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CUMSUCK tv but had idea


I'm a cum sucking Husband by BP

When I met Lori, I knew she had a reputation for sleeping around but I
didn't care, I was in love with her. The whole time we dated I knew she
went out with others. She even continued to date after we got engaged. I
would be lying if I told you that I didn't care I did but I knew that if I
wanted Lori in my life I would have to accept her on her terms.

Lori was a cheerleader in both high school and college and today, ten
years later she can still get into her college outfit when she isn't
pregnant. When the subject of her still fitting into her cheerleader outfit I love to tell her it is a good thing sweaters stretch. While her
boobs have only grown from a B cup to a C cup, her nipples are the size of
short fingers. After her first baby her boobs filled with milk and haven't
slowed since. She gives milk to some breast feeding club thing and still
has enough left over for us.

Lori loves to let people think she is a dumb blond then throw it back at
them when they find out she has a very successful business on the Internet.
By now your thinking what does all this have to do with the title of
this tale. Well it is nice to have some idea of whom the key people are.
Oh yea! I did say key people. Well I'm Fred, nothing special to look at
5' 10" light brown hair, blue eyes, and average build. When it comes to my
sexual equipment, I guess you could best describe me as pencil dick. Not
stubby but pencil dick, just over six inches. The best thing about my cock
is girls like to suck it because they don't have to open wide.

I think I'll make you wait to hear about the others until the time is

For the first three years I tried to get Lori pregnant but nothing
happened. I went to the doc and found out I shoot blanks. Several doctors
checked me out and they all joked that I would never have a problem with a
paternity suit. Lori took the news well but a couple months later asked if
I minded not fucking her anymore. I was stunned. Lori explained that she
didn't want to hurt my feeling but my pencil dick just wasn't doing
anything for her pussy. The only times she climaxed was when I went down
on her. She asked if we could just have oral sex because I was very good
at that and she liked sucking my cock.

Soon after that I bought her a large dildo, thinking I could use that on
her pussy while she sucked my cock. Silly me, the dildo I bought just
happened to be about ten inches long and about two and a half inches in
diameter. The one thing I didn't give any thought to was the color of it.
It was black. Lori loved it. She loved her dildo so much she slept with
the dildo in her pussy after sucking me to two fantastic climaxes. After
that she causally mentioned that she missed the other guys on several
occasions. I began thinking about how she had dated before we were married and that it hadn't hurt our relationship. Remembering the times I had
eaten her lover's sperm in the past without saying anything was also making
my balls tingle. I also remembered thinking about what a sexy sight it
would be to see a stud, with a big cock fuck her, silly. For months those
thoughts bounced around in my head. At first the thoughts would only
surface once in a while then they became more frequent. Often when Lori
was sucking my cock I would fantasize that her dildo was the cock of some

The next time Lori mentioned missing her boyfriends I told her that I
had a dream that one of her old boyfriends had come to visit and I walked
in as he was fucking her. Lori asked me how I reacted to that in my dream.
I told her that I came in my pants without touching myself then left before
they knew I saw them. Lori just nodded without comment. A few weeks later
Lori asked if I had any more dreams. Truthfully I told her I had. Lori
asked, how I reacted. I just smiled and told her I came in my pants and
quietly left. Finally Lori asked what I would do if that happened for
real. I pretended to think for a while before saying. "Probably come in my
pants and leave." Lori, burst out laughing then asked me again thinking I
was just teasing. Again I told her. "Come in my pants and leave."

Lori's expression changed and she asked if I was serious. I told her
the only thing I really worried about, was the risk of deceases and
unwanted pregnancies.

Note: When we were first married we wanted a big family.

Hesitantly Lori asked "I meant it would be all right for me to date?" I
told her yes, as long as she always let me know when and tell me about her
date when she got home. Lori's arms flew around me as she hugged and
kissed me wildly. She told me that she had wanted to for some time but
didn't want to ruin our marriage. In gratitude Lori opened my pants and
took out my cock as she pushed me back on the couch. As she was about to
take my pencil dick in her mouth I suggested it might be more fun if we
went to the bedroom where I could use her friend on her pussy. Lori jumped
to her feet and clothes flew everywhere as we made a dash to the bedroom. I
grabbed her dildo out of the night stand and held it as Lori sucked on it.
Satisfied it was wet enough Lori straddled my face and bent over to take my
cock in her mouth. Eagerly my tongue snaked out adding my moisture to her
already wet pussy lips. Shifting my lips to her clit I slid her pet dildo
into her pussy. As she felt the dildo slide in her pussy, she sucked my
cock into my balls. Oh damn what a feeling! Her throat was grabbing at
the end of my cock. I didn't know if what I was doing was making her go to
that extreme or she was so happy that I told her she could date but I, sure
loved what she was doing. Never before had she sucked my cock so
deliciously. Needless to say I didn't last long but that didn't bother
Lori. Instead of letting my cock out of her mouth she kept on sucking as I
pleasured her pussy. That went on until we were too pooped to pop.

