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Cat Sand


by cowgirl

the deeply moving tale of a closet lesbian who finds her roomate is
talking over her life. (ff, mf, nc, humil, mild kitty poop, hairdryer?)<wink>

hi. my name's sherry marcus. my room mate alex and i have a
problem.'s MY problem really ! but it never fails ! alex has
lots of cats. i'm allergic to cats (sigh) she keeps the catsand in our
bathroom ! and i wretch at the smelly oder which she NEVER
cleans, so guess who's winds up doing it?

i think she keeps it in there to bug me. really ! she barged in
yesterday and found me going #2 ! suddenly her cat sprinkle
came in and went in the sand box next to me. she smirked.

"you two make quite a pair !" i stared dagers. she smiled. also
when she thinks i've misbehaved, alex scolds me like one of her
little pussies ! she says i get that same prissy look on my face
THEY do when their being naughty ! that pisses me off good !

she also thinks i have a crush on her !!!! arogent bitch !!! I
CRUEL AS HER !!! even if i did like her. which i don't. i'm twenty
eight an adult. she's a nine teen year old collage bimbo !!! just cause she
sometimes catches me gawking at her... she is very pretty
though. and a cunt.

but every day i clean her cat box anyway. the smell hits my
nostrals, and my head is filled with alex's face, laughing at the
sucker i am !!! it affects me somehow. i dunno... alex says she
KNOWS i get off on the cat poop ! on the smell... i almost cried
when she first said that. i told her sticking my head in there every
day makes me want to puke ! not come !!!!!!

she once said i get off on putting up with other people's shit !
....even her cats ! alex says if anyone has shit to give "sherry will
be there, smiling, ready to take it !" this kind of talk pissed me off
! so i'd go do the cat box & relax !

i'd look at the poop for hours if i was alone. i'd think of alex's firm
young body, and stare at the repulisve little kitty turds as i
scooped them up. sometimes.... i touched them. then i'd cry
afterwords, washing my hands in disgust !!!!! then i'd get angry
at alex's jokes about me LIKING it. or wanting her sexually. or
treating me like one of her pussy cats !!!!

i also think she's after my boyfriend jeff ! once i caught her
tickeling him on the couch, when they thought i'd gone out for milk
! another time they both disapeared at a party, and showed up
later at EXACTLY the same time !

i'd never had the guts to confront her, and i'm teriffied if i did, alex
would point out why i didn't deserve jeff & she did ! she always
makes me feel stupid & ugly ! like her kid sister, though i'm TEN
years older ! i told jeff to watch out. he said not to worry !

jeff once caught me sniffing the cat sand & rubing myself down
there ! i told him i had an "feminine itching problem" that shut
him up, but i think he told alex ! that's why she thinks i like her
cat's poop !!! but i don't !!!!

once while making love with jeff, i found myself thinking eroticly of
alex instead ! i dont know why ! just then jeff grabed a plastic
bag and pushed it roughly into my face !!! the fumes hit my
nostrails & i CAME HARD, bucking like never before !!! the smell
was repugnent but that's what turned me on !!! i asked him what
was in it?

he told me he was sorry. i could see he was repulsed that i came !
he wouldn't even look at me !!!

he said it was a TEST ! he said alex put him up to it !

jeff told me alex said i had no self respect & would come like a
slut with who ever rubbed cat SHIT in my face !!! alex called me a
closet lezzie, who longed humiliation & abuse ! i cried. he just
looked at me, like the freak i was. i asked if cat shit was inside the
bag? he said no, it was HIS. we both looked at the plastic bag of

jeff just got up and left, saying nothing. i threw out the bag &
ignored alex for days. but i STILL cleaned her cat box.

i don't know why it affected me so. i'm not a pervert !!! i so was
disgusted with myself AND alex !!! i don't know who i HATED
more... but at least i cleaned her kittie poop with a granet smile. i
wouldn't give her the satisfaction of letting her know her plan had
worked and that me & jeff were quits !!!!! alex STILL treats me
like a stupid child though !

weeks later jeff apologized and said it was all alex's fault ! we
never spoke of that night again. and thankfully alex backed off
too ! i was still upset & angry that alex & her poop were getting
me so...


it was disgusting, but true !

how can anything who makes me so repulsed, wind up getting me
so turned on ?

