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Cassandra Vampiress 4


Cassandra - Vampire, Part 4 by JR Parz


Cassandra couldn't stop gazing at the girl... she had seen beautiful
girls over the years, but never had she seen one as beautiful as this one.
The girl seemed to combine a natural innocence with a soft sensuality that
elicited a rush of desire in her she hadn't felt since... since Damien.

Cassandra moved closer to the girl while comparing their beauty... she
was blonde and wore her long hair down... the girl's hair was dark and
even fell further down her back. With every step closer she felt her groin
throb and wanted her like she'd never wanted a girl more. The second the
girl turned to her and looked into her eyes, she bore into her with
everything she had, quickly mesmerizing her on the spot.


Theresa had been debating whether to hit one more store before calling
it quits when she felt the presence... when she looked up she saw a pretty
blond approaching her. It was her beauty that distracted her from thinking
and before she realized something was wrong she was totally captivated.

Theresa tried looking away but found she couldn't. Her mind screamed
warning when she attempted again... but she kept on staring at her. Why
hadn't her witchcraft detected danger from the start? Theresa quickly
attempted a protection spell but during the middle of formulating the right
incantation, her mind felt muddled and confused... she couldn't complete
it. Who was this girl? She did look familiar... she was very beautiful
and could rival her own beauty. When a huge grin spread across the
blonde's face, Theresa felt herself slipping away.

"You're very beautiful, what's your name?" The blonde girl asked.

"Theresa Fawn" Theresa replied, unable to respond any other way. Again
she tried a protection spell, but this time she couldn't even start it.
She found herself unable to move a muscle... physically or mentally.

"What a lovely name." The blonde stated.

Theresa blushed.

"Tonight I initiate you into a very exclusive club." The blonde added
with a smile. "When I spotted you standing here a few seconds ago I knew I
couldn't go the evening without us becoming intimate. Would you like
that... to become intimate with me?"

"No. I... I'm not attracted to girls." Theresa replied. The blonde looked slightly surprised at her remark and then appeared to focus on her

"Tell me Theresa, how are you feeling about me at this moment?"

"Confused... fear... I don't know how you're doing this." Theresa

"Are you saying that you're not the least bit horny for me!?!" the
blonde responded in shock.

"No. I told you I'm not into lesbian sex." Theresa replied, unable to
muster anything other than calm responses. Here she was, one of the most
powerful witches on the east coast and she couldn't break this simple
hypnosis... at least that was the only explanation she had for her
inability to control her own actions.

"Theresa, you should be aroused by me... this doesn't make sense."

"It's probably due to my charm." she replied, wishing she'd shut up.

"Explain." the blonde commanded. Theresa could see her eyes light up
with interest.

"The charm is inside my body and was given to me by my grandmother to
ward off supernatural influences." Theresa responded, unable to stop from
disclosing this.


Cassandra was stunned. A mixture of awe and fear washed over her at
this girl's declaration. She wondered exactly what she had stumbled upon.
Part of her insisted that Theresa was no different from Jill, Colleen, Amy,
or Jennifer... current members of her harem... part of her wanted to
simply take this girl home and add her to her collection but then the other
part of her screamed warning. She was obviously messing around with
something she knew nothing about. She decided she needed to sit down and
see what she was up against. If the girl wasn't so beautiful she would
erase her memory and leave but she was in fact the most beautiful girl she'd ever seen. Cassandra led her to the food court where they took a

"I must admit Theresa... you've taken me by surprise...and if you
weren't so incredibly beautiful we wouldn't even be having this
conversation. Incidentally, how is it that you are far prettier than every
model that I've ever seen?"

"I combined my natural beautiful with enhancing spells to restructure my
physical body. I'm perfection by desire." Theresa replied... then blushed
at her admission.