Lori didn't waste any time finding guys to date. She started with a few
guys she knew but found they didn't have what she was looking for. One guy
started to get really possessive of her and a bit rough. Lori quickly
ended that and went looking for another. After a year of dating Lori told
me she wanted to find a second husband. At first I was upset but Lori
calmed me with a great blow job then explained she still wanted kids but
had no intention of leaving me.

We talked a lot about her idea and I quickly warmed to the idea
especially since I was a bit nervous about her dating the wrong guy and
getting hurt or getting a nasty decease. To her great delight, I gave her
my consent.

At that time Lori was working at the nearby university in their
financial aid department helping students. For the next year Lori looked
for a new husband. During that time Lori dated several guys one of who was

When Lori came home after her dates the first thing she would do was
show me her well- fucked pussy. I began to realize that most to the time
she would not have her lover's sperm coating her pussy. When she did come
home dripping sperm, her pussy hole looked like it had been really
stretched. One night I asked her why she didn't have a pussy full of sperm
after all her dates. Lori told me, she only let one guy come in her
without a rubber. When I asked why he got to shoot in her she grinned and
told me that they didn't make rubbers big enough for him. Later after I
had sucked and licked her pussy clean she told me that he was black.

Hearing that she was fucking a black guy without a rubber made my cock
jump. Visions of a big black cock sawing in and out of her pale white
pussy danced thru me horny mind.

Seeing my reaction Lori breathed a sigh of relief then said she was glad
that I wasn't upset about her dating a black. I knew that I was supposed
to be upset that she was having sex with some one of a different race but I
wasn't. Hell I should have been upset that my wife was having sex with
anyone other then myself.

Over the next several months, Lori would make comments and ask about my
feelings on mixed race children etc. I told her honestly that it didn't
bother me but the parents of the children need to be aware that other kids
would probably tease them and other things. Discussion on that subject
tapered off and I was so busy at work I sort of put it in the back of my
mind except when I was stuffing her pussy with her black dildo.

One day at work Lori called to tell me she had a fellow who was looking
for part time work and told me a little bit about his background. It
sounded like it might work so I told her to send him over. About an hour
later my secretary tells me that a Luther M. is here to see me about a
job. I wasn't prepared for the young man who walked in my office.

Before me, stood a nicely dressed handsome black man, who introduced
himself in a soft deep voice as Luther M. We talked for a while about his
background and studies and I took an instant liking to him.

That night Lori asked me what I thought about Luther. I told her that I
hired him and that if he worked out I might make his job permanent. Lori
grinned and told me, "that was great" as she had a date with him that
night. All I could think to say was to congratulate her on her taste in

As I helped Lori get ready for her date, she told me she wanted to talk
to me about something when she got home. When I tried to find out what,
she wanted to talk about, she kissed me and told me to save my cock for
her. I had just zipped up her sexy dress when I heard the door bell. I
started for the door when Lori asked me not to. Leaving me with a kiss and
a pre- come leaking cock she left with a sexy bounce to her ass.

Stepping to a window facing the driveway, I peered out in time to see
Luther take Lori in his arms and kiss her passionately. Instead of a quick
kiss, Luther's hands were all over her cute ass as hers were around his
neck. To my surprise Luther opened the car door for Lori and waited to
close it. I was impressed.

