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Archived Sex Stories

Candy And Traci


Copyright (C) 2001, H. Grant. ALL Rights Reserved

Comments: I am NOT the original author of this story. I was asked to
edit it and later assume rights to the story in it's entirety. The
original author wishes to remain anonymous due to it's shcoking content and
has granted me explicit permission to distribute the story freely.

story Codes: M+/F/f/slut/bimbo/oral/anal/ws/beast/incest

story Intro: Jill wonders into a bar and is soon sedated by a powerful
drug given to her by an unknown pimp. When she awakens, she finds herself
being transfomed into the perfect bimbo. Within days she begins to enjoy
the role of a bimbo whore and even gets her lovely teen daughter in on the

Candy And Traci

Edited by H. Grant

Jill was a 30 yr old woman - very good looking at 5'6" tall, 36c/d,
small waist, long legs, mousey blonde hair, nice lips and a good highcheek
boned face with lots of potential. However she was a very plain and
sensible dresser who had a normal job as a sales assistant in a hardware
store. She had an 18yr old step daughter from her ex-husband who had
walked out on them after he had met another woman.

Jill was struggling to bring her daughter up correctly so that she
wouldn't repeat her mistake.

Despite this, her daughter was already showing signs of typical teenage
rebellion - wearing short skirts, high heels, and experimenting with way
too much makeup. Jill told her off exclaiming that she was turning herself
into a real slut just waiting to happen.

Jill went shopping and stoped off at a bar on way home. It was not the
type of bar she normally went in but all she wanted was a drink.

After a couple of drinks she was joined by a very expensively dressed
man who had been sitting across the bar with some slutty looking girls. He
bought some drinks for her even though she kept her distance. After buying
her a third drink, the expensive man went over and spoke to the barman for
a while. Jill finished the third drink and began to feel dizzy. Within
minutes she passed out.

Later on she woke up in a dark room and felt naked except for some
panties and a bra - neither of which felt like her own. She also had a
dull ache in her groin but was too tired to investigate. Within moments
she nodded off again.

About an hour later she awoke in same room. This time the ache has died
down and had been replaced by her nipples throbbing. She felt her nipples
to find out why they ached so much. First she noticed that the bra she
wearing hardly covered her tits. When she felt her nipples she found them
pierced with thick rings. After recovering from the shock she remembered
the slight ache between her thighs. Again she reached down in the
darkness. She found that her sensible briefs had been replaced with a
really small lace thong - inside of which she discovered she had been
shaved. Feeling down further she found that she now had one ring attached
to each side of her outer labia and one through her clit.

As she discovered these horrible things the door to her room opened and
one of the girls she had seen in the bar walked in and turned on the light.
Jill struggled to see in the bright light but could only make out the rough
outline of the girl. As her eyesight became clearer, she observed that the
girl had bleeched blonde hair that was cut short, whorish makeup, and a
spray on shiney lycra dress that reached just below her ass. She also wore
black stockings that were held up by suspenders that appeared from beneath
her dress and very high heeled black patent shoes with thick buckle up
ankle straps.

She walked over to Jill and said that her mame was Sherry and asked how
her 'cunt' felt. After some talk about how painful it was and how dare
they keep her like this, the girl-slut asked if she would like to have
something to eat and if she would she like to watch some tv. Sherry kept
refering to her as 'Candy' even though she had told the slut three or four
times during the conversation that her name was Jill. She eventually gave
up and answered to 'Candy' when Sherry spoke to her.

Sherry exclaimed that if she put on some clothes that she had outside
she could eat and have something to drink. Jill eventually agreed. The
slutty girl went out to bring back the clothes. Jill looked down at
herself and the slutty underwear she had on. She began to feel sick and

Sherry returned with some clothes and shoes that looked just like the
ones she was wearing. Jill said that she would not wear these clothes or
shoes and turned her head away. Sherry said that her name was no longer
Jill and that it was now 'Candy' and that if she refused to wear the
clothes she would recieve no food or drink. The slutty blonde put the
clothes down on the floor and left the room locking the door behind her.

Jill lay on the bed and cried herself to sleep.

'Candy' awoke with bad stomach cramps. She looked down at the clothes
and started to cry again. After a few minutes she sat up and stared at the
small pile of shiny clothing on the floor. How could she wear those
clothes or those shoes! She would look like Sherry - a complete slut!
Finally she decided to wear them just to get some food.

'I can just act the part but as soon as I'm given some food they can
stick this crap up their asses!' she thought to herself.

She got dressed in the slutty attire but took off the bra so that she
would not spoil the line of the thin material of the dress. As she pulled
on the stockings she found a thick gold chain around her right ankle. She
attached the stockings to the rubber and lace suspender belt and then
struggled into the shoes - fixing the ankle straps so they were tight but
didn't pinch.

After she finished dressing she wobbled over to the door and banged on
it to get somebody to feed her. On her way back to her bed she noticed a
tv camera in one corner of the room and a television set in the other.

She returned to her bed unable to stand for long and lay down waiting
for someone to come.

Sherry's hand woke her as she felt long sharp finger nails pulling down
the front of her dress and rubbing cream into her sore nipples. Sherry
then told her to sit on the edge of the bed and spread her legs so she
could rub some cream into her "cunt." As Candy slowly moved to the side of
the bed, Sherry lifted the front of her dress to reveal her snatch. Candy
looked at Sherry's shaven pussy. She had the same piercings but with small
weights attached designed to stretch her lips open. The word "cunt" was
tatooed on hers mons in one inch high letters where her pubic hair should

"This will be done to you tomorrow." said Sherry pointing to her tatoo.

Sherry then fingered her pussy and offered Candy her musky hand to lick.

"You hungry? Taste my cunt." said the slutty blonde.

Candy took a nervous lick at her hand but Sherry took it back and
stuffed it into her own mouth and sucked her fingers.

"I bet this is sliming you up, go on play with your cunt Candy." she

Within moments Candy found herself dreamily playing with the front of
her panties and sticking her other hand out asking for some cream to put on
herself as she could feel her cunt starting to get hot.

'How can I be enjoying this?' she thought to herself.

Sherry handed the cream to her and left the room locking the door.

'Still no food, but I've been good.' she thought to herself.

Candy stood up and tried to walk in her new shoes. Her ass wiggled and
the rings in her cunt tickled the inside of her thighs. She quickly
smoothed the material around the bottom were it had ridden up and began to
strut around the room. As she looked up she noticed that the tv was
showing a picture of herself. It was indeed her - revealing all her moves.
She admired her legs and ass. Her seams were nice and straight and she
noticed the longish hair above her head and gave a wiggle.

Soon she sat back on her bed and started to gently put the cream on her
sore red pussy. As she started to enjoy the sensation, the tv picture changed. Soon she found herself rubbing her cunt while watching a hardcore
film. The girl on the screen was being fucked by three men - one in her
month, one in her pussy, and one in her ass. She really seemed to be
enjoying it. Candy brought herself off watching the movie. As she felt
herself reaching her climax she heard Sherry's voice ask if she would like
some help. The door opened slightly and two dildos were pushed in - one
massive and the other slightly smaller. Candy looked at the devices on the
floor. Then she turned over on her bed and fell asleep.

When she awoke she quickly checked her pussy and found the word 'whore'
and 'cunt' tatooed on her mons just like Sherrys. She got up and ran to
the door and banged and hammered with her fists. When her hands started to
ache she stopped and walked across the room. She looked directly at the tv camera and shouted:

"You assholes....I'll never be your whore!"

She then swung around to see the back of herself on the tv. Her long
hair was gone. It had been replaced with a bleached white spikey looking
style. She screamed. She looked around the room and spotted a mirror.
She ran to it as quickly as her spike heels would allow.

"Aaaagh" she screamed.

