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Cassandra Vampiress 6


Cassandra - Vampiress, Chapter Six: The Punishment


Cassandra felt fidgety and nervous as she sat at the table. "Has he
tried to contact you?" Theresa asked.

"No. But he will... I'm sure of it." She replied... She wondered if
Damien would be upset with her for what they did to Sarah. Theresa had
cast a spell on her to make her forget in order to give them time to decide
how they wanted to handle their dilemma.


Sarah stretched her lithe body and yawned... then she suddenly realized
her unfamiliarity. "Huh?" She bolted up to a sitting position. "Where am
I?" She asked aloud... then she realized that not only did she NOT know
where she was... she also realized that she didn't who she was! She
looked across the room and noticed a mirror. Maybe seeing herself would
jar her memory.

As she gazed at herself in the mirror... she smiled. Whoever she was,
she certainly was sexy and cute... slim figure... a set of large full
tits... and based on the fact that she was shaven, she obviously enjoyed
her body. But now she needed to cover it...

She saw a pair of jeans and a sweater draped over a chair... and a pair
of tennis shoes on the floor. She looked around for some panties and a bra
but didn't find any, so she slipped on the jeans. Skin tight... like a
second layer of skin. She grinned when she turned to check out her ass.
The sweater was also tight as the material hugged the contours of her
protruding breasts. She looked 'hot'. Then she slipped on the pair of
tennis shoes and stepped outside.

The sun was bright and she wished she had some sunglasses. In looking
across the street she saw a convenient store. She dug into her pockets and
was relieved to find a couple of $20.00 bills.

As soon as Sarah entered she went over to the sunglasses rack. While
trying different pairs on her attention was suddenly drawn to a very pretty
teenager that walked in. The girl looked like one of those typical
California girls... long blonde hair, sea blue eyes, and a very innocent
face... she started to feel a warm tingling sensation down deep and
blushed. Was this girl actually turning her on? Was she gay?'


Damien paced his den... he had been surprised that Sarah failed in her
mission... and even more surprised at how easily the witch eliminated her
as a threat. Who would have thought that amnesia would prevent him from
linking with her? He hadn't wanted to get personally involved with this,
hoping that Cassandra would have come to him first... but now it looked
like she didn't have a choice.

Damien could enter Cassandra's mind with or without detection... and he
chose the later. She was discussing her fears and concerns with the witch
this very moment. Quickly, he sifted through her mind to obtain Sarah's
whereabouts and in doing so; he visualized the witch's appearance. He
could see why Cassandra was smitten with her.

Now he had to go and retrieve Sarah... before her 'hunger' set in.
Damien took flight and reached the motel. A quick scan around the grounds
indicated that she had been and gone... then he used his supernatural
senses to pick up her scent... and it led him across the street to the
store. Damien placed a cloak of invisibility around him and entered...
and smiled. Just in time to watch a seduction.


Sixteen-year-old Holly Breeze was only going into the store for a juice
but when she spotted the actress trying on some sunglasses, she cried out
in shock. "Oh my God! You're... you're... the Slayer!"

"Excuse me." The actress replied.

"I'm sorry... I mean...Sarah...I mean Ms. Hart... oh God, it's so
cool to meet you!" Holly babbled with embarrassment.

"You know me?" the actress asked.

"Of course...who doesn't!" Holly exclaimed. "I mean... I don't know
you personally but I know you. You kind of disappeared for awhile but..."
then she suddenly stopped talking. Sarah was no longer looking into her
eyes... instead her eyes traveled all along her body before resting on her
breasts... Holly blushed when Sarah reestablished eye contact.

"You're very pretty." Sarah grinned.

"Thank you." Holly whispered, gazing deep into her eyes. Did Sarah Love
Hart just call her pretty?!? Something was telling her to leave... but
there was something about her eyes... They were so beautiful... so

"I...I'm...ah...I really have to go, but it was nice meeting
you..." She managed to whisper but instead of turning to leave she stood
there unable to move.

