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CONTAINER hurt all They didnt even



by Sara H

Categories: FF, MM, F-dom, MC, NC


This story contains scenes of graphic lesbian sex, mind control
and other things you may find objectionable. If you do, please
take your eyes somewhere else. Remember, reading is voluntary.

Please do not post elsewhere without permission of the author.

(c)2001 by Sara H


*The lips.*

*The lips are all.*

*The lips move.*

*The mouth speaks.*

*The words come.*

*The words bring change.*

*I do not choose.*

*I do not see.*

*I do not know.*

*The changes are not changes.*

*I have not changed.*

*I have always been here.*

*I have always been now.*

*I obey.*


Sheila walked quickly through the maze of cubicles, finding her
own desk thanks to the ritual of four years of working in the
same space, filing the same reports, managing the same
information. It wasn't particularly pleasant, but it wasn't so
bad, either. As she set her purse under her desk and checked the
small mirror she kept in the back corner, she appraised herself
casually. She pulled a few times on her bangs, pushing them
gently back and forth, until she was satisfied with how they lay
on her forehead.

She was still mostly alone in the large room -- her day started
an hour earlier than most of the women who worked near her. She
turned on her PC, and as it booted up she looked through the
small stack of papers she had left from the day before.

She reached for the telephone headset and pressed the button
that switched it from the regular handset to the one she wore on
her ear.

The headset was disconnected still, and the short cord lay on
her shoulder as she hummed briefly, waiting for the logo on her
monitor to give way to the animated desktop she had designed for

Finally, the PC chimed that it was ready for her. She took the
wire from the headset control box and pulled it towards her.
Lifting her shoulder length hair with her free hand, she took
the tiny plug and connected it.

She winced slightly as she gently pressed it into a port set
into her skin just behind her left ear.

She took the dangling cord of the headset and plugged it into
another port just below the first.

Her eyes became vacant and sightless as her fingers typed
commands, opening a program that appeared in the upper right
corner of her screen.

The abstract symbols displayed there reflected in her dilating
eyes. Her lips moved silently, as if she were gently talking to
herself. Eventually, even the movement of her lips stopped.
Their moist swelling as her mouth sat slightly open, was silent
witness to her arousal.

She did not move again for nearly an hour.


Sheila finally came to herself in the bathroom. She was in a
stall, sucking on her fingers. The taste of her womanly essence
was still fresh on her lips and tongue.

She stood, straightened her skirt, and opened the stall door.
She walked over to the sink and checked her face in the mirror,
fixing her disheveled hair before turning to look down at the
body of the woman that was lying on the floor. She quietly
regarded the face of the woman as she knelt down, gently lifting
the head and wiping the small bit of dried blood from behind the
young brunette's left ear.

It was the face of Kathleen, her best friend.

It was also the face of the newest Container, the newest member
of the Fold.

By now, the filaments had bonded with the brain and nervous
system. Sheila pulled two sets of wires from inside her jacket,
attached one set to the new ports in the woman's neck, and the
other set into the ports on her own. She took the loose ends of
both sets and plugged them into what appeared to be small bottle
of perfume.

She pressed the applicator button on the bottle and waited for
the pleasure beyond pleasure to consume her, and to consume
Kathleen. She smiled at Kathleen briefly as she waited. The
pleasure would pour into every neural circuit of the woman's
conscious and subconscious mind. It would seal her new
programming into her psyche, just as it had Sheila's two weeks

And then, as the plasma flame of orgasm rose and washed through
and over her, she let every other thought fall from her grasp as
she fell into convulsions of pure ecstasy.

She did not choose.

She did not see.

She did not know.

She obeyed.

She had always obeyed.

She would always obey.

And now, so would Kathleen.


"Container Matheson-001 has passed her final simulation with no
anomalies," reported the woman behind the console.

"Very well, Ashley," answered a female voice from the intercom.
"Nicely done. She was a tough case, yes? She took nearly three

"Yes, Mistress. But there was nothing I couldn't push through."

"Is that pride in your voice, Ashley?" teased the voice.

"Only in serving Your will, Mistress," answered the beautiful

Looking slightly dissatisfied, the woman emerged from the
shadows, barking, "Status report!"

Ashley's face went blank as she flatly recited, "Container
Williams-002. Pleasure and conditioning protocols in place and
operating at 92% efficiency. Arousal factor seventy-three.
Container is secure."

Smiling with just a hint of amusement, Mistress spoke more
softly again. "End report."

She regarded the beautiful slave for a moment before adding,
"Return her to her programming chamber and feed our newest
convert her final instructions. Then prepare the conference room
for the ending session."

