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Camping with Peter


Camping with Peter


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - Standard Disclaimer. This is a work of fiction for
adults only. If you are under the age of eighteen, please immediately do
what I would have done when I was your age. Which is, delete this story from your hard drive and/or leave this internet site. I know you've left
now like the good little boys and girls you are. But if you haven't or for
the rest of you, enjoy.

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- - - - - - - - - -

Somehow I’d gotten roped into being a Scout master, which was kind of
ironic since I’d gotten thrown out of the scouts when I was ten. We’d been
on a nature hike with a troop of girl scouts looking at the plants and
animals around the Olympic peninsula in Washington and my scoutmaster got
all upset because I was more interested in what was under Kelli’s bush than
I was in the bushes he kept pointing out. I’d just gotten into Kelli’s
panties behind a huge pine tree when he discovered I wasn’t in the group
any more. Needless to say, when he and the girl scout leader found us, we
were both out of our troops. But that was okay, because that summer while
the other kids were walking all over Northwestern Washington, Kelli and I
stayed home and studied. We studied anatomy up close and personal. Kelli
was twelve and damn if she wasn’t good at it.

Anyway, I got thrown out of the scouts when I was ten and here I was
twenty-two and a scout master. Go figure. It’s not that I minded. They
were a good group of kids, and I had fun hiking and camping and even the
regular troop meetings weren’t bad.

There was only six boys in the troop, Carl was the oldest at fourteen
and Peter was the youngest at ten. In between was B.J., Josh, Nathan, and
Tyler. All in all they were pretty good kids. They enjoyed the scouts,
but they were pretty normal kids, they talked about girls a lot. It took
them a little while to realize that I wouldn’t get mad about it, that I
didn’t think they were perverts just because they tried to look down the
occasional shirt, or at the crotch of a girls shorts.

It was Spring and time for our first camp out of the year. I borrowed a
van and we drove to a huge National Park. After we’d unloaded and gotten
everything strapped into our packs it took almost six hours to hike to our
camping spot. It was beautiful, a clearing in the heavy woods with a river
branch running right through it. It was still a little cold for Spring and
I doubt if there was a person within ten miles, this is what I call back to

I sat on a stump and watched Carl, he was the troop leader organize the
others to get the tents set up, a campfire going and all the other little
details. Then the guys took off to gather enough firewood to keep us going
until tomorrow. After the group had spread out, I pulled a Tom Clancy
paperback out of my jacket and started reading.

I was just getting to an exciting part when Carl ran up, “I think we
have a small problem.”

I stuck the 5 dollar bill I was using as a book mark back in the book
and closed it. “You mean you have a problem, you’re the troop leader. I’m
just along for the campfire cooking.” I said looking up at him. I had to
squint since he was standing with the sun at his back.

“Okay I have a problem. I need some advice.”

“Advice I have plenty of. Never invest in a company with the word
‘international’ in the title, always tip 15 per cent, and red heads make
lousy wives but great girlfriends.”

Carl looked like he wanted to scream at the sky “Why me.” But instead he
said “Come on.” and led me down a path. Now I may sound a little
irresponsible in my attitude. I mean after all, I was out in the woods
with a group of ten, eleven, and twelve years, and Carl who was fourteen,
but I knew Carl well enough to know that noone was hanging from the edge of
a cliff or laying with their thigh bone poking out through their skin.
When Carl said small problem, it was a small problem.

About a hundred yards from camp, I saw Peter standing near a tree with a
pile of branches next to his feet. He looked like a scarecrow because he
was standing with his arms straight out from his sides. He also looked
miserable. I didn’t have a clue.

We walked up to peter and Carl pointed down to the base of the tree.
“Is that what I think it is?” I looked down at the three leafed plant and
the loose branches that were scattered around it.

“Depends on what you think it is.”

“Poison Ivy.”

“You got it in one.” I looked at Peter. “Did you touch it?” Peter
looked even more miserable and nodded. “How long ago?”

Peter thought a few seconds, “Ten minutes, no more than twenty.”

“Did you touch yourself anywhere after you touched the plant?

