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CYNDI extreme pleasure didnt break rhythm


Note to the reader: This is a little story I wrote in 1988, more or
less in the style of a 'penthouse letter'. It's posted for the first time
in in December 1997. There's not much character development,
except what you get during the fun these young folks have, but it's a nice
happy sexual romp so if you enjoy something like that, I hope you enjoy
I wrote it from the woman's point of view, which is a risky thing for
me, since I'm a male. But the voice of the narrator, who sounds rather
girlish, is the voice of someone I really know and like. Please note,
should she ever read this and recognize herself, I'm not implying she ever
did anything like this :-)

Cyndi's Letter

by David L
My name's Cyndi, spelled with an I, and if you want to hear about my
wildest experience ever, this is it. I'm a little ashamed to tell this,
though, because I'm really not as wild a girl as this makes me sound. Here
goes, anyway!

My friend Dorian and I threw a party one night that ended up lasting
till about four in the morning before nearly everybody went home. Nearly
everybody except Dor and me and our boyfriends Mark and Larry. We were all
a little high on peach daiquiris and since it was August and hot even at
four a.m. Dor suggested we go for a swim in a local pond. She knew just the
place, out in the woods with a pier and everything but nobody living around
it at all. We could go skinny-dip! We grabbed a couple of beach towels and
all piled into Mark's car and drove over, having a great time.

When we got there it was so dark, with the moon down, that you couldn't
see much at first so we weren't embarrassed to get bare-assed and jump right
in! The water felt real cold when you first hit it, but after a while it
felt all warm and good and we splashed and played and floated for awhile
until Larry and me noticed that the other two had gotten real quiet. You
could just see Dor and Mark hanging on to the ladder leading up to the
little pier, pressed close and making out. Wow, and they were all naked and
everything! I'm no prude, and Larry and me had made it often enough, but
never completely naked in the water with our friends around! But they
didn't seem to care, you could see Mark rubbing up against Dor and her
rubbing back in the dim light while they kissed with increasing passion!

I wasn't sure what to do, so I paddled over to the other ladder to get
out and dry off and maybe go back to the car and see if Larry was interested
in a little action of our own (he always is!). I felt kind of turned on by
the warm water and romantic night air. I reached the ladder, but before I
could climb up Larry grabbed me gently from behind and pressed himself up
against me from the rear. I could feel his hard muscles all up and down my
back as he held me by the waist, and I could feel his thing fitting into by
butt crack from behind. He wasn't real hard, but he wasn't exactly
super-soft either! I protested a little, but he just chuckled so I turned
around to meet his kiss. What the hell!

He held me to the ladder, water up to our chests like Mark and Dor, and
kissed the hell out of me with that tougue of his. That always melts me,
puts me right in the mood, because I've always felt there's something
super-intimate about two people pressing their mouths together and playing
with each other's tongue. It feels so good, and I gave him mine right back
and I could feel the sap rising all over my body, what with that hairy chest
pressed up against my hard nipples! A little corner of my mind kept saying
to me this is nuts, out here in the open with others around, but I was
feeling so good I just couldn't stop. When I get cranked up, that's all she
wrote, brother, I just don't care!

This is getting me a little worked up just remembering it! boy did
that feel good, I guess it was the wildness and freedom of it all in
contrast to our usual careful behavior that made it seem so neat.

Anyway, there we were together kissing and feeling and loving it all,
getting more worked up by the minute. Once Larry knows I'm in the mood and
won't turn him down he really lets go, and I could feel him hard and ready
and pressing against my belly. He kind of rubbed it against me, and I let
him know I liked it by pumping my hips a little and rubbing back! We were
just barely holding on to the ladder, floating free in the warm water.

We broke the kiss and looked over at our friends. Dor had turned back
around and was starting to climb up the ladder, telling Mark to follow her
on up. We could see in the half-light, and when Dor got her tail halfway up
the ladder she shoved it back in Marks face as he followed her! They held
there a second and Dor let out a little yelp and then scooted up to the
boards with Mark following, a big grin on his face! "Do that again and I'll
give you another licking!" he told her.

We could see clearly when Mark got out that he was up stiff as a board.
Dorian picked up a big towel and spread it out on the pier, then got on top
of it standing up and started wiggling her hips in a sexy dance, while
keeping her eyes glued on her beau's equipment. We all watched and she
looked down at us and smiled, loving it, the exhibitionist in her flaunting
it to the hilt! We held close in the water as above us Dor shook and
wiggled, gyrating her hips and swaying her big titties back and forth.

We rubbed to stay warm but I gasped a little as Mark slid over and
pressed his thing on Dorian's bellybutton and took her nipples between his
fingers and rolled them in a sweet pinch. Dor stretched up and kissed him,
and he wrapped his arms around her, then bent and kissed his way to her
pointy nips and sucked each one hard in turn till it popped from between his

We heard her little moans, and Larry began rubbing harder against me.
It spite of myself I was getting more turned on all the time by this wild
and careless sex display!

