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COME HOME video into the tape player and


Summary: Raven gets lonely, but there's the old sex tape she and Devon made to cheer her up.
Keywords: F, solo
Author: Chrysoberyl Rosewood
Title: Come Home

Come Home

(F solo)

by Chrysoberyl Rosewood

February 2001

Note From Chrys:

I'd been writing MM and MF stories for awhile. After all, that's what's

However, I always thought it would be ... interesting to write a
masturbation story. After all, that's how we all start off, isn't it?

So poor little Raven has no option but her own two hands in this story.


The Story:

I sighed as I pushed the door to our apartment open. It had been a long
day at work, and even worse, it would be another week until I saw my
husband again. Shortly after I got up to go to work, he had left for
Chicago on a business trip.

I slipped off my shoes and tossed my purse onto the kitchen table. I
walked through to my bedroom, rubbing the back of my neck. As I passed
the living room, I saw a tape sitting on the side table by my sofa. I
pulled off my panty hose and threw them in a chair, stripped off my
shirt and skirt and padded back to the living room in my bra and

I picked up the tape and there was a sticky note on top. "Do you
remember this?" it said. "Maybe you can get up the courage to finally
watch it, in case you miss me too much. Love, Devon."

I blushed, remembering the night we had videotaped this ...

About a year ago, Devon had gotten me to drink a little too much wine,
although I hadn't really minded. We had spent a quiet evening at home,
when I was seized by the urge to do something kinky. Devon suggested
digging out my rather antiquated camcorder leftover from my high school
volleyball days and soon we were making a video. Both of us were drunk,
so we started off with a strip show for each other, moving to mutual
masturbation, onto straight sex, and then different positions, oral sex
... I don't know what all we did that night, but it was absolutely

I refused to watch the tape afterwards, but I had always wondered ...
Devon wanted to watch it together, but I had always been to shy. I knew
how drunk I was, and I know I get dirty when I get drunk. I remember
him going along with it, and as I pondered the scattered memories from
that night, I began to miss Devon ...

Of course, I could just pop this into the VCR ...

Could I stand it? Watching myself and Devon make love?

I closed my eyes and briefly remembered the feel of his skin against
mine. It was going to be a long week without the sight of Devon around,
and it had already been a long day ...

I decided for it. I popped the video into the tape player and pushed

I reclined on the couch.

There I was on camera, asking, "Is this playing? It's recording,
right?" and giggling.

I watched as he and I started slow dancing, and then as I stepped back
and started pulling clothes off. On the video, I moved in a slightly
tipsy, slow dance and pulled off shirt and pants, finally bra and

I sighed and leaned back.

But then it was Devon's turn ...

He looked right into the video, as he pulled his shirt off.

I sat up.

He seemed to know what he was doing.

He was dancing as much for me sitting on the sofa right now as he was
for me on the video.

His hands rubbed up and down his chest and he moaned. He threw his head
back and his hair fell out of his face.

My mouth dropped open as he pulled layer after layer off, slowly,
slowly revealing his hard, muscled stomach and thighs. Sitting on the
sofa, my hands crept to caress my breasts, clothed still in my bra.
Looking down, I tried to tease them to stand up, but the cloth got in
the way. Not moving my eyes from the screen, I unclasped my bra and let
it drop to the floor.

Devon was rubbing his hands over his own nipples, caressing them and
licking them. When he was just in his briefs, Me-In-The-Video was
giggling and throwing her head back, laughing at him, making cat calls
and generally just sitting in nakedness, in her drunken state not quite
getting the intensity of the striptease he was doing.

Me-On-The-Couch had made little circles until she was running her
fingers through the bush of hair. I shimmied out of my underpants and
dropped them to the side. I was sitting on the sofa in all my naked

He must not have been as drunk as I thought. He was doing the dance for
ME, the ME HERE ON THE COUCH, with full knowledge of what it was going
to do to me.

I watched open-mouthed as a look of passion overtook his face and he
slipped his briefs over his already engorged cock.

My left hand began to massage my hood, right above my clitoris. I
chewed the fingernail of my right hand, watching as we moved together
on the video and I moaned as he pleasured me lying on the floor with
his fingers. I simulated his movements on the sofa, running my left
finger over my lips and feeling the smoothness of my shaved pussy.

I scooped my index finger across the opening to my vagina, already
slick with wetness. I watched the video as Me-On-The-Video grabbed
Devon's dick and rubbed and rubbed. God, I wish I was doing that right
now, but I just continued to pleasure myself.

My right hand cupped my breast for a moment, then rubbed over my
stomach to join my left hand. I took the index fingers of both hands
and began rubbing them on either side of my clit. Moaning along with
Devon in the video, I pressed my hips up against my fingers.

In the video, Devon stopped me, and had me lie down. We had sex in the
missionary position, then moved on to bigger and better things.

I watched the whole procedure openmouthed and panting. Fully engrossed
in the movie, yet not pulling a finger from myself, I flatted my right
hand and began to massage my clit in circles. "Oh, Raven ..." moaned
Devon on the video. "Oh, Devon," I moaned back, both on the video and
on the couch.

My left index finger did circles around the opening to my vagina. I
teased myself with my right hand, rubbing, then pulling away, rubbing
then pulling away. Finally, I plunged three fingers into my cunt,
squeezing my muscles around them. Rocking back and forth in that
position for a few minutes, I watched Devon and I roll around on the

"God, Devon ..." I said, squeezing and rubbing, squeezing and rubbing.
My ass muscles tightened, then relaxed, and my thumb and index finger
began to squeeze and release on my clit. The three fingers were pulled
in and out of my vagina as I rose higher toward climax.

I pulled away, teasing myself as I saw me sucking Devon's dick on the

His moanings were lifting me even further towards climax. "Oh, God,
Raven, my cock, you're so hot, my cock ..."

Finally, I needed sweet release. I could see Devon nearing climax on
the video, and I squeezed down on my fingers, shoving a fourth in for
good measure. His eyes opened wide and stared into the camera. I stared
back and his hips bucked in rhythm with mine on the couch. I threw my
head back and moaned as I lifted my hips into the air and bucked hard,
feeling the warmth of climax spread throughout my body. I bore down on
my fingers and gripped my clit and moaned Devon's name ... "Devon ...
Devon ..."

Spent, I flopped back onto the couch.

"Shit, Devon, come home fast ..."


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