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Cassandra Vampiress 7


Cassandra Vampiress Chapter Seven: The Vampiress Witch by JR Parz

Prologue. (A few months into Cassandra's Enslavement)

Sarah hugged the beautiful pop star for a full minute.

"God Sarah... we thought you were dead. Where have you been?" britney asked in a soft quiet voice.

"Dead? I guess you could say that." She giggled. "But I'll stick to a
long vacation story for appearance sake. Did you miss me?"

"Well sure... everyone did... and look at you! My God, you've grown
three cup sizes!"

Sarah smiled as she reached down and cupped them. "Do you like them?"

"Ah... sure... they're great." The pop star replied, blushing.

"Still not as nice as yours though... are they?" She asked with a

The pop star blushed deeper.

"Anyway, I want you to meet a couple of my... er... well... friends.
One is staying with me for awhile but the other is mine forever."

The pop singer looked at her strange like, wondering what she was
talking about. Still, she followed her into a small den and then gasped at
what she saw. Kneeling down on the floor... completely naked... was a
beautiful young blonde woman and a pretty blonde teenage girl.

"SARAH! What are you into!?!" The pop singer shouted in disbelief.

"Aren't they beautiful?" She asked... willing the younger one to rise.
"This is Holly... she's a big fan of yours."

"It's like... it's so kewl to meet you... you're way prettier in
person." Holly enthusiastically greeted her. Sarah watched on in
amusement. "And this one is Cassandra. Cassandra Seavers. Do you remember

The pop singer eyes lit up... apparently so. "I... I think I'd better

"You can't leave yet... you just got here. Stay for awhile... okay
sweetie." She smiled, then added. "The four of us are going to have
ourselves a love party. I have a nice king-sized bed and I thought...
well... I promise you'll cum forever."

"No Sarah... really... this isn't my scene." The pop singer whispered
while backing towards the door.

"Don't be silly... of course it is... we'll be one big loving
family... hell, we're all blonde... think of us as sisters." She beamed.
"Then down the road we'll invite Jessica... Cristina... even Mandy."

Sarah saw that britney was about to bolt, so she quickly captured her by
mesmerism. The pop star suddenly stopped in mid stride and turned around.

"That's much better." She smiled "A few tweaks here... a few there and
we'll have you feeling very, very aroused."

"No." the pop star shook her head as her body suddenly lit up with

"Yes dear... I can smell it?" She grinned.

The pop star's eyes closed for a second... then she groaned. Sarah
moved over to steady her. "Girls, strip her."

Cassandra joined Holly as they stripped the pop star of her shirt,
jeans, panties and bra... and in mere seconds she stood there completely
naked before them. Sarah walked up to her, smiling, and cupped her rather
large breasts. "I always knew these were natural." Then she slid her right
hand down to her moist mound. "Not a natural blonde, though, are you?"

"No." britney whispered in response.

"Now problem... I'm not either." She replied, grinning.

The Pop star gasped as she lightly grazed her fingers across her lower
lips. "Oh yeah... Let's set the record straight regarding my new boobs. I
didn't get a boob job the usual way in Hollywood. Mine just happen to be
supernaturally enhanced." She announced, then willed Cassandra and Holly to
lead the entranced pop star out of the den and into the bedroom. "Tell me
Brit... have you ever made love to a girl before?"

"Yes." The pop star replied, compelled to answer truthfully.

"Oh really? So, all that talk about you not being into that scene is
just that... talk."

"No! I'm not, really! That isn't my scene. It was a mistake."

"And who did you have this mistake with?"


"You mean..."

"Yes." The pop star blushed.

"How sweet... and here everyone makes you two out to be rivals."

I. (359 days into Theresa's Enslavement)

"Come here Tricia." Theresa softly commanded.

"Yes Mistress." replied the lovely ex-model... assuming a kneeling
position in front of her.

"Stand up."

Tricia stood as instructed.

