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Cassandra Vampiress 8


Disclaimer: No one under 18 allowed reading!

Author's Note: This chapter 8 concludes the Cassandra - Vampiress

Cassandra - Vampiress Chapter Eight: The Reunion By JR Parz

Prologue (Evening before Punishment Ends)

Theresa whimpered and groaned as Damien penetrated her... harder and
faster with every thrust, eliciting a supernatural ecstasy. "Pleeeasssse."
She begged him, moaning. Due to his command not to reach climax, she was
kept right there on the edge... and when he did finally allow her to
explode... boy did she ever! "Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She cried out
before drifting off to darkness.

She wasn't sure how long she was out, but she woke just as Damien was
sliding out of her... and immediately she felt an overwhelming 'need' for
him to fill her again. Exhausted and unable to move, she wondered how
someone with her incredible powers could be reduced to a quivering,
lust-ridden, pleasure slave... conquered in ways that rendered her weak,
docile and totally female.

'Damn', she thought to herself. 'He's playing with my emotions again...
making me feel this way.'

"I have a few rules for you before you leave." Damien announced, as he
lay there naked next to her... grazing his fingers along the crack of her
ass. "Sarah's my property... just like you and Cassandra."

"Yes, Master." She replied automatically, then blushed when she realized
he was forcing her to respond this way.

"And domination of one another is only allowed through consent unless of
course, I permit otherwise." He smiled.

"Yes, Master." She whispered, blushing.

"And under no circumstances are you allowed to hurt one another,

"But, Master." She replied, still forced to respond subserviently, but
still being able to voice her opinion. "Sarah has been allowed to treat
Cassandra like a slave and I can't just forget that."

"Cassandra's heart may have been heavy during her punishment, but
physically, she felt pleasure." Damien responded.

"I wouldn't hurt Sarah... just let her know that if she ever messes
with Cassandra again, she'll be messing with me." She explained.

"And what makes you think that Cassandra can't take care of herself?"
Damien asked, then added. "Cassandra's a stronger vampire than Sarah...
and a lot more powerful than you give her credit for... but if you can
stay within my guidelines, you have my permission to do what you must."

"Thank you, Master." She replied, grinning.

"I'm very serious about this, Theresa. Screw up and you'll be right
back here as my perpetually horny maid."

"Yes, Master." She replied... her grin turning to a blush.

Damien gave her a whack on the ass before slipping out of bed. The slap
should have pissed her off, but instead it only inflamed her arousal. She
hated when he treated her like a sex slave, but she hated her body's
reaction even more. She stole a glance at his equipment and smiled...
even in its flaccid state it hung powerfully huge... and she licked her
lips wishing he'd take her again.

"Theresa... I'm honoring my word that you and Cassandra can be
together. Your punishment is over tonight at midnight."

"Thank you, Master." She replied.

"Are you planning on living with Cassandra?"

"Yes, Master." She replied.

"I suggest you make some alternative plans in the event your reunion
doesn't pan out the way you expect."

"I will, Master." She whispered, wondering why he would suggest such a

"Then leave."

"Yes, Master." She smiled, slipping out of bed... then hurrying off to
her bedroom.

Having expected Damien to summon her, she had already instructed Tricia
to pack her belongings and was pleased to see that she was nearly finished
when she returned back to her bedroom.

"I'm going to miss you, Mistress." Tricia whispered, teary eyed.

She opened her arms and allowed the ex-model a hug. She had grown fond
of Tricia and wondered if Damien would be willing to give her up. "Call me
a cab." she instructed her.

"Yes, Mistress." Tricia replied.

She figured she'd store her belongings with Carla for the time being...
but rather than alert her to her arrival she decided to surprise her.


"Mistress!" Carla cried out in surprise.

Theresa smiled at her thrall... who was on her back, spread-eagled, and
getting eaten out by a lovely girl with a nice ample ass. When the girl looked up and saw her standing there, she shrieked, and scurried off the
bed for her clothes. She remembered the girl, Debbie, and this sparked her
memory of her younger sister, Dawn.

"Return to the bed and ignore me." She commanded the girl, who
immediately dropped the panties she had picked up and moved back on the

"I can't stay, Carla... I just had to drop my suitcases off." She
stated as Debbie repositioned herself between her thrall's legs. "I wish I
had time to join you... but I don't." She added.

"Oh... unngghhhhhh." Carla groaned, nodding her head.