“I, I don’t think so.”

Okay, we had a chance. I looked Peter straight in the eye. “Camp.
Now. Go. Don’t touch yourself or anybody.” Peter took off at a run. “I
patted Carl on the head like a good dog.” You did great, telling him to
stand like that.” Then I took off running after Peter. “Keep gathering
wood, but grab the others and show them the plant and make sure they’re on
the lookout.” I yelled over my shoulder.

As I got back to camp, Peter was standing by the firepit trying to get
his breath back. “Lets go, down to the river.” We both ran to the river.
“In.” I commanded.

“In my cloths?”

“Now.” Peter ran into out into the middle of the river. The water was
just over his knees in this spot. “Put your hands in the water and keep
them there. Rub them together real good.” I left Peter and went back to
camp. It took a few minutes of rummaging through the food supplies to find
what I wanted. Then I went to my tent and dug through the front pouch on
my backpack until I found my car keys. I walked back to the river. Peter
was bent over rubbing his hands in the water and shivering. That water is
cold. There was still some snow in the mountains and it melted right into
this river.

I sat down on a rock and took off my shoes and socks. Then I slipped my
jeans off and walked out to Peter. Did I say cold, the water was freezing.
I was expecting to see little icebergs float down past us. But I was tough
and pretended it was seventy five degree water on the Waikiki beach.

I was holding a bottle of dish washing liquid. I realize that Dawn
detergent may not exactly be roughing it, but it’s handy stuff. “Hold out
your hands.” Peter took his hands out of the water and I squirted a liberal
amount of soap on them. “Wash ‘em good and then rinse.” Peter did. “Get
under your fingernails as good as you can.” Peter followed my directions
and then rinsed in the cold river. We did it three more times. I noticed
that Peter was starting to get a blue tint from the cold water. “We’re
almost done.” I told him.

I set the soap bottle down in the river between my feet squeezing it to
hold it in place, and reached into my pocket for my keys. I had a
fingernail clipper attached to the ring. “Hold out your hands.” Peter did
and I clipped his nails as close as I possible could, making sure not to
touch him. I tossed my keys over on the bank and reached down for the
soap. “Okay, One more time.” I squirted the soap out and Peter started
cleaning his hands again. After he’d rinsed them again I led Peter out of
the water and back to camp.

I sat Peter on my stump and went to the first aid kit. I found a roll
of gauze and some first aid lotion. I squirted the lotion on his hands and
he rubbed them good then I started wrapping Peter’s hands like mittens. As
soon as I had them wrapped up, I told Peter to stand and I pulled his
t-shirt over his head trying to touch it as little as possible. Peter
didn’t think he’d touched himself anywhere but it’s real easy to wipe your
hands on a shirt or your pants and not even realize it.

Next I slid my fingers into the top of Peter’s jeans and pulled the
waist band out from his body while I worked the button and unzipped them. I
slid them down to his ankles before I remembered his shoes. The loops of
his shoelaces had worked themselves into knots and they were wet besides so
I just pulled them off of his feet one at a time. Then I slipped off his
jeans and socks. I reached up and pulled his underwear down and tried not
to laugh, his cock was about a foot in front of my face and because of the
cold had shriveled to almost nothing. I had him sit back on the stump, it
was probably cold too, and pulled his underwear off his feet.

Using just my thumb and forefinger I put all of his cloths in a pile and
went to my tent and got a blanket that I wrapped around him. I was just
gathering up his cloths, using his underwear to pick up the rest when Carl
and Nathan came back to camp both carrying a huge armload of firewood.
“Guys, get a big fire going. I’ll be back in a minute.” Then I gave Nathan
a look guaranteed to stop a charging rhino. Nathan had a wiseass mouth and
I didn’t want him saying anything to Peter. I took the cloths back to the
river and put them in the water with a large rock to hold them in place,
then I put my keys in too and walked back to camp.

By the time I got back, they had a good fire started. I sent them out
for more wood and went into my tent to change my wet clothes. Then I got
some clothes out of Peter’s backpack and dressed him. Before having him
sit back down with his blanket.