"Look deep into my eyes, Holly, look deeper and deeper." Sarah

Holly felt completely powerless to do anything else and wondered without
any real fear what was happening to her. Then she heard someone say her
name and giggled when she realized it was her that said it. Then she heard
herself respond to Sarah's question without any real intention. "No, my
parents are outside waiting for me...we're on our way to visit my cousin in

Holly wasn't sure what was going on... but the next thing she felt was
a compulsion to follow Sarah into the back room. The second they were out
of sight, Sarah spun her around, grabbed her head and brought their lips
together for a passionate kiss! Stunned was her initial reaction... but
soon she was feeling something all together different... something she
didn't at all expect... never realizing that she could feel this way.
Holly kissed Sarah back with as much passion as Sarah was kissing her while
a rush of desire flooded her every pore. This wasn't just any girl she was
making out with... this was someone famous and very beautiful. This was
Sarah Love Hart! And when Sarah finally released her from the kiss, she
nearly dropped to her knees in a swoon.

"Are you a virgin?" Sarah asked, grinning.

"No." Holly whispered... ashamed now that she didn't save herself for
her. "I had sex twice."

"Did you cum?"

"I... I think so." She stammered. "But I...I never kissed a girl before... and I never felt (she blushed) like this."

Sarah smiled at her and then pulled off her sweater...freeing two of the
most beautiful breasts she'd ever seen. "Now, let me see yours."

Holly quickly pulled her halter-top up over her head and then unsnapped
her bra... her breasts were small, but shapely... and ever so perky.
Sarah brought her hands up and palmed them... eliciting a wet heat down
below. God! She'd never been this horny before!

"I...I...can't believe we're doing this!" Holly whispered, enjoying the
soft caresses from Sarah's hands.

"Do you want to?" Sarah asked.

"Ohhhhh yesssssss...more than anything." She responsed, never imagining
how great this could feel. Then Sarah moved her mouth down and kissed,
just underneath her left breast and that was when she felt it. "Ow!' she

Holly looked down to see a trickling of blood but just as she was about
to ask what Sarah was doing, she suddenly felt a tidal wave of pure
pleasure while Sarah sucked.

Holly wasn't sure what happened or how long she was 'out' but when she
opened her eyes next she was completely naked and fingering herself. Then
she heard Sarah's soft voice inside her head. "'re mine live for live for my touch... you live for my kiss.
You're my slave... my lover... and will obey me."

"Yes Sarah." Holly responded. Quickly she stopped masturbating and got
to her knees. The desire to please Sarah overruled every other emotion.

"What would you like?" Sarah asked with a smile.

"Please... I need you... I need you so, so much." Holly begged.

Sarah quickly stripped her own jeans off and now was equally as naked...
then she moved behind her and got down on her knees. One of her hands came
around to play with her breasts while the other cupped her wet mound from
underneath. One... two... and then three fingers pushed into her folds,
lighting a fire. Then she heard Sarah inside her head again. "For being
so sweet...every time you think of me, you will feel and remember this
feeling... now cum for me, cum for me hard."

Holly screamed out as she exploded to an incredible orgasm and if Sarah
weren't right there behind her she would have collapsed back in exhaustion.
Sarah then moved around and kneeled in front of her... smiling. Holly's
legs were slightly apart and she could feel herself leaking... Sarah moved
her face down to her wet sex and began kissing her... stabbing her with
her tongue... and then eating her... moments later she cried out to yet
another intense orgasm.

When she finally recovered, Sarah kissed her full on the lips... so
this is what she tasted like. Holly kissed back with unabashed love.

"Okay've had your fun, now its time to kiss your pet
goodbye." A firm male voice commanded from the other side of the room.

The sudden intrusion of a male voice should have startled her but she
didn't seem to care. He had obviously witnessed their lovemaking and was
right now seeing her naked... again, she just didn't care. Nothing seemed
to embarrass her anymore.

"Holly, get dressed and rejoin your parents. You're mine now...and
someday soon I'll come for you." Sarah commanded.

Holly quickly put her clothes back on... it hurt knowing that she was
being commanded to leave Sarah, but her total obedience was absolute. When
she was done dressing she turned around to say goodbye to Sarah... and it
was then that she saw the man. She felt weak with the force of his
powerful presence. She felt a sudden urge to prostrate before him.
Instead, she went over and knelt down before Sarah... somehow realizing
that this was expected of her. Sarah had her standup and they kissed again
and hugged. Sarah then affectionately slapped her on the ass and told her
to run along.

When Holly got back into the car, her mother was upset. "What took so
long? We were about to send a search party in there for you."

"I...I had to use the bathroom." Holly lied...something she'd never done

"You feel alright?"

"Yes...I think so...although I'm feeling a little dizzy and cold. I
think I'm coming down with something." Holly replied. Her mother offered a
blanket and she stretched out along the backseat. "I'm going to nap."

