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COPS guys from the next block had


"Cops and Robbers" {Pendragon} (MF b-voy)

by Uther Pendragon

IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, or otherwise forbidden by law to
read electronically transmitted erotic material, please go do
something else.

This material is Copyright, 2000, Uther Pendragon. All
rights reserved. I specifically grant the right of downloading
and keeping ONE electronic copy for your personal reading so long
as this notice is included. Reposting requires previous

All persons here depicted are figments of my imagination; any
resemblance to persons living or dead is strictly coincidental.

# # # #

by Uther Pendragon
Craig ran down the alley away from the street and ducked to his
left. He wiggled through the gap in the Wilsons' back gate.
Away from the bright yellow glare of the alley lights, the slow
summer dusk was already turning to night. Soon, his mother would
be calling him home.

But two of the guys from the next block had shot him before
dinner, and he wanted to get a couple of them before their
mothers called them home. The new tenants at ground level
probably wouldn't raise a fuss at his being in the yard; they
certainly wouldn't know his name if they did. That left the old
couple upstairs to worry about. Mrs. Wilson would scream at him
if she saw him in her yard. Even worse, she would scream at him
by name, letting everybody know where he was.

He got across the back yard unseen, though. Now all he had to do
was to sidle along the side of the building. The Wilsons
wouldn't see him from upstairs, and the kids in the street
wouldn't be looking for him here. He had, however, to avoid a
faint light from one of the downstairs rooms. He ducked down to
crawl under the window level. A woman's voice froze him. "What
are you doing down there?" she asked.

Before Craig could begin to think of an answer, a man replied,
"You mean that you can't feel?" The two of them, Craig realized,
were a few feet the other side of the window above him. He lay

"Come up here," the woman said. "I need you!" Something sounded
like bedsprings, and then someone grunted.

Suddenly suspicious, Craig risked rising on the far side of the
window. The light, which was coming from the room beyond, lit
the window screen more than the bed against the far wall. Still,
with a little peering, Craig could see the woman lying on the

Her knee was raised and her hip was mostly concealed by folds of
sheet. He could see her breast, including most of its tip. This
exciting development, however, was less important than the
position of the man. He was between her legs, moving slowly back
and forth above her.

They were doing it! Despite her stillness and his slow motion,
they were both breathing heavily. As he watched, her hips rose
from the bed, and his drove them back down into the mattress.
"Oh!" she said.

"Bang!" somebody said from the street. "Got you, Craig."

He couldn't let the couple hear. He ran to the gate, swung
it open, and eased it shut. In the middle of the public
sidewalk, he turned to face Davy from the next block.

"I got you fair and square," shouted Davy. "Craig's a cheat."

When Davy fired again, Craig writhed onto the sidewalk in a
dramatic death scene. As long as it happened out here, it didn't
really matter that much.
The end
Cops and Robbers
Uther Pendragon
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