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Archived Sex Stories

Cassandra Vampiress 3


"Cassandra - Vampiress, Part III" by JR Parz


For the next year Cassandra's modeling career took off and it appeared
that she had it all... but what she wanted most was Damien and found that
she could only be truly happy during his infrequent visits. Rationally,
Cassandra knew her love for Damien didn't make sense but the fact of the
matter was she'd quit her career in a heartbeat to be with him.

Damien's visits were few and far apart, ultimately leading her to
Tricia, but unlike her previous experience with Nicole, this time she
embraced her bisexuality. The only thing that confused her was why she
didn't feel any attraction towards some of the other beautiful models.

As her relationship became more and more intimate with Tricia, Cassandra
was amazed with Tricia's new submissive nature... often wondering how
someone like Tricia could be so strong-willed out in public but yet so very
submissive when it was just the two... or three of them.

One early morning she woke to find Damien's head buried between her legs
and she then shuddered with intense pleasure when she felt his tongue enter
her... slowly his tongue separated the folds of her vulva until reaching
her clit and then played with the tip. Waves upon waves of pleasure washed
over her as she thrashed around on top of her bedcovers and then cried out
with an incredible orgasm.

Much later, she opened her eyes and instead of finding Damien there
nestled warmly between her legs, she found Tricia. "Where's Damien?" she
asked, already knowing the answer.

"He had to leave... he told me to stay with you until you woke." Tricia
replied with concern... then she lowered her mouth down on her. She was
still wet and Tricia licked all around her swollen soaked petals before
plunging into her... "unggghhhh." she groaned... and then cried out with
another orgasm.

Tricia moved up to lie beside her as she basked in the afterglow.

"I have a shoot this morning." Tricia stated, breaking the silence...
and her heart. That was the last thing Cassandra wanted to hear.

"When will you be back?" she whispered.

"Early afternoon... at the latest."

"Oh." Cassandra whispered.

"Maybe I should call in sick." Tricia offered.

"Why?" Cassandra asked, not wanting to come off sounding desperate.

"You know how you get after Damien's made love to you." Tricia

"Yeah... I know." Cassandra admitted with a blush. "But I'll be all
right... You go ahead." She added.

Cassandra gazed at Tricia's naked buttocks as she got up and headed
towards the bathroom... just the thought of kissing her ample cheeks
started to arouse her. "I wish you didn't have to go." She yelled out
towards the bathroom... hating and blushing at her weakness.

"Horny are you?" Tricia yelled back with a giggle... then the toilet flushed and Tricia walked back into the bedroom. Cassandra blushed again
as Tricia grinned at her... then she walked over to the dresser and picked
up her cell phone.

"Hi... this is Tricia... tell Carl that I'm not feeling well and won't
be there at the shoot today."

Cassandra's eyes lit up with excitement! It amazed her how passive
Tricia could be with her and then be quite the opposite and bold with
everyone else. Tricia climbed back into bed and once again positioned
herself between her legs... it didn't take long before she was groaning
and twisting and crying out with another orgasm.

Cassandra reflected later on during a relaxing state... Damien would
come to her, fuck her throughout the night... and then leave while she
slept. Then she'd wake up incredibly horny and need Tricia to satisfy her.

*** (Two years later from when Cassandra was first seduced by Damien)

One night Damien dropped by for more than just his usual fuck.
Cassandra thrashed around the bed, panting, groaning and whimpering while
Damien thrust into her harder and faster than he'd ever fucked her before
and before she passed out she had cum several times with mind numbing

This time when she woke, Damien lay beside her... naked and smiling,
prompting her to squeal out with joy and smother him with kisses. Damien
kissed her back for a few moments, holding her tight and protective and
then broke it off.

"Now, listen to me." Damien commanded in a soft voice.

Cassandra felt the desire to do just that.

"Your time has come... You and Tricia will come and live with me. I'll
give you one day to do what you must."

"What will I tell people?" Cassandra asked, fearing the avalanche of

"Simply proclaim your love for Tricia."

Cassandra looked into the eyes of her lover and cried... not with
sadness, but with happiness and a mere second later, Damien shifted around
and reentered her. Cassandra cried out as happiness and ecstasy overrode
every emotion until she exploded to another orgasm.