“Joey, we don’t have to go home, do we?” He asked as soon as he got

“I don’t know yet.” I answered.

“But if we have to go, everyone will hate me. I’m the youngest
already.” he whined.

“We won’t know for about 24 hours if we got it all off in time. If we
didn’t, it’s going to start itching really bad. Maybe we should go home
just in case. They won’t hate you.”

“Yes they will.” he replied forcefully. “Besides, I can itch here just
as well as at home.”

“You’d have to keep your hands wrapped for several days.”

Peter looked down at the gauze mittens I’d made him. “That’s okay,
please don’t make us go.”

The rest of the troop straggled in and added their wood to our pile. I
had Carl go check our packs and naturally we’d forgotten our first aid and
field guides. So I sat the other boys around the fire, it was just
starting to get dusk. I shared the stump with blanket wrapped Peter and
told them what little I remembered about poison ivy.

“Did everyone get a look at the plant?” I asked. The five boys in front
of me nodded. Did anyone know what it was before Carl showed it to them?”
Nathan’s hand shot up. “Because if they did, we’ll have a field test on
plants tomorrow and they should do great.” Nathan’s hand returned to his
lap. “Now some of you,” for some reason I was looking straight at Nathan,
“may be tempted to tease Peter about getting into poison ivy. But
remember, since you didn’t know what it was, if you’d gone that direction
instead of Peter, you’d be the one sitting here wrapped in a blanket.”
Nathan nodded to me, and I think for once he got the message.

“Poison ivy and poison oak have an oil in the sap. I think it’s called
urushiol and a lot of people are allergic to it, almost everyone. If you
can wash the oil off within ten to fifteen minutes you’re probably okay,
but after that the oil bonds to your skin and no amount of washing will
help. It usually takes about 24 hours for any reaction. Now Peter washed
up real good but I have a feeling that we were too late.”

“Now I’ve been thinking that maybe we should cut the trip short and get
Peter to a doctor. It’s too late tonight to hike out of here, but we can
go first thing tomorrow. Peter thinks we should stay. What do you guys think?”

Everyone tried to talk at once, until Carl stood up and yelled, “Quiet.”
The kid was a natural leader because everyone shut up. Carl looked at me,
“We shouldn’t take any chances. We should get Peter to a doctor as soon as

“The generals right,” Nathan said. “We’d better leave first thing in
the morning.” There may be hope for that kid yet. The other three chimed
in and agreed. It was nice to see. Peter looked miserable.

“We’ll see tomorrow.” I announced. After all, there wasn’t a whole lot
a doctor could do for him. “Who’s cooking my dinner?” Everybody tried to
talk a once again. And I could hear everybody saying somebody elses name.

Finally Carl announced, “B.J. and Josh are cooking. Nathan and Tyler
are cleaning up.”

“What about hands of the mummy over there?” Nathan asked. I said there
was hope, I didn’t say there was a lot of it.

“Peter gets to sit by the fire and stay warm.” Carl walked over and
stood towering over Nathan. He had three inches on him when Nathan wasn’t
sitting down. “Any problem with that?”

Nathan jumped up and saluted in the British fashion, with palm facing
outward. “No mon generale.” he shouted pronouncing it the French way. “We
aim to serve.” Nathan dropped the salute and Carl shook his head and walked
over to the tent he shared with Josh and B.J.

“Nathan, “ I said. Nathan saluted me this time “Grab your stuff out of
our tent and move it in with Tyler. Tyler, would you get Peter’s stuff and
put it in my tent. That way I can keep an eye on him. The four boys went
off to their assigned tasks. I wondered if I was going to get any reading
done at all.

Peter got up and walked into the woods. I didn’t think anything about
it, I assumed he was going to the bathroom, but a few minutes later he was
back. And he looked even more miserable than when he thought I was going
to cancel the camp out and everyone was going to hate him.

He walked over to me and leaned down and whispered in my ear, “I need to
take a piss.”

