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Cassandra Vampiress 1


Cassandra - Vampiress Chapter One: The model By JR Parz


Tom Bennett spotted the girl as she exited the mall. She was
stunning... long blonde hair that fell loosely down her back... a sweet
innocent angelic face...set off by her sparkling sea-blue eyes...and a
luscious curvaceous body, which included a pair of the most beautiful tits he'd ever seen.

Tom was a talent scout for a national modeling agency and given his
profession, he had seen his share of gorgeous girls during his
travels...but never had one looked so breathtakingly innocent and exuded so
much eroticism all at the same time. Tom walked over to her and introduced

Her name was Cassandra Seavers, and her sweet disposition matched her
beautiful looks...but then his alarms went off when he found out she was
sixteen years old. Tom knew that this might cause some problems but he had
no intention of projecting anything negative at this point in time. "Your
potential as a model has no limitations." he told her... then persuaded
her to pose for a few pictures. As Tom snapped off a few shots, he
grinned...thinking. 'If she's half as photogenic as she is in the flesh...
I'm sitting on a gold mine.' Before he said goodbye to the girl, he made
sure to get her phone number and handed her his business card. "I'll call
you... I promise." he assured her.

Tom called later on that same evening in hopes of talking to Cassandra's
parents...but instead found himself talking to Cassandra's aunt. He was
stunned to find that Cassandra's parents died six months earlier in a plane
crash. He was further caught off guard at having to deal with someone
sounding so young. The one thing he did figure was that Cassandra's aunt
wasn't at all impressed with his proposal...and proved it when she ended
their call abruptly by telling him. "She's with me until eighteen...
after that I don't care what she does."


Rhea Temple had only been half listening to the agent's pitch... and
although she didn't for a moment doubt that Cassandra could make it in this
business, there was no way she was going to give up her current
arrangement. The fact of the matter was this... as long as Cassandra
resided under her roof she would continue receiving a check each month.

Rhea knew that Cassandra wasn't going to be pleased that she rejected
his offer but she figured that her niece would get over it soon enough. As
Rhea waited for Cassandra to return home from her friend's house, she
reflected back to an earlier time in her life... around her high school
graduation. The town's newspaper ran pictures of various high school
students...spotlighting their accomplishments...and because Rhea had been
voted the school's most beautiful girl, they ended up running hers. The
next day a small locally based modeling firm contacted Rhea but when she
found out how many hours a week a semi-successful model worked, she quickly
turned them down.

Later on that evening, after Rhea told Cassandra about the phone call,
her niece exploded. "Who are you too deny me this!?!" Rhea, never the type
to stand around silent, snapped back. "As long as I'm your legal guardian
I have every right to decide what's best for you!" Cassandra stormed off up
to her room and slammed her door.


Cassandra was fuming... way too angry to cry. She quickly dug out Mr.
Bennett's business card and gave him a call. At first Mr. Bennett was
reluctant to get in the middle... but when Cassandra told him that her
aunt was only 23 years old and only agreed to take guardianship because of
the money, he changed his tune. By the time she hung up with him he
promised that he'd be hearing from him again.

Cassandra still felt angry and hurt that her aunt would do this to her
and she needed to talk to someone... someone that would understand her.
Cassandra needed to talk to her best friend and called Nicole. When Nicole
offered to come up and spend the weekend with her, Cassandra became
ecstatic. It would be the first time that they would see each other since
the funeral.


Where Cassandra was fair, blonde and possessed hypnotic blue eyes...
Nicole was dark, brunette and had deep dark mysterious eyes. When they
spotted each other inside the bus station, they rushed into each other's
arms like long lost friends. They hugged...giggled...and cried.

All the while Nicole was hugging Cassandra hard against her body, she
was relishing the feel of her ample tits squishing up against Cassandra's.
Nicole loved the erotic thrill that shot along her pleasure centers.

Nicole had undergone a sexual awakening over the last few months and had
lost count at how many times she fantasized about Cassandra. Now that she
was actually going to have the chance to make her fantasy a reality, she
could hardly contain herself.

Nicole also found that Cassandra wasn't the only 'hottie' in the
household...and when she saw Rhea Temple for the first time she practically
creamed her panties at the mere image of the three of them together. Her
seduction of Rhea would have to wait though... because she went out for
the evening, leaving her all alone with Cassandra.

