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CURIOUS sucked lovingly but


This story contains sexual content that is not
appropriate for minors. If it is not legal for you to
view text that contains sexually explicit material,
please delete this now.

April, 2000. (c) Jess C.

It started with Kim being a little curious about some
of the stories she had seen me reading on the net. She
peered over my shoulder and asked me, "do men let their
wives do things like that."

"Well, yes," I answered, "there are all kinds of
variations of men enjoying seeing their wives with
other men, swinging and swapping."

Kim wanted to know if it turned me on, if I was
thinking about doing these things, and a host of other
questions. Now, I was in a spot, slowly, observing
her, I told her of my interest in the Hot wife life
style. Much to my surprise, I got more questions, and
some statements, like; "I don't know if I want to share
you, but if it turns you on I'll consider doing it."
The thought of my lovely petite wife having her legs
wrapped around another man made me very hot. Kim
attracts looks from men, she has a very slim waist,
lovely 35B breasts and the classic ass men love to

Knowing a wet pussy was the best indicator of how she
really felt, I slipped my hand down her pants and felt
away. Greeting my finger was a sopping wet pussy and
in moments Kim was cumming from my playing. No doubt
about it, it had made her hot, and off to bed we went
for some very hot sex. With in a week Kim wanted to
read more stories from the net and soon I asked her if
we should try it. We both agreed to go at a slow pace
and just see what happened, and I had a plan. There
was a married career woman that had seduced me several
years before and told me about her outside the marriage
sexual activities with the approval of her husband.
Also known to me was that she had a regular lover on
the side. If she had borrowed me, maybe we could
borrow him. Kim was full of questions, "will you still
love me if I enjoy it" she asked.

"yes, you are my wife and I love you very much" I told

After telling her my idea, she said "Make the phone
call Jess!"

My mind was racing, how do you make a call like that,
hello, mind if we use your lover? It was the weekend
and already 8:00 PM, well hell, I thought, might as
well give it a try and find out.

Brenda is a lovely lady, and she remembered me right
away, heck, we had seen each other many times, at
parties and events, since we had our tryst. "How are
you" and "good to hear from you" were part of the
opening banter between the two us. "So you are married now, that's great, who is the lucky girl?" she asked. I
gave her a brief on Kim and just when I didn't think I
could do it, I blurted out "do you remember when we
talked about your lover?"

"Oh yes, I remember" she answered comfortably.

"Good, well, ah, Kim and I are thinking about, well, we
would like to try it and I was wondering if you could
arrange something"

"Is this her first time in this situation?" Brenda

It was, and I related all the relevant things Kim and I
had talked about, telling her I wanted it to be a
special experience for Kim.

We concluded the conversation with her telling me she a
great idea and she would call me back shortly. In half
an hour she phoned back and informed me we had a date.
What, who and a bunch of other questions by me
followed. Brenda giggled and told me she would take
good care of us, the guy was quite experienced, I could
join in, he loved the idea of breaking in a new hot
wife, and "Jess, he has a big cock and he knows how to
use it!" She informed me we were going to love it, and
offered her own husband after Kim was "broke in."

I got off the phone with Brenda and told Kim "she said
yes, we have a date, and get this, its tonight!"

There was some doubt in Kim's eyes, reality was about
to set in, this was no fantasy, we were going to a bar
to meet this guy. No pressure, just meet him and
decide what we would like to do. Look him over, let
him meet us and see what happened. Well Kim is a
looker and I knew how he was going to react, how would
Kim? Everything would depend on what Kim wanted. Kim
disappeared to the shower and I fixed us some drinks.
It was good to have a moment to myself and reflect on
the situation, yes I thought, I want to do it, lets see
what happens.

Kim was in the bedroom picking out some clothes, a nice
sexy top and slacks, not too much, but enough to show
off what she had. Then came the make up, a little
heavier than usual, she wants to do it, I thought.
"What do you think?" she asked, turning in front of me.

"He's going to love it" I replied.

Kim wanted to have some signals, both to proceed and to
bag it. She said she would rub my leg if it should go
further. I don't remember the no go signal, it was
some phrase. With a deep breath we were off to
downtown, we chatted on the way, reassured the other
about our commitment to each other and were uncommonly
honest in everything we said. We had determined to
have fun and if something happened to enjoy it

Larry was easy to spot due to some physical
characteristics Brenda had told me about. We greeted
each other and I watched as Larry looked very
approvingly at Kim, she looked hot. In no time at all
we found Larry to be a pleasant fellow, quite
comfortable with what was going on. Into her second
drink, Kim was gently rubbing my leg, we were laughing,
talking about some innocent thing, I don't remember
what. It was then I noticed Kim was squeezing my thigh
intensely, oh my god, this was the signal, she wanted
to go, she wanted to take him home and fuck him. What
to do, I was going to share my wife with another man,
and I had to ask him if he would like to come home with
us. He grinned and told me it would be his pleasure to
go home with us.