She turned her attention to Debbie and scanned her mind. She saw where
she'd been arguing with her younger sister as of late and this didn't sit
too well with her. She made a mental note to address this problem when she
returned. She leaned down, kissed Carla on the lips, and then disappeared.
I. (Sarah's Apartment)

"Ohhhhhhhh... God, Yes!" Sarah screamed out from Cassandra's tongue
lashing. "Harder! Harder!" She frantically begged and then exploded with
yet another orgasm.

Later, while leisurely stroking Cassandra's long blonde hair, she
started to feel sad and frightened. In less than an hour, Cassandra's
punishment would be over and she feared that this would be their last night
together. She sighed and stood up... then using her mind, she summoned
her young thrall, Holly. Naked, the teen beauty entered the room and bowed
her head.

"Stay with Cassandra." She commanded.

"Yes, Mistress." Holly replied, smiling.

She leaned over and kissed her sleeping pet and then exited the room and
went to the guestroom... where a brunette was eagerly licking out a blonde girl. Unlike the blonde, the brunette wore panties, which meant she was on
her period. When the blonde spotted her, she immediately instructed the
brunette to stop and kneel subserviently before her.

"Hi Mandy... are you enjoying your new life?" She asked the pretty

"I... I don't understand this... but... but yes... Yes, I am." Mandy
replied with a blush.

"Oh dear, you don't need to understand... just enjoy. Is britney the
first girl you've ever tasted?" She asked.

"Yes." Mandy continued to blush.

"Well?" She asked with a smile.

"I... I like it." Mandy whispered, coloring even more.

"Aren't you glad you joined our little club?"

"Yes... thank you." Mandy responded with downcast eyes.

"Jessica and Christina each had their turns but eventually I had to kick
them loose. If I had known you were a virgin, I might have called on you

She then turned to Britney, who had been obediently quiet. "Well dear,
how does she compare with the other two?"

"Mandy's more innocent. Prettier, too." The blonde pop princess replied
with a blush.

"Yes... I've always considered Mandy the prettiest of you four... but
don't frown, 'Brit', you're still the sexiest with that 'hot bod' of

britney smiled.

"Anyway, I need to feed... so leave me. Go join Cassandra."

"Yes, Mistress." britney replied and quickly left the room.


With only twenty-eight minutes left of her captivity, all Cassandra
wanted to do was sleep... but Holly's tongue wouldn't allow her... and
soon she was opening her legs wider for the girl.

Then the door opened and britney walked in. "Sarah told me to join

She smiled at the pop princess, having grown fond of her. Then she
looked down at Holly, captured the young girl's eyes, and willed her to
sleep. britney didn't even have to be told and a second later she was
replacing Holly between her legs. celebrity certainly had its privileges.

As britney tended to her 'need', she thought about Theresa Fawn. Did
she still love her? She remembered questioning this about a third of the
way through her captivity. The bond that they had shared didn't seem as
strong. Did Theresa still feel the same way about her? Sarah had asked
her what her plans were and she told her that she still loved Theresa.
Then quite surprisingly, Sarah asked if she might consider returning if
things didn't work out with Theresa. Did Sarah care for her? She knew
Sarah could have made things worse and the fact of the matter was that she
enjoyed her captivity to her, basking in her true submissive nature. She
ended up telling Sarah that she'd think about it.

"Ohhhhhh... Yeeeessssssssssss!" She suddenly cried out as britney eagerly lapped up her cum. britney then shifted around and lowered herself
over her mouth so she could return the favor.


Theresa soared through the air in her Eagle form... moving faster than
any Eagle ever did... and arrived outside of Sarah's apartment complex
with 15 minutes to spare. She looked around and smiled. Despite the late
hour there seemed to be a lot of activity going on. Then she noticed the

"Hey, gorgeous." A boy greeted her with a smile.

The boy was cute and 'fuckable'... only if Damien hadn't altered her
sexual orientation. She sighed and moved on... scanning the other
partygoers... and that is when she saw her. She was very pretty and had
dark hair, like hers. She also appeared shy, reminding her of Dawn.

"Hi... I'm Theresa." She greeted the girl, staring into her baby brown

"Julie." The girl replied automatically, appearing slightly nervous.

"Tell me, Julie... have you ever licked pussy?" She asked, smiling.

The girl blushed, nodding her head 'no'.

"Have you ever thought about it?"

"Yes." The girl whispered, blushing even more.

"Follow me." She commanded.

