." I cut the connection
after I got a promise of some quick action then I turned round to the
girls and said "How about some more of that stew, is there enough for
dinner?" Sue smiled, "It's already on the stove warming up Jack, it
should be ready in a few minutes." She then went and laid the table
and Jenny and I soon joined her, sitting down to another wonderful
meal. I suddenly wondered if Sue would agree to stay here and cook
for me, I know I'd enjoy it, I didn't know if she would.

After dinner I switched my PC on and began sorting out the new
lot of work I'd received, ready to start reading it the following
morning. Jenny did the dishes and Sue found a book that took her
fancy and curled up in front of the fire and began to read it. As was
normal for me, I lost track of time so engrossed in my work as I got.
It was Jenny that finally said "I'm ready for bed Sue, how about
you?" Sue looked up at the clock, saw it was after eleven and agreed.
I heard the rustle of clothes and suddenly realise at least one of
them was undressing. I forced myself not to turn round, and
concentrated on the screen in front of me, until I heard them pulling
the bedclothes up over them. I then saved my work and closed down the
system. That's when I saw the girls laying in bed with a gap between
them, talking in such low voices I couldn't hear what they were
saying. When I'd closed the generator down and stacked up plenty of
logs for the fire I went to the bathroom for a final visit, then
said "Goodnight girls, I'll see you in the morning." I was about to
go into my bedroom when Jenny called out "Jack, will you come and
sleep between us tonight, Sue's still not really warmed up, and I
don't want to be frightened again tonight." I looked at Sue in the
flickering firelight and she looked back saying "Please Jack, I want
it too."

I slid down between them, wearing just my shorts and found that
they weren't even wearing any panties as they had the previous night.
I decided not to say anything and lay there on my back as they both
rolled over and lay themselves on to my chest with their upper legs
across my legs and their soft warm pussy's pressing against my
thighs. This was fine by me, except that it was making my usually
soft penis begin to harden quite rapidly and I began to worry that it
might disturb them. That is until I felt a soft cool hand wrap itself
around the rigid shaft. "That's was quick Jack" whispered Sue softly,
"Can I say thank you for saving us the same way Jenny did last
night?" I turned to face her and said just as softly "No Sue, there's
no need for you to do anything to thank me. It was my pleasure, I
assure you." Sue raised herself up on one elbow, looked down into my
eyes and said "Did I just hear you refuse a blow job? I thought all
men wanted them all the time." "Sorry my dear" I replied "I just
don't want one on your terms right now thank you very much."

Just then Jenny opened her eyes and gave me a tender kiss on
the lips before sliding down the bed and taking my cock in her mouth,
sucking on it for all she was worth. I was so aroused by sleeping all
night with two wet pussy's laying on my leg and two pairs of firm
breasts pressing into my chest I lasted less than a couple of minutes
before I was jerking my hips and shooting a stream of cum into
Jenny's soft warm mouth. The moment Jenny surfaced Sue looked at her
and jumped to her feet running to the bathroom where she locked
herself in. Jenny got up, put a robe on and went to the bathroom to
try to get Sue to come out. She was still there when I was laying
breakfast on the table and calling to Jenny to come and get hers. As
Jenny sat down I went to the bathroom and called through the door
"Sue, this isn't the Hilton, you come and get your breakfast now or
you don't eat for four hours, understand?" slowly the door opened and
Sue poked her head out, looked at me with tear stained cheeks and
said "I don't care, I want to get out of here today, even if I have
to walk all the way. I hate you."

I grabbed her by the shoulder and scooped her up into my arms
then carried her to the kitchen where I sat her down at the table,
"If you're leaving, you need to stoke up on food, so eat." I picked
up my plate and went and sat at my workstation to finish my own
breakfast. When I was done I went to the generator room and started
it up, I was about to leave when Sue came in behind me and closed the
door so we were alone. She then put her arms round my neck and kissed
me as warmly and as passionately as I had been kissed for many years.
"Jack, I want to say how sorry I am for saying what I did earlier.
Jenny explained what I was too stupid to realise, and that's the fact
you allowed her to give you a blow job because she wanted to do it,
not to thank you for doing anything like saving our lives. Would you
let me do the same thing tonight please, just because I want to, you
understand, and no strings attached." Giving her a hug I kissed her
softly and said "Why I thank you madam for your kind offer, which I
accept with the greatest of pleasure."

As I sat down at my workstation my phone rang, it was my
lawyers telling me they were sending me a full report on their
investigations into the girls and their parents. I asked if there was
anything they could tell me over the phone, they said to wait five
minutes and read the report. This didn't sound too promising but I
said OK and put the phone down. A few minutes later I heard my PC
telling me I had mail and downloaded the message and attached file. I
sat there and read the file, not liking all I read but having to
trust it was all correct. Basically it told me the girls were who
they said they were, and their parents were kosher too. "The problem
the lawyers raise girls, is that your mother was uncle Charlie's
wife's niece and they adopted her when her parents died. That's why
when relatives were being looked for they didn't try to find you
because you weren't actually uncle Charlie's nieces. I guess you got
a pretty raw deal, didn't you?"

All through the rest of that day the girls were looking pretty
pissed off at the news I gave them. Sue cooked another great set of
meals, including some real bread using some dried yeast she found in
a cupboard. I called the local Sheriff and asked if her could get
someone to tow the girls 4x4 away and get it looked at, telling him
we would collect it when the weather broke. After dinner we all sat
round the fire and read books or magazines until I finally said "I'm
ready for bed girls, how are we sleeping tonight?" Sue was about to
say something, but Jenny got in first, "Same as last night Jack, Sue
has something to say to you, and that's the best place to say it." A
few minutes later and we were laying in bed, me sandwiched between
them once more, and the two of them wrapped round my body as close as
they could get.

"Jack darling" said Sue "I'm sorry if I gave you the cold
shoulder treatment today. It's not your fault things turned out this
way, and you've done so much for us already, saving our lives and
such. I've been a stupid bitch and I'm sorry, I won't do it again, I
promise." I abandoned Jenny for a moment and turned over to Sue,
gently pushing back her hair as it fell over her face, I bent my head
down and kissed her tenderly then said "Forget about it Sue, I
understand how you must feel. How about we drop the subject until the
snow clears and we can actually do something about it. Until then
you're welcome to stay here and enjoy my meagre hospitality, provided
you still do most of the cooking." I felt a nudge in my back and
turned my attention back to Jenny, "What about me, don't I get a job
round here 'til winters over?" I wrapped one arm round her and
cuddled her up close to me. "Of course you do Jenny my dear, you can
be in charge of the cleaning and doing the dishes, how does that
sound?" Jenny frowned at me, "Damned unfair. By the way, what will
you be doing while we women cook and clean for you?" "Oh, that's not
a problem girls, I'll be working to earn the money we need to live
on, and I'll carry water in and chop and carry logs for the fires.
That's fair isn't it?"