Cassandra and Tricia called a press conference the next day and
announced to the world their decision to quit modeling. They disclosed
that they were lovers and had enough money to spend every waking moment in
each other's arms. The world was shocked and while Tricia fielded a
question on how long they've been lovers, Cassandra thought about how
pleasurable it would be to devote her life now to pleasing Damien.
Meanwhile the Agency didn't take too well to the idea of losing Cassandra
and Tricia, figuring between the two of them that they were worth a billion
dollars to them. Donald Carpenter was called to intervene, but Cassandra
and Tricia were long gone before he ever arrived.


When Cassandra and Tricia arrived at Damien's mansion on the west coast,
Cassandra was stunned at the size of the place... but not as stunned as
she'd be when she entered it. The place was filled with pretty girls...
all young and sexy, dressed like French maids. When Cassandra asked Damien
why they were here, he simply told her that they were all part of his

Cassandra was led to a huge bedroom while Tricia was instructed to the
staff quarters. She wondered why Tricia was being treated differently and
questioned Damien on this... and his reply stunned her. "Tricia has
chosen to be part of the staff... I'm simply allowing what she so

When Cassandra tried breeching the subject with Tricia, Tricia replied
that she only wanted to please Damien and make him happy and what better
way to make him happy than to serve him all the time. Cassandra had to
admit that Tricia blended in with the rest of the girls.

The only girl that wasn't part of the mansion's staff was someone she
met in the basement pool area. Cassandra watched the girl swim and as she
did she thought that she looked a lot like the popular actress from the WZ
series on television. When Cassandra moved closer she suddenly stopped...
embarrassed. The girl was the popular actress from the television series
and she buck-naked as she climbed out of the pool. The actress smiled at
her while Cassandra blushed.

"Hand me that towel, will you?" the actress asked.

Cassandra walked over to a lounge chair and retrieved it, then handed it
to her. The actress wasn't necessarily supermodel material, but she did
ooze erotic beauty and there was definitely a quality about her that made
her ever so sexy.

"Hi... my name is Sarah Love Hart." the actress beamed while extending
her hand.

"I thought so... " Cassandra replied with a smile. "Are you on break
from the series?"

"No. Actually, I quit the series."

"But... but I thought the series was popular?" Cassandra asked,
wondering why Sarah would quit.

"Popular and lucrative... how true." Sarah replied.

"Then why?"

"To be near Damien." Sarah grinned.

Cassandra blushed for a moment... and then became angry. She had long
ago accepted the fact that she shared Damien with Tricia, but how many
other girls did she have to share him with. Did Damien also have sex with
his servants? "Why would you leave your series to lounge around naked like
some sex pet?" She asked sarcastically.

Sarah's eyes lit up... but not with anger... more like amusement. "Be
careful who you throw stones at... I would expect you'll be doing much of
the same in the near future."

"I'm not his pet." Cassandra snapped. "...and if you think that I'm
going to be prancing around naked like you, you have another thing coming."

"You look so 'hot' when you get all flustered like this." Sarah
responded, grinning.

"Fuck you."

"I certainly hope so... you look delicious Cassandra Seavers." Sarah

Cassandra turned red and walked away.


Damien made sure not to smirk as Cassandra vented her frustrations.
Cassandra obviously felt threatened with Sarah's presence and he couldn't
resist probing her to sift through her memories. He smiled... Sarah
wanted his beautiful blonde lover and suspected, given their personalities,
that she'd soon get her way. His Cassandra was naturally submissive and
didn't stand a chance against Sarah's more aggressive tendencies.

Damien reflected to a time when he first crossed paths with the spunky
actress. Sarah had been attending one of those Hollywood parties and he
decided to eavesdrop on a discussion she was having with another actress.
He remembered debating on what actress to 'take' when Sarah mentioned the
title of the show she played in. When he thought about it, he chuckled at
how poetic it would be for him to fuck her... then alter her behavior
where instead of playing a 'fighter' of vampires, she instead would play a
'Vampiress'... and instead of catering to a teenage audience, her audience
would become horny adults... and instead of playing in a prime time
television series she'd desire a new career in erotic films...but this all
came to an abrupt halt when Damien discovered that Sarah was a virgin.