I turned the tv on but had no idea what program was on as I kept
thinking about Lori and Luther. All evening my cock was leaking in my
pants as I thought of Lori getting fucked. After watching the news I
showered and went to bed but couldn't go to sleep. Several times I had
started to jack off but stopped. Just about midnight I heard Lori's key in
the front door. The door closed and I heard whispering and giggling. I
laid in bed quietly listening, trying to hear what they were saying then I
heard, muffled moans, like someone was getting kissed passionately.
Smiling, I thought this was a first. Quietly I eased out of bed and
started down the hall to the top to the stairs. Peering around the corner
I could see two people embracing in the dim light. His hands were under
her dress fondling her ass as she ground her crotch against him. Letting
go of her ass with one hand he put the freed hand to work unzipping Lori's
dress. She stepped back and shook her shoulders and let her dress fall to
the floor. In half surprise I saw that her underwear was no where to be
seen. Then they moved to the couch and Lori undid his pants. What popped
up truly amazed me. I couldn't believe the size of his cock. Lori
whispered something then moaned as Luther lowered his hips toward her. I
knew he was stuffing that monster cock in my wife. My cock knew it too and
came to attention. Spellbound I watched as Luther masterfully fucked my
wife. His grunts and her moans were making my nuts ache. They were soon
making so much noise I could have been sound asleep and still heard them.

I knew Lori had found the man she had been looking for. The way their
bodies went stiff, then shuddered I knew they climaxed. Not wanting to be
seen I slipped back to our bedroom. A few minutes later I heard the front
door close followed by the sound of a car driving off. Expecting to hear
Lori coming in the bedroom I was surprised to hear her call me. Hopping
out of bed, I hurried down stairs and turned on a light. Lori was still
laying on the couch. One leg was hooked over the back and the other was
splayed out giving me a clear view of her swollen, hugely dilated pussy drooling sperm. Lori gave me a dreamy look as she told me that she wanted
me to see her when she had been freshly fucked.

My eyes danced over her body, taking in her raw looking nipples capping
her love bite- covered boobs and the trail of love bites snaking down her
tummy to her sperm filled pussy. I felt Lori's eyes studying me, watching
for my reaction. My stiff cock told her what I couldn't find words for.

Lori softly asked me to lick her pussy. Wordlessly I slipped between
her legs and studied her pussy before sticking out my tongue and tasting a
glob of Luther's sperm. After deciding that it was the same as I had eaten
other nights I went to town. After cleaning up most of it Lori asked to
get on top of me so she could suck my cock. In desperate need of relief, I
laid on the floor next to the couch and Lori rolled over onto me. For a
minute or two she sat up with her pussy on my mouth and did something that
pushed a huge glob of sperm into my open mouth. Faintly I heard her say
something about him really shooting a lot. Without any hesitation she deep
throated my cock and went to work draining my balls.

Satisfied that my balls had been drained Lori asked me to help her to
bed. As soon as her head hit the pillow she was asleep. For at least an
hour I laid next to her studying her. I turned off the light and cuddled
up to her knowing she had found the lover she had been looking for.

Chapter 2

In the morning, Lori told me, she wanted Luther to move in with us. I
asked if she had thought it thru and if it was a bit sudden. Lori kissed
me and told me she had been thinking about it for six months. She then
told me she wanted him to move in so he could start breeding her. I knew
that was coming but didn't expect it like that. Mumbling something about
having to get to work, I hurried off.

At work I couldn't get my mind off thinking about Lori being bred by
Luther. When Luther came into work, it made it even harder to do my work.
I kept telling myself that his being black didn't matter and I did like him
as a person. Visions of the night before kept tantalizing me and twice I
had to go to my bathroom and jerk off. Dozens of reasons to say no came to
mind but something in me wanted to see Luther knock up my wife. Something
in me wanted to see her belly swell with his black baby. Something in me
wanted to see all that happen more then once. I truly wanted to see Lori
bred by her black stud.

Having come to a decision, I called Lori and told her. She was
ecstatic. When she calmed down enough to talk, I suggested she invite
Luther for dinner. As I hung up it occurred to me that Luther knew Lori
was married but he didn't know she was my wife because Lori used her maiden
name. The rest of the day I went around with a big grin thinking about how
she was going to handle that.

Arriving at home Lori greeted me wearing a slinky low-cut dress. Her
body was radiating sex like a reactor gone wild. After a passionate kiss
she told me Luther would be coming at seven o'clock so I would have time to
get cleaned up.

I had just gotten out of the shower when I heard the door bell. I took
my time dressing, wondering how that evening was going to turn out.