He kissed his way down her belly and sank to his knees, then gave her a
kiss in the middle of her little black hair patch, right on the mound! She
knew we were watching, but instead of stopping him she put her hands on his
head and spread her thighs a little apart to give him access to her secret
honey places. We saw her push her middle towards him as he angled his head
back and gave her some good tongue shots! She just leaned back and let out
some feminine sighs of pleasure as he worked her, and they froze in that
position for what seemed like ten minutes, while Larry worked his tongue
around my ears and neck...some other surefire places to get me going. Not
that I needed anything extra at this point! I'd never seen anybody making
it before except on some porno tapes that Larry had got one time, and that
didn't do much for me, but wow! Seeing two friends wantonly enjoying
themselves in the flesh really did it. My pussy felt that warm achy wanting
feeling that I always feel when I'm really, really ready to do it.

They sank down on the towel so that Dor was on her back, but Mark never
let his face break contact with her sweet spot. I pulled from Larry and
went up the ladder. He followed, probably starting to worry that I was
getting nervous, but in fact I was ready to do it right now, anywhere, any
way! I grabbed the other towel and spread it too, several feet away from
the hot writhing couple lost in their lust world. I had thought about going
for the car for a little privacy but to tell the truth the idea of doing
right here beside them turned me on more! Tell me I'm not sick! But it's
what I really wanted right then. I just sprawled on the towel, wet and
slick, legs akimbo ready for anything Larry wanted to do!

He was ready too, his dick angled up towards the sky where a little
faint light of dawn was starting to show. He came over and went to his
knees between my spread legs and just looked down at me for a minute, just
taking it all in. I love that in him, he just makes me feel good by looking
at me and I know he just loves the way my body looks! I heard Dor moan and
looked over to see her raising her hips up into her lover boys face as he
gave her a real through eating out! There's nothing like the feel of a
knowing tongue right on your pleasure nub to really set that fire ablaze,
and I let Larry know what I wanted by pushing my hips up a little at him.

He took the hint, he's such a considerate lover, and smiled and dropped
down to where I wanted him. I knew I was hot and dripping, and I felt his
warm breath down there as he got ready to give it to me. Then, that sweet
soft tongue licking slowly, starting at the bottom of the lips and working
up to the top where the killer button is, poking and working the folds
deliciously as it goes up, oh man! Heaven shooting from down between my
legs all over, sweet sugary honey dripping from every pore! A girl would do
anything to get this sweetness, crazy to refuse it! He worked me good and
slow, drawing it out, I know I was making some noise and breathing hard and
I could hear Dor getting her goodies too next to me! Let it go on forever!

But nothing lasts forever, and while feeling super good I was also
feeling more and more empty down there and wanting him inside me. He kept
it up, and with my eyes closed I heard a gasp and strangled cry as Dorian
obviously got her cookies and went over the top, thrashing out a big one in
her lover's face! I could hear him shift positions and move up her, and I
glanced down to see him on top just as he sank it up to the hilt in her, his
face twisted with lust, her legs bent back on his shoulders as he probed it
in deep! She sighed and twisted her legs down and around his back and
squeezed him with her arms as they wiggled as close as possible together
preparatory to getting it on in phase two.

For my part I wanted it in me too, and I reached down with both hands
and gently nudged Larry's jaw to let him know I wanted him to move up and do
it to me. Of course he was ready! He loves to eat me, he says it really
turns him on with the sexy taste and smell, but we rarely get all the way to
my having an orgasm because neither of us can wait that long before starting
the sweet pleasure sliding!

He crawled up while I drew up my legs to give him a good angle. He
braced himself on the towel and put his hard hot head right up to the lips
of my hole. Ohhhhhhh! He slipped in the head ever so slow and I thought I
was going to come right then but it just kept getting better as he carefully
slid it up me. I was wet and it would have been easy to just jam it in
without hurting me but we both like the feel of the slow rubbing and like to
play it out as long as we can. The pleasure hurt doubled with every inch
until he was at last as deep as he could get -- and our hairy pubic patches
pressed together lustily! I felt him deep in my belly! Ohhhh! We paused
and kissed, as next to us we could hear the wet slapping sounds and the
moans and grunts of our friends who were obviously too far gone to take it

But Larry likes to wait a little to get control of himself before really
humping it to me, and I love him for it! He always wants to give me a good
go-off before he gets his!

But we were way too fired up to wait long, and he started to slowly
pump his hips and I too humped back up to him as we established our rhythm!
The gut-tying honey waves built and built as we kept it up, sending me in
orbit, I didn't know or care where we were or anything, my whole body was
floating on the indescribable sweet stinging sea of pleasure. I felt choked
with sex lust, and I knew it wouldn't be long before I let it all flow...I
couldn't keep quiet, but groaned and grunted just like my friends beside
me...only Larry kept mostly quiet as we humped our way to paradise.