Her face was covered in make up. Gone was the dash of mascara and
natural lip coating. All of those features had been replaced by the look
of a cheap slut - a street whore.

The tv started showing a movie. A girl looking just like her in slutty
makeup and wardrobe was busy pushing a massive dildo up her cunt while
moaning and licking her lips. Candy picked up the dildos by her door and
strutted back to the bed. She pulled off her thong licked the end of the
biggest dildo just like the tv girl. she forced the plastic cock up her
cheap pussy like the tv girl. Her anger numbed out the pain as her pussy began to stretch wide open. Soon she started ramming it in and out. It
felt so good. So dirty and slutty. Watching the film and fucking herself
like a real whore, she reached behind her and stuck a finger up her ass -
right up to the knuckle. Then she pulled it out and sucked on it just like
the tv slut. She tasted her own shit and sucked harder. She found herself
loving it. It tasted so dirty and bad - just like the slut in the movie.

Candy pulled out the dildo and wiggled her ass. piss poured out from
her streched cunt and dribbled down her thigh. She reached down with the
smaller dildo and covered it in her piss as it ran out and stopped. She
jammed the big dildo back into her gash raising her widely spread legs up
into the air and starting to work the smaller cock into her asshole.

Her muscles were tight and cramped to begin with but she slowly eased it
inside. The other slut on the tv was now slightly behind her and was only
just beginning to stick her dildo up her ass. Candy has beaten her and was
busy ramming both cocks into herself. She licked her lips and moaned

Sherry's voice boomed from the hidden speaker.

"Go on you cunt....harder, stick em' in harder you slut, you whore!"

Candy shouted back:

"Go fuck yourself Sherry you bitch or come in here so I can eat your

What was she doing or saying? She turned her attention back to the tv girl who was sucking on a large cock.

'I've slipped behind' she thought to herself.

"Get your cunt in here Sherry I'm losing!" she shouted.

Sherry appeared at the door.

"Sit on my face you cunt!" said Candy with her whorishly painted mouth.

Sherry knelt on the bed and pushed her pussy onto Candy's mouth. Candy
thrusted her cheap mouth inside her and started to lick and slurp.

'This girl has only been here three days and she has broken already -
look at her acting like a complete slut.' Sherry thought to herself.

Candy's anger was starting to be replaced with an empty, vacant feeling
as she fucked herself with the dildos and lapped at Sherry's cunt. Soon
she felt her body glow and become tense as she reached a mind fucking
climax. Sherry dismounted as Candy started to convulse and scream.

"Aaagh....I'm a cunt! Look at me fuck myself! piss on me I deserve
it....I'm a fucking whore!"

The dirty words made her cum quicker and harder. She had beaten the tv girl. Suddenly it struck her. They had won. Now she was dressed like a
slut, talking like a slut, and for the last hour she had acted like a slut.
For the first time in years she had enjoyed herself. Candy the slut.

She pulled the large dildo out of her cunt and looked Sherry lustfully
straight in the eye as she licked and sucked the plastic cock clean of all
her juices. Then she pulled the cock out of her asshole and licked it
clean. Sherry opened the door and told Candy the slut to follow her.
Candy straightened her dress and wiggled across to the door and followed
Sherry out into a dirty corridor. The first thing that struck her was how
easily she now walked in her shoes. It was just a matter of strutting like
a whore. Candy followed Sherry's ass down the coridor. She wondered when
she would be able to get inside Sherry's sweet cunt and asshole with her

At the end of the corridor was the bar she had been in before. She had
been trapped. But nobody was holding her now. She could run out into the
street and call the cops. But as these thoughts came and went from her
mind, Sherry called her over to the table where the expensive man was

"This is your new cunt Mr. Andre. She's a fast learner." said Sherry
giggling as Mr. Andre forced a finger between her now exposed asscheeks.

"Is this true slut? What's your name?" he asked.

"Candy Mr. Andre sir." replied the newly blonde slut.

Mr. Andre streched his hand up towards Candy's tits and grabbed hold of
her sore left breast.

"Tell me Candy....what are you now that you are mine? What is your roll
in life?"

"I dont know sir." replied Candy feeling confused.

She couldn't bring herself to say the obvious. But she was trying to
keep this man happy as his grip started to twist her ringed nipple.

"No no you stupid bitch. Lift your dress up and read....yes that's
right.... you are a whore....a cunt for me to sell. Just like Sherry and
Linda here. You are a slut!!"

He released his grip on her and asked again.

"What are you bitch?"

"I'm a slut sir. Just another cunt for you to sell." replied Candy.

Just saying this made her pussy ripple and tense with pleasure. She
reached down and started to play with her exposed cunt as her skin tight
dress held itself up round her hips.

"That's it baby....act like the slut you with your pussy.
Feels good huh?"

Indeed. It felt good to stand in front of her capturer finger fucking
herself. Linda - the girl on Mr. Andre's left, lifted her legs apart and
pulled her panties to one side. She started to finger fuck herself. Candy
reached out for a beer bottle on the table. She drank the last mouthful of
beer and licked her lips and placed the bottle on the floor below her.
With a grin on her face she lowered herself down onto the bottle. The cold
glass touched her puckering rim. Then her slowly streched ass opened to
swallow the bottle. As the bottle disappeared, she gave a gutteral moan.
Now she wasn't acting. She was enjoying herself. She was enjoying being a

After her show, Mr. Andre asked where she lived. He gave her $2000 and
said that Sherry would go home with her to help her get set up.

'My god....what about Jane? What will she think? What will she say
when her nice normal mother walks in like a street hooker?' she thought to

Once outside the bar, a car pulled up to take them to her home. They
both giggled and wiggled into the back. As soon as the car started to
move, Sherry got two massive vibrators out of her bag and handed one to
Candy. Then she plugged one straight into her cunt. Then she leaned over
toward Candy and kissed her mouth pushing her tongue down her throat.
Candy sucked on Sherry's tongue and without another thought pushed her
panties to one side ramming the vibrator into herself.

'Fuck the little bitch! She might like a slut for a mother. I can give
her to Mr. Andre after we have fucked her stupid.' she thought to herself.

The car arrived at Candy's apartment block and Candy got out - closely
followed by Sherry. As she walked to the front door of the building, she
spotted a movement in the shadows. Candy looked at Sherry and pointed at a
middle aged man quietly relieving himself against the wall of the building.
The two girls walked over as quietly as their heels would allow until they
were directly behind him.

"Hi. Would you like me to lick that cock clean?" asked Candy licking
her lips as the shocked man spun round to see who was there. As soon as
Candy set her eyes on the prick she bent down and placed her toungue into
the flow of piss and followed it up til she is touched the circumcised end
of his meat - engulfing it as the flow of piss came to a stop. The man didn't move - dumb struck by what had just happened to him. He looked down
to see a slutty looking girl licking his pee stained cock clean moaning and
slurping as she did so. As soon as Candy had finished cleanig him up, she
stood up and forced her mouth onto the mouth of the man - pushing her urine drenched tongue into him and tongue fucking him. Sherry stood behind Candy
- watching and giggling as she licked the end of vibrator that had done the
job during the car ride.

'Ummm....her pussy tasted so good.' she thought to herself.

Leaving the shell shocked man with his now semi-erect cock hanging out
of his trousers, the two sluts entered the building.

"You dirty cunt!" Sherry shouted as they headed for the elevator.

"I know." replied Candy. "I never knew I could be like this, but it
feels so good, I love acting like a dirty cunt. When I was in that room
alone watching those films, I thought why should I be good. Nobody loves
you when you are good. I never had anyone when I was good. But now I have

Sherry looked at Candy and nodded.

"You sure have bitch."

The elevator stopped and they wiggled towards Candy's front door.