"No" said Jenny with a smile "But this could be" and she slid
down the bed, closely followed by her sister and they both began to
attack my rapidly swelling manhood. As they shared my erection I had
the extreme pleasure of seeing both their naked butts sitting just by
my hands. This opened the possibility for me to begin touching their
pussy's for the first time. Slowly I moved my fingertips up the
inside of both their thighs, caressing them with a featherlight touch
until I reached their swollen glistening pussy lips. Knowing Jenny
was still a virgin I didn't enter her, but with Sue I wiped two
fingers in her juices then gently pressed them into her vaginal
passage. This brought a cry of surprise, then a long low groan of
pleasure as she felt my hand rest on her mons while my fingers moved
in and out of her lower lips. Sue began to thrust back at my hand as
she sucked on my cock and I saw Jenny sit back on her heels and look
down in awe at her sister as she knelt there bobbing her head up and
down on my erect member. It wasn't long, given the visual and oral
stimulation I'd received, before I was crying out that I was about
to cum. Sue did the same just as I started to shoot wad after wad of
hot sticky semen into her mouth and all over her face as she lifted
her head to scream out in ecstasy as her orgasm exploded inside her.

I don't know how long it had been since Sue had actually
reached a climax, judging from her reaction it must have been quite a
while. Certainly Jenny looked amazed at Sue's actions, even to when
her sister collapsed by my side, her face covered with cum stains
dripping and oozing their way down her chin and cheeks. "Jeez Jack,
what happened there" gasped Jenny "I never saw Sue cum that hard in
all my life." I smiled at her then said softly "Jenny, why don't you
have a go at cleaning me up while I'll see what I can do for you?"
with that I pulled her down to lay beside me, her head next to my
groin and her soft, warm and sopping wet pussy close to my own face.
As Jenny touched her tongue to my still hard cock I placed my lips on
her mons and sucked on her pussy, making her scream in surprise.
Before she could recover I flicked the tip of my tongue at her clit
as it began to swell and poke out of it's protective hood. "OHMIGOD"
gasped Jenny as she felt the touch of a tongue for the first time,
and I felt her tight wet pussy lips suddenly spasm as I pressed my
tongue between them. This brought a scream from Jenny that woke her
sister up, just as Jenny came for the first time from something other
than her own fingers. "Aggghhhh... I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG" she cried
as she thrust her hips against my face , mashing her pussy lips
against my mouth as I tried to close it so as not to cut her skin
with my bared teeth. With a trembling sigh Jenny collapsed on the
mattress beside me while her older sister looked on in wonderment.

Sue lay beside me once more, having pulled the covers back over
the three of us. "How is she" Sue asked softly, "Sleeping like a
baby" I said, "Don't worry Sue I didn't hurt her, just made her cum
rather hard. I guess she hasn't had much experience of sex even at
her age." Sue shook her head as she lay with it on my chest "No, I
suppose I've been a bit too protective, but I've been looking out for
her for so long now I can't seem to let her find out if she likes it.
I guess this shows she does." She lifted herself up and looked at me
"Jack, you won't do anything to Jenny will you, I mean anything that
might hurt her." I shook my head as I smiled up into her eyes "Of
course I won't Sue, I'll treat her as if she were my little sister.
Ouch." My cry of pain was when I felt hard jab in my ribs from
Jenny's small fist. "Not if I have anything to do with it buster" she
said tiredly. "Now I know what it feels like to have you make me cum
I want more of it. Why should I be the oldest virgin in the world,
it's not fair!" she lifted her head and looked across my body to
where her sister was laying "As for you Sis, looking out for me
doesn't mean stopping me getting laid, just stopping me getting raped
and hurt, and even you can't accuse Jack of wanting to do that."

"All right girls, stop arguing, let's all go to sleep and
resume this discussion in the morning after breakfast, OK?" With a
couple of muted murmurs they agreed and lay down to snuggle up close
to me before drifting off to sleep. Next morning I put lots of water
on to heat up, mainly because I wanted a shower myself, but also
because I was sure the girls would also want one. I'd rigged a couple
of buckets and a pulley system up soon after I took possession of the
cabin because I didn't fancy baling baths full of water time after
time and a shower was quicker as well as easier to drain away. When
the first bucket was warm enough I took it into the bathroom and
stripped off. I'd just tipped the rinsing water over me when Sue
walked in. "Jenny" she called "Come and see what I found. Jacks been
keeping secrets from us, what shall we do to him?" Jenny walked in,
saw what was happening and said "How about join him?" "Great idea
Sis" said Sue and came and wrapped her arms round me saying "OK big
boy, let's shower together." I kissed her sweetly and with a smile
said "Too late girls, I'm done, shall I bring you some water and show
you what to do?" I dried off and dressed, then fetched a couple of
buckets of warm water, demonstrated the system and said "Right, off
you go, and hurry because the water gets cold quickly during the

After this we all settled down into a routine and over the next
six weeks found ourselves growing closer and closer. Every night we
slept together, as much for warmth as anything. Our only sex was
oral, mainly because we had no protection between us and I wasn't
inclined to indulge in anal sex of any sort. This disappointed Sue
but she stopped asking me when I told her I'd stop all sexual
activity if she mentioned it again. During the day I applied myself
as usual to my own work, but that was only because I didn't want to
have to be doing any of it at night. At last the weather broke and I
got out my 4x4, prepped it for the road and got it out of the barn
ready to go to town. I knew the girls had a lot of things they needed
to get so dressed them up in what warm clothing I had before closing
the cabin door and starting the motor. I got some strange looks from
one or two people when they saw I had two women with me, but most of
them accepted the fact that they were my cousins come to stay with me
for a while. I took Sue to see about her own vehicle and told the
garage to add any charges to my account without mentioning what they
were to the girls.

In the general store I had the girls fitted out with all the
winter clothes they didn't have and stocked up on those things women
seem to be unable to live without, like shampoo, depilatory cream Q-
tips and so on. I hated to think what the small bathroom I had, was
going to look like in a weeks time. I also picked up the mail that
was being held for me. This included a package that I shoved into my
pocket as soon as I saw who had sent it. While in town I arranged for
the local snowplough to drive a path along my track so we could get a
fresh Diesel fuel delivery, and gave the girls some cash so they
could do some personal shopping. On the way back to the cabin Jenny
told Sue she was going to travel with me and got a smile and a nod,
as if it was something they'd arranged beforehand. As we drove back
home Jenny shifted across the seat and cuddled up as close as she
safely could. "Jack, I've got a new supply of pills, when I'm safe
again will you bust my cherry for me please?" I almost drove off the
road, and heard Sue give a blast of her horn as I fought to get back
on the right side of the road. I muttered something conventional to
Jenny and said nothing more until we were back inside. I parked the
motor and indicated to Sue where to put hers, then almost ran
indoors, leaving them to talk to each other.