Cassandra sat there with her mouth agape. Was it possible? I guess if
there could be vampires, there could also be witches. She knew that once
she placed someone under her hypnotic power that the subject was powerless
to disobey. Nor were they able to lie. Damien had told her once that once
a vampire exerts their mesmerism power and gained control... the subject
was theirs to command. Damien even said that if she were ever to manage
putting him under, that he'd be powerless himself... but then he laughed
and told her that he'd never allow her to win a mesmerism battle.
"Theresa, are you trying to tell me you're a witch?"


"How powerful are you?"

"Very powerful."

"If you're so powerful, then why was I able to place you under my power
so easily?"

"I don't know, really. I don't understand it myself. My charm protects
me from spells being cast but I guess hypnotism is something altogether
different. I've never been hypnotized before and every time I try breaking
the control you have over me I can't seem to think straight. The
incantation keeps eluding me. I guess if you were to give me permission,
then I could do it."

Cassandra thought what a 'twist' this had taken... she was feeling both
aroused and still a bit afraid... too bad the witch wasn't feeling the
same. She looked into her eyes and saw the same glazed look that
accompanied her other victims but knew she couldn't keep her in this state
forever. What if she managed to break free? Could the witch use her
powers against her? She wondered if she performed her usual initiation
whether or not it would work. Could a witch become a thrall?

Then a brilliant idea came to mind... Was it possible to use this
witch's power against herself? "Tell me Theresa, how good are you at
casting spells?"

"It depends on what type of spell."

"Let's say a love spell."

"There are different degrees to love spells... the only one I ever cast
was an infatuation spell."

"Oh... tell me about it."

"About three years ago, my cousin, Bart, had a crush on this girl in
high school but the girl was a cheerleader and wouldn't give him the time
of day. Anyway, he knew I was a witch and asked me if I could help him.
At first I said 'no' because I don't believe you should make someone feel
something that isn't natural. Anyway, he pleaded with me and I eventually
gave in. I performed an infatuation spell on the girl and within a week
the girl became Bart's steady girl friend. He called me a couple of weeks
later to tell me that the girl couldn't get enough of him. "She keeps on
pleading with me to make love to her." He told me. To this day they're
inseparable and she only has eyes for him."

"Do you think that was fair to make her fall in love with your cousin?"

"No... but everything turned out fine. The girl doesn't know that what
she's feeling is due to witchcraft... and whether it's artificial or
natural, the love is real to her. Bart and the girl couldn't be happier."

"What's the strongest love spell you are capable of casting?"

"I've only heard of someone using it once, but I guess I could do it.
The spell is called a love/lust obsession spell. Once the subject is under
this spell, he or she is totally consumed with an unrelenting sexual
craving and love for person who cast the spell. Once this spell is cast it
can't be reversed."

"Are you telling me that once someone is under this spell it's for life
and there isn't anything anyone can do about it?"



Theresa couldn't believe she was telling this girl all this and wondered
why she was interested in these spells. Another thing that kept on nagging
at her was the girl's familiarity. She wondered where she had seen her

"Theresa, explain the ceremony you'd need to perform to cast this

"The benefactor of the spell must be totally naked and then place a
white cloth, soaked with their intended victim's blood, around his shaft if
he's a man... or inside her vagina if she's a girl. Once this is done the
benefactor of the spell must invoke a brief incantation. That's all there
is to it. The spell is absolute and immediate."

Cassandra smiled at her.

"Theresa, is it possible for me to cast a spell on someone?"

"No. Only a witch can cast a spell."

"Hmmm. What if the person's a vampire... could they cast the spell on
a witch?"


"What if the person has a charm to ward off supernatural influence?"

"The only spells that would work on someone with a charm would be if
they were casting a spell on themselves... this is why I can change my
appearance or enhance my looks."

Cassandra could hardly sit still as her body flushed with excitement.
"Theresa, we're going to go back to my place... I want to talk more about
this witchcraft of yours."

Theresa was powerless to resist.