Damien decided to perform the same ceremony on Sarah as he had with
Cassandra, and by the time he was done with the young actress, she was
literally begging him to take her with him. At first, Damien was going to
treat Sarah like he had Cassandra and force her to continue acting... for
a while anyway. But then the more he thought about it, the more he thought
it would be better having Sarah well established inside his household
before Cassandra came to live with him.

Damien chuckled at the memory of Sarah walking around naked for the
first time. It was fascinating to watch the young actress struggle
internally with his suggestion that she become less inhibited. Within
twenty-four hours, Sarah no longer wore clothes except panties when she was
having her period.

Despite Sarah living under the same roof, Damien didn't fuck her any
more than he fucked Cassandra... and as a result, Sarah was becoming
increasingly frustrated. Sarah pleaded with him to spend more time with
her... and when he realized Cassandra had Tricia and Sarah didn't have
anybody, so he decided to allow her to make use of the staff.

"But I'm not into girls." Sarah complained.

"You are now..." Damien smiled while he wiped out her heterosexuality
and converted her to lesbianism...except, of course, when it came to him.
Sarah would now find herself passionately attracted to females. "...And
you have my permission to use the staff at your whim."

Damien monitored Sarah's walk back to her room and saw how her body
reacted when she spotted Dawn. He chuckled at her initial confusion, but
lust quickly won out and soon the pretty brunette accompanied her back to
her bedroom. Sarah practically ripped off the maid's uniform she wore and
preceded to make love to her like a 'seasoned' lesbians. Sarah would
confess later to him that she never dreamed a female could pleasure her
like that...and if she did, she would have allowed Melissa Michelle Hewitt
to seduce her.

Now, months later, it was Cassandra doing the complaining... and just
like he'd done with Sarah, he decided to alter Cassandra's feelings... a
tweak here... a tweak there... a dampening of this and enhancement of
that... and now Cassandra would gradually feel very different about her
sex life.


Cassandra's first hint at her new outlook came when Damien led her to
the kitchen that night... no sooner had she passed the kitchen staff when
she was spun around and quickly stripped of her clothes. Stunned, she
looked over at the two girls, who smirked at her predicament. Before she
had a chance to say anything, Damien spun her around again and pinned her
up against the wall. Cassandra looked down at her naked body, breathing
hard and made ready for penetration. She felt so exposed while panting
with need. She couldn't see him, but she knew Damien was smiling at her
from behind... and this elicited even a greater need. "Please." she
pleaded, throbbing with arousal and anticipation. "Please." she whispered

Damien kneed her legs apart and then twisted her around, pinning her
against the counter. Cassandra could hear him slide down his own zipper
and without a moment's hesitation entered all ten inches deep inside of
her. Cassandra gasped, never feeling that full before and then whimpered as
he began to thrust in and out of her. Pleasure on top of pleasure flooded
her every nerve ending and by the time he shot a thick cold stream of his
essence into her, she had already experienced multiple orgasms.

Cassandra must have passed out because the next thing she knew she was
waking up on the kitchen floor while leaking cum from her between her
thighs. Slowly, she looked around... Why would Damien 'take' her like
that and then just leave her there? How could he do it in front of the
'help'? Cassandra slowly got to her feet and turned beet red... It was
one thing for Tricia to be there while Damien made love to her... but
another thing altogether to have complete strangers watching them. Slowly,
she made her way to her bedroom and climbed into bed. The image of them
rutting together like animals was vivid and it should have made her angry,
but instead it aroused her. What had he done to her?

As the week progressed, Cassandra found she was loosening her
inhibitions. Just like Sarah had said, soon she was walking around in her
birthday suit... Sarah didn't say 'I told you so', but she did snicker.
Cassandra didn't question her nudity as anything other than natural...
feeling relaxed and very comfortable with her beauty.

While Cassandra flaunted her beauty in front of her, Sarah was finding
it more and more difficult to ignore the famous ex-model. Seeing Cassandra
naked every day was more than she could handle.