The girl got up and followed her... heading away from the party. Some
of the other partygoers that saw them let out some 'catcalls' and the boy that greeted her earlier asked where they were going.

"Julie is going to have her first taste of pussy." She responded,
provoking even louder 'catcalls'. Julie wasn't allowed to resist when she
reached for her hand.

When they were far enough away, she twirled the girl around to take a
good look at her and smiled. The girl looked precious, still blushing,
while also looking nervous... but she could also smell her arousal.

"I bet you're aroused, aren't you?" She asked.

"Yes." The girl whispered.

"And I bet when you came to this party tonight that you never thought
that you'd be seduced by another girl, did you?" She asked, smiling.

"No. I... I never been with a girl before?"

"How about a guy?" She asked.

"Not all the way." She blushed again.

'A virgin!' She thought with excitement. This shined new light on the
subject and it also meant that she didn't have time to do what she wanted
to do. She glanced at her watch and saw that she only had four minutes, so
she drew the girl closer... hugged her... enjoying the feel of her ass.
Then she kissed her, and mentally sent her a command. 'You've been
awakened... and now crave your own sex. You will remember and fantasize
about me and I will return for you. Until then... reap the pleasures of
your new sensuality.'

"Yeeesssssss." Julie mind reeled.

'And now, cum for me.' She sent, smiling as Julie shuddered to an


In the form of a white cloudy mist, Theresa drifted up to the eighth
floor and materialized when she reached Sarah's balcony. She looked
through the sliding glass doors she saw three blondes, all naked, on a bed.
One of the girls was sleeping while the other two made 'love'. Cassandra
was one of the girls... Then she glanced at the girl Cassandra made love
to and gasped... Britney! Was Sarah crazy!?!

She then looked at the girl that was sleeping and a quick scan told her
that the girl was Sarah's thrall. The she wondered, looking back to
Britney, and saw that only mesmerism controlled her. Why didn't Sarah
enthrall britney like she had done with the younger girl? Then something
else that she'd been dying to know was whether or not britney told the
truth regarding her virginity and smiled when she saw the truth.

"Theresa!" Cassandra suddenly cried out. Cassandra pushed britney off
of her and jumped to hug her... and she nearly swooned when she felt their
'Double Ds' crushing up against one another.

"Wait." She gasped with she felt Cassandra slide her hand down to her
crotch area.

"What's wrong?" Cassandra asked, looking confused and slightly hurt.

"Sarah." She whispered.

"She won't bother us... she's feeding."

"Feeding? On who?" She asked.

"Mandy... who cares... Let's make love!" Cassandra exclaimed.

"But what about me?" britney suddenly interrupted them with a pout.

"Oh... I'm sorry honey... Sleep." Cassandra commanded the pop

Still feeling slightly starstruck with Britney, she watched her drift
off before turning back to Cassandra, who was smiling at her. "Let me say
goodbye to Sarah and then we'll leave." Cassandra beamed.

"You can't be serious about wanting to say goodbye to her, are you?"

"Of course I am." Cassandra replied.

"How can you even be nice to the bitch?" She asked.

"You have it all wrong, Theresa, Sarah didn't do anything to me that I
didn't enjoy and besides, if you want to be angry with someone... be angry
with Damien. He's the one that controls everything." Cassandra responded.

"But aren't you the least bit angry with her?"

"I'll admit I was angry in the beginning but eventually I came to
understand that she was nothing more than Damien's puppet. Let me tell
you, she could have treated me a lot worse. Anyway, if you're still having
a problem with this, I'll say goodbye to her now and we'll leave right

"I'm sorry, Cass... but I can't allow Sarah to get away with this and I
don't want you talking to her."

"Theresa... I'm very much myself again and this isn't your decision.
It's mine. I'm going to go say goodbye to her now and you wait here."
Cassandra replied and started for the door.

Theresa gained Cassandra's attention and then morphed into her exact

"Oh my, God!" Cassandra exclaimed, looking at her in disbelief. "I had
no idea you were this powerful!"

Taking advantage of Cassandra's shock, she bore into her, mesmerizing
her... and within seconds Cassandra stood motionless in a trance. "I'm
sorry, Cass... I didn't want to go to this extreme, but I don't want you
interfering. Go back in bed and sleep." She commanded.

Without saying a word, Cassandra returned to her bed, settling down
between britney and Holly... and fell asleep.