"Okay honey." Her mom responded.

Holly still felt horny... real horny... and now that she was covered
with a blanket she felt safe enough to play with herself. She smiled at
how wet she was... and then groaned. Her parents heard her but they
thought she was just sick. The whole time she fingered herself, she
fantasized about Sarah.


Holly wasn't the only one getting off at the moment... so wasn't Sarah,
who was naked and spread eagle against the wall. Damien rammed all ten
inches of him deep inside of her from behind. "Yessssss...yessssss...
yesssssss." She cried out. It was times like this when Sarah understood
why Damien made her call him 'Master'.

After they're 'fucking' reunion, Damien used his supernatural speed and
strength to carry a very satisfied and drowsy Sarah back to his mansion.
Sarah listened closely as Damien filled her in on the details. She got
pissed off at what Cassandra and Theresa had done to her but Damien
reminded her that they were both under a very powerful love spell. They'd
be punished... and she would reap some of the punishment.


Theresa Fawn felt very nervous as they entered the mansion. When she
turned to her lover, Cassandra, she saw that she was even more nervousness.
Moments later they entered Damien's Study. A very powerful looking man sat
behind his desk... grinning.

"Well, it's about time you two found the courage to come to me."

"I'm sorry, Master." Cassandra replied, dropping down to her knees.
Theresa remained on her feet... despite being intimidated.

"Stand up."

Cassandra got back to her feet.

"I can see why you're so smitten with the witch... she's absolutely
breath-taking!" He stated while shifting his gaze to her. Theresa wasn't
sure whether to thank him or fear him... instead she got to the point.
"We have come to ask you for permission."

" you two want my blessings to be with one another."

"Please Master... I beg you." Cassandra responded.

"Why didn't you come sooner?"

"I was afraid you'd say 'no'." Cassandra replied. "I was afraid you
would want her for yourself."

"And you aren't afraid now?" Damien asked.

Theresa didn't like the way this was going and she wondered if her
witchcraft was any match for his Vampire powers. Then she shuddered when
he returned his gaze on her and spoke directly to her mind. "Don't even
think it."

"Master... I love her... and she loves me." Cassandra responded, not
aware of that Theresa had just had an exchange with Damien.

"Yes... it appears this is so... but what is real and what is due to
the spell? Or do you care?"

"No Master... these feelings are very real."

"Well, there may be a way... but it means accepting a severe


"So Cassandra... do you accept your punishment?"

Cassandra was on her knees crying... Theresa stood there stunned. She
couldn't imagine living a day without her Theresa... never mined a whole

"But why so long?" she asked, wishing that she didn't have to accept the
punishment but knowing she would.

"You both deceived me... and Theresa needs discipline." Damien

Cassandra turned to Theresa. "Theresa?"

"I trust you Cassandra... if the only way we can be together is to
accept this year long punishment... then I'll do it."

"Okay." Cassandra whispered in defeat.

"Look into my eyes, Theresa... don't fight it... just allow it to
happen." Damien commanded.

Cassandra watched as her lover looked into her Master's eyes.

"Look deep...that's a good come here."

Trance-like, Theresa walked to stand in front of Damien.

"Now strip." Damien commanded.

Cassandra knew that Theresa would have normally hesitated at this
point... but she was totally under her Master's power and quickly stripped
out of her clothes... When she was naked, Damien moved around to the front
of his desk and then had her brace herself against it, spreading her legs.
Cassandra couldn't help but react to how erotic Theresa looked while
presenting herself and slid her hands down inside her pants to finger
herself. Damien saw her and commanded telepathically for her to strip.

"Yes." Cassandra whispered while she quickly took off her clothes.
Soon, she was just as naked as Theresa was.

"Theresa will become the first of her kind... a vampiress witch. But
just like you she will be my slave. Subject to my will." Damien stated
while he stripped off his slacks and white shirt. He then moved behind
Theresa and palmed her wet heat between her legs. Theresa moaned while
thrusting her ass up for the offering. "She's a passionate one...that's
for sure." He commented. "So, are you ready to watch your lover become my

Cassandra was too busy masturbating to respond and continued to watch as
Damien nudged Theresa's legs apart a bit further. Then he moved in
position to enter her and she could tell from Theresa's wiggling and
groaning that she was slowly being penetrated. Then Damien thrust into her
with force eliciting a scream!