Sarah, under an overwhelming desire to be with Cassandra, had to find
someway to quench her burning desire and given Cassandra didn't seem to be
interested in a little female-female sex play, she ended up seeking the
next best thing... her best-friend, Tricia. Sarah would end up spending
as much time talking to Tricia about Cassandra, as they would spend between
each other's legs.

Although Cassandra saw Damien more now than when she didn't live in his
mansion, she still didn't see him as much as she wanted to and given Tricia
wasn't around as much either, she found herself hanging out with Sarah more
and more. Both girls would sit out by the pool, naked, talking for hours.
Sarah would openly gaze at Cassandra, doing nothing to hide her desire,
while Cassandra found something stirring from the constant attention.

During the now infrequent encounters Cassandra had with Tricia, she
found herself fantasizing about Sarah... and while in the throes of an
orgasm, instead of seeing Tricia, she would imagine Sarah. Was she falling
for Sarah? Why did Damien always have to be away?

One morning after a night of Damien ravishing her body, Cassandra woke
extremely horny. Damien always had this affect on her and she immediately
thought of Tricia, but when she went to her room, she wasn't there.

Anger and frustration came to a boiling point and Cassandra stormed out
of the room yelling her name. Within seconds, Tricia came flying down the
hall from the direction of Sarah's room.

"Where have you been?" Cassandra screamed at her.

"With Sarah." Tricia whispered with downcast eyes.

"How dare you!" Cassandra snapped back. "How dare her!" she added.
Cassandra still felt horny and desperately needed relief. "Follow me." she
stated as she led Tricia back to her room. Cassandra climbed on top of her
bed and spread her legs. "Lick me!" she ordered.

Cassandra climaxed repeatedly while Tricia licked and licked and licked
and then took a perverse pleasure in her dominant role. Tricia truly was a


Several months went by when Damien decided it was time for a change. He
initiated it after one of their fuck sessions. She asked him to get rid of
Sarah so he could spend more time with her. She complained that she needed
a lover full time...and that Tricia no longer helped. "She's not even
herself anymore... I don't even recognize her. As far as I'm concerned,
she's nothing more than a servant"

Damien smiled at his blond concubine, appreciating her ability to
identify a problem and work towards a solution. She was worried about her
attraction to Sarah because of her naturally passive personality... and it
was for this reason alone that she wished to get rid of Sarah. Yes, he
grinned. Cassandra would make an excellent vampiress.

Damien decided that Cassandra should experience the "other side" before
her 'turning' so he 'turned off' the directed focus she had for Tricia and
'turned on' her passion for all females. This, of course, would mean that
Cassandra's body would become aroused for any female she found
attractive... and if she had already felt an attraction towards Sarah
without his help, she'd find herself incredibly attracted to her now in her
current condition. When Cassandra went to sleep that night she had no idea
what Damien had done to her.

The second Cassandra eyed Tiffany the next morning she knew that Damien
had altered her. In the past Cassandra would admire the pretty teenager,
who didn't look a day over sixteen, and think that she would have made a
spectacular model. Now, while she gazed at her, she felt a strong sexual
desire for her and Cassandra wasted no time at all leading her into her
bed. Cassandra proceeded to strip, caress and lick every sweet crevice of
Tiffany while the young girl cried out with one orgasm after another.

After Cassandra's interlude with the servant Tiffany, she went down to
the pool area. Cassandra felt happy that Damien provided her Tiffany, not
realizing it didn't stop there. Then she spotted Sarah and that was when
it 'hit' her... Lust, like nothing she felt before overwhelmed her...and
it was all directed at Sarah. Sarah must have detected her desire because
she smiled and led her away back to her room... Cassandra knew if she
submitted herself to Sarah that she wouldn't be able to control herself but
knowing this didn't help her in refusing her. Cassandra woke the next
morning in Sarah's bed, and with her head between Sarah's legs... the
musky scent smelled heavenly. Sarah smiled down at her, and patted her
head... instead of this act of propriety bothering her; she felt a burst
of new pleasure from pleasing her.

During the next half year, Cassandra experienced cravings and desires
for both Sarah and Damien that would have made the most experienced porn
star blush... and just like Damien had done with Tricia, he sometimes
would join Sarah and her and the sex never felt better.

