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Cassandra Vampiress 2


Cassandra - Vampiress Chapter Two: The Awakening By JR Parz


The Agency sent a team of representatives, which included three teenage
models and guardianship of Cassandra was transferred accordingly.
Cassandra was reluctant at first but thanks to the other models she quickly
forged new friendships and she settled right into her new life as a model.
Two of the girls were eighteen and a girl named Tricia Lane was sixteen.
Probably because of their close age, Cassandra and Tricia became

It took less than a year before Cassandra made it to the big time and
began traveling around the world. In addition to herself making it, her
best friend Tricia also made it and both basked in the life of a
supermodel... becoming internationally famous.

It was on Cassandra's Eighteenth Birthday and at the top of the modeling
world when her whole life changed...and the change would be forever.


Tricia Lane was on her way back to her room from a shoot when she walked
straight into one of the most gorgeous 'hunks' she'd ever seen. Tricia
stammered and blushed as she apologized finding herself reacting towards
him the way she was used to others acting towards her! Then to further
embarrass her she found them both getting on the same elevator. Tricia
couldn't help herself as she stole glances at him...and was shocked to find
how nervous and excited he made her feel. Tricia was finding him so
irresistible that she didn't notice the man had caught her staring. Tricia
looked up at him and saw that he was smiling at her and then in an act of
blatantly disrespect he looked her up and down as if he was appraising her.
Tricia gasped at the proprietary way he looked at her and wanted to say
something, but an intense arousal was overriding every other feeling.
Tricia then made the mistake of looking directly into his eyes.

Like a damn had given loose, Tricia felt how wet she had gotten and
blushed at the thought that this man was responsible. Tricia needed to get
out of the elevator and back to her room but there was something
captivating about his eyes and she couldn't look away. Tricia stood
stunned when she heard herself ask. "Would you like to come to my room?"

Tricia had lost her virginity when she was fourteen. The hazards of
having a woman's body at such a young age. But since then she could count
her sexual experiences on one hand and the last thing she expected to be
doing was inviting a complete stranger back to her hotel room. She
remembered complaining to Cassandra earlier that her modeling career was
ruining her love life but going to this extreme was not the answer! Tricia
wanted to tell the man she was sorry but that she had changed her mind but
when she tried...the words just wouldn't come. Instead, she led the way to
her room.

Tricia led the man inside and closed the door and when she turned around
to look at him...she started to strip. 'What am I doing?' Tricia asked
herself as she stepped out of her dress. 'How was this possible?'

When Tricia let her panties slip down to the floor, she then walked up
to the man and kneeled down before him. Tricia was so wet at this point
that she could feel it drip down the insides of her thighs. This man somehow had complete power over her and she could do nothing but bask in
the weak submissive feelings that flooded her. Tricia waited for the man to say something or do something but he just gazed at her. It was almost
as if he was inspecting her like some prized mare in a horse show and when
he smiled, she found herself turning around and offering her shapely
buttocks up for him to see. Tricia could only imagine what she looked like
as she presented her finest asset and strangely she felt proud that he
found it worthy.

Tricia found herself turning around again and this time she looked up at
him expectantly. Tricia licked her lips...she was thirsty but she wasn't
sure what she was thirsty for but suddenly she found her hands reaching for
the zipper of his pants. Tricia instantly knew now what she wanted and
with every second that ticked by, she wanted it more and more. Tricia
wanted to 'suck' this man and it didn't matter that she'd never done
anything like this ever before. Nor did it matter that she was behaving
this way. What mattered to Tricia was what lay between his legs. Tricia
pulled his zipper down and pulled out the largest dick she'd ever seen in
the world. It was thick and had to reach ten inches. Slowly at first she
licked up one side of it and then down the other. Tricia then placed his
knob in her mouth...and sucked him like a Popsicle.

While Tricia was performing her first blow-job of her life she wanted to
slip her fingers down to her wet pussy...but she couldn't. Instead she
continued to suck and make slurping sounds as her mouth and tongue lavished
his tool with a hungry passion. When he finally shot a thick stream of cum deep down her throat, Tricia licked and swallowed every drop. The ice cold
taste of his cum didn't once surprise her.

Tricia wasn't sure what had happened or how much time had elapsed but
she was still down on her knees with her head bowed. She desperately tried
to make some sense of what had just happened. She could hear the man zip
up his pants and then she lifted up her head at some unspoken command.
"You're very lovely Tricia...but then again models are, aren't they?"

