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Caught in the Act


Title: Caught in the Act Author: Wizard Summary: A young girl catches a
photographer by surprise Keywords: Mg

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- Standard Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fiction for adults only.
If you under the age of eighteen, please leave. Staying may result in
activities which the American Medical Association says may lead to hairy
palms or blindness. And I don’t want to be resposible.

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Caught in the Act


I was sitting in my office jerking off while looking at one of my kids.
No, that isn’t how to start, I don’t want you to think that I’m some
incestuous father. I wasn’t. It wasn’t one of MY kids, it was one of my

Okay, this is getting all confused. I need to start at the beginning.

I’m Nick Williams. Wait for it, Yes, it’s coming. Yes, that Nick
Williams. The award winning, best selling photographer. Modesty prevents
me from saying more. If you don’t know me, I’m a photographer and my
specialty is photographing kids. Some of the kids are dressed, some
half-dressed, and some naked.

I’m not a pornographer, I’m an artist. At least according to current
federal law. There’s a federal code that says that naked children are not
necessarily pornographic. The images are not supposed to be erotic or
contain children engaged in sexual acts either by themselves, with other
children or with adults. That law can’t give exact parameters of what is
or isn’t erotic or pornographic. Which is why we have frequent court cases
where legitimate photographers such as David Hamilton, or innocent parents photographing their own children are hauled into court, or where child
pornographers get let free. It’s hard to define just where the line that
marks pornography begins.

Anyway, so far I’ve been lucky. I’ve never been hauled into court and
my twelve books of photographs are all selling well, even the first one I
did seven years ago is still in print and you can find it in most large
bookstores. That doesn’t make me rich, but it lets me keep permanent
studios in New York and San Francisco. And I have homes in Idaho and St.
Maarten, so I do okay.

So I’m sitting in my office in my house in Idaho. My office is in the
back of the house overlooking a large fenced backyard. The yard is
fantastic and cost almost as much as the house. I have a standard sized
swimming pool that connects to a hundred foot long lap swim. And I have a
twelve foot waterfall that drains into a stream that meanders through the
seven acre yard. Lots of green grass and wildflowers, definitely worth the

My office is on the first floor and has a sliding glass door looking
over this wonderland. The rest of the first floor is taken up by a utility
room with washer/dryer and a couple of freezers. A dark room and a spare
bedroom that I was using a library finished off the floor. Upstairs was a
kitchen, three more bedrooms, and a huge living room with a glass wall
looking over my back yard wonderland.

When I come home from shooting, I scan all my film into my computer
which lets me check them out, pick out sequences and generally play with
them. Then I can print the ones I really want and put them together into a
book format for my publisher.

So I was sitting in my office and jacking off while looking at pictures
of my kids on the computer monitor. The kids are so hot. I’d been wearing
just a pair of shorts, no underwear and no shirt, so all I had to do is
work my hard cock out of the leg hole of my shorts and start to stroke with
one hand as I clicked through the pictures with my mouse in the other hand.
The stereo was playing some country stuff.

I heard a sound to my left and glanced at the sliding glass door and a
girl was standing there. My hand froze on my cock as I looked at her. She
was eleven or twelve, dressed in shorts and a Lisa Simpson t-shirt and her
arm was up as if she’d been about to knock. I stood up and turned toward
the door, my hand still wrapped around my cock. The girl stepped back,
staring at my cock, then she turned and ran.

I stared for a couple of seconds, then let go of my cock and tucked it
back in my shorts. I went to the door and looked out in time to see the
gate slam shut. I ran back through the house and opened the front door and
looked out just in time to see the girl disappear down the driveway.

I had no idea who she was or what she wanted.

I shrugged and started back to the office. Then on an impulse I went
back to the front door and tried the doorbell. Nothing happened. I tried
again and still nothing. Battery must be dead, that’s why I didn’t hear
anything. She probably heard the stereo playing in the back of the house
and came around to knock. I walked around the side and through the gate,
which I locked, and into the back yard. I striped off my shorts and jumped
into the pool and started swimming laps.

Fifty three lengths of the lap pool is a shade over a mile and gave me a
really good workout. I climbed out of the pool and walked back to my
office. As I slid open the door, I heard the phone. I’d been think about
rigging a loudspeaker for the phone to the backyard, but I kind of liked
not being able to hear the phone when I was in my special world.

I answered the phone and hello was the last word I got to speak.