She felt bad about doing this to Cassandra, but at the same time she
felt kind of impressed since this was the first time that she used her
powers on another vampire. Damien had told her that once someone was
mesmerized... human, vampire, or 'even' a witch, that they were totally
subjugated to your will. Now, wearing Cassandra's body, she left the
bedroom to find Sarah.

As she expected, Sarah was busily lapping up the dark red nectar from
between some innocent's legs. The teen looked young in addition to being
dazed and happy... She was also very, very pretty. Then her eyes lit up
when she recognized her, having been thrown off guard by her dark hair.
Mandy had been a blonde the last time she saw her, and although she hadn't
yet attained the same stardom as Britney, she still managed to have her own
television show on MTZ... and star in a Motion Picture. Then she realized
something else... Sarah had just drunk from Mandy's pussy and if she were
virgin, it would mean that she had just been transformed into an Initiate,
which was one step away from being a vampiress.

"I've come to say goodbye." She spoke, deciding to interrupt them.

"Cassandra!" Sarah responded. "I thought... I thought you were leaving
tomorrow." She responded.

"Sorry... I came here to kiss you goodbye." She replied.

"Ah... sure... I just... Have you thought anymore about my offer?"
Sarah asked, climbing off the bed.

She wondered what Sarah was talking about and knew she couldn't risk
scanning her mind. "I'm still thinking." She whispered, hoping that this
answer would suffice.

"Oh... Okay." Sarah whispered... then moved into her arms for a hug.

She had to admit, Sarah's body felt 'hot' and arousing to her and she
was tempted to make love to her as their kiss turned passionate, but
instead, she patiently waited for Sarah to open her eyes... and then slam!

Sarah didn't even know what hit her... and given she had the element of
surprise on her side... she quickly overwhelmed her. Sarah was hers! She
smiled as she walked around the former actress, inspecting her shapely
petite form. Sarah stood there like a statue... unable to move, talk...
anything. "That was too easy." She whispered into her ear. Then she
turned to the young pop singer, who was just now coming around and sent her
a command to 'sleep'.

"How does it feel, Sarah? How does it feel to be on the receiving end
for a change?" She asked... then allowed her to respond.

"Why did you do this? I never harmed you... I never treated you mean.
Please, Cassandra, please release me... I... I love you." Sarah replied,
starting to cry.

"No! You can't love Cassandra! I won't allow it!" She screamed at the
top of her lungs. "You ruined everything! I love Cassandra!" She
responded with anger knowing that as much as she wanted those words to be
true, they weren't.

"I... I don't understand." Sarah whispered in shock.

She glared at Sarah with hatred and then morphed back into her true

"Theresa!" Sarah cried out in shock.

"Yes... and now payback time. You were responsible for making my life
a living hell... let me return the favor."

"Wha... what are you going to do to me?" Sarah cried.

"You'll see."

"Damien won't permit it!"

"Misa... Remor... Talto... Vesual... Misa... Remor... Talto...
Vesual... Misa... Remor... Talto... Vesual... Misa... Remor...
Talto... Vesual... Misa... Remor... Talto... Vesual... Misa...
Remor... Talto... Vesual..." She recited and then with a wave of her
hand, Sarah began to glow!


Sarah felt the bolt of magic engulf her... swallowing her up whole.
Her body felt strange and she clutched at her breasts... something was
happening to her! She looked down at herself and saw that she was
shrinking and getting... younger? "Oh my, God! What are you doing to
me?!?" She cried out in a much younger voice.

"Go look in the mirror." Theresa suggested.

She ran over to the mirror and gasped. How was this possible? She
looked at her chest in utter amazement... then further down her body...
"I... I'm a child!"

"Twelve years old to be exact... and right on the verge of blossoming.
But don't expect to, though, because you're body is frozen in this state
for the next year."

"This is impossible." She mumbled, running her hands down her child-like

"I'll have to admit you were cute back then... but I can see why you
chose to dye your hair. I bet even then you knew you were going to be a
'hottie', but don't go expecting to feel anything sexual because I've age
regressed you back to the day before you reached puberty. In fact, I even
conditioned your mind to feel ill at the mere thought of sex." Theresa told
her with a smile.

"But why?" She asked, tearing up. She thought about her recent feeding
from Mandy and felt ill.

"Sarah... You deprived me of my love for Cassandra and now I'm
depriving you."

"You can't do this to me!"

"Yes I can... and did. You're cursed to live this way for an entire
year and only then will you return to your former self. Theresa responded.

