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Cassandra Vampiress 5


Disclaimer: You must be at least 18 years old to read this!

"Cassandra - Vampiress V" by JR Parz


Cassandra stood up in a daze... there was no other explanation...
Theresa must have cast a spell on her.

"What's wrong with you?" Sarah asked, noting her internal struggle.

Cassandra glanced back at the former actress and then proceeded to the
edge of the pool. Her body felt tight... wet... she wanted Theresa.
"I...I'm under her spell" she murmured.


Cassandra did have to admit that Sarah looked incredibly beautiful
kneeling down naked before their Master. Despite quite the contraire, her
face appeared innocent, which added that much more to her beauty.
Cassandra was also naked and kneeled off to the side of the ceremony...
Damien didn't want her distracting Sarah in any way.

Strangely, she didn't feel all that excited from the scene... almost as
if she were disinterested... she wondered if Theresa's spell had something
to do with this. Her mind reflected back to their sex earlier in the day
and she realized that she'd much rather be kneeling in front of Theresa
then observing this ceremony. Of course she didn't have a choice and was
powerless to disobey... her Master commanded her presence... that simple.

Cassandra winced a little when she watched Damien slice open the head of
his erect member with his ceremonial knife, without a moment's hesitation
Sarah took the head into her mouth. She could see Sarah's throat sucking down Damien's blood... then undoubtedly, his cum... and for the first
time all night she found her body responding. The heat emanated from deep
in her groin and then spread up throughout the rest of her body... the
sight of Sarah's 'turning' elicited arousal and a smile of her own
'turning' a year ago.

As the ceremony came to a climactic end, Cassandra giggled... it wasn't
too long ago when this pretty ex-actress played a vampire slayer on
television. Now she was a real vampiress... how poetic.


All throughout the ceremony, Damien could tell that Cassandra's thoughts
were elsewhere, seeing her struggle... but until he was finished, he
didn't want to do anything to take away from Sarah's 'turning' so he waited
until Sarah passed out before acting...

A mere glance captured Cassandra's mind and within minutes he
experienced his favorite vampiress's ordeal... he witnessed his pet's
seduction of the sexy witch called Theresa and smirked at her decision to
enslave her with one of her own spells. Then he noted something had gone
wrong and the witch was able to cast her own spell on Cassandra. He was
slightly baffled as to how the witch had done this but he was sure it was a
spell that made Cassandra act the way she was acting.

The witch didn't appear a major threat and if Cassandra and normally he
allowed his vampiress slaves the opportunity to find their way out of these
situations, but Cassandra was special. He didn't like the idea that she
was under someone else's power... nor did he like the idea that he
couldn't break the spell... only add one of his own. Sarah would play a
part eliciting a smile.

He remembered Cassandra and Sarah's former relationship... and how
Sarah exerted total control over the blonde model. As initiates, they'd
been on equal terms but Cassandra's normally passive personality enabled
Sarah to take control. It didn't end until Cassandra's own 'turning'.

Now, however, with Sarah's 'turning', they'd be on even grounds again...
although Cassandra did have a one-year head start on Sarah. Damien decided
that in order for Sarah to regain dominant control over Cassandra, he'd
have to give Sarah something extra.

Damien willed Cassandra to get up and go kneel down in front of Sarah.
Sarah was in a deep sleep and wouldn't know about her gift until later.
Damien then took Cassandra's hands and placed them on Sarah's breasts...
then dove deep into Cassandra's mind and commanded. "You desire to touch
Sarah." Damien then willed Cassandra to move her mouth down to Sarah's very
wet slit and again dove deep into her mind. "You crave the taste of
Sarah". Damien finished by willing Sarah to kiss Cassandra on the lips and
commanded. "You need Sarah's kiss."