Tricia wanted to reply and ask what had just happened... say thank you
for his compliment... anything... but her mouth wouldn't form the words
and she just kneeled there and stared.

"You make take comfort in knowing we'll meet again. You will also
remember our time together here but be unable to tell anyone. Every time
you remember sucking me you will feel an intense desire to do it again.
The thought of my cock inside your mouth will kiss your pussy with a
promise of more."

Tricia's head wasn't allowed to move, so she couldn't follow the man's
movement as he disappeared out of her sight. Seconds later she heard the
door open... then close and knew now that he had departed.

Tricia wasn't sure how long she stayed kneeling on the carpet floor but
when she found she could move again, she started to cry. How could she
have allowed what had just happened? Nothing made sense to her but instead
of getting up to cover herself...or go to bed...or go in the shower, she
thrust two fingers deep inside her very wet pussy and screamed out with an
orgasm. Tricia came and masturbating and came as her fingers moved in and
out of her. Tricia cried out again with another orgasm and then
again...and again.


Tricia woke up on the floor. Slowly and with pain, she rose off the
floor and made her way to her bed. She smelled like sex and her thoughts
went back to the fellatio she performed...with it there was a desire to do
it again. 'Who was he?' she asked herself. 'He must have been some sort
of hypnotist.' 'He must have hypnotized me in the elevator.' Tricia
remembered how one minute she smiled at him and the next minute she wanted
him to fuck her. Tricia was getting horny again and again felt the need to
masturbate. It was as if there was an internal fire that had been lit deep
inside of her pussy and no matter what she did, she couldn't put it out.
'What has he done to me?' she asked herself.

The next day, Tricia walked around in both a daze and extremely horny.
She couldn't help herself as vivid images of her act played inside in her
mind. Tricia wanted desperately to tell Cassandra but as much as she
wanted to, and in three different attempts she tried, she found she
couldn't. Tricia had to handle the last minute details of Cassandra's 18th
Birthday party and wondered all the while when she'd see him again.

Tricia tried staying up late as she pranced around her room naked...but
the second her head hit the pillow she fell into a very deep sleep.


Damien stood quietly watching the naked girl toss and turn in her sleep.
Sexual desire was without a doubt the strongest human emotion known and
Damien would forever use this emotion to play with all his lovely females.
Tricia was young and beautiful, pretty much like all the girls he played
with, and tonight he decided to enslave her. Damien looked at Tricia's
tits and thought they could be bigger. Why models insisted on small
breasts was beyond him. Damien decided that he would give her a burning
desire to get a boob job. Damien looked at Tricia's hair and decided she
looked good in her short dark 'page boy' fashion. Damien was pleased and
willed her awake.

"Who...who are you?" Tricia asked...looking up at him.

"Hi beautiful, did you miss me?" Damien asked ignoring her question.
Damien let his eyes roam down Tricia's nudity and grinned...sending waves
of desire deep inside the girl. Tricia moaned and started to thrash
around...supernaturally in the grips of arousal she couldn't control.
Damien could smell her arousal and reached down to scoop up some of her
nectar and then brought it up to his mouth for a taste. 'Not bad' he
thought...but he'd like it much better when she was menstruating. While
Damien licked up the rest of Tricia's cum from his fingers, he scanned her
mind with only half interest...but then stopped suddenly when he saw her. A
girl named Cassandra Seavers would be celebrating her 18th Birthday
tomorrow night and Damien was stunned at the girl's beauty. "Cassandra...
is she your friend?"

"Yes...I'm her best friend."

"I think maybe I'd like to go to this party you are throwing her... how
about I be your date."

"Yes!" Tricia squealed.

Damien continued to pick at Tricia's mind, learning all about this
female beauty named Cassandra. The girl was breath taking and for the very
first time in close to a century, Damien was feeling...desire.

Originally, Damien had planned on having a couple of nights with this
lovely model and that was basically it. Through mind control, he could
will her to do or act anyway he so chose and other than planting the desire
for Tricia to get breast enlargements inside her subconscious, he hadn't
planned on anything else. Damien would allow Tricia a vague memory of her
experience but not enough to ruin her life. Anytime he returned though,
the girls he left in this state would find themselves aroused all over
again. Now, however, this all changed.