They were upstairs in Cassandra's bedroom... talking about boys, school
and what modeling might mean, when Nicole reached into her overnight bag
and pulled out a 'joint'. "Let's get high?"

"Nicole! I don't believe you! When did you start smoking pot?"

"No big thing... let's get high."

"Oh no you don't. I'm not getting high and you're not either! My aunt
would smell it the second she walked into the house! Put it away!"

Nicole smiled. "Oh come on Cass... she probably gets high herself."



"Yeah... now put it away."

'So much for plan 'A'' Nicole thought with a sigh.

Nicole let another half-hour go by before putting plan 'B' into action.
"Hey Cassandra, you thirsty?"

"Sure... I'll get it... you want a soda?"

"No... I'll get the drinks. In the meantime why don't you try on that
new bikini you showed me. I want to see how it looks on you."


"Yeah... you might as well get used to it... Now go model your new

"Oh... okay."

Nicole quickly went downstairs to the kitchen while Cassandra was
changing. She didn't think that she would be allowed to watch unless her
friend was a bit more uninhibited. Nicole giggled as she poured Cassandra
a coke and herself a Sprite. Then she pulled out a small vial containing a
special herb and dropped it inside the Coke. The mere thought of how this
would affect Cassandra was making her horny...and she had to squeeze her
thighs together in frustration.

The herb was an aphrodisiac and a powerful hypnotic... and would place
Cassandra in a more compliant uninhibited state. Nicole giggled when she
thought back to her own seduction at the hands of Maria...the herb worked

Nicole walked back into Cassandra's room with the drinks and almost
dropped them when she saw her. There she stood...a vision of pure
loveliness... in a mock pose with her breasts thrust forward and her ass
sticking out. "Wow Cass! That two piece looks hot on you!"

"Thanks." Cassandra responded... and Nicole could swear she was

Nicole handed Cassandra her drink and watched her take a sip. Then she
placed it on top of her dresser. Nicole took a sip from her own drink and
did the same.

"I don't know now if I can go out like this... I feel like I'm naked."

"Sure you can." Nicole said with a grin. "But first you might consider

Cassandra's eyes lit up in embarrassment and her blush turned three
shades deeper. Nicole giggled as Cassandra looked down at herself... it
was quite obvious that Cassandra was a natural blonde.

Nicole reached for her drink and took another sip... and was pleased
when she saw Cassandra follow suit. Nicole had read somewhere that people
could be made to do something subconsciously through visual stimuli... and
she was seeing the theory first hand. When Nicole was satisfied that
Cassandra had drank enough, she moved to step 3. "Cassandra... Could I
try on your bikini?"

Cassandra looked shocked but Nicole didn't wait around for an answer.
Quickly, she began to strip and when she was naked, she turned to see
Cassandra staring at her...more specifically, she was staring at her tits.
Nicole smiled... she loved how her tits had grown over the last six months
and loved showing them off. "Well... I can't try it on with you still
wearing it."

Cassandra blushed again when she realized she'd been staring...then she
reached back to pull the strings of her bikini top. The flimsy material
fell to the floor exposing her boobs and Nicole gasped. Her tits might be
bigger she thought to herself, but she had never seen a more beautiful
pair. Cassandra then slipped down her bikini bottoms and Nicole was beyond
words. Cassandra mumbled something but Nicole couldn't make it out and
then she reached over to take Cassandra's hand. "Let's lay on the bed...
okay honey."


Cassandra felt strange as Nicole led her down on the bed...and she was
having a difficult time focusing. Nothing at all was making sense to her
and she wondered what was happening to her. 'Why am I naked?' she
wondered...and then remembered something about letting Nicole try on her
bikini...but then how come Nicole wasn't putting it on? How come Nicole
was naked too? As each thought fled.

As Cassandra stretched out on the bed she had an urge to touch herself.
'How come I'm so horny?' she wondered...and when Nicole started to caress
her, she felt a shiver shoot up and down her body! What was she allowing?
Why did it feel so pleasurable? Cassandra gasped as Nicole grazed her
palms across her erect nipples. Never had she felt like this before...
Nicole opened her legs up and moved down between them...then touched her
wet lips below.