While Cassandra led Theresa back to her place, Theresa continued to try
and break free of the hypnotic control she was under. When Theresa entered
the luxury apartment, she was momentarily surprised when she passed two
beautiful and very naked girls... on their knees. They both bowed their
heads in subservience.

" you know who I am?" the blonde asked.

"No, but you look familiar. I think maybe I've seen you on T.V. or

"My name's Cassandra Seavers... do you recognize it?"

"Yes! You're that model! Now I remember you." Theresa exclaimed with
excitement. She sounded like a schoolgirl suddenly meeting a celebrity but
couldn't help it. She then watched Cassandra walk over to a drawer and
retrieve a handkerchief from it.

"Wh... what are you going to do?" Theresa stammered, wondering why she
was able to talk but not recite the incantation.

"Take off your clothes." Cassandra commanded with a smile, ignoring her

Without the slightest hesitation, Theresa unbuttoned her blouse... shed
her jeans... then stripped off her bra and panties. Now she stood in
front of her completely naked, blushing.

"You're a very lovely witch, Theresa." Cassandra stated as she slowly
inspected her. Theresa's ample breasts stood proudly at attention;
perfectly formed with a sexy lift to them... her nipples were as hard as
pebbles. Her dark patch of pubic hair was neatly trimmed. "Tomorrow,
you'll shave that off."

Theresa didn't respond... she just stood there quiet and at attention.

Cassandra then walked behind her to check out her ass, her blush
deepened when she felt Cassandra's hands caress her well-rounded and
perfectly formed buttocks. Then she came back in front of her and
smiled... then reached up to cup her full them a squeeze.

Then Cassandra stripped naked herself and now they stood facing each
other, staring at their naked beauty. Cassandra slowly got down to her
knees and kissed her... down under. She could feel Cassandra's tongue
slide between her petals but felt nothing sexual about the act. She simply
stood still... like a statue.

She didn't feel revulsion, just embarrassment... and then Cassandra
moved her lips up along her stomach and to her breasts... she yelped when
she felt a prick just underneath her right globe... Theresa could feel a
trickle of blood seep from the open cut. "A vampire." she whispered.

"Vampiress." Cassandra corrected with a smile.

Theresa thought for sure that the vampiress was going to drink from her
but instead she dabbed at her blood with a handkerchief... then it HIT
her! "Please don't." she whispered.

Cassandra merely smiled in response... and then took the blood soaked
handkerchief and inserted into her vagina... and then. "Alright
Theresa... now the incantation."

The compulsion to do as commanded was too hard to resist and she heard
herself chant. "Misa...Vesual...Remor...Talto"... and then it happened,
eliciting a gasp. Theresa felt a searing heat flood her groin like nothing
she'd ever felt before and while her mind shouted 'no' her body lit up with
sexual arousal for the blonde goddess before her. Stronger and faster her
passion grew and the wet heat forced her down to her knees. She looked up
at Cassandra with pleading eyes as every fiber of her being wanted to touch
her... kiss her... love her. Cassandra was so, so beautiful... smelled
so, so beautiful... she needed to please her... she was everything to
her... everything... she couldn't imagine life without her.

Only for a brief second had she acknowledged that these feeling were
generated by the spell... it simply didn't matter. The intensity of her
desire rapidly spread and it became physical painful not to act on her
desire... finally, Theresa step forward and soon they were kissing like
two sex-starved lovers reuniting.

"Please... Cassandra... Please love me" Theresa begged... and then
Cassandra inserted two fingers into her wetness below. Theresa gasped, and
then came all over Cassandra's hand... then Cassandra led Theresa over to
the king-sized bed where she stretched out provocatively. "Tell me
Theresa, would you like me to lick my pussy?" she asked with a grin.

"Ye...Yes. I would...please." Theresa whimpered, as her craving grew

"Then come here sweetie." Cassandra replied.

Theresa climbed on top of the bed between Cassandra's spread legs...
then without a moments hesitation began licking... greedily sucking all
her juices... and only after they both climaxed to several orgasms did
they finally pass out... Theresa's head nestled between Cassandra's legs.


