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Centaurs Tale


Centaur's tale (best, inc, centaur/ff,
oral, fist, cum play, fantasy)
by DemonBound

Warning: My stories are for adults of sound
mind and interested in sex stories. If you
aren't, don't read them. I'm not
advocating or promoting anything and no
real people are represented. My stories
may contain sexual situations you will find
offensive, I try to include content
information in the parenthesis after the
titles, check those codes before reading,
they are pretty self explanatory. You've
been warned about the content, so if you
read my stories the consequences are chosen
and borne by you. With that in mind,
please take a walk on my Darkside and cum.

begin story
The clomping of hooves was loud in the
suddenly quiet room. There were more than
a few frowns among the faces of the Humans,
Halflings, and Dwarves sitting around the
richly decorated parlor of the Violet
Orchid. Many disliked the Centaurs since
the Golem Heights campaign that had led to
Centaur control of a major trade route to
the south.

But this warrior ignored the displeasure
on the faces around him. He thrust his bow
at the obsequious doorman, and looked
around for the Lady of the House. The
Madam, an elegant Elven woman of icy
demeanor, glided forward to greet the great
beast of a Centaur.

"Welcome to the Violet Orchid, Noble Sir."
she said unctuously, "What pleasures might
humble house offer to your greatness?"

"I understand your have a novelty act that
I might be interested in, " said the
hulking figure roughly. This was fairly
polite for a Centaur, a people not known
for fair speech or courtly manners.

"Certainly great sir, you must be speaking
of the Twins, Juanita and Maritsa, who have
been known to cater to the more ...
adventurous... desires of your Noble kind."

"I heard, even though they are human and
young even for humans, that I could fuck
them." said the Centaur bluntly.

The madam didn't even twitch at this
crudity, though many around the room
muttered angrily at the Centaur's rudeness.

"Ah, Noble Sir, there in lies a
tale...perhaps you would like to hear the
details in a more private location,
Sir...," here she looked enquiringly at the

"I am called Clephanus."

"Please, Noble Clephanus, come this way and
we will discuss the matter further." the
Madam gestured the Centaur down a wide
hallway, clearly made to accommodate her
larger customers.

The Centaur walked down the indicated
corridor, and into a large room. The room
was obviously intended for Centaur sized
guests, the furniture was all oversized and
there was a narrow padded bench that that
Centaurs used in place of chairs.
Clephanus disdained the 'chair', since he
considered it effeminate, as did most of
the warrior cast. He stood, instead, in
front of the low divan the Elven woman
reclined on.

"Is there anything I can get you to make
you more comfortable?" said the Madam,
"drink, honey...perhaps a nice roast of

This was not an idle offer, Centaurs needed
a lot of energy, and hay was not really an
option for their more or less human jaws.
Centaurs were omnivores, but tended to a
high energy diet of meat, spiced with
anything with sugar, fruit, honey, or nuts.

"Honey Mead" said the Centaur, "I have
recently eaten."

As if by magic, a servant appeared with a
half gallon container of hot spiced Honey
Mead. Clephanus thought that it probably
was magic, Elves were tricky that way.
Elves always made dangerous but powerful
slaves. But he had other matters on his

"Tell me about your twins. Is it true that
they can take a centaur cock?"

"Together they can, though usually human
woman are not built for such a massive

"What, is this a riddle? How do two women
have a deeper, wider cunt that either
alone? They don't add like wheat to a
grain silo."

"Ah, there in lies the basis of our
business together. How much would you pay
to find out the answer?"

Whores usually brought in about 5 silver
per trick. Clephanus assumed that he would
have to pay extra for two, and extra for a
human taking on a Centaur.

"I might part with 2 gold if they are very

"Sir! That price would barely buy you a
blowjob standing in an alley! If that is
what you want, I'm sure the street can
accommodate you!"

Clephanus grinned at this obviously fake
umbrage, "How much then do you think these
magical twins of yours are worth then?"

"10 gold" she said firmly.

"For 10 gold I could BUY a human woman!"

"True, but she would be some peasant woman
stolen on a raid who is better suited to
cook your food than to pleasure you, and
who would probably die if you tried to make
love to her. These girls are trained
professionals, well worth what we ask for

The Centaur grunted. "I'll be the judge of
that...but very well." He opened a pouch
at his belt and counted out 10 gold
imperials, probably taken on a raid anyway,
and therefore not held as dear as if he'd
had to work for them.