Damien continued to peak inside Tricia's mind as he carefully shuffled
through the times they had together and stopped suddenly when he caught a
picture of Cassandra sitting naked in front of her vanity mirror. Damien
could tell that Tricia was aroused from this scene and this made him smile.
Tricia would also have a chance to taste from was the least
he could do.

Damien used his mind to push the very lust he was feeling for Cassandra
straight into Tricia and chucked when she saw the girl suddenly clutch her
groin. Tricia groaned while he mentally allowed her fingers to ease her
desire. Tricia was panting hard now as she pleasured herself while Damien
slowly stripped out of his own clothes. By the time he climbed on the bed
and in-between her legs, her pussy was swollen with need. Damien then
entered all ten inches of himself deep inside of her and Tricia cried out
with an orgasm. Several more thrusts later and she climaxed again...and by
the time he brought her to orgasm one more time, she had feinted during the
throes. Damien drew his cock out of Tricia's pussy and then angled her
lovely neck to his lips. Using his fangs he punctured small holes inside
her skin and quickly took two long gulps of her rich human blood. Just as
quick he used his power to heal her wound and other than a slight red blemish there wouldn't be a mark on her. Tricia was his slave now and she
would prove pivotal in his plans.

Mind control took effort and concentration and the subject couldn't be
controlled over great distances, but once he drank from a girl she would
become his pleasure slave. He could control her from across the ocean if
he so chose. Tricia's body would cry for his lips, his caress, and above
all his cock and although she would appear perfectly normal to the public
and very much herself inside her mind, she wouldn't be able to disobey any
command he gave her.


When Tricia woke up, she felt an all-new hunger for Damien Nightshade
and with that thought came the question of how she knew his name? All she
wanted, all she desired, all she craved was this immortal being named
Damien and the intensity of these new feelings overwhelmed her. Tricia
called out. "Damien... please...where are you?" With as much time as it
took a human to blink, Damien was beside her and brought his palm up to
caress her. She could feel him inside her mind and she welcomed
it...instructing her to calm down. Then proceeded to telepathically
explain her new role in life.


Tricia came to the party with her arm draped around an absolute hunk of
a man. He was tall, dark and mysterious and quickly had the other models
buzzing. Cassandra was shocked at first because Tricia had just complained
to her the other night that she didn't have time to date...and here she was
with the best looking man at the party. Cassandra did have to admit that
they looked good together but deep down she thought that Damien and she
would look even better together.


"Cassandra, I'd like you to meet my date, Damien Nightshade."

Damien extended his hand while Cassandra did the same and as their hands
touched Damien locked her in his gaze. He only needed a mere second to
establish control and once this was accomplished he could push her
mind...her very actions ...her every desire... in any direction he so
chose. A quick scan told him that Cassandra was not only innocent looking
and by far the most loveliest female creature he's seen in not one but
several, centuries, it also confirmed his suspicion that Cassandra had
never experienced a man before. Starting right now, Cassandra was going to
feel the way a girl of her beauty should feel every waking moment of her


Cassandra felt a shiver of desire shoot straight up her arm as her hand
made contact with Damien's hand and gasped at the intensity of it. How
could the mere touch elicit such feelings inside of her? Cassandra
couldn't believe it but there was no denying what it was as every symptom
flooded her. Her breasts pitched forward... her breathing quickened...
and she could feel a dampness inside the crotch area of her panties. When
Damien finally released her hand, the intensity of her arousal
dissipated...but not completely. Cassandra glanced at Tricia hoping that
her best friend hadn't noticed the affect her date was having on her and
was surprised to find Tricia smiling at her instead. Tricia had either
expected her reaction or maybe she thought it was perfectly natural.
Cassandra managed to excuse herself and make her rounds talking with the
other guests. She did everything in her power to avoid the man and hoped
that Tricia wouldn't be offended.

Cassandra acted like the gracious guest of honor but something had been
brewing inside of her that she found herself unable to fight. Need...
need greater than anything she'd ever fathomed possible had consumed her
and for the first time in her life, Cassandra knew what it was like to
sexually desire another. Now she knew what the other models meant when
they talked about sexual arousal...and its affect on a woman's body.

Cassandra couldn't resist the temptation to steal glances at Damien and
with each glance she stole it seemed her desire for him went up a notch.
With the way she was feeling right now, she wanted to tear-off her dress
and beg him to ravish her! How could this be happening? The mere sight of
him had soaked her panties!