This is ridiculous I thought. The kid was ten years old, he should be
potty trained by this time. Hell, he should be able to announce it out
loud in front of his friends. “Then go.” I said, maybe a little too

“I can’t.” he hissed back and held his hands in front of my face.


Usually I’m quicker than this. He had no fingers or thumbs. Makes it
very hard to work zippers. This was a problem I hadn’t considered. There
was only one thing to do. I stood up and led him into the woods. As soon
as we were away from the camp, I stood behind him and reached out and slid
his zipper down, then I slid my finger into the front flap of his
underwear, pushed it over until I grabbed the back flap and created an
opening for his cock to fall out of. I was glad to see that it had grown a
little, it wasn’t the frozen shriveled lump that he’d had when he got out
of the river. I lifted it with one finger and pointed it at the tree in
front of us.

The kid let go with some impressive waterworks. He’d really had to go.
When he finished, I shook it a few times and folded it back into his
underwear. I zipped him up and we walked back to camp. This was
definitely not in the job description, I was glad the kid didn’t get hard
or anything, that would have been more embarrassing.

Night had fallen by the time we got back. Carl was sitting on the stump
doing some homework by firelight. The kid was too good to be true, Abe
Lincoln eat your heart out. B.J. and Josh were tending some chickens over
a smaller cooking fire, and Nathan and Tyler were just finishing the move.
“If he snores, I get Peter back.” Tyler yelled.

Dinner was great and after it was cleaned up, we sat around the campfire
and told stories. We started with ghost stories and then they wanted me to
talk about girls, so I told them a couple of the tamer stories about the
girls I’d known. Then they started telling jokes. I was not surprised
that Nathan knew a ton of dirty jokes. I was surprised that he knew some
pretty good ones that I’d never heard before. We’d let the fire die down
and about ten I put them all to bed.

Before we settled down, I took Peter into the woods for another piss.
It was so embarrassing the second time, but I still don’t think I’ll put it
on my resume. Then I stripped him down to his underwear and helped him
into his sleeping bag. It felt really good when I finally slid into mine.
I listened to Peter toss and turn for a few minutes but then I was out like
a light.

I have this really great internal alarm clock and I woke up about two
just like I planned. I could hear Peter still squirming around. “Peter,
are you okay?” I asked softly, I didn’t want to wake him if he was asleep.

“Yeah, I’m just having trouble getting comfortable. I’ve got a... I’m

“Okay.” I said and got out of my bag. I went out and added a little
wood to the fire then got back in my warm comfy sleeping bag and went back
to sleep until four. When I woke the second time Peter was quiet, I fed
the fire and went back to sleep.

I woke again about six. I decided to get Peter’s piss out of the way
before I got the others up. I got him up and led him half asleep out into
the woods. We got to a tree and I pushed his underwear down, grabbed his
cock, pointed it and waited. Peter looked up at me and said, “I have to
take a shit.”

In the words of a favorite cartoon character though I don’t remember
which one, What a revolting development this is. I went back to camp and
got a shovel. I dug a small hole and Peter squatted over it while I held
his dick. When he was done I took some leaves off a tree and wiped his ass
good. If I was getting paid for this, I’d definitely want a raise. I sent
him back to camp and took care of my own morning duties before I covered
the hole. Maybe we should head back, I didn’t want to go through five days
of wiping Peter’s ass.

We had a great day. Carl cooked breakfast and then the boys went
fishing and caught some beautiful trout which made a great lunch. We took
a hike up the river which lasted until Nathan and Josh started fooling
around and everybody including me wound up in the river. We got back to
camp and I changed Peter out of his wet cloths. Peter’s hands had started
itching and I knew we hadn’t caught it in time, so I put some more lotion
on his hands and wrapped them in more gauze. I cooked steaks for dinner
that night and then we sat around the campfire telling more jokes and
stories. It was about eleven when we all turned in.

First I took Peter into the woods for a quick pre-bedtime piss. His
cock was about half hard, probably from dirty stories we’d been telling. I
was getting so that handling his dick didn’t bother me any more, kind of
like a doctor. We went into out tent and I stripped him down to his
underwear and got him settled in his sleeping bag. I settled into mine and
listened to Peter go through his routine of tossing and turning and trying
to get comfortable. I was asleep in about five minutes.