The Elven Madam made the 10 coins
disappear, with nothing more than the magic
of whores and pimps everywhere. She arose
from her divan and left with an avaricious
smile on her cold face.

"Please, Noble Sir, make yourself
comfortable. The girls will be along

Clephanus took off his war harness and
began removing the leather garment that
looked something like a kilt for a horse,
and acted as light armor. He stacked his
gear in a corner, careful to conceal his
money pouch from sight. He stood as nude
as some wild stallion, and the thought
seemed to please him as he posed before a
great mirror.

He saw a massive creature, nearly 8 feet
tall, with the body of an Arabian stallion
and the torso of a massively muscular
Human. His coloring on the human portion
was dusky, like one of the desert dwellers,
and on the horse like portion he was a dark
brown, almost black. His hair was worn in
two braids and he wore a beard, forked in
the middle, giving him a fierce, wild look.
His muscular arms appeared too long for a
Human, but that was good, otherwise a
Centaur would be dependant on others for
certain personal tasks. Clephanus was just
glad his arms
were long enough to jack off when he had

After a few minutes, two girls entered the
room. Clephanus first saw them in the
mirror, standing close together, dressed in
sheer silk robes, their arms around one
another and whispering to each other as
they eyed him with well practiced looks of
interested lust. Clephanus turned to look
at them more closely. He saw too very
young, and tiny human females, both
slightly built and with identical faces.
The only way to tell one from the other was
by their robes, one in blue, the other in
deep maroon.

Both girls were brown skinned, and about 5
feet tall. Both had long, slightly wavy
brown hair that trailed down their barely
clad bodies to the waist. Their large brown
eyes were outlined in black cole, their
full lips were painted a dark red. Their
loose robes showed a generous amount of
high, hard, teenage cleavage, and smooth
skin down past their belly buttons. The one
in blue stood slightly in front, while the
maroon clad twin whispered something in her
sister's ear while idly running her fingers
over one of her sister's generous tits
through the red cloth. They stood poised
and on display, waiting for him to make
known his desires.

"Come in, girls," said the Centaur, "come
to me and tell me your names."

The two smiled and walked to stand at
Clephanus' chest, where they ran their
hands over his hard muscled body and gazed
up at his harsh bearded face.

The one in blue said, "I am Maritsa, sire,
and this is my sister, Juanita."

"So what makes you two such valuable

Juanita smiled, glanced over at her sister,
and said, "We know tricks, sire, many ways
to please a male, tricks to interest even a
great warrior such as yourself."

"Show me your tricks then." said the
Centaur, as he fondled one twin's breast
and the other twin's full ass.

The two girls smiled up at him and turned
to each other and began a long slow open
mouthed kiss, making sure that the Centaur
could see their tongues intertwining in
each other's mouths. Blue robed Maritsa
began kissing Juanita's throat, leaving a
hot wet trail of saliva as she slowly
worked her way down between her sister's
breasts and then, brushing aside maroon
silk, she
took her twin's dark nipple into her mouth
and began to nurse at it. Juanita's nipple
was soon engorged and erect between the
full, sucking lips and nipping teeth.
Juanita in the mean time, had turned her
face up to the huge warrior and offered her
mouth. Clephanus was not slow to take
advantage of that offer and kissed her
deeply and well, if somewhat rougher than
her sister
had. For several minutes the three
caressed and fondled and explored each
other's bodies, and while the girls still
wore their robes, their breasts and pussies
were now exposed to open gaze and questing
hands, and the girls could see that the
Centaur's huge penis had dropped from it's
horsy sheath to dangle nearly to the rug
they all stood upon.