"My fucking millstone daughter may be home to spoil our fun." Candy said
as she opened the door.

But all the lights were off. Sherry asked were the toilet was and
headed off for a piss. Candy went to the kitchen and made coffee. They
met up in the main room and slouched down in arm chairs facing each other.
Both bimbos were too fucked out to talk.

As the light broke into Candy's eyes she heard Sherry in the shower and
walked over to the bathroom to see her for the first time. Sherry was busy
admiring her pussy and told Candy that she will have to shave everyday
until her pubic hair disappeared permanently. Candy joined her and
lathered up so sherry could get rid of the stubble that had started to
grow. After Candy's cunt was washed clean, Sherry reached into her bag and
pulled out some little weights for candy's cunt rings.

"Uugh yes...hang those bastards on my lips." pouted Candy.

The sensation of her lips streching under the new weights made Candy
cream herself.

"Lets go and buy you some hot clothes!" said Sherry. "I threw out all
that old shit of yours. You won't be needing that stuff anymore".

Sherry took candy into the same part of town as the bar she had gone in
only 4 nights before. But this time she was led into a large sex shop
complex - full of really slutty new clothes for her to buy. But the first
stop was at the nail shop, Sherry spoke to the woman first then brought her
over to Candy. Candy was then seated and her shoes were removed along with
her stockings. She noticed that the backs of her legs now ached and she
longed for her shoes to go back on. The woman trimed and sanded her toe
nails before coating them with thick layers of blood red polish. Next were
her finger nails. Candy had never used false nails before and it felt
strange to have the added thickness on top of her sensible manicured 'work'
nails. It was even stranger when she looked down at the one inch long red talons that were now hers. She visualised them gripping a big cock just
like the tv slut back in her room.

Next they walked on to the biggest and most garish shop in the complex.
Candy's legs felt much better now that her high heel shoes were on.

'My legs must be getting trained to walking in slut pumps.' she thought
to herself. 'Good.'

Candy walked straight over to the underwear stand and started to look at
the miniscule bra's and panties. Just the feel of them made her feel hot
and dirty. Sherry told her to buy one size too small so everything would
fit real good and slutty. They both giggled. Candy took a black see
through thong from the stand and pulled it on. It was the first time today
she had covered her pussy and she didn't like it - so she pulled it off
right in the middle of the shop and licked the gusset clean, folded it up,
and put it back. Even Sherry couldn't believe Candy had done this.
However she just giggled and walked over to the dress stand. She selected
a red rubber dress and waved it at Candy. After selecting four black lace
1/8 cup bras, 3 nasty black suspender belts, and a black pvc corset and no
panties, Candy sneaked over to look at the dress. It was just right. It
would show off her ass and tits and she'd look really cheap. Candy wanted
more dresses like that rubber dress. She wanted really tight hobble
skirts, super short shorts, fishnet body suits, the whole fucking shop.
She wanted to dress like a whore every day.

Next came the shoe department of the store.

'Oh yes! Look at those fabulous black spikes. 6 1/2 inches maybe.'
Candy thought to herself. 'I'd love those wild ballet shoes over there.'

Again she wanted them all. She wanted to walk like a slut 24 hours a
day - even in bed! Sherry helped to select some shoes and boots. She also
selected some 6 inch heeled mules for walking around at home. As she took
off her shoes to try on some wicked - shiney red 6 1/2 inch ankle boots,
the backs of her legs ached as soon as she stood back down on her heel.
Standing without her shoes for the first time in 3 days felt terrible.

"Quick Sherry! pouted Candy. "Put those fucking boots on legs
are killing me!....aghh thats better. Even my legs have changed. They
need spikes. Now my legs are slutty like the rest of me."

The boots stayed on and went well with her new rubber dress. Candy
strutted over to the mirror to admire her new look.

'Yes....a real cum sucking whore' she thought to herself.

She liked what she saw. Slowly she spun around to look at her ass. The
rubber dress had back lacing down low so it showed the first couple of
inches of her ass crease and the tops of her cheeks.

'Tattoo parlour next' she thought.

When they arrived at the tattoo parlour, Candy wasted no time telling
the tatoo artist what she wanted.

"I want the word 'slut' in two inch high letters here - nice and black
and bold." Candy said pointing to the exposed part of the ass cheek that
was busting out of her skin tight dress.

Her naked pussy was dribbling juice down her thighs. The weights were
streching her lips wide open. This added to the dressing and acting like
the slut she was. She knew that as soon as the tattoo man had finished
with her ass she wanted it fucked and pumped full of cum - even if she had
to beg for it. Candy wanted to be fucked senseless.

As she left the palour with Sherry, she wiggled down the street -
showing off her new marking and watching the general uproar they caused
amongst the men around them. It felt so good - so bad. If they had
tattood the word 'whore' on her cunt as added ecouragement they needn't
have bothered. She was a natural.

By the time they reached Mr Andre's bar they had gotten their ass's
pinched, their tits groped and had given a tramp the fucking of his sorry
life, Candy could savour the taste of his dirty cum in her mouth 'umm,
delicous'. Mr Andre looked on as they oosed in to the bar, 'they were fine
sluts, that girl Candy she was so dirty looking, a real horny cunt', "over
here bitches, I've got a cock that needs sucking 'n' fucking". The girls eagurly ran over, Candy licked her lips and took the nine inch cock
straight into her mouth. At first she chocked on the hot meat in her
throat, but she kept sucking it until things settled down enough for her to
start stroking her head back and forth along the lovely cock. Candy wanted
to be a better slut than Sherry, she wanted to be Mr A's number one cunt -
the most willing whore in his stable.

Sherry was behind Candy rimming her asshole and had four fingers jammed
into her cunt. Mr Andre's cock had got even bigger as it slid easily in
and out of her mouth. She was so hot she needed to be dirty. She reached
back and pulled Sherry's fingers out of her cunt and then, without even
thinking, let piss pour out in a jet behind her. As Mr. Andre saw this,
his cock tightened and shot a load of hot cum into her mouth. Candy pulled
back so that the cum shot directly into her mouth were she could taste it
and play with it with her tongue. Being careful only to swallow half of
the load, she looked up at Mr Andre and opened her mouth - showing him how
she loved to play with his cum. She let some of it dribble down her chin.
Then she swallowed what was left in her mouth. Candy wiped her chin with a
finger and sucked the finger with it's long nail into her mouth - still
staring lustfully at his face. Mr. Andre beckoned her to turn round so he
could see her slutty ass. As she turned she reached into one of the larger
sex shop bags and pulled out a set of ankle spreaders and passed them back
to Mr. Andre.

"Use these on your slut." she moaned.

Now with Candy's back to him, Mr. Andre saw her new tattoo for the
first time.

"Slut! " He said out loud as Candy pulled up the back of her dress and
bent forward - spreading her legs and exposing her wet, hungry cunt. Mr.
Andre quickly fit the spreaders onto Candy forcing her legs even further
apart and allowing her asshole to be viewed. The large, stainless steel
butt plug she had stuck up her ass in the sex shop glinted in the bar's
artificial blue glow.

'What have I got myself here? A complete and utter slut!' thought Mr.
Andre as he thrust his hand up into Candy's trashy pussy.

"Ahhhh....yeah. Fuck your bitch! Use your whore!" shouted Candy as Mr.
Andre replaced his hand with his now stiff cock.

This dirty bitch had got him so hard. His prick felt like it would
explode as he rammed his entire length into her cunt. In and out, harder
and harder. Her hips ached but she still shouted:

"Fuck your slut harder! Give me that fucking cock!!"

His balls slapped against her bald cunt. He looked down at her ass and
read the tattoo again:


He felt his balls rise and then shoot a huge load into her. He pulled
the butt plug out and shot the remainder of his cum into her asshole. Then
he wiped his cock on her ass cheeks. Candy was busy rubbing his cum into
her pussy as it dribbled out of her spread ass and trickled down the crease
to her sloppy cunt. She stood up straight and asked her audience in the

"Who wants to fuck this slut next?"

