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CONRAD cum around here its going


The author of this story (cactusjuggler) reserves all rights to this
story--reproducing or posting this story without the author's permission is

Conrad's Secret By Cactus Juggler 1999

Conrad incorrectly entered his password for the third time, and was
confronted by the "Account locked out" message appearing in a box in the
center of his computer's screen. He'd been gone on vacation for three
weeks and just couldn't remember his password. Now his account was locked
out and he'd have to go see the company's NT administrator. Conrad cursed
aloud as he realized that he'd have to deal with that fat bitch Debby.


As Conrad approached her desk, Debby prepared herself to get pissed off.
She hated Conrad, absolutely hated him. He was an arrogant prick, and he
was fairly high up in the company's food chain. Debby always made an
effort to give Conrad a hard time whenever she could.

"Good morning Conrad, forget how to turn on your PC while you were
gone?" She asked with false sweetness.

"Very funny. No, I forgot my password. Please change it for me." He
returned, thinking to himself that even her expensive maroon business suit
couldn't hide her portly figure.

"OK. I'll change it to something you can remember until you get back to
your desk." Debby told him, having an idea.

Usually she changed people's passwords to "password", and they would log
on set their own new choice. Conrad deserved special treatment though.

"Alright, it's done. I've changed your password to 'badmemory', all one

"Very funny." Conrad told her, making sure she could tell from his face
that he didn't think it very funny at all before he turned and stomped off.

"Make sure you remember to change it." She called after him, chuckling
lightly at the chance to make Conrad's day even a little bit unhappier.


Back at his desk Conrad tore into the workload that had piled up in his
absence. Just returning all the voice mail and e-mail took him several
hours. It was an hour after quitting time when he finally felt satisfied
that he was caught up. He glanced out of his office door and saw that the
outer offices in his department were deserted. He closed his door and
fired up his web browser, it was time to have fun.


Debby waited until over an hour after quitting time to check if there
were any connections to the server still open. She had maintenance to do
that required she take down the server, and she wanted to wait until there
was nobody connected to it. There were still three users connected, so she
went back to reading the news on a popular web site.

A half hour later, Debby checked again and there was still one user
connected. She was getting pretty bored, and wanted to get home and watch
her taped soaps. She clicked on the button that would let her see who was
still connected, and found it was Conrad's machine. She thought about just
disconnecting him, but then decided to take a peek at what was on his
machine instead.

She mapped a drive to Conrad's machine using the hidden system share
that every drive in Windows NT has associated with it. Looking at his hard
drive, she wasn't sure where to probe around. First she looked at his
e-mail, but it was all pretty boring office stuff. Next she used an image
browser to see what was in the cache of his web browser. She practically
fell off of her seat when she saw what Conrad had been looking at. Image
after perverted image showed on her screen as she marveled at the sort of
twisted pervert Conrad must be.


In his office, Conrad was visiting his favorite sites, saving every
image he liked to his hard drive. He had a PC at home, but he loved to
surf at work where he had a fast LAN connection to the internet. There was
only one type of porn he was looking for, images and stories about women
sitting on men's faces. In the picture he was looking at at that moment, a
beautiful blond was grinding her bare ass in some lucky guy's face. What
he wouldn't give to be that guy.


Debby quickly found Conrad's entire stash of images by searching his
drive for files with the .jpg extension. He had several *hundred*
megabytes of images stored in a deeply nested directory. And .txt files
that were kinky stories too. After reading a few, Debby opened up the
backup software the company used, and told it to back up Conrad's entire


Conrad cursed as his machine seemed to slow down even more. For some
reason it had been running slower than usual for the last half hour.
Finally it started to behave normally again. He switched to another of his
favorite sites and started browsing.


The backup of Conrad's machine complete, Debby hid the DLT tape away.
Conrad would be fired for sure. She smiled at the thought of how
humiliated he would be when she busted him the next day. Still connected
to his machine, she had a kinky idea as she looked through Conrad's stash.
She copied a few choice images off to her machine, and then began setting
up scheduling the print job. She set it for a five minute delay, and then
she stood up and started for Conrad's office.


Conrad practically jumped out of his seat when Debby knocked on his
office door. He panicked, and frantically dashed to close all his browser
windows and adjust his erection in his pants so it wouldn't show.

"Come in."

Conrad was extra pissed to see that it was Debby who had surprised him
at this late hour.

"What do you want?" He asked her.

She didn't answer, but instead stepped inside his office and close the
door. She'd timed it just perfectly, and the light on the top of his laser
printer started flashing as she turned to face him.

"What the-what's going on?" He demanded as the printer began printing.

"Look and see what you're printing."

Conrad was astonished at the sight of the facesitting images that were
coming out of his printer. He had a sinking feeling as he realized how
much trouble he was in.

"I noticed some unusual activity, and look what I found." Said with a
nasty smile. She had set up the images to print to his machine's printer
for dramatic effect.

"Please Debby, don't tell anyone about this." He quickly started to
plead with her.