Theresa flexed a combination of her vampire power and witchcraft and
quite instantly transformed her form into the exact duplicate of Cassandra
Seavers... not even Damien could to this. Then she led a stunned Tricia
over to the bed. "How long has it been since you were allowed to make love
to Cassandra?"

"Oh Mistress...a long time." Tricia replied, confused and aroused.

"Would you like to?"

"Yes mistress... thank you, mistress."

Soon they were on the bed in a '69' position. Tricia's tongue worked
her to an incredible state while she busily lapped at her for two
reasons... the taste of her cum and the nourishment of her blood. She so
loved it when these slaves were on their period.


Damien Nightshade quietly closed the door to Theresa's bedroom. The
witch was busily mouthing Tricia right now...appeasing her hunger. Just
like he had done with Cassandra and Sarah, Theresa would never want to fuck
another male again... with the exception of him of course. He was also
amazed at the Vampiress Witch's power and thought it nice of her to assume
Cassandra's form for Tricia. He figured it had to be like 'old times' for
the ex-model. Tricia had been a model, just like Cassandra... once the
two of them were best of friends and lovers.

Damien decided to go out for the evening, as he was in the mood for
another seduction. So many lovely girls to choose irresistibly
beautiful...and ever so cute when he induced arousal in them. Damien
stepped out into the darkness and took flight. It was great to be a Master


Damien Nightshade was enjoying a blowjob from one of the pretty co-eds
he picked up when Theresa came through the door. The girl stopped her oral
ministrations when she realized that they weren't alone anymore and then
blushed as she attempted to cover her nudity.

"Damien... we have to talk." Theresa proclaimed.

"Do you mind... Heather was right in the middle of something and now
she's distracted."

Heather looked around for her clothes and when she spotted them on the
floor by the desk she started for them... but Damien stopped her, turned
her around, and had her come back to him. Seconds later Heather was
kneeling down and taking up where she had left off.

"I've waited long enough." Theresa stated, taking a seat on the couch.
Obviously, she was unfazed by the thrall's actions.

"You know Theresa... I've told you in the past that I don't appreciate
you barging in on me when I'm in the middle of something. I didn't even
allow Cassandra to do this and she's my favorite."

"That's who I want to talk to you about." Theresa replied.

"Come now Theresa... every week we discuss her with the same results.
You may be close, but the year isn't up yet and until then you're both
being punished." Damien stated. He looked down and pet the top of the
pretty college girl's head as she continued to suck on him... then he
focused on Theresa and suddenly the gorgeous young brunette morphed into
the exact replica of Cassandra. He loved triggering her without her
realizing it. "Besides Theresa... I don't need Cassandra around when I
have you... do I?"

Theresa looked down at herself in shock. "Stop it! I told you I don't
like when you do this to me!" Theresa snapped back in Cassandra's sweet

"And I told you to be patient. You still have one more week before your
year is up and then I'll release you...not a second before. Then you can
go retrieve your lover from Sarah and go live happily ever after."

"There's something else I need to discuss... there's a girl I've been
following and I'd like her to be my first initiate."

"Oh... I thought you were going to wait until you moved out?"

"She's so like me that I'd like to bring her down a few notches."

Damien was about to cum and held the girl's head to indicate she had to
swallow. Then he turned back to Theresa. "How old is she?"



"Same age as me... remember... because of you I'm stuck seventeen for
the rest of my undead life."

"You can morph into anyone you want... right now you're Cassandra,
which means you're physically twenty-one. You could seek out older girls."

Theresa just sat there... pouting. In Cassandra's form it looked cute
on her.

"All right... you can have her but you're not allowed to bring her
here... go find somewhere else to have her service you. Now, come over
here and join Heather and make me cum." Damien commanded.

Theresa, still wearing Cassandra's body, walked over to him and kneeled
down... Heather blushed but continued to lick... then Theresa began
licking along the other side of his shaft... sometimes their tongues
touched and Heather blushed. "Cum for me... both of you... let me know
you're bodies are enjoying this."