The lust Cassandra felt for Sarah would be absolute and prove just as
powerful as the witch's spell. Sarah's mere presence would now elicit a
'hunger' inside of her that would render her quite helpless. Damien looked
at Sarah with a smile... she was a beauty in her own right. He remembered
her plea to go back to her acting career once she'd been 'turned'. She
wanted to relocate back to Hollywood and build a harem of actresses. Sarah
would have to prove herself first.


Cassandra's eyes flickered open... Huh? Damien stood before her with
Sarah draped in his arms... the ceremony had ended... did she dose off?
She wondered what happened? Damien placed unconscious ex-actress into her
arms and telepathically commanded her to take her back to her room. "Yes
Master." Cassandra replied, and proceeded to walk out the door.

As Cassandra walked, she gazed down at Sarah... her eyes were closed
and she was naked. She felt herself responding to her... she looked so
beautiful... the memory of her touch elicited memories. Cassandra carried
Sarah across the mansion towards her chamber and the memory of her last
time in this room made her blush. She attempted to shave these feelings
and refocus on Theresa, but it would be difficult given Damien's command
that she stay with Sarah until he returned. All during the ceremony she
had felt nothing for Sarah... but now she feeling aroused...why?

Cassandra lay Sarah down on the bed and smiled... she looked so
innocent... Sleeping beauty. She was still naked herself and gave into
the compulsion to get in bed with her... then began gliding her hands
along her body... caressing Sarah's breasts. They were bigger now...much
bigger. Just like hers, Sarah's breasts had grown during the 'turning'.
They had been shapely and perky before, but now were full and rounded,
practically doubling in size. Cassandra brought her mouth down on one of
her nipples and sucked. Sarah moaned in response... then she repositioned
herself in her favorite '69' position and teased Sarah's subconscious into
responding... seconds later she felt Sarah's tongue enter her wet folds
while she descended down on hers. Her aroma overwhelmed her... affecting
her like an aphrodisiac.


Damien Nightshade headed to the city of San Francisco. It was the
perfect place for what he had in mind. He flew at speeds ranging between
one hundred and fifty to two hundred miles an hour... all the while
reflecting on Cassandra.

Poor Cassandra... as much as he enjoyed Sarah, Cassandra was still his
favorite vampiress. No way he was going to allow a witch to steal her...
no way it was possible. Cassandra was eternally his, and although she
still was subject to the laws of black magic, she first would answer to

As Damien neared 'Frisco', he thought about his own powers. Cassandra
and Sarah would eventually gain shapeshifting powers themselves, but not
for another five hundred years... if they managed to maintain their
existences that long.

Right now he took the form of an eagle... flying at supernatural speed.
Whoever came up with that 'bat' idea must have been on drugs. Quickly, he
swooped down and landed in the back alley of a nightclub. This city was up
all night and he could blend in without attracting any attention.

Damien entered the bar in his usual style... and now that Sarah had
quenched his hunger for blood, he could pursue his other
There were plenty of pretty females... but one glance around the bar drew
his attention to one table in particular. The sweetness emanating from two
girls at this corner table captured and held his attention. Both
college-age and dressed expensively... the thought of what Cassandra and
Sarah would be doing put him in the mood for a 'menage a trois'. Damien
walked over to a barstool and sat down... then swiveled around to look at
the girls again... he decided on the blonde.

Damien willed the girl to look up at him... and then bore into her.
Moments later she got up from her table and walked over to him. She
smiled, blushed, and then introduced herself.


Jessica Starr couldn't believe her eyes... one second she's telling
Cindy about a guy she met... and then all of a sudden she stands up and
walks straight to the bar! Then she saw 'him'... Did Cindy know this man?
He was dressed in black and there was something about him that gave her the
chills... yet he also was incredibly sexy and she felt a sudden jolt of
jealousy. She was the one that was single... not Cindy... why was she up
there talking to him. Did she know him from college? Maybe he was one of
her old professors? Then the man leaned over and kissed Cindy full on the
lips. "What the?!?" she whispered... and from what she could tell Cindy
was kissing him back! Cindy shouldn't be doing this...she was a newlywed!
Why would she take a chance like this? The man then glanced over to look
at her... and smiled. Without consciously realizing it, she was smiling
back. The man then casually put his arms around Cindy and escorted her
back to her table. Jessica blushed when she saw the man slip his hand down
to cup Cindy's ass.