A woman was on the other end and the nicest thing she called me was
pervert. I was kind of used to calls like these, but I’d never gotten one
at home before. I always got them when I was working somewhere. I was
about to hang up when she said something about ‘jerking off in front of my
daughter’. I realized that this wasn’t a typical you’re a pervert because
you take dirty pictures calls. I decided to wait until she ran down and
try to explain, but she didn’t wear down. She ranted for almost twenty
minutes and then hung up before I could say a word. I looked at the phone
until it started an irritating buzzing and I hung up.

Somewhere in the tirade she’d threatened to call the police, but that
didn’t worry me. I’d been in my own home, and not known she was there, and
when you get right down to it, she was trespassing.

Over the next few days I forgot all about it. I got a lot of work done
and I did a lot of playing. Basically I recharged my batteries. I was
almost ready to go back to work. I’d done a lot of work on my new book and
needed some more pictures to finish it off. I was thinking about a trip to
North Dakota or Minnesota, a lot of kids with Scandinavian looks would make
a nice counter point to the pictures I already had.

On Friday the doorbell rang about ten. I’d been upstair cleaning up
after breakfast. I went downstairs and opened the door and the girls was
there. She smiled awkwardly and said hi. I had a chance to get a better
look at her. She had golden blond hair that hung about four inches below
her shoulders. she was skinny and straight as a rail. Today she was
wearing a light blue one-piece swimsuit under a pair of too big cut-offs.
Tennis shoes without socks completed her outfit. She didn’t seem to have
any breasts at all and she was wearing a gold chain around her neck with
something silver hanging between where her breasts would be someday.

Considering the phone call I’d gotten from her mom. I almost didn’t
want to talk to her. “Yes.” I said cautiously.

“Hi again. I’m Heather.” she said. I waited. “Uh, I kinda wanted to

“What for.”

“Well, the other day when I came over, I saw you doing... I mean, I
kinda freaked out. When I got home, I told mom why I was weirded out, and
then she freaked and called you and read you the riot act, and I... I
mean, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

I chuckled. “You should try breathing when you talk. Makes life

“I get kinda excited.” she said and breathed out with a huff.

“I guess you do.” I agreed. “Well, no harm done.” I said to let her off
the hook. “Does your mom know you’re here?”

“No way. She’d freak. She’s sure you’re some kind of trenchcoat
wearing pervert.”

“Never owned a trenchcoat in my life.” I told her. “Shouldn’t you be in

“Yeah. I cut. Another thing that’d freak her out. We’re doing a field
day at school and I wasn’t in the mood.”

“Why did you come over the other day?”

“Oh.” she said, looking embarrassed. “I almost forgot. I’m a girl scout and I have a few boxes of cookies left. I tried several times
before, but you’re never home.”

“I travel a lot.” I explained. “What kind of cookies. I love the
peanut butter ones.”

“I have three boxes of those.” She said with a smile. “Where do you

“I’ll take all three.” I said, and then answered her question. “I work
in San Francisco and new York a lot. But I travel all over the country. I
think I’m going to Minnesota next week.”

“Why would anybody who lives in New York and San Francisco come back

“I like watermelon Mountain. It’s calm and peaceful here.” I said with
a smile.

“Too peaceful, It’s dead.”

I chuckled. “How much for the cookies?” I asked.

“Four dollars a box, so twelve bucks for the three.”

“Come on in and I’ll get you some money.” I turned and walked up the
stairs and the girl followed. Upstairs in the living room, I found my
wallet on the coffee table and dug out a five and a ten. “Keep the
change.” I told her and she grinned, I guess girl Scouts don’t get a lot of

“Could I ask you something?” she said with a small blush. I nodded.
“It’s personal.” she added. I nodded again.

“Why were you... I mean, Why did you... Why were you playing with

It was my turn to blush. “Well, I was looking at some pictures on the
computer and I got... well I thought I was alone.”

“What kind of pictures? Did you get some porn off the internet?” she
accused gently.

“No.” I said with a small laugh. “I’m a photographer and I was looking
at some of my pictures.”

“What kind of pictures?” she asked.

“Well...” I was kind of embarrassed to put it into words. “Kids,

“Kids? Like me?”


“So you were looking at kids and got turned on?”


“Can I see them?”

“I guess so. Come on downstairs.” I led her down to the office and
turned on my computer. While the computer was booting she went to the door
and looked out at my playground.

“It’s fantastic out there. I couldn’t believe it when I was here
before.” She came and sat on my leg, looking at the screen. I opened the
current file and the first picture popped up. It was a cute redhead, seven
years old, she was only wearing panties and laying across a chair.