Cassandra watched while her Master moved in and out of her... then he
moved her long wavy hair to the side and punctured her delicate skin.
Theresa screamed out and moved about like a banshee... while Damien
continued to pump in and out of her. When the initiation was finally
complete, Damien pulled out, allowing her to collapse face forward on top
of the desk.

Cassandra had cum right along with Theresa... and now removed her
sticky fingers from her 'hot' depths. She saw where Theresa leaked from
her sex...and neck. Damien then walked over to the drawer and pulled out a
box. Slowly, he withdrew his ceremonial knife... and then telepathically
commanded Theresa to come kneel before him.

Obediently, Theresa lifted herself up off the desk, turned around, and
complied. Cassandra tried to detect some life inside her eyes but she
still looked like she was in a trance. Damien took the knife and cut along
side his rigid member... and like she had... and like Sarah had...
Theresa opened her mouth wide and began to suck Damien's blood. Cassandra
once again masturbated.

When the ceremony ended, Theresa lay lifeless on the floor. Meanwhile
Cassandra cried out with another orgasm.

"Just like you, Cassandra, Theresa belongs to me...mind, body and soul.
She'll always be a witch...but now she'll be my witch. My Vampiress Witch. Now take her to one of the bedrooms... and
then report to Sarah. The second you leave Theresa's room, you'll forget
her for an entire year."

"Yes Master." Cassandra whispered.


"Hi Cassandra... miss me?" Sarah asked when she saw Cassandra enter her
bedroom. She was stretched out on her bed... naked.

"No." Cassandra responded... trying to sound defiant.

"Sure you did...I can smell how much you missed me."

Cassandra had felt her body responding to Sarah the second she entered
her bedroom. Part of her punishment in addition to being Sarah's slave for
a year was to be under her subjugation. Her mind wanted to tear Sarah
apart but her body felt weak and docile, eliciting a 'wet' and 'wanton'
response. She knew she was looking at Sarah like she loved her... but in
reality she hated her.

Sarah grinned, obviously knowing her condition. To tease her she moved
her hands down to her pussy. Slowly, she spread her soft creamy petals
apart and smiled. Cassandra gasped and moved towards her.

"Lick me, okay sweetie."

Without saying a word Cassandra climbed on top of the bed and positioned
herself between Sarah's wet lips... the craving for her pussy made
compliance all the more humiliating but she couldn't help it as she buried
her face and began to lick.

"Welcome back, Cassandra... I missed you." Sarah groaned... spreading
her legs further.


Damien Nightshade gazed down at Theresa Fawn with a smile. He found
that the longer he looked at her, the more he was taken with her.
Cassandra had selected well. Theresa radiated a natural innocence, much
the same way Cassandra did. Her long dark hair came down to her ass...her
tits were nice and full before her 'turning' and now looked incredible!
Damien sent out a tendril of power...and nudged his dark haired slave
awake. Theresa's eyes fluttered open... took a moment to realize where she
was and what had happened... and then. "You MONSTER!" and sprung off the

"Is that any way to talk to your Master?" Damien responded, stopping
Theresa cold.

"MASTER! I'll NEVER call you MASTER! could you do this to
me!?! You raped me! You monster!"

"Did you forget your punishment already?" Damien asked... a little
surprised. "You should feel honored... you're the first girl I've ever
turned within seconds after their initiation."

Theresa looked down at her nudity...noticing her much larger tits. Her
eyes lit up and then she scanned the room for something to wear.

"You asshole... why should I be grateful!?! You've got nerve! I want
my clothes! Where are they? Or are you getting a big thrill from seeing
me naked!" Theresa screamed.

Secretly, Damien loved the girl's feisty attitude... and looked forward
to taming her. "Get used to it because until I say otherwise, you aren't
allowed to wear clothes."

"Go fuck yourself...pervert!" Theresa responded...then headed towards a
robe that she saw hung inside the closet. Theresa went to grab for it but
something prevented her. She looked confused as she stared at it...unable
to pick it up. Slowly, she turned her attention back to Damien. "What did
you do to me?"


Theresa stood there in shock...still naked. Why couldn't she pick up
the robe? She wanted desperately to cover herself, but couldn't... Why?

She reflected on her punishment... something she agreed doing because
of her love for Cassandra. But she didn't feel the same way. Something
must have happened during her transformation... Sure she was fond of
Cassandra, remembering their lovemaking... but no longer did she feel that
blinding love. Based on the way she felt now... she would have never
agreed to be Damien's slave for a year.