"Hi Jessica... My name is Damien Nightshade and Cindy has told me a
little about you." the man stated while extending his hand. Jessica
automatically extended hers in order to shake it... and upon contact, she
felt an unexpected spark of arousal. The feeling was so intense and sudden
she gasped.

"Are you alright?" The man asked with a smirk.

Jessica looked at the man in confusion... she'd never reacted this
strongly towards anyone in her life before! She turned her attention to
Cindy and noticed that her friend was looking at the man with desire. If
Jessica didn't know better she'd swear she was drugged.

"What's going on here?" Jessica managed to ask... feeling a little
frightened along with her arousal.

"Notice something unusual... very perceptive... Sexy and smart... I
love girls like you. That's a favorite motto of yours, right?"


"Don't you describe yourself as sexy and smart?" the man asked.

Jessica just sat there... stunned.

"As for Cindy, she's in a mild trance at the moment... she's hoping I
kiss her again. You see... I gave her an orgasm before with my kiss at
the bar... amazing, isn't it? The ability to make a girl cum from simply
kissing her."

Jessica looked over at Cindy and could see her blush. Apparently, she
was still there but unable to respond. Who was this man? How did he come
to possess this incredible power? Maybe he was a stage hypnotist out on
the prowl? What was it about this him that was making her horny? How was
it possible for this man to affect them like this? "Wh...what are you
going to do to"

"Well, first we're going to sit here for a few minutes and get further
acquainted...then we'll leave and go to Cindy's place...the three of us."

"But we can't. She's married."

"Come now Jessica, Cindy's husband is away on a business trip and won't
be back until tomorrow night. In fact, you were planning on spending the
night with her just to keep her company. How nice that you two spend time
like this... Hmmm, I see where you two are nothing more than best friends.
Amazing, especially given where you reside. We'll simply have to
readjust... won't we?"

"You can't...I won't allow it." Jessica stammered... understanding the

"Jessica...Jessica...Jessica. Do you seriously think... never mind,
I'll show you just how helpless you are... go ahead and kiss your friend
on the mouth. Make sure you thrust that tongue of yours like you mean it.
As you do this, Cindy will kiss back with equal passion eliciting a nice
pleasant orgasm. While you cum I want you, Jessica, to fondle her

Jessica was stunned... Who the hell di... <she never finished the
thought>. As if an automation, she leaned over and kissed Cindy on the
lips... Cindy kissed her back. Then she reached with her hands to cup her
breasts... they felt plump and nicely rounded... they elicited a hunger
in her she'd never felt before. They were still kissing when she pinched
her nipples... and that was when she cried out in an intense orgasm.

Jessica basked in the pleasurable wave of love that washed over her...
and now her hands were on her own breasts... Kneading and caressing
them... until she opened her eyes.

"Oh God... How!?!" She whispered in shock. She quickly took her hands
off her breasts and couldn't stop herself from reaching down to squeeze her
groin... she looked over at Cindy and saw that her friend was in pretty
much the same state as she was. Then she glanced around and felt
incredibly embarrassed to see some of the nearby people staring at her.
She looked back at Damien. "How are you doing this?"

"Not important Jessica...but what is important is that we get going...
just the three of us... how does that sound?"

"I don't understand this...but...but...I think I'm going to like

"Tell me pretty as you two are, why haven't you two at
least experimented with each other?"

"I never felt the desire too." Jessica blushed. "If Cindy had, she
never said so."

"Well, starting tonight you two will find yourselves caught up in a
passion for one another that you won't be able to resist... and I'm going
to let you keep this feelings forever."