As Candy walked to her car, she could feel a dozen men's cum oozing from
every hole in her body. She put down all her bags of goodies. Then she
reached down and scooped up some from around her ass and fed her long
fingers into her mouth.

'Ummm....that tastes so hot. My shit and some fucker's wad. Now I can
go home and sleep knowing I'm brim full of spunk.'

Candy unlocked her front door.

'Lights on. Jane must by home - the little bitch.' she thought to

"Jane....your mommy's home."

"Where have you been for the last 4 days and what do you mean mommy's
home?" asked a voice from the tv room.

Candy put down her bags and walked straight into the room. Jane's mouth
just dropped as she stared at the woman in front of her.

'My mother has turned into a blue movie star' was all that came into her

"Wow! mom you're so different. You're so beautiful!" she stated.

Candy looked at jane sitting on the floor in front of her.

"Would you like to be as beautiful as me baby? No more boring school.
Nice new clothes. Nice new friends. Come with me and help me carry in my

The dumb struck Jane ran after Candy into the hallway. There on the
floor was a massive pile of carrier bags.

"Pick those fucker's up and come with me to the bathroom." said Candy.

Jane had never heard her old mother say things like this, but she did as
she was told.

When Jane arrived in the bathroom, Candy was crouched over the toilet -
her ass about 18 inches above the rim pissing down into the bowl. When the
flow stopped she wiped her pussy with her hand and then licked it clean.

"Like to watch me piss honey? I'd like to watch you later when we've
finish making you beautiful."

Jane thought she saw something shiny under Candy's pussy. Candy passed
Jane a small pack of hair color called 'SHOCK BLONDE.' Jane swallowed hard.
She'd always wanted blonde hair instead of the light brown she had, but
this was so sudden. Her mom had always told her that bad girls bleached
hair girls that looked just like her mom did now.

"Come on Janey. Get your hair wet and rub that shit into it. You want
to look like Candy don't you?" said Candy to her nervous daughter.

"Who's Candy mom?"

"I'm Candy. It's my name now. Candy the slut is here for you baby.
Now rub that shit right into your hair." said her mother.

Jane started to rub the foul smelling cream into her hair. Meanwhile
her mother was looking through the pile of bags and pulled out some boots
like the ones she had on except they only had one padlock on each side
instead of three like 'Candy's.' Jane was given the boots and a pair of
black stockings and told to put them on. The stockings were elasticated at
the tops to hold them up and had a diamond studded seam down the back. The
trampy boots slid on after a little struggle. Janes young bones and
tendons stretched to the new shape. The padlocks snapped shut and Jane
practiced strutting around in them. Meanwhile her hair was slowly changing
color. After about 30 minutes of being cheered on by Candy, Jane asked if
it was time to wash "the shit" out of her hair. Instead of telling her to
mind her language, Candy giggled and helped to wash the bleach out of her
trainee's hair. When it was semi-dry, Candy started to blow-dry the rest
with an electric drier. Jane watched in the mirror as Candy back combed
her hair in to wild strands that stuck out from her head. The color was
stunning just like Candy's. Now she really looked like a bad girl. Jane
walked over to the toilet - strutting like her mom and wiggling her ass
from side to side. It was so much easier when she walked like this. The
heels seemed to help. Gradually she hung her stupid little ass over the
bowl and a jet of 'wee wee' hit the pan. Candy lifted the front of her
dress and spread her legs - balancing her ass on the side of the tub. Jane
saw the weighted rings in Candy's cunt.

"They look just like porche Lynn's tits" she said.

"Oh you've seen these things before? Good! Do they make your pussy feel hot? Come over here so I can clean that piss off your sweet little
Cunt." said Candy.

Jane finished tinkling and remembered not to wipe herself like normal.
Candy had her face away from her and bent over so her hands were around her
ankles. Jane's ripe pink pussy appeared between her legs. Drops of piss moistened the red slit until Candy's hot tongue dug down into her
daughter's cunt and sucked the salty juice out of her smelly slit.

"What a hot little cunt you are baby. You'll make a fine slut with this
tight little snatch." moaned Candy as she felt Jane shiver under her touch.

"I'll make a cheap slut out of you - just like me Janey. You'll love to
suck cock, fuck, and act like a cheap whore. Am I making you wet and dirty
Jane baby?"

"Aaghhhh.... yeah Candy....lick my cunt! I want to be a slut. I want
to talk dirty like you and smell like a piece of white trash." moaned the
stupid teenybopper.

Jane was left to spend her nights alone for the first couple of weeks
that Candy worked at the club. But she was never bored. She was left in
an appartment now fully equipped with toys, clothes, makeup and movies for
her to play with. During the days after some sleep, Candy continued her
work on Jane - encouraging her to act slutty, giggle a lot, and finger fuck
herself when she watched porn flicks. Jane began talking about wanting to
be fucked and used by big cocks. To help Jane begin her new life, Candy
told her to chose a new name. Jane decided on 'Traci' because she wanted
to be named after another under-age slut she knew. After a month of
training, Candy decided that 'Traci' was ready for a test.

"Hey Traci, stop sucking on that rubber cock and ring that boy Kevin -
the one that got bored with Jane when she wouldn't put out. Tell him to
come over. Then you might get a real prick to play with."

As Candy finished talking, Traci was dialing the boy's number with one
hand and still licking the dildo with the other.

" Kev there?......yeah...say it's Janey....(pause)..... Kev
it's Janey. What are you doing?....Do ya wanna come over and see
me?.....uh huh... but I've changed. I think you'll like me now Kev."

The 15 minutes seemed to fly by as Traci prepared for Kevin's arrival.
She checked herself in the mirror and smiled with satisfaction.

"Yes. I'm ready for some cock!" Traci said as she appied the final
layer of gloss to her already glowing red lips.

The bell rang and Tracy's voice told Kevin to enter via the intercom.
Kevin hesitated for a moment and then walked into the apartment. Fast
pumping music shook from the main room as he entered. Traci stood in front
of him

"Jane?" he dumbly asked.

The girl in front of him was tall standing on high spike heels. Seven
inches of polished steel supported her. Two wide ankle straps help the
black shiny pumps on the ends of her long stocking covered legs. Her legs
appeared from below a skin tight black latex hobble dress that came to just
below her knee's. The dress was so tight and binding that the outline of
her legs were clearly seen. Kevin concluded that walking must have been
impossible for Jane. The front of her dress was cut obscenely low -
allowing the tops of her nipples to be seen. The word 'slut' was tattooed
on the girls exposed left tit. As his staring eye's looked further up he
noticed the wide spiked collar around Traci's neck and then her heavily
madeup face.

"Jane is that you?"

He looked at her face. Bright red lips opened and a pierced tongue
licked the redness. Shocking blue eyes looked lustfully at him through
black circled mascara and makeup.

"No this is not that prudish little cunt Jane. She's not here anymore.
Traci is here now and she wants some cock!" blurted the teenage cunt.

Kevin knew it was Jane in front of him but she had changed so much. She
looked so cheap and slutty. Her makeup was heavy and thick. Her hair was
bleached platinum blonde and spiked up. She had a ring through the side of
her nose. Rings and studs lined the backs of her ears. As she minced
towards him her ass swayed from side to side like some street hooker.

"I want your cock up my ass. I want you to fuck my trashy little
pooper. Then piss in this whore's mouth." she said seductively.

As she reached him she spun around and bent forward. The dress was
backless from top to bottom and held together by seven inch thick shiny
straps. Kevin looked down and saw her pull a massive black dildo from her
asshole. Her hand looked so good as her two inch long glinting black
taloned fingers lifted the shit covered cock to her wet mouth.

