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CONCERT spurt cum pulled




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Authors name: Crystal Brooks story title : The Concert

----------------------------------------------------- -= This work is
copyrighted to the author 2000. = Please do not remove the author
information or make any changes to this story. You may post freely to
noncommercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

The Concert By Crystal

People think its funny that I go to Rock concerts when I'm deaf. I try
to explain to them that you can "hear " through other parts of your body!!!
Loud concerts, with a big bass thumping actually drills right through you -
its great fun - and I can dance like crazy with the best of them - even if
I don't know either the words or the tune.

This story happened to me a few years back at a very loud and very
crowded rock concert.

My girlfriend got these tickets to the concert and invited me to go with
her. I met her at her apartment and we got a little buzzed and then went
out to the venue, getting a little more buzzed on the way, and by the time
we pulled into the parking lot and sat for a few minutes watching all the
guys walking past our car, we were both more than a little horny, and the
being buzzed didn't help that any at all.

Anyway, Michelle looked at me and told me she was going to take off her
panty hose and panties and go bare assed and maybe some cute guy would feel
her up, and then right there, she started taking them off and asked me if I
was going to do it too. So I did, and we walked from the car to the doors
with the cold air blowing up our skirts and tickling our bare asses and
pussies. It felt GREAT!!!! And of course, I was getting even hornier than
ever, standing in line and looking at all these cute guys all around us.

We got inside finally, and headed straight for the floor, right in front
of the stage. It was PACKED with people, and we forced our way deeper into
the crowd while the warmup band was playing. I've been to a few concerts
before , but never down there in front of the stage. I felt like a
sardine, and was getting pushed this way and that, but the sound!!! It was
too much, and felt like it was blasting right thru me.

The whole crowd was swaying back and forth and raising their hands in
the air and then the band finally came on the stage. WOW!!!! And here I
was in a short little skirt and NO PANTIES, and of course, high as a kite.

Then I felt this person rubbing up against me...more than just the crowd
moving around me...he was rubbing his cock against my ass and I could feel
it starting to get hard and I began rubbing back against him. Michelle was
standing right in front of me, and I leaned forward and started whispering
in her ear what was happening.

"Michelle...pssst.....this guy is rubbing his cock against my ass...you
oughta feel how hard he is."

Then, I felt his hand on my ass, kinda rubbing it and playing with it,
and by then I was sooo over the edge that I reached back and lifted up the
hem of my skirt. I felt like such a slut - but I was so turned on. When
his hand touched my naked butt, I felt him jerk away for a second....I bet
it was from surprise at discovering that I wasn't wearing any panties.

"Michelle...he has his hand up under my skirt and he's playing with my
ass You wouldn't believe how wet I am." I said to her, not even knowing if
she heard me or not.

She turned her head and looked at me, and over my shoulder at him and
just smiled at me and turned back around. (I didn't know that she was
stroking the guy beside her, she told me that later on.)

I was pushing my ass back against this guy, and rubbing against his cock
and his hand, and I could feel him reaching down lower, running his fingers
down my crack and then finding my wet pussy.

"MICHELLE....oh my gawd, he has his finger in my pussy Michelle."

I figured out that by leaning against her, I could hold my ass up higher
and open my legs for this guy, and then he REALLY began fingering me and I
thought I was going to cum right then and there. I was panting and moaning
in Michelle's ear and telling her EVERYTHING that he was doing.

I was so turned on at the thought of this going on in a room full of
people that I knew I had to have him in me. Shit - I didn't even know what
he looked like! I reached back and rubbed his cock through his jeans and
began trying to undo them and then I felt his hands on mine, and soon
enough I had my fingers wrapped around this absolutely huge cock and I
began stroking it while he shoved his fingers back up my pussy. And I
leaned back against Michelle then, and stood up on my tiptoes and wiggled
my ass at him. He opened me with his fingers and I felt his cock pushing
against me and I squirmed until he penetrated me and began fucking me.

All this time, the thumping bass of the band is just getting louder and
louder, and the crowd is pressing tighter around us and everyone's singing
and dancing around, and I'm getting FUCKED right there in the big middle of
it. This guy grabs my waist and begins to really fuck me then, and I'm
moaning and sweating and shouting at Michelle how good it feels and
starting to bite at her ear and kissing her neck. Then I reach around her
and start rubbing her tits and she's getting into it and pushing back
against me now, and this guy is going harder and faster then ever and I
know Michelle was the only thing that kept him from knocking me over.

My first orgasm was FANTASTIC...I shook and screamed and then I had
another one almost immediately when I felt him shove deep inside of me and
shoot his huge load of cum way up in my pussy. I could feel each spasm of
his cock, each spurt of cum as he pulled me tight against him. The song
ended then, and the crowd was going wild and jumping and hollering and he
pulled out of me and I reaced back and smoothed my skirt back down.

Then Michelle turned around.

"Where'd he go?" she screamed at me. I turned around and I know the two
guys I saw weren't him, just the way they acted, but I did see this guy
pushing through the crowd away from us, and he did turn around and give me
a smile, but I never did see him again.

By the time the concert was over, his cum was running down my legs and
even with that, I couldn't believe it really happened, and neither could
Michelle. When we got back in the car, she reached over and rubbed my
thigh and put her finger in my pussy and pulled it out covered in cum, both
his and mine. She licked it clean.

"Shit, Crys, you did get fucked, didn't you? And all I got was cum all
over my hand. When's the next concert due in town?"

We laughed and giggled all the way home,and of course, got a little more
buzzed, and when we got to her apartment, I got to cum again...and she
finally got to cum too...but that's another story entirely.

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