Cassandra cried out as Nicole entered her...and then began thrashing
from side to side. Nicole fingered her harder and harder and although
Cassandra had masturbated was never this hard... A very small
portion of her brain registered that Nicole might break through her
hymen...but the thought was distant and didn't surface. Now, more than
anything else, she needed to cum and when Nicole pulled out she yelled.
"NO!" Seconds later she screamed out again... but this time in orgasm as
Nicole slid two fingers inside her other hole.

Cassandra lay there exhausted...unable to move. What was she thinking?
Why had she allowed Nicole to do this? Nicole had used her fingers on both
her openings and made her cum like never before! 'I should be angry with
Nicole!' She silently screamed. 'I should be angry at myself!' "Nicole..."
she managed to whisper. "I feel so strange...what did you do to me?"

"I just made you cum. Are you telling me you don't remember?"

"I don't mean that... why... why did I let you do this to me?"

"Because we're best friends? Anyway, you seemed to enjoy it... a lot."

"I'm...I'm not a lesbian. I don't understand."

"Oh Cassandra...I know you're not a lesbian... but if you were...would
being a lesbian be so bad? I'm not gay either but I do know how to give
and take pleasure... Before the night is over... you will too."

"What...what did you do... to me?" Cassandra struggled. Not believing
what she was hearing.

"I just made you a little less uninhibited... and more compliant. To
bad we didn't have someone tape us... we could have made a fortune on the

"No!" Cassandra exclaimed...trying desperately to gain control of her
body. Nicole just smiled at her... then proceeded to move down her body
again...but this time face first. Cassandra tried to keep her legs closed
but Nicole easily nudged them open...lacking the strength to keep them
closed. Nicole moved her head down and kissed her wet lips below and
Cassandra gasped again as Nicole's tongue struck her clit... seconds later
she cried out with another orgasm.

Nicole turned her head around and grinned. Cassandra could see her cum dripping off Nicole's lips onto the bedspread. "Now my turn lover." and
with that Nicole lowered herself over Cassandra's face. Cassandra wasn't
sure what to do but when she got herself her first whiff of female pussy she was overwhelmed with Nicole's intoxicating aroma. Cassandra suddenly
felt the urge to lick her...and seconds later gave into her urge.
Meanwhile, Nicole moved back down onto her groin and did the same. Both
squirmed around... thrashing and bucking up and down... and then came so
hard they passed out between each other's legs.

The slept that way for the night and Cassandra woke up first. She
blushed when she found her head buried between Nicole's legs... the heavy
musk from their sex still played on her nostrils. Cassandra couldn't
believe it... how could she? Slowly, making sure not to wake Nicole, she
moved off the bed. Nicole lay there naked sprawled out before her... why
did the sight of her make her feel horny? Was she really a lesbian?

Cassandra cried as she took a shower...then put on her clothes and
waited in the kitchen. An hour later Nicole walked into the
kitchen...fresh and beautiful. "Hi honey...god I love you." she beamed.

"I don't understand what happened?" Cassandra whispered in confusion.

"Cassandra... we are simply two beautiful girls that enjoyed what our
bodies had to offer one another... you don't have to try analyzing it."

"It won't happen again. I'm not sure how or why you made me feel the
way I did or what type of date rape drug you gave me but it won't happen
again. I want you to leave."


Nicole made a couple of attempts trying to change Cassandra's mind but
Cassandra didn't want to talk about it. Nicole had underestimated the
emotional affects from their experience thinking that she was going to
react the same way she did when Maria seduced her... she was wrong.
Nicole would miss her innocent blonde friend and would also miss the
opportunity to make a move on Rhea.


Cassandra cried when Nicole left and then took a long hot bath. Her
first sexual experience... and it was with another girl. Never did she
ever think that something like this would ever happen. Cassandra hated to
admit it, but her body enjoyed it and she wished it didn't. It was as if
her mind and body were disconnected regarding this experience. When her
Aunt returned and saw that Nicole wasn't around, Cassandra told her that
Nicole had changed and they had a fight... but didn't elaborate.