Damien felt really good with his selections tonight. Cindy was a true
submissive; while Jessica was a natural tigress... and he loved watching
the two of them make love before joining in.

First, he had Cindy kneel down before him while Jessica watched. Cindy
used her mouth and didn't stop until she swallowed all of him... every
last drop. Then he willed her to sleep and turned to Jessica. Quickly, he
positioned himself between her legs and rammed his 'supernaturally ready'
cock into her... Jessica screamed out in ecstasy.

He didn't want to break up Cindy's marriage so he compelled her to be
totally subjugated and submissive towards Jessica... then he compelled
Jessica to be very discreet in their relationship. Damien turned their
sexual orientation and made them bisexuals in order for them to enjoy other
female lovers.

When Damien returned to his mansion, he was met by one of his female
slaves. Given his mood, he gave her a kiss and let her bask in a
thirty-second orgasm. Carla was simply in the right place at the right
time. Damien then proceeded to Sarah's room where he found both girls sleeping... Cassandra's head rested on Sarah's open thigh. A mental push
with his mind woke them up.

"Master!" Sarah exclaimed.

Cassandra woke up confused.

Damien didn't relish the idea of taking a back seat to her Cassandra's
obsession for Theresa... or with Sarah... but it would only be temporary.
Once he knew what he was up against, then he'd personally get involved...
and maybe he'd be adding a third vampiress to his current harem.

"Cassandra... you can go home now. It's always a pleasure to see you."

"Yes, Master." Cassandra replied... glancing back at Sarah.

When Cassandra left the bedroom, Damien turned to Sarah "Go make
yourself fresh and pretty for me... then meet me in my study. We have a
lot to discuss."

"Yes Master" Sarah happily responded and sprung off the bed to do as


The closer Cassandra neared her home... the greater she felt her
need...but instead of feeling the strange new craving she had been feeling
for Sarah, she now craved Theresa's touch. She understood why she felt
this strongly for Theresa, but she was baffled as to why she felt horny for
Sarah again... hadn't she learned her lesson the first time around?
Cassandra blushed when her mind recaptured the memory of Sarah sleeping
naked in bed beside her... the desire to taste, touch and kiss her made
her ache... she feared that if Sarah so chose, she could easily dominate
her again like she had when they were initiates. Cassandra wasn't proud of
the way she acted back then... and vowed that she'd never forgive her for
taking advantage like that. She blushed at how Sarah treated her like a
slave. Was it because Sarah was a vampiress now that she felt suddenly
aroused by her again? She had also thought that there might be a plus side
to all of this. It seemed with her new cravings for Sarah, she felt less
for Theresa... but now the further away she got from Sarah, and the closer
she got to Theresa, now it was Theresa who consumed her.

When Cassandra returned... all she wanted was to be with Theresa. She
told Jill that she didn't want to be disturbed and entered the bedroom.
Sitting at her vanity was Theresa... naked... and brushing her hair. She
dropped the brush and gasped. "Hi Cassandra, I missed you..." she started
to say, but Cassandra stopped her in mid sentence by kneeling down between
her legs.

"I missed you, too." Cassandra whispered... and then buried her face in
the 'V' of Theresa's crotch. Cassandra could feel the hunger for her witch
lover increase by the second. "You've placed a spell on me, haven't you?"
she asked, in a partially muffled voice.

"Yes Cassandra... does this upset you?" Theresa asked with a groan.

Cassandra was too busy licking her clit to reply... and she didn't stop
until Theresa came... then they proceeded to the bed. They made love
throughout the morning and most of the afternoon... only after they were
both satisfied did they stop to take a rest. But the rest wasn't for very
long... as Cassandra couldn't get enough of her... they made love over
and over... both caught up in a supernatural passion that left them
gasping for breath. They continued to make love over and over again.


