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CRUISE camera away we kept


4:40 PM 2/5/01The Cruise

This marvelous adventure started in a unique way. My husband and I had
won a free cruise. We were both looking forward to it very much. We had
even prepaid to upgrade the Cabin to top of the line. I spent weeks
shopping for a nice wardrobe and was just about ready to go when My husband
came home from work with that look on his face. "Dear there is this crisis
and I need to stay I am real sorry really I am." He said with his sad puppy
dog eyes. I was steamed to say the least. all the money wasted and all
the expectations ruined. I went stomping around the house doing house work
with a vengeance. Later that evening we discussed it and we decided maybe
I could take a girlfriend and still go, after all we were prepaid. I
reluctantly agreed and we had a nice cuddle. The next day I called a few
friends and got one named Gayle to go along. I was feeling better already.
Gayle was lots of fun and I was looking forward to some of the sight seeing
trips and being out of the cold weather. My husband spent the remainder of
the week Teasing me about the shipboard romances I could have. I pooh
poohed him but he kept it up anyway. The day we were to leave Gayle got in
a minor traffic accident and broke her leg so here I stand aboard a cruise
ship setting off all alone.

My cabin is beautiful. At least I wont be sharing it. It has a nice
roomy Bathroom and plenty of drawers. It even has it's own private deck
with a Jaccuzzi on it. The first activity is a dinner at the captain's
table. I assume all the first class cabins enjoy this privilege. It is
formal so I decided to wear my black Knee length cocktail dress. It is a
little daring for me but I can wear a jacket to cover my back. the dress
is completely Backless with only thin criss cross straps holding it up.
The one drawback to it is I have to wear thigh hi stay up stockings and a
pair of thong panties to get rid of the pant and pantyhose lines. I feel
just a little on the cheap side but as long as I am careful no one will

We all met the captain and his first officer then we were seated at
tables with officers and other guests for dinner. being mostly couples I
was seated at a table with two young officers and a pretty young lady named
Buffy of all things. The two officers were Edwardo, a spaniard and
Stephaan a scott. I didn't have to worry about being the center of
attention in my dress, Buffy was dressed very flashy, and the young men enjoyed looking at her very much. Still I got my share of compliments.
Being in your forties, it takes many hours at the gym to maintain a nice
figure and I do enjoy it when the work is noticed. At dinner the wine
flowed freely and I was having a very nice time. I amazed myself at how
much fun I was having considering the circumstances. When the Band started
up I truly wished I had someone to Dance with. Edwardo seeing me watch the
dance floor asked me to dance. After some halfhearted attempts to get out
of it I was escorted to the dance floor. I soon found out that Edwardo was
an excellent Dancer and he and I were having loads of fun. Edwardo
remained a perfect gentleman on the dance floor. We returned to the table
to rest a minute and I was so hot I just had to take off my jacket. Both
Edwardo and Stephaan took a good look at my dress and I could feel myself
blush just a bit. The band started up a lively tune and off we went again.
As Edwardo was twirling me I was aware of the view anyone who looked must
have with my dress hem flaring up so high. I had had just enough wine not
to care.

After a few more dances Edwardo's hands were getting somewhat more
adventurous and I decided it was time to cool down. When we got back to
the table Stephaan and Buffy were gone.