When the girls came in Sue smiled at me as she took her new
coat off, "I see Jenny asked you Jack, in fact it was pretty
difficult not to notice when it happened. That was a pretty slick
piece of driving." Jenny walked past into the room they had their
clothes in, just smiling at me as she closed the door behind her.
"Well Jack, will you do it for her?" asked Sue gently. I sat down and
shook my head almost sadly. I pulled the small package out of my
pocket, skidded it across the table at Sue and said "And I thought I
was being the clever one by sending a good friend of mine an e-mail a
couple of weeks ago, asking him to send me these." Sue opened the
outer wrapping and saw what was inside. A carton of small foil
wrappers with the word Trojan printed on them. "Oh, shit" gasped Sue
"How many have you got here?" I shrugged, "Well I asked him to get me
a couple of hundred. I told him I was trying some wildlife family
planning so I didn't get all my trees eaten by young animals. I still
don't know if he believed me or not."

Before Sue stopped laughing Jenny came out of the bedroom and
asked what was so funny. I went to the kitchen while Sue told Jenny
the joke, and about the box of condoms. As you might imagine there
was no doubt as to what was going to be happening that night. I tried
to put Jenny off but she wouldn't have it. Even Sue couldn't change
her mind, Jenny wanted to lose her virginity and that was that. In
the end I agreed, but only if we did it my way. I told Jenny that we
would have to spend the rest of the day getting each other aroused.
We would do this by occasional touches, hugs and gentle warm kisses,
rather than heavy make out sessions. She agreed, and Sue sat back and
looked as if she wanted some of the same too, as Jenny sat on my lap,
wriggled her butt on my semi tumescent penis and kissed me softly and
gently as I gently caressed her firm young breasts through her shirt.
"Oh, jeez, I see what you mean Jack. This gentle stuff is really
nice, so much better than having some animal dragging my panties off
and trying to grab a hand full of pussy. Sis, you really want to try
some of this."

As Jenny slipped off my lap I looked at Sue and held out my
arms. She immediately launched herself into them, sitting down hard
and almost breaking my cock in half. As I cried out in pain Jenny
said "Steady on Sis, he's only got one, and we can't afford to have
you break it before we get to use it at least once each." I got
little work done the rest of that day, mainly because one or other of
the girls was sitting on my lap kissing and cuddling me, or standing
behind me pressing their hard swollen nipples into the back of my
neck. In the end I gave in and closed down my system, shutting off
the generator and leaving us in no more light than that provided by
the fire and a couple of lamps in the passage and the kitchen. Having
already changed into a light wool shirt and a pair of fleeced pants,
I was all ready to start on Jenny's defloration. I sat on the sofa
and invited her to come and sit with me, making her straddle my
thighs and place her knees each side on my hips as she sat on my lap.

As Jenny put her arms round my and bent her head to kiss me I
slipped one hand between us and quickly undid the buttons on her new
shirt, opening it to find she had removed her bra already. As I
touched her breasts for the first time Jenny gave gasp after gasp of
pleasure. These turned to cries of "Ohhh.." when I fastened my lips
to her nipples and sucked gently on them turn and turn about. As I
paid homage to her breasts with my mouth I slipped my right hand
between her open thighs and felt with my fingertips to see if I had
to move her panties to one side. No need, she wasn't wearing any, but
she did have a very wet and very swollen pussy, that was leaking so
much moisture the front of my pants was already soaking wet. Still
attached to Jenny's nipples I lifted my hips and with a bit of
difficulty started to push down my pants. Suddenly I found Sue was
kneeling beside me helping me to remove them. When she'd pulled them
off my feet I slipped my hands under Jenny's skirt and clamped them
on her firm, rounded, buttocks as I pulled her close to me.

As Jenny move forward she gave a loud gasp as she felt the head
of my hard throbbing penis touch her wet swollen pussy lips, and was
about to thrust forward and lodge it deeper inside her when Sue said
"Careful you two!" and pulled Jenny back a little so she could roll
the condom she had opened and held in her hand, down the length of my
erect manhood. Giving me a kiss on the lips Sue stepped back a
fraction, then put out her hands and roughly pulled Jenny's shirt off
her leaving her naked to the waist. Jenny slid forward once more,
searching for my cockhead with her pulsating pussy lips. When she
found it she wriggled her hips until she felt the head pass between
her pussy lips again then smiled down at me as she began to press
forward. "Help me Jack darling" she whispered, so I placed my hands
on her butt and said softly "Ready Jenny darling?" she gritted her
teeth, nodded and closed her eyes as I gave an upward thrust of my
hips, and a forward pull with my hands. This forced my cockhead deep
into Jenny's sopping wet pussy so easily there was no way it was
going to be stopped by anything, and it simply destroyed her hymen so
quickly she almost didn't realise it had happened.

"Ohhh.." gasped Jenny, then she lay her head on my shoulder for
a moment to get her breath back where she had been holding it in
anticipation of agonising pain. The next thing I knew Jenny was
starting to thrust her hips forward and back, grinding her clit on
the base of my manhood as she rubbed her nipples against my now naked
chest. Jenny was so aroused with half a days touchy feely that it
only took a few minutes for her to be crying out once more "I'MMMM
the sofa and pulled Jenny back with me so she lay on my chest, her
breast heaving as she struggled to breath, her hips still twitched
and I felt her tight young pussy begin to spasm as her orgasm rippled
up and down her tender frame.