Theresa had found it painfully unbearable to be without Cassandra during
her absence and worried that the spell hadn't taken root... but now as she
lay spooned up against her, she wondered how she could resist not coming
sooner? Had she been able to fight the spell? The second Theresa saw
Cassandra step inside the bedroom she knew the spell worked. The ragged
breathing, the pitching of her beautiful breasts, the sound of her
lust-filled voice and the desire-filled eyes all were there.

Theresa still felt her love and desire for Cassandra as equally as
before, but knowing that Cassandra was feeling the same thing made it
easier. Theresa would never have thought it was possible to improve their
sex, but now that they needed each other equally strong they made love like
animals. Theresa also found that they took turns being passive... in
fact, Cassandra seemed more naturally comfortable with being passive.

The next morning, Theresa felt their love for one another solidify.
Their new relationship had them shower together, eat together, and
Cassandra even allowed her to be present when she fed off two of the girls having their periods. Theresa basked in the pleasure of their love all
week and totally forgot about everything else. Theresa realized that even
if she could break the spell that she'd probably opt to keep it in place...
this was a product of the spell and there was nothing she could do about
it. Her love for Cassandra overruled everything and it was by far the most
satisfying feeling of her life. She loved Cassandra with every fiber of
her being.


Sarah's eyes lit up with excitement. "You placed a spell on Cassandra
to crave me sexually?"

"That's right Sarah. Cassandra will find it quite impossible to resist
you, but understand this...I've done this only to aid you in your mission.
Whether or not I keep the spell in place will depend on your success."

"Yes, Master." Sarah replied, smiling. Then she looked deep into
Damien's eyes and pleaded "Master, may we...ah...before I leave, may we
have sex again?"

"Why of course, Sarah..."

Sarah's body cried out with need as Damien approached her... then in
one fluid motion he picked her up and dumped her on the bed. While he did
this, one of his hands cupped her naked wet groin... and he used his thumb
and index finger to rub her clit. Sarah came and was loud about it. Then
he turned her over on her stomach and spread her legs. "Fuck me, Master,
fuck me hard!"

In one easy motion, Damien rammed all ten inches inside of her... Sarah
continued screaming! She wrapped her legs around Damien's back in order to
keep him buried deep inside of her... and within seconds she cried out
with her biggest yet orgasm.


For three straight days, Cassandra and Theresa appeared to be joined at
the hip. Both beauties did not do anything or go anywhere without the
other. Cassandra knew the spell forced this behavior but knowing did
nothing to prevent it... and she felt it waxing harder by the minute.
Cassandra simply basked in the pleasure of the spell.

One evening while Cassandra and Theresa were at a restaurant, Cassandra
gasped. Sarah walked towards her... and despite her intense love for
Theresa, who sat directly across from her, she also felt her body pitch
forward for Sarah. Intense arousal flooded her entire body... she could
feel herself leaking and gasping for air! She could feel her nipples
harden. 'This shouldn't be happening!' she cried in shock, but it was...
and she found herself unable to do anything about it. Sarah smiled at
her... giving her the impression that she knew she was turned on by her.
She wanted to leave but remained rooted... her body now overruled every
other emotion.

"Hi Cassandra, surprised to see me!?!" Sarah asked with an evil gleam in
her eyes.

"Sarah, what are you doing here?" Cassandra asked, not wanting this at

"Now that isn't a nice way to greet your it?"

Cassandra noticed Theresa staring up at Sarah with awe...then a slight
confusion... probably reacting to Sarah's reference. Cassandra had never
told Theresa about Sarah... never thought she'd have to. "Theresa, this
is a friend of mine... and she was never my lover. I met her when I used
to model."

"I know who you are! This is unbelievable! Wow, I'm really meeting
Sarah Love Hart! Oh my god, I can't believe I'm meeting you!" Theresa
gushed like a star struck teen.

Sarah looked down at the pretty witch and smiled at her. "Hi Theresa,
you're a pretty one, aren't you?"