When Sarah and her were alone, Sarah would control their relationship
and treated her like a sex toy. Cassandra wasn't oblivious to the way
Sarah treated her, but because of the passion Sarah elicited in her, there
wasn't anything she could refuse her. Cassandra responding to everything
Sarah commanded taking advantage of her submissive nature.


On Cassandra's 21st birthday, Damien willed the staff into a very deep
sleep... Nothing and nobody was going to interrupt Cassandra's final step
to immortality as he summoned Cassandra and Sarah, naked, before him. Both
girls moved like automations and proceeded to kneel before him.

Cassandra couldn't control her actions but she could feel arousal lick
at her lower petals below. She knew Sarah was kneeling beside her but she
wasn't able to turn her head to acknowledge her...but what she did see was
Damien stripping naked and then withdrawing a ceremonial knife from a black
box. Then he stood in front of her...his ten-inch erection standing
straight up at attention. "Cassandra, my dear... tonight you awaken to

Cassandra gazed up at Damien hypnotically as he sliced a deep cut along
the top portion of his shaft... a thick stream of blood appeared prompting
Cassandra to firmly move her mouth on top of the cut and start drinking.
With every spurt of blood, Cassandra swallowed... and with every swallow,
she experienced an orgasm... eventually she passed.

Damien smiled at his blond wife. She was his forever now and he felt
comfortable with his choice. He then glanced at Sarah... she would still
have to prove herself. For the time being she would remain an initiate.


Cassandra woke up later that night feeling incredibly different...and
like she'd been programmed to understand, she now knew she was a vampires.
Her senses so acute and her body so alive she shuddered as heat pulsated
all along her pleasure centers. Her mind reached out to Damien and
immediately felt comforted in the fact that he would join her soon.
Everything she needed to know, she now understood and her whole life prior
to tonight seemed trivial. With a simple push of her mind, she touched
each of the staff and could tell that she could manipulate each and every
one of them. Then she reached out to Sarah and smiled. Yes, even the
initiate was hers to control and the thought of turning the tables on the
sexy actress was too tempting to resist. Cassandra willed Sarah before

Moments later Sarah, naked and showing shock, kneeled before her.
Cassandra reached into her mind and could tell Sarah wasn't used to being
treated like this. Cassandra didn't allow Sarah to speak. "Now who's the
submissive one you bitch." Cassandra asked the actress telepathically.
Sarah would always remind her of the weakness she felt as a mortal and was
ever so tempted to drink from the girl, but didn't. Damien would not be
pleased and Damien was her Master. Cassandra would never do anything to
displease her Master.

Cassandra understood fully that she was Damien's slave and that he could
exert untold power over her with the flick of his mind, just like they both
could over there initiates, thralls and mortals. Damien told her she could
resume her career as a model and return to the living and this pleased the
new vampires very much.

Cassandra, eternally twenty-one and beautiful forever...and with vampire
powers allowing her to exert mind control and elicit sexual arousal in her
prey couldn't think of a better way to 'live' her life. The only thing
that Damien forbid her was any sexual relations with human males
remembering quite clealy his words. "You may not touch a human male but
enjoy all the lovely mortal females you wish." As powerful as Cassandra
was, she knew she would never disobey her Master's commands.

Cassandra found her self fascinated with the myths surrounding the
vampire lore and it seemed the more she read and more movies she viewed the
more ridiculous the conclusion. Damien had told her that she could
function just fine in the daylight, although her powers wouldn't be as
sharp. She didn't need blood every night, just a couple sips a few times a
month...and as Damien had put it, females having their period were
plentiful. Damien let Cassandra feed on Tricia for the first night few
nights and then Tiffany a few times before she left the mansion. Cassandra
remembered the pleasure she took in their taste.

Cassandra loved the pleasures of being a vampire, and found the thought
of seducing young female beauties very arousing. Cassandra carefully made
plans at building her own stable of models but decided Tricia would remain
with Damien's staff. Of course, the models she chose would serve a dual
role... providing her a healthy supply of blood and sex.

Cassandra discovered her accounts had not been tampered with and she was
able to use her money to obtain the lease for an LA office building. This
place would serve as a location for her new agency and residence. This
time Cassandra would present herself as a very successful woman and
wouldn't be performing any modeling.