After a couple of minutes Sue came and helped me lay Jenny on
the rug in front of the fireplace, not so close so she got
overheated, but near enough to keep her warm as she slowly recovered.
Sue then turned to me and looked at my cum and blood streaked latex
covered penis as it stood lewdly out in front of me. "God, I need
that inside me Jack, do it now, I can't wait" and she simply bent
over, her hands on the seat of the sofa, and threw the hem of her
skirt over her back showing me she was naked beneath it too. I
stepped up to her open legs and touched my cockhead to her swollen
pussy lips. "You ready for this Sue?" I said softly. She turned her
head, looked lustfully at me and gasped "Oh, god yes Jack, get it
inside me for fucks sake, or I'll cum without it." Very gently I
pressed my hips to her buttocks and smiled as Sue screamed
"Aggghhhh...YES, YES, YES, YES" and began humping back at my body in
time with the movements of my own hips. Suddenly her back arched like
a bow and I had to put my hand round her chest to hold her so she
didn't fall or hurt herself as she screamed out "I'MMMM

I stood there holding Sue tight to me for a few moments then
stood her upright, pulling my cock from her oozing pussy, turned her
to face me then scooped her up into my arms and carried her to lay
beside her younger sister in front of the fire. Not wanting to set
the shower up again I took some hot water to the bathroom and gave my
groin a real good scrub, treating the rest of my body to a quick cat
lick, then took water, washcloths and towels to the girls. I knelt
beside Jenny and gently opened her legs, "Oh, yes please Jack, do it
again darling, it feels so good to have you fill me up inside.
Ohhhh.. what's that?" and she opened her eyes to find me tenderly
washing between her legs and round her whole groin area. With a sigh
of contentment Jenny lay back, allowed her legs to fall open and
enjoyed my ministrations as I washed dried and powdered her. When I
turned to Sue I saw she was already laying with her knees bent, feet
together and thighs as wide apart as they would go. She looked me in
the eyes and smiled before closing her eyes and laying with a smile
of anticipation on her face.

When I'd washed and dried both the girls I dragged the bed out
and got some hot rocks from the oven to warm it before we got in. The
girls were still fascinated by this little routine Jenny saying how
good it felt to sit on something nice and hot when she got into bed."
They both giggled at this as they sat up and looked around for some
clothes to put on. "Oh, let's not bother Sis" said Sue as she stood
up and dropped her skirt to the floor, "It's time for bed anyway, and
I don't want to wear anything tonight, do you?" Jenny did the same
and very soon I was stacking a couple more logs on the fire before
crawling into bed between them and wrapping them in my arms as they
pressed their naked bodies to mine.

Another month passed during which the girls and I indulged in
some sort of sexual activity almost every night. By this time the
girls were both safe on the pill and they insisted I stop using the
condoms as protection. I told them I'd prefer it if I still used
them, and tried to find some way of explaining that I wanted us all
to have medical checks before having unprotected sex. Suddenly Sue
realised why I was hesitant and came and sat on my lap and kissed me
lovingly. "Jack darling, of course we'll do as you ask, I understand
why, and I agree wholeheartedly. The thing is does it actually apply
to Jenny? I smiled at Sue and said in a whisper "I didn't want you to
feel rejected my love, that's why I said we should all carry on as we
were." Sue grinned at me "How discrete is the local doctor Jack? And
how broad minded is he likely to be?" The following day I phoned the
doctor and arranged for him to do the usual range of tests for us in
a few days time. We made it another shopping trip as the girls wanted
to get some things to make the cabin look a bit more liveable.

I told them not to get too much that wasn't dog proof, as the
old hound had his own standards he maintained while uncle Charlie was
alive, and didn't see why he should change them just because new
noisy people had moved in. During the week we waited for the results
the snow melted away quickly and I told the girls to get dressed for
the outdoors and rough terrain as we got up to go to town again.
After we saw the doctor and all got the all clear I bundled the girls
into my 4x4 and drove out of town and along a series of forest roads
until we came to a small collection of cabins similar to mine. As
soon as I got out of the motor I was surrounded by half a dozen
children aged between six and sixteen, all of whom demanded a proper
kiss from me. I then introduced the girls to them before they all ran
back to what they were doing as we arrived. We then saw the kids
parents, John and Sarah who ran the logging operation with the help
of a whole crowd of family members. As we sat round their kitchen
table I introduced the girls and explained what I had in mind.

This was for them to spend a full season working for the two
parts of the operation so they could begin to help with the
administration side of the business. John and Sarah hated dealing
with the tax authorities and the safety regulators and would be glad
to hand that sort of thing over to one of the girls. I also asked
John to think about something else, and that was my idea of
organising photographic safaris in and around the forest. There was
plenty of it not being worked at any one time, and these were the
places the animals would be concentrated. "I thought you could get a
couple of the older boys (I got a kick on the shin from Jenny) and
girls, to take it in turns guiding a handful of naturalists to the
places they're likely to see the best flora and fauna. It would help
keep us free of the gun crowd, as well as giving the kids some extra
money" John nodded, "Sounds a good idea Jack, how much do you want
out of the operation?"

"Oh come on John, you know better than to ask that sort of
question. I've got more than enough for my needs, why should I want
to skim some off the top of what a couple of teenage kids earn. I
tell you what, if you insist I'll take twice what uncle Charlie would
have taken, how does that sound?" I smiled as I heard Sue gasp at my
apparent greed then gasp again when John smiled and said "Agreed, but
I still think it's daylight robbery." As we all walked outside Sue
grabbed my arm and said "I think that's really gross Jack, taking
money off youngsters like that. Why couldn't you have at least left
it as the same as uncle Charlie would have charged. I think you
should go back and say you've changed your mind." I nodded "OK, come
with me and make sure I do the right thing." Just then John came down
the steps and I told him what was going to be changed. John smiled at
Sue and said slowly "It won't matter how many times we multiply it up
Sue, it still comes to the same amount. You see Charlie wouldn't have
charged anything, so twice nothing is nothing. I know that's what
Jack said in the first place, but we like to make it sound as if he's
not giving us charity." Sue kissed me tenderly and apologised as we
drove to out next destination, the Lumber operation sited a few miles
away from John and Sarah's home.

Danny and Cheri had a pretty big family, three girls and five
boys. That were also a little older than John and Sarah, as were most
of their children. Well I say children, two of their sons were past
twenty as was one of the girls. As soon as they were introduced Jenny
was dragged off with the older girls while Sue and I discussed my
idea of involving the girls in the overall operation. Once again I
got a positive response and Danny suggested that Jenny stay over for
a few days and get to know the rest of their family. I looked at Sue
and she smiled "Why not Jack, it'll make a nice change for her to
have a bit of company her own age, I'm sure she'll be safe enough,
don't you?" "Yeah" I said with a dirty smile "But will the boys be
safe, should we warn Cheri to keep them locked up at night?" Cheri
went and called Jenny down, telling her of the offer to have her stay
for a while, "What about clothes" she said "I need to go back and get
some." There was a clamour as the two older sons vied for the
pleasure of running Jenny back to the cabin in their pick-up truck.
In the end Danny told them both to go and stop arguing.