It didn't take more than a few moments later when Cassandra finally
couldn't take it anymore and rushed to the bathroom. She locked the door
and quickly stripped out of her dress. She pulled down her panties and
finally unsnapped her 38D-cup bra and let it fall to the floor. Every inch
of her was erotically charged and as she brushed her fingertips against her
enlarged nipples, she cried out at their sensitivity. Cassandra cupped her
ample breasts and then squeezed her nipples...she gasped at the sensation
this elicited and knew that she needed to cum. She was panting now as she
stuck two fingers deep inside of her vagina...this sparked a powerful
climax and when Cassandra pulled her hand away it was soaked with cum. She
flashed back to a fantasy she had about a dark mysterious man who would
some day sweep her off her feet...but this was ridiculous. Cassandra again
inserted two fingers into her wet hole and this time used her thumb to
brush against her clit...the next orgasm was even more intense. Cassandra
felt like crying. There was no denying it...she wanted him. She wanted
Damien to make love to wasn't right. She wanted Damien to
fuck her pussy until she passed out and the mere thought of his big dick
ramming in and out of her made her fingering all the more intense, bringing
her to her third and final orgasm!

Cassandra must have passed out because the next thing she knew there was
someone knocking at the door when her eyes fluttered open. She was sitting
on the commode, her legs spread out, and three of her fingers were still
buried deep inside of her. Her cum dribbled out the second she slid her
fingers out and she grabbed for a wash cloth. She remembered her brief
experience with Nicole three years ago and giggled when she thought how
that was nothing compared to this.

When Cassandra heard a second knock, she had her bra and panties back on
and was in the middle of slipping back on her dress. She smelled of sex
and there was nothing she could do about it. Now she understood what
people were talking about when they said; 'that girl reeks of sex'. She
felt like a female dog in heat. By the time she exited the bathroom, she
was feeling aroused all over again.

How could a complete stranger, armed with nothing more than a handshake,
have this type of effect on her? As she passed a couple of the older models in the hallway, they gave her a funny look. Cassandra imagined that
they could smell her and blushed in embarrassment. What Cassandra didn't
know was that the girls did actually smell her and wondered whom the lucky
guy or girl was. Cassandra not only smelled of sex, her whole body was
flush and she looked as if she'd just been willingly raped.

When Cassandra went back to the living room, she found out that Tricia
and Damien had already left the party. She leaned her back against the
wall with a sigh of relief...mingled with disappointment. Cassandra
wondered if she would ever see him again.


Damien and Tricia went straight from the party to Cassandra's hotel room
and when they arrived, Tricia was feeling horny again. Damien told her
that she was going to experience Cassandra's charms firsthand and Tricia
could hardly contain herself. She was no longer subject to her old inhibitions and she stripped naked and kneeled before her master. Damien
merely patted her head as he waited for Cassandra to return to her hotel


Damien looked down at his new sex slave and elevated her arousal with a
simple gaze. Tricia gasped, squeezing her thighs together as tight as she
could. He mentally instructed her to tighten her pussy muscles, which
helped her achieve her second orgasm.


Cassandra's sexual arousal was making it hard for her to stay at her own
party, so, she apologized to everyone and made the excuse she was feeling
ill and needed to call it a night. She returned to her hotel room and was
startled to find Damien sitting on the couch, with her best friend Tricia
kneeling in front of him. At first she thought she might be giving him a
blow job but could see now that she was merely kneeling in a submissive
position before the man.

"Hi Cassandra, did you enjoy the party?".

"Yes... NO! I..."

The mere sight of Damien elicited the memories of her masturbation and
the image of her fingers going in and out of her vagina was making her
horny all over again. Damien smiled at her as if he'd known somehow what
she was thinking and said. "Turning eighteen can be a traumatic
experience...especially when a young beautiful woman is awakened down

Cassandra blushed at his words. "Why are you here?" she asked and then
looked down at Tricia. "Tricia... what has he done to you?"

"Permission to speak freely." Tricia asked Damien.

Cassandra saw Damien shake his head with permission. What the hell was
going on?

"Damien wanted to give you your birthday gift personally, and he invited
me to help him." Tricia replied with a smile...and then stood up.