The girl was breathtakingly beautiful... only sixteen years old. Her
name was Jillian Peters and every bit as sweet and subtly erotic as
Cassandra could hope for... the trip to the mall proved successful.

Cassandra smiled at the girl... It didn't matter who they were, or what
their sexual preference was, one look from her could captivate them and
Jill would prove no different.

Just as the innocent beauty was about to ask why she was staring at her,
Cassandra felt the link take hold. "Don't be afraid... I'm not going to
hurt you. You will come with me."


Jill was about to protest, but strangely felt compelled to do as this
woman instructed and the next thing she knew she was abandoning her car and
following the mysterious woman across the parking lot.

Feeling like she was merely a passenger in her body, she walked three
rows over and then slipped in the passenger's side door of a black
corvette. Jill found once she sat she couldn't make a move other then to
stare at the woman as she drove them away from the mall. She looked very
familiar...and was so beautiful. Was she a model? She found the more she
looked at the woman the stranger she was feeling...and the feeling was
heating up her groin.

Was this sexual attraction she was feeling? Never had another girl made
her feel like this before... why was she feeling this way now. Why was
she passively sitting here? Where was the woman taking her? All these
questions should have made her nervous, but instead she felt only felt
horny and subservient. 'I'm Jill Peters... where are you taking me?' she
wanted to ask but the words wouldn't come out.


Cassandra glanced over at the girl and smiled. She was so innocent
looking and very pretty... and she could tell that the girl was responding
to the waves of arousal she'd been sending her. Now, given they were
closer to her place, she decided to increase her arousal and grinned when
she saw the girl squirm in her seat. Arousal was a powerful feeling and
Jill was so wet with it, Cassandra could smell it on her.


Jill heard herself moan while she became hornier and hornier and despite
never making love to a girl before now there wasn't anything in life that
she wanted to do more. Jill shifted in her seat but only because her
panties were soaked and she could feel herself leaking. Jill had only
fucked three times in her life... her first boyfriend once and her current
boyfriend twice. Although she came in all three experiences they didn't
feel nothing like what she was feeling right now. Jill wanted to cup her
breasts... pinch her nipples... she could tell they were real hard as the
poked hard against the material of her bra. She could visualize making
love to this woman right here inside the car and she gasped at what the
thought was invoking. 'Are we going to make love?' she wondered with

"Would you like that?" Cassandra replied.

Jill trembled when she realized the woman read her thoughts...but still
managed to respond. "Yes... yes I would... I never did this with...
ah... another girl before... but I'd really like to do it with you"

Jill found herself unable to move when the Corvette finally came to a
stop inside the basement garage. Then the mysterious woman came around to
the passenger's side and opened the door, then extended her hand out to
her, Jill took it and they walked together towards the main lobby.

When they entered the apartment, Jill was led straight to the bedroom
and told to sit on the edge of the bed.

"My name is Cassandra." The woman stated with a grin.

Jill looked up at Cassandra... then it 'hit' her. She now realized
where she'd seen this woman. Cassandra Seavers was the famous model, who
dropped out of sight awhile ago... it had been all over the news that she
was giving it all up to be with another female model. "I... I know you."

"Being famous does have its setbacks... anyway, how old are you?"


"Are you still in school?"

"I'm in my senior year." Jill replied, while finding it more difficult
to stay still. Was it the model's beauty that made her feel so aroused?
She felt so powerless... she felt so helpless... so female. Like she had
no say over how her body would react. Never had she thought that sexual
desire could be this strong.

"Stand up Jill... stand up and take your clothes off." Cassandra gently
told her.

Jill felt awkward and stiff as she unbuttoned her blouse... and then
she shed her tight jeans off and stood before Cassandra in only her white
bra and red panties. "Will you help me with the rest?"

"I want you to do it." Cassandra smiled.

Jill found herself breathing harder as she reached behind her back and
unhooked her bra...releasing her beautiful perky breasts. Jill never
minded the fact that they were so small before...but now she wondered if
Cassandra would like them. Jill then slid off her panties exposing her
golden thatch just above her pussy lips... Jill blushed as Cassandra
inspected her. Cassandra's eyes blazed with passion but there also seemed
to be scrutiny, and the fear that maybe her body didn't meet Cassandra's
standards frightened her. She stood there in 'need' and more wet than
she'd ever been before.