"What about my feedings!?!"

"You're still a vampiress... and still have your mesmerism powers."
Theresa grinned.

"I'll get even with you! I swear! I'll get even with you!" She sobbed,
dropping to her knees.

"Maybe you'll try... but remember... I'm a Vampiress Witch, which
makes me about ten times more powerful than you."

Sarah felt doomed... How could she be like this for an entire year?
She looked over at Mandy and felt... nothing. She thought again about
feeding from her 'down there' and felt like throwing up... her future
feedings would have to be from the wrist... or (God, forbid) the neck.


Cassandra thrashed around, whimpered, groaned and cried out while
Theresa tongued her. She had been relentless having gone at it all
night... and again this morning... and when she exploded to yet another
orgasm, they both finally collapsed on their backs in exhaustion.

"God, I missed you so much." She sighed, basking in the afterglow.

"Me too." Theresa replied, looking slightly distracted.

"Let me go say goodbye to Sarah and I'll be right back." She whispered.

"If you insist." Theresa mumbled.

Cassandra got up from the bed and pranced naked to the kitchen...
Britney and Mandy were making breakfast and Holly was sitting with a young child at the table. The girl was cute and she wondered who she was...
whoever she was, she'd been crying. Then it 'HIT' her!


"You had no right!" She yelled at Theresa.

"Sure I did... She fucked with me, costing us a year of our
relationship and now I'm fucking her, and costing her a year of her life."
Theresa replied, defensively.

"Why is this so hard for you to understand? It wasn't Sarah that fucked
us... it was Damien. Sarah was merely a pawn in all of this." She
responded, frantically.

"Look, at least I didn't turn her into a slave." Theresa replied.

"No. But what you've done is worse! How could you do this? The
Theresa I remember would never have done this."

"Don't be getting moral with me! Remember who snatched who at the
mall!" Theresa snapped back.

"You weren't a vampire then... and that meant different rules." She

"I was a witch... and you should have let me go."

"Well... Now what? I can't just leave her alone... she's only a kid."

"She's twelve." Theresa responded.

"I'm going to have to take care of her."

"Let the others take care of her."

"Mandy's going back to her singing career... and so isn't Britney." She

"But you told me that Mandy's an initiate now... she won't be able to
handle it." Theresa responded.

"You forget... I was an initiate for a whole year and still able to
model. It'll be difficult for her and she'll need a steady lover, but
until Sarah is restored to her former self, it's necessary."

"Then let britney take care of her."

"No. britney will fill the role of Mandy's sex partner. They'll both
be able to continue their music careers and be discreet lovers at the same

"But what about us?" Theresa whispered.

"I'm sorry Cassandra... but what we have isn't love anymore, it's
lust." She responded.

"What happened to us?" Theresa asked.

"I happened." Damien suddenly announced, entering the bedroom.

"Damien!" Cassandra cried out, immediately dropping to her knees.

"Well?" Damien asked, looking over at Theresa.

Theresa sighed... then slowly kneeled down, too.


"You have some issues, Theresa. You really are in denial about a lot of
things. You know perfectly well that I broke the love spell you were under
the night I turned you."

She blushed, nodding her head. She remembered how good it felt to be in
love with Cassandra and she missed that feeling. It wasn't fair... and to
make matters worse, Cassandra no longer felt anything for her. "But how
did you break Cassandra free from my love potion?"

"I recruited the services of a very powerful warlock... and to make a
long story short, he cured Cassandra of your love potion about eight months
ago. Did you really think that I could allow my favorite to suffer for a
whole year?" Cassandra blushed, smiling. "In addition, I also wiped out
the added lust Cassandra felt towards Sarah, which means that she's pretty
much been running on her own feelings all this time."

"Are you saying my feelings have been my own?" Cassandra asked,

"Yes dear... I still ensured your obedience, but everything else came
from within."

"Are you mad at me for what I did to Sarah?" Theresa interrupted.

"I've got to hand it to you, you're certainly creative." Damien
responded, turning to her.

"Then you aren't mad?" She asked.

"Mad? Well, lets see... By turning Sarah into a child for a year,
you're not only depriving Cassandra, but you're also depriving me."

She blushed, having not considered that.

"I only meant to deprive Sarah... I... I wasn't thinking."

"Blind rage can do that... and I suggest you work on your temper. If
not, the consequences could be devastating." Damien replied, then turned
back to Cassandra. "I just talked with Sarah and she told me she loved
you." Cassandra smiled. "And I sense you love her."