Now Juanita and Maritsa dropped to their
knees on either side of the huge horse-like
body. Four hands stroked the gigantic but
flaccid cock. Then Maritsa, the more
aggressive of the twins, leaned in and
attached her mouth to the side of
Clephanus' cock. The big black shaft
was already slick with the natural
lubricant from the horse-like sheath, but
this deterred the dark haired teen whore
not at all. Her full, red lips slide back
and forth along the shaft as her tongue
tickled the veiny underside. Soon she was
joined by her sister, and the two twins
lovingly ran their soft hands and softer
lips along the mottled black length of the
slowly hardening horse cock. A large drop
of equine precum formed at the flaring tip
of Clephanus's cock and dripped to stain
the rug, but Juanita saw it fall, and as
the second drop oozed from the big cock,
she put her lips to the tip, and lapped up
the watery treat. Clephanus watched in the
big mirror as the twins spent the next
quarter hour worshipping the Centaur's cock
with their mouths, one always at the tip,
lapping at the sensitive slit slowly oozing
precum, and the other sliding her sucking
mouth back and forth along the shaft. As
the shaft got harder, it went from dangling
near the floor to bobbing just short of his
front legs, until one of the twins was
kneeling in front of him, Maritsa by her
blue robe, taking as much of the head and
shaft into her mouth as possible, while her
sister played with his heavy laden balls
and the base of his massive organ nearly
three feet

Then the two girls stood and walked over to
the base of a narrow padded bench that lay
protruding from one wall. Clephanus had
noticed it earlier but not really paid it
attention. But now he noticed that about
midway down the padded leather length, on
either side, was a sort of
box-like affair, that looked as if it were
well placed for a centaur to stand on if he
were straddling the bench. He also noticed
several cut glass carafes on a small stand,
filled with a golden liquid of some type.
He gazed at the two twins who once again
stood with arm around each other, though
now their robes and hair were in disarray,
and their roving hands were much more
intimate with the other's body than before.

"Now that you are ready, great lord..."
began one twin.
"...We must prepare ourselves for your
massiveness..." said the other twin. "But
we think you might find the preparations
interesting," they said together.

The dusky twins began to kiss each other,
wet tongues dueling in each other's mouth.
Soon the bright robes were removed as hands
and mouths and tongues roamed freely over
smooth, olive hued skin. Now it was
impossible to tell the two apart, so
closely did they resemble one another.
Clephanus, not given to futile mental
pursuits, didn't even try, he simply slowly
frigged his cock as he watched, just
enjoying the show. One twin dropped to her
knees and pushed her sister's legs apart
until she stood facing Clephanus, pussy
exposed and brought to prominence by her
sister's attention to it. Now he could see
that through youth or artifice, neither
twin had any hair between their legs,
though his view was somewhat obscured by
the hands of the
kneeling twin as she slowly stroked her
sister's hairless slit. The tight pink
folds slowly darkened and opened slightly
as they became engorged with blood and wet
with female lubrication. Soon, the
kneeling twin thrust a finger into the hot
pink depths before her, and the standing
twin trembled and moaned. After a couple
of delightful minutes the standing girl
turned away from
Clephanus and bent over the padded bench
straight legged, so that her full rump,
delicate anal valley and moist slit were
well in view. The other girl reached over
to the first carafe of liquid and poured
some into her palm, a sweet scent of exotic
perfume could be smelled now, as she warmed
the oil in her hands and then began
stroking her sister's bottom with the light
olive oil, for so it was. The bending
sister shuddered again, more strongly, as
she felt the slick oil rubbed into her
intimate folds and even into the tight
rosebud of her anus. More oil was added
until her flanks gleamed with it in the
light from the many lanterns that lit the
room. And now the kneeling sister poured
another generous amount on her hand and
proceeded to press her bunched fingers
against the tight, well lubricated vaginal
opening of her twin. At first she put in
only her finger tips, letting her sister
relax around the intruders, but soon she
had four fingers in her twin up to the
knuckles, and then her hand slipped in and
was completely buried in her sister's cunt.
In moments, the girl impaled on her
sister's hand was bucking and whimpering,
not in pain, but in excitement, as the
slender wrist disappeared into the now
tight stretched love tunnel. Under her
sister's forceful rhythmic thrusts, the
impaled twin screamed out her orgasm in a
nearly 5 minute long shuddering fit. The
dripping hand was finally pulled from her
cunt only to be replaced by a sucking mouth
as loving twin brought spending sister back
gently to the realm of normal
consciousness. Then the two switched