I asked Edwardo if we could take a walk to cool down and he said sure.
Edwardo gave me a first class tour of the ship ending on a very private
deck with a swimming pool. I asked Edwardo where we were and he laughed
and pointed to a sign. The sign read clothing optional. He explained that
this is where many passengers went to sunbathe and swim without tops or
sometimes completely nude. Luckily for me it was completely empty or I
would have been totally embarrassed. He explained that officers quarters
were just on the other side, where he shared a cabin with Stephaan. I said
"oh yes and you probably spend all your time staring at the women here
don't you" He just smiled his big flashy smile. "Lets take a swim!" he
exclaimed and started to remove his cloths. I said" I don't think so I
have no suit." he replied "wear your panties. I will turn around while you
get undressed." Well it was all or nothing so off came my dress then my
shoes and hose and jewelry and in I jumped. As long as I stayed down to my
neck you really couldn't see anything. I sat there and watched Edwardo get
undressed. He had a nice body and clear olive complexion. When he got
down to his Black silk Jockeys I said "you can leave those on ok?" he
grinned again and jumped in to. We had a nice swim and Edwardo kept a
respectable distance for quite awhile. but sooner or later I knew he would
try to touch me or see me. Finally he playfully cornered me on the steps
and as I leaned back my breasts came out of the water. I let him fondle my
breasts in the pool until a fit of guilt made me break away. What was I
doing, the first time in ten years I was away from my husband and I was
letting a total stranger feel me up and see me topless. I said "it is time
to go Edwardo." he looked slightly dejected but he was a gentleman and got
out of the pool. I couldn't help notice his manhood it was partially erect
and I was sorry for teasing him. he threw me a towel and said "we can go
to my cabin to dry off and get dressed." I hopped out to and wrapped the
towel around me thankful no one could see. We went to his Cabin and upon
entering we found Buffy and Stephaan in the Jaccuzzi having a few drinks.
It was obvious they were nude but they waved to us and asked us to join
them. I said to Edwardo " I can't go in nude." he threw me a T-shirt and
said " come on we are all friends here." I put on the shirt and joined the
group in the tub. We had several more drinks and I must say that the guys hands did a little to much wandering under water. It was easy to figure
out that Buffy was planning to stay the night and I figured I had better
get dressed and leave or I would have to spend the night to. As I got out
and said my Good-bys Edwardo made the gesture of walking me home but I said
just stay and enjoy and retired to the bathroom to get dressed. as I was
leaving it was quite obvious that buffy was going to entertain both of the
guys so I headed to my cabin.

The next morning I had a mild Hangover and I laid in bed considering the
events of the previous evening. I really hadn't been unfaithful and
besides wasn't my husband always saying I should spice up my life a little.
I went to breakfast and ate alone my table partner being Buffy. I spent
the morning in the gym and doing aerobics. What a nice setup this cruise
ship has. When I returned to my Cabin there were a dozen Roses and an
Invitation to that evenings dance, but not from Edwardo, from Stephaan. He
had included his shipboard phone number so I gave him a call.

"Ships communications may I help you?" came a masculine voice. "May I
speak to Stephaan please." I replied. "This is he." he returned." Oh this
is Kay from last night. I was calling about this nice invitation I
received. Are you sure you didn't mean to send it to Buffy?" I replied."
yes I am sure. I saw what a wonderful dancer you were and I desire your
company this evening." he said. I answered " but aren't you seeing Buffy?"
He chuckled " No I believe Buffy is spending some time with Edwardo this
evening. " In that case I would be delighted to go Dancing with you
tonight." I said. "Great Ill pick you up around 10:00 and dress is semi
dressy I am wearing civilian cloths instead of my uniform tonight." he

After dinner I stood in front of my closet trying to decide what to
wear. I hadn't been out on a date in 10 years except with my husband. I
didn't want to be to provocative, I didn't know haw much Edwardo had told
him, but I didn't want to look like a house wife either. I finally decided
on my red dress with my red heels and white pantyhose. It wasn't quite as
daring as my Black number but it showed off a lot of leg. Under the dress
I wore a red lacy slip and panties but no bra. At the stroke of ten
Stephaan Knocked on my door and off we went. we had our choice of Ball
room or disco we ended up doing both. we danced till two in the morning
and finally I asked Stephaan to walk me back to my Cabin. As we reached my
door he asked if he could come in. I thought about it for a moment and
finally said yes but just for a moment. When we got in the cabin I was
surprised to say the least. on the deck surrounding the Jaccuzzi were many
candles and beside it was a Carafe of Champagne. I looked at Stephaan and
he just smiled. I asked" how did you do this?" He replied "It was simple I
have many friends." " What if I hadn't asked you in?" I asked in a tiny
huff. He replied " Ahh but you did." He looked me in the eye and disrobed
and got in. He was endowed with a wonderful body. I was sure he worked
hard to stay that trim. I said "let me get a suit and I will join you" He
replied "why it is completely private here." with a smile on his face.
"Stand there and remove your cloths so I can see you." He told me. I don't
know why but I started to remove my cloths. I was very excited but yet
still ashamed that a man besides my husband would see me nude. First came
my shoes, then my hose and jewelry, off came my dress. As I stood there in
only my slip and panties I realized there was no turning back. I took off
my panties and then hesitated for a minute, then I wisked my slip off.
Stephaan sat there drinking in my beauty. I felt totally sexual for the
first time in a long time. As I climbed in with him he didn't give me any
opportunity to sit anywhere but in his lap. my upper torso was out of the
water and the cheeks of my bottom could feel his hardening manhood. I sat
with my back to him and my head rolled back on his shoulder. His hands
began caressing my nipples and tummy. I tried to move to stop him but his
powerful legs trapped my hands to my sides and he had free access to my
body. as he caressed me he changed from soft tender strokes to hard
insistent touches. as I neared a powerful orgasm I tried to shift my
weight to escape his touch. He reached up and grasped my throat and jaw
and held me firmly in place as he stroked my pussy ever so softly. when I
felt him spread my lips and touch my clit I couldn't deny it any longer.
My body quacked in an intense orgasm. after I was finished Stephaan
released me and climbed out of the Jaccuzzi. I asked him " Where are you
headed know?" He replied "To find Edwardo and Buffy for some fun." with a
big smile on his face. "Don't worry my lovely next time there will be
more." he said as he let himself out. As I sat there, still feeling the
tiny ripples from a recent orgasm, I wondered if there would be a next