Cassandra was feeling hornier with every second that went by and now
that she stood in front of the man responsible for her condition, she
wasn't sure what to do. Arousal like she'd never experienced before
flooding every pore in her body and it no longer mattered to her that
Tricia stood there stark naked beside her. Then in an act that both
shocked her and excited her, Tricia made a pass at her by placing her hand
in back of her neck like a lover might do. Cassandra remembered how Nicole
had seduced her and Tricia's touch resurfaced everything. She had seen
Tricia naked on countless occasions, as like the other models, and never
once reacted to it like she had with Nicole. She'd been relieved that she
wasn't gay but now her body was alive with arousal. As Tricia moved her
naked body up against her...she couldn't deny what her body wanted
her...but if she gave in now her life would change. "It's really late...
we have to get some re..." Cassandra stopped talking in mid sentence. Not
voluntarily, but because for some reason she wasn't aware of, her vocal
chords simply stopped working.

Damien stood up from the couch and walked up in front of her. Tricia
went around to the back of her. Not only couldn't Cassandra talk, but she
also couldn't move...and the only thing she could do at this point was
feel. Cassandra could feel that her panties were soaked.

In one motion, Damien used both hands to tear open the front of her
dress...and then let it fall in a heap by her feet. Cassandra then gasped
when he did the same to her bra, springing free her generous breasts.
Cassandra's whole body was shaking with need and she knew she must look
like an animal in heat. Slowly Damien began caressing her tits and all
along the slopes of her highly excited body. Cassandra was caught up in a
passion that she could neither deny nor resist, and moaned in pleasure.
Then she felt Tricia spread her ass cheeks apart and cried out when
Tricia's tongue entered her asshole. Pleasure cascaded over her like a

Cassandra's entire body throbbed with lust and she desperately wanted to
be fucked! It didn't matter whom...she just needed it! More than anything
in her life, she wanted this man to fuck her. More than anything in her
life, she wanted Tricia to eat her out. The realization no longer bothered
her and she cried out when Damien thrust his hand between her legs. She
gasped, moaned, and screamed, just now realizing that she could talk
again...but instead of yelling 'stop' she screamed for them to 'fuck her'
where she stood. Only a small part of Cassandra knew that she should feel
embarrassed for the way she and Tricia were acting but intense sexual
desire swallowed-up all these feelings.

Damien picked her up as if she were weightless and carried her into her
bedroom. Damien then placed her on her bed while she squirmed on top of
her sheets in anticipation. Moments later, Tricia joined her and as if
they were responding to some unspoken commands, they crushed their teenage
bodies up hard against each other and pinched, squeezed, caressed, and
kissed every inch of each other before descending down to lick and lap at
one another.


Damien had already stripped and was stroking his own ten inches while he
watched this very erotic sight play out before him. These two beauties
were meant for each other and rutted together like long lost lovers. He
was amused when he thought how innocent these girls were prior to his
corruption. As he continued to enjoy the show of Cassandra and Tricia
going down on each other, he couldn't help do something he hadn't needed to
do in such a long time. All three of them came to a shattering climax.

Damien found himself dazing for a few moments before looking down at the
sleeping beauties. When passion was ignited by the supernatural, these
mortal girls had a habit of passing out during the throes of an orgasm. He
glanced at his slave Tricia and sent her spiraling down deeper into a
controlled sleep. Damien didn't want his lovely slave to wake up during
Cassandra's initiation.


Cassandra woke to see Damien naked before her. Her mouth was full of
Tricia's cum and she licked her lips savoring the taste. Now she was
aching to fill her mouth with Damien's cum. Cassandra glanced over at
Tricia and saw that she was still asleep while Damien moved his body
in-between her legs, and wrapped his hands around her thighs. As much
passion as there was wracking her body, Cassandra was a bit frightened to
think that his huge dick could actually fit inside her virgin pussy...but
when she felt Damien exert his will on her to spread them she quickly

"Damien, I'm a virgin. Please...please be gentle with me." Cassandra
asked with trepidation. She again glanced at Tricia and smiled at how
close and pretty her lovely face was to her. Then she glanced back at
Damien, who was now descending his lips over her pussy. Thanks to Tricia's
licking moments before, she knew she was very wet down there. Damien
quickly thrust his tongue against her lips, stabbing his tongue in and out
of her cream filled pussy. Cassandra again found her body thrashing around
as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her.

Damien then guided his cock into her, inserting his member deep inside
of her creamy pussy...and Cassandra screamed out when she felt her hymen
break and Damien begin his pounding. Cassandra felt a most glorious sexual
high and begged Damien. "Please Damien, harder, fuck me harder,"
forgetting her previous request for him to be gentle with her.