"I... Yes. In a way... I'm not sure which, but I do feel something."
Cassandra whispered.

"Well, thanks to our darling witch, all that is on hold now."

Theresa looked down to the floor in shame, feeling bad... she wished
she could turn Sarah back, but she couldn't.

"Theresa, I know you can't turn Sarah back... and I'm not angry with
you. You stayed within the parameters of my restrictions and I'm actually
kind of impressed."

"Yes, Master." She whispered, relieved.

"Now, has anyone given consideration to your living arrangements?"

"I'm taking Sarah and Holly to live with me." Cassandra responded.
"I'll assign Holly and my thralls to care for her."

"Alright... and what about the initiate and the blonde with the big
boobs?" Damien asked, gesturing toward the kitchen. "Incidentally, are
those real?"

"Yeah, they're real." Cassandra giggled. "And I've grown pretty fond of

Damien smiled.

"Anyway, I'm going to make them lovers for the next year." Cassandra

"Just like I did with you and Tricia?" Damien asked.

"That's my plan." Cassandra replied, smiling.

"But Tricia was a thrall... making her easier to control. Mesmerism
would cause too much a strain... do you plan on enthralling the blonde?"
Damien asked.

"No. That's where Theresa comes in." Cassandra responded, turning her
attention to her. "I want you to use your witchcraft to bind them... this
way we can let britney loose when Sarah summons Mandy."

"I guess that's the least I could do." Theresa responded.

"Interesting." Damien grinned. "And what about you two?"

"What we had was artificial." Cassandra stated.

"And you, Theresa?"

"I guess Cassandra's right... I love her but it's not the same
anymore." She replied.

"So, it looks like you'll need some money to get your own place."

"Yes." She blushed. As powerful as she was, she still needed financial
assistance... at least in the beginning.

"For the first year, stay within 100 miles from me."

"How come?" She asked.

Damien raised his eyebrows.

"Yes, Master." She replied, sighing.

"Now, before I was aware of Sarah's fate, I was looking forward to
having a foursome... but now that Sarah's out of the picture... at least
for the next year anyway... I was thinking of replacing Sarah that blonde out there." Damien stated, smirking.

Cassandra and Theresa squealed with excitement.

"Do you know who that is, Master?" Theresa asked with a giggle.

"I remember seeing her in those soft drink commercials... and I
especially remember seeing her a few years back on the cover of Rollerock
Stones... but I'm not sure... Should I?" Damien asked.

Cassandra and Theresa squealed out with excitement, again.


Theresa was happy that she and Cassandra left on good terms... they
agreed to get together every now and then for some good sex... but that's
all it would be... good sex.

Carla was ecstatic when they moved into their new apartment... exactly
one hundred miles away from Damien's mansion. Carla pouted when she told
her that only Linda would be joining them... needing Debbie to care for
Dawn. She had lifted the love spell Debbie was under for Carla and
replaced it with a different spell. Debbie would begin feeling much more
protective over her younger sister... and in the event Dawn wished to
experiment, sexually, she also gave the older sister a nudge in that

Just then there was a tap at her door.

"Come in." She called out.

Carla, stark naked, walked into her bedroom and kneeled down before her.

"I take it Linda is ready."

"Yes, Mistress. She's on my bed."

"Is she nervous?"

"Yes... but she's also excited." Carla smiled... licking her lips.

"You remain in my room... masturbate to your heart's content."

"Yes, Mistress."

"When you see Linda next... she'll be like you... a thrall."

"Yes, Mistress. Will she still love me?"

"Yes Carla... as you, her." She replied, "but your relationship will be
more on equal terms."

When she entered Linda's bedroom, she lay naked on the bed... She was
even more beautiful than Carla was.

"Hi." She greeted the girl.

"Hi." Linda blushed.

"You smell nice." She commented, joining her on the bed.

Linda turned beat red when she realized it was her arousal that she was
referring too.

The end of the "Cassandra - Vampiress" series.

This wraps everything up and I hope you found it pleasurable reading.
I'll eventually be starting "The Vampiress Witch" series, starring Theresa
Fawn. So, expect to see all your favorite characters as the saga

For whatever reason, the fan fare for this series has been low, which
shocked me. I always love to hear what you think, regardless of good or
bad - as long as you offer sincerity. E-mail me with your thoughts at


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