This little episode worried my slightly and I said to Danny
"Will it be a problem having Jenny here Dan, I'd hate for her to be
the cause of any friction in your family" Danny laughed it off, "not
a problem Jack, it's just that the boys aren't used to having an
available girl around. Let's face it about the only ones they see are
their sisters, and they soon got bored with them. Don't worry about
Jenny, Cheri and I'll keep an eye on her, and the boys know how to
behave themselves." Sue and I stayed talking about the operation, how
the previous year had been, and what areas would be worked this year.
Danny suggested he brought John to the cabin for a planning meeting
the following weekend. I agreed despite knowing it was a formality as
the two of them had already planned in detail what logging was to be
done, and what the projected income would be. That was one of the
things Uncle Charlie had explained to me a couple of years before he
passed away, that John and Danny knew what they were doing, and all I
had to do was make sure all the necessary Government paperwork was

Sue and I said our goodbyes, Jenny came and kissed me warmly,
and Sue gave her a sisterly one, telling her to behave herself. Jenny
grinned but promised anyway, and we drove back to the cabin in time
for Sue to start making our evening meal. I was getting used to Sue's
cooking, as well as her company in bed every night. If she joined me
tonight it would be the first time it had been just the two of us,
and I wondered what difference it would make. As winter was now all
but finished, and the weather was getting warmer I'd moved my double
bed back into my room, and turned it over to the girls, while I used
the cot in the small bedroom. While I ran through my nightly routine
Sue went to bed, and I did the same in the small bedroom leaving the
door open as usual to allow what heat was still in the fire to keep
away any lingering chill. I'd only been in bed a couple of minutes
when I felt Sue lift the covers and get in behind me, put her arms
round me and snuggle up close.

"I'm cold Jack, can I come and get warm please?" I turned over
to face her, placed a soft warm kiss on her lips and said softly "How
do you suggest we keep warm Susan darling, sharing body warmth or
exercise" she giggled into my chest where her cheek was laying, "Can
we just share body warmth tonight Jack, there isn't enough room in
this bed for much exercise, maybe we can swap beds tomorrow night." I
lifted her face and kissed her lovingly, "That sounds good to me my
love" I said, and lay back so she could snuggle up close and go to
sleep half resting on my chest, her hand relaxing as it lay on my
lower abdomen inches away from my swelling member. I woke up with my
usual morning hard on, only this morning it was being assisted by a
soft warm hand stroking up and down the full length of the hard
throbbing shaft. I turned my head and looked straight into Sue's as
they looked up at me watching for me to awake. As soon as she saw me
looking at her she smiled and scrambled to her knees and threw one
leg over my hips, landing with her pussy hovering over my cock that
she was still holding in her soft warm hand.

Sue closed her eyes as she sank down on me, moaning softly as
she felt my erection filling her vaginal passage as it passed deep
into her body. "Oh.. jeez Jack, I need this. Make me cum darling,
make me scream as you fill me with you hot cum, fuck me Jack, please
fuck me hard." All this time Sue was bouncing up and down, using her
thighs like springs as she dropped them lifted her body only to drop
once more on to my hard throbbing manhood that filled her tight
passage over and over again, until finally she came to a screaming

screamed, and suddenly began to collapse forward on to my chest and
into my arms as I tried to lower her gently so she didn't hurt either
of us by falling too quickly. I lay there with her on my chest,
feeling her breath coming in short gasps, and her pussy spasming
around my still rigid cock as it lay lodged inside her soaking in her
orgasmic effusion. After just a few minutes Sue took a deep breath
and heaved a huge sigh, then pushed herself up so she could look down
at me. "You didn't cum did you" she said accusingly, I shook my head
and grinned "No sorry Sue, I didn't get the chance, you collapsed on
top of me before I was anyway close." Sue laid her head on my chest
and said softly "Oh, damn, I'm so sorry Jack, I should have tried to
wait for you, can I do anything to help?" I lifted her head, kissed
her sweetly on the lips and said "Yes darling, stop worrying about
it, things aren't so bad that I'm actually desperate you know. You
and Jenny have been pretty good to me lately as far as making love
goes. You know you don't have to come to bed with me, I'm just
grateful that you seem to enjoy doing it so much."

"Get dressed" I said firmly "I want to talk to you" I was
dressed first and had started breakfast by the time Sue joined me at
the table. When we were sat down I took a deep breath and came out
with it all in a rush. "Sue darling, I've got a problem with you and
Jenny being here" I said, I saw her suddenly look very wary as she
stared at me with an unblinking gaze. "My problem is that I love you
both and want to marry you both, mainly so that I don't lose either
of you. I know I can't do that, but I also don't want to live without
you, I suppose one day I'll have to choose which one I want to marry
the most." Sue was about to say something, but I stopped her. "To be
honest I can't choose between you, how would you feel about sharing
me with your sister until one of you decides to move on and find
someone else?" Sue smiled at me, then said softly "Jack, Jenny and I
would love to share you for as long as you want us both."

Sue got off my lap after we had spent almost half an hour
kissing, I went to fire up my computer and she began to tidy the
cabin and finish up the various chores not yet done. After sending a
few e-mails I got on and did some work I had outstanding, the two of
us saying almost nothing to each other until Sue asked me if I was
ready for my lunch. Again we sat in silence as we ate, only speaking
when necessary, I had to admit the atmosphere was getting very
strained. Until, that is there was a knock on the cabin door. I
opened it to find Danny, his eldest son Mark, and Jenny standing
there. I invited them in, and they followed Jenny, who went straight
to hers and Sue's bedroom, quickly followed breast Sue who saw her
sister were upset. I asked Danny and Mark to sit down, insisted when
Danny seemed reluctant, and finally sat down opposite them.

"Jack, the last thing I said to you yesterday was that I would
look after Jenny while she was under my roof. I'm afraid I've let you
down, and I've come to apologise, and to see what I can do to make
amends." I saw Mark was looking down at his boots and looking very
embarrassed, which immediately made me think he had been caught with
his pants down. "What's happened Danny?" I asked gently. Danny
blushed, I could see he didn't like what he was going to tell me, so
I decided to make things a bit easier for him. "Look" I said "Can I
just say something before anyone goes off half cocked here. Jenny is
my cousin by marriage. She's almost twenty years old, and is
therefore of legal age to drink drive and do what adults like doing
in their spare time. I have no claim to her, apart from the fact that
I helped her and her sister out when they needed a bit of help during
the winter." "She told us you saved her life and that of her sister"
said Danny. "Yeah, whatever" I said, "The thing is I'm not her
keeper, just her cousin, almost. If Jenny wants to do something, I
have no right to prevent her. If Jenny has done something shameful
under your roof, I apologise and I'll make sure she never sets foot
there again. If she hasn't upset you and Cheri, but you think you
have to tell me she has done something wrong nevertheless, I'd be
glad to hear what it is."