Cassandra could tell Sarah was sizing her up. "Ah...I know you're
probably too busy, otherwise I'd invite you to sit down..."

"Nonsense... I'd love to sit down." Sarah replied, forcing Cassandra to
move over. Cassandra didn't want to cause a scene...nor did she want to be
this close to Sarah... but she felt powerless to stop her. Cassandra
feared the closeness would elicit an even greater arousal...and her fears
were becoming a reality... she squirmed with desire. Cassandra looked
over at Theresa and attempted to warn her... but the young witch continued
to gaze at Sarah as if she were worshiping her. Cassandra was about to say
something when she felt Sarah's hand slide down between her legs...
eliciting a gasp. Slowly her hand worked its way up to her groin and
Cassandra weakly attempted to close her legs... but found she couldn't.
Sarah leaned over and whisper... right in her ear. "You can't resist my
touch Cassandra, so don't even try bothering." Cassandra found her will
crumbling the 'wetter' she became and instead of trying to stop her now,
she opened herself up wider. Now Sarah's hand rubbed against the thick denim material separating their flesh... Cassandra moaned.

While Sarah caressed her groin she could see she was smiling at
Theresa... and Theresa was smiling back. Her witch lover was falling
under her mesmeric power and there was nothing she could do about it. She
didn't want this to happen and in one last burst of defiance, she yelled;
"Theresa! Look away from Sarah, she's a vampire!"

Sarah laughed at this attempt and gave her groin a pinch... the act
caused her to cum where she sat. "Theresa's too far under now for you to
help her... and now the three of us are going to go back to your place for
a pleasant three way."

Cassandra wanted to get angry with Sarah, but her desire to be with her,
overwhelmed her... and she passively found herself following Sarah and
Theresa out of the restaurant.


Having a lot of practice with Cassandra, Theresa knew exactly how to act
the docile and entranced. At first, everything seemed normal and when
Sarah called Cassandra her former lover, she didn't question it...but where
Sarah blew it was in the way she talked to Cassandra. There was a definite
role reversal thing going on here and Theresa suspected the worst. No
human could get away with addressing Cassandra in this manner, so she
quickly cloaked herself with a protection spell.

As Theresa let the scene develop, she was very surprised at how
Cassandra powerful she responded to Sarah... it was almost as if Cassandra
was feeling the effects of another spell. Did Sarah really have this much
power? Cassandra's whole demeanor changed and it was quite obvious that
Sarah held the upper hand in their strange relationship.

Theresa had to buy some time because she wasn't sure exactly what to
do... She worried that Cassandra might be upset if she intervened, but
when she heard Cassandra's warning, she felt confident that what she did
would be all right. The last thing she wanted was to jeopardizing their
happiness by interfering with her and Sarah's relationship. What Cassandra
didn't know, and Sarah was oblivious to, was the fact that she had full use
of her witchcraft... Given her love for Cassandra, she'd never use it
against her... but this former actress was a different story altogether.
Sarah had underestimated her and she would pay for it... there was no way
that Sarah could take her as easily as Cassandra had... Cassandra had
caught her totally by surprise... unlike Sarah.

When they were back at Cassandra's apartment... Theresa allowed Sarah
to lead her into Cassandra's bedroom... then obediently stripped naked as
ordered. The sexual attraction that Theresa felt for women was exclusive
and limited to Cassandra, so the sight of Sarah nudity did nothing for her.
Having sex with Sarah was not something she would have preferred doing but
she'd need to in-order to make her move. She'd have to be quick about it.
Theresa felt Sarah trying to instill lust in her, but she wouldn't allow
it. Then a thought occurred to her! Yes! That's it!