Damien was relentless as he shoved his cock deeper and deeper down the
depths of her hot pussy. Cassandra finally screamed out as loud as she
could when another orgasm rocked her entire being...and she passed out.


While Cassandra slept, Damien lapped up her virgin blood from her
pussy...making sure to get every last drop. Vampires who drank from a
girl's neck turned the girl into a sex slave. Vampires, who drank blood
from a newly deflowered pussy, initiated the girl into his special circle.
In addition, Cassandra would also hunger for sex. 'We're half way there
Cassandra' smiled Damien as he licked up the last of it. Cassandra would
remain mortal until Damien let her drink from him but in the mean time, she
would do as she was told as an initiate. Damien lifted himself up off the
bed and then gazed back down at Cassandra. She was absolutely
breathtakingly but he wouldn't convert her until she turned twenty-one...
then she would become his immortal bride. Until then, Cassandra would be
his lover.

Damien glanced over at Tricia. Tricia was now his willing slave, and
would do his bidding. This would make it easier for Cassandra, because
only his slaves could slake her arousal during his absences. He focused on
Tricia and exerted his will. 'You are to be Cassandra's lover and service
her every need. You will pleasure her and she will pleasure you. You need
each other and love each other very much.' Damien turned to Cassandra for
one more glance and then blew her a kiss while using his will to send a
rush of warmth straight to her pleasure points. Cassandra stirred and
unconsciously moved her hands down to her groin. One of her fingers
slipped inside of her...Cassandra moaned. It took some effort, but Damien
left the two sleeping beauties on the bed and left.


Cassandra woke first and looked down at herself. She felt different.
She looked different. She felt sexier...healthier. Her tits felt
firmer...fuller. She squeezed them hard and rubbed them while relishing
the pleasure she felt because of her ministrations. Only yesterday she had
rubbed them like this and felt nothing more than the sensation of rubbing.
Now, she rubbed them and she felt jolts of sensual pleasure. She turned to
her left and looked at Tricia. She was stunning and the remembrance of
last night made her horny...and happy.

Cassandra leaned over and kissed Tricia on the lips. Upon contact, the
girl's mouth opened up allowing Cassandra to sneak her tongue in. Tricia
opened her eyes in pleasure and both girls slowly made love, relishing the
feelings each of them provoked.

After several orgasms later, Tricia got up to take a shower...
Cassandra knew if they showered together, that they'd be in there for a
couple of hours, so she purposely lay on the bed waiting her turn. While
waiting Cassandra reached down to touch herself, noting the soreness
between her legs, but instead of feeling pain... she felt pleasure.
Cassandra couldn't stop thinking about how incredible it all was last night
and Damien deflowered her. They fucked until she passed out and she was no
longer a virgin. When Tricia was done, Cassandra giggled as she pranced by
her to take her shower...that was when she saw the note on her
was from Damien.

'Hope you enjoyed your birthday present! Love, Damien'.

Cassandra remembered the fear she felt when Tricia had said that Damien
wanted to give her a birthday present personally, and how she'd been
invited to assist with it. It was the best present she'd ever received in
her life! When Cassandra came out from taking her shower, she saw that
Tricia was already dressed.

"I'll see you later...lover." Tricia whispered.

Cassandra knew she had a shoot this morning and smiled. Then they
kissed, hugged and cupped each other's ass cheeks...while grinding together
their groins. The act sent them both a bolt of pleasure. Cassandra
finally broke it off, and Tricia reluctantly left.

Later on that afternoon, while Cassandra lay naked on the couch in her
living room relaxing, her mind continued to be filled with Damien. Was
this love? Why didn't she react to sharing Damien with Tricia? Why didn't
Tricia react? Cassandra never in her wildest dreams believed in the
supernatural, but she wondered now if they were under some sort of spell.
Cassandra didn't care. She was sexually alive now and she never wanted to
lose this feeling. Cassandra loved being naked now and basked in the
constant state of arousal she was in. Strangely she knew that she wouldn't
be seeing Damien until tonight and wished Tricia would hurry back from her
shoot. Wait, how did she know that she wouldn't see Damien until tonight?
She just knew... and her mind accepted it. Her thought went back to
Tricia and the she wondered why she accepted her new relationship with her
when she didn't accept them with Nicole. It simply didn't bother her that
she was making it with another long as it was Tricia. Cassandra
walked to her bedroom and tried to ignore the stirrings she felt inside her
pussy. Tricia would be here soon.

The End of Chapter Two! 1



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