Danny stared at me, "You mean Jenny isn't your cousin?" he
said. I shook my head, "She and Sue were Charlie's wife's nieces,
sort of second cousin once removed, they didn't even qualify for a
slice of his estate when he died. They came up here to find him when
they were in trouble. They got lost in the snow and I helped them
out, letting them stay here 'til the thaw. I found out who they were
and told them they could stay and live with me as long as they
wanted. That's why I wanted to get them learning something about the
business, so they would feel useful, and not as if they were living
on charity. Now, Danny, what was it you were going to tell me?" Danny
looked at Mark who sat upright, looked me in the eye and said "Mom
caught me in bed with Jenny this morning. We had been fu.. making
love most of the night. I'm sorry I betrayed the trust you put in our
family Jack, I just don't know how I can make amends."

"Was she good?" I asked, then smiled at their expressions.
"Well, was she?" I repeated, "Err.. Well yes, Jack, she was, better
then jos....Oh shit" he said as he suddenly realised he was giving
the fact he he'd made love to his eldest sister. The fact Danny said
nothing told me he was aware of that fact, so I just smiled at Mark
and said "Well, what are you complaining about. Do you remember if
she was a virgin or not?" Mark shook his head, seemingly unable to
speak. "And did you use any protection?" again Mark shook his head.
"Well then Mark it's a fucking good job for her that she's on the
pill and a good job for you that she recently had a medical check up
that gave her the all clear, ain't it." Danny sat there and suddenly
was grinning, "I take it Jack, that you're not mad at me for letting
this happen" he said. I shook my head "Of course not Danny, I don't
think you could have stopped it, even if you'd tied Mark up in the
barn. I may have been a bit pissed if Jenny had been my daughter, or
my sister, but only because Mark took no precautions." Mark looked
relieved all of a sudden, and actually smiled at me when I said "You
just make sure you take care of her Mark, she may not be my blood
cousin, but I think a great deal of that girl. Oh, and I wouldn't let
Josie find out you think Jenny is better in bed that she is, you
might lose more than you bargain for if you do."

I told Mark to go and get Jenny, as there was no real need for
her to come home unless Danny or Cheri wanted her to. Danny said it
was all right for her to go back with him and Mark, so I suggested
Mark go and speak to Jenny while I went an talked to Danny by the
pick-up. When Danny and I were alone he said "You didn't sound
surprised when Mark said he'd had sex with his sister Jack." I shook
my head "No Danny, it's human nature, and to be honest I don't think
too much of the laws on incest, especially when there's no children
born. It's better for youngsters to learn the difference between
fucking and making love, that's what brothers and sister do best, I
think, what about you?" Danny nodded, "Er, Jack was it you that, er,
you know, with Jenny?" "Fraid so Danny, rather it was the other way
round, she and Sue almost raped me, they got so horny. Jenny was
almost raped some time ago, and she was a bit scared. In the end she
asked me to do the deed because she trusted me not to hurt her. If it
bothers you, tell Mark so he can make his own mind up, if not let
Jenny tell him if she wants to, OK?" Danny nodded his head, then I
dashed inside and came out with a small box. "Here, give these to
Mark, he might just need them in an emergency" Danny opened the box
and hooted with laughter as he put it safely into his pocket.

Just then Mark came out and said Jenny wanted to see me inside,
I went in and Jenny hurled herself into my arms sobbing as she kept
saying how sorry she was. I kissed her lovingly and told her to go
and enjoy her stay at Danny and Cheri's place, but to be careful she
took her pills on time, "We don't want a shotgun wedding, do we
Jenny, a normal one would be much better." She looked at me, then
said in a whisper "You wouldn't mind if I liked one of them enough to
think of marriage?" I nodded my head, "Yes I would Jenny, I'd prefer
it if you actually loved someone. Just be sure of your feelings, and
not those between your beautiful thighs. They can lie to you, believe
me darling, I know." Jenny nodded, "OK Jack, just for fun right now,
all right?" I nodded again then accompanied her out to the pick-up
where she was seated between Mark and his Dad.

Jenny stayed a week and a half with Danny and his family. When
she came home it was Mark that brought her, and he accepted what had
happened between me and Jenny as if it was normal. It certainly
didn't bother him, so I didn't let it bother me. It did bother Sue
though and as we sat down to dinner she said to Jenny "Jack told me
last week that he wanted to marry both of us. He was waiting 'til you
made your mind up before he was going to mention it to you. I think
now would be a good time, don't you Sis?" Jenny looked scared as she
turned to me, "Do you mean that Jack, you want to marry one of us?" I
shook my head and smiled "No Jenny, I want to marry both of you, the
trouble is I can't, the law won't let me, even if I was a Mormon.
That means I have to choose between you and hope the other one is
prepared to share me with her sister, what do you think about that?"
Jenny blushed then said in a very soft voice "But what about Mark and
his.." she paused as she realised what she was saying, "Yes, Mark and
his brother" I finished "What about them?" stared at me amazed at
what I was saying. "You mean you don't mind if I have sex with them?"
she gasped. "Why should I mind Jenny, I don't own you, you know. If
you want a sex life outside what we have here, that's up to you. Just
so long as you don't bring any infection back, and don't offer me
'sloppy seconds' if you come to bed with me, I don't see how I can
possibly object."

Jenny smiled at me, then at her sister who had just got up and
left the room, "Jack, I think you should marry Sue, she's madly in
love with you, I just think you're just a wonderful lover. Much
better than Mark, by the way but don't tell him, will you?" I grinned
and agreed not to. Just then Sue came back and Jenny said she was
going to go to bed. As she passed Sue by the door she whispered
something to her and closed the door behind her, leaving Sue and I
sitting together. "What did she just whisper to you Sue?" I asked,
Sue smiled "She just told me to say yes please and that she was going
into the small bedroom tonight. I guess she doesn't want to marry you
after all Jack. I wonder why?" "I don't" I said with a grin, "Not
when you think that she has a couple of hunks panting after her. I
just hope the boys don't come to blows before Jenny chooses between
them." Sue joined me in the double bed that night, and it was the
last time I slept in the single bed for a very long time. When we
were snuggled up close to each other I whispered to Sue "Well Sue
darling, will you marry me, or do I have to find you a couple of guys
to keep you busy while you live here?" she turned over to face me,
kissed me tenderly and said softly "Jack darling, I would love to
marry you, if you'll have me, just remember I don't have anything
apart from the clothes I stand up in, and those you bought me. All I
can offer you is my love."

