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COMA2 old them about your interest


by SupMario

Chapter Two

If you are under the age of 18, or are easily offended by sexually
explicit material, please read no further. Otherwise, enjoy yourself.

I was released from the hospital the next morning, and Tina excorted me
to a large black cadillac that Mr. Wright was in, waiting for us. He
drove us home. It took us about two hours to get there, and the whole way
Tina rested her head on my shoulder. I guess she was as happy to have me
back as I was about her. We didn't talk, we just sat together, enjoying
the scenery. The Wrights must live in the middle of nowhere, for we drove
to the outskirts of a large town and went along a dirt road until we came
to a large mansion.

It was a huge 3 story affair with roman columns supporting the tall porch.
There was an expanse of land around the place, and I shuttered to think
about what it must take to keep such a huge lawn tended. Must be expensive,
but then the Wrights seemed to be pretty well off. We exited the car, Tina
taking me by the hand, and we entered the huge house.

Mary was in the entry hall waiting for us and gave me a quick hug and a peck
on the cheek, welcoming me to their home. Tina hugged Mary and then took
me by the hand again and dragged me upstairs to the second floor. We went
to a door and stepped inside and I immediately knew that this was her
bedroom. It had frilly curtians and matching bedsheets on a four poster
canopy bed that looked just perfect for her. I smiled as I realized this
room just screamed 'Tina.'

She showed me around the room, pointing out this and that. I saw that she
had her own computer, and it looked pretty impressive. Certainly better
than I'd ever had. She showed me her bookshelves which were packed with
the obvious romance novels but also an alarming number of legal texts which
went right over my head. She showed me an expensive looking entertainment
center which had a big TV, a vcr, and a mammoth stereo.

She led me through a door which led to a bathroom and out the other side to
another bedroom, this one not overly feminine like hers. She told me that
this would be my bedroom. She beamed as she pulled me over to a computer
desk which had an impressive setup on it. I was speechless.

"This is for me?" I squeeked.

"Yup. As soon as I told them about your interest in computer science, they
let me pick out a good PC for you. Do you like it? Scratch that, I can see
that you like it." She smiled at me and I sat down in front of it and
turned it on. After it booted up, I opened a diagnostic and looked at it's
specs. It was a Pentium II 300 MMX job with 64 megs of ram, WOW! It had a
3.5 gig hard drive and all sorts of things that I didn't get to check out
because Tina turned it off and dragged me onto my feet again.

"You can play with that later, you haven't seen the rest of your room yet."
Indeed the room was large, almost as big as....

Then it hit me. This room was almost identical to my room in the weird
dream. The one where mom and Dad were alive and all. That one. Well,
the room almost identical except that the walk-in closet was replaced by
a small, sliding door closet, and the connecting bathroom of course.

The king-size bed was the same. The dresser and tv center was almost the
same, of course the vanity mirror was in her room, but still. It was close
enough to give me goose bumps. Tina must've noticed my reaction because
she asked what was wrong.

I sat down on the bed and asked her to do the same. When she was sitting
beside me, I told her everything about my weird dream in detail. Us being
lovers, the similarities in my room, the whole bit. By the time I was
finished, she was blushing furiously.

"You really think of me that way, David?" She was wide-eyed and curious.

I nodded my head and lowered my gaze to the bed, blushing myself. She
quietly stood up and left my room, back to her own, obviously lost in
thought. It wasn't every day that your sibling tells you their in love with
you and want to spend the rest of their life with you. It was a lot for her
to digest. I didn't blame her for wanting to be alone.

Before she had reached the bathroom, I called out to her.

"Tina," she turned her head to look at me, "you won't tell anyone will you?"
I asked nervously, smiling.

She smiled back and nodded her head. "Of course not, silly. I just need
to think about it, okay?" I nodded and grinned back and she left the room
closing the bathroom door on my side on her way.

I sat there for a few minutes then went back to my PC and sat down, turning
it on. After it booted up, I went into dos and looked around, snooping
around the hard drive. I was suprised to find all the programs that had
been on my old PC, in there right where they should have been. I guess
Tina must have done that. I loaded up a favorite game of mine and marvelled
at how much faster it ran with this pentium. I completely lost myself in
the fast shooter for a few hours until Mary came to my door, knocked and
entered. She smiled when she saw me so enthralled in the game and waited
for me to quit the game and turn off the monitor before she spoke.

