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CONVRAPE young and curious this not


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
Convenient Rape -(convrape.txt)- Sure there's a lot of unresolved
issues and nothing sets the first evil right, but it was fun for
him to see someone else deliver his wrath. M/F rape, ir.
Convenient Rape

"Motherfucker! Let me go motherfucker!" she was screaming as
he struggled to drag her into the burned-out storefront.
"You my momma? Are you my momma?" he taunted her as she twisted
in his arms.
"You be sorry when my boy tracks you down," she threatened, "You
don't know my boy or you wouldn't be touchin' me."
"Yeah, this sucks, but maybe you need a better idea of who your
boy is," he agreed.
Three others were wearing ski masks, but their leader didn't seem
to fear recognition. He kept his face in hers as close as he could get
without her biting him.
She was a fiery little bitch and he approached with care even
with her hands tied behind her and two others holding her legs. Her
baggy jeans were no challenge to pull down her legs. Quickly, she
was naked from the waist down.
He sat down between her legs, inside the pants on her ankles
and pressed down on her belly.
"You guys go you do your job. I've got her," he said to the ski-
masked trio.
"You ain't got shit!" she argued as soon as they stepped out.
She tried to kick him, to knee him, but he only smiled at her
struggles. He was hard to hit sitting at the joining of her crotch.
She was only succeeding in looking helpless. She changed her plan.
She clamped her thighs around him. She locked her ankles and
squeezed. She'd scissors-lock this motherfucker to death.
"I didn't think I'd get to you so quick," he said easily. "I like
the feel of you wanting me so bad. I knew you'd come around, but, baby,
I ain't even started yet. You this hot now, you in for the best night
of your life."
"Fuck you!" she screamed in frustration.
He licked his thumb and used it to play with her pussy. It was
nothing but irritating, but it still made it hard for her to keep the
pressure in her leg lock around him.
"This the only way you gonna get some good pussy," she spat.
Good pussy. That was a memory. It was just weeks ago...

Mary had been stocking the shelves when three of them came in.
There was no fooling around. The first man shoved a gun in his face
and the others did a quick sweep of the store.
They were both herded into the storeroom and tied up.
Then their leader grinned at the sobbing Mary. There was a pure
sadistic lust on his face as he decided what he wanted to do. It
didn't look like sexual lust. He wanted to torment Mary's fear.
"Let's see those big white titties," he said and ripped open
Mary's shirt.
"Bet you never had those nipples sucked right," he threatened as
he pulled up her bra.
Mary was red-faced and tear stained as she shrieked and tried to
turn away from him. She was sobbing so hard she didn't seem to have
time to breathe.
He had a foot in his chest and a 9mm in his face. There was
nothing he could do to prevent it. His best effort would only get him
shot and they'd rape Mary afterwards.
"I'm gonna bite you with the blacksnake," he said as he made a
show of pulling open his belt and then opening his pants
Mary was hysterical. She tried to struggle but her attacker
seemed to enjoy that best of all. He only needed her pants down to
mid-thigh. He didn't bother with more.
"I'm gonna put this black dick where no white boy has ever been,"
he jeered at her as he held his cock over her face.
Mary's eyes were stretched into slits crying dry tears and her
face seemed to have become one downturned hole from which her animal whines issued in bursts.
He pulled her bound legs in the air and pushed his cock against
her slit. If he had hoped for a different reaction, he was
disappointed. Mary was already as panicked as she could be. She
floundered from the pain as he roughly took her dry hole, but she
couldn't scream or cry any harder than she already was.
Her wails were somewhat more forlorn as he forced himself into
her. Fear had become desperation as that foreign organ battered its
way inside her.
"It way up in there now, ain't it!" he emphasized by slamming
his thighs against her butt.
From his captivity, the other forced himself to remember every
detail. The black cock forcing open unwilling white lips, the black
thighs pressed against the white ones, the way he rippled when his
ass heaved to poke deeper into his victim; he concentrated on the
least detail.
"Deep as you had-" he demanded an answer.
He heaved into Mary again and again. He badgered her for the
answer. He heaved and then demanded that she confirm her pain. The
frantic woman finally gave in and nodded her head.
Smiling broadly at the concession he had wrung from her, he
pulled his cock back from her abused cunt. She didn't know what rape
was. He was just playing with her before. Rape let him take their
souls. He had just scared her some so far.
As he watched from the floor, he was amazed at the energy Mary
still had. The black cock had moved again toward the white curve of
her firm ass and she seemed to defy gravity as she threw herself into
the the air to avoid him.
She was successful in her adrenaline-drenched acrobatics to the
point that her attacker threw her legs to the ground. He quickly sat
across the back of her legs and quieted her efforts to evade him.
She was screaming no, please, don't, over and over as he put his
weight on her back and brought his cock to bear once more. She
screamed and bellered and screamed some more as he heaved to force his
cock in her.
He couldn't see in the detail he had been watching with before
from where he was being held to the floor, but he knew what was
happening. The angle was hard to judge and he couldn't see the black
pole forcing open Mary's dainty pink sphincter, but he knew. It would
only take that much force if he was raping her ass. He didn't know
what he could say to Mary when it was over.
"You had some white boy up here before?" he asked as he kept her
screams coming with his thrusts.
She wasn't being brave any more. She shook her head immediately
when he asked.
"Then you in for a big, long treat," he taunted her.
Mary had begun to gurgle when he approached his full penetration.
He fucked her ass until he had jammed his cock all the way into her.
"That touching you somewhere new?" he asked as his hips rested
in her ass.
He heaved and Mary didn't respond. He tried a few more times and
then pulled out with a sour look on his face. He hadn't bothered to
cum. this one had pooped out on him before he could get off.
"Worthless bitch," he spit at her in frustration.

