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CRUISIN cum into her mouth


Title: Cruisin' the Caribbean.

Author: Charley Ace.



WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do
not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE

(c) copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved

(MF, MF, Swapping)

My wife, Jane, and I recently took our first cruise, a seven-day Eastern
Caribbean one. We both had a great time and are looking forward to the
next one. However, events that took place on the cruise have changed our
lives, for the better, and have prompted me to write our story.

Jane and I had been married for 13 years. We've had our ups and downs,
but were basically happy. We were in our mid-to-late-thirties and we were
both considered to be attractive, not a raving beauty or a hunk, but
attractive none the less.

Our sex life had been good, but not great. In the early years of our
marriage, the sex was great, more energetic than imaginative, but still
great. In recent years, it had gotten a bit stale, if you know what I
mean. I had hoped that the cruise would give us some time alone, away from
the kids and other normal everyday distractions, and provide the needed
stimulant for our stagnant sex lives.

It did, but not in the way that I had expected.

Before I get into the details of what took place on the cruise, let me
tell you that, over the years, we had discussed our sex fantasies many
times. It had been Jane's main fantasy to have sex with another man. She
was a virgin when we met and had a burning desire to find out what it would
be like to fuck another man. It had been my main fantasy to swap partners
with another couple. You would think that we were in-sync with our
fantasies, but, alas, not so. Jane couldn't handle the idea of me fucking
any other woman, even though she wanted to fuck another man. Just like a
woman! I, in turn, couldn't handle Jane having sex with another man unless
it was in a swap situation where I got to do my thing, too. Fair's fair,
right? Our fantasies were just that, fantasies, we had little hope of
fulfilling them.

Our first evening aboard the ship, we met a very attractive couple in
our age bracket, Don and Debbi, with whom we shared a table in the dining
room. We hit it off immediately, as we found that we had much in common,
and wound up doing many things as a foursome throughout the week.

I spent a good deal of our time together drooling over Debbi. I
couldn't help but notice that Don seemed to have the same interest in Jane.
As the week wore on, Don and I were ogling each other's wives more openly.
I also noticed that Jane was aware of Don's ogling and increased attention.
She began teasing and flirting with him by showing more and more of her
luscious body, accidentally, of course. She teased him every chance she
got. On the other hand, Debbi showed no overt interest in me. She had to
know that I was ogling her, but she didn't react the way Jane did to Don's

At the ship's next-to-last port of call, Debbi informed us that she
didn't want to see any more islands. She just wanted to stay behind and
lounge around the pool. I really didn't want to go ashore, either, so I
also begged out, and Don and Jane went ashore together.

Debbi and I plopped down on the pool deck to relax and catch some rays.
She immediately shocked me by saying, "you shouldn't have let Jane and Don
go off together."

"Why not?"

"Don told me that he really wanted to get into Jane's pants."

"It's obvious to me that he wants her, but I'm confident that Jane won't
do anything behind my back."

"Wanna bet?" She challenged.

"What makes you so confident?"

"I've also been talking girl talk with Jane, and even though she didn't
come right out and say it, it's obvious that she wants to get some of Don's
cock as much as he wants to get into her pussy. She's been asking all
kinds of personal questions about him."

That bit of information really didn't surprise me, knowing her fantasy
and the way she had been behaving, but I remained confident that she
wouldn't do anything without my approval. "OK, what are the stakes."

She smiled seductively at me and said, "if I win, you eat my pussy and
fuck the shit out of me. If you win, I give you the best blow-job of your
life and fuck your brains out."

I chuckled, and responded, "I'm a big winner either way."

She smiled and reached her hand out to mine, and, very seductively,
looked me straight in the eye. "I'm a big winner, too. Why don't we get a
head start on the payoff?"

"OH, yeah! I'm ready, willing and able," I said as my cock sprang to
attention. "But how do we know who'll win the bet?"

"We'll cover both bases, I'll give you a blow-job, you eat my pussy and
we'll fuck each other's brains out twice," she giggled.

"ALL RIGHT! Let's get on with it!"

We headed back to Debbi's cabin. On the way she told me that she and
Don had swapped several times in the past. A few of the experiences were
good, but several were very bad, and had convinced them not to do any more
swapping. When they met us, they talked about reconsidering their
position. They both agreed that sharing sex with Jane and I would be
nothing but a good experience.

"You don't mind if Don fucks Jane?"

"Not if she doesn't try to cover it up. I don't think she'll come right
out and tell me if she does, though, and that'll piss me off. I've been
trying to get her to agree to try swapping for some time."

We got back to Debbi's cabin and had one hell-of-a-session. I've never
enjoyed sex so much. Debbi had the same feelings. We had to have been
going at it for close to 3 hours.