Kim was hot now, she had made up her mind and was
looking forward to it. We didn't say much on the short
drive home, but Kim smiled shyly a lot, we didn't need
to say much. We all arrived at the same time and went
into the house. My first thought was to fix us some
drinks and give them a few minutes to adjust. When I
came in with the drinks they were kissing and he was
feeling her up on the couch. It was happening, it was
real, and I was as excited as "all get out," as they
say. I suggested we go into the bedroom, and everyone
got up and to my amazement clothes were flying
everywhere as we went. Larry and I laid Kim down on
the bed between us and finished taking her underwear
off, hands were everywhere. Kim was searching for
Larry's dick and she found a whopper, Larry was built
for the job! Kim's sweet breast beckoned to me and
Larry dived in on her muff. Kim spread her legs wide
to give Larry full access to her pussy and he did the
thing she likes most, having her pussy sucked. If I
thought Kim would have reservations, they were gone
now, she was lifting her hips to meet his tongue, over
and over, bucking for more. What a sight, she was hot
for it, and moaning out her first of many climaxes.
Larry had hit pay dirt, a couple of times he looked up
to see Kim and she pushed his head right back to her
pussy. Then I watched as he moved up and rubbed the
head of his dick along her slit, Kim started moving her
hips up and down again. Larry moved gently forward and
was in Kim about half way, an O formed on her mouth as
she took in the pleasure of this new cock in her.
Slowly Larry moved in and out of her, letting her get
accustomed to his out-sized cock. In no time at all
Kim was lifting her hips to meet his thrusts and Larry
began to push into her in earnest. I had been
mesmerized watching what was going and now fingered
Kim's clit, boom, she exploded in an orgasm. Oh, oh,
was all she was saying, over and over again, and at
this time, Larry froze, pushed deep up inside her and
started pumping his cum in her. After a minute he
rolled over on his side reveling a well serviced pussy,
leaking cum. I had never wanted her more than at that
moment, and I moved between her legs and inserted my
cock in her. Her pussy was loose, wet, warm, no, hot,
and she made sounds from the wetness. The new feeling
was so intense I was cumming in no time at all, even
straining, it was so intense. Someone said whew! and
we all laughed, time to take a break.

The drinks I had made before were still there unused.
Sitting on the couch I was so spent I thought I would
not be hard again that evening, not true, as I watched
Larry fondle Kim I became hard again! They were
sitting on the couch and I moved to Kim, gently pushing
her back and kneeling in front of her I reentered her.
Now it was Larry's turn to be amazed, the front room
was well lit and I spread Kim's legs apart and back and
moved my dick slowly in an out of her. She seemed only
aware of the cock moving in and out of her, not Larry
watching, not me, only the pleasure she was receiving.
After several minutes I pulled out of her and received
a small protest from her. We took her back to the
bedroom where Larry had her get on top of him. I
grabbed Larry's cock guiding it into Kim as she sank
down, resting fully on it. Soon she began to ride his
dick with short movements and in no time was cumming
again. Her wetness, our wetness, making sounds as she
rode him. Larry's cock was glistening as it showed
again and again, now I wanted some more. I moved in
front of Kim and she took me in her mouth, slowing her
attention to Larry. As she rested fully on Larry's
cock she sucked on me lovingly, but it didn't last long
enough and she went back to feeling Larry's cock move
in and out of her. Well, I had another idea and moved
behind her, with the copious amounts of cum smeared
around her I gently inserted my finger in her ass. I
got a positive indication from Kim via deep moans, yes,
this was it, I eased myself into her ass and soon Larry
and I were fully in her. These were the strongest
climaxes I had ever heard from Kim and I held her in
place and came, spasm after spasm until I was spent.

Larry had great stamina and when I pulled out, he
rolled Kim over on all fours and gently eased himself
in where I had been. For the next half an hour he
brought Kim off to one climax after another, until she
could take no more and lay on the bed exhausted. Larry
finally unleashed his load in her and it was over,
everyone was totally spent. It turned out to be a
great experience for all.

The next day I felt obliged to call Brenda and thank
her, it had worked out so well. She seemed to know it
would, but it was good telling her anyway. Really this
is just the beginning of the story, Kim and I have had
other experiences, months and years apart, they provide
a rich texture to our sex life. This story is
dedicated to Brenda and her husband, who by way, we
spent a wonderful night with recently. I'll relate
that story soon.



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