The modeling agency did some research and found that Rhea Temple liked
to party and was known as a hot lay down at the local tavern. According to
some people, if the man met her personal standards, Rhea would actually
pursue the man in hopes of bedding him. Rhea loved sex and loved spending
money. In just six months, Rhea spent $200,000 on a new condo, corvette,
and a closet full of new clothes.

The Agency also knew that Rhea couldn't touch $250,000 because it was
put aside for Cassandra's college and this provided the Agency the
opportunity they were looking for. Going outside their company, they hired
a professional persuader by the name of Donald Carpenter. Mr. Carpenter
was reputed to have a tremendous power of persuasion over females and his
services were legendary. The agency was banking on Mr. Carpenter to
change Rhea Temple's mind.


The following weekend, Rhea was out with a couple of friends when a man looking to be in his thirties approached her. He offered to buy her and
her friends a drink and when Rhea saw that the man was dressed in expensive
clothes, they agreed. The man was only slightly above average in the looks
department but free drinks for everyone was worth a little conversation.
The man left to retrieve the drinks.

When he returned with the drinks, he proceeded to introduce himself as
an executive of a financial firm in LA. As the man discussed a variety of
topics, Rhea suddenly felt hot and responsive to the man. The sudden
feelings surprised her as arousal licked at her lower region. Rhea found
herself squirming around in her chair while flashes of this man without
clothes on and fucking her flooded her imaginary circuits. The more he
talked, the more Rhea wanted him.


Donald Carpenter didn't like the idea of using an aphrodisiac on Rhea
while her friends were present, but it was important he stick to his plan,
so just before he returned to the table with their drinks, he slipped a
small vial of powder in Rhea's drink.


While Rhea gazed deep into Donald's eyes, she was so horny for him that
she could feel herself wetting her panties where she sat. Rhea made sure
to send him all the right signals and could hardly contain her
excitement...and when she glanced at her friends' she could see by their
faces that they were shocked.

"Rhea, would you like to dance?" The man asked.

"Yes...I'd love to dance." Rhea responded. As soon as Rhea moved her
body against Donald, her breasts pitched forward up against his chest and
she felt incredibly anxious. Rhea had never been this horny for anyone in
her life before and it was taking every ounce of will power NOT to reach
down and cup his cock.


Donald knew that the effects of the aphrodisiac increased by the minute,
and that what Rhea was feeling at this moment was only the beginning. He
figured he had about a half-hour before Rhea was fully under the affects so
he knew he had to move fast. Donald palmed Rhea's ass cheeks and gave them
a squeeze...then he crushed her body hard against his own, crushing her


Rhea moaned as her tits crushed up hard against Donald's chest. She
could tell he was hard... no mistaken what she was feeling hard against
her belly button. Rhea had never been this turned on before in her life
and it seemed with every minute that ticked by that the feeling ricocheting
throughout her body was getting stronger. By the time they ended their
dance and Donald led her back to her seat, she was so overwhelmed with
lust, you could see it in her eyes.

Rhea barely managed to gain enough strength to ask her friends to join
her in the restroom. "I can't believe how horny I feel for this guy."

"This is not like you Rhea...maybe we should leave." one of her friends

"No... I... I want him. You leave." Rhea managed to say and then
turned around to go into a stall. Rhea locked the door and quickly slid
down her jeans... then her wet sticky panties and without a moment's
hesitation she shoved in three of her fingers deep inside of her soaked
pussy. Rhea couldn't help it as she screamed out in orgasm.
"Aaaaahhhhhahhhhh... MMmmmmmmm... Aaaaahhhhhhh!"

Rhea didn't open her eyes as she rode the pleasure that coursed through
her and when she regained her composure and her breathing quieted down, it
dawned on her that anyone, including her friends, that might have been
inside another stall or out in the foyer, would have heard her. Rhea
blushed as she did her best to clean up but there would be no hiding the
smell of sex that permeated the air around her. By the time Rhea left the
bathroom she was feeling horny all over again so she walked straight up to
Donald and said; "Let's fuck".

"We'll go to my place." Donald replied with a smile... leading the way.