Theresa watched Sarah lay back on the bed while Cassandra stood passive
beside the bed watching... Theresa felt sad for Cassandra, knowing that
her lover was craving both their bodies but forced to watch. Cassandra's
pained expression bothered Theresa but she had to stick to her plans.
Sarah would pay for being this cruel to her. Theresa climbed on top of the
bed and settled in between Sarah's legs. Her sex gave off a pleasant
aroma, and Theresa's strong will weaken a little, feeling suddenly 'wet'.
Theresa whispered an incantation and directed it right at Sarah's
'glistening' sex... and when her lips touched soft petals Sarah cried out
in orgasm... so powerful and sudden, she passed out from it. Theresa
smiled... it worked.

Theresa saw Cassandra looking at her in shock... no longer under
Sarah's influence. "I placed two spells on her... one to make her orgasm
as soon as my lips touched her...ah... down there... and then a deep
sleep upon her climax."

"How long will she sleep?" Cassandra replied... smiling.

"About four hours."

Cassandra walked over to Theresa and planted a wet juicy kiss on her
lips... Theresa swooned for a second but then quickly recovered. "Does
Sarah have some sort of hold on you?"

"We were lovers over a year ago...before I 'turned'. Our relationship
was rather on the strange side... but once I became a vampiress I broke
free of her influence. Now that she's been 'turned' it looks like those
feelings have resurfaced."

"Cassandra, I believe it is more than that...and I'd like to cast a
truth spell on her."

Cassandra looked surprised but agreed. Theresa repositioned herself in
order to lower herself down onto Sarah's stomach. The fact that she was
still naked meant that she'd be resting her exposed sex on top of her belly
button. Then she cited another incantation provoking Sarah's eyes to open.

"Sarah...why does Cassandra feel helpless while in your presence?"

"Our Master put a spell on her to crave me sexually. Cassandra can't
help the way she feels."

Theresa looked over at Cassandra, who appeared stunned!

"Sarah, what do you know about me?" Theresa asked.

"Damien told me you're a witch, but under a powerful love spell for

"He knows everything." Cassandra whispered.


Cassandra soaked lazily in the bathtub while two of her slaves tended to
her. Thanks to Theresa's spell she was able to indulge in and slake some
of the pent up passion she had been feeling for Sarah. Much like she did
when Sarah was out of it after her 'turning', she forced her subconscious
to react instinctively to her touch. She remembered blushing when she
allowed Theresa to watch... she nudged Sarah's legs open with her nose and
then mouthed her pool of desire. Only when she was fully satisfied did she
look up... Theresa was beaming... and openly caressing herself. Sarah
lay beside them, unconscious, while Theresa joined her.


"Theresa...Damien is very ancient, and very powerful." Cassandra stated.

"Is there any way he would allow us to be together?" Theresa asked.

"I don't know... I don't think so."

"Then I'll fight him for you." Theresa snapped back.

"You'd lose... I won't allow this." Cassandra replied.

"I can't survive without you." Theresa cried.

"Me neither... so we'll just have to go to Damien together and ask for
his permission."

" you so much... what if he says 'no'."

"I don't know." Cassandra whispered.


Cassandra and Theresa sat at the kitchen table... they had just
returned from dropping Sarah off at a motel a few tons over. When Sarah
awoke tomorrow, she'd find herself absent her memory... unfortunately it
was only temporary, but it would be enough to buy them some time.

"Maybe if we do nothing, he'll just leave us alone..." Theresa

"Not likely. As soon as he decides to take matters in his own hands...
he'll summon me and I'll be powerless to resist him." Cassandra replied.

"Tell me what to do... I'll do it." Theresa whispered.


Damien sat down in his study... deep in thought. Despite several
attempts, he wasn't able to mentally contact Sarah and that was a first.
He could sense her being, which meant she hadn't been terminated, but
apparently her deep sleep had been induced by supernatural means. He
thought about contacting Cassandra but then decided to wait for her to come
to him. Had he underestimated the young witch?

He understood Cassandra was an innocent pawn in this game... but she
still had to be punished. Damien smiled... it had been a hundreds of
years since he'd last been challenged... he hoped it would prove

The End of Chapter V.


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