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CRUISE sucked each other


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Written by Dave437

As narrated by Susan

This summer, my folks got lucky and won a family cruise on one of the
"Love Boat" trips to Mexico from Los Angeles. My brother and I are both in
college, but Dad and mom insisted that since the cruise was for four, and
since it was free, so we should come along.

We have always been a close family, but we have always had our own
rooms. On the ship we got pretty cramped with four adults in one stateroom.
I couldn't help peeking at Dave's athletic build as he climbed into one of
the berths that night as we left.

We had a lot to eat and drink on the departure party, so I was a little
tipsy as I fell asleep fantasizing about my brother's sexual equipment.

In the morning we were quite a way out to sea and the Pacific was rough
because of a storm further out a sea. I woke up with three problems, a
hang-over, sea-sickness, and curiously, an unsatisfied sex urge (probably
from my hot dreams from the night before). Apparently, Dave was suffering
from at least the first two as he was moaning in the other berth. The
folks were bright and cheerful and asked us to come up for breakfast with
them. I felt like throwing up from just the thought of food, and Dave & I
told them to go have a good time and let us rest. We said we'd come up on
deck after we felt better. Another couple they met the night before came
to the room and the four of them went gaily off to breakfast and some
activity that had been planned for that morning.

After a little while, I got up and realized that I felt a little better
after I took an aspirin and some water. I was wandering out of the
bathroom as I noticed Dave's eyes appraising my body thru my 'baby-dolls'.
I felt like he was undressing me with his eyes. I realized he was feeling
a little better, too, when he said, "I haven't noticed before now how much
you've grown up, Sis!" He grinned boyishly at me, and I stuck my chest out
at him to show off my boobs and placing my hands on my hips, I said,
"You're not a bad looking hunk of man either, Brother. But I don't feel as
good as I might look!"

He laughed and said he knew how I felt. "They say the best way to get
rid of the queasiness is to get busy with some activity to take your mind
off it", he said as he jumped down and lurching into me as he rolled with
the ship. I grabbed him to me to steady him, and then I did something I've
always wanted to do. I reached behind him and grabbing his cute little
butt, I pulled him tight to me as I kissed him deeply, my tongue probing
his. I forgot that he was my brother....I just wanted this hunk of male!
He returned my kiss with as much passion as mine and we just stood there
holding each other and kissing. My breasts and my pussy were on fire as I
pressed my body against his. I could tell he was turned on too, as I felt
the hardening bulge in his pajama bottoms press against me.

He glanced over at the door, and quickly we disengaged as he went to
secure the privacy lock. I quickly pulled off my pajamas to reveal to him
my hardened nipples and wet pussy. I knelt in front of him and pulled his
pajamas down to inspect his cock. It bobbed out right in front of my face,
and without hesitating, I began to suck on his delicious meat. I rolled my
tongue around the purple knob of his cockhead and probed the hole at the
end of it with the tip of my tongue. Then, to the gentle rocking of the
ship, I began to suck him hard in and out of my mouth. I cupped his heavy
balls in my hand as I opened my mouth wide to take him down as far as I
could. As I rolled his balls gently between my fingers he moaned and
pushed his cock deep into my throat sending gobs of thick cum into my
gulping mouth. I swallowed as much as I could as he kept spurting into me.
I kept sucking and swallowing until I had every last delicious drop of his
sweet warm nectar down into my belly. He tasted so good! That was the
best breakfast I've ever had.

Laying me down on the floor, he began to kiss and suck on my large
boobs, and then he worked his way down to my pussy and began to lick and
probed my pussy lips with his tongue. Soon he had me going as I ground my
pussy against his eager tongue. Pulling him around to me I grabbed his
cock, which was hard again, and we sucked on each other in a '69' position
for a while. Finally, I couldn't take it any more, so I got on my hands
and knees in front of him, pushed my butt up against him, and whimpered,
"Fuck me, Dave! Quick, I need your cock in my pussy!"

He spread my pussy lips with his lovemeat and began pounding me, his
heavy balls slapping against me with every stroke. He let out a little cry
and began spurting hot cum into me as he grabbed and squeezed my hanging
breasts. His cum set off firecrackers in my head as I reached my own

We lay there on the floor panting and then I realized that I didn't feel
seasick anymore .... in fact I felt great! We had just discovered the best
cure in the world! After we showered, we went up on deck and enjoyed the
rest of the cruise immensely! And every chance we could sneak away safely,
we took a little "preventative medicine".

The next time you feel like you might get seasick, forget the Dramamine!
Cum tastes better and a hard cock is better than a little pill.


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