The next morning was a glorious day sun shining and the sea breeze to
keep you cool. I waffled between feeling guilty and smug. My experience
last night with Stephaan was still fresh in my mind. Had I cheated on my
husband? If I hadn't I was walking a very fine line. I resolved myself
not to accept any more attention from the two handsome men aboard ship, who
it seemed were bent on destroying my virtue. Not that I had resisted all
that much.

I got up, showered, dressed in a nice sundress and went to breakfast.
at the table was a bouquet of flowers. I blushed and as I felt my nipples
crinkle I realized I may not be able to keep my resolution. During coffee
Buffy joined me at our table. I was amazed at how fresh she looked after
what must have been a very strenuous night. In a way I was dying to ask
her if she was enjoying the company of both men but I could also feel
slight pangs of jealousy stirring deep inside.

"Good morning." she said , unfolding her napkin. "What a lovely Dress."
She added as she looked at me with a smile.

" Thank you and good morning to you as well." I replied. I was going to
have trouble disliking her she was so friendly and pleasant. we sat and
chatted through Breakfast and coffee and I found out Buffy's real name was
Naomi and she was an associate Professor of English who taught at a Junior
college. after a leisurely coffee at the table I couldn't restrain my
questions any longer so I let my curiosity take over and blurted" Buffy how
does a English Professor end up on a Cruise by herself having a wild
fling?" She blushed and looked away not answering for awhile, and I
wondered if I had insulted her or hurt her feelings.

" What you actually mean is how does a English professor become such a
wanton slut." she said turning her clear blue eyes on me. " Well that is
kind personal but I think I would like to tell you if you don't mind. "She

" Really it isn't necessary honest." I replied. I could feel my face
flush with embarrassment.

"No really it would help me understand my motivation better if I could
tell someone." she answered back, as she reached across the table and
patted my hand to reassure me." I feel I am a very pretty woman now but
that wasn't always true" I felt like telling her was a Damn sight better
than just pretty. She was the type we housewives always envy in gym class
at the spa, so close to perfect it made your teeth ache from clenching
them." In fact all through school I was a bookish nerd and really quite
frumpy. To this day when I am teaching I look more like Mary Poppins than
what you see today. I had a very wonderful man teach me that there was a
woman buried under all that nerd a few years back and I enjoyed it."

" What happened to the guy?" I asked interrupting her speech.

" He was a free spirit. I knew that when I met him and I knew I
couldn't keep him to myself forever, but he helped me find a part of myself
that I can totally enjoy. Her name is Buffy. When I get off this cruise I
will go back to being the stayed and respectable English proffessor for a

"Tell you what meet me in a half an hour on deck 7 and we can chat and
make plans for this afternoon as we soak up some sun ok?' she asked.

" Sure sounds fun." I replied finding myself enjoying her company. I
dashed to my room to get my stuff and change to a suit. As I was deciding
which suit to wear I remembered that deck 7 was the private one for people
who choose not to wear cloths. I cringed at the thought but what could I
do I had promised Buffy to meet her. I didn't want to stand her up. Well
it said clothing optional I would wear something. I decided on the suit my
husband had put in my bag half as a joke and half to fuel his fantasies.
It was a bright orange bikini that I would swear was 2 sizes to small but
it fit comfortably. It was almost a thong back bottom and a triangle slide
top that barely covered me. I grabbed my sunglasses and sun block, threw
them into my beach bag. and tossed on a terry robe to wear as I walked to
meet Buffy.