I woke up about an hour later. I lay there trying to figure out what
had woken me. I heard Peter still wiggling around in his sleeping bag and
make small sounds of frustration. “Peter, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” I said sharply.

“Peter, what’s the matter?” I repeated.

“It’s nothing. I’m okay. It’s personal, nothing you can do.”

“Peter, baring in mind that I really, I mean really hate to repeat
myself three times. What’s the problem?”

“I got this huge boner.” He said with a sigh. “I usually uh... promise
you won’t tell?”

“Of course.”

“Well, usually I jerk off every night. Now I can’t and it’s driving me

“Oh.” what can you say. “Well, try to go to sleep.”

“I can’t, that’s the problem. I just lay here all night with that damn

What the hell. I reached over to Peter’s sleeping bag and slipped my
hand in. I found his chest and my hand followed that down to his stomach
and the top of his underwear. “Move a little closer.” Peter moved until
his body was only inches from mine, separated by two sleeping bags. I slid
my hand in the top of his underwear and found his cock. I was about 4
inches long and as hard as steel. I understood his problem. I wrapped my
hand around his cock and started to work it up and down.

“Oh, man that feels good. You don’t know how much I needed that.”

“Oh, I can feel how much you needed that.” I said as I let my thumb rub
the head of his cock. I started rubbing up and down the shaft a little
faster. Peter started to moan softly , then I felt him tighten up and
suddenly he was squirting all over my hand. I pumped hi dry, then pulled
my hand out of his underwear and wiped it on the outside. I tucked my arm
back in my own sleeping bag, “Now, go to sleep.”

“I can’t. There’s a gallon of stuff in here.”

Sigh. “Okay, stand up.” Peter wiggled out of his bag and stood up. I
sat up, grabbed the sides of his underwear and pulled down. A quart maybe.
After he stepped out of them, I used them to clean up his dick and threw
them in the corner. “Now, will you go to sleep?”

“Like this?”

“Yes like that. Sleeping in the nude is good for you, lets your skim

“You’re wearing underwear.” My grandfather used to say that ten year old boys should be seen and not heard. I was beginning to understand my
grandfather more and more. I reached down and slid my underwear down my
legs, then I threw it at him. In the dim light from the dwindling campfire
I saw them bounce off his nose.

“Okay. Satisfied. I naked too. Now go to sleep before I have to hurt you.”

“Okay. Thanks. I feel better now.” Peter slid down into his sleeping
bag and within a minute his breathing had slowed enough that I knew he was
asleep. I shook my head, looked up at the sky through the window in the
tent and wondered for the millionth time just how I got talked into this.
The scout masters handbook didn’t say anything about helping kids to pee or
jerking off ten year-old. I rolled over and went to sleep, I didn’t bother
setting my mental alarm clock, the damn fire could take care of itself.

I woke up the next morning and went out to stoke up the fire. It was
damn cold, especially since I was letting it all hang out. I looked in the
other two tents, all the boys has scooted close together. I’d told them
something about sheep huddling close together for warmth. I guess they
were listening. I went back to my tent and slid back into my sleeping bag.
It was still nice and warm and I was going to let the fire get going before
I ventured out again.

After a few minutes I nudged Peter’s shoulder. “Time to wake up, if you
have to piss, let’s go now before the others wake up.” Peter opened his
eyes and rolled over and looked at me. “I’m awake.” I decided that Peter
was definitely cute. The girls were going to be fighting to give him
anything he wanted in another couple of years. He had an angelic face, the
kind that looks innocent even when you catch him with his hand in the
cookie jar. blond hair, short but not too short, and the palest blue eyes
I’d ever seen. He had a decent body and kept in shape with baseball,
basketball and diving for the local swim team. girls were going to be
climbing all over him.

“Uh, thanks for last night. It really helped.” He said with a grin that
made me want to smack him.

“It helped all right, you went out like a light.”

“There’s one thing...”


“Well, I always have to, well do it twice. At night and in the

“You expect me to...”