As soon as Donald and Rhea entered the hotel room they quickly helped
each other strip naked. Rhea, who always prided herself on the control she
exerted during sexual encounters, loved to show off her assets for a few
tantalizing moments, but not this time. Rhea quickly moved down to her
knees and reached for Donald's cock, finding herself in the grips of a
hunger she never knew existed. Rhea made love to his thick member with an
intensity and desire that bordered primal. She knew she was acting
literally like a bitch in heat...but for the life of her she couldn't stop
herself. Donald finally pulled away knocking Rhea to the floor and then he
smiled down at her. "Follow me."

Rhea struggled to her feet and followed Donald to his bedroom where she
quickly jumped on the bed and spread her legs. Donald didn't hesitate,
much to Rhea's delight, and she cried out as he rammed his cock deep into
her...pumped in and out of her pussy while she screamed for him to go
"Deeper.... Deeper... fuck me deeper".


Donald grinned down at the naked girl. She was pretty, and had a nice
pair of tits. But then again he'd had several hundred 'pretty girls' in
his profession and merely looked at her as another lay. Donald was pleased
at how well the aphrodisiac worked and from the twisting and panting going
on beneath him, it was quite evident that Rhea was experiencing one orgasm
after another. Donald grinned again...time to play. Suddenly, Donald
pulled his cock out of Rhea and then sat back on the bed. Rhea's hand
automatically reached out for him but he batted it away and whispered 'no'.
Rhea's eyes lit up with panic before he commanded her. "Turn around Rhea,
time to take it greek."

Rhea's eyes lit up with even more alarm...obviously the girl had never
let anyone take her in the ass.

"I'm a virgin... I'm not sure about this." She groaned.
"Please...please just fuck my pussy."

Donald smiled. Same story with all the girls he fucked. Amazing how
many of them had never taken it up the ass before. Donald flipped Rhea
over onto her stomach and then raised her hips up and positioned her pretty
ass for penetration. Donald dipped his fingers down to her cum soaked
pussy to retrieve some of her natural lubricant and then smeared it all
around the puckered crack of her anus. Then he retrieved more of her cream
before inserting two of his fingers straight into her virgin hole. Rhea
grunted and groaned as he forced his fingers in deeper sliding all the way
into her rectum working her delicate membranes. Rhea's ass arched up to
allow him deeper penetration and he chuckled to himself as she twitched her
ass like she had to take a shit. Donald's could feel his own erection
throbbing and couldn't wait any longer quickly moving the head of his cock
at her opening. Rhea tensed and then winced in pain...but like every girl he'd taken in the ass she eventually relaxed her muscles enough to start
enjoying it and soon she was allowing him to go deeper and deeper.

"You've got all of me now does it feel?" Donald asked with a

"Unnnggghhhhh." Rhea responded as he started stroking back and forth.
Donald could tell from Rhea's groans that her minimal pain had turned to
pleasure and he smiled as her rectum sucked him up whole. While Donald
thrust forward he reached down below to insert two of his fingers deep
inside her cum filled pussy, and then he rammed hard one last time feeling
the wall of her membrane which separated the end of her asshole and pussy.
Rhea screamed out with an earth shattering orgasm flooding his hand with a
tidal wave of cum...and then collapsed down on the bed passing out.

Donald looked down at Rhea's lifeless form and felt she was now ready
for the final step. He was still hard nearly reaching a climax himself and
patted himself on the back for his insight. The special chemical he had
poured on his tool before going out tonight was supposed to keep him
perpetually hard and so far it was holding up. Donald quickly turned
Rhea's body around onto her back and then placed her pliant body in the
form of an "X". He got off the bed and retrieved two wristbands and two
ankle bands and after snapping them securely in place, he looped a cloth
through each ring and tied her spread eagle to the bedposts. Donald then
went over to a drawer and pulled out a vial filled with light blue
liquid...he waited a few moments before reviving her.


"Th...that was incredible...what...what...why am I like this?" Rhea
asked when she realized she was tied spread eagle to the bed.

"All part of it Rhea...this is what I call my pleasure torture."

Rhea looked up and saw how she was secured and struggled against her
bonds...but she was so totally wiped out from her sexual ordeal that she
couldn't muster the strength to break loose. This night was absolutely
incredible and never had she ever would have thought that she'd enjoy it up
the here she was indulging in another first. Rhea would never
have taken herself for a submissive but she could tell that her body was
once again aroused and she wanted him to fuck her again.