“She’s not wearing a shirt.”

“No, she’s not.” I agreed, as I clicked on a new picture. This one was
fifteen, completely naked and doing the splits. Heather’s eyes went wide.

“You make porno?”

“No, this is considered art. It’s all legal. Those are my books.” I
said, pointing at a bookshelf with twelve big books on it.

“It’s legal. As long as the model and their parents agree and a parent
is present when I do the photographing. There’s no sex of course, and a
boy can’t have a full erection.”


I gave her the mouse and watched as she flipped through the files. Her
eyes got big again when she got to the boy’s pictures. The first one was a
boy just about her age, long blond hair tied back in a ponytail and an
angelic face. Add that too a five inch long cock that was about half hard
and I think Heather was in love. “That’s Daniel, he lives in Boston.” I
told her.

“He’s gorgeous.” she said breathily.

“Yes he is.” I agreed. She flipped through more pictures.

“What’s this?” she asked, using the mouse to point at a file folder
marked private.

“Those are some of my private pictures.”

“Can I see.” She asked even as she clicked the mouse, but was frustrated
when it asked for a password.

“I can get in a lot of trouble for having these pictures and even more
for letting you see them.” I told her. She looked at me with the puppydog
face that young girls are so good at. “The password is gymnastics9.2.” She
typed it in and the folder opened, displaying a couple dozen other folders.
“Try Daniel.” I suggested.

She clicked on the Daniel folder and daniel popped up again. In this
picture he was fully hard. “I thought they couldn’t have erections?” she

“They can’t, that’s why this picture is in my private directory.
Daniel’s mom had left for coffee. Keep going.” She kept clicking as she
went through the pictures you could see Daniel walking across the floor and
his hard cock swinging from side to side. Then he sat in a big overstuffed
chair with his legs spread wide. Then he grabbed his cock at the base and
started to stroke it. Heather looked up at me and then back at the
picture. In the last picture in the set you could actually see the first
squirt of cum coming out of her his and the look of bliss on his face.


“Glad you liked it.” I told her.

She swivelled around on my leg and looked at me. “Would you like to
photograph me? Am I cute enough?”

I coughed to cover my surprise. “You’re definitely cute enough, but I
never take pictures where I live, besides, your mom would never go for it,
she already thinks I’m a pervert.”

“I wasn’t planning to ask her.” She said as she swung around to the
computer again. She opened a file called mark and Brian. Two buys, one
fourteen and one thirteen, both with full erections.”

“Cousins.” I explained. “I shot them together.”

“I didn’t see them in the regular file.”

“That’s because I shot them a couple of years ago. They were in my last
book and their pictures were in a different directory.”

She clicked to the next picture and the two boys were sitting together
on a love seat, each with his cock in his hand. The next several in the
series showed the two handsome boys jerking themselves off. “You may want
to stop now and try a different file.” I suggested.

“Why?” she asked looking at me.

“You may not like the next pictures.”

She looked back at the screen and clicked the mouse. The next picture showed the smaller boy who was mark and actually the older of the two with
his hand on his cock and his cousins. Heather clicked again. Now both
boys were playing with the other’s cock. She kept clicking and Brian
started sucking Mark’s cock and then the two did a ‘69 to suck each other.
Heather seemed disappointed when the series ended.

“Mom went out for coffee, I take it?”

“Actually it was Brian’s dad, and he went out for lunch.”

“They don’t look gay” she said as half question, half complaint.

“They weren’t. You should have seen their girlfriends. I would have
liked to photograph the four of them together, but the girl’s mothers
wouldn’t go for it. They were just two healthy horny boys.”


Heather stood up and peeled her swimsuit off her shoulders and down her
chest, exposing the dark coloration off her future nipples. She hadn’t
started to develop at all. “I know I haven’t got anything up here yet, but
would you take pictures of me out there.” she said waving at my backyard.
“Maybe you could take some of me swimming.”


She grinned and pushed her cutoffs down her legs, then she skinned her
swimsuit over her hips and down her legs. Without any embarrassment she
stepped out of the pile of clothes. I was amazed because even though her
breasts hadn’t started yet, she had a really nice patch of dark blond hair
that covered her little slit. I’d expected a bald pussy.

She stepped closer. “Do you like my pussy?”

“I love your pussy.” I told her.