The big go-off crept closer and closer till I thought I would die, then
I just opened up all over and let it come! Larry could feel me close and he
pushed it deep like I like it and rocked it back and forth as I spasmed in
delirious ecstasy around his throbbing and near-coming member so far inside

When the pleasure waves started to subside I heard Larry above me say
"oh, here it comes!" and felt his final deep thrust as he squirted his big
hot load up inside me! I love that feeling, especially just after I've come
off a good one, and I squeezed him tight as he shuddered and groaned in my
arms! Oh such delight, I wished then we could do it forever and ever
without stopping!

We lay still and basking in the afterglow, like always, and then I
remembered that we weren't alone and were out in the wide-open air naked as
jaybirds! You'd think that a properly brought-up girl like me would have
just felt like dying from shame (I love sex, but I'm usually a little shy
and had never done anything like this before!). But no! As I lay there,
Larry on top of me, his beautiful hard thing still deep inside me, I felt
warm and good all over! The light was gradually growing stronger, and I
gently turned my head and saw the two other lovers a few feet away, just
having finished a pleasure bout of their own. Mark was propped up on his
hands, his pelvic region still in intimate contact with Dorian's. His eyes
were open and looked down into hers, and the love that obviously flowed
between them at that moment warmed my heart and made me feel so good and so
right about Larry my lover and the special friendship we four had. I loved
all three of them so much I would do anything to express that special love!

The warm lovey feeling spread throughout my body and slowly collected
itself in my pussy, still filled by Larry's only partially shrunken tool.
As I lay there, feeling Larry's gentle breathing against my ear and his
muscular sexy body relaxed and motionless over mine, I began to feel the
renewed stirrings of desire, mixed with a wild lust I had never felt before!
I began to feel for the first time the animal in me stirring through the
civilized curtain, wanting more without regard for right and wrong. You
only live once and I probably would never do this again, but right now I
would do it all!

I began stroking Larry's back, and reaching up I licked his ear and
rubbed my pubes into his. Unmistakable signs that I wasn't ready to call it
quits yet. I appreciated that he hadn't gone soft -- we were young and he
often could get it back hard while still inside me and go another round. He
responded, licking me and moving slowly inside to test his degree of
hardness. We both discovered him plenty ready to resume a slow humping
grind, and we kissed slowly and with deep passion as we kept up our mutual
pleasure feast. We were lost in that special sex world that two share as
one, but beside us our friends had turned their attention to our
unexpectantly resumed loving.

I felt motion beside me, and looked up to find Mark and Dorian drawn
closer to us, watching intently and with increasing heat our pelvic dance. I
smiled to let them know it was all right, and saw Mark's rod fully hard
between his legs. Dorians hand moved over and took it, caressing it slowly
and carefully as I watched. Larry too noticed and looked up, and out of the
corner of my eye I, to my amazement, saw him too smile his approval.

Slowly and carefully, savoring the pleasure, he pushed it in and pulled
it out, while I in turn responded with little humps of my own as I watched
Dor's groping of her lover's hard tool. They watched us too, and I felt a
warm mingling of souls in a bond of lust as the pleasure rose between my

Then without thinking I reached out and took Mark's member in my hand
carefully, even while Dorian also stroked and pulled on it. It was a crazy
thing to do, but no one reacted, and I continued my lustful playing while
Larry stroked me deeply and slowly. Mark gently thrust forward a little in
response to the double ministrations on his pleasure pole, and Dor showed
her approval by cooperating with my masturbation of her boyfriend. While I
stoked up and down the shaft, she would gently pull the head and finger his
nerve bundle, then, we would change duties and I would caress the purple
head while she stroked the pole. Larry watched, eyes open, and showed by
his increasing ardor that he found the whole situation arousing rather than
a turn-off. We were all on the same wave-length!

Mark moved slowly ever closer on his knees, and as no one showed an
adverse reaction he drew his member close to my open mouth. Wantonly, in my
lust dream, I licked my lips to show I would take it. He leaned forward,
forward, and as his long rod got within range Dorian lovingly angled it down
and between my lips! Oh lord! The wildness of having someone you specially
love give such a precious intimate gift in such a loving way can't be
described. It's probably once-in-a-lifetime! I pursed my lips as he
pressed his hard hot loving cock into my mouth, while above me my boyfriend
continued to fuck me uninterrupted, watching the delicious progress through
lust-glazed eyes! Yes I might as well say it: he was Fucking me; I was an
animal now, loving it, loving to be fucked by my lover, even though my pussy was already filled with his sperm! And I loved taking my best friend's
lover's cock in my mouth at the same time, with her lusty approval!