Both Heather and Theresa suddenly screamed out in orgasm.


"What's your name?" asked the rough looking teen while boldly roaming
his eyes over her very healthy rack.

"Theresa Fawn" she replied... purposely letting her own gaze go down to
his crotch. She let her eyes linger there before smirking.

"See something you like?" the boy asked, obviously noticing where she'd
been looking.

"Not much." She replied... and then giggled.

"Would you like me to prove you're wrong." He grinned, unfazed by her

"Maybe." She replied.

"How come I've never seen you before?" he asked, trying to maintain his
cool exterior.

"Just moved here." Theresa replied

"Oh yeah... where from?"

"Sacramento" she lied.

Just then her 'target' approached and joined the boy. "Who's the
bitch?" she asked while putting her arms around the boy.

The boy smirked. "Theresa Fawn... this is my girlfriend, Carla Lane...
she's rather the possessive type."

Theresa smiled at the blonde... taking a hard look at her. Her hair
was long and teased, giving her a wild look and her eyes looked the color
of the sky on a clear blue day. She was going to enjoy this... and then
turned back to the boy. "I wouldn't be too concerned about me hitting on
you... but then again your girlfriend here is all together different." She

Carla's eyes lit up, taken totally off guard. The boy laughed in
response and appeared to be enjoying this... "Fuck off, dyke... I'm into
this (she stated while placing her hand on her boyfriend's crotch)... not

Theresa smiled at the blonde, liking her more and more. She was going
to relish taming her. "Come here." She commanded... compelling the girl with her eyes.

Carla left her boyfriend's side and started to walk towards her.
Theresa could see her a combination of emotions streak across the girl's
face... Anger, confusion and a touch of fear. Now she stood in front of
her with her back to her boyfriend.

"Hey Carla... what the fuck are you doing?" Her boyfriend asked.

"She's coming with me." Theresa replied for her, taking the girl's hand.
The girl didn't resist... at least now physically.


Carla Lane screamed, screamed and screamed... but not one sound came
out of her mouth. This girl had some sort of power over her and she
couldn't for the life of her, break it. Her legs propelled her forward
like she was some sort of puppet...and she couldn't stop, turn around, or
anything. Why? She couldn't understand it. She heard her boyfriend yell
for her to turn around and she couldn't even turn around to look at him.

"Listen, little boy... Carla and I have been lovers for the last
month... and I got fed up with her keeping it a secret. She don't want
you anymore... she wants me. So, fuck off!" The strange girl stated.

Carla wanted to tell her boyfriend that what she said was a lie... but
instead when the girl asked her to confirm what she said, she turned to her
boyfriend and said. "Yes."

"Then fuck you... fuck the both of you!" Her boyfriend replied and
stormed off.

Carla watched helpless as she was left all alone with this girl.

"Carla... turn to me." The girl commanded.

Carla responded... looking straight into her eyes.

"Do you think I'm beautiful?"

"Yes." Carla answered... finding herself compelled to tell the truth.

"Do you want to make love to me?"


"Yes you do."

Carla then felt it... arousal... and with incredible intensity... all
centered on the girl before her. Yes, she did suddenly want to make love
to this girl and she wanted it more than she'd ever wanted anything else in
her life!

"Now Carla, let me ask again... do you want to make love to me?"

"Yes." Carla blushed... embarrassed at the new feelings coursing
through her. She could feel her sex throbbing and suddenly saw an image of
herself on her knees before the girl... licking her... tasting her. "God
yes." She whispered again.

"Yes... what?"

"Yes... I...I want to... make love to you." Carla admitted still

"Kiss me."

Carla knew she was about to kiss a girl out in public and that there
were classmates around, but she didn't hesitate as she moved her body up
against her. Her small breasts crushed up against the girl's huge breasts and then their lips met... and they began tonguing... thirstily, as they
kissed. She couldn't believe how hungry she became for the girl and moaned
at the searing need that grew deep inside of her and then... "Ouch!"