Descending the stairs heard a rustle of clothes but by the time I walked
into the living room everyone was in a respectable position. Luther's chin
dropped as he saw me. The look in his eyes told me he would have run out
the door had I not been between him and the door. My smile and warm
greeting calmed him a bit. Being the good host, I went to the bar and
began fixing drinks. Lori got up, announcing that she was going to get the
goodies she'd made. Luther's eyes followed her out of the room as his face
showed a mixture of fear and confusion.

Handing Luther his drink I told him to relax and promised not to kill
him. Luther tried to apologize, saying he didn't know Lori was my wife.
Chuckling I told him he wasn't supposed to know until now. Lori came back
with her tray of goodies. Instead of just setting them on the coffee table
she bent over giving Luther a good look at her braless boobs.

Realizing I had seen him looking at Lori's boobs, he squirmed nervously
and I'm sure if his skin wasn't so black, I would have seen him blushing.
Feeling mischievous I said. "Yes they are hard not to look at." For a
second Lori didn't know what I was talking about then a big smile lit her

All during dinner Lori and I made suggestive comments but never come out
and openly talked abut sex. Luther didn't know what to do as I'm sure
never dreamed of being in a position like that. Several times when Lori
was close to me I openly touched her ass or boobs and even kissed her cheek
as we cleared the table.

Back in the living room we talked about Luther's plans, school and work.
I told him I was glad he had come to work for me as he was becoming a big
help. Lori was the one who brought up the fact that Luther was going to
have to move out of where he was staying. With a straight face I looked at
Lori and asked. Are you trying to tell me you want Luther to come and stay
with us? Lori picked it up from there with a big grin as she said. "Yes
it would be nice." In a way I, kind of felt sorry for Luther as he was
caught in the middle. To his credit began to pick up on the idea that I
was in on her sexual activities. As the evening progressed the discussion
of sexual activities became more open to the point where I explained my
sexual relationship with Lori and that Lori was looking for a "second"

Luther caught on quickly and said he was honored to date Lori but the
idea that Lori wanted him to live with her blew his mind. I was really
impressed when he said he wanted to think about it before making any
further comment. Excusing myself, I told them I had some paper work to do
and left the two of them alone.

I was a bit surprised when Lori came in my den about a half hour later.
I knew as soon as she stepped in that she hadn't had sex but she didn't
look upset. Lori came over and cradled my head between her boobs then bent
to whisper for me to come to bed as she was hungry. Somehow I knew I was
going to get my cock sucked.

In our bedroom Lori took out her birth control pills and tossed them to
me as she said she wouldn't be needing them anymore. "I guess that means
he'll be moving in."I said. Grinning, Lori slipped out of her dress then
turned toward me as she patted her flat tummy and said. "He couldn't
resist the idea of making it swell."

Well telling you that I was rewarded for giving her what she wanted
wouldn't do justice to the loving, Lori gave me that night. The following
morning her lips were still swollen and my cock looked like a red pencil
but I, sure wasn't going to complain.

Two days later Luther did move in. For three days after that he didn't
try to have sex with Lori. Lori asked me to talk to Luther and tell him,
it was all right to have sex with her and that he didn't need to be shy
about touching her. I kissed Lori then with a grin told her it was going
to cost her. Lori grinned and asked if I wasn't afraid that she would suck
it right off. I laughed and told her she could try anytime she wanted.

The next evening after dinner I asked Luther to come in my den. Closing
the door I looked him straight in the face and said. I don't know quite
how to put this but if you don't start filling Lori's pussy with cock
you'll be out on the street. Luther sat there, speechless. Finally he was
able to make words and told me he couldn't believe that I would give him a
good job and let him have sex with my wife. After telling him that is what
we wanted I explained that as long as he lived by our rules he could have
free access to Lori. Luther mentioned that Lori had said something about
getting pregnant. A faint smile came to my lips when I told him Lori had
that told me the same thing. Shaking his head, he told me that this whole
thing was the strangest situation he had ever heard of. Agreeing with him,
I asked once more if he wanted to be part of it. Luther spoke softly as he
told me he loved Lori and was very grateful for the way I treated him. I
smiled and told him to stop trying to flatter me and go make my wife happy.
I waited a few minutes then quietly went to watch. Lori was in the
kitchen finishing the dishes and Luther was hugging her from behind. My
cock jumped in my pants as I watched his black hands caress her boobs.
From the sounds Lori was making it was clear that she was enjoying Luther's
attention. She whispered something and Luther nuzzled his face into her
neck. She tilted her head giving him freer access and began moaning
softly. Looking to her boobs I saw why she was moaning, he had her nipples
between his finger tips and was twisting and pulling on them none too
gently. I could believe what I was seeing. Lori had always fussed if I
tried anything remotely resembling that. That went on for a few minutes
with Lori doing anything except protesting. When it looked like their
embrace was over I backed away. A few minutes later I saw Lori and Luther
heading upstairs.