"Theresa...there are things you need to accept. First and foremost, you
are my slave. I am your Master. The sooner you accept this the easier it
will. Second, you are a Vampiress now...which changes your life

"No! I don't care what you did... I'll never be your vampire slave. I
wasn't myself earlier... it was the spell. I would never have agreed to
be your fucking slave! I'm not a...a...vampire...I'm a WITCH!"

"Well, to be more accurate, you're both. You're a vampiress... and a
witch. But more importantly, you're my slave."

"I'll never be your slave...never." Theresa whispered.

"You just don't get you." Damien stated...then added. "I think
I need to demonstrate just how helpless you truly are."

Suddenly, Theresa felt his strong will wash over her and before she
realized what she was doing she was walking over to the bed. Then she sat
down on the edge and looked down at her new, tremendous breasts. Without
hesitation, she cupped them from underneath. Looking directly at Damien
she presented them to him. "Thank you for making me big...I just love big
tits...can you come over here and suck them?" She heard herself ask.
"Please... please suck my tits...please." She added. Then she felt him
recede from her mind allowing her to control her actions again. Theresa
quickly took her hands off of her breasts. "How dare you!"

Damien smiled. "I don't just have control of your outer physical
functions, but your internal ones, too. I bet you feel the need to
pee...don't you."

Suddenly, Theresa felt exactly that...and needed to go to the bathroom.
"Yes, damn you...I need to go!" and with that said she jumped off the bed
and rushed toward the bathroom door. Then stopped. 'Huh'. She couldn't
move, and now all she could do was squeeze her vaginal muscles to stop her
bladder from emptying.

"I control everything...your bladder...your thoughts...your sex drive.
Who you desire... when you desire... everything. You don't have to pee anymore."

And just like that Theresa stopped fidgeting... then returned to the
bed and crawled to the middle. She gave Damien a clear view of her naked
rump and in the sexiest voice she ever heard come out of her mouth, she
whispered. "Please fuck me."

Theresa turned red with embarrassment... unable to do anything other
than what Damien commanded. Here she was in a doggy position, a position
she vowed never to assume. She couldn't even turn around to face him when
she felt his weight on the bed. She could feel him move behind her, and
then palm her wetness below... she groaned and wiggled her ass. Damien
stuck three of his fingers deep inside her... eliciting a gasp. She felt
a tremendous emptiness when he slid them out of her. Then he brought his
hand up to her nose and allowed her to sniff. "You'll smell like this
whenever you think of me." He stated in a deep commanding voice. The aroma
of her sex permeated the air. Then he brought his fingers to her lips and
allowed her to lick herself. She cleaned his fingers up like she was a
dog. "Please...please fuck me...please." She begged.

"Please fuck me...what?"

"NEVER!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. Damien chuckled.
Theresa knew she was losing the battle and moved her fingers up to her
pussy to masturbate.

"Until I tell you otherwise, you aren't allowed to masturbate." Damien

Without consciously willing it... Theresa pulled her fingers away from
her 'hot' pussy and then cried out in frustration. "Please...please you
can't do this to me!"

"I can do anything I I said...I'm your Master...and you are
my slave. The sooner you accept this, the easier it will be for you."

Theresa couldn't stand it any longer and cried. "MASTER...okay, I said

"Not good enough, you horny beautiful vampiress witch."

Theresa felt tears drip down her eyes... stinging them.
"Master...please master...please fuck me."

"Much better Theresa...much, much better...and from this point on you
aren't allowed to cry again in my presence."

Like magic, Theresa stopped crying... at least from sadness anyway.
Damien had him hard member positioned at her soft entrance below and then
cried out in passion when he entered her. Never...not Cassandra or anytime
in her entire life, had Theresa felt so conquered as she did right now...
and with each thrust Damien rammed into her, she cried out for more and

"Does this feel good to you?"

"Yesssssssssss...pleaseeeeeeee...yessssssssssss." Theresa panted and

"Who am I?" Damien asked.

"Myyyyyy...myyyyyy massssstttteeerrrr." Theresa replied, no longer
caring... only wanting.


"MY MASTER!" Theresa cried out while just on the edge.

Damien thrust one more time and then whispered. "Cum for me
Theresa...cum hard and long...and then pass out."

Theresa felt the most incredible orgasm explode inside of
her...eliciting the loudest scream yet and then like commanded... she
passed out... with a smile on her face.

The End of Chapter Six.


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