"Get your meatcock in my shithole you whore fucker. Stab this bitch's
anus now!"

Kevin's rock hard prick forced its way past the dress straps and into
Traci's wide spread asshole. He had never fucked a girl's ass before, but
Traci's was streched so wide already that his cock fell into the moist -
shit smeared opening with ease.

"Oh yeah....fuck my ass!....Fuck it good.....Make it bleed!" yelled

Kevin could feel the heat of Traci's ass making his cock swell up. He
could hear her grunt and moan like a piece of garbage. He began to degrade
Traci with obscene words as she forced herself back on his prick even

"Ride my cock you dirty bimbo!" said Kevin as he stuck his shit covered
cock into Traci's dribbling bald cunt.

The shitty slime that oozed from her cunt dripped to the floor from the
heavy chains attached to her cunt rings. Traci had slipped the dildo out
of her mouth and was licking the last traces of the shit from her cherry
red lips.

"Ummmmm... I want to drink your piss Kevin baby....fill my mouth." she
moaned like a stupid little animal.

Kevin withdrew his slippery cock and dangled the smelly worm over her
body. Traci turned to face his prick and looked up at him with sexy eyes.

"Do you like me now Kevin honey? Do you like the new me? Now I'm a
dirty mouthed slut. I hope you do because I love being a whore. I can be
your slut all the time if you like. Now piss all over me!"

A long yellow stream shot from Kevin's stiff penis and into Traci's
trashy mouth. She gulped the smelly liquid down hungrily like a stupid
little animal. The salty bitterness washed away her final self
conciousness as well as her last inhibitions. The last glimmers of good
girl Jane were now extinguished by the boy's piss.

Candy watched the tv connected to the video recorder. She saw the dull
empty look come into Traci's eyes.

'Now she is like me.' Candy thought. 'Completely corrupt. A slut
existing only for the pleasure of men - wanting to be made into a sex
object and used like a sleazy bimbo.

Traci had removed her dress and was showing Kevin her ringed tits. The
whore chain she wore around her torso reduced her waist tremendously. She
was the most obscene looking creature he had ever seen in his short life
and he wanted her to suck his cock. He pointed at his prick and simply


Traci's tongue licked from the bottom to the tip and her red garish lips
sucked the last drops of piss from him. Then she proceeded to swallow his
entire prick into her mouth. He felt his dick stiffen again as he pumped
it in and out of her face. She was moaning and grunting again like a cheap

"I'm going to cum inside your face now you stupid little cunt." blurted
Kevin. "Swallow my spunk."

The hot jet stream of sticky goop hit the top of her mouth. It pumped
into her with the force of a mini-volcano. The dumb slut tasted the cum and orgasmed.

"It tastes so good, I want more." Traci moaned.

Kevin pulled back and let the jism collect in her up turned hands. As
Kevin dried up she smeared the cream into her cunt and whimpered:

"Fuck me more Kevin! I want your cock. Ring Darren and Andy so I can
have their cocks all over me too!"

Kevin watched Candy and Traci working as a double act on the stage
opposite the bar. They both wore rubber as much as possible now. They
even slept in a polished black latex covered bed together with their pimp.
Mr. Andre had taken Kevin under his wing and had taught him how to keep
bitches like Candy and Traci happy. Mr. Andre told him he had other
interests and he needed a manager to look after his sluts and his bar.
After a week of training, Kevin was managing the bar and pimping the sluts.
Traci with Candy's help had made Kevin into a new man. No more jeans and
t-shirts. Instead he wore tight black leather from head to toe. His
blonde hair was now colored in deep black and closely shaved to his head.
Both his ears were pierced with thick stainless steel rings along with his
nipples and cock. After his night with Traci and the boys, he called his
parents told them he was never coming back and they could go fuck
themselves. Now he lived with Traci and Candy.

As he sat behind the bar watching the girls sucking each others pussies
on stage, a man came up and asked if the girls were his.

"Yeah. They are my whores - why?" asked kevin looking the man over.

"I might have some work for some beautiful looking sluts like those -
only they would both need bigger tits. But I know a lady who could sort
them out." responded the man.

"Come over here you cunts!" shouted Kevin across the room.

When they arrived at the bar Kevin introduced them to the man.

"You're going to have bigger titties girls so you can make special
movies." he stated.

Candy and Traci giggled and pulled at each other's nipple rings.
Immediately they began groping and caressing each other's hot asses through
their black shiny latex dresses. Kevin said they would both have 38 d
tit's, 36" ass's and 24 inch waists.

"You'll look like a pair of barbi dolls." He promised.

He drove them to an expensive looking clinic an hour from town and
introduced them to a woman who looked exactly like Candy and Traci would
after their operations. They were told to call her 'Doctor fuck'. In fact
the whole clinic was like the set of a hardcore movie. All the nurses
looked like hookers in hot little lycra uniforms and white 6 inch stilletto
heels. When Dr. Fuck wasn't sodomizing or fisting her nurses she was
giving them enamas.

"I think we've died and gone to slut heaven." said Candy.

When Candy came around after her operation, Kevin was in the room
talking to Dr. Fuck. Candy watched as Dr. Fuck's head started to lower
down onto kevin's prick which stuck out of his studded leather cock sling.
Her head slid back and forth down Kevin's cock. Candy licked her lips and
looked over where Traci lay diddling her clit ring and foddling her massive
new tities. Candy decided to join in. Her new tits had bigger nipples
than before and even thicker rings piercing through them. Her cunt was now
permanently hairless and was starting to pump slime out between her long
lips. She wanted to see what she looked like fully dressed now that she
was a super slut.

Kevin's body trembled as he splashed cum all over Dr. Fuck's face. Her
long tongue lapped at her fingers as she scooped the jism into her mouth.
He casually wiped his prick in her hair and walked over to the beds where
his barbi doll sluts were finger fucking themselves.

"Get dressed you cheap whores - you've got money to earn!"

As they dressed, Candy and Traci sniggered and giggled. The new black
latex dresses Kevin had made for them were so small and low cut their
nipples stuck out over the tops of the heavily honed cups. Their asses
were only covered by a three inch wide strip between the bottom of the lace
up backs and the hem. Both Candy and Traci now had cropped sides and
spiked tops to their hair which was bleached even brighter blonde than
before. The leather collars they had worn had been replaced with two inch
wide thick rubber with rows of half inch long sharp spikes and a thick chain lead attached. The black sheer stockings had turned into long highly
polished latex stockings held up by chained suspenders. The suspenders
were attached to thick whore chains slung around their re-modeled waists.
For the grand finale, Kevin gave them their new shoes comprised of black
buckle up ankle boots - each buckle with it's own padlock and 8 inch needle
sharp heels each turned from black metal. The boots were so black and
slutty they seemed to glow. Kevin's barbi's removed their training shoes
they had worn for the last four weeks and pulled the stockings on - fixing
each of them to the four suspenders provided. Then they slid their feet
into the soft cool interiors of the boots.

"Aaaaa....they feel so good. They make my legs look really hot and
slutty." said Traci. "Hey Candy....we'll walk around like two doller
whores. Let's go and get some cock."

"Traci....look at both our asses in this mirror. Now we've both got
them!" cheered Candy.

Traci minced over to Candy and swung round to look at their asses in the
full length mirror.

"Slut!" gasped Traci.

"Yes. Now we are both marked like sluts. Does it make your cunt wet
baby?" asked Candy admiring the new 'slut' tattoo on her bulging left tit.