“You can touch it if you take good pictures.” she said and skipped to
the door. She opened it and disappeared out into the yard. I grinned and
opened a drawer in my desk and pulled out a digital camera. The quality
wasn’t quite as good as 35MM but it was just for the computer and this way
she could see them immediately. I took half a dozed memory cards and stuck
them in my pockets.

I followed her out into my wonderland. She was standing near the deep
end of the pool. “Ready?” she asked. I nodded, turned on the camera and
brought the view finder up to my eye. She waved and dove off the side. I
clicked the picture just before she entered the water.

We spent the next hour taking pictures in poses all over the back yard.
She really was very photogenic. I wished I could photograph her for my
book. When I told her that I was out of memory, she wanted to swim so more
so we walked back to the pool.

She said, “You come too.” and tugged my shorts down. I stepped out of
them and set the camera on top of them. Then we raced to the pool and dove
in. Just as I was coming up for air, I felt a hand wrap around my cock,
which as you might imagine was rock hard.

It had been a long time since someone had touched me there. I was
usually too busy. And truth be told, I could never stay in a relationship
longer than a month. I started cumming right in the pool. Heather
surfaced, looking startled, but she kept her hand on my cock. I reached
down and stroked her pussy.

As I finished cumming. I let myself slip beneath the water and slip out
of Heather’s grip. I could see her pussy clearly in the clean water. I
moved closer, grabbing her legs just below the knees and pulled myself up
to her and mashed my face into her pussy. She didn’t try to pull away, so
I opened my mouth, water pouring in and pushed me tongue into her slit.

I lifted her leg and put it over my shoulder, then I did the same with
the other and stood up. I was giving her a shoulder ride with my face
still buried in her pussy. I pushed the water in my mouth out in a steady
stream up her pussy, she shuddered. I started licking her clit as I walked
toward the side of the pool.

As I got to the side, I cupped her ass and leaned forward, letting slid
off my shoulders onto the side of the pool. I sucked her clit and tickled
it with my tongue until I felt her tighten up and then shudder with the
release of orgasm. I stood up, looking at the eleven year old girl laying
there, her legs still spread.

Then it hit me what I had just done. I felt sick at the pit of my
stomach. I didn’t think jail would agree with me. “Sorry about that.” I
told her.

She sat up and looked at me, “Why, I’m not. I’ve wanted to do that
since I saw you jacking off.”

I was amazed.

I climbed out of the pool, turned over and laid on my back. My cock had
gotten hard again while I played with Heather’s pussy and it pointed to the
sky. I closed my eyes against the sun.

Then I felt Heather kneel on me. Her knees on either side of my hips
and her butt on my thighs. I looked up at her shielding my eyes with my
open hand. “I’ve been a virgin for eleven years.” she said, with a serious
look on her face. “I think that’s long enough.” She grabbed my cock and
sat up on her knees. She pulled my cock down at an angle until it was
touching the entrance to her pussy.

In one move before I could say a word she dropped her weight on my cock.
I felt it slip into her vagina and rip past her hymen, until her weight
settled on my hips. A couple of small tears were sliding from the corners
of her eyes and making a wet trail down her cheeks.

I reached up and with my thumbs wiped them away. “Most girls prefer to
ease into breaking their cherries.” I told her.

“Most girls get into a cold pool a little at a time.” She replied

“Just relax and sit there. Give your cunt a little time to get used to
my cock.”

“It’s a nice cock.” she told me, giggling over the word cock.

“Well it’s not huge, just average. But it works for me.”

“And me.” she said, moving experimentally. It must not have hurt too
bad, because she lifted herself up, my cock almost sliding out of her and
then rammed me back into her. “That’s so much better than a finger or a
brush handle.” she told me.

“A brush handle?”

“When you get horny, you use what’s handy.”


That’s when she started fucking me for real. She may have been eleven
and having her first fuck, but she was as enthusiastic and seemed
initiatively to know what to do. I didn’t want to cum, but it felt better
than I’d had before. I felt myself approaching the point of no return,
just as she arched her back and I let myself go and we came together.

She collapsed against me and we lay there with her pressed to my chest.

“Can you wait seven years?” she asked dreamily.

“Seven years?” I asked confused.

“Yeah, in seven years we can get married. Can you wait?”

“You’re not going to want me seven years from now, but I’ll wait.”

“Yes I will.” she said definitely. “I can see us happily married.
Until then you can play around and so can I. But on my eighteenth
birthday, we get married and stop fooling around.”

And we did.

And we lived happily ever after.

[Sorry - couldn’t resist]


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