As I got there I realized there was an advantage to this deck I hadn't
considered. instead of wall to wall deck chairs and hundreds of people we
had plenty of space and the few people that were there were quite polite
about not involving themselves in your space. I quickly found Buffy and
took the chair next to her. she was wearing a bikini that was actually
more modest than the one I had on.

"Hi'" she called as she saw me approach. 'I wasn't sure how you felt
about deck 7 so I wore this so you wouldn't feel to out of place." she
added with a smile.

"Are you ready to see my husbands idea of a swim suit?" I asked.

" It can't be that bad." she said with a smile.

" Well here goes." I said as I took off my robe.

" Wow I feel over dressed know." she laughed. We sat down and applied
our sun screen. wearing a suit this small made me consider buying stock in
the sun screen company. we discussed our plan for the day. Both of us
were looking forward to doing some shopping when we got to port the first
afternoon, and I was happy I found a shopping partner. As we were sitting
there doing the girl talk thing Buffy noticed my camera sitting in my Beach
bag. She smiled and got it out and said. " Kay we have to take a picture of that suit for your husband." with a smile on her face.

"Never I couldn't." I replied reaching to get the camera. as I blushed
at the thought of me in a picture dressed so provocatively.

" What a pretty shade of red you are turning." she replied as she
playfully kept the camera away. we kept it up for a few minutes and she
added " Just think of the wild ideas he will have when you wont tell him
who took the picture."

" You are a vixen ." I retorted " You will give the man a woody that
wont go away fro three days."

" And you see a problem with that" she fired back with a smile. "
sounds like allot of fun to me.

" Well ok but only one and let me touch up my make-up first." I replied
relenting to her cheerful persuasion. I reached into my bag and got out my
mirror and lipstick. " How does this look."

"Well, lets add some shoes'' Buffy advised handing me her highheels."
and you need one more tiny touch.' she added as she reached into her drink
and pulled out an ice cube.

"What are you planning to do with that." I asked looking at her

"Just perk up your nipples a touch sweety." she replied with a devilish
look in her eye. She reached over and pulled away the edge of my left side
top and rolled the ice around my nipple. It crinkled hard almost
instantly. It also sent tiny jolts to my pussy but I did nothing but sit
there and let her repeat the procedure on my other tit. she stood back and
looked. I sat there and wondered if anyone had notice her fondle me like
that. " There you are perfect." She commented. " know sit back and raise
one leg. That's right and pull your shoulders back. Good! don't forget
to smile."

I heard the shutter click and the camera whir.

" I think we need one more for Daddy don't you?" she said. obviously
enjoying this little game of photographer. "Know roll over and lay on your
tummy ok?" she asked. I complied not willing to admit this little scene
was getting me a little hot. "pretend to read a magazine sweety" she

As I picked up the magazine I could feel her untie my top. then she
slipped her thumbs in my waistband and tugged the sides up until the back
of my suit slipped between my cheeks. I crossed my heels more so I could
squeeze my thighs than to pose for her. " you know I think we should just
slip off that top. You are laying on your tummy and know one can see." I
lifted slightly and she slipped the top out from under me and tossed it in
my beach bag. " Now up on your elbows and arch your back to push up your
fanny." she said. Click! whir! she came over to me and squirted sun
screen on my back and began to work it in. I was relieved that the camera was back in the bag but in a way disappointed to. she leaned over and
whispered to me. " I wonder how many guys were watching us." I blushed red again and remembered at that instant that we were in public. She
continued." thank you that got me hotter than I thought it would. Did it
get you going just a little?"

I looked over my shoulder at her and said " Allot more than a little." I
lowered My head to the lounge chair and just enjoyed the massage she was
giving me. As she worked it in she worked lower until she was gently
kneading sun block into my almost nude ass cheeks. I was laying there
wondering if I would ever show those pictures to my husband when I heard
Buffy Giggle under her breath. I looked around and saw what had her
attention. Just coming through the gate was a pair of total tourists. It
was obvious that they were sneaking away from the wives and checking out
the Topless deck. Both of them were trying there best not to stare but
there were some very attractive ladies including me and Buffy laying about
to distract them.