"I'm sorry Conrad, but this is totally against the corporate IS
policies. I've backed up your entire machine to the servers, and you're
sure to be fired unless...."

"Unless what?" He asked eagerly. He would give her however much she
wanted. He knew that if she exposed him his career would be ruined.

"I *really* like the idea of seeing you publicly humiliated. But if you
do *everything* I say, right now, I might just settle for humiliating you
in private."

"What do you mean?"

Debby picked up one of the pages from the printer and dangled it between
her thumb and forefinger.

"This. I want to do this to you." She told him.

Conrad's cock twitched in his pants in spite of himself. Even though he
hated her, now more than ever, the thought of actually being facesat in
real life turned him on. His own perversion disgusted him now. He wanted
to be dominated by a beautiful blond with huge silicone pumped tits, not
some fat frumpy computer geek-ette whose body was shaped like a pear. Even
her expensive maroon business suit couldn't hide her shape. But he
couldn't let her ruin him. He decided he had to do it.


"You'll do whatever I tell you? No matter how humiliating? Otherwise
you're fucked." She told him.


"Stand up." She ordered, and he did. He stood shifting uneasily from
side to side as she pulled the chair away from him. She sat down in it,
facing him.

"Now get down on your knees." She ordered him, glancing up at his little
"egg-cam" to ensure that its little green led was lit as he knelt down. He
was totally unaware that the video- conferencing camera was busily
streaming video to one of the servers.

"Now kiss my foot."

Once again, in spite of himself, he was a little turned on by being
ordered around by a woman as he knelt down and pressed his mouth to her
shoe. She pushed his head away with her foot and stood up in front of him.
He watched, on his knees, as she turned around and placed her ample behind
in front of his face.

"Now kiss my ass, slave!" She commanded him forcefully.

She wasn't sure he'd actually do it until she felt his hands at her hips
as he leaned forward and kissed her ass. Pressing his lips to the tight
maroon sheath covering her ripe bottom, Conrad found himself with a full
erection. The situation he was in was truly humiliating, yet that just
seemed to turn him on even more.

"Tell me you love it." She told him.

"I love it." He said, still kissing her behind.

"You love what? Say it!"

"I love...your ass."

Debby was amazed that he was doing what she ordered. It was making her
hot, controlling and humiliating him this way.

"I bet you want me to sit on your worthless face. Don't you? Beg me.
Beg me to sit on your face."

"Please Debby, please sit on my face." He plead to her.

She couldn't believe how into this he was getting. It seemed that the
more she abused him the more he liked it. She stepped away from him, and
turned around. Looking down at him she had to laugh. There he was,
kneeling in a suit with an erection bulging in his pants. She giggled a
little at the sight of him, and his face flushed red.

"Turn around and sit in front of the chair." She ordered, and he did as
she wished.

"Now lay your head back on the chair, and get ready to be my seat."

Conrad lay his head back on the chair, reasoning that it wouldn't be too
bad. She'd sit on his face and then she'd leave. He got more and more
apprehensive though, as she turned around and began to actually lower her
broad ass towards his face. His cock strained rock-hard in his pants as
her ass first lightly brushed his face. And then suddenly she just sat her
full weight down onto his face. She wiggled her butt until his face was
mashed deep into the crevice between her huge pillow-like ass-cheeks.
Unlike the guys in the pictures he downloaded, whose foreheads or chins
were always visible, Conrad's face totally disappeared under Debby's ass.
It was really frightening to have your breath completely cut off, and
Conrad lifted his arms to struggle.

"Give me those." Debby said as she grabbed Conrad's wrists and held his
arms down to her thighs. Debby was enjoying smothering Conrad under her
ass, and she didn't want him struggling free. Kicking off her shoes, she
moved her feet up onto Conrad's thighs so that all of her weight was now
supported either by his face or his legs. She had him completely trapped.
He kept struggling to move his hands, but she held them tight. She heard
muffled cries of distress and it just made her laugh. She loved this.

"Mmmmm. This feels really nice. What's wrong Conrad, can't breathe?"
She said laughing at his predicament.

Debby began stroking Conrad's erection with her foot. He was struggling
less and less now, but he was still bulging in his pants.

"It's obvious you like having my ass in your face. You must be in
heaven under there." She laughed, wiggling her ass for emphasis.

Conrad was desperate for air. The fat cow must have been crushing his
face for almost a minute now and he was about to pass out. Finally he
could breathe again as she stepped off of his legs and lifted her ass up
off of his face. He gasped weakly for breath, and barely felt it as she
reached down and opened his fly. He was aware that she was yanking his
erection out of his pants, but he could only lay there gasping. Suddenly
she began to squat down over him again, and he tried to stop her but it was
no use. She had all the weight and leverage she needed to easily overpower
him in his weakened state. She sat her fat rump down on his face again,
depriving him of the oxygen he needed so badly. Now he was getting really
terrified. She had control of his hands again and he was totally helpless.