Climbing the stairs, Lori looked over her shoulder and caught me peeking
at them. Lori flashed me a wink and a smile as Luther's eyes were riveted
on her butt, inches from his face. I waited until they were out of sight
and went around closing up down stairs. I was forcing myself to not run
upstairs and watch, Lori be seduced. Well I didn't miss much. Peeking in
Luther's room, I was greeted by the sight of Lori on her knees holding
Luther's balls in her hands and the end of his cock in her mouth. Even
though I had seen his cock once before I was astonished at its size, shaped
more like a baseball bat, thinner at the base and thick at the end it had
to be ten inches long and very thick. I never would have believed it would
fit in her if I hadn't seen it.

Lori loved on his cock then I thought I saw her look at me. Her look
was just a quick glance then back to what was at hand. She then slowly
kissed her way back up Luther's body as she got to her feet. Luther's
hands reached out for her boobs then more specifically her nipples. When
his fingers found her nipples he pulled on them as she finished standing. I
knew Lori's nipples are sensitive and couldn't believe she would let him do
that. I was half ready to rush in at the first sign of protest, but Lori's
only protest was to moan softly and gaze lovingly at him.

My cock was like a steel rod trying to rip thru my pants as it reminded
me that I wanted Luther to ravage my wife. The desire to be in there
watching was strong but I didn't to make Luther nervous. Then as I watched
Lori position herself on Luther's bed I realized she was putting on a show
for me.

I would love to give you a blow by blow description of the following
events but I was so warped up in the steamy love scene I felt it rather
than saw it. Lori went wild on his huge cock and for over two hours his
cock never left her pussy. When they were finally satisfied Lori opened
her eyes and looked at me. With a soft smile she invited me to come in.
Luther was still on top of her with his cock deeply imbedded in her fertile
belly. He turned his head to look at me and started to pull out but Lori
wrapped her legs around his ass and held him. Lori grasped Luther's head
and pulled his face to hers for a passionate kiss. Then reaching out Lori
pulled me close and kissed me just as passionately. When we broke our kiss
Lori told us that she wouldn't tolerate any jealousy between us, Luther was
going to fill her belly with babies and I was going to continue being her
husband. She told Luther he could have her anytime he wanted as long as it
didn't interfere with me. She also said that she wanted us to share the
same bed and have sex together. With her last statement Luther and I
looked at each other, our faces only inches apart. For a quiet moment we
tried to read each others thoughts the Luther and I broke into smiles at
the same time. Luther shook his head and said if anyone had ever told him
he would be in a situation like that he would have called a shrink for
them. We laughed and agreed that this was not typical but it was what we

I had laid down next to them and we all laid there quietly for a time
when Lori spoke. She said that she still wanted me to suck her pussy just
like I always had and planed to keep on sucking my cock as my cock was
perfect for sucking. Her pussy was for Luther's cock and her boobs were
fair game. Puzzled by her willingness to let Luther play roughly with her
nipples I asked her about it. Lori kissed me and told me she likes the way
Luther make's love to her and the way I do it but I shouldn't try to copy
him and he shouldn't copy me. I asked if that meant that if I gave her a
love bite like Luther had I would be in the dog house. Lori grinned and
said I would have to sleep in the guest room. She also told us that we
should get used to touching each other so we would be comfortable with each

Luther and I looked at each other with the same thought. Neither of us
was gay and didn't really want to be converted. Luther said it first, when
he asked Lori if he was supposed to suck my cock. Lori grinned and told
him to try it and wanted me to try Luther's. She then added that she just
wanted us to be truly comfortable as a threesome. Luther and I agreed to
try it. Lori beamed and told us I could start buy sucking Luther's come
out of her pussy. Luther and I looked at each other and shrugged, we knew
who was in charge.