Just then Buffy leaned over to me and said. "What do you say we give
the rubes from Kansas something to write home about." before I could answer
she slipped off her top in plain view of the two men and motioned to them
to come over. " Say fellas would you do us a big favor?" she asked in her
best Dimwitted Buffy voice.

" Sure anything you want Ladies." Said the older one of the two, as they
carefully approached our chairs.

" Would you be a sweety and take a picture of my friend Sunnie and I
together?" She said and reached for the Camera. I almost died right there
but my voice failed me. Buffy said " Hey Sunnie why don't you sit up so we
can get a nice picture of you and I together. Well I hesitated for just a
fraction and thought to myself what the hell, and sat up and put my arm
around Buffy's waist. I replied " Ok." in my best Bimbo voice. as we
moved closer I could feel my right breast brush Buffy's left tit. As I
smiled and let a total stranger take my picture topless in the arms of
another woman I thought to myself, Wow I wonder what good old hubby will
say if he ever sees this picture. After about three snaps Buffy said
Thanks and retrieved the camera from the older guy, and said to me "Sunnie
it is about time for us to get ready for today don't you think?" I noticed
that the younger of the two guys was unable to tear his eyes from my tits as I stood up and I will admit to shaking much more than was necessary. My
nipples were all tightened up and my pussy was starting to let me know that
I was getting way to much fun out of teasing these poor slobs. I slipped
my robe on and kicked the hi heels back to Buffy and said " That's for sure
we need to be shopping as soon as the first boat leaves for shore." She
walked me out as the two guys just sat there completely unable to think of
anything to say. we both smiled and waved at them and walked out the Gate.
As we walked down the corridor I said to Buffy " Sunnie!! where the hell
did you get that from?"

She said to me with a smile" no reason for either of those guys to know
your real name is there, and besides the conservative dependable Kay
certainly wouldn't have posed Topless for a pair of total strangers now
would she?" I must have turned three shades of crimson as we walked down
the hall and all Buffy could do was laugh at me and tease me all that much
more. " Kay if Buffy ever pushes you past your limit, or tries to, you
just tell Naomi to take it easy and I will understand ok? "She told me as
she gently patted my arm.

" I will Buffy." I said with a smile as we reached our rooms. " Now get
dressed and meet me at the Gangway so we can get in some real shopping ok?"

" Sure thing Sweety, meet you in fifteen ." she said to me as she
slipped into her room.

I zipped into my room to shower quick and change. for comfort sake I
wore an above knee length denim wrap skirt and a cotton eyelet tank top
that laced up the front. to remind me of how naughty I had become I wore a
pair of frilly lace thong Panties. to complete my outfit I slipped on
sandals and a big floppy hat. There, I was ready for the world. I met
Buffy leaving her room and we dashed to the Sally port to go ashore. On
the Tender I decided to ask Buffy what had become of Edwardo and Stephan.
She replied that they had to work as deck officers and would meet her for
Dinner and drinks in a Night Club later that evening. She also asked me to
join them. It sounded intriguing but I reserved decision unsure of my
ability to handle the possible outcome of another date with either of these
very charming and attractive men. We had a wonderful time shopping. I got
a number of gifts for friends and some very nice jewelry at a good price.
Buffy picked up some pretty black silk scarves and a few other things. The
day flew by and before we knew it it was late and time for Dinner.

" Come on Sunnie you will have a blast." Buffy said to me with a smile.