"As You desire, now and always, Mistress," replied Ashley,
bowing softly as pleasure tingled up her spine with the words of

Soon, perhaps tonight, Mistress would allow the Container to
pleasure Her again. Ashley felt her pussy darken her panties with wetness at the thought.


Tonight's session had been a celebration. After ten days of
grueling self-examination, soul-baring and realizations that
bordered on spiritual, the women who had attended the
"Empowering Women in the Workplace" seminar were reaping the
rewards of hard-fought battles and illuminating exercises.

Sheila looked around at the fifty women from across the United
States and smiled, and saw them smiling, too. Their eyes glowed
with self-assured determination and purpose, ready to return to
their jobs and careers, knowing what they had to offer, and what
rewards awaited them.

Edith Prolznyck, the Facilitator, was speaking, and Sheila
returned her attention back to the small riser from which the
aging but still vital woman spoke.

"... and from where do our ethics and motivations come? Our
sense of individual purpose and strength? How do we recognize
the difference between reality and the hallucination society has
placed upon us? From the secret knowledge inside the
*Containers* we call our bodies. From that *secret place* inside
where we all hold our most cherished thoughts and dreams which
make up our most sacred *knowledge*. That secret place that we
have brought to life in you, nurtured in you, and given as a
gift to you, over these last few days."

Edith paused and looked around, smiling. "What are we?" she

"POWERFUL!" shouted the chorus of fifty women.

"And with what power do we live?"


"And how do we overcome??"


"Excellent! Congratulations! You have just graduated into the
world! The real seminar begins.... NOW!!!"

Music blared from the speakers throughout the room, and,
although not one of them noticed, all fifty women simultaneously
touched their crotches, their breasts, their foreheads, their
lips, and then reached back to lightly graze one hundred tiny
ports, perfectly aligned behind fifty left ears.

As they talked and laughed, leaving the conference room, they
each took the packets they were given and headed to the post-
seminar party.


Sheila had been waiting for fifteen minutes when Richard picked
her up at the airport. It was a little odd... her brother was
always punctual to a fault. She let it go with her happiness at
seeing him.

They gave each other a big hug and got in the car to take her

"So, how was the big workshop?" he asked. "Learn anything new?"

"Oh, more than I can ever tell you, Richie," she enthused. "I
had no idea how much there was to learn. But I found out!"

"So did I," he said looking straight ahead.

She barely had time to see the shape moving in the back seat
before the needle sank home and she lost consciousness.

Richard grimaced, guilty about what he had done, even though it
was necessary. He looked at his sister slumped beside him and
then into the rearview mirror. "You sure you know what you're

"You saw the ports, right? Mr. Matheson, the BSI has been
working on this for long enough to know that surprise is the
only way. She would fight -- even kill us, without ever
realizing why. She is a Container... she lives to serve her
Mistress, regardless of the cost. Now get to the motel so we can
get the thing out of her, and get her back to normal."

Richard was about to say something when he felt the nuzzle of a
gun touch the back of his head.

"No backing out now, Mr. Matheson."


"Richard...?" croaked Sheila as her eyes opened slowly, still
rolling from the powerful anesthetic.

"I'm here, Sheila," he answered, sitting on the side of the
bed, holding her hand. "It's all over now."

"What..." she said, cut off by dryness. Starting again, she
continued, "What's over?"

"They put something in you, sis. Something to control you.
Something to control your mind. Agent Randall was able to remove
it, though."

"Agent Randall?"

"The man who brought you here with me. Do you remember anything?"

"Sort of," she rasped. "I remember feeling really, really good.
And then blackness."

Agent Randall broke in. "That was the device. They had you
wired for pleasure. Stronger than any drug, and you would have
killed us to keep it."


"See for yourself." He held up two half inch flesh colored tiny
cylinders with a small silver square attached, and several tiny
hair-like wires protruding from the other end. "These are the
ports, and this is the processor. These filaments are wired
through your nervous system. We can't take them out... they're
much too complex. But we can defuse them, so to speak. Free you."

"I... don't know what to say..." she said, looking over at
Richard in confusion.

"It's true, sis. I didn't believe it for sure until I saw him
take these fuckers out of you."

"I guess I should thank you..."

"Time enough for that when you rest up. For now, just go on to

"Okay," she said, closing her eyes. Within moments, she was
asleep, breathing deeply.

"Maybe we should leave her be for awhile, huh?" asked Richard,
his eyes pleading with the agent.

"Okay... it's safe now, anyway, I think. Let's go get some
coffee," said Agent Randall. "This kind of thing wears me out."

They turned out the lights, closed the door and walked to the
diner across the street.


Sheila blinked as the lights came back on.

"Who are you?" she said to the young woman in the motel room.

"I'm here to clean the room," she said. "Say, are you okay?"