Next day I left my work and drove into town where I saw the
justice of the peace and the minister to arrange our wedding, I also
ordered a couple of rings from the store, including a nice sized
engagement ring for her to wear immediately. The news soon travelled
round the district despite the distances between people. I've always
been amazed at how this sort of thing happens, what surprised me was
having Mark knocking on my door early the following morning asking to
speak to Jenny. While Sue and I finished our breakfast Mark and Jenny
went into the main room and we just heard murmurs for a while then a
loud shout of "YES, YES." Then Jenny came bursting into the kitchen
and threw herself at me "Mark wants me to marry him Jack, can I

I suddenly realised that having no parents Jenny looked to me
as a surrogate, "Of course you can baby" I said with a smile she
couldn't see. "At least that way I'll have you off my hands and leave
a clear road for your sister, won't I?" Jenny looked up at me, saw I
was smiling and said "Beast, you just want to get rid of me because I
eat too much, admit it." I walked into the main room with her and
congratulated Mark on his good fortune, "What did Danny and Cheri say
when you told them Mark" I asked, he smiled ruefully and replied
"Well Dad said it was about time I settled down, mom just nodded and
said 'Yes son, I know', I don't know how she knew, I hadn't made up
my mind 'til last night." "She's your mother Mark, that's how she
knew. Now, how about we make it a double wedding, we can save a
bundle of the minister and the wedding breakfast if we pitch in
together." Mark said he'd speak to his parents and get back to me,
then kissed Jenny tenderly and said he had to get back to work before
his Dad docked his pay.

Both sisters were in a world of their own for the next couple
of days, we had visitors from all over the county bringing their
congratulations, and getting an invite to the wedding, which is what
they were after anyway. I found a few minutes to talk to my lawyers,
and had a heated argument in whispers (if such a thing is possible),
finally getting them to see my point of view. I had little to do to
prepare for the wedding apart from get a new suit and arrange the
honeymoon. I managed to keep it a secret from the girls but had to
involve Mark when I offered to make it a double one by having him and
Jenny along with us. Despite him being twenty years of age he'd never
been more than fifty mile away from home in his life. The prospect of
flying to the Caribbean for a week was totally outside his purview,
and he had real difficulty keeping it a secret from the rest of his
family. When the day finally arrived there was a couple of unexpected
guests, that spent a lot of time with me in private consultation.

It was after the ceremony and when we had sat down to listen to
a raft of speeches that I took Danny, Cheri, Mark, and the girls into
a side room and sat them all down at a table that the unknown guests
made their presence felt. "Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, my
name is Donald Braithwaite, I was Charles Harris' lawyer for more
years than I care to remember. I am also Jacks lawyer, as he
graciously condescended to retain my firms services on inheriting the
estate. He has brought me here today to transact some legal business
that couldn't wait. I have here a number of documents I would like
Jenny and Susan to sign, after Jack has done the same." He handed the
documents to me one by one, I passed them to Sue and said softly
"Sign it darling, it's not a trick I promise." I passed the other one
to Jenny and she did as I asked too. The girls passed the document
back and Don passed another one to each of the girls saying "The
first documents you signed were to testify to the fact that you were
the recipients of the sum of one hundred thousand dollars which has
been transferred into an investment account in each of your names as
from" he looked at his watch, "As from one hour ago. The document in
front of you is to hand power of attorney to my firm to continue
investing your money in such a way that it gives you an income and
stays safe. If you do not want this to happen I am quite prepared to
recommend another trustworthy firm to do it for you. In any event I
strongly advise you to have someone to represent you in this matter
so that you are not defrauded of your capital."

Sue looked at me for guidance, I smiled and signed where my
name was printed, and she immediately signed hers too. Jenny didn't
hesitate long after Sue made her decision she then passed it to Mark
saying "Please Mark, we don't know what to do with this much money,
we need help to make it work." Mark smiled at her and signed, then
handed the document back to Don, who placed it into his briefcase and
snapped it closed. "What I'll do is send you a projection of what
your income should be from your investment, that way you'll know how
much you can spend each month without causing problems. Are there any
questions before I leave?" "I have" said Jenny quietly, "I thought
that Uncle Charlie hadn't put Sue and me in his will. Where's this
money suddenly come from?" Don looked at me and I gave a slight nod,
"Jack instructed me to make this arrangement but not to act on it
until both of you girls had got married. It just so happened you
married on the same day, otherwise neither of you would have got
anything right now. It was Jacks way of putting right what he
considered was a raw deal for the pair of you." Sue turned to me and
said "But why so much Jack, we don't need all this money, I don't
anyway, and in sure Mark married Jenny for something other than her
money." "Susan darling, there was no way I could have people saying
my sister in law married Mark for his money. I had to make sure she
had almost as much as he has so people didn't get the wrong

Jenny looked at Mark then at Danny, before she could say
anything Danny said softly "Jenny darling, just because we live in an
old house out in the middle of nowhere, doesn't mean we're poor. We
have been working as a family for Charlie for decades, and we have
become almost as rich as he was because of the way he treated us.
John and Sarah are the same. You know, you don't have to flaunt your
money in peoples faces just because you have more than them, Jack
doesn't does he?" Jenny shook her head. "And I bet you have no idea
just how much money Jack actually has, have you?" again Jenny and Sue
shook their heads. Danny grinned as he glanced at me, "Well I'm
certainly not going to make a guess, because it's none of my
business." Jenny grinned "And it's none of mine either, is it Dad"
Danny smiled gratefully at Jenny for calling her 'Dad' and said
"Nope, but it's different for your new family, I'll let Mark fill you
in on your honeymoon my love. Now go and enjoy yourself at your
wedding party, I want to talk to Jack for a minute or two."

When we were alone Danny said "You didn't have to do that you
know Jack. Mark has enough money of his own to take care of Jenny
even if he wasn't going to stay on in the family business." "Danny, I
didn't do it for you, or for Mark, not even for Jenny. I did it for
uncle Charlie. If he'd know the girls were in the situation they were
in last year he would have brought them up here and done just what
I've done for them, now wouldn't he?" Danny nodded, "I guess so Jack,
I just don't feel right taking any more of your money." I laughed
"You're not getting it, Mark and Jenny's kids will, all they can do
is spend the interest on the investment until their kids are starting
high school, it's also there so they can go through college when the
time comes. The same goes for Sue's part, it guarantees that whatever
happens to me any and all of our kids will be looked after in the
future, and Danny, I'm going to be unhappy if we come back from
honeymoon and Sue at least isn't pregnant." We were still laughing
when we joined the rest of the party and were soon making the rounds
of our guests saying our goodbyes as we went to my cabin to change,
having stashed all our baggage there ready for the drive to the

The honeymoon was wonderful, everything Mark and the girls saw
was a new wonder, especially the clarity of the seas around our
island. Not that we saw too much of the sights, we spent more time in
bed making love than we did doing anything else. Even out appearance
at mealtime caused the occasional comment from some of the other
guests, we just gave self satisfied smiles, or shit eating grins, as
Mark put it and marked them all down as being jealous. It was on one
of our rare sessions of sunbathing on the beach that Mark told Jenny
that the family had a bank balance of just over a million dollars.
The interest was more than they could spend, and it just kept growing
year on year. After what Don Braithwaite had said Mark and Danny had
decided to get some proper advice on investing their money so they
got the most out of it. I also told Sue just what my financial state
was, "Well Susan darling, I'm afraid I have a bit more than the
others. I suppose the land of worth a couple of million, well maybe
five. I've also got three invested in gilt edged securities plus one
in a drawing account." "Plus your share in the logging and lumber
operations Jack, that's another two, even if you never take anything
out, just invest your share of the income so we don't have to."