Once again perfumed oil was rubbed on
squirming girl flesh. Slick hands and
nimble fingers fondled warm skin and
dripping folds. But now, instead of a
slender finger probing at a tight but
slippery pussy, the probing digits aimed at
another target. This time the fingers
slowly pushed more and more lubricating oil
up one twin's very tight anal opening.
Inevitably, the fingers slowly
disappeared up an ass amazingly tight for a
girl who worked in a brothel, and who
obviously was loving the anal attention.
Clephanus was actually amazed as a slender
hand pushed up into the girl's asshole.
Maritsa or Juanita, it was impossible to
tell which, moaned and squirmed and pushed
back onto her sister's hand, and finally
had her own screaming orgasm as her empty
pussy visibly tried to clamp onto a missing

By now Clephanus was rock hard and aching.
He didn't care that he would tear either
girl apart if he tried to insert his
massive organ into any opening in their
bodies, he was going to fuck something, and
damn soon. When one twin finally pulled
her hand out of her sister's bottom, he
clomped over to the bed and roughly grabbed
the girl who had just been anally fisted
positioned her to push his cock into her
now loosened anus. Both girls started to
scream and push at him, rather uselessly,
trying to prevent him from literally
gutting the young whore.

"No, no...not yet, not yet!," screamed one

"Wait! We aren't ready yet...wait, wait!"
screamed the other.

Slowly and reluctantly, Clephanus allowed
the girls to stop him. As their blows and
ineffectual pushing and pulling slowly
turned back into kisses and caresses,
Clephanus moved back from the bed just a
bit, but not far, his menacing sexual
presence letting the girls know that they'd
better get ready for fucking fast or be
fucked anyway. That was always a problem
with centaurs, they had little patience,
big appetites, and weren't willing to take
no for an answer. The girls were
professionals though, and knew what to do.

So amid much squealing and gasping, they
poured bottles of perfumed oil over each
others body. If it was a little too cold
still from not being heated long enough,
the girls soon made up for that by
vigorously rubbing and kneading each other
until each sister's body dripped with
warm, glowing oil. They rubbed their
bodies together, gleaming breasts to
gleaming breasts, smooth belly to smooth
belly and hairless, dripping pussy lips
against identical hairless, dripping pussy.
Their whole bodies glowed, but most of the
oil was on their fronts, and as it ran off,
they added more, until they were as
slippery as any nymphomaniac's pussy in an
army barracks.

Now they were ready. One twin, maybe
Juanita, lay on the bed on her back, the
other, maybe Maritsa, climbed up to lay on
top of her, belly down. The two squirmed
and wiggled and slid against each other for
a while, belly to belly, until the space
between them was wet, warm, and
slippery. Then they locked arms and
intertwined legs, until they were locked
together into one slippery mass of soft,
sweet smelling, wet flesh.

"Now Noble Lord we are ready for your
greatness." said one.

"Apart, we would die trying to yield to
such a massive love weapon..." started one.

"...but together, let our combined bodies
become the sheath for your mighty sword..."

"...fuck us now, Lord, let us feel your

These girls were born to be whores, their
warm natures and strong orgasmic responses
make them suitable for little else than
fucking, but this they did very well. They
thrived under the assault of man after man
on their dubious virtue. They could come
time after time and it only made them eager
for more fucking. Their hands were made to
stroke cock or cunt, their tits were full
and firm and ready for any imaginable sex
play, their mouths best suited to sucking
up cum from man, woman, or beast, their
cunts soft and supple but tight and well
trained. This most impressive feat of
depravity and debauchery with a centaur and
his horse like cock only proved their
genius at sexual degradation.

Clephanus was more than willing to degrade
them, and eagerly mounted the two blocks to
either side of the narrow bed on which the
two young twin whores writhed. His massive
love weapon was brought to bear on the
conjoined hairless crotches. He teased the
twins for a bit by rubbing the huge head
back and forth along the line formed by two
slits and two assholes, but tempted as he
was to try to conquer one of those tight
openings, he was more intrigued by the cunt
formed by the bodies of the two. He
centered his cock and pushed,
spreading four cunt lips. Unlike normal
penetration, here his monumental cock slid
along both girls' clits as it pushed
further into them. The ridge at the edge
of his cock head caused both girls to
climax again, and now Clephanus felt how
their stomachs fluttered when they came,
which was a very interesting feeling.