"I'm glad you like your computer. Tina said you'd love it. I see she was
right. Dinner will be in a few minutes so why don't you get cleaned up and
meet us down in the dining room in a few minutes?" She smiled and left, and
I went into the bathroom only to find Tina washing her hands.

I went over and began washing mine as she dried her hands.

I went right to the point. "Do you hate me?" I asked.

She looked at me and smirked. "Of course not, dummy. I'm not going to hate
you for pouring your heart out for me. Now let's go eat. mom is a great
cook. We can talk more tonight. Come on." She held out her hand, and I
took it, and she led me out the door, through her bedroom and down to the
dining room where Mary and Mr. Wright were waiting for us. The table was
covered with what looked like a thanksgiving feast, and I was floored at
the sight. It had been a LONG time since I'd eaten this kind of meal.

We sat down and ate, and Tina was right. Mary really WAS a great cook!
After dinner, we all went back to the den and watched tv for a while
where Tina curled up beside me on the large couch.

Tina put her head on my shoulder and wrapped an arm around my waist and
held onto me like a big teddy bear and swiftly fell asleep. I looked over
at Mary and saw that she was watching us with some amusement. I took Tina
up in my arms and stood up and went upstairs and put Tina into her bed,
first taking off her dress and shoes, leaving her in her underwear and
went through the connecting bathroom and went to bed myself, feeling the
events of the day catch up to me.

I fell asleep almost immediately and woke up the next morning feeling
refreshed and rejuvinated. There was a knock on the bathroom door and
Tina walked in, wearing a robe and hopped onto the bed beside me.

"Good morning, Davey. I think we'd better have that talk now." She looked
up at me and smiled. "I thought about everything you said and I have
something important to tell you." She moved on top of me and removed her
robe with a flick of her wrist and said "I love you too." and kissed me
gently, passionately. I always sleep in the nude so all she had to do
was peel back the bed sheets and then she had access to all of me.

She fairly attacked me like a wild woman, and she was humping up and down
on my rigid erection before I even realized I had entered her. She set
a furious pace which suprised me and was soon moaning and groaning as her
first orgasm ripped through her like a live electric current.

We made love for what seemed like hours but was probably not more than one, and
finally ended our tryst with a long bath where we cuddled and washed each other,
and took great care in drying each other off.

The days went by with me settling into my new home and enjoying nightly sex with
Tina, or whenever we could get away with it. The Wrights gave us a lot of privacy
in the evenings so we could snuggle up in my bed and watch tv while holding each
other and loving the other. We still had to be careful about the Wrights not
catching on to our real feelings for each other, or so I thought. It seems Tina
was again one up on me.

One morning, about three weeks after my arrival, Tina and I were sleeping in her bed
when we were awakened by a knock on the door. Now usually, we either both sleep in
my bed, or we sleep in seperate beds. We don't always sleep in the same bed, as
sometimes one of us isn't feeling well, or we want some privacy. B<ut this particular
morningwe were in her bed, for variety if I remember correctly, when as I said there was
a knock on the door and Mary walked in, finding Tina and I in bed cuddled up in an
unmistakably intimate embrace.

I thought the roof was going to cave in on us. I thought that Mrs. Wright was going to
give us all kinds of holy hell. but like I said, Tina had been one step ahead of me once

"Good morning, you two. George and I are going on a business trip this weekend, so you two
will have the house to yourselves. There's plenty of food in the fridge, and I'm leaving
moeny here on the vanity in case you want to eat out. We're going now, bye dears." And
with that, Mary closed the door behind her and left quietly. I looked over at Tina who had
turned over and was going back to sleep.

"Sis?" I asked, prodding her gently with a finger.

"Hmmm?" She asked groggily while looking over at me bleary eyed.

"Mary knows about us? I mean, us being lovers?"

"Yeah, she asked and I told her all about it. The two of us don't keep secrets from each
other, just like you and me." Tina smiled over at me, snuggled up to me and proceeded to
fall asleep again, snoring softly. I laid there for a long time, stroking her long black
hair and watching her angelic face while she slept. I drifted off again, realizing how
lucky I was to have such a great woman.


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