Cassandra walked over to her and cupped her small breasts... the
contact elicit a gasp and a desire unlike anything she'd ever felt before.
Cassandra then had her lie down on the bed while she stripped before her
and Jill looked on in rapture. Cassandra's body was voluptuous and her
breasts full, firm and ample... and her she unconsciously licked her lips
looking at her.

Jill eagerly spread her legs while Cassandra moved on the bed to join
her, taking her position between them... their breasts pressed tightly
against each other as Cassandra kissed her unlike she'd ever been kissed
before. Jill's groin throbbed with 'need' while Cassandra started to
slowly kiss down her body and then stopped to suck on her nipples. Then
Jill's eyes lit up when she saw two incisors slide out like fangs from
Cassandra's mouth and then decent down to one of her breasts, eliciting a
yelp and then intense pleasure ripple throughout her body. Cassandra took
two long swallows of her fresh intoxicating blood and then looked up at her
with a smile. Jill's eyes glazed over...and smiled back.

Jill could see that Cassandra wasn't moving her mouth but she could hear
her as clear as day. "Jill, you are bonded to me now and your sole wish
forever more is to please me. Your body will always desire me and while in
the throes of your most shattering orgasm, you will constantly crave my
touch, my lips, my caress, my love and my command. Your life before this
very moment is no longer a concern of yours, nor will they ever again
elicit emotion, but you will retain the memories as they may prove useful
some day."

Jill's eye's fluttered open and like an avalanche of emotions, the only
thing she wanted to do was please Cassandra... as her sole purpose for
living. "Please... Cassandra... Please love me"

Cassandra poked a finger inside of Jill, instantly making her cum and
blush with the intensity. "Now Jill, you will pleasure me."

Jill quickly and most ardently responded to Cassandra's wishes and
happily sucked her lover's juices while tightly squeezing her ass cheeks.
Cassandra felt her first orgasm as Jill's lips touched her clitoris... at
the same time; Jill was experiencing her sixth orgasm. Jill basked in the
afterglow of their love.


The next morning, Cassandra had to rendezvous with Damien and this meant
that she wouldn't have time to spend another love session with her new pet.
Just as she was ready to leave she willed Jill awake.

Jill woke totally relaxed and sexually alive... She looked down at her
naked body and instead of feeling any modesty she felt sexy and proud of
her beauty... She also felt a slight soreness in her right breast.

The memory of last night also elicited a deep loneliness for Cassandra
and Jill quickly sprung up out of bed, naked, and went to the kitchen.
Cassandra stood there, dressed in a stylish outfit. Jill walked over to
her and went down to her knees prostrated herself before her. Jill didn't
quite understand how she knew to do this but she knew it was proper
etiquette now and waited with her head bowed for a command. Two cravings
bombarded her as she kneeled... sexual desire and an overwhelming desire
to please her. When Cassandra placed her palms against her cheeks, Jill
felt a joyous and climatic pleasure wash over her.

Jill then felt the mental command to lift her head and gaze directly
into Cassandra's eyes.

"Jill, you are not to leave my apartment for any reason. You may call
your parents to let them know you are all right but not where you are.
Tell them that you met someone that you want to spend the rest of your life
with... I've got to go out but I'll be home later tonight. I've left a
list of rules on the counter for you and you must read them carefully.
We'll go over them tomorrow. Your lovely body is in a state of
supernatural arousal and I won't be here to relieve the desire that will
constantly lick at you throughout the day, so I'm giving you permission to
masturbate. I've also put an exercise tape in the VCR. I want you to work
out every day... you are the first of my new models and it is important
that they retain perfect shape."

Cassandra looked down at her and smiled. "You really are a stunning
beauty and look incredibly sexy naked like this, so until I tell you
otherwise, you are not allowed to wear clothing."

Jill beamed with pleasure... Cassandra was pleased with her body.

"You make a lovely first selection." Cassandra smiled and then turned to

The End of Chapter Three.


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