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From Celestial Reviews 301 - August 26, 1998

"B.O.B. and Me" by Lostgirl ( Guest review by
BitBard (

A woman's sexuality is terribly exciting to men. I've heard it's even
terribly exciting to women. In recent discussions on ASSD the vote is
pretty much in the minority that men masturbating or men engaged in
sexual activities with each other is exciting. However let two women
start touching and petting each other and the blood pressure starts to
rise. A woman alone, stimulating herself to orgasm may just be a
universal turn-on.

B.O.B. in this story stands for "Battery Operated Boyfriend" otherwise
known as a vibrator. A toy the woman of this story is going to
eventually have a very good time with. Before that happens though,
this story gives us a wonderfully rare glimpse into a woman's emerging
sexuality told in an engaging and humorous manner.

By the time B.O.B takes center stage the reader is left feeling that
maybe women actually enjoy masturbation for the same reason guys do.
When B.O.B. starts buzzing with excitement the descriptions are all
the more vivid because behind the universal turn-on of a woman wrapped
in ecstasy there is the thrill of knowing that behind the erotic image
is an erotic person.

This is an excellent short turn-on.

Ratings for "B.O.B. and me"
Athena (technical quality): 10
Venus (plot & character): 10
Bitbard (appeal to reviewer): 10

"Latin Night" by Lostgirl (

I think my review of this story may be a little unfair. Midway
through the story, I lost interest in it. I finished the story, but
it seemed to me that I was missing something. I think the problem is
that this story depends heavily on familiarity with the type of
dancing in which the characters participate. This type of dancing is
not my thing, and so I became distracted by reading for information
(to figure out what was happening). Someone already familiar with the
dancing might be able to zero in on the emotions, which are the
author's main interest.

Ratings for "Latin Night"
Athena (technical quality): 9
Venus (plot & character): 7
Celeste (appeal to reviewer): 7


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