"Conrad, if you want to breathe you're going to have to do exactly what
I say. I'm going to get up again, but I'm going to sit right back down
unless you start masturbating and saying 'I love Debby's ass.'" She told

She lifted off of his face, and he just lay there gasping again. It was
a struggle just to breathe for him. Unhappy that he wasn't obeying her,
she sat back down on him. Conrad was paralyzed with fear. This fat bitch
was crazy! She was going to asphyxiate him if she didn't let up. He
reached down and began to feebly stroke his erection, and immediately she
climbed off of him.

"'s.....ass." He managed to wheeze as he fought
to fill his lungs with air. Debby still hovered over him, squatting with
her ass only an inch from his face.

"'s ass. I love Debby's ass. I love Debby's ass. I
love Debby's ass." He kept saying it as he jerked off. Something about
having this woman take control of him was making him so hot. The more he
said the humiliating phrase, the more aroused he got. He stroked faster
and faster.

"I love Debby's ass. I love Debby's ass. I love Debby's ass. I love
Debby's ass. I love Debby's ass. I love Debby's ass. I love Debby's ass.
I love Debby's ass. I love Debby's ass. I love Debby's ass.I love Debby's
ass.I love Debby's ass.I love Debby's ass.ILOVEDEBBY'SASS ILOVEDEBBY'SASS
ILOVEDEBBY'SASS ILOVEDEBBY'SASSSS!" He cried out as he came, his cum bursting up into the air like some demented fountain.

"Good boy! Now it's time for your nap." Debby told him, before sitting
back down on his face. This time she sat continuously for close to a
minute, ignoring his muffled cries. Lifting up, she let him have only the
tiniest breath and then continued smothering him. He got weaker and weaker
as she repeated this cycle several times, until finally when she lifted her
ass up, he didn't even move. Debby thought she'd killed him, for an
instant, until she realized he was still breathing, lightly.

She left him and headed back to her office. Debby couldn't wait to play
back the huge avi file that was storing on the server now. She planned to
copy it down to her laptop and take it home with her. The
videoconferencing connection was still running, and Debby returned in time
to see Conrad began to stir. He groaned and coughed a little and gradually
regained full consciousness. She watched, enjoying the voyeuristic thrill
of observing unnoticed. What she saw next was astounding. Conrad was
beginning to masturbate! Watching Conrad masturbate, she realized he was
turned on by what she had done to him. It made her so hot she almost
started to masturbate herself, but then she had a better idea. Why not go
use Conrad!


In his office, Conrad was jerking off. He couldn't believe what had
happened to him. Debby had just come and taken control of him. He was
embarrassed, but aroused as well. He'd actually been facesat by Debby!

He was so caught up in what he was doing, jerking at his hard cock, that
Debby totally surprised him when she burst in. She stood in the door way
with her hands on her hips.

"You pathetic little fuck. You loved my ass so much you couldn't even
wait until you got home to masturbate. Get down on your knees!" She
ordered him.

He didn't know what to do. He sank to his knees in front of the chair,
his erection straining in front of him. Debby stepped in front of him, and
glared down at him.

"You were thinking about me, weren't you?"


"I'll give you something to think about." She told him, and then she
pulled his face forward into her crotch!

She held his face there, smothering him with her crotch. He didn't
struggle very much, and she easily held him there.

"Can you smell my wet pussy? You're going to get to see in a moment. I
already let you have an orgasm once today, and you think you can just have
another? If anybody's going to cum around here it's going to be me! I'm
going to through you down and then I going to plant my naked pussy in your
face. And you're going to make me cum or I'll just smother your worthless
little face until you die!" She shouted at him, while she continued to cut
off his air.

He was starting to jerk and shake a little, so she let him fall back on
the floor. He gasped and wheezed for breath while she quickly pulled off
her pants and panties. She moved over him and he tried to hold her off but
she easily planted her fleshy mound on his face. Her fat pussy was wet as
it had ever been, and Conrad was submersed in the smell and taste of her.

"Suck it! Suck my pussy!"

She periodically let him gasp in a breath as he sucked and slurped, but
as she got more and more aroused she started to just use his face. She
began to hump his face without regard for his breath. She was in control,
total control, and she was going to enjoy it. She crushed his head down
under the force of the powerful, rhythmic thrusts of her hips. She
realized that he couldn't breathe at all, and it just turned her on more.

"Worthless little shit. Now you see who's in charge. Can't breathe?
What are you going to do with my pussy in your face? I think I might just
smother you to death!"

He was making all sorts of funny moaning noises under her as she just
kept grinding her pussy in his face until she couldn't take it anymore.
She came, crying out loudly as she bucked so hard against Conrad's face
that he felt like she was going to destroy his face. She sat there,
suffocating him in her wet sex as she shuddered with the force of orgasm
after orgasm. She continued to smother him until he was practically
unconscious, before finally climbing off of him.

Conrad lay gasping and moaning, his face wet with her juices, while
Debby pulled on her clothes. She straightened herself out and then stood
smiling over him.

"You'd better show up to work tomorrow. Don't worry, I'm not going to
report you. I've got other plans. You and I have a date tomorrow night,
you little worm." She told him, and then she walked out the door.


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