Donald straddled her and then used his left hand to easily tilt her head
back... before Rhea realized what he was doing he had dumped the contents
of what he had in his hand down her throat. Rhea swallowed in reflex as
not to choke. "What was that!?!

"Just a little something to make you a tad bit more coorperative."

Rhea was about to ask again but before giving her a chance he inserted
the tip of his cock just inside her the opening of her petals below. Rhea
felt an overwhelming desire to take all of him in and attempted to suck him
in further but Donald moved his cock out as she strained forward.
"Please... please... please Donald... fuck me." Rhea groaned as she
thrust her pelvis up off the mattress.

"I'll fuck you Rhea, but before I shove my cock deep inside that lovely
pussy of yours, we need to come to an agreement."

"Please... I need you inside of me."

"We'll get started soon enough...just let that drink work."

"What...what did you give me?" Rhea whispered... still twisting around
with desire.

"Nothing you'll remember just let it take affect."

Rhea was too horny to be too concerned and continued thrashing around on
the bed.

"Now, here are my conditions... Rhea... tomorrow you're going to be
$100,000 richer as you transfer guardianship of Cassandra to the Agency.
In addition to that you'll also receive an annual check for 1% of
Cassandra's earnings. And based on what I hear, this will make you
considerably rich."

"Yes...yes...anything. Just fuck me...please fuck me. I need it so
badly." Rhea panted...not understanding what Cassandra had to do with this,
but at the moment not caring.

"First I need you to repeat what I've told you... then we'll fuck."

Rhea suddenly arched up and managed to get a larger portion of Donald's
cock in her... moaning as a result. But Donald quickly recovered and
pulled himself out of her while keeping the head again at her entrance.
Never in her life before had Rhea needed it more.

"Now bitch...repeat the words after me." Donald again demanded.

Rhea grasped for the right words, and finally repeated what he wanted
her to say...and when she was done, she screamed. "Now...FUCK ME!"


Donald grinned down at the bitch. It was amazing how sexy and beautiful
these women were while reduced down to their most primal state. Rhea
Temple groaned, grunted and whimpered as he made her repeat the words and
when he was satisfied that the words were deeply embedded in her mind, he
finally rammed into her for all his worth. Rhea cried out in the throes of
her orgasm! Donald proceeded to fuck Rhea nonstop for another twenty
minutes and didn't let up until he himself shot a thick load of cum straight down her love tunnel... Rhea had already passed out.

Slowly Donald lifted himself up off of her and looked down at the bitch.
Donald LOVED fucking beautiful women...especially women that under his
special aphrodisiac. Come morning Rhea's conditioning would firmly be in
place and wouldn't question the transfer of guardianship.


When Rhea woke, she just lay there... completely naked on top of her
covers. Then it hit her! 'How did I get in my own bed?' she asked
herself. 'Was this all a dream?' The second she moved she knew the answer
as jolts of pain flooded her cunt and asshole. Despite the pain, Rhea
smiled as the memory of her sex with Donald elicited a not unpleasant
tingling. Never had she ever experienced anything like this before and she
hoped that he left his number. Rhea slowly put a robe and walked out to
the kitchen to make her some coffee. There were two notes sitting on the
kitchen table. A brief one from Cassandra telling her that she'd be at
Debbie's for awhile and the other from Donald. "The money is already
deposited into your account. You're a fine fuck. Donald." Rhea was
disappointed that there was no phone number. Rhea vaguely remembered how
she had agreed to relinquish guardianship of Cassandra to the modeling

Rhea went to the bathroom to run a bath and then stepped in front of the
full-length mirror. She let her robe slide off her body and drop to the
floor. Rhea loved the way she looked and now wondered if she could find a
lover that could match what Donald had elicited in her. Rhea had
experienced the best fuck of her life and she felt saddened that she
wouldn't have the opportunity to have him again. Then Rhea thought about
being $100,000 richer and chuckled at how she had negotiated 1% of
Cassandra's annual salary in addition. She remembered how she made Donald
agree to this before she let him fuck her. There was simply no way she
would allow any guy to take advantage of her...regardless how fucking great
they were in bed.

The End of Chapter One 1






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