Like I said, he had an angelic face and those pale blue eyes, and what
the hell. I sat up and let my sleeping bag fall away. I crossed my legs
and sat ‘indian style’. Come here. Peter got out of his sleeping bag and
walked over to me. “Sit down.” I indicated my lap. Peter sat in the
hollow my legs created. My cock was squeezed between his hip and my
pelvis, but it didn’t matter because I wasn’t hard. His skin felt warm
against me and since the air in my tent was pretty cold that felt good. I
put my left hand on his left shoulder and grabbed his cock with my right.

“Nobody!” I said, as I started to run my hand up and down his hard four
inch shaft. Peter nodded and I knew he understood. This was definitely
above and beyond the call of duty and some of the scoutmasters who like
this sort of thing had gone to jail for it. I lifted my hand up spit on
it, and went back to work. Peter had closed his eyes and tilted his head
up toward the ceiling. He had the stupidest smile on his face. Really
made me want to smack him.

It only took about a dozen strokes. I felt Peter getting to the moment
and with my left hand I reached other and grabbed one of peters socks from
on top of his shoes.

“Oh, yeah, I’m almost there.” he moaned. “Keep going, I’m, I’m, I’m
cumming. Just as he started to cum, I let go, jerked the sock down around
his cock, and grabbed him again around the sock and kept pumping, filling
his sock with his semen. I let go.

He looked at the sock his shriveled cock was wearing, “That’s gross, I
wore that sock yesterday.”

“If you think I was going to let you shoot all over my sleeping bag,
you’re nuts.” I answered. “Get up.” Peter got off my lap and I was
surprised that I’d gotten about half hard. I pulled Peter’s backpack over
and got some underwear for him to step into. Then I got some clean
underwear for myself, I pulled boots without socks on his feet and mine and
went to the woods for our morning crap. You know, after jerking the kid
off, last night and this morning, having to wipe his ass didn’t bother me
at all.

We got back to the tent and I finished dressing the two of us, yelled at
the other boys to get out of bed and started breakfast. Eggs, potatoes,
and trout. What a great way to start the day. Actually having somebody
give you a handjob is not a bad way to start the day either. Lucky brat.

We had another great day. We took an eight mile hike, which gave some
of the boys a chance to earn merit badges for trail blazing, navigation,
and nature studies. The sun was out full force and when we got back it had
warmed up the river enough to take a swim in a deep pool just past our
camp. I stripped Peter in about thirty seconds and had my cloths off in
thirty more. The other boys were a minute or two behind us. The pool was
about ten feet deep at it’s lowest point and while the water was warm on
the surface, the deeper you went the colder it got.

After about twenty minutes I got out and went back to camp to get us
some towels. I also threw on a pair of shorts. When I got back the boys were standing on the bank and Nathan had one hand wrapped around B.J.’s
dick holding a thin branch up to it with the other. It took me a few
seconds to realize that he was measuring. My troop was comparing size,
because like Godzilla says ‘Size does matter.’

I watched as Nathan carefully measured each of the other boys and then
himself before announcing the results. Peters was the smallest naturally,
but not by much. I guessed his dick at 4 inches. B.J. and Josh tied at
about 4 and a half Nathan was next at about 5 and Tyler beat him by about a
half an inch. Carl won the contest hands down. They all asked me if I
wanted to compete but I turned them down, telling them that it wouldn’t be
fair since Carl was only fourteen. The truth was that Carl had me beat by
a mile, the kid must have been nine inches. My little guy was just average
six and a half, seven inches tops. The guys dried off and we walked back
to camp.

The other guys all headed back to their tents to get dressed. I’d
already gotten some cloths for Peter so I dressed him in the clearing by
our firepit. Then I cut off his bandages and checked his hands. Several
sores had developed on his fingers and one palm. A couple of them had
started to split. Pretty normal for poison ivy. I cleaned up the sores
carefully, they’re not contagious just messy, and re-bandaged his hands.

We did hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner. Carl cooked, so I told Tyler
to clean up.

“Yeah, Tyler. You get to be the wife tonight.” Josh said.

