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COOLDOWN thick salty cream down throat


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Cool Down

Written by Dave437

As Narranted by Cindy

Hi! I have always been a prude until my brother, Dave, helped me
understand that my

feelings for him weren't unusual or wrong. I never realized that
brothers and sisters were

supposed to feel attracted to each other sexually and I had felt guilty
at first just thinking about

him. Dave and I have always been close and we did everything together
as we grew up. I

suppose I have always been in love with him, but I just thought of him
as my "Knight in Shining Armor".

We went camping, fishing, and hiking together all through our teens, and
I have always been awed by his bronzed, muscular body. After he went off
to college and then served a short enlistment in the Army, I had been
awaked to my sexual desires by my boyfriends, but I remember now that I
always fantasized being in the arms of my brother. They never seemed to
measure up to him in my mind, either, so that's why I remained a virgin.

After his training in the Army, he came home for a visit. My folks and
I had moved to the high desert while Dave was away and I was looking
forward to showing him my new found hiking grounds. We used to live in the
north woods of Wisconsin and hiking here was quite a change. Dad moved
here to retire away from the harsh winters, although we still keep a summer
home in Wisconsin at a lake. I had begun exploring the area here in the
foothills of the mountains and had found a real treasure spot.

Dave had matured into a strong, but soft spoken giant of a man and my
heart beat a little faster every time he smiled at me. Finally I got him
to agree to go hiking with wasn't really that hard since he had
always loved hiking too. I dressed for a desert hike, but unconsciously I
had chosen my tightest fitting jeans and shirt to show off my 5'3",
35-23-35 figure in case he hadn't noticed how much I had matured since he
left for college. And it worked! As we hiked up into the hills, with me
in the lead, his eyes never seemed to stray too far from my buns.

"Good Lord, Sis, you've turned into one sexy little lady," he commented
as we stopped to rest for a minute.

"Thanks, Dave. You don't look so bad either," I complemented him back,
my eyes drawn to the bulge in his pants. He wasn't quite aroused yet, but
he wasn't totally soft either. I decided I had to see more of him and I
quickly worked us up into a sweat as I took us to a swimming hole I had
found in a deep canyon. Dave was dripping with sweat as he flopped down at
the edge of the pool. "Whew! It really gets hot here!", he exclaimed.

Without saying a word, I stripped off my clothes slowly in front of him,
and then dived into the cool water, beckoning him to follow. As he stood
up to pull down his pants I could see that his bulge had grown. I treaded
water and watched entranced as his rock-hard cock sprung into view for a
moment until he quickly jumped into the water too. I swam silently up to
him and crushing my breasts against his hairy chest, I hugged him tightly
to me. His manly, rough hands gently cupped my breasts and his fingers
played with my hardened nipples as I reached down to stroke the hot poker
pressing against my belly. I kissed him deeply as I played with his heavy,
hairy balls and then began stroking his cock tightly. Taking a deep
breath, I dived down and took it into my mouth, ignoring the little water I
swallowed along with his manhood.

sucking hard on his delicious cock-skin, I knew I wanted him more than
any man I had ever met. Coming up for air, I pushed him up on a rock and
spreading his legs, I leisurely began to savor the taste of his thick cock.
I have a small mouth, but I love to suck cock and I wasn't going to let his
size stop me. I gently cupped his balls in my hand and rolled them between
my fingers as I began sucking hard on his meat. He began to moan and
suddenly he gripped my head and shoved his cock deep into my mouth as he
spurted his thick salty cream down my throat. I closed my eyes and
swallowed every bit of it I could. He jerked several times as he spurted
into me and finally laid back exhausted as I continued to milk the last
drops out of his big balls.

After he became soft I lifted my mouth off him and kissed him as I told
him how good he tasted. We rested for a little bit, then he laid me back
on the ground and began eating my pussy while I sucked on his cock as he
squatted over me in a classic '69' position. My mind exploded as his
talented tongue probed my clit. When he was hard I slid out and presented
my butt to him with my elbows on the ground and my legs spread apart. But
he was gentle and eased the head of his cock into me slowly. I whimpered
half in fear and half in pain as he gradually split me open to his hot iron

Then suddenly he popped in and the initial pain was replaced with a
warmth as I could feel myself wrapped tightly around him. His strokes
gradually increased in tempo and I nearly fainted when he exploded his
white hot cum deep into my pussy while he roughly grabbed my swinging
breasts and pulled me tight to him. He held me tight like that as his cock
twitched and pumped more of his cream into me.

We have made love many different ways since that time he took my
virginity. With Dave, everything is gentle and beautiful. Now I wonder
about Dad.............................

Happy Hiking


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