He told the police what had happened. Mary just nodded confirmation. She endured the examination, but she was obviously trying
to wipe the whole incident from her mind.
He tried to hold her, but she didn't want his touch.
He wanted to see her rapist jerk and flip as the current passed
through his brain. He wanted to smell burnt flesh at his electrocution.
His bloodlust quickly turned to frustration as he saw the police
drag their feet again and again. Investigation be damned. Build a case,
my ass- they had the store tapes and an eyewitness.
When he located the man on his own, he decided not to tell the
cops. Too many things could go wrong if he let justice slip from
his own hands. That was when he began to plan.

"I do believe you've got good pussy," he told her.
He licked his other finger and slipped it into her.
"Feel how it grips me? You know your pussy wants it. Why don't
you give it up?" he said.
"I ain't givin' you nothin'. But you be gettin' yours real soon,"
she brazened.
He was playing with her now. He wasn't about to rape her before
her 'boy' showed up. He was, however, surprised at his own reaction to
her feisty resistance. He was hard. This was very exciting.
"I'd fuck you now, but I want a friend to watch," he told her as
he kept attacking her cunt with his fingers.
The air in the building changed when his three cohorts dragged
in their victim. He still struggled even though they had wrapped him
in so many ropes that he was almost a mummy. The woman on the floor
betrayed a moment of worry.
"Now my buddy has arrived," he said and tugged at the closures
of his pants.
He enjoyed the resistance of her thighs as he pushed his cock
nearer and nearer to her slit.
"Why you doin' this to me?" she asked, a change in her attitude
"You said it was good pussy. I want some," he said.
"Deshanti! You offering this white boy pussy!?" the other rapist
"Look at yourself and ask me why he's raping me," she shot back.
She wasn't a bit hot or willing. There was no noticible addition
of wetness to the spit he had put inside her himself. But it still felt
like pussy as he forced his cock into her.
"Like how she wants it?" he referred to the grip of her thighs
around his body, "She sure wants to make sure I don't stop."
He was paying less attention to getting his cock in her than in
taunting their captive. He was going to explain it to him in a minute.
"Should I roll her over and see if she's had white dick in her
ass?" he asked the bound man.
His eyes narrowed as he tried to make the identification. They
opened again in recognition.
"I know where you work motherfucker! You better leave the country
tonight, because I'm gonna kill you," he threatened.
"If we don't kill you before we leave," he reminded him of his
"You doin' this to me because of him?" the woman butted in from
the floor. "You a fucked up yellow motherfucker."
"I'm doin' this because of my girlfriend," he said.
"What he talking about?" she asked the black man.
"He don't know nothin' about nothin'. Don't listen to him," he
He had to stop himself from laughing out loud. The more he
thought about it, the more perfect it was. The bitch was obviously
harder than her man.
He told her the story. He fucked her while he talked and he
noticed her legs loose their grip as he described the rape he had
It wasn't that she was suddenly hot for him. She had transferred
her anger and he was a barely noticeable irritation slamming his cock
into her box.
"You fuck a white girl?" she accused him.
"He lyin'" he answered.
"You say you like big white tits?" she kept coming.
"He fucking with you," he said.
He stopped thrusting so as not to distract her. As she got
madder, he pulled his cock out and watched them argue.
She knew he had robbed the store. He was busted.
It was a twist he hadn't anticipated, but it was perfect. He
closed his pants and motioned to the others. He figured she'd be out
of her ropes long before he could escape. They left them there.

The son-of-a-bitch would be eligible for parole in seven years.
The wimps on the jury pitied him and couldn't bring themselves to
sentence him to die.
But somehow that was okay. Seven years were enough for his
growing hairlessness and high ranging voice to attract the appropriate
attention in prison. He'd understand rape before he got out.
And somewhere there was a proud black women with the strangest
wrinkled hairy earrings that used to be his balls.


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