"I think so... I don't know. They say something happened to me."

"The guys you are here with? Did they do something bad?"

"No... one is my brother, the other one is some federal agent.
It's really okay. You can clean."

"Well, in a minute. First, I have something for you. Hold on a

The maid went to her cart and reached into one of the pockets
on the side. She pulled out two pronged pistol shaped object and
loaded it with two small cylinders. She walked over and turned
Sheila's head to the side, looking closely at her neck.

"They did a clean removal. That's good. That means this won't
hurt at all. They didn't even scratch the cyst.

"You *do* want to return to the Fold, don't you, lovely one?"
said the maid, smiling sweetly.

"Yesssssssss...." hissed Sheila. "Hurry... they won't be gone

She shivered as she pulled her head further to the side and
exposed her neck for insertion, and the pleasure that would come
with it.


Sheila lapped at the pussy of Container Andrews-006 with the
reverence of a slave worshipping a Goddess. Of course, Mary
wasn't Mistress, but in serving this way, Mistress would be
honored. Besides, Mary had done the same for her.

Her head glided up and down, tongue rasping across the clit of
her lover, making it swell with need and hot tongues of fire.
The warmth in her own belly told her she was doing exactly what
was needed... the direct connection between pleasure centers and
the amplification would allow nothing else. Her finger found
Mary's nipples and she pulled on them *hard,* as she nibbled her
clit, listening to the mewls of the woman as they tingled all
the way from the top of head to the toes of both women.

Her hips began to buck in unison with the young maid's, both of
them chanting their sexual need, gasping and screaming in
unison. *"Fuuuuck yes! God yes fuck it lick it eat it make me
cummmmmm!!! Fucking my clit yes suckingsuckingsucking

They both lost all thought as their bodies and minds become one
pulsing, blazing light of pure pleasure, nothing but lust, but
need, but cumming each climax feeding the next, over and over,
unable to stop until all programming was restored.

Deep inside her sex-fogged mind, Sheila hoped there was much
more programming to do. Even the part of her that had once
resisted now clutched and begged for more instruction, shouted
her obedience deep into her mind... she had not changed... she
had always been here... she had always been now... *she

She looked over at Richard and Agent Randall, and came again as
she saw Richard lower his lips to the agent's throbbing cock,
swirling around the head with his tongue. They were both
sporting erections that looked like flesh steel, and the wires
running from their newly installed ports to the programming box
assured that they would never again be a nuisance, or cause
Mistress trouble again.

In fact, men sometimes made the best recruiters of all. They
were less suspicious in certain circumstances.

*It's kind of too bad,* she thought, *that they will never be
allowed the intellect to be more than breeding and recruitment

She felt another climax approaching fast and corrected her
thoughts obligingly. *Fuck it,* she reflected, *they serve the
will of Mistress...*


It was a long drive home. Richard sat quietly, despite the
lively conversation Sheila offered. She smiled and nodded, as if
she could hear his answer. It was a fun game, made even more so
by the lusty moans that Richard would let escape when she
mentioned Agent Randall.

She pulled into the Happy Go Lucky Food Mart at the corner of
her street and went inside to buy some sodas.

"Well, where have *you* been, girl?" asked Joan, from behind
the counter.

"Hi, Joan," Sheila answered, smiling. "Out of town. I needed a
break from here. By the way, are you out of Lucky Colas? I
couldn't find them."

"No, they should be back there. Let me look for you." Joan came
out from behind the counter and walked toward the back of the
small store. Sheila began to rummage through her purse as she

"I understand about this place getting to you," she said.
"Ellington may be close, but here in Rowansville, it's always
dead. Hmm, maybe they're behind these newspapers. I always have
to remind Eddie not to cover the merchandise."

"I don't know," answered Sheila, smiling, standing behind and
slightly to the left of the cashier. She pulled out the small
device for which she had been looking and held it near the
woman's neck, just behind her left ear. Joan was too busy
looking for Lucky Cola to notice.

"I have a feeling things are going to be changing quite a bit
around here."


*Note: Jet lag does strange things. This story is based largely
on a dream I had while resting in a hotel room on the other side
of the world. I don't often get MC dreams, especially vivid
ones, so I thought this deserved to get written. The big
difference is that in the dream, all of us Container Units were
draping long tubes behind us that pumped MC fluid into our
minds, and it ended when I said that yes, I wanted to be re-
inserted. Wheeeeee! Feel free to let me know what you think!*

*A couple of nods are due. One to Tabico, and one to trilby
else, for their excellence in 'pathic scenes.*

*Also, it's really good to be home.*

*- Sara*

*Please send any comments or feedback to
Please list the name of the story in the subject line. Thanks
for reading!*

*- Sara*


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