" Well,.... OK but I may have to leave early." was my half hearted

Buffy took me by the arm and off we went to meet the guys. As we
rounded the corner I read the sign. "Senior Froggs" It looked like a nice
place and the music and atmosphere were charming. Inside Stephan and
Edwardo were holding a table and nursing there Margaritas. We exchanged
pleasant helloes and got a new pitcher of the house special. As dinner
went on the guys were gentlemen and made me feel very comfortable, They
flirted with buffy and I equally and took turns dancing with us both.
Dinner was delicious and the pitcher of Margaritas never seemed to be
empty. I was very aware that everything was getting a bit fuzzy but it felt
sooo good. The tune from the band changed to a modified conga line and the
waiters began a sort of dance stopping at each female client and tipping
her head back to give her a giant shooter right out of a bottle of tequila,
followed by a lime squeeze. when they got to me I found my head way back
and the liquor pouring down my throat. Buffy matched me with a smile and
the buzz intensified with the rhythm of the music. At the table next to
ours a cute young coed jumped to the table top with the help of her
boyfriend and began a spirited and sensual dance ending with her taking off
her top. I was mesmerized. another young lady further down the room got
up and matched her. I realized that this was a common occurrence to this
Bar. Before I could even consider it I felt Buffy tugging my hand and
leading me up to the table top. As the music pounded Buffy started a slow
Latin rhythm and I couldn't help my self. we were dancing together on a
table top with at least 50 people watching. Buffy looked me in the eye and
slowly lifted off her sundress. We continued dancing but now she was nude
except for a pair of tiny panties. I could here the cheers but it seemed
to come from another dimension as Buffy slowly untied my top and peeled it
off my breasts. I allowed it to fall to the floor as we danced together
and Buffy's hands trailed down to my hips. My skirt soon followed my top
and we continued to sway to the beat. I was aware of the cheers from the
room and as the music stopped the applause was almost deafening. I
clambered down and quickly redressed. Edwardo and Stephan suggested we
head for the ship. I was glad to comply. we almost skipped down the
street with giddiness and drink but I was having a marvelous time. When we
got aboard Buffy practically dragged me to her suite and both the men were
right on our heels. The party was far from over and I soon found another
margarita in my hand and a good beat coming from Buffy's sound system.
Stephan sat in a chair and Edwardo was doing the Bar tending as Buffy
reached for my hand and dragged me to the center of the room. It was only
minutes until Buffy and I were again dancing to a nice Latin rhythm. With
her hands on my hips she looked me in the eye and said. "Sunnie untie my