We lay frozen there doing it together for a while, until Larry
whispered softly that he wanted to take me from the rear. He often liked to
finish that way when we do it a second time, and I love it too. Without
disturbing the mood of pleasurable lust, I pulled my head back from Mark's
cock, giving him an extra tight suck to let him know I wanted it right back.
I got up on my knees, and gently pushed Mark back down on the towel, so that
I was kneeling between his legs. I then bent over, and Dorian took Mark's
dick and held it up for me as I sank my lips over the swollen purple head
and spread my legs for Larry's rear entry! As I sucked slowly, Dor stroked
Mark's shaft, and Larry put his sweet hard member up to my pussy lips and
slipped it right on in there. The pleasure wave spread out from my loins
all over my body! The rear-entry position really feels different and I love
the deep penetration he can get. Larry sank it to the hilt, holding it deep
in and rocking it, and despite the extreme pleasure I didn't break rhythm on
Mark's sweet tool either!

I'll admit I often had fantasized about two guys at the same time, but
I never really expected to do it! But here I was, hard male members in both
my mouth and pussy, and instead of feeling ashamed I reveled in it! And it
didn't hurt that Dorian was right there cheering me on!

I had my eyes closed, feeling the honey stings, when I felt a new
sensation: a pinching on my left nipple, flooding me with more pleasure from
a new source! I opening my eyes to see Dorian lying next to us on her back,
both hands stretched out under me, grabbing both my nipples and rolling then
exquisitely. I accepted this new sensation as uninhibitedly as I had the
whole crazy situation, soaking in the sweet sensations that drove me ever
more surely towards a huge orgasm.

It continued, and it was hard to concentrate on my mouth and keeping up
the rhythm on Mark while my body was wracked with such powerful sensual
delights. I tighted my grip on Mark's cock with my lips, and stroked hard
on his supersensive nerve bundle right under the head. I heard him groan
and felt his hips jerk, and I knew he was not far from coming.

Larry was regularly stroking me, not hurrying yet, so I knew he would
last awhile. As I kept up my hard action on Mark, Dorian let go my nips and
I felt her shifting position to my rear. But I was too far gone to think
about what might be happening next.

I was stretched on the pleasure rack, between two cocks, but was
stunned a little when I felt commotion between my legs and realized that
Dorian was on her back with her face underneath my pussy! No sooner had my
sex-dulled mind comprehended this than I felt her smooth hot tongue licking
up my sweat-soaked and straining thighs!! I remember pausing a second in my
licking of Mark's member, then, with a shudder of lust, I accepted with
relish this new assault on my sweaty sex-filled body.

Larry didn't pause, in fact he now thrust harder as he felt Dorian's
oral work in my most intimate and sensitive areas. Dor didn't hold back!
Holding her head up she worked her wiggling tougue all around my swollen
pussy lips where Larrys hard cock was rubbing in and out. Then right on the
button! She hardened her touguetip and flicked right on my clit! The
electric shock fired through me like lightning; then, she would relent and
tongue the lips while I recovered, then hit me again! I sucked the cock in
my mouth frantically, fearing with the little bit of my rational mind left
that if I didn't get Mark off quick I would involuntarily bite it off!

It worked, as Mark groaned and heaved in his final agony, thrusting up
his dick as it stiffened a final degree and gave me his salty sexy juices!

Some girls say they don't like the taste, but I don't mind and I was so
worked up the eruption began to send me over the edge too. I held on to the
final remnants of my sanity for a few seconds until as Dorian heard Mark's
orgasm she assaulted my clitois in earnest and I couldn't stop it any

My whole body stiffened as the tidal wave broke from my clit and spread
to the very ends of my fingers and toes in a total body orgasm of epic
proportions! I screamed and thrashed as Larry and Dorian relentlessly and
without pausing worked on my rear end to drive me to total satisfaction.

I remember heaving and heaving -- I thought it would never quit; but at
last the mighty spasms died away leaving me spent and helpless, a rag doll
with a mouthful of semen and a still hard and unsatisfied dick in my pussy.
I was in no shape to help, and collapsed gasping for breath, mashing my
pubic region right on Dorian's face.

As I lay, Larry withdrew and Dorian pulled out from under me. I didn't
even open my eyes, until as I slowly recovered I looked down to see my
lover, Larry, on his back with my best friend Dorian staddling him with his
dick stuffed in her pussy, both driving for a desperately needed orgasm. In
normal times such a sight would have probably caused me to faint, but now,
in the pink glow of a summer's dawn I rested my head on Mark's exhausted
belly and smiled with quiet joy as Larry thrust up into Dor's heaving belly
and let his sweet juice squirt wantonly into her.

I closed my eyes to her animal orgasmic groan and felt sad that such a
night just had to end.

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