The journey back to the city passed quickly as Traci sucked cum from
Kevin's prick and Candy sucked Kevin's cum from Traci's asshole. Kevin
admired his whores. They both looked so gorgeously artificial. They were
every man's image of a pair of cock hungry sluts - Perfect. They looked
just like machines made for one thing - fucking! When the car arrived at
the studio, the barbi dolls followed Kevin into the building - giggling as
they strutted behind their pimp. When Kevin's contact saw them
approaching, he nearly passed out with joy. A perfectly matched pair of
rubber hookers tottered along on their leads behind the leather clad man from the bar.

"I see the doctor did good work on your bitches." he began. "They look
even hornier than before. Which one is which?"

"Turn around cunts. Let the man see the goods." ordered Kevin. "Lift
your dresses."

He took a moment to look them over. Then he pointed the differences out
to his contact.

"The one with 'whore's cunt' tattooed over her pussy is Candy - the
other one is Traci."

Candy had not noticed the new 's' that had been added to the word
'whore' tattooed on her mons.

"I want to be marked like that to. My cunt is a whores cunt!" cried

"I've been saving that as a treat you little whore. I'll have the slut
marked if you want" said Kevin to Mr. Porn - the film's director.

"Yes. I'd like that. They will work much better as a perfect pair.
Maybe I could watch it being done. It might give me some good ideas. What
will they do for me Kevin? Anything I ask?" Mr. Porn inquired.

"Absolutely anything Mr. Porn. These two are the dirtiest, trashiest,
nasiest sluts you will ever meet. They live to fuck and they love to be
used by as many cocks and cunts as possible. Candy here loves to eat the
shit out of Traci's asshole. She loves to drink piss and cum while being
double ended. Traci likes more of the same, but her favorite is dog and
man combinations - lapping up dog piss while being fucked up the ass. She
also enjoys sucking dog's cocks. She just dies for it."

Mr. Porn watched the girls and was stunned to see Candy start kneeding
her tits and pissing behind her into Traci's mouth. Traci was sitting on a
large double ended dildo - swallowing the yellow jet and ramming a giant
vibrator up Candy's ass.

"You've got these bitches well trained Kevin. They must love being

Candy and Traci finished and licked each other's cunts and asses clean.
Then they wiggled over to where Kevin and Mr. Porn were now watching some
of Mr. Porn's previous work. None of the girls looked as hot and slutty
as Candy and Traci and some of them seemed not to like being ass fucked.
The girls snickered as a young girl on the tv started to cry as a big cock was forced down her throat.

"Don't cry. Suck out his cum. Look at this bitch Candy. She won't
drink his hot spunk. What a waste!"

Candy was licking her lips and sticking her long black taloned fingers
up her ass.

"Do they rape the little whore? Looks like she needs some prick up her
cunt. So do I. When do we start this fuck film Mr. Porn? Soon I hope.
Our pussy's are hungry for cock."

Candy, Traci, Kevin and Mr. Porn were all in the back of the limo
headed back into the center of town. Their destination was the tattoo
palour. Candy and Traci were busy sharing Mr. Porn's big purple tipped
cock as Kevin directed them. Candy held the glass jug under Mr. Porns
cock as she and Traci licked and sucked it. He shot his load into the lead
crystal to join Kevin's and the driver's spunk. Mr. Porn began pissing slowly into the jug until it was full and spilling over into Traci's
waiting mouth. Candy then handed the jug to Kevin so he could mix the cum and piss together. Then half the cloudy yellow liquid was sucked up into
an enema syringe and pumped into Traci's ass. Kevin began sucking up the
second half and gave Candy her share. When Kevin had finished, he told the
driver to stop so they could walk the last quarter of a mile to the tattoo
palour. The two girls strutted in front of the men as they headed to the
center of the red light district. Kevin noticed how well they walked with
their asses full of piss. Kevin's cock started to get hard as he followed
them. Their tattooed asses were on full display. As the whores walked
their slutty - piss filled bottoms swung from side to side. The stilletto
shoes and bright blonde hair was every man's image of a pair of sex dolls.
And they were his. Traci spotted a dog sniffing the wall in an alleyway.
She grabbed Candy's lead and pulled her into the dark pissy pathway. The
two sluts looked at each other and licked their lips. Traci turned her
back to the dog and offered it her wet sloppy cunt to sniff. The dog sniffed the pink pussy and then took a big lick right up inside the hot new
bitch in front of him. Candy got down and started to suck on the dogs long
thin cock as it appeared from it's sheath. As her head bobbed in and out
under the dog, she seperated her knees as wide as she could and let a
stream of hot piss hit the floor. As Candy finished pissing, she turned
around and took over the dog's oral attention from Traci who ducked down to
start giving head. The dog sniffed Candy's piss hole. His gums retracted
and he burried his tongue deep inside her cunt. Traci let out a deep moan
as the dog started to pee in her mouth. She couldn't drink the liquid fast
enough and it poured out between her lips on to the floor. With the last
dribble of dog piss still swilling inside her mouth, Traci started to
position her ass so the dog could fuck it. Candy now guided the dog's cock
into her daughter's wet red gash.

"Fuck that slutty bitch." moaned Candy. "Mr. Porn....get your big cock inside my cunt. I haven't been fucked for at least an hour."

Mr. Porn dropped his trousers and pulled out his stiff cock. Candy
bent forwards and used her nails to pull her pussy lips far apart so Mr.
Porn could see deep inside her cunt. Candy grunted as the meat was rammed
home so hard that Mr. Porn's balls slapped her clit as they swung under
with force.

"Oh yeah fuck me! Use my cunt. Fill it full of spunk....harder you
fucker." Mr. Porn's prick battered into the dark pink hole. pussy juice
clung to his pubic hair.

'I'll fuck this bitch.' he thought. 'I'll shoot her full of my shit.

Kevin watched Mr. Porn's ass cheeks clenching as his cock slid in and
out of Candy's pussy. Then he trust his dick into Traci's eager mouth and
started to pump hard - shoving his cock right down her throat. The dog suddenly yelped and went rigid as he shot his cum into Traci's womb. He
cried again as Traci tightened her pussy round his prick - sucking out the
dog's last drops of jism. Mr. Porn sucked air between his teeth as he
also shot his load into Candy's cunt. Finally, Kevin grabbed the back of
Traci's neck as he poured his hot sticky cream into her open throat.

"Lick my cock clean!" said Mr. Porn as he offered his tool to Candy who
sucked it in between her currupt lips.

Over by the shattered looking dog, Traci spread her pussy lips with one
hand and scooped out dog spunk with her other - greedily feeding it to her
slutty tongue. She was cleaning Kevin's cock and drinking dog cum at the
same time. Candy finished cleaning Mr. Porn's cock and started to clean
the dog spunk off of Traci's plump swollen pussy.

"Ummm, your cunt tastes good Traci baby!" moaned Candy.

The walk from the alley to the palour took a couple of minutes once
Kevin and Mr. Porn had been cleaned up by the two bimbos.

"Show the men your cunt Candy. Mark the other bitch just like that."
said Kevin pointing to Candy's tattooed pussy.

He then led Traci by her leash to the bench so the tattooist could start
work. As the two girls giggled admiring Traci's new look pussy, Kevin
phoned the driver and gave him a few orders telling him to collect the
bimbos from the palour after they were through. Traci walked out to the
car first - her miniscule dress still lifted at the front so that everyone
looking could see she had a 'whore's cunt.' Candy was led out by her leash
as the two men followed Traci into the car. As soon as the car moved off,
the driver passed back a brimming jug full of piss - just as he had been
told to by Kevin.

"You bitches look really good with half a pint of piss up your asses. I
think it's time to try a pint." said the driver.

Kevin filled the syringe and injected another half pint up each of the
girl's asses. They both moaned with pleasrure as the semlly liquid mixed
with the piss and cum that already existed in their butts.

"Now fuck yourselves with this." said Kevin giving the girls an
obscenely large double ended dildo.