I reached around her neck and undid her straps. slowly I peeled the
dress off of her breasts. They were covered in a layer of fine sweat from
our dancing and the dress clung as I peeled it down. It was a very erotic
feeling, to caress the breasts of another woman. I had never touched a
woman's breasts other than mine. her nipples almost popped out at me as I
revealed them. I slowly slid the dress down until it dropped to the floor.
My arms were around Buffy and I caressed her ass as we danced very close.
her lips grazed over mine and I felt the gentle touch of her tongue on my
lips. We kissed, our eyes open, and my loins filling with passion. Buffy
slowly Danced around me until she was behind me. I could feel her breasts on my back as she traced her hands over my hips. She removed my skirt for
the second time that evening but this time she skimmed her hand across my
tummy just at my panty line. the feel of her finger tracing under my panty top made my abdomen quiver . I put my hand over hers in part to protect
and in part to encourage. I could feel her gently nibbling my neck and my
head rolled back on her shoulder. The sway of the music still held us in
its grip as she carefully pulled at the laces at the front of my top. My
top parted at the insistent tugging of Buffy's hand and she slid her palm
over my nipple. I heard a guttural hiss escape my lips and my other hand
traced over hers as she continued to caress my rib cage to my panties. my
knees were weak and I felt her help support my weight. Through my passion
glazed eyes I became aware of Stephan sitting there and Edwardo behind him
standing watching us like we were a tawdry live sex act. The concept of
two almost strangers watching a woman caress my body so intimately pushed
me over the edge in a very unexpected Orgasm. As I became aware of my
surroundings again the Music had changed and Buffy was leading me to the
bed. The pleasure was so intense, I knew I was powerless to stop what ever
was to happen to me. Buffy leaned close to my ear and whispered." Remember
just call me Naomi and I will stop. Do you understand?" I nodded my head
unable to find a voice within me. Buffy guided me to a kneeling position
facing the men as they stared at us. the concept of being watched almost
overpowered me. It was a feeling of power to know they were aroused by the
sight of my body. Buffy was behind me again with her shopping bag close to
the bed. It felt delicious to have someone caressing you so tenderly and
carefully. She reached to her Bag and pulled out one of the long black
silk scarves she had purchased. She pulled it over my body until it was
draped over my shoulder. I could feel her gently but insistently guiding
my shoulders to roll back and my arms to go back. she carefully slid her
hands down my arms until she gripped my wrists. Buffy crossed my wrists
behind my back. I felt the scarf slide down off of my shoulder and in a
twinkle my wrists were secured behind my back. Buffy continued to nibble
my ear and she now had free access to my jutting breasts and I could no
longer hinder her from dipping deep into my panties. I watched another
black scarf snake its way out of her bag and over my breasts. Her legs
were close to mine and they carefully guided my ankles to cross. In an
instant my ankles were bound with my knees splayed. I couldn't help but
wonder what a sight I must present to the men intently watching Buffy bind
me. From the look of total concentration on their faces I was sure they
were as unable to look away as I was of stopping what was happening to me.
the shear erotic nature of being helpless to the hands of a woman were
almost enough to send me over the brink of another orgasm. Buffy's hand
slid up my neck to my throat to linger only long enough to make me aware
that I was powerless in her hands. Then on to my lips that parted for her
fingers almost automatically. she wet her fingers in my own saliva and
then made a wet trace over my neck to my nipple. As she rolled my nipple
in her fingers she slipped a thumb through my panty legs and gathered the
material together in a bunch. She roughly jerked my panties up into my
pussy lips. the pain was quickly over shadowed by pleasure as she tugged
my panties and rolled my nipple at the same time. she reached down and
pushed my panties aside to insert a finger deep in side me. the feeling of
her thumb sliding over my clit was so intense I almost collapsed but as I
fell back the hold on my nipple quickly brought me back. She removed her
finger and put it to my lips. the smell of my own juices and there taste
were intoxicating. Buffy again reached for her bag and slid out still
another long black scarf. she took it in both hands and slid it over my
torso. as it popped over my nipples I again opened my eyes to be
confronted by the stares of total rapture from the two men. The scarf
hesitated for a minute at my throat. a feeling of total submission pulsed
through me. them on to my mouth. then finally to cover my eyes. As the
blackness enveloped me my hearing and sense of smell seemed to intensify as
well as the sense of touch from my restrained body. Buffy again began to
massage my clit. This time she kept a firm grasp of my hair with the other
hand. I could here movement from the room. Buffy's forearm was against my
back and she carefully rolled my back forward and my head back. I could
feel a spongy mass of flesh on my cheek and smell the musk of a man. A
large Dick was being rubbed over my face. Another hand firmly grasped my
hair. The other hand was placed at my throat. I was leaned forward even
further as the disembodied dick was pushed through my lips. unconsciously
I could feel my mouth salivate and the dick was forced deeper into my
mouth. The man with his hands on my hair and throat slowly started to pull
my head back and forth. The dick was slowly sliding in and out of my
mouth. The head of his cock hit the back and then popped down my throat. I
relaxed my jaw as I felt his balls slap my chin. the grunts of pleasure
were growing loud. I realized that the person behind me was no longer soft
and feminine. The other man was behind me rolling my nipples and biting my
neck. I recognized his voice as that of Edwardo. The man, so completely
fucking my face, must be Stephan. At that instant I felt a tongue flick
over my clit and I convulsed in a world shattering orgasm. As my mind
cleared I was aware that they had continued, either unaware or unconcerned
with my pleasure. The concept of being totally used instantly started the
pressure building in me again. Buffy's tongue and fingers were so
insistent and relentless in there attack of my pussy I almost forgot about
the men. I felt Buffy's chin slide over my pussy as she sucked on
Edwardo's prick. She guided it so that it slid through the lips of my
dripping pussy as she let him slide in and out of her mouth. the rhythm of
Stephan in my mouth was somehow paced to the rhythm of Edwardo's cock
slipping through my pussy lips and into Buffy's mouth. I felt a finger,
cold and greasy slip in my ass. Edwardo firmly grasped my hips holding me
still as Buffy grabbed his cock and placed its head at my tender asshole.
Realizing to late that I was going to be sodomized I tried to call out.
Stephan just took my struggle as a sign of passion and slid his dick deep
in my throat. As the intruding cock slipped slowly up my ass Buffy
returned to her relentless assault on my pussy. The concept of me
straddling a woman's face, with my hands and ankles carefully bound, leaned
forward on my knees until my weight was supported by a hand at my throat
and a hand in my hair, a huge cock stuffed down my throat and another
impaling my tiny ass pushed me over the edge. I felt the shudder of
Stephan as he pumped his cum directly to my stomach and Edwardo burying his
seed deep in my bowels. The orgasm was so intense I passed out completely.
I came to in the arms of Buffy with Stephan and Edwardo coiled up with us.
My binds had been removed. Buffy stroked my cheek and asked. " Sunnie are
you ok?" I dropped my head to her shoulder to frame a response and
replied." Yes. But next time we have to video tape that for my husband.


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