I used my 'tease' pussy eating technique on her. I slowly and
deliberately tongued my way up the insides of both her thighs, then all
around her slit for several minutes. By the time I lightly touched her
slit with my tongue, she was begging for more. I continued to tease by
flicking her clit and bringing her to the brink of orgasm, then backing
off. Finally, I gave her the final salvo, I lubricated my middle finger in
her pussy juices, which were flowing freely by that time, and eased it into
her ass hole. Next, I inserted my thumb into her love canal, and began to
finger/thumb fuck her ass and pussy at the same time I attacked her clit
with my tongue. WOW! What an orgasm she had, loud and violent. She
practically suffocated me when she grabbed my head and tried to bury it
deep into her pussy, I survived, but she almost passed out.

Debbi gave me a big ego boost when she said, "I've never had any guy,
Don included, who ate my pussy out like you just did. MY, GOD! You're
fantastic! I've never experienced anything that intense! Jane's a very,
very lucky woman."

"Thanks, but we still have a few more days to go on this cruise, and I'm
hoping that you'll give me a chance to top this performance. I love your
pussy, I've never tasted a sweeter one."

"Any time, lover boy, any time."

It took Debi several minutes to recover. "Now it's my turn to show you
what I can do with a beautiful cock like yours."

"Go to it, girl!"

She proceeded to lick my cock all around the head and up and down the
shaft. She licked and gummed my balls until she had me begging for her to
suck it. She smiled and continued to tease me by flicking her tongue into
the small slit on the head of my cock and repeating the shaft and ball
licking. Finally, she took the head into her mouth and swirled her tongue
all around it. I was going crazy, I didn't think I could hold out much
longer. When she saw that I was getting close, she stopped, again teasing
me. Then, with a sudden thrust, she took the entire six inches into her
mouth, deep-throating me for the first time in my life.

She furiously bobbed her head up and down until I couldn't hold back any
more, I exploded my entire reservoir of cum into her mouth in an intense an
orgasm as I've ever had. I saw stars, for sure. She took the first spurt,
which hit the back of her throat with a 'splat,' and swallowed, then she
pulled her head back and held her mouth wide open, tongue fully extended,
and took the remaining spurts on her tongue. After I finished spurting,
she stuck the tongue out, showed me the cum, smiled and swallowed it, very
slowly and seductively, licking her chops afterwards.

"I know this'll sound like I'm trying to even up the compliments, but
you just gave me the best blow-job that I've ever had, by far. Jane's only
average in that area."

We rested up for several more minutes, until Debi spoke up, "do you
think that you could give Don some pussy eating lessons?" She chuckled

"Sure, if you'll teach Jane how to suck cock," I responded with a
chuckle of my own.

"What can we do to top what we've already done?" Debi asked.

"I don't know if we can top what we've already done, but we're sure as
hell going to give it a shot. I can't wait to stuff my hard cock into your
sweet, juicy pussy."

"Amen to that, my pussy's panting and waiting for that piece of hard
meat," Debi giggled.

By this time my cock was hard again. I positioned her on her knees,
head on the pillow and proceeded to fuck her pussy from behind. It was a
hard, furious fuck that lasted for at least ten minutes. Debi had several
orgasms, finally when I felt myself getting close, I told her, "I'm going
to cum in your pussy, baby. I'm going to spew my juices deep inside of
you, I want you to cum with me."


I grunted, groaned and spurted my second load of the afternoon deep into
her pussy. She screamed and shivered with orgasmic delight as I did so,
and we both collapsed onto the bed. I rolled off her, held her in a tight,
loving embrace, and we both dozed off for about an hour.

We woke up and repeated the fucking, this time with Debi on top
controlling the action. Our orgasms were every bit as intense as before.
Once again, we collapsed and rested in each other's arms.

"Tomorrow, I'm going to fuck your ass," I told her.

"Good, I was hoping you would. I love being ass fucked."

"I've never done it, Jane has never let me. I'll be losing my ass
fucking cherry," I chuckled.

"I'm afraid that you won't be getting my cherry. Don and I have done it
quite a few times."

Later I asked, "I'm pretty sure that Jane won't tell me if she and Don
had gotten it on, but I need to know. I want to tell her about us, but
won't do so unless I know whether she did anything."

"Don will tell me, and I'll let you know."


We went back up to the pool deck for some more sun. About 30 minutes
later Jane and Don joined us. I looked them over carefully to see if I
could see any outward signs that they had fucked, I couldn't.

"Hi honey, how'd it go?" I asked Jane.

"OK, we had a good time, right Don?"

Don smiled and said, "the best."

I could see from the gleam in Don's eye and the smirk on his face that
he had gotten into her pants. I still wanted Debbi to confirm that fact,
though. Under other circumstances I would have been very upset, but
considering what Debbi and I had been up to all afternoon, how could I get

"What have you two been up to while we were gone? Have you been sunning
yourselves the entire time?" Jane asked in a serious tone.