No sooner had Luther pulled his cock out then I had my mouth pressed on
Lori's pussy. Lori instructed me not to disturb the sperm still inside her
but to make sure I got the rest. Laying on my belly between Lori's legs, I
saved Luther from being obligated to jack me off. He did however keep
Lori's nipples busy. She overlooked Luther's ducking of her instruction to
play with my cock. I found that I was enjoyed eating Luther's sperm and
didn't really want him to play with my cock. Luther's cock had so
stretched Lori's pussy I could easily put my whole tongue in.

To say that I was sexually aroused would have been a huge
understatement. My cock had taken on a life of its own and had thoroughly
coated my stomach with my ineffectual sperm. Lori urged us on in our
efforts to satisfy her almost unsatiable hunger for sex. Soon her moans
and hip thrusts came to a crescendo as a strong climax wracked, her body.
Her body had hardly calmed before I was ordered out of the way and Luther's
cock was guided back to her pussy. That time I had a close up view as
Luther's cock head spread Lori's pussy flesh in the erotic quest to
impregnate her. My fingers idly toyed with one of Lori's nipples as I
watched the motion of Luther's cock with rapt fascination. Each time
Luther's balls slapped Lori's ass I knew they were making another load of
black bay making sperm to be injected deep into Lori's hungry womb.

A little voice in the back of my brain kept saying what are you cheering
about he is going to knock up your wife with a black baby. On the other
side my balls were tingling and my cock was throbbing with the perversity
of the situation. When Luther grunted and rammed his cock hard into Lori
my hand found Luther's balls. Luther gasped and froze. Feeling my gentle
caresses he shuddered, then I felt his balls deliver their load of baby
making sperm. I heard my voice encouraging Luther to impregnate my wife as
Lori called for the same.

Luther was now spent but instead of pulling out, he hugged Lori and
rolled both of them on their sides with his cock firmly lodged in her sperm
filled pussy. Sleepily Lori asked me to cover them with a blanket.

In the morning we all over slept and when I awoke I leapt out of bed.
Luther opened his eyes and stirred waking Lori. Lori kissed Luther then
let him move away. As his cock pulled free there was a slurping sound and
Lori gasped as she stuffed a pillow under her ass. I ducked into the
shower and started to shave as Luther walked past me to the shower. Damn
his cock was bigger soft, then mine was hard, no wonder, he was able to
keep it lodged in Lori all night.

Back in the bedroom Lori got out of bed as I jumped into my clothes.
Her exclamation directed my attention to her. Standing beside the bed,
Lori was looking at the flow of fuck juices running down her thighs.
Blushing a little, she looked at me with a soft smile. I felt a smile
light my face then I asked her to fix us some breakfast. Lori looked back
at her leaking pussy and asked if I wanted her to do it like she was.
Grinning I nodded yes as my cock jumped to attention. Lori giggled and
shook her hips before strutting off to the kitchen.

Walking into the kitchen, the sight of Lori standing at the stove with
fuck juice coating her legs down to her feet was almost enough to make me
come. Hearing me, she looked over her shoulder and with a lude grin, asked
if I wanted her to go around looking like a freshly fucked slut in the
house. A strange voice croaked "Yes" as my eyes raped her. By the time
Luther joined us Lori was really getting into her new role. As she served
us, she made a point of rubbing her bobs all over us and made a point of
letting us know her pussy was leaking.

At work I was so busy I didn't have time to think about what had
happened. Just after lunch I got a call from a customer. He had a
situation that needed me to hop a plane that evening and meet him in the
morning. I buzzed Luther and had him drive me to the airport. As I got
out of the car at the airport I told Luther to keep Lori company and I
would call and let them know when I would be back.

By the time I got home things had already settled down to a routine.
Lori no longer bothered dressing unless she had to go out. I had taken a
cab home and walked in to see Lori fixing dinner with Luther's sperm
drooling down her legs. Lori welcomed me with open arms as if it was the
most normal thing to do. After a passionate kiss I held her by her hips
and looked at her freshly fucked body. With great delight Lori showed me
her slightly raw nipples and newest love bites. When I asked if they hurt Lori looked up at me with a strange sparkle in her eyes and told me a
stallion is supposed to mark his mare during breeding. Her eyes went back
to her boobs and she cupped one as she pointed out that Luther had gotten a
bit rough with it just before I had gotten home. I bent and tenderly
kissed it like a mother kisses a child's hurt. I was rewarded with a soft
moan and a gentle caress to my head. That evening was to be like many
more. Luther and Lori had sex all over the house and in every position
before finally going to bed to sleep. Whether I joined them or not, didn't
make any difference to them. When my cock needed relief all I had to do
was place my cock near Lori's mouth and she would suck it with great

The day Lori's period was supposed to start nothing happened and for two
days we waited wondering if she got knocked up the first time. To our
disappointment her period came. Luther was not deterred in the slightest.
Every night he filled her womb with sperm and kept it in her all night with
his incredible cock.