"I want that piss and cum mixed up thoroughly in your asses." he told

Candy took the dildo and licked the end to moisten it a little and then
worked half of the two inch long cock into her damp pussy. The dildo was
about the width of a clenched fist but it slid in with little difficulty.
Now, with Candy on her knees on the back seat of the car, Traci backed on
to the dildo until their asses touched together. Then they started to fuck
themselves rocking back and forward with their cheeks slapping together.
When Kevin was satisfied that the liquid in the girls bowels was well
mixed, he placed a large glass under Candy's engored pussy and told her to
slowly let the liquid out of her ass. Candy slowly tensed her ass muscles
and relaxed her anal spinchter. thick yellow liquid started to collect in
the jug. Small lumps of shit were suspended in the piss. When Candy could
produce no more, Traci let her ass empty into a similar pint glass. Kevin
then told the girls to swap glasses and drink down their lunch. Candy and
Traci had already guessed what would happen next and were already guzzling
down the rancid piss, cum and shit mixture. Mr. Porn turned to Kevin:

"I think we're going to be rich with sluts like these two. Now I can
make films that have only been wet dreams til now."

The film was to be called 'Bitches' and in addition to Candy and Traci,
it also featured two transexual brothers called Cherry and Rose, a couple
of eight year old boys, and Mr. Porn's very own 15 year old daughter. The
basic story line centered around Candy and Traci kidnapping the two kids
and bringing them up as their sex slaves - eventually turning into Cherry
and Rose. Mr. Porn's daughter was to play their little sister. Mr. Porn
had given his daughter Shelly to Kevin a couple of months before the shoot
so she could be trained up for the part by Candy and Traci. The two sluts
could not believe their luck. A nice innocent girl to currupt and turn
into a whore. Kevin had spoken to Dr. Fuck and got all of Shelly's
details so her new clothes and shoes could be prepared for her return from
the clinic. The young girl's slim frame was to be converted into a big
tittied barbi doll which of course was Dr. Fuck's specialty. The doctor
had also 're-programmed' the bright teenager, clearing her brain by using
drugs and E,C,T - and then 're-educating' the blank mind left behind. By
the time she was delivered to Candy and Traci, all they had to do was teach
her how to be the slut she now wanted to be. The naked husk that had once
been Shelly was led into the appartment where loud techno music was
playing. The moment the girl entered the video tape started. Mr. Porn was
going to sell tapes of his daughter's conversion as a teaser to the main
film. Candy held the girl's leash as they sized her up.

"What should we call her Traci?" asked Candy.

"How about 'Kat?' That's a hot name." replied Traci.

'Kat' was the name that Kevin and Mr. Porn had decided on earlier.

"Ok Kat turn around and bend over so we can see your cunt and asshole."

The young girl's pussy was bald and still a little swollen from the
circumcision and clit enlargment that Dr. Fuck had performed. After these
techniques had worked so well on Candy and Traci it was a sure thing that
Kat would receive the same treatment. The girl's large clit stuck out from
her cunt - it's ring glinting in the room's lights. Her asshole had been
surgically enlarged and was now stuffed full with a pink butt plug. Kat
was now told to stand up so the two trainers could admire her legs. Dr.
Fuck had shortened kat's tendons so the seven inch heels she now wore were
the lowest she could tolerate without severe pain.

"She's going to make a fine slut. Now you've got a little sister Traci
honey." said Candy.

Traci was busy placing heavy weights on Kat's labia and clit rings.

"Yeah baby Kat! The doctor's done a good job. She looked like a little
boy before. Now look at her nice big tits."

Candy and Traci took her through to their walk-in wardrobe and picked
out her new outfit. The first thing they did was take off her low training
heels and put on some latex stockings - swiftly followed by some nine inch
heeled, black shiny ballet pumps almost as high as their own. Candy and
Traci had also been back To Dr. Fucks to have their tendons shortened so
they now had to wear ten inch heeled ballet pumps. These were the highest
their feet would allow without platform soles. This meant they had to walk
on their tiptoes all the time. This only served to enhance their walk.
Their asses and tits were forced to stick out even further as their spines
curved to the allow them to stand. The girls had begged Kevin to let them
have their tendons chopped because they wanted their legs to be as slutty
as the rest of their bodies. Kat was then allowed to select her clothes
from the items Candy and Traci had laid out for her. She instantly choose
the black rubber corset dress and a matching suspender set. The doctor's
re-education was working well. Once she was dressed and fully madeup, her
trainers stood back to look at their handywork. The remnants of Shelly's
innocent face were now gone forever under powder and paint. Her pretty
lips were now swollen with collogen and thick red gloss. Bright blue eyes
stared vacantly from black pits of mascara where her sparkling brown eyes
had once been. Heavy coloring enhanced her already lifted cheek bones.
This, combined with bleached out back combed hair, made her look stunning.
Candy and Traci were very pleased. The addition of the thick spiked rubber
collar and leash finished off Kat's new look beautifully. Then they looked
at her dress. The latex creation allowed her a new tits and ass to be
viewed wonderfully. The corsetting of the dress ran from it's bottom hem
right up to the heavily boned under-cups that supported and showed off her
massive 38 d tits. Once the laces were pulled up tight, her waist had been
reduced to 16 inches which added to the roundness of her ass. The dress
ended just below her hips giving full access to her pussy and asshole.
Candy called for Kat to walk over to them:

"Oh her walk is excellent! Look how her shoes make her wiggle her
little ass for us. It makes my cunt throb just watching the whore." she
stated. "Come over to the mirror Kat. See how cheap and slutty you look.
You'll make a really hot whore Kat. You must be so fucking happy."

Kat walked to the mirror swaying her ass and sticking her tits out.
When she saw her reflection she smiled and giggled. Her first sluttish act
was to play with her fully exposed tits as she shared at the slut in the

"I can remember looking at hookers in the street and hating the way they
looked." she recalled. "Now I'm a cheap whore just like them and I love
it. It makes my cunt drip cum - look!"

Kat bent forward and spread her legs wide. Quim juice was dribbling
down the insides of her thighs. Candy and Traci had a better view as she
spread her pussy lips wide with the two inch long red nails. The girls were already feeling hot for some pussy but this sight was too much. Traci
helped Candy fit an enormous double ended dildo up her cunt before walking
to the front of Kat and offering her asshole to suck. Kat's tongue was
just inside Traci's ass when Candy jammed the other end of the cock up
Kat's cunt. Traci felt the girl tremble with pleasure as Kat continued to
stick her hot tongue further into the wide spread asshole. Kat could now
taste shit on the tip of her tongue and pushed harder so she could suck
some of it down into her mouth. Meanwhile Candy had pushed the other 12
inches of cock into Kat and was slamming the dick into her and Kat's ripe
open cunts. pussy slime was everywhere pouring out of Candy's big bald
cunt. Kat forced spit up into Traci's ass and drunk the liquidised shit as
it seeped back into her. Traci, not satisfied with only a tongue up her
ass, had also stuffed the blunt end of a Perrier bottle up her gash and was
busy cranking it in and out. All three girls were moaning and grunting
with lust. Kevin, who was watching from the video room, had been a little
worried about the new recruit. Candy and Traci were the ultimate trashy
sluts. Would Kat be able to cope with the way they loved being used as
complete whores? He need not have concerned himself. Dr. Fuck's mind
bending and his two prime harlots had easily helped her discover her new
life the life of a super slut.