Suddenly Sue looked very pale, and without warning her eyes
rolled to the back of her head and she collapsed on to the sand, face
down. I quickly scooped her up into my arms, then gently lay her down
on the blanket fanning her with a magazine. After a few minutes she
came round and took a sip of fruit juice I offered her. "You OK
darling" I asked gently, she nodded then I said "What happened to
make you faint like that?" she smiled wanly then said "It was finding
that I'd fallen in love with a raggedy hermit that saved my life. I
then married him just like in a fairy tale only to find he's actually
a multi millionaire cousin. Are you sure you're not just making all
this up Jack darling?" I shook my head "Sorry darling, it's all true
I'm afraid, but it's not my millions, it's uncle Charlie's, he made
them, I'm just looking after them, after all what can one man do with
so much money, it's almost impossible to spend, it grows quicker than
it's spent. To be honest darling, if you hadn't married me, I'd have
given you more. The same with Jenny, I know how much Mark has, I just
wanted to make things equal, or almost, that way neither will feel
embarrassed by the others wealth."

Honeymoon over we returned home where a new pick-up truck was
waiting for Mark, ostensibly my wedding present to them. Jenny and
Sue had quickly grasped the necessity of keeping a low profile where
our actual wealth was concerned, and I'm glad to say didn't start to
spend money like water. As she had gone so many years with almost
nothing what we had seemed like luxury. Jenny found the same living
with Mark, the whole family had all they needed without spending half
their time shopping for something to buy. A few weeks after the
honeymoon Sue got up early and dashed to the bathroom, coming back
looking decidedly off colour. When I asked if she was OK she just
smiled and said "Yes Daddy, I'm fine just a touch of morning
sickness, it'll soon pass so don't worry." "Well, if you're sure
darling, I won't bother.. DADDY, you mean you're.." Sue grinned "Yes
darling, I am, and I've got an appointment with the doctor in the
morning to have a check up so don't start panicking until I've seen
him, OK?" I nodded numbly "What about Jenny?" I asked. Sue grinned
again and nodded, "She told me yesterday, and she's seeing the doctor
in the morning as well"

My life changed from that moment. I spent the next nine months
worrying about Sue, and what was going to happen when her time came.
I wanted her to go into a clinic before winter set in, but she
refused saying it wouldn't be a problem getting to hospital, or
calling the doctor. I did make certain arrangements, one of which was
to ensure the road to my place and to Danny's would be cleared
immediately after a snow fall so they were always passable. Only the
most severe storm would prevent a 4x4 from passing along them. I also
had a large area cleared that could be used as a Helicopter pad in an
emergency, Danny already had a suitable space close to his house. I
also made some changes to the cabin, putting in a small stove in each
bedroom and fitting the bathroom with a proper shower that ran from a
small heating tank that ran on electricity from the generator. We
soon got used to using it and had a lot of fun having a shower
together until Sue was too big to have me join her. We stocked up on
all the usual things parents need during the first few months of a
baby arriving, receiving many gifts of knitted baby clothes from our
neighbours in all sorts of colours except blue or pink. They were a
superstitious lot, our neighbours, so we showed we understood by not
telling them what we knew about the baby. My work suffered for a
while, but as I wasn't totally reliant on it for a living I managed
to do enough to satisfy my agent.

As things turned out I needn't have worried, when Sue started
to have contraction I bundled her up warm and carried her to the 4x4
and drove carefully to the local hospital where I handed her over to
the medics and sat around to wait. About an hour later Mark arrived
with Cheri sitting in the pick-up holding tight to Jenny. I got a
wheel chair for Mark to place her in then stood back while he wheeled
her inside. I stood there chatting to Cheri for a while then
suggested we go inside to wait where it was a little warmer. It
wasn't long before Mark and I were being offered mask and gown, Mark
refused on the grounds that it was no place for a man, Cheri went
instead, and I followed her to the delivery rooms where the girls
were laid out on what the medical profession call beds, but I thought
were torture devices. Cheri laughed when I proffered this opinion
telling me they were just a little old fashioned but perfectly
adequate for the job. That was the last time I attended the birth of
a child of mine. It was no place for a man, certainly not one that
loved his wife and hated to see her in pain and crying. In the end I
was holding my son while they delivered his twin sister, and even got
to hold her before both babies were whisked away to be 'processed'
before being returned to their mother.

A short while later I remember having a very ignoble feeling
when I discovered that Jenny had given birth to a daughter, I then
kicked myself mentally and told her how beautiful her baby was, and
how proud Mark was of her. When the sisters were eventually placed in
the same room in the hospital I heard Jenny say with a grin "You just
had to go one better than me didn't you, I hope they chew your
nipples down to a pulp." Sue replied with "Jealous bitch, I hope you
get puked on every day AFTER you have a bath." Friendship restored
between sisters Mark and I left them to sleep as we went to stand and
stare at our progeny, making mental plans for their futures, and
wondering which Universities to honour with their presence. You know,
those thoughts that every new father has to one degree or another.

I'm sitting here now, ten years later, my four children playing
on the rug in front of the fire blazing away in the old stone hearth.
I've had to add a couple of bedrooms to the old place, but the way
Uncle Charlie laid it out originally made it easy. I watch over them
like an old mother hen, and admonish Jenny my youngest daughter not
to jump quite so hard on the dogs back, after all he's getting very
old now, and can hardly walk let alone chase around after sticks.
Jenny puts her arms round his neck and gives him a kiss, he snorts
and thumps his tail on the floor to acknowledge her homage, then lays
his head on her legs and goes to sleep. I'm going to hate telling the
kids the day he dies, but it won't be too long so I better get used
to the idea. The one thing they will all grow up knowing is that it
was him that made sure they were brought into this world by making me
look out of the door on a night when it was cold outside.

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