When Cassandra awoke, she expected to find her new lover next to her
side... Instead, she found a note.

'Cassandra, I never dreamed a spell could make someone feel this way...
Knowing this is a spell doesn't matter. I love you so much it hurts and
leaving you this morning was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I don't
think the spell will allow me to stay away too long, so, I will probably be
back very soon. Please Cassandra. Please understand. I must say goodbye
to my Mother. I love you. Theresa.'

Cassandra felt fear. Damien had never told her about witches so she
wasn't sure what to expect. Had she underestimated her? Cassandra lifted
herself up off the bed and walked over to the mirror. Her hair had a wild
look to it, but like every part of her anatomy, she oozed sensuality.
Cassandra reflected on their night of passion and the memory sent new
signals of pleasure through her. She thought the spell would keep Theresa
at her side... it didn't. She tried reaching the witch with her mind...

Cassandra figured that there must be some occult law that dictates the
greater power and noted that Theresa broke free of the hypnosis once the
spell was cast. She telepathically sent for her thralls, hoping that maybe
Theresa had said something to them before she left.

Two of the girls were already up and entered her room. They were both
naked. Cassandra didn't allow the girls to wear anything... except
panties when they were having their period... then they spent much of the
time in her bed. This was the only time she fed. Fortunately for her, the
girls were on different cycles... only Jennifer and Jill overlapped.
During these times, they all slept together. Once Cassandra enthralled
them, she converted their body chemistry to respond only to females. Three
of the four under her power hadn't shown any lesbian tendencies until she
seduced them... then she 'turned' them to reap pleasures from one another.
"Did any of you two see Theresa leave this morning?"

"Yes Mistress." Jill replied. "The girl told me that you said not to
wake you. She said that she would be returning."

Cassandra felt quite helpless to do anything other than wait for her...
and as she sat there thinking the worst she wondered if Theresa was playing
her? What if she wasn't returning at all? Worse yet, what if Theresa was
preparing a spell of her very own and getting ready to cast it? For the
first time in her immortal life, Cassandra felt fear and didn't like it.
She had no choice but to bank on Theresa returning and instructed all four
of her thralls to do everything in their power to imprison her in her
bedroom upon her return. She might not be able to telepathically
communicate with Theresa but she could use her thralls as liaisons. She
didn't trust the witch and felt that she had to keep her distance until she
was convinced Theresa was indeed under the obsession spell. Part of her
thought about telling Damien but another part of her decided against it.


Theresa Fawn struggled to get back to her house. Every step was
difficult as her sex throbbed with need. Never in her wildest dreams did
she think a spell could render her to this state and she hoped that her
book of spells could help her.

When she reached home she told her mother that she didn't have time to
explain. Then she went to her room to study her 'Book of Spells'... in
studying the spell she saw where there wasn't much she could do... as it
appeared relentless and permanent. When her mother came upstairs to her
room, she confessed everything and cried. Her mother consoled her.
Theresa confessed. "I love her so much... it hurts to be away from her. I
need her like I've never needed before. I never ever thought about a girl like this before but now I can't think of anything but... I'm sorry. I
don't know how long I'll be gone for... it may be forever."

"I have something that may help." Her mother responded and she led her
into her room. "I never could bring myself to use this on someone... it
was a gift from your Father."

Her mother handed her a small vial that she pulled out of her drawer.
"This should make life easier to deal with... just slip it inside her

"How?" Theresa asked, looking at the clear liquid inside the vial.

"Without her noticing, pour the contents inside your mouth and then kiss
her... you can transfer the potion into her mouth... the potion is
designed to taste and feel like your saliva... it won't work right away
but when it does it will make things easier."

"What will this do to her?"

"It's a powerful love potion... she'll find herself in love with you as
much as you are in love with her. She'll quite literally be addicted to
your touch and need to be with you constantly. This means that every time
you aren't with her, she'll suffer much of the same thing you'll be
feeling. Your touch and kiss is what she needs to feel happy."