Within a week, Kat was completely won over to sluttishness. She loved
to share licking Kevin's ass clean with Candy and Traci. She had also
demanded the same ass, tit, and cunt markings and had the same hair style
as the other two super sluts. She also wore black nail polish and
lipcoating like her sisters. After her last visit to the clinic, she also
had to where ten inch heels. She told the other girls she loved her new
life. She loved to act dirty and slutty all the time. She loved to be
used and sold as a brainless walking cunt. men just wanted to fill her
full of cum and she enjoyed it. Candy and Traci giggled as they listened
to her. She was a dumb sex toy slut like them now. Kevin told the girls they could work the streets for a week as a special treat. They really
enjoyed hooking since it gave them a chance to sell themselves to dozens of
men. Their mouths, cunts, and asses would be full of cum 18 hours a day.
Just thinking about the feeling of cum trickling down their necks made
their pussies wet. Candy and the girls were replacing Sherry and Linda on
the pitch that belonged to Mr. Andre. The other girls were being sent to
the clinic for full conversion. When Sherry set her eyes on the three
barbi dolls as they wiggled - giggling toward her, she screamed:

"Oh Candy you look so hot baby! You really look cheap and slutty. I
mean really fucking bargain basement honey!"

"I know. Thanks Sherry. Candy loves her look. This is the cheapest
cunt on the street. This whore is Traci and this is Kat. She is our new
bitch." Sherry and Linda were led to the waiting car and were driven away
leaving Candy, Traci, and Kat with wet pussies gagging for some cock.

As the cars drove past, the girls turned and showed their spread beavers
to the drivers. They were desperate for a fucking. All three had their
largest vibrators up both orifices with the dials turned up full. As the
cars started picking up or dropping off Candy, Traci, and Kat, other
professional hookers hustling nearby came to look at the new whores on the
block. They could not believe their eyes. Three bleached blonde bimbos
were tottering on impossibly high heels tempting clients by showing their
tits, asses, and cunts. These girls didn't care what they did as long as
they were used and abused. As they watched, Kat stepped out of a car
walked up to Candy and dribbled a mouthful of cum into Candys open lips.
Traci was so excited by this sight she pulled out her 12 inch vibrator and
shot a jet of cummy piss out behind her. As she finished, Kat stepped
behind her and licked her pussy clean. Then the girls noticed a black
tramp staggering towards them and they pounced - dragging the man in behind
a pile of old boxes and rubbish. Traci pushed him down on the boxes and
pulled down his stained trousers and started to suck his wrinkled - smelly
pink tipped cock. Kat sat her pussy on his face and ordered him to suck.
Candy ducked under Traci so she could lick his ball sack. As the man lay
dazed, the three sluts fucked him. Kat ground her cunt into his toothless
mouth. She could feel his cracked lips sucking at her pussy lips - his
tongue pushing up into her piss hole. She let a drop of piss fall into his
desperate mouth. He gagged but had to swallow. Candy was working her
tongue into his hairy ass crease - lapping up old traces of sweat and
urine. Then her tongue shot straight up his shit hole and slurped. The old bastard had been ass fucked. She sucked the stale cum out and swallowed.
Traci was licking and sucking the swollen cock as hard as she could. The
tramp convulsed as he shot into Traci's mouth. Candy received a mouthfull
of shitty cum. As the man's asshole contracted, she moved her tongue below
Traci's lips as the spunk leaked out of her cum filled throat.

The giggling girls left the baffled tramp on the boxes and returned to
the sidewalk licking their lips. The other whores turned and walked back
to their pitches shaking their heads.

"They ain't whores. They're walking cunts and fucking animals." the
girls told their pimps as they explained why trade was bad. Two of the
pimps came to visit the girls on the second night. Candy, Traci, and Kat
fucked them, sucked them, and told them they were owned by Mr. Andre.

"If you want to buy us, speak to Mr. Andre. But if you want to fuck
the cheapest sluts in town just come over anytime." said Candy.

The girl's week passed quickly. They were sorry when the car arrived to
take them to Dr. Fucks clinic and drop off some fresh meat. Dr. Fuck was
going to modify their jaws and enlarge their mouths to make sucking massive
pricks easier. Their lips were also going to be thickened to allow giving
head to five inch diameter cocks. The girls finger fucked themselves all
the way to the clinic. They couldn't wait. As they fucked themselves,
Candy and Traci asked Kevin if Dr. Fuck could operate on their mind's like
she had done to Kat. They said they wanted to have their memories blanked
out so the only thing they knew about was being cocksucking sluts. Kevin
said sure.

"You'll be even better as dead head sluts. I've always liked Kat's dead
eyed vacant look." he stated.

The two girls looked at Kat's face. Her eyes were dead looking - really
sexy and vacant. Dr. Fuck looked down on her creations. They looked
amazing. Their fat - bright red lips shone with greed. They would now
perminantly pout - hungry for cock. Candy and Traci's eyes gleamed with
lust as they stared vacantly ahead of them. The mind fuck had worked well.
No memories. Just pure sluttishness remained. The girls new bodies were
her pride and glory. Kevin and the doctor had decided to increase their
dollishness still further. 40dd tits, 16 inch waists, and 36 inch asses,
now engulfed their bodily frames. They had stopped looking like women
after the last lot of surgery. Now they were dream creatures. Every
female trait magnified ten times. The shoot started in two weeks time so
Kevin wanted their bodies re-modeled as soon as possible.

When Kevin walked into the clinic to pick them up, he could not believe
his eyes. The latex barbi dolls tottered towards him.

"Hi Kevin. What do you think?" asked Dr. Fuck.

"Amazing....fucking amazing." he responded.

Candy and Kat started to rub their hands over Kevin's leather covered

Traci was sucking a 4 inch diameter dildo.

"Do you like us Kevin? Do you like our new bodies?" they asked him as
he pulled out his cock and fed it to the waiting mouths.

"Yes. I like you a lot. You look like cheap cock sucking sluts. Now
turn around so I can look at you!" he stated.

The girls stopped what they were doing and rotated slowly so their
master could see their new dream bodies. They looked like artificial
inflatable sex dolls. Their long legs hobbled by ten inch heels. Their
asses were openly exposed by the microscopic rubber dress with it's open
back and their ringed tits literally spilling out over the ridiculously low
boned cups. Their 16 inch waists further exaggerated their tits and asses.
Dr. Fuck had removed eight ribs from each girl before reducing their
waists by eight inches.

"Wait til Mr. Porn sees you. He'll love you. Especially his new
daughter Kat." said Kevin as he admired his Barbi dolls.

Kevin told the girls that they would start making their film in one
week's time. But he thought they would like to meet Cherry and Rose their
new co-stars.

Kevin led the girls out to the limo and opened the door for them to get
in. Traci was the first to squeal with pleasure as she saw the two
transexual brothers sucking each other's cocks in the back of the car.
Candy and Kat crowded into the car to see the spectacle. Traci had already
started to rim the other brother's plugged asshole. Kevin flicked the
camcorder into record mode and zoomed in on Candy and Kat as they started
to tongue each other's mouths. In the background, Traci was now on her
back being fucked by Cherry while Rose was gently pissing into Traci's
mouth. The camera focused on Traci's neck as she swallowed the lovely hot
liquid. Cherry pulled his slimed up cock out of Traci's cunt and offered
it to Candy and Kat. They moved over to either side of Cherry and lapped
at the sticky cock - their tongues fighting for the sticky drops of
pre-cum. Cherry was pinching and twisting his own large nipples with one
hand and reaching around to his ass with his other. He pulled out a very
large butt plug and offered it to Candy and Kat. They licked the brown
tipped plug like a lollipop - cleaning it and covering it with spit so that
Cherry could shove it back up his ass. All three of the girls now had to
use seven inch diameter butt plugs themselves since Dr. Fuck had stretched
their anal sphincters allowing much bigger cocks and dildos up their asses.
This made them incontinent without their plugs. Dr. Fuck had told them
that the plugs would need to get slowly larger as their asses stretched.
The girls were so pleased when they were told this. They loved having
things up their butts. The bigger the better.


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