The suddenly the girl broke the kiss off and moved back... Carla saw
her blood on the girl's lips. Slowly, she licked her lips tasting her
blood. "You taste good Carla, I'm going to enjoy making love to you."

Carla was stunned but she was still horny for the girl. This was all so
very crazy and she couldn't for the life of her rationalize it.

"You may speak freely... but do not raise your voice and when you look
at me you openly look at me like you love me."

Carla could tell that she was smiling at the girl... but she couldn't
help it. "Who are you?"

"Don't you remember your boyfriend introducing me?"

"Yes... but."

"You can call me Theresa."

"I can't believe I'm doing all this... I can't believe what you're
making me feel."

"Nice... isn't it?"

"Yes... but it's not me."

"It is now... get used to it."

"Wh... what are you?"

"One of a kind..."

"Where are we going?"

"I thought we'd go out to the park... nobody should be out there at
this time of night... and I so love outside sex."

Carla blushed.

When they reached the park, Carla was still feeling the fear of the
unknown... confusion at how this was happening... and the ever-increasing
desire for this girl. "I've never done this before?"

"I know dear... but trust me, once I've had a taste of you...and you
me, you'll never want anybody else. Okay, this is fine... stop and strip
out of those clothes."

Carla did as she was instructed... kicking off her sneakers, taking off
her socks, stripping off her halter, followed by her bra, and then sliding
down her tight jeans and black panties at the same time. When she was
completely naked she stood there at attention... awaiting further

"Tell me Carla... are you horny?"


"Then you'd like me to make love to you... wouldn't you?"

"I know I wouldn't normally... but whatever you've done to make me feel
this way is making me want you... yes." Carla replied.

Then she watched Theresa pull off her turtleneck and gasped at seeing
her incredibly full, firm tits. Theresa wasn't wearing a bra. Her breasts were huge. Then She slid down her tight jeans and just like she wasn't
wearing a bra, she wasn't wearing any panties. She was also shaven and
Carla felt an incredible urge to kneel down and kiss her there.

"Come here Carla... assume the position."

Carla immediately went down to a kneeling position in front of her...
now eye level with Theresa's slit. She could smell her sweet intoxicating
aroma eliciting even a greater 'need'.

"Am I 'wet', Carla?"

Carla moved her lips to the girl's pussy and giggled. "Yesssss."

"Are you 'wet'?"

Carla reached down with her hand and touched herself... God was she
ever! "Yessssss."

"Let me taste." The girl requested.

Carla brought her fingers up to the girl and nearly swooned when she
licked her fingers. Then she felt compelled to stand up and kiss... and
soon their tongues dueled once again with even greater passion.

"Did you ever '69' with your boyfriend?"

"Yessss." Carla replied as she watched the girl lay down on the grass.

Carla felt a need to drink all of Theresa's creamed filled pussy and
quickly moved between her legs. Slowly, being gentle as she could, she
licked along Theresa's soft petals until she found her clit... then she
attacked! She sucked; nipped and tugged and within seconds she was giving
her new lover multiple orgasms.

Carla wasn't sure how long she was out, but when she woke she quickly
moved her body around in order to position herself in a '69'. While again
nestled inside Theresa's crotch, she lowered her own dripping pussy down on
top of her mouth. Every lick elicited a cry for more and seconds later she
screamed out in orgasm... then she felt a stab of pain. "Ouch!"

Carla was about to say something when she suddenly felt a pleasant
lassitude wash over her... Theresa continued to suck at her pool of juices
and other secretions and she could feel she was about to pass out. Somehow
Carla knew it wasn't only her cum Theresa sucked... but her blood as well.
Then she heard Theresa's voice inside her head. "You're mine Carla...
You're mine to do with as I wish. Every thought... desire... and need is
to please me. You live for my happiness... my touch... my kiss. I own
you body and soul." Carla screamed out in orgasm!