same with alex.

but the REALLY weird thing is, the stupider she treats me, the
dumber i seem to get ! her expectation that i'll fail, seems to
insure that i screw SOMETHING up EVERY TIME ! and when i make
a mistake in front of her, even THAT gets me excited !!!!

it pisses me off to think i'm falling in love with alex.... ...her cat poop. and her abuse of me. and the more she EXPECTS me to be
a FUCK-UP.... .......the more fufill my little role !!!!!!

this weekend she told me she'd be gone all weekend, on
vacation, and gane me s list of chores to do :

feed her cats (all eight !!!)
change their cat sand every third day !!!
take them to the vet (they had worms too, lucky me!)

the stupid thing is... I ALREADY DO ALL THAT STUFF, ANYWAYS

so when she catilly asks "do i think i could handle all that with out
a LIST ?" yes. i'm 28 years old alex, i THINK i can remember a
simple list of chores a simple child could preform without you
WRITING it down !!!

that's what i wanted to say. but all i could look at was those sexy
hips of hers pulling her skirt up around her waist as she got
dressed to go. she caught me gawking at her.... and in the most
patronizing tone she said...

"honestly, sherry these little lezzie-crushes of yours are pathetic

"now are YOU going to write it down or do you want ME to?"

she wasn't even acknowlaging that my sexual feelings might
MATTER ! we'd never even TALKED about this before, and here
she was treating the whole thing like some stupid JOKE!!!

she just destroyed my FUCKING HEART and i was less important
than her GODDAMED FUCKING LIST !!!! i was burning angry AND
fighting back tears,but wasn't ABOUT to give her the satifaction of
seeing them !!!!

she finihed buttoning up her blouse and looks at me. she said i
looked like "the puppy who wet itself but didn't know why." she
laughed, i looked down. " but, i-i don't NEED a list..." i stamered
like a little idiot.

"sherry, you STUPID girl, can you honestly tell me you won't forget
all this complicated stuff the minute i walk out that door ?"

i frowned, picking up a pencil & note pad.

she started to rattel off the chores again ! my hand starts to
shake as i write. i just KNOW i'm gonna SCREW SOMETHING UP in
front of her !!!

uh oh. i wasn't listening. now she's getting pissed !!!

"CHANGE the cat sand, sherry !"

"are you LISTENING???" she screamed at me !!!

"WHY ARN'T YOU WRITING???" i was too scared to write !!!!!

"you DO know how to spell the word CHANGE don't you?"

i was blanking!

yes i've spelled it a hundred times,

but right now,

in front of her....

i just.....

"then SPELL it, sherry."

"i'm waiting!"

she put her hand on her hips as i made a fool of myself before her


" C-A-G-N ?" "WHAT THE HELL IS C-A-G-N ??? "


tears were coming now.

"oh just gimmie that ! you're as stupid as one of my little pussie's
!!!" she scolded

alex then snatched the pad from me, telling me to turn around
and BEND OVER putting my hands on the kitchen table!

as i did, i felt her lean over my body and write on the pad using
my back.

"i might as use you for a fucking table..."

"...for all YOU'RE worth, you pathetic little pussy slave! "

"a grown woman..." alex continued writing, as i felt her hot breath
aginst my neck, as she berated me, like a pet !

"...who can't spell simple words."

"honestly sherry !"

"don't you feel lucky i even PUT UP with you? "

i had become distracted by her breasts as she was leaning into
me, and i caught myself shamlessly pushing back into her !!! even
though she cared nothing for me (or because of it) i was stll
HORNY-AS-HELL for her slightest touch !!!!!

"oh for god's sake,if it means so much to you, you little pervert..."
she pulled me back up, face to face with her, roughly shoving her
hand... DOWN MY PANTS!!

"this is what you've wanted all along isn't it, you pathetic little
baby-dyke ?"

i was to excited to answer !!!! she started to masterbate me to a
climax, RIGHT THERE ! but with her RIGHT hand she continued to
write down some travel notes to her self, and even phoned what i
guessed was a cab, to take her to the airport (she made me be
quiet as i humped her LEFT hand) !!!

i frankly was INSULTED she was treating it like another CHORE but
i saw that's exactly what it WAS it alex ! not an act of love.... or
even hate ! it was just as if she was taking out the TRASH !!!