"Then I'm doomed to be her lover for the rest of my life." Theresa

Her mother nodded and then they said their good-byes. She took a cab to
get back to Cassandra's apartment... and it seemed the closer she got to
her place, the more anxious her body became... by the time she knocked on
Cassandra's door she felt so horny and wet that she could feel her panties chafe against her thighs.

Theresa felt incredibly frightened and depressed when Theresa wasn't
home but she had no choice but to wait. She knew she couldn't do anything
again to displease Cassandra.

"Mistress told me to tell you to strip and lay naked spread eagle on the
bed. No masturbating." Jennifer instructed.

Theresa was far beyond modesty and complied.


Cassandra smiled when she discovered Theresa was back... and beamed
when she heard that the witch was naked and assuming her directed position.
It proved that she was under the 'obsession spell' and under her power.
Just as she was heading back to be with Theresa she felt Damien's summon.

"Yes Master." She telepathically responded.

"I'm turning Sarah tonight at midnight... I want you in attendance when
I perform the ceremony."

"Yes Master." She replied and then felt their link disappear. She
didn't like Sarah and never would. She had taken advantage of her during
their sexual relationship and she'd never forgive her... it was the most
humiliating experience of her life. Cassandra decided she still had time
to play with her witch before the ceremony and continued back to her

When Cassandra opened the door to her bedroom, the sight before her
elicited a rush of pleasure. Theresa had been instructed to wait for her
spread eagle on the bed... and that was exactly the way she found her.
She could smell the witch's arousal come from her glistening and dripping
pussy. Theresa's eyes read one expression... passive lust.

"So, my lovely witch slave has returned. Did you miss me?"

"Yes Cassandra... I'm sorry... I just had to say goodbye to my Mother.
Please forgive me."


"Can I please go to the bathroom."

"Sure honey, but hurry up because I'm horny and I want to put your
tongue to good use."

Cassandra smiled as Theresa struggled to the bathroom... she could see
the witch's arousal dripping down her leg.


Theresa didn't need to go to the bathroom... but she did need the
privacy to take the potion. She made sure not to swallow it and returned
to Cassandra... soon they were kissing and while Cassandra was busy
squeezing her ass cheeks she transferred the potion into her mouth... it
was done and she never suspected.


While Theresa slept, naked, on top of Cassandra's bed, Cassandra was
entering Damien's mansion. The maid at the door was none other than Tricia
Lane, looking lovely as ever... but as Cassandra gazed at her former
friend, model and lover, her thoughts were focused on Theresa. Cassandra
reflected on their passion of a couple hours ago and still couldn't get
over how much they came. Tricia acted the perfect servant and led
Cassandra down to the pool area... there she saw Sarah, naked like usual,
beautiful as ever. Cassandra saw a smirk on Sarah's face but Cassandra
shot back a powerful "behave your self!" which quickly wiped the grin off
her face. Cassandra sat down in a chair next to the former actress.

"Well... well... well... if it isn't my favorite model." Sarah
stated, regaining some of her boldness.

"Shut up... I'm not in the mood!"

Sarah remained quiet as Cassandra fidgeted. She couldn't concentrate
and didn't want to be here. She wanted to be with Theresa, and she could
picture the teenager the way she left her... lying peacefully naked on her
bed. Cassandra wanted to get back to her and then it 'HIT' her! She
bolted up in shock. There was no other explanation! Theresa must have
done it to her... the longer she was away from her the stronger the
feelings became. Somehow, Theresa had cast a spell on her.

"What's wrong Cassandra... what is it?" Asked Sarah, breaking the

Cassandra turned to look at Sarah, and then got up and walked slowly
towards the pool. Looking at the water she finally mumbled. "I'm under
her spell."

Sarah looked at her in confusion.

The End of Chapter 4.


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