When Carla first woke she thought it was all a dream but after realizing
she was naked and waking up in the park she knew it wasn't. The name
Theresa Fawn came to mind and she slowly got to her feet. She looked down
at herself and smiled. No, she hadn't been dreaming. She saw her clothes
piled off to the side but understood she couldn't put them on just yet.

"Hi Carla... you were great."

Carla blushed as she quickly kneeled down before Theresa. With her head
bowed she whispered. "Thank you mistress... how may I serve you." The
realization of her words and new status should have bothered her...but
strangely it felt right and comfortable to her.

"Stand up Carla and look at me."

Carla stood up and gazed at her mistress... she was so beautiful.

"You are my slave now... how do you feel about this?"

"Happier than anytime in my life before... thank you mistress." Carla
replied, knowing her feelings were genuine despite her past beliefs.

"Yes my pet... I'm sure you are. How do you feel about your

"I... I feel nothing for him."

"That's right... and you'll find that you won't feel anything sexual
for another boy ever again... girls now... are a different matter

"Yes mistress."

"Do you have any lesbian friends?"

"No mistress."

"Then I'll give you a day to select two of your pretty heterosexual
girlfriends... just let me know who they are and I'll turn them into your
lesbian lovers."

"Thank you mistress." Carla whispered... immediately thinking of Linda.

"Now go home now... I'll see you tomorrow."

"Thank you mistress."

VI. (The next morning)

"Linda... can we talk about something important to me?"

"Sure Carla... what's up?"

"Have you ever thought about doing it with another girl before?"

"What?!? Hey, I heard all about you kissing that girl last night. I'm
not sure why you've suddenly changed but if you think I'm going to change
with you you're crazy."

"I was thinking you and Debbie might." Carla stated.

"Debbie!?! Like I said, you're crazy."

"If you say so."

VII. (That night)

Throughout her year as Damien's concubine, he would take her in spurts.
For every night during the last week, he been fucking her like there was no
tomorrow... and she couldn't get over how pleasurable each one of those
sessions were. She'd whimper in submissive passion and eagerly do every
thing he asked of her... hoping that he would use her repeatedly.

Damien had turned her into a vampiress...and given she was already a
witch, she was (according to him), the first of her kind. Yet despite her
incredible powers, she was still very much subject to his will. His
subjugation of her was complete and all-powerful and because of it she
responded to him like a slave.

If he so chose, he could keep her at his side beyond a year but he said
he wouldn't. Besides, he would often tell her. "If I want you I simply
will summon you and take whenever I want." Theresa knew she'd beg him if he
so ordered her to. It didn't matter how many girls she seduced and made
love to... nothing at all compared to the incredible feeling of when
Damien was inside of her.

She also reflected on Cassandra. She understood that when she turned
into a vampiress that the love spell she'd been under had broken... and
initially, she'd resented her because she was responsible for all of
this... but as she began to exist as a vampiress she began to understand...
and as a result, forgave Cassandra. Now, she was no longer angry with her
and looked forward to being with her... but no longer did she feel the
same intense love that she once felt for her. She also realized that she
was much more powerful than Cassandra given her combined powers and this
meant that whatever relationship they did reestablish, she'd be in control
of it. Given Cassandra's natural submissive tendencies, she didn't foresee
this as a problem.

"Hi Carla..."

"Oh hi mistress!" Carla replied... standing outside on her porch.
Theresa had telepathically called Carla before she had even arrived.

"I'm going to be busy tonight... so I can only stay for a quickie...
then I have to leave." Theresa stated, knowing that this would disappoint
her new pet. "I bet you've been quite horny... haven't you?"

"Yes mistress... I can't stop thinking of you and I'm constantly wet."

"Well... have you selected a couple of girls to be your lovers?"

"Yes Mistress... Linda and Debbie...they're both seniors like me."

Theresa scanned her mind to get their addresses. "Okay... come over
here and give me a big kiss." Theresa commanded, opening her arms for her.

The second their lips touched Carla swooned with an orgasm... then
another... and yet another... one right after the other! By the time
Carla's body stopped shuddering from all her orgasms, she was ready to
collapse and Theresa had to keep her from falling. "Carla... go inside
now and when you wake tomorrow, the girls will be yours."