I looked Don with a similar gleam in my eye and answered Jane's
question, "oh, no. We found something a little more exciting to keep us
occupied. We did some intensive exploring here, on board the ship."

Don smirked knowingly. Jane saw the looks on both our faces and seemed
a bit puzzled as well as uneasy. "What kind of exciting exploring did you

I avoided answering her question by changing the subject, "I'll tell you
later, we need to get to the cabin and get cleaned up for dinner. I'll
take my shower first."

She didn't push the issue. "OK, I'll be along in 15 minutes, or so."

I saw Debbi lean over and whisper something in Don's ear, and he nodded.
She turned to me as I was leaving and gave me the thumbs up sign; that was
my confirmation!

When I got out of the shower, Jane had returned and was preparing to get
into the shower. She was sitting on her bed with only her panties on. My
cock snapped to attention thinking of what Jane and Don had done. I walked
up to her and stuck it right in her face. "I'm horny as hell, I want a
piece of your lovely ass."

She jumped back, got very flushed and said, "NO, not now! We don't have
enough time before dinner." She didn't want me to discover the evidence of
her indiscretion.

I continued to tease, "we've got plenty of time for a quickie. Now lay
back and spread those sexy legs."

"No, I'm not in the mood," she said defiantly.

"I don't know about that, that wet spot on your panties is telling
another tale."

Her face got beet-red, not knowing what to do next. Before she had a
chance to react, I got my knees between hers and forced her legs apart. I
ripped her panties off and took a look at her cunt. She tried to cover up,
but I still had her panties. I took a close look at the crotch, sniffed
them and asked, "it looks and smells like you had some real fun today, do
you want to tell me about it?"

She covered her face with her hands and began to cry. I smirked
knowingly, as I waited for her to calm down.

When she stopped crying, I pushed on, "well?"

"I-I, I mean we, uh, Don and I, uh, you know."

"You fucked Don, is that what you're trying to tell me?"

"Y-yes. I'm sorry. I didn't plan it that way, it just happened.
Please don't be angry with me. I'll make it up to you, I promise."

That sounded interesting. I wondered how she had planned to make it up
to me. "How do you plan to do that?"

"I don't know. I'll do what ever you want, I mean I'll even swap.
Isn't that what you've always wanted?"

"Yes it is, but swapping and going behind my back are two different
things. Maybe I'm just going to have to fuck another woman first, then we
can talk about swapping," I continued to tease her.

"Please don't, you know how I feel about you fucking other women."

"Yes, it's pretty much how I feel about you fucking other men behind my
back. If you can do it, so can I."

"Whatever." She wasn't too happy to hear that, but she was grudgingly
willing to go along with it.

I decided to stop teasing and get on with the important stuff. "Did you
know that Don and Debbi had swapped partners before?"

"No. How do you know?"

"Debbi told me just before we explored each other's bodies, and fucked
this afternoon," I said with a big, shit-eating grin on my face.


"Yes, while you and Don were fucking each other's brains out, Debbi and
I were doing the same thing."

"Why that whore!" She exclaimed. "That bitch! How could she? I
thought we were friends."

"Honey, think about what you're saying. You went out and fucked her
husband behind her back, which makes you as much of a whore as she. At
least Debbi is open about it, and wouldn't try to cover it up, like you
did. She and Don tell each other everything. They have a great
relationship, and we need to learn something from them."

She thought about what I had said and calmed down. She realized that
she was way off the mark. "You're right, I can't be angry with her. I
just reacted badly to the news that you had fucked another woman. I'm
sorry, you know how jealous I am."

"We've two more days on this cruise. How about if we make the most of
it with Don and Debbi?"

She smiled, hugged me, and said, "OK, but you have to promise to still
love me when the cruise is over."

"I'll probably love you even more than I did before. I know I'll be
fucking your brains out more often," I said as I jumped her and proceeded
to get my quickie in her very sloppy, cum filled cunt.

We joined Don and Debbi for dinner, and Jane surprised me by being every
bit as friendly toward Debbi as before the fuck sessions. The initial
shock had worn off and she was thinking more rationally.

The last two days of the cruise saw the four of us playing indoor sports
with each other's spouse most of our waking hours. We all had a fantastic

The humorous part of our sexual romps was that I instructed Jane to
watch Debbi very closely when she was giving me, or Don, head. Debbi did
the same with Don when I was eating one of the girls out.

I don't know about Don's pussy eating, but Jane definitely improved her
cock sucking technique.

Our sex life has improved tremendously. We're doing it more frequently
and enjoying it more.

Jane no longer fantasizes about fucking another man, and I don't care to
swap with any other couples. Based on some of the horror stories that Don
and Debbie told regarding their previous swapping experiences, we have a
very good thing going with them.

We continue to get together with Don and Debbi just about every other
month. We would do it more often, but we live too far apart. We're also
planning to take another cruise together next year. What a fucking week
that's going to be!

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