“And after you finish cleaning up honey,” Nathan added, “You can put on
your sexiest nightgown and take care of your other wifely duties.” He said,
patting his crotch. The other boys laughed and Tyler turned beet red.

“Actually Nathan. Most guys have a wife to cook and clean and a
mistress for those other duties.” I know it’s nether part of that was
politically correct but hell it was a bunch of guys out in the woods. “We
appointed Tyler the wife, and we’re going to make you the mistress.” The
others were still laughing but now it was Nathan’s turn to turn red. “Get
that sexy nightie you were talking about and lets get it on.

Nathan mumbled something about taking a piss and stepped out of the
firelight and disappeared. The rest of us sat around and talked. Carl was
telling us about a girl at the middle school who allegedly put out for
everyone when Nathan came back.

He’d changed into a long black t-shirt that hung below his crotch. He
walked into the firelight, lifted the edge of the t-shirt to demonstrate
that he wasn’t wearing anything underneath and said, “Is this sexy enough
darlings?” pronouncing darlings in a Gabor sister sort of way.

Josh jumped up, said “Oh baby, baby.” and jumped on top of Nathan
pushing him to the ground where he pretended to hump the crotch of his
shorts into Nathan’s naked one. Damn if it almost didn’t look like he had
a hard-on. Then Tyler jumped onto the pile and started humping Josh’s
butt. A second later Carl, Peter and B.J. had joined the pile. I really
wasn’t sure who was doing what to who and whether they were joking or for
real. They wrestled for another five minutes before I decided to put them
to bed. And damn it looked like all of them had hard-ons. Damn if I
didn’t have a hard-on.

I took Peter for his goodnight piss, stoked the fire and we went to our
tent. I stripped him naked and then took off all my clothes. I slid into
my sleeping bag and Peter started to get into his when I stopped him.
“Just get in here,” I said holding my sleeping bag open. “If I’m going to
have to give you a handjob to get you to sleep, it’ll make it easier.” The
ten year old didn’t question , he just slid in. My erection had gone down
while I was taking my piss, but as Peter’s ass rubbed against it I started
to get hard again. I slid my left arm underneath him and cupped his balls
my right arm went around him and I started the nightly ritual of jerking
him off. My cock was rubbing against the bottom of his ass and I was
getting hard fast.

I’d brought a small hand towel with me into the sleeping bag and as
Peter started to cum, I used it to keep the mess to a minimum. “You ready
to go to sleep now?” I asked as I finished pumping the last of his load.
By now, I was hard as a rock and thinking about doing myself next.

“Yeah. That felt really good. I just wish I could return the favor.”

“Now that you mention it, you can.” I said with an evil glint in my eye.
Peter couldn’t see it, but I knew it was there. “Slid down as far as you
can.” I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed deeper into my sleeping
bag until his face was even with my crotch. “What do you think, you really
want to return to favor?”

There was silence from inside my sleeping bag. After a minute I started
to think I’d gone to far. I started to picture prison and a guy named
Hubba who needed a wife. Then I felt his small hand on my cock. It felt
funny with the gauze wrapping but he guided my cock to his lips. First he
kissed, real fast right on the head. Then he kissed it a little longer.
Then he kissed it again and held it with his lips, then his tongue started
to lick at the tip.

I wanted to grab his head and force my cock down his throat as far as it
would go, I needed to cum. But I didn’t want to scare him. Gradually he
took a little more into his mouth until the entire head was in that warm
wet cavern of his mouth. His tongue kept teasing to tip, then licking
around the sides. I heard him take a deep breath and pull as much of my
cock as he could into his mouth. I could feel his teeth gently rub against
the bas of my cock.

Then he started moving my cock in and out of his mouth while his tongue
kept playing. Then I came hard and long. Peter kept his mouth working on
my cock milking me like I had milked him. When it was over, Peter popped
his head up out of the sleeping bag, “How was that?”

“Wonderful, now we can both get some sleep.” And we did.

For the story of the rest of the camp out and how things got really out
of hand,

read ‘Free For All’.

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