"Yes mistress." Carla replied... moving off on wobbly legs.

Theresa shape-shifted into a huge dog and headed towards Linda's house.
It was late enough where both girls should be home. Hopefully, she could
get back to the mansion before Damien went anywhere. She was fully aware
that he did something to make her more horny for him than usual... but
there was little she could do to prevent it. Maybe she'd convince him to
shape-shift into a canine too and then they could fuck as animals.
Something about becoming a bitch made her feel especially primal.

After a few blocks, Theresa shape-shifted from a bitch to a vampire bat
and flew up to the windowsill. It was times like this that made being a
vampiress and a witch, incredibly convenient. Then she changed into a mist
and easily slipped in-between the windowsill into the bedroom. The girl was very beautiful... and she couldn't blame Carla from wanting her.
Using her witchcraft, she cast a spell... "Misa... Vesual... Remor...
Talto" and then sent a flood of emotions into the girl... the girl had
nice round small breasts and an ever so cute ass. "With each minute...
you will dream of Carla... when you wake tomorrow morning you will ache
for her touch... for her kiss... for her taste."

Linda moaned in her sleep and Theresa couldn't resist taking a peak
inside her dream... she smiled when she saw her hungrily eating a spread
eagle Carla. "Carla is everything to you... and you are nothing without

Theresa left Linda to her wet dreams and headed out to Debbie's. Unlike
Linda, Debbie shared her bedroom with a younger sister... a very pretty
younger sister. Theresa walked over to the young girl and gazed down at
her... she figured she might be in middle school. She wanted to take the
girl and brought her fingertips down to caress her cheek... the girl stirred. Then it 'hit' her! The girl was having her period! 'Oh God' she
gasped. How nice it would be to have a sweet little slave... young...
fresh... and oh so innocent. Then she screamed at herself. 'Too young!'
and with that, she exerted all her will power and turned away. Her
'hunger' tore at her but she knew she'd regret it afterwards. "Sleep
child... and only wake when the sunlight hits your pretty face."

Theresa then approached her intended victim, feeling slightly ill from
not answering her own needs. She gazed down at Debbie, who was a pretty
girl in her own right. Her baby fat made her all the more alluring... and
she possessed a nice luscious pair of tits...something that Linda had
lacked. Theresa kept Debbie completely entranced as she willed her to sit
up... the sheet fell around her waste exposing her bare ample breasts.
Theresa glanced at them in appreciation. The girl was sexy but something
about her younger sister made her appear sexier. "What's your sister's


"How old is she?"


"Is she pure?"

"I... I think so."

Theresa chanted the spell... that would turn Debbie sexually in lust
for Carla... and after doing so, he sent her back into a deep slumber.
Both her and Linda would now find themselves craving Carla. They wouldn't
understand it... but they wouldn't be able to resist it. Then Theresa
turned to Dawn again... and placed her hands on both side of her pretty
face. She needed to keep her pure... she'd come back for her in three
years. Using a mantra that she only reserved for very special
circumstances... she entered the girl's brain and rapidly shuffled through
her desires...and fantasies. Yes, even at this young age they fantasized.
She saw where Dawn was pure but on the verge of sexually awakening. She
also saw where she'd be drawn to both boys and girls... she didn't know it
yet, but she was bisexual. Quickly, she sent the girl a compulsion to stay
pure... never would she allow a boy to enter her... but if she so
inclined, she could indulge herself with another girl... as long as it
wasn't with her sister. Only a female would be allowed to drink from her

Theresa took another whiff of her virgin blood and then turned into a
mist again...and disappeared. She shape-shifted in flight, soaring high
and fast as an eagle. She sent a mental call to Damien... praying he
would answer.

"What is it my horny vampiress witch." he answered inside her mind.

"I need you."

"I know. Come to me."

Theresa flew faster.

The End of Chapter Seven.


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