He started slowly, just fucking in the
first foot or so of mottled black horse
cock between the two sisters. He loved how
the twins moaned and shrieked as the ridge
on his cockhead slid over their two clits
again and again. He wanted more, however,
so, slowly he pushed each
stroke a little deeper. He felt the young
girls' hairless mounds slid along his cock
shaft, then the little divot where their
belly buttons rubbed together until his
cock separated them. Then his cock pushed
up between four well oiled hard young
breasts. Now he was almost all the way in
with only a few inches of massive black
cock not buried between the twin sisters
bodies. With one last advance, his cock
head pushed up between the two girls faces,
perfectly positioned for them to lick and
suck at the flaring mushroom tip.

The twins writhed and moaned as Clephanus
began a wild and fast fucking rhythm.
Stimulated along the whole length of their
bodies by hard black cock, the two began a
regular cycle of orgasm. Though
occasionally one or the other went off
alone, for the most part the pair
orgasmed in sync. Now their bodies,
already slippery with the perfumed oil,
became slick with sweat and the natural
lubricant of a centaur cock. They fought in
a friendly sort of way over possession of
the massive cock head as it speared out of
their cleavage, each one trying to capture
the tip between full red lips. They loved
the strong, feral taste of centaur precum
which was seeping out in a steady stream,
and though each girl swallowed as much as
possible, both young faces were soon
dripping with the watery stuff.

For the next quarter hour, the room was
filled with the moans of the girls and the
bestial grunts and groans of Clephanus, as
he drove his nearly 3 foot long tool up
between the hot bodies of the two twin teen
whores. The sweaty smell of sex and orgasm
filled the large room, as the twins came
time after time. Now Clephanus increased
the tempo of his strokes, slowly building
to his own orgasm. His powerful body
strained to push ever deeper into the twin
cunt formed of the bodies of the two girls.
He felt his balls tighten and he hunched
his equine hips to thrust
once...twice...three times...


...and he began to cum.

Juanita, or was it Maritsa, put her mouth
over the off-white geyser and did her best
to swallow every drop. But it was a futile
if interesting attempt, so much cum was
shooting into her mouth and down her throat
that even a very experienced cum eater like
she or her sister could never contain it
all. She was finally forced to pull her
mouth from the great black cock head, which
instantly covered her tanned young face
with sticky goo. When her sister Maritsa,
or was it Juanita saw the gushing cock knob
slip from her sister's lips, she hurried to
put her own identical lips over the
centaurs cum hole, and she too was
instantly covered in jism. Clephanus came
in the usual centaur fashion, in quantities
measured in cups not in teaspoons like a
human man. And where a man was lucky to
have three large spurts, Clephanus' cock
spurted time after time.

When both twins had their fill of drinking
his cum, they moved to lay under Clephanus,
using his great spouting cock to hose each
other down with jism. Their hair was
matted with cum, actually plastered to
their heads with cock cream. jism graced
their pretty dark skinned faces,
thick strands drooled from their full lips
to chin and neck and full bosom. The twins
began to swap thick wads of cum by spitting
it into each others mouths. They began to
clean the cum off of each other by licking
and sucking, slurping up thick tapioca-like
wads of bestial seed.

Clephanus moved back a bit, his spent cock
dangling to the floor, so that he could
watch the two young girls lick each other
clean. Soon they lay quietly, content to
relax in the afterglow of intense sex. The
centaur warrior idly fondled them as they
lay in each others arms. His big hands
roamed wherever they wanted, finally ending
with one thick finger slowly stroking into
each identical tight wet cunt. The girls
each had one last small orgasm and fell
asleep, exhausted, arms around each other.

The normally rough and tough centaur
warrior felt an unfamiliar fondness for the
two young whores. He gazed with
unaccustomed emotion on the two small soft
young humans as they lay sleeping. He
would let them sleep, they had earned a
rest, and their 10 gold piece price. He
considered telling his friends about the
talented human twins he'd discovered, then
he decided he wouldn't tell anyone. He
liked the idea that they were his little
secret. He wondered if the madam would
sell them to him.

Perhaps if she refused him, he would find
out if Elven pussy stretched enough to
live through being filled with good honest
centaur cock...

The End

end story


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