"time to shut my lezzie roomie up with a quick little hand job...
...and i'm outta here ."

"this WILL shut you up for a while, WONT it sherry?" she asked
impatently. i grunt out a yes, as she pumps my pussy !

"let's see what else am i forgeting....oh yes..." "... my snorkels!"

she writes down more stuff as i hump her right hand ! i feel weird
standing next to my 19 year old totally dressed roomate while I'M
standing only in a shirt with pants and underware around my
ankels grinding on her hand !!!

"this is REALLY SAD sherry." "you should find one of your own
kind, instead of taking throw-aways from sombody who could care
less, like me."

"don't you value your sexuallity at all you stupid little PIGGLIT

"wouldn't you prefer to give it to sombody who really CARES
about you????" she looks domn at me, my legs wrapped around
her hand... ...grinding on her desperatly.

"n-no... i give" i EMBARRESSINGLY

she looked at me like the most pathetic dumb-shit on earth, and

"ok, but hurry up !"

" you know sherry..." she looks at me, sneering at my face, as she
pumps my cunt.

"...your nostrails flair open and your nose gets runny you're about
to come, huh?" "'s really gross."

i suddenly felt embaressed i looked so repulsive to her !!!

"i c-could reach down and p-p-pull my shirt over my face so you
w-won't have to LOOK AT ME..." i sickeningly spit out.

"'s the least I can do, for miss alex !" i whinned.

"there's my gross little pussy cat ! " she was amused by how
much i wanted her approval !!!!

"cover it up, there you go !!!"

i did it.

my "offensive" face now hidden by my t-shirt now streched
ridiclously tight over my head expossing my tits for her inspection
but she doesn't even care! i feel so wortless & pathetic because i
am willing to take it like this as thoughtlessly as she's offering it.
with that thought in mind she rubs me faster & faster....
explosive............CLIMAX !!!

she steps away from me washing her hand... a repulsed look on
her face.

"there you go, now i have a little SUPRISE for my li'l pussy !!!" alex
went to the drawer and pulled out a hair dryer. she walked over
to me, and threw it at me. i clumbsily caught it ,the shirt still over
my head !

"shove that up your cunt stupid, and turn it ON !!!!"

"BUT THAT COULD hurt ME, MISS ALEX !!!!!" i sobed.

"so?" "you LIKE being hurt, remember ? " her cruel tone wasn't
erotic, now that she wasn't rubbing me....

"besides, i bet a pathetic little loser like you could COME off of all
that heat, shoved up your kittie snatch, huh ? "

"i bet if you stuck your head in the kittie litter box too you'd..."

"NO, FUCK YOU !" i cried, sounding weak & powerless, my shirt over my head.

"suit yourself. but i BET after i leave..." i could hear the distaine in
alex's voice, as she laughed.

i dropped the dryer on the floor, and turned away from her.

alex heard the cab honk, and leaves me standing there feeling
like a imbicle, with my shirt streached over my head my nose still
running and looking sadly at the hairdryer i threw down. alex
picks up her bags and says: "go ahead, pussy cat." "you KNOW
you want to-you're a brownie !

i ignore her, sniffeling as i look away. but as i stare out the
window... i saw no cab...just...

.....JEFF'S car !

"bye bye stupid. don't forget our little LIST... and don't rub your
self sore changing the my cats..." she giggeled.

as i hear the door slam, i pull the sweater off my head. i went
over and pick up the dryer...

still crying, i walk over to the window watching alex get into jeff's
car !

he looks up at me standing in the window. watching the hair dryer
sticking out of my cunt, my eyes glazed over with pain & lust a
new low. he turns away embaressed at my display. no wonder
he's with HER !!!!!!

jeff looks to alex worriedly, and she waves off his concern for me,
kissing him, and grinning up at me, waving goodbye . he shrugs
up at me as they drive off together.

i patheticly waddle down the hall (that's all i CAN do with the
hairdryer in me !) still in tears, i think of alex & my former
boyfriend laughing in bed over the picture i must make as i plug it
and switch it on...
hairdryer up my cunt...
fingers digging at my clit...
the heat inside me, pushing me on....
and coming like a pervert...

with my face shoved into alex's cat box.. where it belongs.

you can write to me, jenny(aka: cowgirl) at:


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