Luther was relentless in his efforts to impregnate Lori. Every time his
balls would reload he would fill her again. Lori was in heaven with all
the loving she was getting and kept letting me know how happy I had made
her. Her next period didn't come and she started waking with a queasy
stomach. A trip to her doctor confirmed she was indeed pregnant. That
evening we had a party to celebrate.

As the months went on and Lori started to show I was surprised how I
felt about the baby growing in her. I felt like it was mine and I loved to
kiss her belly and talk to the baby growing inside. Lori was ecstatic over
my reaction and Luther just sat back grinning.

At the end of Lori's pregnancy Luther and I would just snuggle up to her
and suck her clit and nipples until she came then she would suck us off
before dropping off to sleep. Lori's water broke one Saturday morning when
I was sucking on her clit. Lori had been having minor contractions and
Luther and I had been calming her with lots of oral sex. Suddenly I get
almost drowned by a huge gush of water. As I came up sputtering, they were
laughing at me. I quickly joined in their laughter when I realized the
hilarity of the situation. We quickly got cleaned up and took Lori to the
hospital where she delivered a golden brown baby girl.

Chapter 4

We had just gotten settled down at home and Lori was breast feeding the
baby when she quietly asked me to sit next to her. Willingly, I cuddled up
to her and kissed the baby. Lori shyly looked from our baby to me before
asking. "Can I have another?" I kissed her and told she really looks good
when she is pregnant then after a pause I added that Luther makes pretty
babies. If Lori hadn't had the baby in her arms she would have jumped up
and kissed me wildly. In bed that night Lori asked me to suck her clit
while she nursed the baby and talked to Luther about making another baby.

I sucked Lori to two climaxes before the baby finished nursing then Lori
put the baby in her crib. Returning to the bed, Lori was greeted by two
cocks needing attention. She thanked us both for giving her a lovely baby
and proved her sincerity by giving us wonderful blow jobs.

Having to wait a month before she could fuck Luther was agony for Lori.
Luther and I took turns sucking her clit and nipples to calm her but as a
result of the continual sucking her nipples and clit started to grow, not a
lot but still noticeable. Her milk supply also increased to the point that
Lori would have to drain her boobs several times during the day. Luther
and I quickly became hooked on breast milk and drank it in our coffee as
well as using it in our cereal.

The day Lori went to the doctor for her check up she called me at work
and told me to tell Luther he could start making babies again. When Luther
and I got home, Lori met us at the door nude holding the baby to her
breast. The baby was half asleep gently sucking on one nipple as the other
leaked a steady stream. Lori kissed us them put the baby down for a nap.
When she returned, she told Luther to fill her and asked me to empty her.
As she said that she cupped her leaking boob to make it clear what she
wanted. Luther and I didn't hesitate to answer her requests as we set
about breeding Lori again.

It took four months of filling her womb before Luther's sperm caught.
The doctor was surprised she got pregnant so soon since she was still
nursing. Luther and I laughed and said we were surprised it took that
long. Well again Lori was in heaven. If any women was built to have
babies, it was Lori. Her morning sickness was nothing more then a few
butterflies then she would be fine for the rest of the day.

Lori got so horny she even had me butt fuck her as Luther plowed her
pussy. Boy! What a feeling that was. Feeling Luther's cock pumping away
in her other hole was a real trip that made the three of us go wild.

After Lori's third baby, Lori's baby sister Cindy, came to love with us
and help Lori with her Internet business and the babies. She soon
succumbed to Luther's charm and fell in love with him. For a while I
thought we were going to have a problem with jealous lovers but Lori
realized Luther really needed his own wife. We solved the problem by
buying a bigger house and living together. Luther and I were freely
swapped back and forth between Cindy and Lori making all of us happy.

After Lori's fifth baby she had her tubes tied but still fucks Luther
like she is trying for more. Cindy says she is going to stop at four but
I'm not sure as she enjoys being pregnant more then Lori did. Our children
have found other children of mixed race to play with and are growing up
happily in our unusual family.


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